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         Buergers Disease:     more detail
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41. Circulation Test
Buttock pain when walkingsometimes an indicator of buergers disease (severe damageto the arteries especially in younger men associated with smoking) (4).


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Test out your circulation with this scoring system! Many people have worries about their circulation. This test is to be used as an approximate guide to determine the relative condition of a person's circulation. It is not a substitute for medical advice .It is based on the experience of one General Practitioner and should not be considered to represent the view of the medical profession at large. Add up the points and see which category you fall into. For each individual question the following scale applies: normal 0-1 possible problem 2-3 seek advice/significant problem 4 veins Swelling of ankles after sitting still (eg. On a plane, bus, car) for one hour (2) After 3 hours (bus/plane) (1) After 6 hours (0) Some small veins visible over lower legs (thread veins) (1) Many visible thread veins around the ankle (2) Veins tender if knocked (1) Pain in legs and swelling of ankles after normal activities (nb veins often become less uncomfortable when they become visible) (2) Visible veins (tree roots) and swelling apparent immediately or soon after standing (2) Visible veins as above but with eczema/dry skin around ankle and or with brownish discoloration of the skin and possibly skin ulceration (4) Risk factors Occupation, which involves prolonged periods standing in one position (hairdresser/guardsman) (2)

42. Circulation-what Is It.
during labour.These changes occur because the circulation in the placenta(afterbirth)is uniquely sensitive to cigarette smoke.buergers disease affects younger article.html


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Circulatory problems seem to have been in the news recently following realisation of the risks of thrombosis associated with flying.DVT (deep vein thrombosis) affects the veins you cannot see and can strike without warnng.However there are many other parts to the circulation. Broadly speaking there are 4 elements to the circulation.The arteries carry blood containing oxygen around the body.,The veins carry blood back to the heart which has had oxygen removed by the tissues.In between the two systems is an ever finer network of small vessels comprising the microcirculaton.The final parts of the system are the great vessels,arteries and veins which act as the main motorways for blood travelling to the smaller arteries and back to the heart from the smaller veins. This system is not simply a set of pipes like those in your bathroom or supplying the radiators.Each vessel can respond to the demands made by the body.In the cold or following acute blood loss the vessels in the skin and inside the body close down to conserve heat(alcohol opens them up again so it is not a good idea to give brandy to people who are shocked or cold).In the warm they open up to lose heat.When you exercise the heart pumps more rapidly and the vesssels open up to supply more blood and oxygen to the tissues.This is why exercise helps the heart; the coronary blood vessels supplying the heart open up when the heart muscle demands more oxygen.There is evidence that their resting diameter is greater too.If the heart never demands more oxygen the blood vessels remain narrow and hence are more easily blocked by atherosclerosis(the process which leaves a deposit on the inside of vessels rather like scale in a kettle)

43. Worldbook Medical Encyclopedia > Babinskis Reflex - Byssinosis
plague; BuddChiari syndrome; buergers disease; Bulbar paralysis;Bulimia; Bulla; Bunion; Bunion treatment; Burn; Burnout; Burns andscalds

Worldbook Medical Encyclopedia
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44. Causes ALU
Other causes include; Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, buergers disease and RaynaudsDisease. All of which have degenerative effects on arterial circulation.
Arterial Ulcers Atherosclerosis is an age related condition, made worse by being male, hypertention and smoking. Other causes include; Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Buergers Disease and Raynauds Disease. All of which have degenerative effects on arterial circulation. Arterial embolism and trauma can both cause acute ischemia. Once the circulation is impaired beyond the minimum oxygen requirements the cells supplied by the obstructed capilleries start to die and ulcer formation is under way. This Page should have frames, if it's not and your browser supports frames click here show all for easier navigation. There is more to this site!! e -jottings about Tissue Viability

45. Html Gear - Guest Gear View Guestbook
Comments 19661967 Vietnam 1967 diagnosed buergers disease 1968 diagonsedRaynauds 2001 Type 11 Diabetes Agent Orange exposure Vietnam 1966-1967.

46. Charmed Board
. buergers disease Posted By Estella On 09/21/00 Has anyone everheard of taking Ginko Biloba as a therapy for this disease? ..

47. Hitt Improvisational Teen Theatre
the extremities. In serious cases buergers disease can lead to gangrene(death of body tissue) and even amputation of a limb Aging.




