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         Addams Jane:     more books (100)
  1. Feminist Interpretations of Jane Addams (Re-Reading the Canon) by Maurice Hamington, 2010-08-10
  2. Hot Day on Abbott Avenue (Jane Addams Honor Book (Awards)) by Karen English, 2004-05-24
  3. Jane Adams: Twenty Yearsat Hull-House (Illustrated and Unabridged) by Jane Addams, 2009-11-03
  4. The Selected Papers of Jane Addams: Vol. 2: Venturing into Usefulness (Selected Papers of Jane Adams) by Jane Addams, 2009-12-23
  5. Lost Sociologists Rediscovered: Jane Addams, Walter Benjamin, W. E. B. Du Bois, Harriet Martineau, Pitirim A. Sorokin, Flora Tristan, George E. Vincent ... Webb (Mellen Studies in Sociology, V. 36)
  6. Hull-House Maps and Papers: A Presentation of Nationalities and Wages in a Congested District of Chicago, Together with Comments and Essays on Problems Growing Out of the Social Conditions by Jane Addams, Residents of Hull-House, 2007-01-15
  7. Jane Addams' Essays and Speeches by Jane Addams, Judy D. Whipps, et all 2006-03-24
  8. The Long Road of Woman's Memory by Jane Addams, 2010-09-17
  9. Voices of Hope: The Story of the Jane Addams School for Democracy by Nan Kari and Nan Skelton, 2007-03-06
  10. The Selected Papers of Jane Addams: vol. 1: Preparing to Lead, 1860-81
  11. Jane Addams: Nobel Prize Winner and Founder of Hull House (Historical American Biographies) by Bonnie C. Harvey, 1999-07
  12. The Social Thought of Jane Addams (American Heritage Series) by Jane Addams,
  13. Jane Addams: A Biography (Greenwood Biographies) by Robin K. Berson, 2004-09-30
  14. Waging Peace: The Story Of Jane Addams (Social Critics and Reformers) by Peggy Caravantes, 2004-09-30

21. Jane Addams
House in Chicago, first president of the Women's International League for Peace andFreedom, and cowinner of the nobel Peace Prize for 1931, jane addams was a
Jane Addams
(Text adapted by Julie Johnson from Twenty Years At Hull-House by Jane Addams and the foreword written by Henry Steele Commager) Democracy and Social Ethics Newer Ideals of Peace Twenty Years at Hull-House The Second Twenty Years at Hull-House The Excellent Becomes the Permanent (1932). In 1931 Miss Addams was co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and characteristically enough she donated the prize money to the Women's Peace Party. She died in Chicago on May 21, 1935.
The Beginnings
At nearby Rockford Seminary, too it was not yet a college the air was heavy with a sense of responsibility moral, cultural, and even social. Here the girls, most of them deeply religious, encountered a strong missionary tradition, and here too a compelling sense of the obligation of women to prove themselves in what was still a man's world. It was all very Victorian: the passion for Culture, the passion for Good Works. There was a brief effort to study medicine still a bit daring in the eighties and after that a long visit to Europe. She was sent abroad to drink up the culture of the Old World, like any Daisy Miller (Henry James was a fellow passenger), but she would have none of it. She wrote later, and bitterly, of "the sweet dessert in the morning, and the assumption that the sheltered, educated girl has nothing to do with the bitter poverty and the social maladjustment which is all about her, and which, after all, cannot be concealed, for it breaks through poetry and literature in a burning tide which overwhelms her; it peers at her in the form of the heavy-laden market women and underpaid street laborers, gibing her with a sense of her own uselessness."

22. History Of Education
1931. jane addams, founder of HullHouse, is awarded the nobel PeacePrize. At age 71, jane addams (1860-1935) became the first American
Selected Moments of the 20th Century A work in progress edited by Daniel Schugurensky
Department of Adult Education, Community Development and Counselling Psychology,
The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE/UT)
Jane Addams, founder of Hull-House, is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize At age 71, Jane Addams (1860-1935) became the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, an honor which she shared with Nicholas Murray Butler of Columbia University. Described at that ceremony as a spokesperson for all peace-loving women of the world, Addams had been actively engaged in the peace movement since 1914. Her struggle for peace was not easy. During the war, she was attacked as unpatriotic and demonized as an advocate of socialism and communism.
Prior to the beginning of World War I, Addams devoted most of her time to the Hull-House, a Chicago settlement house and educational center that attracted countless numbers of poor immigrants, and to political activities aimed at abolishing child labor. She was a natural leader, and, in spite of her frequent illnesses, she was at the forefront of the struggles for women's suffrage, immigrant education, health care, children's rights, housing, peace and progressive education.
Born in 1860, Jane was the eighth child of nine. Her mother died during childbirth when Jane was two and a half. Her father, John Addams, was a major influence in her life. He was a prosperous sawmill owner in rural Illinois and was concerned with public interest issues. Among John Addam's accomplishments, he helped to organize the first church and school in their home town and ran the first town library out of their house. Later in his life he was elected a state senator, as a staunch supporter of Abraham Lincoln, who would become a role-model for Jane in her early years.

