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         Blindness:     more books (102)
  1. Blindness and the Visionary: The Life and Work of John Wilson by John Coles, 2006-05-01
  2. Willful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious at Our Peril by Margaret Heffernan, 2011-03-01
  3. Blindness (What's It Like?) by Angela Royston, 2005-06-30
  4. Explaining Blindness (Explaining.) by Lionel Bender, 2009-08
  5. Autism and Blindness: Research and Reflections by Linda Pring, 2005-12-06
  6. Blindness and visual impairments: information and advocacy organizations by Unknown, 2007-01-01
  7. Making It Work Educating the Blind/Visually Impaired Student in the Regular School (A volume in Critical Concerns in Blindness) (Critical Concerns in Blindness) by Carol Castellano, 2005-07-15
  8. The Story of Blindness by Gabriel Farrell, 1956-01-01
  9. Getting Ready for College Begins in Third Grade: Working Toward an Independent Future for Your Blind/Visually Impaired Child (PB) (Critical Concerns for Blindness) by Carol Castellano, 2010-06-10
  10. Blindness and Insight: Essays in the Rhetoric of Contemporary Criticism by Paul de Man, 1983-11-03
  11. O Say Can You See: Biblical Stories About Spiritual Blindness by James W. Moore, 2000-09
  12. (BLINDNESS) BY SARAMAGO, JOSE(Author)Harvest Books[Publisher]Paperback{Blindness} on 02 Sep -2008
  13. The Truth Will Set You Free: Overcoming Emotional Blindness by Alice Miller, 2001-08-21
  14. Blindness and Children: An Individual Differences Approach (Cambridge Studies in Social & Emotional Development) by David H. Warren, 1994-08-26

61. Prosopagnosia ( Face Blindness )
Prosopagnosia, or faceblindness, is when you are unable to recognizeother humans by their faces in spite of having good eye sight.
Welcome to my pages about prosopagnosia
My name is Cecilia Burman, and I am 'face-blind' in the sense that I can not recognize people by their faces. The medical term for this condition is prosopagnosia . I have written these pages to try to give you who read them a better understanding for what it can be like to live with prosopagnosia
This is a brief introduction to the pages on this site:
Face-Blindness ( Prosopagnosia ) and stones
Open in a new window
This is a light introduction in pictures to what it can be like to try to cope with face-blindness. If you do not have prosopagnosia yourself, this page can give you an idea about what it is like. Because of the pictures, it loads slowly, but if you are interested in what face-blindness is like, I recommend that you take a look at it anyway.
Prosopagnosia ( Face-Blindness )
Open in a new window
In this page I try to explain how prosopagnosia can arise. It explains how the brain interprets an image and explains the kind of malfunction that causes

62. ‚a‚k‚h‚m‚c‚m‚d‚r‚r`Œõ‚ðc•‹yˆÏˆõ‰ï`
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

63. Blindness
blindness. region and beyond. Good resource for links to www pages dealingwith blindness issues and information. Danish Electronic
Adaptive Technology

64. Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

65. Brenda Sánchez On His Blindness Borges, Milton Y La Ceguera -
Borges, Milton y la ceguera, artículo de Brenda Sánchez publicado en el nº 21 de la revista Espéculo.Category World Español Borges, Jorge Luis...... blindness Borges, Milton y la ceguera. Ya en el último poema del corpus,“On his blindness” de Los conjurados, el mundo es como una idea.
"On his Blindness":
Borges, Milton y la ceguera Brenda Sánchez
Departamento de Letras
Facultad de Filosofía y Letras
Universidad Nacional del Cuyo
Mendoza - Argentina Localice en este documento
El hecho central de mi vida ha sido la existencia de las palabras y la posibilidad de entretejer y transformar las palabras en poesía.
Borges, Jorge Luis. La poesía -manifestó [Borges] alguna vez-
tiene una entrañable amistad con la ceguera.
Alifano, Roberto. E l tema de la presente investigación es la ceguera en la obra lírica de Jorge Luis Borges. Nuestro corpus está constituido por cinco sonetos: “ On his blindness ” (OHB1) de El oro de los tigres El ciego I ” (EC1) y “ El ciego II ” (EC2) publicados en dos volúmenes, El oro de los tigres y La rosa profunda Un ciego ” (UC) de La rosa profunda On his blindness ” (OHB2) de Los conjurados Consideraremos solo parcialmente el “ Poema de los dones ” (PD) de El hacedor (1960) y “ Elogio de la sombra ” (ES) de Elogio de la Sombra (1969), ya que, por razones métricas, temáticas y estilísticas creemos que los sonetos forman un todo homogéneo y que, si bien estos dos poemas antes mencionados comparten núcleos temáticos, son más las divergencias que las convergencias que presentan con el resto de los textos del corpus. Todos los poemas sobre la ceguera fueron compuestos a partir de 1955, es decir, que no incluimos en este análisis ningún texto de sus primeros tres volúmenes poéticos.