  • The lung on the left shows a healthy lung. The lung on the right shows a lung with Emphysema. This lung shows damage caused by smoking.
  • Emphysema begins with the destruction of air sacs in the lungs. As air sacs are destroyed, the lungs are able to transfer less and less oxygen to the bloodstream, causing shortness of breath. Years of exposure to the irritation of cigarette smoke are usually precede the development of emphysema.
  • Smoking is directly responsible for 87 percent of lung cancer cases and causes most cases of emphysema and chronic bronchitis Smokers gets more nose and throat inflammations, respiratory infection and chronic bronchitis than non-smoker.
  • Fetal Smoking - When the mother smokes, the baby smokes,too.
  • Nicotine in cigarettes can raises blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen demands for muscles.
  • Carbon monoxide in the cigarette smoke increases the amount of cholesterol clogging the arteries
  • Blood clots are more common in smokers
  • Smoking can damage blood vessel walls, making it difficult for the heart to pump blood to the extremities. In serious cases Buergers disease can lead to gangrene (death of body tissue) and even amputation of a limb
  • 48. Australian Policy Online
    such as damage to women’s reproductive health, miscarriage, impotence in men, suddeninfant death syndrome, blindness, deafness, buergers disease (leading to

    Childhood poverty and social exclusion: developing a child-centred approach

    Seminar with Tess Ridge, Department of Social and Policy, University of Bath

    AHURI Work in progress seminar

    Reports on four projects now under way, including research related to homelessness, refugee housing and public housing deficits.

    Defamation and the Internet after Dow Jones v Gutnick

    Seminar presented by the Centre for Media and Communications Law, The University of Melbourne
    'Opening fields' with Professor Dame Gillian Beer A one day symposium with Professor of English Literature, University of Cambridge 9 APRIL, GIPPSLAND Rethinking the meaning of regions Seminar with Kevin O’Connor from the University of Melbourne 9 APRIL, MELBOURNE Inventing the internet Oz style: a cultural history of the Australian internet Seminar with Gerard Goggin 10 APRIL, SYDNEY Toward a new urbanism Lecture by Sophie Watson, Professor of Sociology, Open University, UK 11 APRIL, MELBOURNE Identity, reflexivity and the “third way” Seminar with Dr Kirk Mann 14 APRIL, SYDNEY

    49. Encyclopedia Bn-Bz (Search Encyclopedia Bn-Bz
    kidney Bruising Bruton agammaglobulinemia Bruxism Bubble bath soaps Bubonic plagueBuccal Buccal smear Budd Chiari syndrome buergers disease Buffalo hump Bug
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    Body burden

    Body lice

    Body movements uncontrollable

    Bodyart and Tattoo
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    50. Background
    of his life. buergers disease may have robbed Mr. Grossman of hisability to walk, but his inexhaustible spirit remained. By way
    Mobility for Independence was created in 1990 in Minnesota as the Leo Grossman Fund. Leo Grossman, founder, suffered from a rare illness that required multiple amputations over the years. These amputations kept shortening his legs and one arm, confining him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Buergers Disease may have robbed Mr. Grossman of his ability to walk, but his inexhaustible spirit remained. By way of the “Wheels for Leo” Celebrity Roast in 1990, his family and friends raised the money needed to purchase a specially equipped van for Mr. Grossman to drive. He used his van to travel throughout Minnesota, providing inspiration to others through motivational speaking. Touched by his friends’ and family’s generosity, Mr. Grossman made the decision to dedicate his life to providing mobility for those in need. His dream materialized with the birth of The Leo Grossman Fund The fund’s name was changed to Mobility for Independence in 2000 because the directors felt that we needed a name that would more easily identify our organization with its purpose. Mobility for Independence is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in Minneapolis, Minnesota serving Minnesota and surrounding states if money is available.

