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  1. Me & Sarcoidosis: A Lifetime Partnership: Revised Edition A Patient's Story About Living With A Chronic Health Condition by Gilbert Barr, 2002-04-09
  2. Sarcoidosis, An Issue of Clinics in Chest Medicine (The Clinics: Internal Medicine) by Robert Baughman, Marjolein Drent, 2008-08-11
  3. Sarcoidosis (Lung Biology in Health and Disease)
  4. Atlas of Sarcoidosis: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Clinical Features by Violeta Mihailovic-Vucinic, Om P. Sharma, 2010-12-28
  5. Living With Sarcoidosis & Other Chronic Health Conditions by Gilbert Barr Jr., 2004-06-07
  6. The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Sarcoidosis
  7. Successful Treatment of Chylous Ascites Secondary to Sarcoidosis with Methotrexate (Hospital Practice) by Praveen Mannam, Joseph M. Boselli Joseph M. Boselli, et all 2010-10-06
  8. Sarcoidosis: Webster's Timeline History, 1933 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-07-08
  9. Sarcoidosis and Other Granulomatous Disorders: Proceedings of the XI World Congress on Sarcoidosis and Other Granulomatous Disorders, Milan, 6-11 Se (International Congress Series) by World Congress on Sarcoidosis and Other Granulomatous Disorders 1987, Gianfranco Rizzato, et all 1988-04
  10. Sarcoidosis
  11. Relationships in Dermatology: The Skin and Mouth, Eye, Sarcoidosis, Porphyria (New Clinical Applications: Dermatology)
  12. Sarcoidosis by J. G. Scadding, D. N. Mitchell, 1985-08
  13. Sarcoidosis - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References by ICON Health Publications, 2004-01-28
  14. Sarcoidosis (European Respiratory Monograph) by M. Drent; U Costabel, 2005-11-01

1. MEDLINEplus: Sarcoidosis
Links to information and overviews on the disease from several reputable sources such as the American Category Health Conditions and Diseases AutoImmune sarcoidosis...... All Topics. sarcoidosis. Contents of Treatment Organizations. SearchMEDLINE for recent research articles on • sarcoidosis. You may
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  • Bronchoscopy: Pulmonary Branch Protocols (National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center) Calcium Test (American Association for Clinical Chemistry) Gallium Scan (National Institutes of Health, Clinical Center) Radiography-Chest (Chest X-ray) (American College of Radiology, Radiological Society of North America)
  • Specific Conditions/Aspects
  • Minority Lung Disease Data: Sarcoidosis (American Lung Association)
  • Treatment
  • Prednisone (Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America)
  • Organizations
  • American Lung Association Arthritis Foundation National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
    Sandra Conroy's organization distributes information, conducts research studies, and manages a registry of over 20 000 patients.

    3. Sarcoidosis
    sarcoidosis. March 18, 2003. causing them to enlarge. WHAT CAUSES sarcoidosis?No one yet knows what causes sarcoidosis. It is thought

    Diseases A to Z Sarcoidosis
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    Sarcoidosis March 31, 2003

    About Sarcoidosis
    What Causes Sarcoidosis? What Are The Symptoms Of Sarcoidosis? How Is Sarcoidosis Diagnosed? ... In Summary
    Sarcoidosis is a disease due to inflammation.
    The disease can attack any organ of the body in any location. The disease is characterized by the presence of granulomas, small areas of inflamed cells. They can be either inside the body or son the body's exterior, appearing as sores on the face or shins. But sarcoidosis is most frequently found in the lungs.
    Pulmonary sarcoidosis can cause loss of lung volume (the amount of air the lungs can hold) and abnormal lung stiffness. Granulomas can appear on the walls of the alveoli (small air sacs in the lungs) or on the walls of the bronchioles (breathing tubes in the lungs). They also appear in the lymph nodes in the chest, causing them to enlarge. WHAT CAUSES SARCOIDOSIS? No one yet knows what causes sarcoidosis. It is thought by most scientists to be a disorder of the immune system, where the body's natural defense system malfunctions. Some physicians believe that sarcoidosis may result from a respiratory infection caused by a virus. Others suspect that exposure to toxins or allergens in the environment is to blame. Researchers are looking for answers to this and many other questions about sarcoidosis.

