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         Self Injury:     more books (100)
  1. Treating Self-Injury: A Practical Guide by Barent W. Walsh PhD, 2008-06-19
  2. Bleeding to Ease the Pain: Cutting, Self-Injury, and the Adolescent Search for Self (Abnormal Psychology) by Lori G. Plante, 2010-06-16
  3. Freedom from Selfharm: Overcoming Self-Injury with Skills from DBT and Other Treatments by Kim Gratz, Alexander Chapman, 2009-05-01
  4. Self-Injury in Youth: The Essential Guide to Assessment and Intervention
  5. Self-Injury Disorder (Compact Research Diseases and Disorders) by Peggy J. Parks, 2010-08
  6. When Your Child Is Cutting: A Parent's Guide to Helping Children Overcome Self-injury by Merry E., Ph.D. McVey-Noble, Sony, Ph.D. Khemlani-Patel, et all 2006-06-06
  7. Helping Teens Who Cut: Understanding and Ending Self-Injury by Michael Hollander PhD, 2008-06-11
  8. Self-Injury: When Pain Feels Good (Resources for Changing Lives) (Resources for Changing Lives) (Resources for Changing Lives) by Edward T. Welch, 2004-03-01
  9. Understanding Nonsuicidal Self-Injury: Origins, Assessment, and Treatment
  10. Sports Injuries: A Unique Guide to Self-Diagnosis and Rehabilitation by Malcolm T. F. Read MAMBBChirMRCGPDRCOGDM-SMedFISM, Paul Wade, 2009-03-23
  11. Scars That Wound, Scars That Heal: A Journey Out of Self Injury (Live Free) by Jan Kern, 2007-09-05
  12. Adolescent Self-Injury: A Comprehensive Guide for Counselors and Health Care Professionals by Amelio A. D'Onofrio, 2007-03-15
  13. Cutting and Self-Injury (Straight Talk About.) by Rachel Eagen, 2010-09-15
  14. Identifying, Assessing, and Treating Self-Injury at School (Developmental Psychopathology at School) by David N. Miller, Stephen E. Brock, 2010-07-22

1. Secret Shame (self-injury Information And Support)
Comprehensive self-injury site; review of psychological literature, suggestions to help you limit Category Health Mental Health Impulse Control self injury......The most comprehensive source of selfinjury information on the web.Includes definitions, explanations self-injury site, no frames.
self-injury site, no frames self-injury site, no frames

2. Self Injury - Information And Resources
Read information about selfinjury and how to get help to stop self-harming and self-damaging behaviors. Access coping and support services.
Self Injury - Information and Resources
Lots of people - including myself, in the past - end up hurting themselves in various ways. It can sometimes seem like the only way of releasing feelings, or coping with difficult times. The worst thing about this sort of behaviour is that it is often seen as "abnormal" or "incomprehensible" and it is so easy to feel that you are the only person who does this. Well, you are NOT the only one... I hope that these pages provide helpful information and some places to go and get support. In the UK, you can ring the Bristol Women's Crisis Service line on Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm til 12.30 on 0117 925 1119. A lot of the pages on this site are taken from leaflets which they have produced. New News - Zest magazine interviewed me for an article about self injury, which is in their Feb 2003 issue, which is currently on sale in the UK. They've done a great job, and I highly recommend reading it (and not just because it features me!) Old News- In August last year, I spoke at the