Similar pages blindness / Visual ImpairmentsLibrary A B. blindness / Visual Impairments. Prevent blindness America publishes,Prevent blindness News, three times a year at a cost of $10.00 a year.

67. Prevention Of Blindness Home Page
Prevention of blindness Society of the Metropolitan Area. Sight Site. 2003Prevention of blindness Society of the Metropolitan Area, Washington, DC.
Prevention of Blindness Society
of the Metropolitan Area
Sight Site
This site provides comprehensive information on vision problems, macular
degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, eyeglasses,
other vision correction, and a directory of professional members. Our Text-Only Home Page
for people who are using screen
readers or who need large print text. OUR MISSION: To prevent the needless loss of sight keep people from losing sight restore sight when possible to make the best use of remaining sight. Annual Night of Vision Gala The Eye Site World Sight Day POB Information and Programs About Prevention of Blindness Society Resources for Those with Vision Loss Calendar of Events Donate Through Our Thrift Shops Current Newsletters Macular Degeneration Network United Way/CFC Campaigns Professional Member Directory Ways You Can Help Us Information on Eye Conditions and Solutions Latest on Age-Related Eye Disease Study Prevention of Sight Loss Dry Eye Cataracts Making Things Easier to See and Do Diabetic Retinopathy Questions to Ask Your Doctor Glaucoma Tour of the Eye Macular Degeneration If you'd like to send comments about our site

ADJUSTMENT TO blindness AND VISUAL IMPAIRMENT. by Robert Leslie Newman.This website is devoted to changing what it means to be blind
Robert Leslie Newman
This website is devoted to changing what it means to be blind through the promotion of the human potential to successfully adjust to and live with blindness and visual impairment. It is meant for the blind, the visually impaired, professionals involved with this population such as vocational rehabilitation counselors or therapists, teachers and educators of the blind and visually impaired, families and friends interested in adjustment to vision loss, all those interested in peer counseling and blindness, individuals looking for information or guidance or suggestions or materials or adaptive equipment or consumer groups or etc.
Toward this goal, THOUGHT PROVOKER an e-mail discussion forum on blindness and visual impairment is presented and available for reading and response. As of July 2002 there are 490+ members in the forum, from five continents.
Additionally featured are short stories highlighting the successful adjustment to blindness through the development of a positive attitude and philosophical foundation, to the acquisition of alternative techniques in order to function independently.
Finally, there are links to other sites which also promote a positive approach to blindness and visual impairment.

69. Prevent Blindness Indiana
Prevent blindness Indiana ®. Prevent blindness Indiana's mission isto ensure the advancement of vision health and wellness through
Prevent Blindness Indiana Prevent Blindness Indiana's mission is to ensure the advancement of vision health and wellness through comprehensive education, screening, safety and sight preservation services and programs. Donate Now! March 29, 2003 Find out how you can attend or be a part of the event! Learn about our work in the migrant camps of Indiana. Interface was the 2002 title sponsor for our Most Beautiful Eyes Contest Share the Success Children's Corner Wheels for Sight 603 East Washington St. Suite 502 Indianapolis, IN 46204

70. Deaf-Blindness Information
Deafblindness Information Web Page. Webmaster Ed Keller. (Facts about Deaf-blindness,Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adult (HKNC).).
Deaf-Blindness Information Web Page
Webmaster Ed Keller Table of Contents:
People who are deaf-blind have problems of communication, mobility and other daily living skills that are unique and make independent living more dificult to achieve. It can be a dark, silent and isolating world. The term "deaf-blind" doesn't necessarily mean total lack of hearing and vision. Some people who are deaf-blind are partially "hearing and visually impaired." They may have enough hearing to understand speech, especially when using a hearing aid, and may have some usable vision with or without corrective lenses. "Legal blindness" is defined as the ability to see at a distance of 20 feet what a normally sighted person can see at 200 feet , or to have peripheral vision that is restricted to 20 degrees or less (like tunnel vision). However deaf-blindness does mean that the combination of impairments of both senses interferes with the ability of a person to function effectively in the "hearing-sighted" world. ( Facts about Deaf-Blindness , Helen Keller National Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adult (HKNC).)

