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         Bulging Disk:     more detail
  1. Relief for a Herniated Disc: NOW!

41. Advanced Pain Management Specialists - Provides Compassionate, State-of-the-art
In the diagnosing the cause of leg and back pain, a bulging disk isoften overlooked, yet the true culprit. A bulging disk implies
Jonathan S. Daitch, MD
Wildwood Hammock Professional Center
6120 Winkler Road, Suite J
Fort Myers, FL 33919
Celebrating Our Second Year Anniversary!
March 30, 2003 Also, learn mor e about
Sciatica Treatments


Massage / Physical Therapy
RELIEF FOR ARTHRITIS SUFFERERS WITH NECK AND BACK PAIN Millions of people suffer with arthritic low back and neck pain. Patients who have long-standing osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis often develop painful neck joints and low back pain. Often the pain is located off to one side of the back or neck. It is usually worse with turning the head to one side or the other, or with leaning backwards. A newer treatment called Radiofrequency Neurolysis offers hope for such patients. Radiofrequency Neurolysis, or heat lesioning has been utilized for many years. It has recently gained popularity for treating joint pain. Radiofrequency denervation entails precision lesions placed directly on the nerve going from the painful joint. To assure proper location, the nerve is localized precisely with a nerve stimulator. Radiofrequency energy is then used to heat the area in a controlled method to the proper temperature. Radiofrequency heat lesions can knock out the painful nerve pathway from the joint, reducing pain sensations from the joint. "It is like short-circuiting the pain," explains Dr. Jonathan Daitch of Advanced Pain Management Specialists. "Even pain that has been present for many years can respond to this treatment."

42. The Pain Care Center - Treatments
administration. Epidural steroids are administered to help relieve theinflammation that a bulging disk can cause on a nerve root. This
Quick List of Treatments Click and Go Epidural Steriod Injections Facet Joint Injections Laser Assisted Spinal Endoscopy Radio Frequency Lesioning Spinal Endoscopy Stellate Ganglion and Lumbar Sympathetic Blocks Celica Plexus Block Approach to Medication Management Other Epidural Steroid Injections Nerve root irritation has many different causes and these can include bulging disks, previous surgery that caused scar tissue formation, and degenerative changes of the spine and discs. It feels like an ache or burn from the lower back or buttock down the leg, often to the foot and toes. One of the first and most conservative steps in the course of treatment for radiating pain is the use of epidural steroid injections at any level of the spine. The goal of the epidural steroid injection is to decrease inflammation at the nerve root level, and therefore, reduce the radiating or radicular pain associated with the nerve root irritation. Epidural steroid injections can be performed at the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and even sacral region of the spine. Although, there are various techniques to inject the medicine into the affected area, these can essentially be broken down into the traditional mid-line translaminar approach and the transforaminal approach. The translaminar approach places the medicine inside the epidural space with the goal of having the medicine spread out toward the nerve roots themselves. The transforaminal steroid injection involves placing the medicine from the outside of the epidural space, with the goal of it tracking into the epidural space at specific levels.

43. Health And Inspiration
If the bulging disk is intact, conservative care, including rest, specificstretches and chiropractic adjustments, will be the treatment of choice.
Letter From the Editor Celebrity Muscle Fitness Cafe Exercise Science ... About
About the Author: Dr. Stephen L. Goldman has been practicing chiropractic in California for almost twenty years. He is currently in practice at Fitness Forum in Marina del Rey,California - a state of the art fitness and rehabilitation center. In addition, Dr. Goldman is on the faculty of Masters of Motion, a state recognized training program for personal trainers and aerobics instructors. He received his Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts and his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Cleveland Chiropractic College, where he served on the faculty from 1980-84. "I have been training with weights for twenty years and for the first time I recently developed a rotator cuff problem. The rotator cuff has always been sort of a mystery to me because it's not a major muscle. In fact, as I began to research my injury I started to realize why it is so important to have strong, healthy rotator cuffs - and more importantly how to prevent future rotator cuff problems from occuring. Since most people only learn about rotator cuffs due to personal injury, it's important to pay attention to the following article by Dr. Goldman ... it will save you a great deal of future pain and aggravation."

44. 1994 Jury Verdicts
Plaintiff suffered a bulging disk and radiculopathy. Defendant sought to show thatthe bulging disk was a result of degenerative disc disease secondary to age.

