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         Heart Transplant:     more books (100)
  1. Heart Transplant by Andrew Vachss, 2010-11-02
  2. Every Second Counts: The Race to Transplant the First Human Heart by Donald McRae, 2007-08-07
  3. Dying to Live: From Heart Transplant to Abundant Life by Gaea Shaw, 2005-03-17
  4. Mr. NewHeart - Heart Attack to Transplant and Beyond by David E. Hollar, 2007-06-14
  5. Laura's New Heart: A Healer's Spiritual Journey Through a Heart Transplant by Laura L Fine, 2004-03-05
  6. Stories of the Heart: Reflections on the Heart Transplant Journey : Stories of Hope and Inspiration
  7. Through The Fire: The True Story of The Death To Life Experiences of A Preacher Who Received A Heart Transplant by DD, Th.D., John W. Watts, 2004-06-29
  8. Life In Limbo: Waiting for a Heart Transplant by Lisa Nance, 2003-10-22
  9. A Matter of Heart: One Woman's Triumph over Breast Cancer and a Heart Transplant by Nancy Shank Pedder, 2001-01
  10. Hearts: Of surgeons and transplants, miracles and disasters along the cardiac frontier (A Fawcett Crest Book) by Thomas Thompson, 1973
  11. Management of Heart and Lung Transplant Patients
  12. Christiaan Barnard and the Story of the First Successful Heart Transplant (Unlocking the Secrets of Science) by John Bankston, 2002-04-01
  13. Never Give Up!: How I Survived a Heart Transplant, Multiple Heart Surgeries, Colon Cancer, a Coma, and Acute Thrombosis: The Six Secret Steps You Must Take To Protect Your Own Life by Richard Stevens, 2009-02-16
  14. A Change of Heart: Journal of a Heart Transplant by Bill Long, 1999-05

1. Temple University: Heart Failure & Transplant Program: Heart Transplant
Temple's Heart Failure Transplant Center is one of the country's largest and most successful programs Our resources will direct you to related sites. heart transplant Topics. For Patients Family and Friends
To reach staff, make an appointment, get a referral. Latest information about the program and relevant updates Clinical trials and studies currently underway. Our resources will direct you to related sites. Heart Transplant Topics For Patients Family and Friends Heart Transplantation at
Temple University
Historical Perspective Evaluation ... Feedback

2. UMHS - Heart Transplant
To be considered for a heart transplant

Heart Information - Adult
Health Topics A-Z Heart Surgery
Heart Transplant Who is a candidate for a heart transplant?
How is heart transplantation done?

Are there any complications?

What is the survival rate for heart transplants?
To find a doctor
Who is a candidate for a heart transplant?
Heart transplantation is a last-resort option for people with heart failure . To be considered for a heart transplant, a person's heart must be unresponsive to other forms of treatment and all other vital organs must be in excellent health. How is heart transplantation done? The surgery must be performed immediately after a suitable donor heart becomes available. The recipient is placed on a heart-lung machine that takes over the functions of the heart and lungs so the diseased heart can be removed and replaced with the new heart. Once the blood vessels are reconnected, the heart is ready to function. Are there any complications? One of the main complications following heart transplantation is rejection. The body's immune system treats the new organ as foreign tissue and produces antibodies to destroy it. Immunosuppressive drugs such as cyclosporine (sie-klo-SPOR-in) are given to suppress this response. In cases of severe rejection, retransplantation may be considered if a new donor can be found. In the past, side effects of anti-rejection drugs kept elderly persons and infants from being recipients of heart transplants. Now, improvements in the field have made it possible for many newborns to those in their seventies to be eligible for a transplant.

3. MUSC Medical Center Heart Transplant Program
About the program as well as patient education, heart failure management and a support group.Category Health Conditions and Diseases Heart Disease Transplant......The cardiac transplant program at MUSC has been in existence since June 1987 and is the only cardiac transplant program in South Carolina.
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4. NOVA Online | Electric Heart | Operation: Heart Transplant
Operation heart transplant or How to Transplant a Heart in Nineteen Easy Stepsby Rick Groleau OK, so there's really nothing humorous or easy about heart
Operation: Heart Transplant (2.2MB)
required Operation: Heart Transplant
or How to Transplant a Heart in Nineteen Easy Steps

by Rick Groleau
OK, so there's really nothing humorous or easy about heart transplant surgery. Last year in the U.S., almost 800 men, women, and children died while waiting for suitable donor hearts. But despite this general shortage of hearts, the operation was (and is) routinely performed in American hospitals (During the same period, about 2,300 hearts were successfully transplanted.*) Lasting up to seven hours (and sometimes longer), the surgery is time-consuming and the work, intricate and involved. The step-by-step procedure, however, is fairly straightforward and not at all difficult to comprehend.
Enter our virtual NOVA operating theatre, where you will be given a scalpel and perform a heart transplant of your own. Yes, our version of the operation has been greatly simplified. Nevertheless, all of the basic steps are outlined in this feature, and by the end of the operation, you will have a pretty good idea of what's involved in taking the heart of one human and making it work in another.
Have no fear. The surgeons by your side will guide your every move and prevent you from taking any missteps.