    4. American Lung Association -- Diseases A To Z
    Information on lung cancer, tuberculosis, emphysema and A1AD related emphysema, pneumonia, sarcoidosis, Category Health Conditions and Diseases Respiratory Conditions...... This section includes information on lung cancer, tuberculosis, emphysema and A1ADrelated emphysema, pneumonia, sarcoidosis, HIV/AIDS and lung disease, and

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    B C D ... T Lung disease is the number three killer in America, responsible for one in seven deaths. Lung disease and other breathing problems are the number one killer of babies younger than one year old. Today, more than 30 million Americans are living with chronic lung disease such as asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. This section includes information on lung cancer, tuberculosis, emphysema and A1AD related emphysema, pneumonia, sarcoidosis, HIV/AIDS and lung disease, and influenza. View research projects funded by the American Lung Association on 'Lung Cancer' for 2002-2003. Give us your feedback on the content in this index! A Alpha-1 Related Emphysema
    Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) Fact Sheet

    African Americans and Lung Disease Fact Sheet

    African Americans and Tobacco Fact Sheet
    AIDS Related Lung Disease,

    Minority Lung Disease Data 2000 Allergies American Indians/Native Alaskans and Lung Disease Fact Sheet American Indians/Native Alaskans and Tobacco Fact Sheet Statement on Anthrax and How it Relates to Lung Disease ... Asthma, Minority Lung Disease Data 2000 B Bronchitis, Chronic

    5. Worldsarcsociety
    Features information on the disease and its manifestations, support facilities, doctors, news, research, mailing list, environmental issues, government issues, personal pages, stories, and links.
    Click on the triangle to turn on the music
    Click on the square to turn off the music Colors Of The Wind Lyrics W E L C O M E WELCOME LETTER
    Kindly pick up your Welcome letter above: Thank you so much for your visit:) It really is a "detailed" informational basis where questions are answered and indeed friendships are met. W e have grown!
    The World Sarcoidosis SOCIETY, (previously known as the Canadian Sarcoidosis SOCIETY) has grown so rapidly! ~and as such we are a FREE Web site dedicated to providing information regarding Sarcoidosis to those whom are in need and thus does not solicit nor accept donations.
    The purpose of our organization, is to share information with our universal counter-parts, and to strive to find a cause and cure for this debilitating disease. "Canadian lung" "American lung" "Include All And Leave No One Behind" Welcome Fellow Sarcoidians and Family Members:
    May I extend a warm invitation to you to find a home where you can relate to another sarcoidian. This is your forum; I welcome you.

    6. The Image Of Sarcoidosis
    Chest Xray of a Pulmonary sarcoidosis patient displayed by Loyal University of Chicago. Features disorder links and details. THE IMAGE OF sarcoidosis. Terrence C. Demos, MD

    7. Sarcoidosis Center
    Hosted by a pulmonologist whose main interest is sarcoidosis, this site is designed for both patient Category Health Conditions and Diseases AutoImmune sarcoidosis......The only web site written by a physician and dedicated to sarcoidosis.The purpose body background=. sarcoidosis Center. Brief Overview.
    Sarcoidosis Center
    Brief Overview
    The Sarcoidosis Center is a non-profit corporation (501 (c)(3)) designed to provide information for patients and physicians regarding sarcoidosis. It is hoped that widespread exchange of information and international exposure will foster cooperation among similar groups. Through improved communication, closer ties can be established and a directory of physicians who care for sarcoidosis patients may also be developed and shared among groups. Assistance with establishing support groups in a structured fashion and information on how to deal with the crises as they occur can be disseminated. Although the majority of patients with sarcoidosis do quite well, those that do not may have devastating changes in lifestyle. It is the hope of the author of this web site that the information provided can help patients and their physicians deal more effectively with these problems. This page is continuously under development and therefore a number of sections are incomplete. Please excuse this inconvenience but we wish to provide information as soon as possible. We welcome comments which can be addressed to Norman T. Soskel, M.D. at the e-mail address