    51. Taking The Waters At Soap Lake
    Lake was famous for its spas and resorts where tourists came to take the waters. It is best known for the successful treatment of buergers disease, but skin
    Mar-Apr '03 briefing mail don't say this flakers' jargon ... search
    "Taking the Waters" at Soap Lake,
    a personal experience
    by Sheri Decker
    Sheri Decker, NPF Deputy CEO, treated her psoriasis at Soap Lake, Wash., June 21 through June 28, 2002, and prepared the following narrative. Friday, June 21 The five-hour drive from Portland, Ore., to Soap Lake, Wash., is majestic. The tree-packed Columbia River Gorge gives way to treeless bluffs that spill into rolling wheat fields that stray to a dry, rocky desert terrain. Here you find Soap Lake, both the town and the lake, located nearly in the middle of Washington State 1,075 feet above sea level. The community of Soap Lake is around 1,200. There’s no McDonald’s, Safeway or Best Western; just peace and quiet and an abundance of sunshine in the summer months and a highly mineralized lake overflowing with history and therapeutic promise. Soap Lake’s curative appeal is legendary, according to the Soap Lake Conservancy, a nonprofit organization involved in the preservation of the lake. In the early 1900s, Soap Lake was famous for its spas and resorts where tourists came to "take the waters." It is best known for the successful treatment of Buergers Disease, but skin, circulatory, digestive and joint problems were commonly treated as well. Countless people still use the healing qualities of Soap Lake mineral water and mud to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

    52. McMick
    I was diagnosed with buergers disease. It is caused by smoking. It clogsthe small and medium arteries and veins to the feet and hands.
    Quit Smoking 03/04/2000
    McMick's Ramble Well it is now one year and I almost can't believe it. The last time I quit was over 20 years ago. This time I am determined to keep this quit for good. It is so difficult to put all my thoughts down. If I miss anyone I apologize. I was very determined to see this quit through, no matter how hard it was going to be. I had planned to do Wellbutrin and also the patch to help me, but it didn't work out. By the time I was ready to quit, I realized that you had to be on Wellbutrin for a week before you quit and also then found out that patches were about $45!! It was then that I decided that no one else was going to get my money and I just quit cold turkey. Quitting has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I learned that you have to quit for yourself and no one else. When my daughter was born (14 years ago) I said I had to quit, but found a way to justify still smoking. Then my son was born 3 years later. Same excuses and still no quit. 2 years ago my best friend died from cancer. He didn't even smoke but I got to see almost firsthand how quickly and decisively cancer can just rip thru your body. I still didn't quit. I had to finally be ready to do it for MYSELF, and not anyone else. It's sort of like love….you'll know when you are ready. I guess it is love of yourself. With as much determination that I had, I was pretty sure I could get thru Hell week and beyond, but what would I do when the Nicodemon finally wore down my resilience to a nub? I found the answer in Blairsville. It was definiteIy my secret weapon. I found this site the first day I quit and was amazed at the support and response from everyone. The love and support shown on this BB was just extraordinary. I have been on many sites where there are flames of disapproval if someone says something that isn't widely accepted. I saw (see) none of that on this website. If people disagree, they do so with the utmost respect for each other which I find refreshing. This type of behavior kept me here and kept me from slipping. When the urges would strike I would run to the site and log on and vent. Response of support and encouragement came from everywhere and was so nice to see.

    53. Smoking Health Effects
    Frances Downes who lost several as a result of the same problem. A multiple amputeewith buergers disease Health Effects of Smoking. Ayanian JZ, Cleary PD.

    54. Resurrection Lutheran Church Prayer List
    Ellen Tuck) Margaret Windstein, terminal cancer Michael Spallholtz, may loose legdue to buergers disease, lost other leg in construction accident (brother of
    Resurrection Lutheran Church
    Quick Navigation Home The Pastor's Post This Week at RLC ==== General ==== Bible Study Church Leaders Local Map Our Staff What We Believe Worship Services === Ministries === Adult Ministries Child Dev. Center Youth Ministries === Other Sites === LCMS Links Page Prayer List
    March 30, 2003 This Prayer List is provided to encourage the members and friends of Resurrection to be in constant prayer to God, and to remember the special needs of the people listed below in prayer during the week. Please remember the needs of others in your daily prayers: O beautiful Savior, Lord Jesus Christ, who by Your infinite wisdom , love and might rules my life, I now ask that You would guide the destiny and bless the future of these for whom I pray. Comfort them with the blessed assurance of Your mercy, which is freely given to all who trust in You. Strengthen their faith during this time by Your Holy Spirit, that it will triumph over all earthly sorrow and affliction. Especially we lift up to You: (add the following people, and any others, to your prayers:)

    55. Lasermedizin
    Translate this page Schindl L, Kainz A, Kern H. Effect of low power laser irradiation on indolentulcers caused by buergers disease Literature review and case report.