71. Rotary International Avoidable Blindness Task Force Home Page
Contact Information. O. Doyle Dannenberg, OD Avoidable blindness TaskForce Chair Email FAX 760746-0204. This
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Create Awareness Take Action Awareness Strategy Project Success
Mission Statement
Create a world wide awareness of the magnitude of blindness and to encourage districts and clubs to take action by supporting 1,000 new programs to prevent blindness or restore sight.
Action Plan
Develop a list of Rotary projects, such as eye camps, cataract surgery, eye hospitals and similar activities which are seeking matching Grant sponsors Encourage clubs to adopt Matching Grants which provide help in treating eye disease and prevent blindness Encourage clubs and districts to cooperate with other local agencies and organizations which address problems of preventable blindness Prepare a report of new Rotary-sponsored projects related to preventable blindness at the end of the year [ Home ] What's New? Year End Reports Frequent Questions Newsletters ... Adobe Acrobat
Contact Information
O. Doyle Dannenberg, O.D.

72. - Could Bionic Eye End Blindness? - June 13, 2002
YOUR HEALTH. Could bionic eye end blindness? Jens CNN. We are at thebeginning of the end of blindness with this type of technology. .



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CNN Headline News

CNN International

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Could bionic eye end blindness?
Jens completely lost his sight 18 years ago, but with the use of special glasses, he can find his way through rooms. By Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Kristi Petersen (CNN) Artificial vision for the blind was once the stuff of science fiction Lt. Geordi La Forge's visor on "Star Trek" or the bionic eye of "The Six Million Dollar Man." But now, a limited form of artificial vision is a reality one some say is one of the greatest triumphs in medical history. "We are now at a watershed," Joseph Lazzaro, author of "Adaptive Technologies for Learning and Work Environments," told CNN. "We are at the beginning of the end of blindness with this type of technology." Any scientific advance would have broad implications. According to statistics from Research to Prevent Blindness, Inc., 1.1 million people in the United States are legally blind, while worldwide 42 million people are without sight. The Dobelle Institute is among several institutions trying in essence to create a new cornea through technology. The cornea allows light into the interior of the eye.

73. Prosopagnosia / Face Blindness
Prosopagnosia (face blindness) a description of an abnormal condition in whichface recognition is impaired, with particular emphasis on congenital or
Prosopagnosia (Face Blindness) Will you easily recognize your family members if they would change their hairstyle? Would you easily recognize a friend if you accidently met her in the post office? Some people will not. These individuals find the task of recognizing other people just by looking at their face extremely difficult. Thus, in order to recognize familiar people, they will rely on such features as the voice, hairstyle, and clothing items, or on contextual information.
Neurologists call this face blindness PROSOPAGNOSIA (Greek: prosop = face, agnosia = lack of knowledge). Prosopagnosia is a relatively rare condition and may result from stroke or brain injury. Nevertheless, in some cases, prosopagnosia can occur with no apparent neural damage and be present from early childhood (just as in the case of dyslexia). We refer to this condition as congenital prosopagnosia or developmental prosopagnosia. How face recognition is done by the human brain has been the subject of many studies in cognitive neuroscience, including studies of prosopagnosia. However, while only a small number of cases of developmental prosopagnosia has been reported in the medical and scientific literature, there are reasons to believe that in many more cases, individuals with a similar problem have never thought of seeing a neurologist.
Although, much is known about the way by which the brain processes visual information that is required for face recognition, developmental prosopagnosia is poorly understood. Research in our lab has focused on studying face perception using behavioral methods (i.e., face recognition tests), as well as noninvasive brain techniques such as EEG recording and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). For a brief report of our findings scroll down to the bottom of page 6 of the first issue of the Berkeley Science Review: "