    8. Welcome To The Sarcoidosis Online Sites Homepage
    Explanation of sarcoidosis and its treatments, professional directory of physicians and support groups, forums, live chat, newsletters and links.
    Welcome to Sarcoidosis Online Sites!
    Doctor Database
    Internet Resources

    Support Group Database

    Patient To Patient Forum

    A Lifeline of Hope, Health and Research Please select a destination from the seven websites listed below. Doctor Database Message Forum Sarcoidosis Newsletter Classified Exchange ... Golden Lifesaver Award The goals of these websites are simple:
    • educate those afflicted with sarcoidosis
      provide support through public forum
      increase public awareness
      aid in a cure for sarcoidosis
    Doctor Database Internet Resources Support Group Database Patient To Patient Forum ... Contact
    Website designed and hosted by Like what you see? Check out our services You may send email to the webpage author at

    9. Pulmonology - Sarcoidosis
    Information for patients, their families and others who have questions about sarcoidosis Copyright © 19992002. Gary R. Epler, M.D. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcasted, rewritten or

    PIDL Home/ Contents
    Development Nutrition Acute Illness ... Psychosocial
    SARCOIDOSIS Sarcoidosis is a chronic, multisystem disorder of an unknown etiology characterized by the accumulation of T-lymphocytes and mononuclear phagocytes, nonsecreting epithelial granulomas and derangements of the normal tissue architecture in affected organs. All parts of the body can be affected, but the organ most affected is the lung. Involvement of the skin, eye and lymph nodes is also common. A variety of infectious and noninfectious agents have been implicated, but there is no proof that any specific agent is responsible. However, available evidence is consistent with the concept that the disease result from an exaggerated cellular immune response (acquired, inherited or both) to a limited class of antigens or self antigens. Cases of sarcoid have been described in both sexes, almost all ages, races and geographic locations. Females appear to be slightly more susceptible than males. There is remarkable diversity of the prevalence of sarcoidosis among certain ethnic and racial groups. In the United States, the majority of patients are black 10:1 to 17:1. Blacks are often younger than whites with the disease. In Europe, however, it affects mostly whites with higher prevalence in Sweden and among Irish females. It is most common between the ages of 20-40, but it can occur in children and in the elderly. Although it is rare in children, the disease is most frequent between 9 to 15 years of age. A small cluster occurs in children under age 4 years with one half less than 1 year of age.

    10. New Page 1
    De ESF, een stichting die hulp verleent en informatie verstrekt aan de pati«nten, hun relaties en verdere belangstellenden.

    11. Sarcoidosis - Index - Pulmonology
    Read about this common disease which forms lesions on parts of the body, including the lungs. Learn about corticosteroid treatments for this condition.
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    Bronchitis Chronic Cough ... Solitary Pulmonary Nodule Tuberculosis RESOURCES Anatomy Clinical Trials Links Videos ABOUT US Pressroom Testimonials
    Sarcoidosis is a fairly common disease with an annual incidence rate of approximately 11 per 100,000 in Caucasians and approximately 36 per 100,000 African Americans in the United States. It is most common in young adults between the ages of 20 and 40. The word "sarcoidosis" comes from the Greek word "sarkodes," meaning "fleshy," and the Greek suffix "-osis," meaning "condition." The "fleshy condition" refers to the skin lesions that often form on various parts of the body. Sarcoidosis is a multisystemic disease that can affect a variety of organs. Pulmonary involvement occurs in greater than 90% of patients and is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality from this disease. Many organs can be involved, in fact, one of the most noticeable symptoms is the peculiar skin lesions, erythema nodusum, that develop on the lower legs. Sarcoidosis is a disease of unknown etiology characterized by granuloma formation in a variety of organs. Granulomas are collections of immune cells and disease that result from granulomatous disorders. There are a variety of granulomatous disorders that closely resemble sarcoidosis, including tuberculosis. The close resemblence to tuberuculosis has led to speculation that sarcoidosis is due to an infectious organism. It is the formation of these granulomas and the resulting tissue damage caused by the cells within these granulomas that cause the symptoms of sarcoidosis.

