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         Fatigue Syndrome Chronic:     more books (104)
  1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment: A Treatment Guide (Quality Medical Home Health Library) by Erica F. Verrillo, Lauren M. Gellman, 1998-02-15
  2. The Doctor's Guide To Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Understanding, Treating, And Living With Cfids by David S. Bell, 1995-01-18
  3. Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Seven Proven Steps to Less Pain And More Energy by Fred Friedberg, 2006-06
  4. Defeat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: You Don't Have to Live with It -- An Eight Step Protocol by Martha E. Kilcoyne, 2007-05-10
  5. Alternative Treatments for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Mari Skelly, Helen Walker, 2006-08-31
  6. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Jesse A. Stoff, 1992-04-22
  7. Living Well with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You...That You Need to Know by Mary J. Shomon, 2004-03
  8. Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Definitive Guide For Patients and Physicians by Rodger H. Murphree, 2004-03
  9. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Other Invisible Illnesses: The Comprehensive Guide by Katrina Berne, 2001-12-21
  10. Integrative Therapies for Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Myofascial Pain: The Mind-Body Connection by Celeste Cooper R.N., Jeffrey Miller Ph.D., 2010-02-05
  11. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes and Prevention (Immunology and Immune Systems Disorders)
  12. Coping With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Nine Things You Can Do by Ph.D. Fred Friedberg, 1995-09
  13. Hope and Help for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia (Second Edition) (Hope & Help for) by Russell Howe, Alan Logan, et all 2008-10-01
  14. Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Step-by-step Program Proven to Help You Get Well! by Rodger H. Murphree, 2009-02-28

1. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
A look at CFS what you can do to help yourself, how your doctor can help and where to get more informati Category Health Conditions and Diseases Chronic Fatigue Syndrome......Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. How do I know if I might have chronic fatigue syndrome? Whatcauses chronic fatigue syndrome? No one is certain about what causes CFS.
This handout is also available in Spanish. Information
from Your Family Doctor
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
How do I know if I might have chronic fatigue syndrome?
If you answer yes to any of the questions listed below, you may have chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), which is also called chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS).
  • Have you been tired (fatigued) for a long timemore than 6 monthseven though you are getting enough rest and are not working too hard?
  • Has your doctor been unable to find illnesses that could explain your symptoms?
  • Are you able to do less than half of what you used to do because you feel tired?
  • Have you had problems that keep coming back or don't go away for 6 months or more with four or more of the following signs and symptoms?
    • Sore throat
    • Tender or painful lymph nodes in neck or armpits
    • Unexplained muscle soreness
    • Pain that moves from joint to joint but doesn't include redness or swelling
    • Headaches that are different from the kind you usually get or headaches that make your whole head hurt
    • Trouble with short-term memory or concentration
    • Feeling tired for more than 24 hours after exercise that didn't bother you before
    • Trouble sleeping
    People with CFS may have other symptoms as well.
  • 2. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    ChronicIllnet takes a look at CFS.Category Health Conditions and Diseases......Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She is greatly concerned about vaccines and theirrelationship to many diseases including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    NEW ARTICLE By Neenyah Ostrom 4/20/01:
    Will The Poliovirus Eradication Program Rid the World of Childhood Paralysis?
    New Book Review: The Virus Within: A Coming Epidemic by Nicholas Regush
    Reviewed by Neenyah Ostrom
    Return to the ChronicIllnet Lobby Please take a moment to visit our page which will
    enable ChronicIllnet to provide a more tailored information service to you our readers.
    RNA in the Blood: A New Marker for Chronic Disease?

    New Online News Story for a New Nutriceutical for Chronic Disease?
    Important New Stories
    ChronicIllnet is proud to have an exclusive interview with National Vaccine Information Center co-founder Barbara Loe Fisher. Ms. Fisher is one of the most effective advocates for vaccine awareness. She is greatly concerned about vaccines and their relationship to many diseases including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
    A must read interview by reknown CFS journalist Neenyah Ostrom.
    According to a November 1996 Journal of American Medical Association report, 100 million Americans are suffering from a chronic illness - from chronic fatigue syndrome to cancer. Whatever the origin or origins of the increase of these illnesses- or the appearance of new ones- a solution to the problem must be found. We continue to strive to use this web site to disseminate information from sources to solutions. As we see it, discovery leads to diagnostics that drive therapeutics. The cooperation of scientists, healthcare providers, manufacturers and regulatory agencies is required.

    3. ME-NET - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis web site, discussion list, and search engine
    Welcome to ME-NET's Homepage! At this web site, you will find information on "Myalgic Encephalomyelitis" (ME) / "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" (CFS) / "Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome" (CFIDS).