23. Jane Addams, Mother Of Social Work - Her Life Of Activism From Cedarville To Hul
Biography and links to related sites about this suffragette who gave up a life of affluence to found Category Society History North America United States Women...... in 1915. jane addams Her biography from the nobel Foundation. janeaddams - Another biography from Women in History. Find Your
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Jane Addams, Mother of Social Work
Her Life of Activism from Cedarville to Hull House In 1915, a former garbage inspector for the Near West Side of Chicago was getting a lot of people in America riled up. Issuing a publication lambasting the intolerably unsanitary conditions of the housing available to the city's burgeoning immigrant population was bad enough. Suggesting that the city officials hadn't a clue about how to solve the problem and needed to be reeducated by a whole new class of voter was worse. But joining an International Congress in the Netherlands to put a stop to World War I and pull the teeth from the military in all countries was the limit. Could this be the same person who seconded the presidential nomination of Theodore Roosevelt at the Progressive Party convention in 1912? Could this be Jane Addams? Oh yes, it was Jane Addams alright, and those who neglected the poor, took advantage of minorities and believed in an all-male ruling class had reason to fear. Jane was on a roll. Her pamphlet entitled "Why Women Should Vote" made too much sense. She opened with the premise that a woman's simplest duty was just what men had been promoting all along. She was to "keep the house clean and wholesome and feed her children properly." Then the charmingly feminine Jane Addams turned ardent feminist. After all, she pointed out, how could these dutiful women possibly provide what was asked of them when the City Administration failed to ensure that their basements were dry, the stairwells fireproof, enough windows were provided for light and air, the garbage was properly collected and destroyed, and the tenement buildings were equipped with sanitary plumbing?

24. Jane Addams: Nobel Prize Winner And Founder Of Hull House
jane addams nobel Prize Winner and Founder of Hull House. by Bonnie CarmanHarvey. Title jane addams nobel Prize Winner and Founder of Hull House.
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Jane Addams:
Nobel Prize Winner and Founder of Hull House
by Bonnie Carman Harvey
ISBN: Title: Jane Addams: Nobel Prize Winner and Founder of Hull House Author: Bonnie Carman Harvey Publisher: Enslow Publishers, Incorporated Edition: Hardcover Found a mistake in this data?
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25. Jane Addams Book Award
jane addams page from the nobel eMuseum; Women's International League for Peaceand Freedom; Women's International League for Peace and Freedom US Section
Jane Addams Children's Book Awards
The Award
  • Background Information
  • Guidelines
  • List of Winners and Honor Books
    Related Links
  • Jane Addams Peace Assocation
  • Jane Addams Hull-House Museum
  • Jane Addams: Mother of the World from the Swarthmore College Peace Collection
  • Jane Addams page from the Nobel e-Museum
  • Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
  • Women's International League for Peace and Freedom: U.S. Section Jane Addams Peace Association, Inc.
    777 United Nations Plaza
    New York, NY 10017
    Telephone: 212-682-8830
    FAX: 212-286-8211
    The Jane Addams Children's Book Award site is sponsored by the Cooperative Children's Book Center, UW-Madison School of Education. Main Page Virtual CCBC CCBC This Season Publications
  • 26. The Jane Addams Book Awards
    addams as its first president. jane addams was the first Americanwoman to win the nobel Peace Prize, which she received in 1931.
    The Jane Addams Book Award
    by Ginny Moore Kruse
    Chair of the 2003 Award Committee
    The Jane Addams Children's Book Award has been presented annually since 1953 by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and the Jane Addams Peace Association to the children's book of the preceding year that most effectively promotes the cause of peace, social justice and world community. Beginning in 1993, a Picture Book category was created. Honor books may be chosen in each category. Authors and artists of award-winning and honor books each receive a certificate and a cash award. Seals designating each recognition are available for purchase by publishers, libraries, schools and others wanting them from the Jane Addams Peace Assocation. A national committee of WILPF members concerned with children's and young adult books books and their social values is responsible for making the choices each year. Books may be submitted by the book publishers or requested by the committee. Books for preschool through age fourteen are eligible, including translations and books published in English in other countries, and subsquently published in the U.S.A. during the preceding year. Publishers and authors may submit books for consideration by mailing two copies of each book to: Chair, Jane Addams Children's Book Award Committee, 1708 Regent St., Madison, WI 53726. Between 1963 and 2002, announcement of the awards was made each fall on the September anniversary of Jane Addams' birth date. Beginning in 2003, the award winners will be announced on April 28, the anniversary of the founding of WILPF. An awards presentation open to all interested people is held each fall.

