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         Blindness:     more books (102)
  1. Sight and Blindness in Luke-Acts: The Use of Physical Features in Characterization (Biblical Interpretation Series) by Chad Hartsock, 2008-05-15
  2. Dancing in the Dark: A Guide to Living With Blindness and Visual Impairment by Frances Lief Neer, 1994-11
  3. Living with Blindness by Patsy Westcott, 2002-06-13
  4. The Unseen Minority: A Social History of Blindness in the United States by Frances A. Koestler, 2004-06-30
  5. Meaning of Blindness: Attitudes Towards Blindness and Blind People by Michael E. Monbeck, 1974-01
  6. Blindness and Early Childhood Development by David H. Warren, 1984-09
  7. Color-Vision and Color-Blindness: A Practical Manual for Railroad Surgeons by John Ellis Jennings, 2010-02-09
  8. Coping with Blindness: Personal Tales of Blindness Rehabilitation by Mr. Alvin Roberts M.S.Ed, 1998-11-04
  9. Five Lectures on Blindness by Kate M. Foley, 2007-08-30
  10. National Visions, National Blindness: Canadian Art and Identities in the 1920s by Leslie Dawn, 2007-02-15
  11. The unseen minority: A social history of blindness in America by Frances A Koestler, 1976
  12. Making the Words Stand Still: A Master Teacher Tells How to Overcome Specific Learning Disability, Dyslexia, and Old-Fashioned Word Blindness by Donald Lyman, 1988-09
  13. On Blindness: Letters between Bryan Magee and Martin Milligan by Bryan Magee, Martin Milligan, 1996-04-18
  14. Accessible Education for Blind Learners Kindergarten Through Postsecondary (PB) (Critical Concerns in Blindness) (Crititcal Concerns in Blindness) by Shelley Kinash; Ania Paszuk, 2007-03-26

Resources and information relating to this rare genetic eye disorder Leber's Congenital Amaurosis.Category Health Conditions and Diseases Eye Disorders...... Leber's Links Leber's Congenital Amaurosis, blindness VI. HOMEPAGE Welcome to Leber's Links - the central arena for families

82. Color Blindness Or Color Deficiency -
A guide to the causes, symptoms and treatment of color blindness or color deficiency. Colorblindness. By Gretchyn Bailey; reviewed by Dr. Vance Thompson.
Eye Health Topics Introduction Allergies Amblyopia or Lazy Eye AMD AMD News Astigmatism Cataracts Cataract News CMV Retinitis Color Blindness Conjunctivitis Crossed Eyes Diabetic Retinopathy Drooping Eyelids Dry Eyes Farsightedness Floaters and Spots Glaucoma Glaucoma News Keratoconus Light Sensitivity Macular Degeneration Nearsightedness Ocular Hypertension Pink Eye Presbyopia Ptosis Retinal Detachment Retinitis Pigmentosa Safety Strabismus Styes or home
Color Blindness
By Gretchyn Bailey ; reviewed by Dr. Vance Thompson Drivers who can't tell red from green can still recognize the order of colors on traffic lights. Photo: Serengeti.
Color blindness is not a form of blindness at all, but a deficiency in the way you see color. With this vision problem, you will have difficulty distinguishing certain colors, such as red and green or blue and yellow. Red-green color deficiency is the most common form of color blindness; a less common form is blue-yellow color deficiency.
Signs of Color Blindness
Do you have a hard time distinguishing if colors are red and green, or blue and yellow? This is the primary sign of this vision problem. Rarely do color-deficient people see only in shades of gray no color whatsoever.
What Causes Color Blindness?

83. Saving Sight - Treatable Causes - River Blindness
Once river blindness has developed, it can devastate communities forgenerations. This terrible How to treat river blindness. In the
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Once river blindness has developed, it can devastate communities for generations. This terrible disease is spread by black flies which live on fast-flowing rivers. As they bite the skin, they transmit parasitic worms which spread throughout the whole body. People suffer terrible itching, muscle pains and weakness. Eventually the worms attack the eyes and the victim is blinded - permanently. The effect on the villages is devastating - although the land is fertile, whole communities have to move away to escape the flies. Thanks to Sight Savers, there's help for victims as well as preventative medication. We've trained village volunteers to distribute the tablets that break the disease cycle, and developed rehabilitation programmes for villagers who have already lost their sight. How to treat river blindness
For more information about trachoma click here
For more information about cataract click here changing lives - the patient : Ayyappa Filipina Gokul Lawrence ... at work in the world

84. Smart Mobs -
Amazon. Cellphones, Driving, and Inattention blindness . « A it. Thisis a variant of something called inattention blindness. . Drivers
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About the Book Speaking Services Mobile communication, pervasive computing, wireless networks, collective action.
About the Book
Table of Contents
Book Summary

Reviews, Articles, Interviews

Smart mobs emerge when communication and computing technologies amplify human talents for cooperation. The impacts of smart mob technology already appear to be both beneficial and destructive. more...
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Cellphones, Driving, and "Inattention Blindness"
Smart Mobs Top
February 05, 2003 Studies show that drivers are "blind" to important cues and perilous situations if they're talking on cellphones. This is true whether they're holding the phone or not (e.g. with earplug or speakerphone). The problem is "inattention blindness" confirmed with a study the subjects of which used cellphones in a driving simulation. Talking on the phone slowed reactions and caused many "accidents."
(Thanks, Janette!) Mr Strayer said: "There is a kind of a tunnel vision. You aren't processing the peripheral information as well. Even though your eyes are looking right at something, when you are on the cellphone, you are not as likely to see it. "This is a variant of something called inattention blindness."