1994 Jury Verdicts
Pehy v. Dennys, Inc.
Case No. 92-981 NO
Date of Verdict: 11/8/94
Jury Verdict: $350,000.00
Plaintiff's attorney: Walid Y. Fakhoury
Defendant's attorney: John Potvin
Mediation Award: $165,000
Plaintiff's last settlement demand $165,000
Defendant's high settlement offer $50,000 FACTS: Plaintiff slipped and fell in a pot hole in the parking lot of Denny's restaurant during a rain storm. There was testimony that the hole had been present for a period of time and was known to employees. Plaintiff suffered a bulging disk and radiculopathy. Defendant sought to show that the bulging disk was a result of degenerative disc disease secondary to age. VEHICLE COLLISION RESULTS IN VERDICT Radulski v. Ace Rent-A-Car Case No. 91-1177 CK Date of Verdict: 12/23/94 Jury Verdict: $15,000.00 Plaintiff's attorney: Gregory J. Muller Defendant's attorney: John C. Auld Mediation Award: $290,000 Plaintiff's last settlement demand $150,000 Defendant's high settlement offer $25,000

45. CyberSpace Search!
If you have Back Pain, degenerating disks, bulging disks, degenenerative disk disease,or sciatica, it's time to learn about the Back Pain Cure for Dummies. disks

46. Men's Basketball - Official Athletic Site, University Of California Golden Bears
was able to play in just 12 games in 199495 and underwent surgeryin February 1995 for a bulging disk in his lower back played
Choose Sport Baseball M Basketball W Basketball M Crew W Crew Cross Country Field Hockey Football M Golf W Golf M Gymnastics W Gymnastics W Lacrosse Rugby M Soccer W Soccer Softball M Swimming W Swimming M Tennis W Tennis W Volleyball M Water Polo W Water Polo Gen Releases Traditions
Alfred Grigsby
Sr., 6-9, Forward
Houston, Texas
High School:
Yates Grigsby made a remarkable recovery from a series of injuries that essentially kept him sidelined for three seasons to become Cal's leading rebounder in 1996-97 ... granted a rare sixth-year of eligibility by the NCAA last August ... received a medical hardship waiver following the 1993-94 seasons after playing in only three games due to a hamstring injury ... was able to play in just 12 games in 1994-95 and underwent surgery in February 1995 for a bulging disk in his lower back ... played in only 4 games in 1995-96 with a recurrence of the same injury ... finally returned at full strength in 1996-97 ... had his No. 4 jersey retired before Cal's game against Arizona State March 6, 1997 ... finished his career second on Cal's all-time field goal shooting list at 56.1 percent ... was a three-time winner of Cal's Most Inspirational Player Award and was one of the most popular members ever to play for the Bears. Started 18 games as a freshman and averaged 10.2 ppg and 6.2 rpg ... led Cal and ranked second in the Pac-10 in field goal shooting at 57.6 percent ... averaged 14 ppg and 9.2 rpg during Cal's final eight contests ... scored a season-high 19 points at UCLA and produced a double-double with 14 points and 10 boards vs. Stanford.

47. Untitled Document
A bulging disk encroaches on the ventral spinal canal and inferior portionsof the neuroforamina but does not displace the nerve roots.
Disk Degeneration One of the earliest signs of disk degeneration is loss of water content or desiccation, most noticeable in the nucleus pulposus. MR can detect early disk degeneration because, as the disks lose water, the MR signal decreases on gradient-echo and T2-weighted images. With more advanced degeneration, the disk collapses and gas may form within the disk. Calcification is not uncommon in chronic degenerative disk disease. As a consequence of intervertebral disk degeneration, normal axial loading on the spine stretches and lengthens the anular fibers, resulting in rounded, symmetric bulging of the disk beyond the margins of the vertebral body. A bulging disk encroaches on the ventral spinal canal and inferior portions of the neuroforamina but does not displace the nerve roots. The combination of sagittal and axial views provides excellent visualization of the relationships of the disk to the spinal canal and neural foramina. When there is a generalized paucity of epidural fat, producing an MR "myelogram" with gradient-echo or T2-weighted images is helpful to show the relationship of the disk with the thecal sac. In an anatomic and MR study of cadaveric spines, Yu and colleagues

48. Biblical Reflections On Modern Medicine March-April 1999
I have some personal experience with back pain. Four years ago, Iwas diagnosed with a bulging disk and pinched nerve. Fortunately