  • Definition, Geschichte, Kurzbeschreibung
  • Monographien
  • Die wichtigsten Zeitschriften
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    Definition, Geschichte, Kurzbeschreibung
    Laser application in Medicine and Surgery, Ed. G. Galetti et al, Proc 3rd World Congress - Int. Soc. Low Power Laser Applications in Medicine, Bologna, Italy, Sept. 9 - 12, 1992, 1992, Monduzzi Bologna Baxter , G. David and Costas , Pekka / Pothmann , Raymund: Laser in der Akupunktur. Hrsg. v. Pothmann, Raymond. Hippokrates 1993 Danhof , G: Lasertherapie in der Allgemeinmedizin. WBV Biol.-med. V.-G. 1991 Danhof , P. J.: Low Level Laser Therapy as a medical treatment modality. Art Urpo, Tampere, SF, 1992, ISBN 951-96632-0-7* Kert , J. Rose , L.: Clinical Laser Therapy, Low Level Laser Therapy. Laser System, Veksoe, Denmark 1989. ISBN 87-983204-1-6* Bahn Karu

    Die wichtigsten Zeitschriften
    Laser Therapy; an international journal of low level laser therapy and photobioactivation. Hg.: T. Ohshiro. International Laser Therapy Association. Iwaicho 14-18, Tochigi City, Japan. ISSN 0898-5901

    • Hof 3
      A-4922 St. Marienkirchen
  • 56. Buerger's Disease
    one click … For Medical Professionals only. Buerger's disease,,Print this article, (Leo Buerger, 1879–1943, American physician V 2/BUERGERS DISEASE.asp
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    *For Medical Professionals only, registration required Buerger's disease, (Leo Buerger, 1879–1943, American physician), thromboangitis obliterans
    The Encyclopaedia of Medical Imaging Volume V:2
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    57. Article : Three-Dimensional Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Angiography –
    an invasive DSA examination in patients having vascular disease not amenable topercutaneous vascular intervention such as buergers disease and angiomatous
    RP Tripathi, A Batra, M Taneja, S Kaushik, Balwant, SS Kumaran
    Abstract Objectives : To evaluate the utility of gadolinium enhanced three dimensional magnetic resonance angiography for different vascular territories of the body in comparison to x-ray angiography and to present our preliminary experience in the optimal use of the technique.
    Materials and Methods : The study evaluated 30 consecutive patients who underwent contrast enhanced MR angiography for different indications. Contrast enhanced MRA was performed on 1.5 Tesla MR system (Magnetom Vision, Germany) using 3D-Flash sequences. Coronal dynamic MRA was performed after injection of the contrast bolus and the images obtained were reconstructed using maximum intensity projections. Twenty patients underwent DSA of 23 vascular territories after CE MRA. Five patients underwent surgery. All the studies were interpreted by two qualified radiologists in consensus.
    Results : CEMRA was 100% sensitive in picking up aneurysmal and stenotic lesions. The specificity for complete occlusion and aneurysmal disease was also 100%, but for partial stenosis the specificity was 83.3% related to overestimation of stenosis. CEMRA offered a global view of vascular pathology precisely depicting vessel stenosis, collateral formation and distal run-off, aneurysmal disease and the relation of different branches to the aneurysm from multiple projections.

    58. Bibliographic Information About Textbook Of Surgery: The Biological Basis Of Mod
    Biswas, MD Arteriovenous Fistuias 1731 H. Kim Lyerly, MD, and David C. Sabiston,Jr., MD Thromboangiitis Obliterans (buergers disease) 1738 H. Brownell Wheeler

    59. Untitled
    This can lead to strokes, peripheral vascular disease, gangrene, andaortic aneurisms. buergers disease can also lead to gangrene.

    60. Mota20's Medical Club - Grow Marijuana @ Overgrow Edge Archive
    Translate this page 05-19-2002 1201 AM - 5 replies ? How could i find local medusers in need 05-18-2002 1126 PM - 14 replies ? buergers disease ? 05-18-2002 0936
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    987 users online now!
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    Recommendation for a spinal cord injury?
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