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  1. The Nature of Statistical Learning Theory by Vladimir N. Vapnik, 1998-12-14
  2. Mathematical Aspects of Spin Glasses and Neural Networks (Progress in Probability) by Anton Bovier, Pierre Picco, 1997-12
  3. Intelligence Through Simulated Evolution: Forty Years of Evolutionary Programming (Wiley Series on Intelligent Systems) by Lawrence J. Fogel, 1999-08-02
  4. Artificial Neural Networks for Civil Engineers: Fundamentals and Applications
  5. Neural Networks in Design and Manufacturing by Jun Want, 1993-12
  6. Feedforward Neural Network Methodology (Springer Series in Statistics) by Terrence L. Fine, 1999-06-11
  7. Control of Uncertain Sampled-Data Systems (Systems & Control: Foundations & Applications) by Geir E. Dullerud, 1995-11-29
  8. Biological Neural Networks: the Hierarchical Concept of Brain Function by Konstantin V. Baev, 1998-04-30
  9. Evaluation of Uncertainties and Risks in Geology: New Mathematical Approaches for their Handling by György Bardossy, János Fodor, 2010-11-02
  10. Neural Networks and Analog Computation: Beyond the Turing Limit (Progress in Theoretical Computer Science) by Hava T. Siegelmann, 1998-12-01
  11. Optimization Techniques, Volume 2 (Neural Network Systems Techniques and Applications) by Cornelius T. Leondes, 1997-11-14
  12. Neural Networks by Steve Ellacott, Deb Bose, 1996-01-15
  13. Algorithmic Decision Theory: First International Conference, ADT 2009, Venice, Italy, October 2009, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
  14. Dependability of Engineering Systems: Modeling and Evaluation by Jovan M. Nahman, 2001-12-18

61. Focus On Education - The Fuzzy Math In American Textbooks
The fuzzy math in American Textbooks by Dick M. Carpenter II, Ph.D. Thiscommentary first aired January 27, 2001 on Family news in Focus.
The Fuzzy Math in American Textbooks
by Dick M. Carpenter II, Ph.D. This commentary first aired January 27, 2001 on Family news in Focus According to legendary coach Vince Lombardi, there’s first place and no place. On the latest International Mathematics and Science test, which compares students in 17 countries, US kids scored 10 spots below no place. Since those scores were released in December, pundits have been scrambling to identify the culprits of our poor showing. A recent report may shed some light on our 12 th place ranking. A new study of widely used middle school textbooks found students are being fed erroneous information, some to the tune of nearly 600 errors per book. Examples include:
  • The equator passing through the southern United States The incorrect formula for the volume of a sphere and my favorite, a photo of singer Linda Ronstadt labeled as a silicone crystal.
Some school officials naively claim textbook errors have no impact on student learning. Such assumptions ignore research showing 80-90% of classroom and homework assignments are text-book driven, and any parent or teacher of a middle schooler knows students are inclined to believe what they read. Moreover, according to other research there is a definite link between our poor showing on international tests and rotten textbooks. When textbook content is compared to test results, countries like Singapore that topped the list had the highest quality textbooks.

62. Kansas State Collegian: Column: Fuzzy Math 09/27/02
Column fuzzy math City, county should watch finances closer, prevent mistakeswhen facing tight budgets Published on Friday, September 27, 2002
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Column: Fuzzy Math City, county should watch finances closer, prevent mistakes when facing tight budgets Published on Friday, September 27, 2002
Jennifer Kimball/Collegian Andrew Lawson
Kansas State Collegian
By now, almost everyone is aware the United States is in serious economic straits. And Kansans realize their state is suffering a significant budget crisis. But if Manhattan and Riley County are templates by which to judge, some of the worst financial problems may be happening at the local government level. Funds already are stretched thin in many places, and the situation only compounds when avoidable errors are made. When money gets tight, there is no extra funding to cover mistakes, and even more budget cuts and tax increases become necessary to break even.