    Links to Official CFS/ME-texts, CFS/ME-resources, and Health Resources on the World Wide Web.
    ME-NET list.

    The public archive of the ME-NET list. You can subscribe to this Dutch/English list by sending an E-mail with the text: SUB ME-NET [Your Name] to: . The list address is:
    Dutch Page.

    Go to the ME-NET Dutch Homepage.
    [Dutch:] Ga naar de Nederlandstalige Pagina.
    Beginner's Guide.

    If you don't know anything about CFS/ME or when you are new to the CFS/ME cyberworld, you can learn the essentials here. Contact ME-NET. Address to write to. Phone/Fax numbers and E-mail addresses, colophon, and names of the ME-NET webmasters. Links to Dutch organizations using the ME-NET web site. Log on to ME-NET/ME-InfoNet. How to log on with your computer to ME-NET and the ME-InfoNet BBS in The Netherlands. [Dutch:] Hoe je naar ME-NET en ME-InfoNet in kunt bellen met je computer.

    4. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Long Term Health Maintenance. Shaun Kerry, MD.
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Long Term Health Maintenance Shaun Kerry, M.D. Home Treatment What's New Site Plan Clean Air ... Sleep Advanced Technical For Doctors Special Topics Disability Awards and Links Conclusion
    Come in. Welcome to my home.
    Glad you could come. Why don't you have a seat in that chair, if you'd like. I'll pour you a cup of tea and we can talk. This is a safe place and you can relax. It can be pretty frustrating out there to say the least. I'm a retired physician. I practiced medicine for 20 years before I got sick. And then I found my learning had just begun. A dysfunctional health care system. Bewildering alternative medicine. Endless mind boggling stuff on the internet. Disability. I've been there. I went to a lot of doctors, but I learned nothing from them about this subject. Doctors are very good at treating acute illnesses like an injury, but they are poorly trained to cope with many chronic illnesses such as this. I started learning from the internet, but it was slow because most of the material was useless and confusing. I was looking for things that would help, and not a lot of theories. Now, after many years of research, I want to offer you what I didn't get, and I think you deserve. A strategy that is clear, to the point, and step by step. One thing that I can tell you for sure, is that everybody is different. There are lot's and lot's of things that can go wrong to make a person sick. So what works for one person may not work for another.

    5. BBC NEWS | Health | Medical Notes | C-D | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition with a diverse range of symptomsbut particularly characterised by profound and persistent tiredness.
    You are in: Health: Medical notes News Front Page World ... Programmes SERVICES Daily E-mail News Ticker Mobile/PDAs Text Only ... Help EDITIONS Change to World Friday, 3 November, 2000, 17:54 GMT Chronic fatigue syndrome
    CFS is characterised by overwhelming tiredness
    Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition with a diverse range of symptoms but particularly characterised by profound and persistent tiredness. Formerly known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) it is often viewed as a new disease but doctors now believe it has been around for decades. When ME was first outlined as a condition in the 1980s many doctors were sceptical about whether it was a real condition or "all in the mind". Medical experts have now developed a list of criteria which identify chronic fatigue syndrome. How do I know I have CFS? One in five people consulting their GP report chronic tiredness but only a small proportion of these have CFS. The main feature of CFS is overwhelming tiredness which disrupts the ability to carry out normal activities. The US Center for Disease Control has developed a list of diagnostic criteria for the condition.

    6. CFIDS
    Information, support and advocacy resources.Category Health Conditions and Diseases Organizations...... leading charitable organization dedicated to conquering chronic fatigue and immunedysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), also known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).
    Search By Phrase
    Entire Site
    Chronicle Archives Donate Now Do you have CFIDS? Free Brochures C-ACT Alerts ...
    About CFIDS

    Learn more about this modern medical mystery affecting close to one million people.
    Medical Professionals

    Resources, research and learning opportunities. The new Web-based self-study course is now available! About Us
    Our mission is to conquer CFIDS. Learn about the programs and people dedicated to this important effort.
    The Chairman's Circle

    Year-round donors make a difference. Click here to learn more. What's New News from the CFIDS community and additions to our site. Hot Tips Helpful tips, strategies and ideas from the Association and people with CFIDS. Search Now: Shop through this site and The CFIDS Association will receive a percentage of the price of any purchase you make. Quick Vote How much knowledge about chronic fatigue syndrome do you estimate that your primary health care has? My primary care provider is very knowledgeable about chronic fatigue syndrome My primary care provider is moderately knowledgeable about chronic fatigue syndrome My primary care provider knows very little about chronic fatigue syndrome HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS Earn Continuing Education Credits Click here for more information.