    27. Jane Addams
    Chronology of JA's life. jane addams, Mother of Social Work . JA Biographyfrom the nobel Foundation. JA Biography from Women in History.
    Jane Addams Center for Civic Engagement The
    Jane Addams
    legacy at Rockford College Home page Laura Jane Addams entered what was then Rockford Female Seminary in 1877 and became the first graduate to receive a from the newly accredited baccalaureate institution in 1882 (the school was renamed Rockford College in 1892.) She would also eventually become the best known Rockford College graduate, indeed, one of the most influential Americans of the early 20th century for her role as a social reformer. In recognition of her efforts to promote international peace and justice she received the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1931.
    This fall (2002) Rockford College is honoring Jane Addams with the founding of the Jane Addams Center for Civic Engagement . The Center will be an on-going initiative to advance the mission and ideals of the College through the study and practice of citizenship, service, and life-long learning. A series of public programs of speakers and performers is scheduled for the inaugural year of the Center.

    28. WorldBook General Reference Encyclopedia > Social Science > Sociology > Social W
    jane addams jan.htm janeaddams , founder of Hull- House , is awarded the nobel Peace Prize. Science/Sociology/Social Wo

    WorldBook General Reference Encyclopedia
    Social Science Sociology Social Workers ... Addams, Jane Addams, Jane Search the Web with WorldBook All of Surfable Books Match: All Any Boolean
    Documents 1 - 10 of 127 on the subject : Addams, Jane Add to my e-mail alerts ADDAMS , Jane
    ADDAMS , Jane ADDAMS , Jane , ... Jane Addams (1860-1935); American social reformer. ADDAMS , Jane (1860-1935), American ...
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    Jane Addams
    Jane Addams 1860- 1935 by Nicolle Bettis Childhood Education The death of John Addams Ideas of a settlement house History of Hull House Hull House charter Hull Houses first resident Events at Hull House Day in the life of Jane Addams Hull House Ma
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    Jane Addams
    Jane Addams ... jan.htm " Addams , Jane " Britanica Online Addams , Jane (1910 ...
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    29. Jane Addams
    jane addams nobel Prize Winner and Founder of Hull House. Names Index A B C DE F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Authors Index Scholars Index .

    Histories Index

    Berenice Abbott

    Sidney A. Abbott

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    Jane Addams
    Texts: Jane Addams Texts: Queer Histories Texts: Authors Index Films: Queer History ... Suggest a Name Names Index: A B C D ... Scholars Index Biography: Jane Addams Addams was born to a well-off and locally prominent family in Cedarville, Illinois. She completed college and went on to study medicine when ill-health caused her to leave school. During the 1880 she traveled with Ellen Gates Starr, a former classmate at the Rockford Female Seminary with whom she was said to have had a romantic friendship. In England, the pair discovered settlement houses, houses found in city slums occupied by social workers who provided services to the local community. Back in the United States in 1889, Addams and Starr founded Hull House in Chicago. By 1900, Hull House flourished as a popular center of political, educational and social activity. Due to the success of Hull House Addams became well-known and a nationwide settlement house movement began.

    30. Jane Addams
    jane addams. 1860 1935. Humanitarian. nobel Peace Prize winner (1931) jane addamswas the founder of Hull House, an urban settlement house in Chicago in 1889.
    A Useful Woman : The Early Life of Jane Addams
    by Gioia Diliberto
    Price: $20.80 Jane Addams : Nobel Prize Winner and Founder of Hull House
    (Historical American Biographies)

    by Bonnie Carman Harvey
    Price: $20.95
    Jane Addams
    Nobel Peace Prize winner (1931) Jane Addams was the founder of Hull House, an urban settlement house in Chicago in 1889. Within 15 years of its opening, Hull House was widely regarded as offering the premier facilities and programs for the benefit of the urban working class. An author and supporter of women's suffrage, Addams was also a tireless worker for world peace. Bibliography: Gioia Diliberto. A Useful Woman: The Early Life of Jane Addams. New York: Scribner, c1999.
    Jane Addams; illustrations by Norah Hamilton; with an introduction and notes by Ruth Sidel. Twenty years at Hull-House: with autobiographical notes. New York : Penguin Books, 1998.
    Stephanie Sammartino McPherson. Peace and Bread: The Story of Jane Addams. Minneapolis : Carolrhoda Books, c1993.

