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         Breast Cancer:     more books (100)
  1. A Breast Cancer Journey: Your Personal Guidebook, 2E by American Cancer Society, 2005-07-01
  2. The Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer Handbook for Health Care Professionals by Lillie D. Shockney, Theodore N. Tsangaris, 2007-12-13
  3. The Breast Health Cookbook: Fast and Simple Recipes to Reduce the Risk of Cancer by Bob Arnot, Barbara Sutherland, et all 2002-10-01
  4. Cancer Is a Bitch: (Or, I'd Rather Be Having a Midlife Crisis) by Gail Konop Baker, 2008-09-22
  5. Stand by Her: A Breast Cancer Guide for Men by John W. Anderson, 2009-10-07
  6. Breast Cancer: What You Should Know (But May Not Be Told) About Prevention, Diagnosis, and Trea tment (But May Not Be Told About Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment) by Cathy Hitchcock M.S.W., Steve Austin N.D., 1994-06-20
  7. Our Mom Has Cancer by Abigail Ackermann, Adrienne Ackermann, 2002-04-01
  8. Bathsheba's Breast: Women, Cancer, and History by James S. Olson, 2005-01-05
  9. The Breast Cancer Book of Strength & Courage: Inspiring Stories to See You Through Your Journey by Ernie Bodai M.D., Judie Fertig Panneton, 2002-09-24
  10. 100 Questions & Answers About Life After Breast Cancer Sensuality, Sexuality, Intimacy by Michael Krychman, Susan Kellogg, et all 2010-04-28
  11. Complete Idiot's Guide to Living with Breast Cancer by Sharon Sorenson, Suzanne Metger, 2000-09-15
  12. Humor After the Tumor: One Woman's Look at Her Year With Breast Cancer by Patty Gelman, 2003-11
  13. Breast Cancer - The Art and Science of Early Detection with Mammography: Perception, Interpretation, Histopathologic Correlation by Laszlo Tabar, Tibor Tot, et all 2004-12-16
  14. Essential Exercises for Breast Cancer Survivors by Amy Halverstadt, 2000-10-01

61. Breast Cancer Legislation--USA
One of nine women in the United States will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Iam a breast cancer survivor and do not represent any organization.
One of nine women in the United States will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. In 1998 a breast cancer will be diagnosed every three minutes, and a woman will die from breast cancer every twelve minutes. In over seventy percent of these cases, the women have no known risk factors.
This page is an attempt to keep people informed of pending legislation in the US Congress. I am a breast cancer survivor and do not represent any organization. As you read through the descriptions of the legislation you may notice duplication. For example, there are several bills addressing Medicare coverage of mammograms. Each of the bills has different approaches and ways of insuring adequate coverage. I don't endorse any specific bills. My aim is to get people involved in the legislative process and communicating with their elected representatives. I have provided links to Thomas (the Library of Congress site) to ensure the information is current. I'd also like to be able to link to information at the state level. So far I only know about a site for the state of California . If you know of any other sites, please let me know.

62. Redirect To Breast Cancer Support
A breast cancer support group with interactive facilities including guestbooks, chat, voice chat, Category Health Support Groups Cancer Breast......Welcome, to our breast cancer support group for survivors. If you arenew to our support group, please go to the Meeting Place for
If your browser doesn't automatically connect you within a few seconds, you may go to the Breast Cancer Support site by clicking the above manually.

63. Breast Cancer Education Network - Comprehensive Women's Health Information
Comprehensive information for women about breast cancer symptoms testingdiagnosis treatment research and other medical information.

(view a sample)

Improve Your Chemotherapy Experience

Hear highlights from our recent webcast:
  • Chemotherapy side effects Medications to manage, lessen or prevent chemotherapy side effects Advocating for an improved chemotherapy experience for you and your family Information about The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Cancer Care

  • This week's highlight:
    Recommendation for Repeat Mammogram Overused

    Web Posted: 20-Mar-2003
    Few women had cancer at two-year follow-up, study finds
    Lobular Breast Cancer Rates on the Rise

    Web Posted: 20-Mar-2003
    Steady increase shown from 1987 to 1999 Combo HRT Doesn't Improve Quality of Life Web Posted: 20-Mar-2003 Second study from major women's trial finds estrogen-progestin combo doesn't help Breast Cancer News Archive "Beyond Tomorrow: New Horizons in Targeted Breast Cancer Therapies" "Beyond Tomorrow: A New Look at Early Stage Breast Cancer" Learn more about the recent efficacy results of Arimidex versus tamoxifen Xeloda and Taxol combination shows improved results for metastatic breast cancer.