3. Self Injury
Many people with eating disorders also engage in the act of selfinjury.Just like There are three types of self-injury. The rarest
Many people with eating disorders also engage in the act of self-injury. Just like the eating disorders are used to help the individual cope, the act of injuring oneself is also used to help cope with, block out, and release built up feelings and emotions. Self-injury is probably the most widely misunderstood forms of self harm and there are many myths associated with it, which can make it difficult for people to reach out and ask for help. Self-injury (self-harm, self-mutilation) can be defined as the attempt to deliberately cause harm to one's own body and the injury is usually severe enough to cause tissue damage. This is not a conscious attempt at suicide, though some people may see it that way. It has been reported that many people who self-injure have a history of sexual or physical abuse, but that is not always the case. Some may come from broken homes, alcoholic homes, have emotionally absent parents, etc. There are many factors that could cause someone to self-injure as a way to cope. There are three types of self-injury. The rarest and most extreme form is Major self-mutilation. This form usually results in permanent disfigurement, i.e. castration or limb amputation. Another form is Stereo typic self-mutilation which usually consists of head banging, eyeball pressing and biting. The third and most common form is Superficial self-mutilation which usually involves cutting, burning, hair-pulling, bone breaking, hitting, interference with wound healing and basically any method used to harm oneself.

4. Self-Injury: A Struggle
Information on SI for both the self injurer, and their friends/family. Personal stories, self-injury Category Health Mental Health Impulse Control self injury...... If you want to know when 'SelfInjury A Struggle' updates join the mailing list.Subscribe Unsubscribe. © 1999-2003 Self-Injury A Struggle.
My name is Gabrielle and I am nineteen years old. I have been hurting myself for over four years. Now I want to share my story with other people who self-injure (SI) so that they know that they are NOT alone, and with their friends and family. But I would like to warn that some of the material in here may be triggering . So make sure you are SAFE when you look around!
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5. Self-Injury
Provides a personal story of selfinjury as well as links to helpful resources, self-harm treatment links, and self-damage support services. Besides self-injury, it is also reffered to as self-abuse, self-harm and self mutilation.
SELF-INJURY Self-Injury is deliberately hurting yourself without the intent to commit suicide. Besides self-injury, it is also reffered to as self-abuse, self-harm and self mutilation. The majority of people who self-injure are women. The main reason for this is that men tend to display their agression-hurt-pain outwardly towards other people or inantimate objects. Women, on the other hand, tend to turn that hurt and pain inward upon themselves. The majority of women who self-injure have been sexually or physically abused. There are many methods a self-injurer may use.
  • The most common is cutting (using razor blades or broken glass) Burning Scratching Picking of healing wounds Headbanging The breaking of bones.
The reasons why someone self-injures are numerous and each time it is done, it does not neccesarily have to be for the same reason. Some of the reasons are:
  • Relief from psychological pain Release of mounting tension Inability to feel Feeling too much Inability to handle any kind of feeling-good or bad Wanting to feel something Expressing anger And sometimes self-injury is even used for getting attention-although in the majority of cases this is not true.

6. SIARI Home Page
Information about self-injury interspersed with commentary from self-injurers, and information about Category Health Mental Health Impulse Control self injury......UK resource offering a wealth of information about selfinjury and related issues(abuse, eating disorders, dissociation, bpd and trauma) Valuable resource for
Welcome to
SIARI J Jan Sutton
(Author of SIARI)
Site updated 30.03.03 “When the pain of the past that beckoned SIV is diminished, so is the need for SIV.
If we can heal the wounds of our history, we no longer need the tools of the past.”
Ruta Mazelis, The Cutting Edge, A Newsletter for Women Living With Self-Inflicted Violence, Volume 12, Issue 3 (47) Fall, 2001 Caution Some pages on SIARI contain material that may be "triggering" and unsuitable for children. When viewing potentially triggering material please be cautious, read with care and pace yourself Feeling Suicidal? Read THIS first (off-site) Suicide and Crisis Helplines around the World Assessing your immediate need to self-injure
(on-line questionnaire) see also:
Alternatives to self-injury
SIARI What is self-injury? Self-injury is an expression of acute psychological distress. It is an act done to oneself by oneself , with the intention of helping oneself rather than killing oneself . Paradoxically, damage is done to the body in an attempt to preserve the integrity of the mind.

