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         Social Anxiety:     more books (110)
  1. The Shyness & Social Anxiety Workbook: Proven, Step-by-Step Techniques for Overcoming Your Fear by Martin M. Antony, Richard P. Swinson, 2008-07-02
  2. Managing Social Anxiety,Workbook, 2nd Edition: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach (Treatments That Work) by Debra A. Hope, Richard G. Heimberg, et all 2010-05-28
  3. Overcoming Social Anxiety and Shyness: A Self-Help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques by Gillian Butler, 2008-05-13
  4. A Life Less Anxious: Freedom from panic attacks and social anxiety without drugs or therapy (Volume 1) by Steve Pavilanis, 2009-11-11
  5. Managing Social Anxiety,Therapist Guide, 2nd Edition: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach (Treatments That Work) by Debra A. Hope, Richard G. Heimberg, et all 2010-05-28
  6. Beyond Shyness: How to Conquer Social Anxieties by Jonathan Berent, 1994-04-28
  7. Managing Social Anxiety: A Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Approach Client Workbook (Treatments That Work) by Debra A. Hope, Richard G. Heimberg, et all 2004-11-11
  8. What You Must Think of Me: A Firsthand Account of One Teenager's Experience with Social Anxiety Disorder (Adolescent Mental Health Initiative) by Emily Ford, Michael Liebowitz, et all 2007-07-10
  9. Coping with Social Anxiety: The Definitive Guide to Effective Treatment Options by Eric Hollander, Nicholas Bakalar, 2005-04-07
  10. Dying of Embarrassment: Help for Social Anxiety & Phobia by Barbara G. Markway, C. Alec Pollard, et all 1992-10
  11. Living Fully with Shyness and Social Anxiety: A Comprehensive Guide to Gaining Social Confidence by Erika B. Hilliard, 2005-04-12
  12. Diagonally-Parked in a Parallel Universe: Working Through Social Anxiety by Signe A. Dayhoff, Ph.D., 2010-01-01
  13. Painfully Shy: How to Overcome Social Anxiety and Reclaim Your Life by Barbara Markway, Sifu Gregory Markway, et all 2003-08-22
  14. The Shyness & Social Anxiety Workbook: Proven Techniques for Overcoming Your Fears by Martin M. Antony, Richard P. Swinson, 2000-11

1. Social Phobia/Social Anxiety Association
Non-profit organization, seeking to educate the public about social phobia, the most common anxiety Category Health Mental Health Disorders Anxiety social anxiety......Social Phobia/social anxiety Association, a nonprofit organization, seeks to educateabout social phobia (social anxiety disorder). What is social anxiety?
A Non-Profit Organization
Did you know that over 7% of the population
suffers from social anxiety disorder
(social phobia) right this very minute?
Social Anxiety is the t hird largest mental health care problem in the world today
Please read over our pages on social phobia (social anxiety disorder). In these pages you will find: a definition of social anxiety disorder (social phobia)
practical examples of what life is like for people with social phobia,
an invitation to join a free moderated mailing list edited specifically for people with social phobia (social anxiety disorder),
a forum for finding existing and/or planned cognitive-behavioral therapy groups to help you overcome social anxiety. Many more CBT groups for social anxiety exist now than one year ago. Through the mailing list and these pages, we try to make all of this information available to you. The audio tape therapy series "Overcoming Social Anxiety: Step by Step"

2. Social Anxiety
social anxiety Disorder. It's more than just shyness
Social Anxiety
This site is designed to be viewed using frames, and must be viewed using a frames-enabled browser. The browser you are using does not support this technology. Please return when using a frames-enabled broswer which can be downloaded from the sites below. Click here to download Microsoft Internet Explorer We look forward to welcoming you to the site

3. Social Anxiety Australia
A non profit service providing information, education, and support. Facts, treatment options, resources, Category Health Mental Health Disorders Anxiety social anxiety......
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4. QueenDom Personality Tests, Intelligence Tests, Aptitude Tests,
Find out whether anxiety is getting the best of you with the social anxiety Test.
This test has moved! Click here to access the new version of the test.

5. Social Anxiety Support
Provides stuctured interactive forums and special programs to helpthose who suffer from social anxiety disorder (social phobia).
This on-line support group provides interactive forums and special programs to help those who suffer from social anxiety disorder (social phobia). discussion forums what's new? "I've never seen a problem with anxiety that can't be helped, no matter how severe or chronic it may have been. If you are willing to do what it takesobtaining effective treatment along with making necessary lifestyle changesyou will see a substantial improvement. With commitment and persistence, you will regain the peace of mind and quality of life that you truly want." Edmund Bourne, Ph.D.
With over members, our discussion forums are among the most active on the web. These forums are moderated to ensure a comfortable environment for everyone. Members gathered in Cleveland, Ohio on March 22nd, 2003.
chat services cartoons Join us in the chat room. Its busy every night!