    64. BCM - Breast Cancer Gene Database
    A name and fact interconnected searchable database. From the Baylor College of Medicine .Category Science Biology Genetics Eukaryotic Animal Cancer......Search for breast cancer Genes by Name Name Help with this search.Search for breast cancer Facts by Topic or Words Topic
    Search for Breast Cancer Genes by Name: Name: Help with this search Search for Breast Cancer Facts by Topic or Words: Topic: *-[All]-* Biochemical Type Cell Cycle Cell Location Cell Type Distribution Chromosome, Human Chromosome, Mouse Chromosome, Other Cis Acting Effect Clinical Complementation Development DNA Binding DNA Structure Function Gene Frequency (Normal) Gene Frequency (Tumors) Homologue Ligand Binding Methodology Name Oncogenic Activation Oncogenicity Other Phenotype Protein Binding Protein Size Protein Structure Regulation Review RNA Structure Signaling Pathway Tumor Gene Type Tumor Incidence Tumor Type
    Search for words in facts:
    Search for words in comments: Help with this search The Gene Name and Fact Word searches are interconnected. Once the Gene Name search finds a gene of interest, all of the facts about that gene are listed, and once the Fact Word search finds a fact, the gene to which this fact refers is listed and is a link to all facts about that gene.
    Managing Editor
    David A. Wheeler, Ph.D.

    65. Susan Love MD Breast Cancer Foundation A Non-profit Dedicated To Eradication Of
    A website for women concerned about breast cancer and midlife issues.Category Health Conditions and Diseases Cancer Breast......Susan Love MD breast cancer Foundation a nonprofit dedicated to eradicationof breast cancer through innovation education research advocacy. provides information on breast cancer, prevention, diagnosis, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), lumpectomy and mastectomy, reconstruction, radiation, and chemotherapy and hormonal treatments for primary and metastatic disease. Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book, Dr. Susan Love's Hormone Book, It features a section on menopause and midlife women's health issues, such as hormone replacement therapy and other approaches to risk-reduction for heart disease and osteoporosis. A section on complementary and alternative therapies is also included. In addition, it offers personal guidance directly from Dr. Susan Love a world authority on breast cancer and women's health as well as a focused community of support through online message boards and regular live chats with experts from all fields of health Community page Decisions page Living TakeCharge section ... Personal Guidance Section

    66. Childrens' Reactions To Breast Cancer
    breast cancer COMMON REACTIONS OF CHILDREN AND HOW TO HELP. Jane Brazy,MD and Mary Ircink, RN. DAUGHTERS AND THE FUTURE RISK OF breast cancer
    Jane Brazy, MD and Mary Ircink, RN Although children may have a variety of reactions to learning that their parent has cancer, all studies confirm that it is better to tell the child than withhold information and it is better to tell sooner rather than later. When the child is not told, there is more anxiety and a more difficult adaptation later. It is important to provide the child with the amount of information that they want or need and at a level they can understand. In this article we will cover some of the common reactions of children and provide some guidelines for helping the child deal with this stressful time.
    Common Reactions Some of the most common reactions of children to their mother's cancer are fear and insecurity, anger, sadness, isolation, and curiosity
    Fears can take many forms: fear of death of their parent, fear because their parents have fear, fear of separation, fear cancer is contagious and that they will catch it, fear that they caused the cancer, fear that the life they know will change. Fear of death. Because our society frequently hides the diagnosis of cancer, often a child's or teen's only exposure to cancer is people who have died. Therefore cancer means death. This may be the first time that the possibility of death of someone close has ever become a consideration. They may sense your fear of death. A younger child may think death is near at hand, an older child may interpret therapies as only postponing death.

    67. Breast Cancer Information Service
    This service is the largest source of information about breast health and breastcancer for breast cancer patients and survivors, family members and other
    The Breast Cancer Information Service (BCIS) provides useful information to people seeking information about diagnosis, treatment, prevention, support, and insurance issues concerning breast cancer.
    Getting Around Our Site
    For those new to the World Wide Web, and even for those more familiar with it, we provide a Navigation page with basic information about getting around our site, and even an On-line Tutorial that goes into more detail. If you are very new at this, point your mouse at the highlighted/underlined word "navigation" above, and click the LEFT mouse button once. That will take you to the Navigation page. We also have a new page of Hot News with news on national and local issues. We now have a New Additions page to let you know what pages have been added or changed recently. If you have never done so before, we would appreciate it if you would answer our User Survey . Check out our Chatroom which will be open on the first Monday of each month from 7 - 10 PM EST.
    Breast Cancer Information Service (BCIS) is designed for educational purposes only and is not engaged in rendering medical advice or professional services to any party. The information provided through BCIS should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or a disease. It is not a substitute for professional care. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should contact your health care provider immediately

