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         Buergers Disease:     more detail
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81. Inflammatory Diseases
INFLAMMATORY diseaseS. Home Page. Systemic Lupus Erythrematous.Rheumatoid Arthritis. buergers' disease. Kawasaki disease.
Home Page Systemic Lupus Erythrematous Rheumatoid Arthritis Buergers' Disease ... Kawasaki Disease

82. | Doc Online | Ask The Doctor | Cardiac Diseases Buerger's Di
CARDIAC disease Buerger's disease. Question. Please may I have someinformation about Buerger's disease? Answer. Buerger's
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blood diseases

cardiac diseases ... skin disorders CARDIAC DISEASE Buerger's disease Question Please may I have some information about Buerger's disease? Answer Buerger's disease is also called thromboangitis obliterans. It is an inflammation of the small and medium sized arteries and veins in the lower legs, and feet and hands. The inflammation causes the blood vessels to become blocked. It may also affect blood vessels in the heart, brain and body organs. It is most common in young men under the age of 40, and is more common in people of Asian or eastern European origin. The cause is not known, but there is a definite relationship with cigarette smoking.

83. - United States - New - Personal - Health - Conditions & Illnesses - Ca
8. Buerger's disease http// the ask the doctor series, a viewer asks for information

84. Vascular Disease
A subcategory of acute injury is iatrogenic disease due to radial arterycatheterization or drug injection. Chronic Vascular disease.
Vascular Disorders
Vascular disorders encompass a broad spectrum of pathology that results in aberrant microvascular perfusion, potentially threatening the viability of the hand or digits. There are numerous causes of vascular disorders of the upper extremity and hand, and to understand them it is valuable to classify vascular disorders into acute or chronic categories.
Acute Vascular Disorders
Acute injury due to trauma is covered extensively in the replantation section of this site and in the free flap section where examples of severe vascular injury are presented. A subcategory of acute injury is iatrogenic disease due to radial artery catheterization or drug injection. Both are treated with the same principles as major vascular injury. Compartment Syndrome is a condition of increased pressure in the hand or forearm that causes acute loss of blood flow and nerve injury. Treatment is directed toward treating the increase pressure which causes loss of blood flow, and often requires fasciotomy.
Chronic Vascular Disease
Chronic vascular disorders tend to develop more slowly and have a tendency, but not always, to be seen in an older population.

85. ¹ö°Å½º¾¾º´(Buerger's Disease)
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VASCULAR disease. MISCELLANEOUS THROMBOANGIITIS OBLITERANS (Buergersdisease) Intimal fibrosis and thrombosis. Ischaemic arms and
    MISCELLANEOUS THROMBOANGIITIS OBLITERANS (Buergers Disease) Intimal fibrosis and thrombosis. Ischaemic arms and legs Strong association smoking Cause unknown Buerger’s disease is strongly associated with smoking.
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87. News
The doctors at the sadar hospital, however, said Faimoni suffers from `Buergersdisease’ or some unknown disease originated from wounds in her legs.
Home l News l Business l Sport l l IT l Music l Entertainment l Food Updated: Sunday, Mar 30, 2003, 9:30 pm (BST) Deshmail l Deshchat l E-Jooti l E-Greetings Headline Saddam keeps grip on Basra despite armor outside Govt, opposition facing huge public pressure to support Iraq Bangladesh believes in acquiring military might for self-defence: PM Russian envoy denies US allegation of sending military equipment to Iraq ... Any interference by external forces in Iraq unacceptable: Hasina Other news Four killed as tempo collides with bus in Ctg Anti-war anger spreads worldwide Angry Cook lashes out at war Shipment charge to be costlier as shipping lines imposing WRS ... News Leprosy still considered a curse of God and incurable
Faimoni Marak, a 19-year aborigine girl, was about to be buried alive, ostracised by society. For, she has been long suffering from leprosy, a disease that her society considered a curse of god and incurable. Sheer ignorance and superstition prevail among the aborigines where the poor girl was born and brought up along the Garo Hills of northern border village Kharamura, 40 kilometres from Sherpur district town.

88. The New Nation Internet Edition
The doctors at the sadar hospital, however, said. Faimoni suffers from Buergersdisease' or some unknown disease originated from wounds in her legs.

89. Herbs For Holistic Healing Medicinal Reference Guides
Other Namesdillweed Dong quai Parts UsedRoots ground Used Forabcesses,buergersdisease,chronic runny nose,constipation,chonstant fetal movement,gynecologic
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90. ? ''
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91. ¿Ü°ú ¹ßÀü»ç
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(The Development of Surgery) 1. Sabiston DC : Textbook of Surgery 15th ed. W.B. Saunders Co. Philadelphia, 1997, PP1 (Surgery) (Primitive Surgery) (Greco Roman era) (Hippocrates, , B.C.460) Precepts, Oath, Corpus - on the surgery. 2) Aulus Cornelius Celsus (A.D. 1 encyclopedist, De re medicina (2) "Characteristics of inflammation" Rubor, Dolor, Calor, Tumor (3) Surgeon should be - youthful, steady hands, sharp vision, no emotion but filled with pity. 3) Galen (2) laudable pus (Middle ages) . Galen . Barber-surgeon 1) Guy de Chauliac (1) Bologna, (Renaissance Period) 1) Ambroise Pare' (1) Barber surgeon, military surgeon, 2) Peter Lowe - A discourse of the whole art of Chirurgie(1597) 3) Thomas Vicary (1) Learned (2) Expert (3) Ingenuity (4) Well mannered Padua (Vesalius) (Modern surgery) 1) Royal College of Surgeons(1843). 2) American College of Surgery(1913). 2) Andreas Vesalius (Padua) - De humani Corporis Fabrica(1543) (Nicolaus Copernicus - De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium) 3) Henry Gray - Anatomy, descriptive and surgical

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