6. Social Anxiety Home Page
Contains articles, information, and links for resources helping people to deal with social anxiety disorder. Access the social anxiety bookstore.
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One of our social anxiety groups in action, giving the "mock" 11:00 newscast...
The Social Anxiety Institute Official website

The Social Anxiety Network
The Anxiety Network Bookstore

We've rated some books on social anxiety for you.
Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Audio series:


Social Anxiety:

Step by Step" ...
Content of Tapes 11-20
International Program: Comprehensive CBT Program for Social Anxiety Disorder Local Program:
Comprehensive CBT Program for Social Anxiety Disorder
Social Anxiety Mailing List Digest free moderated digest Selective Mutism: Social Anxiety in Children Social Phobia/Social Anxiety Association , a non-profit organization Coping Statements for Anxiety Anxiety Network Links It's All A State of Mind: an anxiety parable "Thinking" Problems: Perceiving Things Accurately

7. The Anxiety Network International Home Page
social anxiety Disorder (social phobia), panic, and generalized anxiety disorder are comprehensively covered. Many articles on anxiety, a social anxiety mailing list, chat room, bookstore, question and answer pages, and related links.
Anxiety Network International
The anxiety disorders are the largest
mental health care problems in the world today. The Anxiety Network provides information
on the three largest anxiety disorders:
social anxiety, panic/agoraphobia, and generalized anxiety.
Social Anxiety

Generalized Anxiety

Thomas A. Richards, Ph.D., Psychologist
The Anxiety Network International © 1996, 200

8. Want To Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking, Stage Fright Or Social Anxiety In
Clinic for social anxiety disorders, including stage fright, shyness, and social phobia. Manageable steps for overcoming fear.
Fear of Public Speaking, Social Anxiety, Stage Fright, Shyness
Featured in:
The New York Times
Redbook Magazine TimeOut Magazine
Profiled on The Discovery Channel, The BBC, and National Public Radio (NPR)
Enroll Online and Save Instructor Testimonials Schedule ... Contact
The Public Speaking - Social Anxiety Center
of New York
"To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom."
- Bertrand Russell -
We Offer: 10 Week Course Intensive One Week Course Private Sessions
Discount Renewal
... Workbook
Top 10 Tips For Managing Public Speaking Anxiety!
* FREE *
For Top 10 Tips and more detailed information, simply enter your email address,
and click "Send it Now!" E-Mail Address:
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- or -
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Face Your Fear in Manageable Steps. Learn How to: Overcome Stage Fright Function with Shyness Give a Prepared Speech Give an Impromptu Talk ... Defend your Point of View in a Confrontation
Public Speaking - Social Anxiety Center of New York 131 West 72nd Street
New York, NY 10023

9. All About Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia)
social anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia) can be a chronic, disabling condition which causes people to suffer in silence
zfp=-1 About Panic/Anxiety Disorders Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting
Panic/Anxiety Disorders
with Cathleen Henning
Your Guide to one of hundreds of sites Home Articles Forums ... Help zmhp('style="color:#fff"') Subjects ESSENTIALS A Breathing Exercise A Relaxation Exercise Email Pen Pals ... All articles on this topic Stay up-to-date!
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Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia)
Guide picks Social Anxiety Disorder (Social Phobia) can be a chronic, disabling condition which causes people to suffer in silence when those around them cannot understand. You are not alone. Seek support and treatment now, explain your condition to loved ones, and you will be on your way to recovery.
What is Social Anxiety Disorder?

For people with social anxiety disorder or social phobia, everyday social situations involve overwhelming anxiety and self-consciousness. The anxiety may become severe enough to take over their lives. Learn more about social anxiety disorder and what you can do if you have it. From Cathleen Henning, About Panic/Anxiety. Social Anxiety 101
Social Anxiety: International Resources
Social Anxiety: Medication Social Anxiety: Personal Experiences ...
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10. Social Anxiety UK Has Moved...
Diagnostic criteria, information, resources, chat room, support groups and mailing list for people Category Health Mental Health Disorders Personality anxiety UK is the central resource for sufferers of social anxiety(sometimes known as Social Phobia) in the UK. social anxiety UK.
This site has now moved to... ..please update your bookmarks. You will be redirected to the new address in 10 seconds or click the link above to go straight there...