    Austrian crystal and pewter angel breast cancer pins. Percentage of sales goes to breast cancer charities.Category Shopping Jewelry Costume......I sell breast cancer and ovarian pins. breast cancer Austrian Pink CrystalPin 1 10 pins $7.95 11 - 100 pins $6.95 101 or more $5.95.
    BREAST AND OVARIAN CANCER AWARENESS PINS Breast Cancer Austrian Pink Crystal Pin
    1 - 10 pins $7.95
    11 - 100 pins $6.95
    101 or more $5.95 Breast Cancer Pewter Angel Pin
    1 - 10 pins $7.95
    11 - 100 pins $6.95
    101 or more $5.95 Breast Cancer 2 Row Crystal Pin
    1 - 10 pins $10.95
    11 - 100 pins $9.95
    101 or more $8.95 Breast Cancer Pewter Angel Earrings
    (Size 1/2") Lyme Disease Crystal Pin 1 - 10 pins $7.95 11 - 100 pins $6.95 101 or more $5.95 Ovarian Cancer Pewter Angel Pin 1 - 10 pins $7.95 11 - 100 pins $6.95 101 or more $5.95 I have been dedicated to helping women and their families and friends since 1987 with these pins. I am in contact with many women with this dreaded disease. Almost everyone at sometime in their life has been touched by the reality of breast cancer. I had a pure and spiritual inspiration for the breast cancer pin with the spiritual angel. The angel will watch over each of you. We are all in God's hands. Flowers fade and die but your angel pin will be with you to hold, love and carry you as you travel this road of life. The angel says "You will always have me". People love these pins because it gives the breast cancer survivors, patients, family members and friends, all who come in contact with this disease, HOPE and COURAGE. Feelings from Breast Cancer Survivors: "It is a great feeling to know that their are people like you that support this cause, and have the talent and ability to create a beautiful way to remember someone that was close to you." "Something so small can mean so much." "Life is precious." "God bless you and yours for what you give to so many." "The Angel pin is even prettier than the picture. I will be proud to wear it in memory of my beloved sister."

    69. Against Breast Cancer
    Funding research into treatment and prevention of breast cancer, focusing particularly on secondary Category Health Conditions and Diseases Breast Organizations......Imagine a Future Free of breast cancer. Against Breast UK. The ABC ResearchTeam's aim is to find a vaccine against breast cancer. Their
    Imagine a Future Free of Breast Cancer
    Against Breast Cancer funds an innovative and unique research programme into new treatment and prevention of breast cancer, focusing particularly on metastases and survival after breast cancer. A team of researchers, funded by ABC, is based at University College London Hospitals with ABC units around the UK. The ABC Research Team's aim is to find a vaccine against breast cancer. Their three-pronged attack looks at how the cancer cell, patients' natural resistance and their environment (especially diet and lifestyle) interact. Contact ABC for further information at: ABC dreams of a time when there is a vaccine Against Breast Cancer. Help us turn this dream into reality. About ABC Information Donate Fundraising ... Home
    Against Breast Cancer
    Registered Charity No. 1020967

    70. Understanding Breast Cancer Treatment
    Each year in the United States, almost 180,000 women are told they havebreast cancer. Upon hearing this unexpected and overwhelming
    Each year in the United States, almost 180,000 women are told they have breast cancer.
    Upon hearing this unexpected and overwhelming news, a woman is faced with having to make treatment choices within a short period of time. This booklet can help her and her family understand what the diagnosis means and why treatment is necessary. It suggests questions to ask the doctor and identifies other resources for more information. With this knowledge, a newly diagnosed breast cancer patient can more confidently participate with her doctor in planning the best possible treatment.
    About Breast Cancer

    71. Breast Cancer Resource Guide For Massachusetts
    An extensive guide to helping patients deal with breast cancer and its effects.Category Regional North America Health Conditions and Diseases......Guide includes 20 sections of text and resources that are meant to help someonewho has breast cancer negotiate the maze of information available about this

    The Breast Cancer Resource Guide



    Welcome to the The Breast Cancer Resource Guide of Massachusetts The guide includes 20 sections of text and resources that are meant to help someone who has breast cancer negotiate the maze of information available about this disease. Each section provides a brief overview of the topic (see Table of Contents ) followed by Web sites, organizations and educational materials that further explain that topic. We invite you to co-create this Web site. Please respond to the new survey to let us know what you find useful and in which areas you feel we can improve this site. If you wish to obtain a copy of the print guide, either fill out the mailing address section at the end of the survey so that we may send you information, or send an e-mail request for information to Please note that we are not linking your address with your responses to the survey. Mailing addresses and survey responses are going into separate, unlinked files. Thank you for visiting this site.