    12. Sarcoidosis
    Well thought out list of links, compiled with patients in mind, with links to disease descriptions, medical assistance and information, support resources and message boards.
    AARDA Sarcoidosis American Family Physician Sarcoidosis American Family PhysicianSarcoidosisA Primary Care Review American Liver Foundation Sarcoidosis ... Yahoo! Diseases and Conditions Sarcoidosis
    For information about live chats for sarcoidosis, go to our chat information section.
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    13. Joseph McLaurin Sarcoidosis Page
    Personal page with brief description of sarcoidosis, and links to support groups, medication, treatment, and related info.
    Joseph McLaurin's SARCOIDOSIS WEBSITE learn about sarcoidosis Thank You for viewing my page. I did not want to be fancy. I just wanted to give you an easy to understand website. More than anything I want this site to have a personal touch, because I maintain it myself I must say the responses that I receive from all over the world has been remarkable. From Canada, Australia, U.K, Japan, South Africa, Spain, U.S, and all over the world. Let's keep pushing information together and I am sure that we'll begin seeing some positive results. Have you noticed, those with sarcoidosis are overachievers We have had over 300,000 visitors. Let's promote Sarcoidosis Awareness together Index of my website
  • A small introduction about Sarcoidosis Something about Renee McLaurin Alston Support groups and Support searchers Medication/Treatment/Terminology The best websites for Sarcoidosis information(including international sites) Excellent Reference Sites Sites on other conditions, Lupus etc.
  • Don't Forget to Wear Your Purple Ribbon Email comments about this page to

    An extensive list of links from disease information to medical articles. Includes case studies and may be of particular assistance to physicians or those seeking more clinical information.
  • 99 m Tc-DTPA clearance measured by a dual head gamma camera in healthy subjects and patients with sarcoidosis: studies of reproducibility and relation to bronchoalveolar lavage findings A Case Control Etiologic Study of Sarcoidosis (ACCESS) ``This study was initiated by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute in 1995. It is a five year study that will support the ollection of information from 720 sarcoidosis patients (cases) and 720 unaffected individuals (controls) in order to identify the cause(s) of sarcoidosis. University of Pennsylvania - RESEARCH COORDINATOR Dawn Dow A Case Control Epidemiologic Study of Sarcoidosis ABOUT SARCOIDOSIS. Sarcoidosis is a rare multi-system, auto immune disease that is known for its long remissions and wide variety of symptoms. Sarcoidosis symptoms vary from person to person - no two are exactly alike. It is a granulomatous disease in which inflammation may occur in lymph nodes, lungs, liver, eyes, skin, joints, kidneys, liver and spleen, and other tissues.......... W.S.S. About Sarcoidosis: American Lung Association Advice on Neuro-Sarcoidosis by Shelley Fracalossi Ahuja TS;Mattana J;Valderrama E;Sankaran R;Singhal PC;Wagner JD
  • 15. Sarcoidosis
    General information on sarcoidosis and some of its manifestations.
    Information for patients, their families and others
    who have questions about Sarcoidosis
    This material may not be published, broadcasted, rewritten or
    redistributed in any form without written permission.

    16. Sarcoidosis Sufferers And Their Families
    List of support resources and a few email addresses for support groups.

    17. Home
    The Medical University of South Carolina (USA) sarcoidosis Centre evaluates and provides treatment plans to patients who are referred by physicians throughout the state. Site also has disease description, appointment information, breaking news, physician directory, clinical trials, and other relevant information.
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    18. Sarcoidosis A Primary Care Review
    Information on the illness including images of lupus pernio, erythema nodosum, and chest imaging. Article by Mark H. Belfer, and R. Wayne Stevens of St. Elizabeth Health Center Family Practice Residency, Youngstown, Ohio. Also has list of references and a printable fact sheet.