11. The Social Anxiety Network Home Page
Defines, describes, and provides treatment alternatives for social anxiety disorder (social phobia) .Category Health Mental Health Disorders Anxiety social anxiety......The social anxiety Network comprehensively covers social anxiety Disorder(social phobia), the third largest mental health care problem.
Audio Therapy Series:
Overcoming Social

Step by Step"

This series is now available The Social Anxiety
The new
Social Anxiety Institute

is now online ARTICLES free, moderated
Social Anxiety

Institute Mailing List
Social Anxiety: The Third Largest Mental Health Care Problem in the World CBT Audio Series: "Overcoming Social Anxiety Step by Step" International Comprehensive CBT Program for Social Anxiety True-to-life examples of Social Anxiety Disorder ... Definition of Social Anxiety/ Social Phobia BOOKSTORE: Books about Social Anxiety SOCIAL ANXIETY LINKS PAGE Social Anxiety Stories, Poems, Experiences, and Therapy The Social Phobia/Social Anxiety Association: ... What is Comprehensive Cognitive - Behavioral Therapy (CCBT)? Social Anxiety: THE LARGEST ANXIETY DISORDER and THE LEAST UNDERSTOOD Out of all the anxiety disorders and most of the mental health care problems, social anxiety disorder (social phobia) is least understood.

12. Overcoming Social Anxiety, Social Phobia, Shyness - Effectiveness-Plus
Educational, selfhelp, and training books, reports, and seminars in social and personal effectiveness, interpersonal communication, image and presentation skills, and social anxiety management.
EFFECTIVENESS-PLUS.COM Home Page FREE Articles Newsletter Book Contents ... About Us Order Information Order Form Links Contact Us ... Privacy
Are you Anxiety-Challenged? Shy? Socially Phobic? Or Avoidant? Do you want to
  • Create high-octane confidence for greater satisfaction in your relationships and career? Condition your emotions and thinking to automatically work toward your goals? Overcome personal, social, and professional obstacles and challenges? will help you to achieve your goals
Through articles, books, reports, newsletter, coaching, consulting, and seminars, you will develop the personal interpersonal communication , and presentation skills you need for your success. You will learn how to
  • Present yourself effectively at work and play Create a favorable image that commands respect Communicate persuasively in any situation Forge effective interactions in social and business settings Stop the negative thinking and anger that are sabotaging your success Master criticism, rejection, and conflicts to improve relationships

13. The Self-Esteem Institute
Provides selfesteem consultation, anger management, social anxiety and cognitive therapy.

14. Hahnemann Social Anxiety Treatment Program
Help for public speaking and other social phobias.

15. Social Anxiety - - Comprehensive Treatment For Social Anxiety,
Free informational pages regarding treatment and selfhelp for shyness, social anxiety, social phobia, Category Health Mental Health Disorders Anxiety social anxiety......Therapy for social anxiety, social phobia, shyness, public speaking anxiety, performanceanxiety, social skills, selective mutism, social anxiety disorder
This website offers free informational pages and free self-assessment tools for individuals and parents of individuals in need of social therapy.
Social Anxiety, Social Phobia, Shyness, Public Speaking Anxiety, Performance Anxiety, Social Skills, Selective Mutism, Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks, School Phobia and Learning Disabilities
Privacy Statement:
All information collected from this website, including E-mail addresses, mailing addresses and personal information, will remain the sole property of Berent Associates.
Berent Associates
17 Maple Drive
Great Neck, NY 11021
Tel: (800) 248-2034 Fax: (516) 487-7414
E-mail: You are visitor Site design and hosting by WebScope Site Map

16. Social Phobia - The Largest Anxiety Disorder
A short history of the problem, and a look at current cognitivebehavioral treatment is provided.Category Health Mental Health Disorders Anxiety social anxiety Disorder (social phobia) affects 7% of the population. It is thelargest anxiety disorder and the third largest mental health problem today.
Social Phobia: The Largest Anxiety Disorder Social Phobia (social anxiety disorder) is defined as the fear (anxiety) of being judged, criticized, and evaluated by other people. This fear is recognized as irrational by the individual; nevertheless, the fear of judgment in social situations persists. People who have social phobia usually find it difficult to be introduced to other people ("I wonder what they're thinking about me; I'll bet they don't like me"), attracting attention to the self or being the center of attention, being watched while doing something ("They don't like what I'm doing; I must be making a fool of myself"), and feeling insecure and self-conscious in most public settings. Life is difficult for the person with social phobia because they feel they do not fit in with every one else. Something is wrong with them. Therefore, it is easier to stay away and avoid all contact with people in social situations, whenever possible. Dr. Richard G. Heimberg of Temple University, the leading researcher of social phobia, notes that people with social phobia experience many negative life problems as a result of their social anxiety: 1. they are less likely to marry than others

17. Social Anxiety Institute Home Page
Describes, explains, and informs about social anxiety disorder (social phobia). Includes therapy, Category Health Mental Health Disorders Anxiety social anxiety......The social anxiety Institute provides therapy for social anxiety disorder (socialphobia), the largest anxiety disorder. An International Outreach
An International Outreach Social Anxiety Disorder (formerly called social phobia)
is the largest anxiety disorder,
and the third largest mental health care problem in the world today. The Social Anxiety Institute
helps people with social anxiety (social phobia) recover
... and move forward with life. Social anxiety is a fully treatable condition and CAN be overcome. Read more about how to recover on our site. New Dates for International CCBT Therapy Sessions
New Dates for
... Social Anxiety Mailing List
Cognitive "Overcoming Social Anxiety"
Search the Site