85. HealthlinkUSA Color Blindness Links
medical and health related topics. FindWhat. Click here for page 1of Color blindness information from the HealthlinkUSA directory.

86. Iris Fund For Prevention Of Blindness Index Page
The Iris Fund for Prevention of blindness is a charity that funds research withinthe United Kingdom into the causes,prevention,treatment and cure of eye
Welcome to the Iris Fund Website Please click on our logo to enter our site

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Similar pages blindness and Vision Impairment blindness Printable Version The most common definition of blindness in ourcounty is based on the amount of vision in the better of two eyes.
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88. Prevent Blindness Massachusetts
Focused on saving sight through public education, community based vision screening programs, and research Category Regional North America Health Organizations......Prevent blindness Massachusetts, 100 Cummings Center, Suite 330C, Beverly,MA 01915, P. 978524-9500 ©2002 Prevent blindness Massachusetts.
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Prevent Blindness Massachusetts (PBM) is the only nonprofit
volunteer driven organization in the state dedicated solely to saving
sight through public education, community based vision screening programs, and research. Get Involved Today How does a child feel if they can not see the blackboard in school like everyone else? Ashamed? Embarrassed? Inferior? You can count on PBM to help! Please help our cause by: Making a donation Volunteering your time Attending an event Meet the Executive Director» Upcoming Events PBM Holiday Party January 10, 2003

89. DANPCB Home Page
blindness in India, blindness and visual impairment are the cause of human suffering,economic loss and social burden. Major causes of blindness in India.
Blindness in India Blindness and visual impairment are the cause of human suffering, economic loss and social burden. And India is entering into 21st century with nearly 12 million blinds in the country. Out of this, four-fifth are blind due to a curable cause - cataract. With increase in population and life expectancy, the nation will have more people in the age group of 50+ and the number of cataract blindness will increase. One can not take pride of it. Major causes of blindness in India
There are 12 million blind persons in India; 80%, or more than 10 million of these blind persons, suffer from blindness due to cataract . Other causes of blindness are uncorrected refractive errors, glaucoma, corneal opacity , trachoma , vitamin A deficiency and diabetic retinopathy . Prevalence of blindness varies by geographical location and is higher among women than men. There are also indications that blindness is more prevalent among poorer sections of society . Since most cataract blindness is curable the prevalence is likely to be a result of availability of services . Some Important Facts
    There are nearly 45 million blind people and almost 135 million with low vision in the world (1996) Putting together India, China and Africa , there are nearly 60 % of the global burden of blindness.

90. Love Is Blindness (Achtung Baby)
Love is blindness. Love is blindness I don't want to see Won't you wrapthe night Around me Oh my heart Love is blindness. In a parked

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Love is Blindness
Love is blindness
I don't want to see
Won't you wrap the night
Around me
Oh my heart
Love is blindness
In a parked car
In a crowded street
You see your love
Made complete Thread is ripping The knot is slipping Love is blindness Love is clockworks And cold steel Fingers too numb to feel Squeeze the handle Blow out the candle Love is blindness Love is blindness I don't want to see Won't you wrap the night Around me Oh my love Blindness A little death Without mourning No call And no warning Baby...a dangerous idea That almost makes sense Love is drowning In a deep well All the secrets And no one to tell Take the money Honey Blindness Love is blindness I don't want to see Won't you wrap the night Around me Oh my love Blindness Boy October War Unforgettable Fire ...

91. MedWebPlus Subject Blindness
Welcome to MedWebPlus 2.3! A free service to help you find health sciencesinformation quickly and easily. blindness Broader Terms

92. About -Health & Fitness
You are here About Health Fitness, Health Fitness, First PersonPlural First Person Plural by Dr. Cameron West is a fascinating
About Search in this channel in About in the Web Web Hosting
Autism Awareness Products

Every April, Autism Awareness Month makes people think of how to increase the visibility of Autism Spectrum Disorders to the public. These products show that you love someone with autism! Neighborhoods Influence Alcohol Sales
Research has found that successful underage purchases are related to neighborhood racial and ethnic composition, population density, and clerk/server characteristics. Get to the Site You Want Alternative/Complementary Medicine Alternative Medicine Herbs for Health Holistic Healing Disabilities Back and Neck Injury/Chronic Pain Deafness/Hard of Hearing Diseases/Conditions AIDS/HIV Allergies Arthritis Asthma ... Thyroid Disease Fitness/Wellness Bicycling Bodybuilding Exercise Low Fat Cooking ... Sexuality Fitness/Wellness con't Spas Stress Management Swimming Tennis ... Weight Loss Medicine/Allied Health Dentistry Dermatology Nursing Orthopedics ... Veterinary Medicine Mental Health Bipolar Disorder Depression Divorce Support Mental Health Resources ... Panic/Anxiety Disorders Recovery/ Addiction Abuse/Incest Support Alcoholism Smoking Cessation Substance Abuse Special Partners Women's Health Breast Cancer Pregnancy/Birth Women's Health
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93. Viscog Home Page
This site contains links to a number of useful resources for researchers studying visual cognition Category Science Social Sciences Cognitive Databases and Images......The Visual Cognition home page has moved with Daniel Simons to theUniversity of Illinois. Please change your bookmarks for his
The Visual Cognition home page has moved with Daniel Simons to the University of Illinois. Please change your bookmarks for:
his lab , the change detection database , and the demos page

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