    31. Jane Addams Founds Hull House: 1889
    1. Chicago The AN Marqui's Company, 1943. http//
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    32. Addams, Jane
    International League for Peace and Freedom, jane addams served as a heart attack in1926, Miss addams never fully December 10, 1931, that the nobel Peace Prize
    Addams, Jane (Laura) Jane Addams (September 6, 1860-May 21, 1935) won worldwide recognition in the first third of the twentieth century as a pioneer social worker in America, as a feminist, and as an internationalist. She was born in Cedarville, Illinois, the eighth of nine children. Her father was a prosperous miller and local political leader who served for sixteen years as a state senator and fought as an officer in the Civil War; he was a friend of Abraham Lincoln whose letters to him began «My Dear Double D-'ed Addams». Because of a congenital spinal defect, Jane was not physically vigorous when young nor truly robust even later in life, but she became a graceful attractive woman after her spinal difficulty was remedied by surgery.
    Miss Addams and Miss Starr made speeches about the needs of the neighborhood, raised money, convinced young women of well-to-do families to help, took care of children, nursed the sick, listened to outpourings from troubled people. By its second year of existence, Hull-House was host to two thousand people every week. There were kindergarten classes in the morning, club meetings for older children in the afternoon, and for adults in the evening more clubs or courses in what became virtually a night school. The first facility added to Hull-House was an art gallery, the second a public kitchen; then came a coffee house, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, a cooperative boarding club for girls, a book bindery, an art studio, a music school, a drama group, a circulating library, an employment bureau, a labor museum.

    33. Jane Addams A Foe Of War And Need
    House, in the squalid slums of Chicago's West Side, jane addams, a priestess of MurrayButler, president of Columbia University, received the nobel Peace Prize
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    May 22, 1935 OBITUARY
    Jane Addams A Foe of War and Need
    By THE NEW YORK TIMES t Hull House, in the squalid slums of Chicago's West Side, Jane Addams, a priestess of understanding among neighbors and of peace among nations, kept open hours for prince and pauper alike. It was her shrine and it will remain her monument. This pioneer settlement house, which she founded forty-six years ago, blazed the trail for a scientific approach to the relief of poverty and suffering and was the parent of much of the social legislation of the last four decades. Its founder and director, despite poor health, was the inspiration and fighting force behind a score of movements for reform and the betterment of mankind. Of all the causes she espoused, the dearest to her heart was the cause of disarmament and peace. For her life-long devotion to this ideal, she, with Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia University, received the Nobel Peace Prize, her share of which she characteristically turned over to further the cause of peace. Honored by Many Universities More than a dozen universities, including Smith, Yale, Wisconsin and Chicago, recognized her achievements with honorary degrees and in May, 1931, Bryn Mawr bestowed upon her the M. Carey Thomas Prize of $5,000, awarded intermittently "to an American woman in recognition of eminent achievements."

    34. UMI :: Addams, Jane, The Papers, 1860-1960
    the nobel Peace Prize in 1931four years before her deathwere her antiwar actionsvindicated in the minds of the general public. The jane addams Papers is

    The Jane Addams Papers, 1860-1960
    Subject Area: History
    Access: The Jane Addams Papers, 1860-1960: A Guide to the Microfilm Edition, edited by Mary Lynn McCree Bryan. Free with collection.
    Media: 82 reels of 35mm microfilm
    Overall dates of coverage:
    Total titles covered: Call for more information "An examination of the microfilm revealed that considerable forethought was given to filming....[Project participants] should be commended for bringing together a superb collection of primary research materials and for creating a valuable guide to those materials. Scholarship concerning Addams and numerous other subjects will clearly be enhanced." Illinois Historical Journal Jane Addams achieved international fame through her social work, reform strategies, and activities in support of world peace. She was also a role model at a time when few women had entered the public arena.
    • founder of Hull-House
    • founder and president of the International League for Peace and Freedom
    • first woman president of the National Conference of Charities and Corrections
    • author of 12 books and countless journal articles
    This collection documents the rise of her popularity and its temporary decline when she was reviled as a traitor for her advocacy of peace at a time when public sentiment favored war. Only when she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931four years before her deathwere her anti-war actions vindicated in the minds of the general public.