49. Whiplash101 Discussion Group III TOC (Framed)
can cure your whiplash Pain Cyndi 17 Dec 2002 Re Prolo Therapy can cure your whiplashPain ken 16 Dec 2002 Whiplash, Disc Protrution, bulging disk vj 12 Dec
CERVICAL AND THORACIC RADICULOPATHY INJURY WORKER MAY 1 2002 28 Mar 2003 trapped nerve in neck due to wear and tear Joy Brooks 27 Mar 2003 LORI 27 Mar 2003 Does anyone ever go into the chatroom here? 27 Mar 2003
Re: Does anyone ever go into the chatroom here? 28 Mar 2003
Re: Does anyone ever go into the chatroom here? 30 Mar 2003
27 Mar 2003
Mike 28 Mar 2003
28 Mar 2003
Going back to work after MVA Laura 27 Mar 2003 Rotated area in back of neck? Anyone heard? Laura 27 Mar 2003
Re: Rotated area in back of neck? Anyone heard? skibc 27 Mar 2003
Re: Rotated area in back of neck? Anyone heard? 27 Mar 2003
Re: Rotated area in back of neck? Anyone heard? skibc 27 Mar 2003
Re: Rotated area in back of neck? Anyone heard? skibc 27 Mar 2003
PT and Chiropractic-too much for soft tissue injury? 25 Mar 2003
Re: PT and Chiropractic-too much for soft tissue injury? Mike 26 Mar 2003
Re: PT and Chiropractic-too much for soft tissue injury?

50. Random Thought - November 24, 1995
. Anyway, the sportscaster wanted to say that a corner back named Hurst had beencut by the New England Patriots because he had a bulging disk in his neck.
The Cowboy Way
November 24, 1995
Went hiking with Henry today. A day trip to Weaver's Needle in the Superstition Mountains. Weaver's Needle is visible from the Lost Dutchman gold mine... or so the legend goes. We saw a couple cowboys on the trail. We knew they were cowboys because they had on blue jeans, button up denim shirts, cowboy hats, and cowboy boots. I think they would have had an easier time with the 1,500 foot climb if they had not worn 45's in heavy leather holsters. Yeeee! Haaaaa! I hope to do a few more hikes before I head back home.
Weaver's Needle
November 25, 1995
Went to breakfast with Henry and Michael. Knew I was in Arizona when a car in the parking lot had a "Rush is Right" bumper sticker, and another had a personalized license plate that said "BEEF". This is Man's Country out here.
November 26, 1995
Too much ice-tea... ... is why I write this stuff so late at night. Went hiking with my sister, her husband, and their two dogs today. The hike was in South Mountain park into Hidden Valley and through Fat Man's Pass. Long ago a huge bolder fell across the trail and split in half. The 20 foot long crack is about a foot wide; just big enough for a normal size person to squeeze through. Hence the name. ( Perhaps "Fat Men Don't Pass" would be a better name. ) One of the two dogs is normal, the other is a poofy-dog. I told my sister that the hike would be hard for the poofy-dog, but she wouldn't hear any of that. "Today is her birthday! How can we leave her behind on her birthday?!" ( Poofy-dog was 6 that day. That's 42 in dog years. ) Needless to say, the poofy-dog needed to be carried up the hills.

51. SURFPULSE - Surf Fitness For Your BACK
Any suggestions? How can I minimize pain from a bulging disk? Loosen up your backAsk Beth a question! QUESTION How do I minimize pain from a bulging disk?
Daily surf updates for Northern California.
SurfPulse Surf Cam provides a live view of the surf.
New forecast section and links for Nor Cal.
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gear in Closeouts.
gear in Classifieds. Boards, wetsuits, and more...
The latest Nor Cal surfing news
In-depth articles on Nor Cal surfing including PWC and tow-in surfing.
Surf-specific training tips
from Beth Price, a local triathlon coach and avid surfer with a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology.
Dane Larson's monthly column on Nor Cal surfing.
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Advertising Information Search Surfpulse... Ask Beth How to Surf Longer, Safer, Harder BACK Surf Fitness Index: Other Fitness Subjects
  • Help for lower back problems?
  • My back hurts while sitting on my surfboard. Any suggestions?
  • I have back and upper leg pain. Any suggestions? ... Ask Beth a question! Surf Fitness Seminar : Sign up for Beth's next clinic! QUESTION: Help for lower back problems? Hi Beth, I'm hoping you wouldn't mind answering a hopefully brief call for help. I'm 28 years old and have had on-and-off lower back problems for the last year. I've been to physical therapy and chiropractor but the pain always returns. I have almost-2-year-old twins which seem to have coincided with the back pain. Lifting and carrying them hasn't gotten any easier as their size increases. My only relief from the depressing pain is a good surf. Anyhow, my dad has also experienced chronic lower back pain and suffers from a couple bad lumbar disks. I am no small guy at 6'3" and 280 pounds, but am very active and have played sports my entire life (football, wrestling, soccer and now surfing).
  • 52. Back Pain
    1. What is the difference between a bulging disk a herniated disk? My MRI showsa bulging disk,plus stenosis I am wondering if I am a canidate for VaxD?