74. Why Are Users Banner-Blind? Pagendarm And Schaumburg: JoDI
brands. 1.1.3 Do Users Suffer from Banner blindness? A banners. Bannerblindness , however, does not seem to occur in general. Bachofer
Journal of Digital information volume 2 issue 1
Themes: Usability of digital information
Peer reviewed paper
Why Are Users Banner-Blind? The Impact of Navigation Style on the Perception of Web Banners
Magnus Pagendarm and Heike Schaumburg
Key features References Animated banners ; Table ; Figures
  • 1 Introduction
      Effects of Banner Advertising on the Internet
      It has been observed that contradictory results have been found regarding the perception of banner advertisements on the Internet. While some studies found that recall and recognition scores for banners were at a satisfactory level, others observed that banners are almost generally overlooked. In this study, it is argued that the opposing results might be explained by differences in navigation style (aimless browsing versus goal directed searching). To test this hypothesis, 32 subjects were presented with a Web site containing a number of banners ads. Half the subjects were asked to search for specific information, while the other half was instructed just to explore the site as they wished. In a subsequent recall and recognition test, subjects from the aimless browsing group performed significantly better than subjects from the information search group. Results are discussed with regard to the supposed underlying processes of perception and information processing.

75. Blindness: Learning In New Dimensions (BLIND Inc.)
BLIND, Incorporated is an adjustment to blindness training center. We utilizethe positive view of blindness of the National Federation of the Blind.
We are changing what it means to be blind. Programs Capital Campaign Employment Emphasis Write Your Own I P E ... Contact Us BLIND, Incorporated is an adjustment to blindness training center. We teach the skills that blind people need to become independent and employable such as braille, home management, the use of the white cane, and computers with screen reading software, etc. But just as importantly, we instill in our students the confidence to put these skills into practice. We utilize the positive view of blindness of the National Federation of the Blind . We work from the premise that blindness doesn't have to be a tragedy. We know that, if given training and opportunity, blind people can live full and productive lives.
BLIND, Incorporated offers training for adults, children, teenagers, and seniors.
  • The Comprehensive Program is geared toward adults who want to gain the skills and confidence they need to either continue in their present line of work, continue their education, or begin a new career. Life 101 allows teenagers to learn the skills they need to keep up with their peers and prepares them to attend college or join the workforce.

76. Cortical Blindness
Cortical blindness. Overcoming cortical blindness and braininjury We havebeen blessed with a very special child, our son Sterling, 19 years old.
Cortical Blindness
Cortical blindness - Alternative page for non-JavaScript browsers
A presentation on visual field loss based on location of the injury in the brain Overcoming cortical blindness and brain-injury We have been blessed with a very special child, our son Sterling, 19 years old. Sterling was born blind and brain- injured due to a massive cerebral hemorrhaging (stroke) he sustained in utero or at birth. Doctors had told us that cortical blindness pertaining to the cortex area of the brain) is irreversible. Their prognosis was that our son would remain blind and a vegetable for the rest of his life. BLINDSIGHT ALSO OCCURS IN MONKEYS Discussion on blindsight and studies in Monkeys

Brief report on evidence of a link between smoking and agerelated macular degeneration.Category Health Addictions Substance Abuse Tobacco Effects......SMOKING CAN LEAD TO blindness. According to the researchers AMD isthe main cause of new cases of blindness among people over 65.
SMOKING CAN LEAD TO BLINDNESS In two articles published in the October 9, 1996 issue of The Journal of American Medicine and in a report to the American Aging Association, researchers helped strengthen the link between cigarette smoking and Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). AMD is a condition in which the cell layer behind the retina begins to rot and rupture producing blurred vision and desensitivity to color. According to the researchers AMD is the main cause of new cases of blindness among people over 65. The researchers provided two hypothesis for the link between cigarette smoking and the degeneration. First, is that the cigarette smoking reduces levels of plasma antioxidant, a substance in the blood stream which protects the cells in the retina. This leaves the rather delicate cells of the eyes macula lutea (parts of the retina) left unprotected from oxygen molecules. The second hypothesis states that damage may occur when poor circulation (constricted blood vessels) due to smoking causes the protective layer between the retina and blood vessels to erode. This allows fluid to leak between membranes causing irritation and scarring. The fi rst study conducted by a team of researchers from the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston, followed 32,000 female nurses aged 50 and 59 for a twelve year period. Those who smoked more than 25 cigarettes a day had a two and half times greater risk of developing macular degeneration. The second study, conducted by doctors at the Brigham and Women's hospital and Harvard Medical School, focused on 21,000 male doctors over the same twelve year period and reported similar results.