7. Women And Self-injury
Selfinjury is a failed suicide attempt self injury is a way of carrying onwith life, not of dying. Around half our calls relate to self injury.
Women and self-injury
A leaflet from the Bristol Crisis Service for Women What is self-injury? "Self-injury" is any sort of self-harm which involves inflicting injuries or pain on one's own body. It can take many forms. The most common form of self-injury is probably cutting, usually superficially, but sometimes deeply. Women may also burn themselves, punch themselves or hit their bodies against something. Some people pick their skin or pull out hair. How common is self-injury? Self-injury is far more widespread than is generally realised. All sorts of people self-injure. Often they carry on successful careers or look after families and there is little outward sign that there is anything wrong. Self-injury seems to be more common among women, partly because men are more likely to express strong feelings such as anger outwardly. Many women who self-injure believe they are the only person that hurts themselves in this way. Fear and shame may force women to keep self-injury secret for many years. This means that the true extent of the problem is unknown. Our experience shows that where it is acceptable to talk about, many women reveal that they have self-injured at some time. Why do women self-injure?

8. Inside Pain Turned Inside Out (Self-Injury)
How self-injury relates to figure skaters as well as non-skaters.Category Health Mental Health Impulse Control self injury......Main Page .Mental Health SelfInjury Self-Injury Inside Pain Turned InsideOut. Click here for more SI Awareness Ribbons Navigate the Self-Injury Section.
Main Page Mental Health Self-Injury
Self-Injury: Inside Pain Turned Inside Out
Click here for more SI Awareness Ribbons
days 'til National SI Awareness Day, March 1 2003. "We are male and female. We are artists, athletes, students, and business owners. We have depression, DID, PTSD, eating disorders, borderline personalities, bipolar disorder, or maybe no diagnosis at all. Some of us were abused, some were not. We are straight, bi, and gay. We come from all walks of life and can be any age. We are every single race or religion that you can possibly think of. Our common link is this: We are in pain. We self-injure. And we are not freaks."ButterflySkater, at age seventeen. Though the issue might not get as much attention as eating disorders , some figure skaters do also have problems with self-injury. And once again, many non-skaters face the exact same issue. Due to "popular demand" this page has been broken down into separate pages for each subsection. A single printer-friendly page is also available with all of the sections "intact" for printing purposes. Navigate the Self-Injury Section What is self-injury?

9. Borderline, Self Injury And Medication (Sanne's Brain)
Site with general information, links, and stories about borderline personality disorder, self injury and related topics. In English and Danish.


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10. Anorexia And Self Injury's LiveJournal
A LiveJournal community. For those who can't handle things as well as others. People can come to help each other out, make friends who will understand, discuss, etc without fear of judgement.
Anorexia and Self Injury's LiveJournal
[Most Recent Entries] [Calendar View] [Friends] Below are the most recent journal entries recorded in Anorexia and Self Injury 's LiveJournal:
    Sunday, March 30th, 2003 8:57 pm

    I'm binging like a bitch, and I need to stop. I fucked up so bad this weekend. I HATE it. It always happens when I'm with my mom. She eats like a fucking horse and is smaller than me and is always telling me that I need to lose more weight. Well you know what? If you wouldn't shove food down my throat and make me sick all the time I'm with you, then I wouldn't be fat then, now would I? I just feel so helpless. God, girls, please help me out of this. Maybe some words or encouragement or something....I need people to help me, get out of this eating thing. I can't eat anymore. It's killing my self-esteem. Thanks all. Comment on this Thursday, March 27th, 2003 3:17 pm
    Hi, I'm new. My name is Ellen, and I've been anorexia/sort of bulimic, and a cutter for the past 6 years. Way too long. Anyway, I don't have too many friends that understand about those things and it gets very lonely with no one to talk about it, so I thought I'd join this community since everyone here would understand. I'd love to have more friends who understand these disorders (as I said, it's hard when no one understands) so I'd really really appreciate it if some of you could add me to your friends list. Thanks. :) My e-mail is if anyone ever wants to talk.
    Current Mood: depressed

11. UK2.NET - UK's FREE / .com Domains
Biographies, poetry, essays, resources, and articles regarding selfharm, self-injury, self-destruction, and self-abuse.
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12. Mollykat's Self Injury Links
self injury. Please be safe while accessing these links. Mollykat's Safety Suggestions;Mollykat's SI History Very Triggery - about my self injury history.