    72. Breast Cancer Action - Home
    breast cancer Action/Sensibilisation au cancer du sein is a survivordirected, voluntaryorganization founded in 1992 by a group of women who knew first hand

    support centre


    in house



    Breast Cancer Action/Sensibilisation au cancer du sein is a survivor-directed, voluntary organization founded in 1992 by a group of women who knew first hand what breast cancer diagnosis meant to patients and their families. Breast Cancer Action received its charitable status in February 1993 and is funded by private donations. We care because we've been there. Breast Cancer Action's Mission Statement A survivor-directed group joined in purpose to inform, educate and support women and men living with breast cancer, their families and the community. Mandate To raise public awareness of breast cancer and related issues. To operate a support and resource center to serve women and men and their families living with breast cancer in the National Capital region.

    73. Avon Walk For Breast Cancer:
    Avon Walk for breast cancer is a series of weekend fundraising eventsbenefitting the Avon Foundation breast cancer Crusade. Thousands
    MM_preloadImages('../images/avon/nav/navTop_signin_over.gif','../images/avon/nav/navTop_signout_over.gif','../images/avon/nav/navTop_newsroom_over.gif','../images/avon/nav/navTop_walkcities_over.gif','../images/avon/nav/navTop_eventInfo_over.gif','../images/avon/nav/navTop_cause_over.gif','../images/avon/nav/navTop_home_over.gif'); Find out how Avon has been
    Search this Site Apr 26-27 Washington, DC May 3-4 Boston May 17-18 Cincinnati Jun 7-8 Chicago Jun 28-29 San Francisco Jul 12-13 Portland, OR Sep 6-7 Los Angeles Sep 20-21 New York MM_preloadImages('../images/avon/myavonwalk.gif','../images/avon/requestinfo.gif','../images/avon/supportawalker.gif','../images/avon/register.gif'); Welcome to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer! You've just taken the first step towards making an incredible difference in the fight against breast cancer. The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer will bring together thousands of people to share their stories and to celebrate life while making an enormous contribution toward funding access to care and finding a cure. The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer is a series of weekend fundraising events taking place in eight cities in 2003, and they've been designed so that anyone can participate.

    74. Understanding Cancer Of The Breast - Introduction, Understanding Breast Cancer
    Online booklet from support group CancerBACUP addressing causes and treatments of breast cancer.Category Health Conditions and Diseases Cancer Breast Brochures......breast cancer information written by cancer specialists on all aspects of breastcancer including diagnosis and treatment, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and
    The UK's Leading Cancer Information Service FREEPHONE HELPLINE: 0808 800 1234 Cancer
    Clinical ... References Understanding cancer of the breast From the CancerBACUP booklet series Booklet revised: October 2001
    This booklet has been written to help women affected by breast cancer to understand the condition and its treatment. We hope that it answers some of the questions you may have about its diagnosis and treatment, and addresses some of the feelings you may have. We can't advise you about the best treatment for yourself because this information can only come from your own doctor, who is familiar with your full medical history. At the end of this booklet you will see some useful addresses and recommended books. If, after reading this booklet, you think it has helped you, do tell any of your family and friends who might find it interesting. They too may want to be informed so they can help you cope with any problems you may have. The booklet talks about women with breast cancer throughout, as less than 1 in 200 cases of breast cancer occur in men. However the treatments used are the same and so this booklet is still appropriate for

    75. San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
    Subscribe to Our News. Email An international scientific symposium for interactionand exchange among basic scientists and clinicians in breast cancer. .
    Abstract Submission Program Schedule th Annual
    Symposium On-Line Abstracts On-Line TM
    Streaming Webcast
    Newsletters Event Photos
    Abstract Book About SABCS Symposium Overview Contact US Frequently Asked
    Questions Housing Information Media Section Presenter Instructions Registration Site Map Search News December 2003 SABCS
    Abstract submission deadline is June 1, 2003. Subscribe to Our News Email:
    "An international scientific symposium for interaction and exchange among basic scientists and clinicians in breast cancer." The San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS) is a division of CTRC Research Foundation, a subsidiary of (CTRC). The CTRC is an independent, non-profit institution directed by a volunteer Board of Governors committed to providing the highest quality cancer treatment, research and education. The 26 th Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
    will take place December 3 - 6, 2003 at the:
    Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, San Antonio, TX. Watch this page for details!