5. NOVA Online | Electric Heart | Operation: Heart Transplant (sw)
NOVA Online Electric Heart Operation heart transplant Map of the Human Heart Amazing Heart Facts The Artificial Human Pioneering Surgeon Operation

NOVA Online
Electric Heart Operation: Heart Transplant
Map of the Human Heart

NOVA Online
Electric Heart Operation: Heart Transplant
Map of the Human Heart
... WGBH

6. Wayne Meyers Transplant Web Site
Request for donations towards a heart transplant operation.
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated About Wayne Wayne's Photo Album ... Contact Me Wayne Meyers Transplant Web Site New email address for 2003!! Welcome to Wayne's Transplant Web site! Wayne Meyers is a living 600-year-old contradiction. He can be caring and loving, and he can be brutally honest. He can be energetic and fun loving, and he can be a staunch couch potato. He can make you want to hug him for days, and he can make you want to strangle him. While generally appearing to be healthy as a horse, he can still be in need of a heart transplant.
Wayne had a massive heart attack in early 1989, with a second one following several years later. He has worked hard over the past 10-12 years to maintain the rest of his health and not to further compromise his damaged heart. He ate right, he exercised, and he tried to make sure he listened to his multitude of doctors - with probably a 90% success rate on the listening part. Wayne has also relied on God's grace and the prayers of family and friends to keep him going forward.
He has undergone numerous medical procedures - bypass surgery, installation of a defibulator and hospital stays too numerous to count. But we have come to the point where he needs more. His only hope to prolong his life now is a transplant.

7. MEDLINEplus Medical Encyclopedia: Heart Transplant
heart transplant prolongs the life of a patient who otherwise would die.
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Medical Encyclopedia
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Heart transplant
Contents of this page:
Heart, section through the middle Heart, front view Normal anatomy of the heart Alternative names Return to top Cardiac transplant; Transplant - heart Definition Return to top Surgical procedure to remove a damaged or diseased heart and transplant a healthy heart. Description Return to top Heart transplants are the fourth most common (corneas, kidneys and liver are the most common) transplant operations in the U.S. (over 2,200 cases per year). A healthy heart is obtained from a donor who has suffered brain death but remains on life-support. The healthy heart is transported in a special solution that preserves the organ.
While the patient is deep asleep and pain-free (general anesthesia), an incision is made through the breast bone (sternum). The patient's blood is re-routed through tubes to a heart-lung bypass machine to keep the blood oxygen-rich and circulating. The patient's diseased heart is removed and the donor heart is stitched in place. Indications Return to top A heart transplant may be recommended for:
Heart failure
caused by Heart transplant surgery is not recommended for patients who have:

8. Heart Transplant Or Life Transplant
Presentation on a new life and how to receive one.
What is a life transplant?
Who is eligible to
receive a life transplant? ...
How can I receive a life transplant?

Heart Transplant?
or O ne of the wonders of modern medical science is the ability to give someone a new heart. These heart transplants give new life to recipients who need them. Through their own deaths, donors provide new life to those who are dying. But these transplanted hearts will not last forever. They too will one day cease to beat. The life they give is only temporary. Have you ever wished you could have a new life. . . a life far different than one you have ever experienced? Are you in pain, bored, without purpose, addicted, hopeless, lonely or afraid of dying? God has good news for you! He is willing and able to give you a life transplant! A brand new life! Are you interested? Click on red button. (c) Patricia Wagner 2002 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ABOUT LIFE TRANSPLANT:
What is a life transplant?
Who is eligible to
receive a life transplant? ...
How can I receive a life transplant?

9. To Heart Transplant And Beyond!
Heart recipient John Fisher has created this website with information and resources for pre and post Category Health Medicine Surgery Transplant Resources......Site built by John Fisher,shortly after his transplant.Site regularly updatedand has all you want to know about heart transplants including the LVAD.
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10. TripleHeart - Heart Transplant Support Group
heart transplant support group and information source.
In God We Trust
"See Jessica's Project "
Do you know of anyone listed or trying to qualify for an Organ Transplant who needs a Free cell phone to call while they are waiting? Have them get in touch with us. WE CAN HELP! through Triple Heart™ 's Project Valentine
Health News

Welcome to Triple Heart .org. Our Name: Triple Heart Our Motto: Together - for Life Our Purpose:
To provide a place on the Internet for heart and other organ transplants and primary care givers to contact each other across the country and around the world. Our Mission: To provide a forum in order to support each other in formal and informal settings on the phone, on the net and/or in person on a regular or irregular basis to better understand the highs and lows of the walk we share.