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    Departments Patient Information
    Sarcoidosis: A Primary Care Review
    St. Elizabeth Health Center Family Practice Residency, Youngstown, Ohio
    A patient information handout on sarcoidosis, written by the authors of this article , is provided on page 2055. Sarcoidosis is a multisystemic disorder of unknown etiology that most commonly affects adults between 20 and 40 years of age. Patients with sarcoidosis frequently present with bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy and pulmonary infiltration, and often with ocular and skin lesions. The diagnosis is established when clinical and radiographic findings are supported by histologic evidence of non-caseating epithelioid cell granulomas found on tissue biopsy. Diagnosis of sarcoidosis requires exclusion of other causes of granuloma formation. Sarcoidosis is also characterized by distinctive laboratory abnormalities, including hyperglobulinemia, an elevated serum angiotensin converting enzyme level, evidence of depressed cellular immunity manifested by cutaneous anergy and, occasionally, hypercalcemia and hypercalciuria. Glucocorticoids remain the mainstay of therapy when treatment is required, although other anti-inflammatory agents are being used increasingly often. S arcoidosis is a multisystemic disease of unknown etiology that may affect any organ or system in the body. It most commonly affects adults of both sexes between the ages of 20 and 40, but it may occur at any age. Two thirds of patients with sarcoidosis are less than 40 years old at the time of diagnosis. The prevalence of sarcoidosis is slightly higher in females than in males, but these rates vary widely in different countries and populations. Sarcoidosis was formerly thought to be 10 times more common in blacks than in whites, but more recent data indicates a 3.2:1 ratio.

    19. Sarcoidoisis, A Medical Mystery
    Information on the disease, statistics, tests and medications, with a personal touch from the author on how it affected her life. Site also has support group and links to other resources.
    Sarcoidosis, A Medical Mystery
    by Becky Mitchell
    (click for full pic)
    What It Is Who Gets It ... Links What It Is, What It Isn't Sarcoidosis is a relatively rare autoimmune disease that can affect the skin, lungs, heart, brain and nervous system, eyes, and other organs. Although the disease was first recognized about 100 years ago, little is known about what causes it and there is no cure. As an autoimmune disease, sarcoidosis is similar to diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus in how it behaves and how it is treated. Depending on the severity, treatment may be needed to control what sarcoidosis does. Sarcoidosis can go dormant on its own or with treatment, and its symptoms often do not recur after the initial onset. In a small percentage of cases, sarcoidosis is chronic, requiring on-going treatment, with possible occurrence in other organ systems. Chronic sarcoidosis is apparently cyclic in its activity level, with flares of symptoms and more dormant periods lasting weeks or months. No markers have been identified as indicating how sarcoidosis is going to behave in any individual or how an individual with sarcoidosis is going to respond to treatment, although a physician experienced with sarcoidosis may be able to make a "good guess" based on his or her experience. Whether he or she is willing to voice that guess is another story entirely! Despite a century of research, little is known about sarcoidosis. Research has discovered what it is not. Among other things, it is not a cancer or tuberculosis or AIDS-related. It is not caused by pine pollen or other identifiable agents like pollution, airborne or otherwise. It is not progressive or contagious. You did not get it from someone else and you cannot give it to another person. As far as we know, nothing you did specifically caused your sarcoidosis.

    20. FSR: Foundation For Sarcoidosis Research
    A non profit organisation dedicated to finding a cure for sarcoidosis. Board members include well known faces such as Karen Duffy and Andrea Wilson. Site also includes detailed information on sarcoidosis, links to sarcoidosis specialists in the USA and internationally, and some worthy links.
    The Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research (FSR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding the causes and a cure for sarcoidosis. FSR operates solely on the basis of developing funding for research in the field of sarcoidosis.
    This site makes use of HTML frames and optimally requires a 4th generation or greater browser.

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