63. Fuzzy Math
In a disgraceful attempt to circumvent the clear meaning of words, futurists misinterpret2 Peter 38,9 to justify their reinvention of the meaning of soon
In a disgraceful attempt to circumvent the clear meaning of words, futurists misinterpret 2 Peter 3:8,9 to justify their reinvention of the meaning of "soon" "quickly" and "at hand" (as found in the book of Revelation and used to determine the timing of the events related in John's vision). Here is the verse in question and the comments of James Stuart Russell from "The Parousia"
"But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to reprentance." 2 Peter 3:8,9
"Few passages have suffered more from misconstruction than this, which has been made to speak a language inconsistent with its obvious intention, and even incompatible with a strict regard to veracity.
There is probably an allusion here to the words of the psalmist, in which he contrasts the brevity of human life with the eternity of the divine existence,-‘A thousand years in thy sight are but as yesterday when it is past’ (Ps. xc. 4). It is a grand and impressive thought, and quite in unison with the sentiment of the apostle,-‘One day is with the Lord as a thousand years.’ But surely it would be the height of absurdity to regard this sublime poetic image as a calculus for the divine measurement of time, or as giving us a warrant for wholly disregarding definitions of time in the predictions and promises of God.

64. Q 132: Fuzzy Math
Miss Abigail's Home Questions Answers Ask Away! Selection of the WeekThe Bookshelf History Links Search Time Warp. Q Dear Miss Abigail
Q Dear Miss Abigail: A man bought a number of eggs at three a dollar and as many eggs at four a dollar and sold them all at the rate of seven for two dollars, losing one dollar in the bargain. Find the number of eggs he bought. Signed,
A Dear Sreekumar: I'm sorry ~ last week I was working and playing in New York City, and then when I got home Saturday night I went to a fabulous Halloween party. I really tried to concentrate on this problem of yours, but according to The Young Lady's Aid to Usefulness and Happiness, which was written in 1838 by Jason Whitman, I can't possibly answer your question. I need to rest for a few days, at least!
1838: Intellectual Improvement
Source: Young Lady's Aid
~ pp. 189-90 ~
Miss Abigail's Home
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65. Fuzzy Math
Printer Friendly Version. fuzzy math fuzzy math It's beginning tosmell a lot like stagflation. It's not just in corporate earnings
Printer Friendly Version FUZZY MATH Fuzzy Math ...It's beginning to smell a lot like stagflation. It's not just in corporate earnings that we are seeing cost pressures bubble up from below and top line pressures exert force from above. The economic numbers in general are reflecting a new shade of blue. The recent September/October economic numbers don't reflect a plethora of holiday cheer. At least not yet: CPI GDP Avg. Hourly Earnings Unemployment Below 4 % As you know, these numbers characterize the joint forces of slowing economic growth and rising inflationary pressures. There's nothing fuzzy in the numbers of the above table. In fact the message is crystal clear. Consumption Junction ...We believe that one of the key questions for the economy over the near term is whether the US consumer will ride to the rescue. In the last few years, the consumer has shown up on cue in 4Q to lift holiday spirits of the general economy. Of course these were also periods where Club Fed was priming the monetary pump. Plenty of money for consumer spending (including stocks). Interestingly enough, strong 4Q consumer spending also led to strong spending in the first quarter of the subsequent year. Here are the numbers:

66. Turner: Institutions: Commentary, Turner Investment Partners: Institutions: Comm
Institutions Commentary, Accounting shades of fuzzy math? (Feb 10,2002) fuzzy math was the pet presidentialcampaign phrase of
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Institutions Commentary

67. Fuzzy Math Rubs Some Parents The Wrong Way
Where's the Math? fuzzy math rubs some parents the wrong way. Nov.3, 1996 Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Page 1. Original story written
Fuzzy math rubs some parents the wrong way
Nov. 3, 1996 Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Page 1 Original story written by Guy Kovner and Tina Anima; this is a synopsis While some Sonoma County parents have joined a statewide rebellion against a new math program, proponents of the program, called MathLand, contend it is essential to students' success in the 21st century since it emphasizes problem-solving and conceptual thinking. However, the program's lack of drills and rote learning has prompted two parents to pull their children from public schools. Another parent who voiced complaints, Cheryl Nelson, has been asked to stop volunteering in her daughter's classroom. MathLand is used in 12 Sonoma County school districts and is the best curriculum available, according to Steve Collins, the assistant superintendent for curriculum in Petaluma city schools. The Old Adobe School District in Petaluma appears to be the only district in Sonoma County with trouble in MathLand. "All this hands-on, feel-good stuff, I don't think it works," said former La Tercera PTA president Linda Bautista, who removed her daughter from the school's fourth grade three weeks ago. "Hey, there's no math in it," complained Charles Beavers, an architect who switched his daughter to a private school after previewing the MathLand program last spring. "I think it's great that people are starting to complain." Billye Rae Lipscomb, superintendent of the Old Adobe District, said she was "taken aback" by protests, since MathLand was the "hands-down favorite" of teachers who piloted math programs. Lipscomb acknowledged that MathLand is supplemented in the classroom: "There are some things you have to memorize, and we know that."