78. Motion Induced Blindness
Motion Induced blindness. Yoram Bonneh, Alexander Cooperman and Dov Sagi.October 2000. Last Updated June 2001. Motion Induced blindness
Motion Induced Blindness
Yoram Bonneh, Alexander Cooperman and Dov Sagi
October 2000
Last Updated: June 2001. Motion Induced Blindness (MIB) is a phenomenon of "visual disappearance" in which salient visual stimuli disappear as if erased in front of the observers eyes. This demo demonstrates several properties of this phenomenon. It is implemented as a set of GIF animation and can only be appreciated if the apparent motion appears smooth or almost smooth. In general, fixate in the center or lower part of the screen without moving the eyes, pay attention to the moving pattern and observe what happens to the static yellow dots. For better results, download an executable version of the demo, available for Linux x86 and Windows systems. The demo is best perceived in the dark.
Basic effect Target luminance: Low, High Target movement: Slow, ... Few dots
Gestalt Effects
Contour smoothness: Smooth, Jagged Proximity: High, Low ...
More info...
Download demo
Executable for Windows (405K)
The downloadable demo is an executable (not an installation package) that implements the same parts listed above. It runs without reading or writing any files. The demo was tested on Windows 95/98 and Windows 2000, with 24 and 16 bit color (doesn't work with 256 colors). Note that on some systems, the title text in each page might look flickering, but this should not disrupt the effect. When running, use left/right mouse buttons to toggle between demo parts, up/down arrow keys to speed up/down the mask, and

79. The Foundation Fighting Blindness - Massachusetts Affiliate Home Page
The Foundation Fighting blindness Massachusetts Affiliate. Meetings and Events. Holiday Cards
The Foundation Fighting Blindness
Massachusetts Affiliate
Upcoming Meetings and Events
INSIGHTS - Affiliate Newsletters About the Foundation Fighting Blindness Massachusetts Affiliate Board Members - Fiscal 2001 What We Offer ... How You Can Help
Support Group Meetings
    Metro Boston Support Group
    Location: Brookline
    Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. Meetings begin at 7:30PM and go on for about two hours. Support groups are forming in other areas, stay tuned as dates and locations are announced, or give us a call.
Support group information is available by calling the local affiliate phone at 781-284-1466 (Steve Matthews)
Server space and Web site donated by:
Virtual Web Productions

80. Blindness
blindness. Art, Film, Literature. Art. Gassed. Literature. Alexander, Sally Hobart,Taking Hold My Journey into blindness. Ariyoshi, Sawako, The Doctor's Wife.
About the Database Editorial Board Annotators What's New ... MedHum Home 49th Edition-April 2003 Art


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Performing Arts Film/Video Annotations Screening Room Theater Search Options Word/Phrase (All) Word/Phrase (Lit) Keyword Annotator ... Special Author Asterisks indicate multimedia Comments/Inquiries
Art Film Literature
Gassed The Old Guitarist (The Blind Guitarist) Satan Smiting Job with Sore Boils
At First Sight The Color of Paradise Dark Victory Dax's Case ... Robert Coles, Teacher
Alexander, Sally Hobart Taking Hold: My Journey into Blindness Ariyoshi, Sawako The Doctor's Wife Bell, Marvin He Had a Good Year Brown, III, T. K. A Drink of Water Campo, Rafael The Distant Moon Carver, Raymond Cathedral Collins, Wilkie Poor Miss Finch Coulehan, Jack The Dust of the West Craik, Dinah Maria Mulock Olive Dans, Peter E. Doctors in the Movies: Boil the Water and Just Say Aah Dickens, Charles The Cricket on the Hearth Doerr, Anthony The Shell Collector Reflections: The Life and Writings of a Young Blind Woman in Post-Revolutionary France Lee, Li-Young

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