18. Social Phobia / Social Anxiety, Shyness, AvPD (APD) Support
Support and information for social phobia and related anxiety disorders. Includes articles, selfhelp Category Health Mental Health social anxiety Support Groups...... related Anxiety Disorders, including Avoidant Personality Disorder,Selective Mutism, Agoraphobia and Panic. Social Phobia / Anxiety.
Social Phobia / Anxiety
Books Articles Products Resources ... social phobia is a fear of public speaking. Sometimes social phobia involves a general fear of social situations such as parties. More rarely it may involve a fear of using a public restroom, eating out, talking on the phone or writing in the presence of other people, such as when signing a check. People with social phobia aren’t necessarily shy at all.
They can be completely at ease with people most of the time,
but in particular situations, they feel intense anxiety.
About 80% of people who suffer from social phobia find relief from their symptoms when treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy The medications that have proven effective include antidepressants called MAO inhibitors. People with a specific form of social phobia called performance phobia have been helped by drugs called beta-blockers. For example, musicians or others with this anxiety may be prescribed a beta-blocker for use on the day of a performance. Grant Me The Serenity... Self-help Books Recovery Giftstore Messages of Recovery The Serenity Prayer Prayers for Recovery Recovery Medicine Wheel Serenity Cards Downloads Chat Room Articles

19. What Is Social Phobia/Social Anxiety?
What is Social Phobia/social anxiety? Reallife examples, real-life treatments,real-life successes. A Non-Profit Organization. WHAT IS social anxiety?
A Non-Profit Organization
WHAT IS SOCIAL ANXIETY? Social anxiety is the third largest psychological problem
in the world today... but few people understand this...

A woman hates to stand in line in the grocery store because she's afraid that everyone is watching her. She knows that it's not really true, but she can't shake the feeling. While she is shopping, she is conscious of the fact that people might be staring at her from the big mirrors on the inside front of the ceiling. Now, she has to talk to the person who's checking out her groceries. She tries to smile, but her voice comes out weakly. She's sure she's making a fool of herself. Her self-consciousness and anxiety rise to the roof... Another person sits in front of the telephone and agonizes because she's afraid to pick up the receiver and make a call. She's even afraid to call an unknown person in a business office about the electric bill because she's afraid she'll be "putting someone out" and they will be upset with her. It's very hard for her to take rejection, even over the phone, even from someone she doesn't know. She's especially afraid to call people she does know because she feels that she'll be calling at the wrong time the other person will be busy and they won't want to talk with her. She feels rejected even before she makes the call. Once the call is made and over, she sits, analyzes, and ruminates about what was said, what tone it was said in, and how she was perceived by the other person....her anxiety and racing thoughts concerning the call prove to her that she "goofed" this conversation up, too

20. Social Anxiety Disorder - Richard A. Preuit, M.A., LMFT
Professional help to overcome and/or learn ways to better manage their disorder.Category Health Mental Health Disorders Anxiety social anxiety disorder Richard A. Preuit, MA, LMFT Social PhobiaCognitive Behavior Group Individual Treatment Options. Social
Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)
Richard A. Preuit, M.A., LMFT
SPECIALIZING IN THE TREATMENT OF SOCIAL ANXIETY DISORDER (SAD) [ Home ] SAD Quiz Free Workshop(s) Thursday Group Saturday Group ... SAD Links
You Can Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder-Social Phobia!!!
Social Anxiety Disorder also known as Social Phobia can be successfully treated! Welcome, this is a website designed especially for those who suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder and are seeking professional help to overcome and/or learn ways to better manage their disorder.
Often someone with SAD suffers profound loneliness and intense emotional pain in an attempt to avoid rejection and/or the scrutiny of others while at the same time truly yearning for connection, friendship and intimacy. But today there is good reason to have HOPE that you can break the patterns that result in isolation and withdrawal from life.
I am a licensed therapist who understands personally what it is like to have social anxiety. I do not know of or pretend to offer a quick...simple..."CURE" because to date there isn't one. But SAD is clearly treatable, and for most sufferers real improvement is indeed achievable.
The materials I use have been specifically developed for the treatment of SAD. I have current training in and use the latest cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques. I offer both individual and group therapy for social anxiety/phobia. In individual therapy, a general treatment objective/milestone is active participation in a SAD CBT group. My general therapy approach is to provide brief (14-25 sessions), goal-focused, cost-effective treatment that is delivered in a warm, safe and understanding therapeutic environment.

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