68. Fuzzy Math
fuzzy math. From Ph.D. math student Date 10/16/98 Time 124444 PM Remote Name206.86.183.225. Today I read for the first time about “fuzzy math” .
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fuzzy math
From: Ph.D. math student
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Last changed: October 30, 1998

69. April 1995: Fuzzy Math
April 1995 fuzzy math. by Jim Stiles. When the Republican Congressfailed to pass the Balanced Budget Amendment by a single vote
April 1995: Fuzzy Math by Jim Stiles When the Republican Congress failed to pass the Balanced Budget Amendment by a single vote last month, it was by no means the end of efforts to bring the federal deficit under control. Newt Gingrich has pledged to deliver a balanced budget by the year 2002, with or without the amendment. He thinks he can do it without raising taxes. He can't. He thinks he can do it by cutting discretionary programs. He can't. What scares the hell out of me is another revenue-generating option that hasn't been given much attention yet. And it conveniently coincides with a movement in the West that, on the surface at least, appears quite compatible. If the Congress can't reduce the deficit through spending cuts, and it won't raise taxes, the U.S. Government is still the largest landlord in the country.  In Utah, almost two-thirds of the state is administered by agencies of the federal government. Because much of the acreage is publicly owned it cannot be taxed by local county governments. As a result the federal government pays out millions of dollars in compensatory funds to counties. Grand County received $306,000 in what are called PILT payments (Payment in lieu of taxes) for 1994 alone. But what if the federal government decided to give all this land back to the counties? Such a move would free them from making any further payments to the states and counties and would require those counties to generate their own revenues from the land. It's something that many rural western counties say they want.

70. Fuzzy Math
fuzzy math. by Rabbi Shmuel Weiss Torah from Dixie Staff Writer. Ofall the buildings ever built on earth, the most magnificent—at
FUZZY MATH by Rabbi Shmuel Weiss
Torah from Dixie Staff Writer Of all the buildings ever built on earth, the most magnificent—at least in Jewish eyes—was the Mishkan, (Tabernacle) later to become the Temple. Of all the rooms in the Mishkan, the most important was the Holy of Holies. Of all the buildings ever built on earth, the most magnificent—at least in Jewish eyes—was the Mishkan, (Tabernacle) later to become the Temple. Of all the rooms in the Mishkan, the most important was the Holy of Holies. This was because it was in this small room that the Ark was kept, containing the Ten Commandments given by Hashem to the Jewish People. But the sages tell us a most amazing feature of the Ark. If one adds up the dimensions of the entire Mishkan, and then tries to factor in the length and width of the Arkk, there is simply no room! Says the Talmud (Tractate Yuma 21b): One of the daily miracles in the Mishkan was that the Ark took up no space at all. It was somehow above and beyond normal, human measurement. In other words, by the usual rules of science, the Ark’s existence was inexplicable. In a sense, the Ark’s wondrous, mystical composition is not unlike our own. How do we Jews survive? By the rules of history, we should have vanished long ago, like the Greeks, Romans, and Persians. Yet, despite relentless and concerted efforts on the part of the world to eradicate us, we defy the odds and remain.