    76. A Central Source For Information, Education, Support
    Non-profit organization created by breast cancer survivors that serves as a clearinghouse of resources Category Regional North America Health Conditions and Diseases...... Mission The breast cancer Resource Center is a nonprofit organizationcreated by breast cancer survivors. The center serves women
    Home Information Services Library ... Contact Us Mission The Breast Cancer Resource Center is a non-profit organization created by breast cancer survivors. The center serves women with breast cancer as well as their family and friends, and exists to enable women to be active, knowledgeable participants in their healthcare. We function as a clearinghouse for information on resources in the Austin area that provide services for breast cancer detection, education, treatment and support. Helpline : 512-472-1710 or 800-309-0089
    Please address problems or comments to
    Last modified March 18, 2003

    77. Breast Cancer; Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)
    Stamp Out breast cancer Act. $7.0 million received to date. Funding Summary. BreastCancer Research Program Fact Sheet. breast cancer Stamp Fact Sheet.
    Vision Eradicate breast cancer Mission Foster new directions, address neglected issues, and bring new investigators into the field
    Congressional Appropriations for Peer-reviewed Research
    $150 million in FY03
    Stamp Out Breast Cancer Act
    $7.0 million received to date
    Funding Summary
    Breast Cancer Research Program Fact Sheet
    Breast Cancer Stamp Fact Sheet
    FY03 Breast Cancer Research Program Integration Panel
    Breast Cancer ... Publications Last updated March 19, 2003 (ldm)

    National Cancer Institute Boards Accept Scientific Workshop Findings on Early ReproductiveEvents and breast cancer 03/04/2003 On March 3, 2003, the NCI's
    This site is managed by the Office of Communications at the NCI and is designed to help science writers and reporters find information about cancer research at the National Cancer Institute. To reach NewsCenter staff, call 301-496-6641.
    Recent Major News Releases
    NCI Pursues Vaccines to Prevent and Treat Cancer

    79. Breast Cancer Links - Building Opportunities For Self-Sufficiency
    breast cancer Links, Building Opportunities for SelfSufficiency provides comprehensiveinformation about all breast cancers includes links to sites around the

    Return to the index
    Are You in Pain
    Post Breast Therapy Pain Handout
    END Drive-Through Mastectomies
    Dedicated to the memory of the Honorable Isabel A. Burgess , lost to us all too soon September 1999. Welcome to Breast Cancer Links
    Our Website is specially designed to make searching the World Wide Web for information about breast cancer faster and easier. The Cancer Links Web Tutorial aims to make using the Internet easier. There is also a Spanish language version available. Como Buscar al Web. Cancerlinks is committed to Web Site Accessibility . We took every effort in writing code for this website to ensure the visually impaired, will feel welcome here. Print any page by clicking on the print button of your browser. Print out a printer-friendly version. Table Of Contents:
    Breast Cancer Peace and Light!! Alexandra Andrews INVESTIGATE LINKS OF SPECIAL INTEREST Breast Cancer General Medical Information Breast Health Access For Women With Disabilities General Medical Information Advocacy, Finance and Legislation ... Survivors Of Cancer
    Back to Table Of Contents
    Activities of Daily Living for Post Breast Therapy Patient s

    80. - Cancer Information
    Early Reproductive Events and breast cancer, Gene May Aid Liver Cancer Diagnosisand Treatment, Past Highlights, NewsCenter. CIS. Help. FAQs.

    Coping with Cancer
  • Side effects of treatment
  • Complications caused by cancer
  • Emotional and other concerns
  • Support and Resources
  • Support groups
  • Finances
  • Hospice, home care
  • Resources for patients/survivors, caregivers, health professionals
  • Cancer Literature
  • CANCERLIT NCI Publications
  • PDQ
  • What is PDQ?
  • Current cancer information summaries by cancer experts
  • Searching clinical trials
  • Submitting trials to PDQ
  • Types of Cancer
  • Common cancers
  • Cancers by body location/system
  • Alphabetical list of cancers
  • Treatment
  • Treatment information
  • Chemotherapy, radiation therapy
  • Complementary/alternative medicine
  • Prevention, Genetics, Causes
  • Prevention information
  • Genetics, genetic testing
  • Search for genetics professionals
  • Screening and Testing
  • Detection/screening information
  • Mammograms, PSA test, colonoscopy
  • Advanced Gene May Aid Liver Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Past Highlights Help ... ACCESSIBILITY

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