    7. CDC - Redirect
    Resource on chronic fatigue syndrome provides a glossary, supportgroup details and treatment updates.
    This page has moved or no longer exists. Please update your bookmarks or links.
    National Center for Infectious Diseases
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Atlanta, GA

    8. CDC - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Offers information about CFS and its diagnosis and treatment. Includes information on support groups, Category Health Conditions and Diseases chronic fatigue syndrome...... This web site offers information about chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)and its diagnosis and treatment. In general, in order to receive
    Site Contents
    CFS Information


    Continuing Education

    Support Groups

    This term is defined in the glossary. Hot Topics March 2003
    Report on CDC's CFS program activities, 2002-2003
    February 23-26, 2003
    Report of a meeting on mechanisms of unexplained fatigue
    February 2003
    Receive continuing education credits for CFS study course
    May 21-23, 2002
    Report of the Third Annual CFS Case Definition Workshop
    T his web site offers information about chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and its diagnosis and treatment. In general, in order to receive a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome, a patient must satisfy two criteria:
  • Have severe chronic fatigue of six months or longer duration with other known medical conditions excluded by clinical diagnosis, and Concurrently have four or more of the following symptoms: substantial impairment in short-term memory or concentration, sore throat, tender lymph nodes, muscle pain, multi-joint pain without swelling or redness, headaches of a new type, pattern or severity, unrefreshing sleep, and post-exertional malaise
  • 9. AACFS Home Page
    The American Association for chronic fatigue syndrome home page
    What's New
    AACFS 6th International Research and Clinical Conference (ACMI website)
    Chantilly Virginia Conference (held January 31- February 2, 2003)
    Conference Presentations Summary
    (by Rosamund Vallings, MB BS
    Conference Agenda

    (Follow the link, then click on "Agenda")
    Participating Faculty

    (Follow the link, then click on "Faculty")
    Exhibitor Information

    (Follow the link, then click on "Exhibit Hall")
    Former President's Message (November 2002)
    Conference on Diagnosis and Treatment of Fibromyalgia and CFS (Los Angeles September 19-21, 2002, cosponsored by the National Fibromyalgia Association, the AACFS, The Healthy Foundation, and the Foundation for Care Management)
    Logo Contest Winner Patricia Savage (February 2002)
    Sydney Meeting Summary (December 2001, not an AACFS event)
    Patient Conference of the CFS Association of Minnesota (October 2001)
    Dr. Natelson's Recent CFS Article in JAMA (May 2001)
    Organization and Membership
    Conferences of the AACFS
    Other Educational Services of the AACFS
    Links to Sites Outside the AACFS ...
    Site Map
    Former President’s Message
    Benjamin H. Natelson, MD

    10. Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Resource
    News and articles, chats, message boards, coping suggestions and events.

    Support .com Site! Over 3 million Annual Visitors Items Chat Rooms Message Boards Advisory Board ...
    The Fruits of Unbelief and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    - Professor Campbell Murdoch, M.D., Ph.D, writes, "On a recent trip to Malaysia, I was asked to suggest some topics for talks to interested doctors in Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur. Near the top of the list was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in view of our recent b ... READ MORE
    Fibromyalgia Versus Parvovirus Infection
    - A 40 year-old woman presenting with fibromyalgia symptoms posed an interesting clinical problem to her doctor. Resistant to the treatments prescribed to her, Stephen Paget, M.D., asked the question: did the patient ever have acute parvovirus infection? READ MORE
    Summary of the AACFS Sixth International Conference on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Related Illnesses
    - Dr. Charles Lapp writes, "The biannual scientific conference of the AACFS was attended by over 190 physicians and professionals from more than 14 countries. This year’s format was new. The first day was an introductory course on the diagnosis and basic m ... READ MORE
    Michael E. Rosenbaum, M.D., on Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

    11. Fibromyalgia And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Personal experience. What helps. How (and when) to get financial assistance.

    What I've learned so far about having Fibromyalgia
    and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
    • It doesn't matter how you got it.
    • It doesn't matter who believes it.
    • If you have it, you need help.

    How to recognize it...

    Things I've learned so far about what helps...

    What to watch out for...