71. New Fuzzy Math, BushEnronomics Style - BuzzFlash Guest Contribution
annual income. Let's do some math Two wage earners with $39,000 inannual income means each is earning $19,500 a piece. Subtracting
BuzzFlash Guest Contribution January 12, 2003 CONTRIBUTOR ARCHIVES MORE
New Fuzzy Math, BushEnronomics Style
BUZZFLASH READER COMMENTARY This week, Bush unveiled his "bold" $674 billion economic "plan" calling for, amongst other things, the elimination of the tax on stock dividends, with the claim that "92 million Americans will receive an average tax 'rebate' of $1093." Bush highlighted this assertion with a hypothetical about a family of four with two wage earners and $39,000 in annual income. Let's do some math: Two wage earners with $39,000 in annual income means each is earning $19,500 a piece. Subtracting federal, state and local taxes averaging 30%, this leaves each with $13,650, or $27, 300 total. That's $2275 per month for rent, car, car insurance, medical bills, food, clothing, gas, etc. - for four people. The average rent in America is $900 per month, leaving $1375 for the rest. (With mean housing prices over $200,000, buying is, of course, not an option.) A $1093 "rebate" comes out to $91 per month. One evening at the movies would cost Bush's family of four approximately $40, assuming they didn't snack. But two critical numbers are missing from this equation. One is the fact that 39 states are facing deep deficits, meaning tax hikes, raised fees and program cuts are inevitable. Some examples include higher car registration charges, higher utility "service" charges, etc. Conservative estimates suggest Bush's family of four could expect to lose another 10% of their income, bringing it down to $2048, even as states shutter libraries, increase school class sizes, layoff hundreds of state workers, reduce police and fire departments, empty prisons, and close parks, clinics, zoos, and museums. And forget about infrastructure maintenance and repair altogether.

72. - Fuzzy Math: Zoeller Only Man To Break Par In Senior PGA
Advertising Requests. fuzzy math Zoeller only man to break par inSenior PGA June 9, 2002 y2002, m6 Related Link Official Site

Author, Comment. The Pesky Accountant Unregistered User (11/14/02114730 am) Reply, fuzzy math IN MIAMI The Nov. 10 Miami Herald

74. Fuzzy Math The Essential Guide To The Bush Tax Plan EBook
ebooks. Title fuzzy math The Essential Guide to the Bush Tax Plan.Author Krugman, Paul. Publisher WW Norton Company. Available

75. Bush's Fuzzy Math- Silver Chips Online
opinions. Bush's fuzzy math fuzzy math? I think so. COMMENTS. Give your opinion!View our comment policy Submit general comments here Name Email Comment

76. Fuzzy Math: A Count Too Close To Ever Be Clear
Published on Monday, November 27, 2000 in the San Francisco Chronicle.fuzzy math A Count Too Close To Ever Be Clear. by Donald Fels.
Home Newswire About Us Donate ... Sign-Up Featured Views Share This Article With Your Friends Published on Monday, November 27, 2000 in the San Francisco Chronicle Fuzzy Math:
A Count Too Close To Ever Be Clear by Donald Fels
THE CLOSER we look, the fuzzier it gets. The recounts, whether by machine or by hand, whether done in hours or days, deliver different totals than the original vote. But how do we know that the recounts are themselves correct? Would a recount of the recount suffice to settle the score perhaps best two out of three? The problem is simple, even if the solution is not: The vote was closer than can be counted without ruling out the possibility of statistically significant error. We have no way to see clearly enough to see who won. The system, mechanical voting machines and computers notwithstanding, is a human one. As such, it is open to error, malfeasance and interpretation. In other words, it is only relatively accurate. Government, politics and contemporary life seem to have finally caught up with mathematics, science and art. Moving into the 21st century, we are caught in the vortex of post-post modernism, a situation predicted early in the last century. Einstein's Theory of Relativity states that measurement depends on the relative position of the measurer and changes accordingly. Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle tells us that the act of taking measurement irrevocably changes the reality of that being measured. The ecology of edges, looking through microscopes, telescopes or digital scans, predicts the same result as we are seeing in the nightly news from Florida. What appears as distinct and objective to the naked eye, say black and white, turns out to be a small point of black and one of white with a vast middle of gray moving in either direction.