11. Harefield Heart Transplant Club "The Hamsters"
A heart transplant support and social club, we take part in various sporting events and social evenings .Category Health Conditions and Diseases Support Groups......A club set up by heart recipients, members help and support other recipients and take part in various sporting events.
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12. Heart Transplant Story
Personal account of a heart transplant in 1997, before, during and after the procedure.Category Health Conditions and Diseases Heart Disease Transplant......heart transplant A Patient's Perspective Taavi Kubits Purpose In 1997I had a heart transplant. This is the story of my going through
Heart Transplant: A Patient's Perspective
Taavi Kubits

In 1997 I had a heart transplant. This is the story of my going through end stage heart failure, transplant evaluation, waiting, transplant surgery and recovery, and life afterwards.
It is an overwhelming experience, but one of the best weapons against fear and uncertainty is knowledge. Your experience may be nothing like mine, but this is what happened to me and what I have learned.
Before CHF

Although it seems to confuse many people, the name Taavi is masculine. Born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1943; right in the middle of all the excitement. Our family finally made it to America in 1949. .
I hired on with Univac in 1968 and remained with them for what seems like forever. The company went through various reorganizations and exists today as Unisys. I traveled around fixing mainframe computer systems for 10+ plus years, and even had my appendix removed in Switzerland!
The traveling finally got to be too much for me. My health was starting to fail although I did not realize it yet. I continued in a series of desk jobs in both hardware and software until I had to go out on Disability in 1995.
My Health

My heart problems began with rheumatic fever at age 10. I seemed to recover ok but was left with a murmur. I had my first heart cath in 1967. It was quite a big deal then, including 5 days in the hospital; things sure have changed over the years! I found out in the mid '70s (by reading an unattended file, not by being directly told) that I had Cardiomyopathy. I slowly deteriorated through the 1970s and '80s and got much worse about 1990. I couldn't breathe lying down, stairs were a major effort that had to be planned for, constantly nauseous and exhausted, and I got hauled out of work once on a stretcher. My weight dropped from 242 to 165. Then I also went into atrial fribulation in 1992.

13. Comprehensive Transplant Center - Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
One of the MidAtlantic's highest-rated transplant centers, Johns Hopkins offersa full compendium of services including heart transplantation, lung
Transplant Services Kidney/Pancreas Incompatible Kidney Liver Lung Heart Bone Marrow Transplant Services Kidney Liver Lung Heart Bone Marrow
In The News
Novel Kidney Transplant Technique Prevents Rejection of Donated Organs Lung Transplant Program Receives ... Laparoscopic Live Donor Nephrectomy It's a miracle, really, that a person with a diseased organ can be made well. That one body part can be replaced and the whole be rejuvenated. That a life diminished by pain and illness can know health and vitality again. The Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center participates with our patients in this miracle every day. One of the Mid-Atlantic's highest-rated transplant centers, Johns Hopkins offers a full compendium of services including heart transplantation, lung transplantation, liver transplantation, kidney transplantation and pancreas transplantation. "Transplantation is much more than a surgical procedure. It's a profound connection with another human being." James F. Burdick, M.D.

14. Heart Transplant Website Built By John Fisher Heart Recipient
find Personal Accounts, Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, what Angiograms areand how it feels, heart biopsies, heart transplant assessments, literature & header.htm
Please don't take your organs to heaven, heaven knows we need them here Carry an Organ Donor Card Register now on-line Introduction Website Last Updated 22nd March 2003 On this site you will find Personal Accounts, Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, what Angiograms are and how it feels, heart biopsies, heart transplant assessments, literature from various organisations, links to other websites and the list will keep on growing. So click away to your hearts content REMEMBER HEARTS ARE ALWAYS TRUMPS My name is John Fisher and I am now 40 years old. I had my heart transplant on Sunday 30th July 2000 at the age of 38 On Friday 4th August 2000 five days after transplant, walking back from the toilets (yes walking), I saw the above poster on the door of another patients room. This poster inspired me to go on to build this website so soon after transplant. It was only eight days after transplant I woke up feeling great, I had no pain, I was full of life and energy. I phoned a company that sells websites, asked my wife to bring me my laptop and then spent my free time in hospital taking photos and building this website. Before my transplant, I had looked on the internet for some information on transplants and I found the sites to be far too medical and technical. In fact by the time I had finished looking I was more worried than when I started out. I feel that part of the worry is the unknown, so I hope this site will take that part of the worry away.