    53. - Todd Bodine Sits Out Finale With Back Injury - November 17, 2002
    Todd Bodine aggravated a bulging disk in his lower back when he crashed in BuschSeries Bud Pole Qualifying Thursday, so his brother, Geoffrey, drove the No.
    document.adoffset=0; document.adPopupFile = '/nascar_adspaces/adsPopup2.html'; Headlines Nemechek wins caution-filled O'Reilly 300 Controversial black flag ends strong run for Vickers Johnson leads Happy Hour, loses engine Teams fight to adjust when forced to backup car ... Gibbs apologizes, seeks answers for infraction See More: All of the headlines
    Todd Bodine sits out finale with back injury
    By Dave Rodman, Turner Sports Interactive November 17, 2002
    7:07 PM EST (0007 GMT) HOMESTEAD, Fla. Todd Bodine aggravated a bulging disk in his lower back when he crashed in Busch Series Bud Pole Qualifying Thursday, so his brother, Geoffrey, drove the No. 26 Discover Ford in Sunday's Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Ford 400 Unofficial Results Unofficial Standings Newman top rookie Crewman injured in fire ... Stewart wins title "I've had a flare-up in my back," Todd said. "I've had a bulging disk for a while but it hadn't bothered me in a long time. It's the exact same thing Ricky Rudd had." Todd Bodine wore a corset-type back support when he drove in Saturday's Ford 300 Busch Series race. He fell out after 105 laps but said his back had felt progressively worse. His older brother failed to qualify James Finch's Ford on Friday, so he was available to substitute.

    54. Wiltshire Sport News, Views And Reports Brought To You By This Is Wiltshire And
    On Monday I sustained a blow to my back going into contact during training forEngland A resulting in one prolapsed disk and one bulging disk in my spine.
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    I MUST admit that I have had better weeks than the last seven days. On Monday I sustained a blow to my back going into contact during training for England A resulting in one prolapsed disk and one bulging disk in my spine. This could not have come at a worse time for the club. We are already struggling, with a massive injury list that includes the likes of Mike Catt, Andy Williams, Gareth Cooper and Joe El Abd. My injury means that we will be without any fly half cover for Ollie Barkley so it is a case of praying that he does not get injured over the next few weeks. Recent newspaper reports have suggested that I will be out of action for the rest of the season.

    55. Stanford Preview
    again plaguing the Cardinal, as an ACL tear has taken out frosh Eziamaka Okafar,a broken hand has sidelined junior Katie Denny, and a bulging disk injury has
    A Stanford 2002-03 preview, by Sakibomb25
    Here is a breakdown on the positions: Point Guard Looking to spell King will be frosh Clare Bodensteiner. A point guard out of Idaho, she is hailed as one of the dark horse recruits of the freshmen class, as she has slipped under the recruiting radars. VanDerveer has produced some great point guards over the years (Jennifer Azzi, Sonja Henning, Jamilia Wideman, and Milena Flores come to mind) and Bodensteiner has come to the right place to learn from the best. Bodensteiner has great leadership skills and as many have noticed, can take over a game and score at will. She is also an athletic player who plays good defense. Her excellent shooting skills will help add instant offense around the perimeter. If injuries or foul trouble occur, both sophomore Kelley Suminski and junior Nicole Powell have the ability to bail out the Cardinal and run an offense. Despite playing out of their positions, these two have made the best of the situation and helped the Cardinal succeed. There should be no doubt that if Suminski or Powell have to take over the point, the Cardinal are in good hands. Shooting Guard Sophomore Kelley Suminski will return to her natural position this year as her services as a point guard will no longer be needed with the return of King. Suminski was one of the best shooters in the Pac-10 last year, hitting 43.8% behind the three-point line. She also managed to snag a spot on the All Pac-10 Frosh Team (along with post T'Nae Thiel). She is a tough player that can hit a shot when the pressure is on. Although her speed and defense is suspect, she is a solid contributor for the Cardinal, both for her scoring abilities and her warrior mentality.

    56. Welcome To Caremark Rx, Inc.
    Breast cancer lowfat diet • Breast cancer in men • Breast pumps for nursingmoms • Bronchiectasis • Buerger apos;s disease • bulging disk vs.