77. Fuzzy Math By Paul Krugman
fuzzy math By Paul Krugman Price $17.00 (eBook), ORDER fuzzy math BY SECURE CREDITCARD PAYMENT fuzzy math is available for instant download, priced $17.00.
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78. Fuzzy Math
Laissezfaire SUPPLY-SIDE Reaganomics Trickle-Down Voodoo Economics Gee-Dubbya'sfuzzy math! Dubbya's fuzzy math, Real Math. The national treasury is full!
09 Feb 01 Tangents MAIN Government
... FEEDBACK Posted
11 Feb 01
Standard copy permissions apply.

Voodoo Economics
Gee-Dubbya's FUZZY MATH! a new label for the mathematically challenged right's time-tested scheme for temporarily enriching the wealthy and further impoverishing the poor, while raising interest rates for everyone, destabilizing the economy, and plunging the nation into debt Dubbya's Fuzzy Math Real Math The national treasury is full! Only if we ignore the National Debt As anyone who has passed a basic economics course knows, there are two sides to a ledger: ASSETS and LIABILITIES . As to the treasury's situation, yes, there is currently a (projected) budgetary surplus. But there is also a $5-trillion debt, which imposes a $1000-per-person annual drain on our economy. Simply ignoring it won't make it go away. American taxpayers are overcharged!

79. What Is Fuzzy Math
What is fuzzy math. Fall has arrived, and signs of the new season areall around us. The Do you hear it? That’s fuzzy math. Fuzzy
What is Fuzzy Math Fall has arrived, and signs of the new season are all around us. The leaves are turning ochre and falling from the trees without a fight. Pumpkins grin from people’s porches, and the wind can come up from behind and bite you. This season there’s something else wafting on the air. Do you hear it? That’s fuzzy math. Fuzzy math, for those of you who don’t know, is what happens when take you take something that is true, rip it out of its context and twist and mash it to fit your own purposes until all that is left is a dripping rind. It’s what Al Gore is practicing in this presidential campaign whenever he starts rattling off figures about George W. Bush’s proposals. "But why give the richest guys relief at all?" you might ask. Because it’s fair. Certainly it is a good principle to shift most of the responsibility for paying taxes to those best able to do so, and indeed Bush’s proposal does accomplish that by taking some of the lowest income people (such as the theoretical Joneses) off the tax rolls completely. Yet what does it say if we run an entire government, and a democracy nonetheless, off the pocketbooks of a certain few? That would certainly seem to be discouraging the kind of entrepreneurship that helped most of those people find success to begin with. There are many other examples of fuzzy math being employed by Al Gore and the Democrats in this election, and in many cases they’re the same distortions they’ve been using since before either you or I was born. The most common one is that Republicans will bankrupt Social Security and Medicare. Republicans have never attempted nor intended anything of the sort, and plenty of them have been in a position to do so if they so desired. The problem those entitlement programs face is caused by inactivity in the face of changing demographics (fewer workers to pay for more and more retiree’s benefits) rather than any "risky chance scheme" that Gore claims Bush is making. Bush’s plan would give Social Security a new chance at life while Gore would merely sit placidly on a time bomb, hoping it goes off on someone else’s watch.

80. Fuzzy Math
The fuzzy math of Fluoride Promotion. By Paul Connett, PhD ( of you may have probably heard the term fuzzy math before.
July 1, 2002 The "Fuzzy Math" of Fluoride Promotion By Paul Connett, PhD ( Many of you may have probably heard the term "fuzzy math" before. It is a term used to describe a somewhat controversial method of teaching math where the answers do not have to be EXACTLY right. But at the very least, they are supposed to be close. Unfortunately, many of those promoting the practice of water fluoridation would fail to meet even these basic "fuzzy math" guidelines, with methods better described as "hairy" than "fuzzy". And "fuzzy math" is supposed to be a temporary teaching tool for young children, NOT a permanent way of doing business or a method used to change the data to whatever suits your agenda. While I was in New Zealand recently, I was sent some literature, better described as a propaganda package, from the Australian Dental Association entitled "Fluoridation: Nature Thought of it First". My response to that title was that I completely agree. "Nature" did indeed think of it first, and wisely spotted that fluoride was very toxic. That is why "Nature" limits the level of fluoride in mother's milk to 0.01 ppm (parts per million), which is 100 times less than most of the levels at which water is fluoridated in the few "not so bright" countries which continue this foolish practice.

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