15. Heart Surgery Patient's Guide
Includes an introduction, information on heart transplant, minimally invasive bypass, conventional bypass and heart valve surgery, things you should do and other data such as noninvasive treatment options.

Patient's Guide A step-by-step tour of the heart surgery process, focusing on patient needs and questions. Including descriptions of the heart and arteries coronary artery disease , and various surgical procedures and treatments. Introduction Heart Surgeries What You Should Do... Other Information
Cardiothoracic Surgery Main Areas Home Page Faculty and Staff Areas of Expertise Education and Fellowships Robotic Surgery Research Patient's Guide F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions Glossary of Terms Videos and Downloads Contact Information Calendar of Events Web Links Site Map Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
University of Southern California
1510 San Pablo St., Suite 415, Los Angeles, CA 90033
Phone: (323) 442-5849 Fax: (323) 442-5956 E-mail:

16. Pediatric Heart Transplant Services For Hypoplatic Left Heart The St. Louis Chil
This page no longer exists on this site

17. - Heart Transplant - The Straight Story
Your heart transplant costs might be reimbursed by Medicare if you are Medicareeligible and the transplant is done at a Medicare approved center.

Who can get a new heart?
These are not absolute guidelines, since each transplant center is allowed to set its own rules for who is eligible. If you don't qualify, read this
  • You must be less than 69 years old when put on the waiting list You must show no evidence of active infections or cancer at time of transplant You must show no evidence of disease affecting arterial circulation to your brain or legs (significant underlying disease in major arteries lowers chances of long-term survival after transplant) Results of your physical evaluation tests must be considered adequate You must be psychologically "suitable" You must fully understand the risks and requirements for taking medications You must be committed to actively participating in the rehab process after transplant You must not have smoked or used alcohol for at least 3 months before being put on the transplant waiting list, and you must be trusted not to smoke or drink afterward

18. Change Of Heart Support Group | Home Page
A nonprofit, non-denominational organization, yet spiritually led. The group is open to heart transplant Category Health Support Groups Surgery Transplantation......Based in the greater Cincinnati Ohio area, the group is open to heart transplantrecipients, their caregivers, family members, anyone awaiting a heart
April Social Meeting
Apr. 3rd
May Social Meeting
May 1st

Our Loss Is Heaven's Gain The Change of Heart Support Group lost it's president, Ron McKenney, in December 2002. Ron was a devoted worker and gentle friend to all involved. He is greatly missed but never forgotten.
Read the Memorial Letter
written by his loving wife Esther.
his Personal Story
Charity Roller Skate
Sunday March 23, 2003
Click Here For More Information

Second Chances: Receiving the Gift of Life By Jeffrey R. Lueders Click Here to read about Jeff's inspirational new book on how faith helped him through his illness and recovery.
Somewhere a 37-year-old woman lies in a hospital bed, her faith diminishing as quickly as her body. A man sits alone without hope, the deep blue eyes of a 7 year old child peers through a window at children riding their bikes, wishing she could join them. This was the devastating experience my family had before my heart transplant on January 17, 1993...
  • Read Terrie J. Carr's Whole Story
  • 19. - Heart Transplant - Meds
    Material taken from manuals given to potential transplant recipients at transplantcenters in the USA, and from heart transplant recipients Updated May 10
    Your Meds
    Note Although legislation to change this is in the works, Medicare now only covers your meds for the first 3 years after your transplant. After that you are on your own. See this article for more. As explained on the last page , you must take drugs to minimize organ rejection. Every heart recipient is expected to have at least 2 episodes of rejection. Hopefully, they will be mild enough that you can be treated as an outpatient by juggling meds. If your symptoms are severe acute rejection you will be hospitalized and IV drugs used. If that fails, you may need to be placed back on the waiting list for another heart.
    Noncompliance is the third most common reason for transplant failure! You must take your meds exactly as prescribed exactly on time if you want to live and live well! If you forget to take a dose and then remember that you didn't take it, call your transplant coordinator immediately. If you vomit a dose up or have diarrhea, call your transplant coordinator. Don't just decide on your own to skip a dose, change a dose, or repeat a dose - very bad idea.
    You will need regular blood tests to check your blood level of certain drugs. Those tests are explained on each individual drug page (see below). First, here are some general do's and don'ts concerning your transplant meds

    20. Cardiomyopathy Support Group At Heart Miracles
    Chat with others about heart transplant operations and cardiomyopathy.
    Cardiomyopathy Support Group
    Online Cardiomyopathy Support Group.
    Our free internet bulletin board community has information relating to
    heart surgery, heart transplants, cardio myopathy, heart problems,
    and links to websites with information about Cardiomyopathy treatment
    centers. We welcome health association news posts. Enter Cardiomyopathy Board Join For Free!

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