    35. Jane Addams
    Translate this page Elle obtient le Prix nobel à cause de ses actions sociales dans le domaine de l'éducation,de la prévention jane addams et Crystal MacMillan, années 20.
    Prix Nobel en 1931 Réformiste sociale, féministe, présidente de la Ligue internationale des femmes pour la paix et la liberté (1915-1936), présidente du Women's American Peace Party (avril 1915), elle représente les femmes au Congrès de la paix des femmes de La Haye (1915). Jane Addams et Mme Furuga, Osaka, Japon, 22 juin 1923. En 1889, elle crée à Chicago une maison pour les pauvres nommée "Hull House". En 1923, elle accomplit le tour du monde en donnant des conférences. Elle obtient le Prix Nobel à cause de ses actions sociales dans le domaine de l'éducation, de la prévention médicale et de la santé et pour ses efforts en vue de l'amélioration des conditions de travail et d'éducation des femmes. Jane Addams et Crystal MacMillan, années 20. Citation de Jane Addams sur carte postale (années 30).

    36. Addams, Jane
    In 1931 she was a cowinner of the nobel Prize for Peace. buildings were demolished,but the Hull residence itself was preserved as a monument to jane addams.

    37. Addams, Jane
    An active reformer throughout her career, jane addams was a leader in the woman's recipient(jointly with Nicholas Murray Butler) of the 1931 nobel Peace Prize

    38. Jane Addams Hull House
    By the time of her death in 1935, jane addams had won the nobel PeacePrize and changed forever the profile of Chicago. After her
    Community Centers LeClaire-Hearst Community Center
    Parkway Community House

    Uptown Center
    Community Programs Child Welfare
    Child Development Services

    Domestic Violence Initiative

    Housing Resource Center
    Small Business Development Unit
    Policy and Advocacy National Training Center
    Human Relations Foundation


    ... Home About Jane Addams Jane Addams Bio In Her Words Hull House First Mission ... Museum by Margaret Luft
    Former Director, Uptown Center Hull House Association of Chicago is the direct descendent of the settlement house founded by Jane Addams in 1889. History books have documented the lifetime achievements of this remarkable woman whose name represents not only a famous place in American history, but a philosophy of community service and social reform.

    39. Jane Addams Hull House
    nobel Museum Project Homepage Chicago Public Library Homepage National Women Hall HomepageItinerary of Europe trip taken by jane addams Correspondence bewteen
    Community Centers LeClaire-Hearst Community Center
    Parkway Community House

    Uptown Center

    Domestic Violence Initiative
    Small Business Development Unit
    Community Programs Child Welfare
    Child Development Services

    Housing Resource Center

    Senior Services
    Policy and Advocacy National Training Center
    Human Relations Foundation
    About Donate ... Home Research Jane Addams Bio In Her Words Hull House First Mission ... Museum
    Works by Jane Addams: "Twenty Years at Hull House" by Jane Addams
    "Democracy or Militarism"
    by Jane Addams Jane Addams Links: Nobel Museum Project Homepage Chicago Public Library Homepage National Women Hall of Fame Women in History Homepage ... Document Thirteen: Official Report from Emily Greene Balch to Jane Addams Pictures of Jane Addams and Hull House: Swarthmore College Peace Collection Pictures of Hull House Mansion Pictures of Jane Addams Pictures of Hull House Association and Jane Addams ... Pictures of Hull House Dining Room

    40. Jane Addams, Vol. 2 # 1
    jane addams received the nobel Peace Prize in 1931. addams health began todecline in 1931 after she underwent surgery and suffered a heart attack.
    Prairie Pages
    Vol. 2 # 1 Education Services Historic Preservation Agency JANE ADDAMS
    Portrait of Jane and the children of Hull House by Robert Thom.

    Jane Addams is one of the best known women in Illinois. She worked with the poor, advocated peace, and pushed for social change. Jane Addams was born September 6, 1860 in Cedarville, Illinois. She was the eighth of nine children, but only two sisters and a brother survived into adulthood. Her parents were Sarah Weber and John Huy Addams. Her father owned a sawmill and was president of the Second National Bank of Freeport. He also served as state representative for nine terms. When Jane was two years old her mother died, and she became very attached to her father. Jane was a very quiet and thoughtful child. When she was seven her father married Anna H. Haldeman. Her new stepmother encouraged Jane in her studies and her father, an avid reader, encouraged Jane to read. Jane enrolled in Rockford Female Seminary in 1877. She graduated at the head of her class, receiving her degree in 1882.
    Jane with her stepmother, Anna H. Haldeman, and her stepbrother, George Haldeman.

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