13. Self-Injury-abuse-trauma-directory-homepage
Directory of self-injury, abuse and trauma resources on the web.Category Health Mental Health self injury Resources......SelfInjury, Abuse Trauma Resource Directory Quotes by self-injurers SI self-injuryis a coping mechanism that has many bad sides, but it works.
The links on these pages may contain "triggering" material. Please view with caution.
Suicide and Crisis Helplines around the World

he Samaritans
Round the clock emotional support
Resource Directory
Companion Site to SIARI Self-Injury
Links Index
Links Index
... Bookstore On companion site Self-help strategies for mental health DBT (Links
EMDR (Links
Personality Disorders
... Related Links Index Anger, depression, stress ... Self-tests Index DSM IV
Skin-picking ... Book Pages Index (This site) Co-Author's Books off-site About The Author Contact Home New Pages Jan/Feb 2003 Suicide and Attempted Suicide Pages updated Jan/March 2003 PTSD/Traumatic Stress Self-tests Self-Injury Groups and Forums Deliberate self-harm ... Depression, stress, anxiety...

14. Si
Personal page with links.Category Health Mental Health self injury Personal Pages...... secret shame an excellent comprehensive site self injury - Information and Resources-Kristi's Page MHF Briefing No 2 Bristol Crisis Service - training on
Self-Injury I used to think that I was the only one that cut myself. That I was really demented because I would slice my own flesh with a razor. Well, that's not totally true either, because I had a friend in high school who used to cut as well, and we would occasionally compare scratches. Except she used to tell everyone about it, while I would be discrete, hiding my secret shame, wondering what was wrong with me. Then I started to work at a residential treatment facility. There I found out several residents would cut on themselves, and therefore were labeled (damn labels) Borderline Personality Disorder ( BPD ). And this pissed me off, because I do not have a borderline personality disorder, and it seemed rather shallow to label all those who cut with such a tag. So I set out searching for some answers. First I read everything I could about BPD, to assure that was indeed not my problem. And then I discovered the internet. I am not alone! and neither are you!! There were others out there who cut because they were in pain, and that was their way to release it. There was even a name for it. Self-Injury . Another label, but a bit more accurate. It was incredibily reassuring to find out this information, to find others who just might understand how I feel, to know that I wasn't totally demented, because I am not the only one.

15. Lynne's World
Information and links about self injury, multiplicity, midcontinuum, depression, eating disorders and gay and Christian issues, from a UK perspective.
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16. SAFE - Help Treat, Prevent & Stop Self-Injury, Self-Abuse & Cutting
Safe Alternatives has been treating self-injurers since 1985 and is known as the "only US treatment Category Health Mental Health self injury Resources...... SelfInjury is known by many names, including self-abuse, self-mutilation,deliberate self-harm, parasuicidal behavior. It may be
Self-Injury is known by many names, including self-abuse, self-mutilation, deliberate self-harm, parasuicidal behavior. It may be referred to by specific methods of self-injury such as "delicate" or "coarse" cutting, burning, or hair pulling. Self-Injury transcends gender, age, religion, educational and income level. It may be accompanied by a range of psychiatric problems such as depression or other mood disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, addictions, eating disorders or psychotic disorders. The longer it goes unrecognized and untreated the more disruptive it is to the sufferer's life and relationships and the more treatment resistant it may become. Bodily Harm , published by Hyperion Press 1998. They, and other professional staff, are available for lectures, workshops, and other training presentation formats for mental health and general health care professionals. back to top