    Modern Medicine...
    How (and when) to get financial help...
    I hope this information helps someone else. Research Links Welcome visitor: Awards this site has received... Proud Member Of:

    12. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Qualification For Disability Benefits
    A general assessment of the impact of CFS on the everyday functioning of patients, with a indepth Category Health Conditions and Diseases chronic fatigue syndrome...... The chronic fatigue syndrome Qualification for Disability Benefits. Summary. Thecurrent paper briefly reviews the definition of the chronic fatigue syndrome.
    Co-Cure Web Site The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Qualification for Disability Benefits Donald Schopflocher, Ph.D. (Psychology) M.E. / C.F.S. Society of Edmonton October, 1995 Revised June, 1998 Summary The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Table I: The Centers for Disease Control (1994) Case Definition of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that is of new or definite onset (has not been lifelong); is not the result of ongoing exertion; is not substantially alleviated by rest; and results in substantial reduction in previous levels of occupational, educational, social, or personal activities; and all of which must have persisted or recurred during 6 or more consecutive months of illness and must not have predated the fatigue: self-reported impairment in short-term memory or severe enough to cause substantial reduction in previous levels of occupational, educational, social

    13. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) & Fibromyalgia Information Exchange, Co-Cure
    The Co-Cure site provides research and general information on CFS and fibromyalgia, links, and lists Category Health Conditions and Diseases chronic fatigue syndrome......Online access to comprehensive information and available resources for chronicfatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia patients, caregivers and advocates.
    The name "Co-Cure" stands for
    Co operate and Co mmunicate for a Cure
    New to the Web Site! Main Co-Cure Pages Articles and Posts . Co-Cure articles and email posts on CFS and FMS will be reprinted here with consent of the authors. Reading Room . This page is provided as a resource of reading materials on CFS, FM, MCS, GWS, and auto-immune conditions. This would include such things as links to on-line documents, book reviews, editorials, and abstracts. Additional Resources page is provided as a resource listing of discussion and support groups and of primary internet sites for CFS, FMS, MCS, GWS, and auto-immune conditions. List Operation . The focus of this page is to relay how the Co-Cure CFS and Fibromyalgia Information Exchange list operates and is being administered. Dr. Teitelbaum writes about CFS and FMS

    14. Chronic Ill Net Home
    chronicIllnet is the first multimedia information source on the Internet dedicated to chronic illnesses including AIDS, cancer, Persian Gulf War syndrome, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease and neurological diseases. This site speaks to many different peopleresearchers, patients, laypeople, and physicians, to name a few.



    Welcome. Chronic Ill Net provides a forum in which the facts about chronic illnesses are examined closely, providing a new scrutiny of age old problems. AIDS
    Anthrax/Bio/Chem Weapons

    Autoimmune Diseases

    Book Reviews
    ~The Archive

    Why is SARS Such a Mystery? Virus, Bacteria, Fungus, Parasite – Why Can't Researchers ID the Bug?
    SARS—"severe acute respiratory syndrome"—is the "mystery pneumonia" that prompted the World Health Organization (WHO) to issue a... First Report from HIV Vaccine Trial Negative; VaxGen Stock Drops Following Report
    The long-awaited, disappointing first analysis of clinical trial results for Vaxgen's HIV vaccine, named AIDSVAX, were revealed ... Do HERVs Play a Role in AIDS? Human endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) may play a previously unrecognized role in the progression of AIDS in some patients. The p... Special Report: Was There Ever a Poliovirus Epidemic?

    15. CFS / M.E. Information From CFS-NEWS
    A project of Roger Burns, the publisher of the Internet newsletter CFS-NEWS. Provides news, information Category Health Conditions and Diseases chronic fatigue syndrome......This is a resource page for chronic fatigue syndrome / myalgic encephalomyelitis/ CFIDS, sponsored by the publisher of CFSNEWS.
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome /
    Myalgic encephalomyelitis NEWS SOURCES INFO FILES DISCUSSION GROUPS CFS-RELATED WEB PAGES ... Non-CFS links This web page is provided by Roger Burns , the publisher of CFS-NEWS . See also the introductory essays about CFS
    Latest version: September 19, 2001 Back to the Top

    16. Fibromyalgia And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Links to a host of Internet resources for those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. chronic fatigue syndrome _ _. A debilitating medical condition, chronic in nature, cause unknown, diagnosis - by
    zfp=-1 About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia
    with Diana KarolNagy
    Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS Fibromyalgia Basics The History of Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Basics ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
    Subscribe to our newsletter.
    Advertising Free Credit Report
    Free Psychics

    In The Spotlight Sun, Mar 30, 2003
    Talking With Tiffany

    This goal-minded teen is a model for others with chronic pain. Article Review from Fibromyalgia AWARE Magazine (Feb-May 2003).
    What Causes CFS/CFIDS?