    57. Herniated Or Bulging Disks
    severity. Grade One is called bulging disk, Grade Two is called ruptureddisk, and Grade Three is called herniated disk. The grade
    Herniated or bulging disks
    Disk injury is a very extensive and complicated classification of soft tissue injury. Simply put, there are three levels of increasing severity. Grade One is called bulging disk, Grade Two is called ruptured disk, and Grade Three is called herniated disk. The grade can be determined by the severity of the symptoms and by a CT or MRI scan. If found to be positive, a neuro-surgical consultation should be made immediately. These are serious injuries that could have a long range effect on your life. Immediate proper evaluation, treatment, and documentation of these serious injuries could be crucial to a successful settlement outcome, which will generally take all elements of your past, present and future medical, emotional, and financial needs into account. For more information on herniated or bulging disks, consult with a personal injury attorney.

    58. Glossary
    environment. bulging diskHerniation or protrusion of the annulus ofthe disk outside of the normal confines of the disk. C. Cartilage Back/glossary.html
    A Acupressure The practice of applying pressure on parts of the body to relieve pain. Acupuncture The practice of inserting needles at strategic points to relieve pain. Annulus Fibrosis The ringlike fibrosis tissue of the invertebral disk surrounding the nucleus, connecting the vertebral bodies. AIM An acronym for firstaid treatment for back pain; it stands for antiinflammatory, ice, and movement. Anulus fibrosis The tough outer layer of the intervertebral disc, which has a soft inner portion. Arthritis Inflammation of a joint; most arthritis is caused by degenerative changes related to aging. Arthroscopic Also known as endoscopy, the use of endoscope viewing device and video imaging in surgical procedures to access and observe. (See Endoscope) Ayurvedic medicine Practiced in India for 5,000 years, a comprehensive system of medicine that combines natural therapies with a highly personalized approach to the treatment of disease by placing equal emphasis on body, mind, and spirit, striving to restore the innate harmony of the individual.

    59. Welcome To Preferred Health Systems - Members
    Pain and/or numbness in back, arms, legs, which is intense as bulging diskpresses on nerve. Comes on gradually with no improvement over two days.

    Health Habits Self Care Guide Fact Finders ... Privacy Notice
    Non-specific Backache: The vast majority of back pain is due to muscle strains and spasms, a strained ligament, or an inflamed joint. Often, there is no obvious cause. Causes may include trauma (such as sudden improper lifting or an accident/fall/injury) pregnancy viral infection poor posture tension/stress excess weight. Slipped/Prolapsed Disk: This back disorder actually involves a bulging of disk cartilagematerial (shock absorbers) between vertebrae (disks do not literally slip). It can be caused by one or a combination of factors, including trauma aging process structural spinal problems or a chronic underlying disease (these may include structural problems such as scoliosis or lordosis [curvature of the spine], or chronic diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis, or kidney disease). Non-specific Backache: Pain and/or stiffness most often in the lower (lumbar) back region Immediate or gradual onset Continuous or intermittent in duration Slipped/Prolapsed Disk: Pain and/or numbness in back, arms, legs, which is intense as bulging disk presses on nerve

    60. 97-6191 -- Day V. Apfel -- 07/07/1998
    a fortytwo-year-old man with a GED and some college, claims disability from November19, 1988, due to diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, bulging disk, pain, and
    Keyword Case Docket Filed ... Added (26789 bytes) (24268 bytes) UNITED STATES COURT OF APPEALS FOR THE TENTH CIRCUIT DOLPHUS L. DAY, Plaintiff-Appellant, v. KENNETH S. APFEL, Commissioner, Social Security Administration, Defendant-Appellee.
    No. (D.C. No. 95-CV-242 W.D. Okla. ORDER AND JUDGMENT Before KELLY, BARRETT, and HENRY , Circuit Judges. After examining the briefs and appellate record, this panel has determined unanimously to grant the parties' request for a decision on the briefs without oral argument. See Fed. R. App. P. 34(f); 10th Cir. R. 34.1.9. This case is therefore ordered submitted without oral argument. Claimant Dolphus L. Day appeals from the district court's order adopting the recommendation of the magistrate judge affirming the Secretary of Health and Human Services' denial of his application for Social Security disability insurance and supplemental security income benefits. Claimant, a forty-two-year-old man with a GED and some college, claims disability from November 19, 1988, due to diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, bulging disk, pain, and depression. Claimant filed for benefits on February 24, 1989. Following a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ), his application was denied on August 27, 1990. This decision was vacated and remanded by the Appeals Council. A second denial on March 19, 1992, was also vacated and remanded by the Appeals Council. At a third hearing, the ALJ heard testimony from claimant, claimant's wife, a medical expert, and a vocational expert. Thereafter, the ALJ denied claimant's application at step four of the five-step evaluation sequence

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