17. Home
Information about self-injury presented in a non-triggering way. Also, information about recovery Category Health Mental Health Impulse Control self injury...... To offer a positive and productive selfinjury support site providing alternativesto self-injury, referrals, support groups, affirmations and interactive
Welcome to our Self-Injury Support Site. There are many sites on the internet that discuss self-injury today, the last of the taboo subjects in our society. Much to our dismay we have discovered that many of these sites are "triggering" and not exactly the type of material we wanted to read about when we were struggling ourselves, usually late at night, with thoughts of self-injury. So, we have decided to focus on positive information regarding self-injury and hope that you will find our site to be both educational and supportive in a positive and reassuring manner to help those in need. We hope you enjoy our site!
Our Mission
To offer a positive and productive self-injury support site providing alternatives to self-injury, referrals, support groups, affirmations and interactive opportunities.
Contact Information
Electronic mail
General Information:

18. Welcome To
Information on selfinjury and SIAD, FAQ, personal story, diary, forum, chat, etc.Category Health Mental Health Impulse Control self, The UK self injury Awareness Site, do stop by to pick up thePress Pack for your Doctor and/or Hospital, and help us promote SIAD, Self
Welcome to, The UK Self Injury Awareness Site, do stop by to pick up the Press Pack for your Doctor and/or Hospital, and help us promote SIAD, Self Injury Awarness Day March the first. Self Injury, Self Harm, SI, Cutting, Cut, Cutters, bleed, blood, pain, burn, burning, UK, self help, SIAD, NSIAD, Self Injury Awareness Day, March 1

19. Self-Injury Site: A Healing Touch
Offers educational material with information on self-injury, self-help, reasons and myths. Including Category Health Mental Health Impulse Control self injury......SelfInjury. Self-Mutilation. Expert information, self-injury support groups,chat, journals, and self injury support lists. HealthyPlace
A Healing Touch
Home About Me About Self-Injury Reasons ...
to a friend
Healing Touch
A Self-Injury Website
Welcome to A Healing Touch, a self-injury website. This site is designed as a reference point for members of our mail list, and others who self-injure, or know others who self injure. Self injury is the general term used to describe self-inflicted pain or injury on oneself. Most commonly this is in the form of cutting or burning, but there are many other forms of self-injury. Self injury is often linked to depression, and is - simply expressed - a coping mechanism. For many people, self injury (or self-mutilation) is not a widely recognized habit. This can make it extremely difficult to find the support and help that is so essential for self injurers. But there is help out there, and this site is designed to provide a little of that help, along with further links to on and offline resources... top home about me about self-injury ... send page to friend
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Home to

20. Blood Red: A Self Injury Site, Self-Mutilation Site
All about self-mutilation. What self-injury is and why people self-harm including how to stop.Category Health Mental Health Impulse Control self injury......All about self injury, selfmutilation. What is self-injury? Why do people selfinjure, self-harm? How to stop. self injury Community
Blood Red
Home About Me Who Cuts? Why? ...
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Every night I burn
Every night I call your name
Every night I burn
Every night I fall again
Burn - The Cure If you Self Injure, you are not the only one! What is Self-Injury?
Self Injury (SI) is a coping mechanism, just like smoking cigarettes, alcoholism, drug abuse, overeating, anorexia, bulimia, over-exercising, etc. "Self-injury is a self-preservation technique for many cutters; the self-mutilation relieves anxiety and/or depersonalization symptoms which could lead to psychosis or suicide if not alleviated. Self-harm can be focusing, calming. It can give a person a feeling of control over their lives and their bodies which they have experienced no other way. People trying to help cutters should not try to take this coping mechanism away from the cutters without helping them first come to terms with things that trigger incidents and learning new, healthier coping mechanisms with which to replace the old ones." "For many self-injurers, self-mutilation seems the only appropriate response to the state of the world and to how they're feeling about it and about themselves. Many self-injurers are extremely intelligent, sensitive, and creative people who have a hypersensitivity to the world around them." top next self-injury bulletin board home ... who cuts?

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