    The cause is still unknown, but is probably caused by an immune system dysfunction. The symptoms are probably caused by the body trying to protect itself from something. Fibromyalgia-Not Just for Adults Anymore In this article, Dr. Catharine Shaner discusses the diagnosis and treatment of Juvenile FM. Article Review from Fibromyalgia AWARE Magazine (Feb-May 2003). Did You Know?

    17. CFIDS, M.E., And Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Information Index
    Evergrowing collection of links to information and references of use to people with chronic fatigue Category Health Conditions and Diseases chronic fatigue syndrome......Information about CFIDS and ME, also called chronic fatigue syndrome,and Fibromyalgia (FMS). PSA ANNOUNCEMENT FROM US GOVT! The
    PSA ANNOUNCEMENT FROM U.S. GOVT! The first Public Service Announcement about CFIDS [CFS,M.E.] has been issued by the Surgeon-General of the United States, Dr. David Satcher. You can find information about the announcement at the website of the CFIDS Association of America. Go to: CFIDS Public Service Announcement
    The CFIDS/M.E. Information Page
    Welcome to a website by and for people with the illness Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS), known for 40 years in the U.K. by the name Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.), and also sometimes called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). I have been diagnosed with CFIDS/M.E. since December 1994; today I would probably call the variety from which I suffer R.E.D.D. , for Rnase-L Enzyme Dysfunction Disease. Essays I have written about the disease, and my experiences with the disease, can be found at "Living Life, Living Death: Essays on CFIDS/M.E." . I am currently working on a book manuscript of the same title. This website is undergoing a number of changes. I still own the domain,, but I've had to shift its storage location and that's taken a couple of weeks to accomplish; I'm also going to change the contents a bit because I haven't had time to work on it for a while. Please be patient, and I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused anyone. If you have the DD (d- disease, as we sometimes call it - insert your own adjective ...), and/or one of the sister illnesses Fibromyalgia, Multiple Chemical Sensitivies (MCS), Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), or Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS) - Welcome. You are among friends.

    18. CFS-Information International | Index
    News and information on chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Information about research, treatment, causes, exercise, ampligen and psychiatry as well as many other topics.
    CFS-Information International is a website bringing professionally selected and edited information on CFS and overlapping syndromes, offering both current world news and scientific background information. Menu

    19. Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic
    fatigue syndrome, chronic up. fatigue syndrome, chronic / diagnosis. fatigue syndrome, chronic / drug therapy. fatigue
    Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic [up]
    Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic / diagnosis
    Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic / drug therapy

    Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic / psychology
    Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic / therapy

    Related topics: broader Muscular Diseases Neuromuscular Diseases Virus Diseases other Arbovirus Infections Fibromyalgia Fibromyalgia Hepatitis, Viral, Human ...
    Action for ME
    Action for ME is a UK national charitable trust that provides informtion and support services to people with ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis). As well as coverage of the Trust's activities, this site provides information on ME for sufferers and for carers, and access to the ME online magazine - Interaction. Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Patient Education Self-Help Groups Association of Youth with M.E. (AYME) The Association of Youth with M.E. (AYME) is a UK based independent charity, dedicated to providing help and support to children and young people suffering from Myalgic Encephalopathy (M.E). Details of AYME activities are available from this site and they include a free bi-monthly magazine available to AYME members, conference details, information about distance learning courses and a postal library containing books, video tapes, audio tapes, and leaflets on issues such as benefits, education and M.E. There are sections describing what M.E is (including a clinical definition), information for pupils and information on how to join AYME. AYME is run by volunteers and among the advisors are a paediatrician, an educational psychologist and an educationalist.

    20. Kealalaina's Fibromyalgia Information And Links For Patients And Family.
    Information on fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and chronic pain.
    Me... My name is Kealalaina. I am now 31 years old and have had fibromyalgia for about 11 years. I have had my ups and downs with the disease...from being almost totally "couched" to being in what I call remission. Right now, I am in a "flare up". Wanna see what I look like on a good day? Go HERE I believe the best thing a person with any illness can do for themselves is to educate yourself. This page offers information and many links to help gather as much info as you can about fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain. The next best thing you can do is to talk to others with the same condition. Through doing this myself, I have found much comfort and alot of ideas that help to cope. You may chat with fellow FMer's here on my chat page or you will find a list of places to chat on the links page I hope this page will help patients and their families and friends find information and cope with these illnesses. Feel free to email me with ideas and suggestions for the page....or just to chat! Please do take the time to sign my guestbook . I would really appreciate it! Want to read about others who have visited my page who have FM?

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