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         Addams Jane:     more books (100)
  1. The Heaven Shop (Jane Addams Honor Book (Awards)) by Deborah Ellis, 2004-08-13
  2. Jane Addams and Hull House (Cornerstones of Freedom) by Deborah Kent, 1992-09
  3. Jane Addams: A Centennial Reader by Jane Addams, 1960
  4. Jane Addams and the Practice of Democracy
  5. My Friend, Julia Lathrop by Jane Addams, Anne Firor Scott, 2004-01-22
  6. On Education by Jane Addams, 1994-01-01
  7. Jane Addams and the Men of the Chicago School: 1892-1918 by Mary Jo Deegan, 1990-01-01
  8. Peace and bread in time of war by Jane Addams, 2010-05-17
  9. With One Bold Act, The Story of Jane Addams by Barbara Garland Polikoff, 1999-09-01
  10. A centennial reader. Introduction by William O. Douglas, prefatory note on Jane Addams'' life by William L. Neumann. by Jane Addams, 1960
  11. Jane Addams by Jan Gleiter, Kathleen Thompson, 1988-01
  12. Jane Addams: Social Reformer and Nobel Prize Winner (Spirit of America, Our People) by Pam Rosenberg, 2003-08
  13. Jane Addams (People Who Made a Difference) by David Armentrout, Patricia Armentrout, 2001-09
  14. Jane Addams: A Centennial Reader by Jane Addams, 1960-01-01

41. Addams, Jane. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
An active reformer throughout her career, jane addams was a leader in the woman therecipient (jointly with Nicholas Murray Butler) of the 1931 nobel Peace Prize
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42. Addams, Jane
jane addams with a group of immigrant children. addams developed her social philosophyin lectures and writings In 1931, she was awarded the nobel Peace Prize.
Stanley K. Schultz, Professor of History
William P. Tishler, Producer
Shane Hamilton, Web Editor Addams, Jane Social reformer, settlement house pioneer (1860-1935) Jane Addams grew up in a cultured, middle-class, liberal environment in northern Illinois. Her mother died when she was two; her father was a prosperous businessman, state senator and fervent abolitionist. After graduation from Rockford Female Seminary in 1882, several years of travel, aborted studies, occasional charity work, depression and poor health followed. Concerned over urban poverty and seeking purpose in her own life, Addams gradually formulated the ambitious project which would become her life's work.
Jane Addams with a group of immigrant children In 1889, she and Ellen Starr purchased an old mansion in the middle of Chicago's immigrant neighborhoods and turned it into the Hull House settlement. This innovative institution aimed to alleviate the poverty and alienation of urban life, serving as community center, meeting place, nursery, educational resource, gymnasium, arts center and boardinghouse. Under Addams' leadership, the settlement also fought for progressive social reform, sponsoring studies of urban conditions and lobbying for legislation on housing, working conditions and child labor. Addams envisioned the settlement house not simply as charity for the poor, but as invaluable life experience for the educated, privileged but reform-minded young women who worked there. The success of Hull House spawned similar institutions in many other cities.

43. Jane Addams - Page 2 Of 2
Peace. . nobel Prize Archive Gives vital stats for nobel laureateJane addams, plus links to books by and about her. Twenty Years
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Addams, Jane
Guide picks Previous
Newer Ideals of Peace

Mead Project at the Brock Univ. Dept. of Sociology presents the text of Jane Addams' "Newer Ideals of Peace." Nobel Prize Archive
Gives vital stats for Nobel laureate Jane Addams, plus links to books by and about her. Twenty Years at Hull House Celebration of Women Writers resource provides the text of Addams' "Twenty Years at Hull House," which was first published in 1912. US History Biography of social reformer and founder of Hull House in Chicago. Recommends Addams' book "Twenty Years at Hull House." Women and Public Housekeeping University of Virginia provides a copy of this essay, surrounding the topic of U.S. Women's Suffrage during the early 20th century. Previous Email this page!

44. Jane Addams Biography of this nobel Peace Prize winner, suffragette and social asocialsettlement house founded in Chicago in 1889 by jane addams and Ellen
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Addams, Jane
Guide picks (1860-1935) American writer. Jane Addams was active in the peace movement; she wrote extensively about social justice and other social service issues. She was an important figure of that period.
Find information and resources for writers from around the world. The names are listed by last name, ranging from A (Peter Abelard, Jane Addams, Joseph Addison, etc.) to Z. Biography
Profiles the life of Addams, who wrote prolifically on topics related to Hull House, which provided social services to immigrants to Chicago.
Biography of this Nobel Peace Prize winner, suffragette and social activist, who founded Hull House in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago Public Library Describes Addams' founding of Hull House for the benefit of immigrants to Chicago. Link to books by and about Addams.

45. Addams, Jane
peopleBiography—People—A addams, jane social worker, nobel laureateBirthplace Cedarville, Ill. Born 1860 Died 1935 Previous

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46. GeoBee
the nobel Peace Prize since Bertha von Suttner in 1905. jane started a women’speace party. jane and a group of women tried to stop a war. jane addams
Back to the Wildwood Home Page Back to 4th Grade Peacemaker Projects Jane Addams
By Nia, 4 th Grade Childhood Jane Addams’s real name is Laura Jane Addams. Jane was born in Cedarville Illinois on September sixth 1860. She was the youngest of five in her family. Her mom’s name was Sara, and her dad’s name was John. Her mom died when Jane was two years old. Her dad died when Jane was in college. When Jane was a child, her nickname was Jennie. Adult Life Jane never got married or had any children of her own. Jane attended Rocksford College. Shortly after her dad died, she graduated and traveled to Europe to speak about women’s suffrage and humanitarian issues as well as public health. Jane worked for better housing, better wages for working women, said that children should be in schoolsnot in factories. Jane was interested in education and started a school for poor people In 1889, she opened Hull House. Soon after, Jane opened a school for the poor. After Jane’s school and "The Hull House" began to grow, people started to notice it and took part with Jane by helping the poor with donations. For example, they gave money and even a house and land. In 1931, Jane won the Nobel Peace Prize. Jane was the first woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize since Bertha von Suttner in 1905. Jane started a women’s peace party. Jane and a group of women tried to stop a war.

47. Women's History-Jane Addams
Wins the nobel Peace Prize jane addams supported other causes, includingtrade unions and winning suffrage (the vote) for women.
Jane Addams
Jane Addams of Hull House
by Naomi Segal Jane Addams was almost seven years old when she first sensed that city life was not all ice-cream cones and visits to the toy store. The daughter of a well-to-do Illinois businessman, Jane often went with her father on his trips to the mills that he owned. She loved playing in the great heaps of grain in the storerooms. Such a trip usually ended with a stop at the local candy store. One day in 1867, her father had business in the town of Freeport. The mill was adjacent (next) to the poorest section of town. As their horse and carriage turned into the street, Jane saw rows of run-down houses crowded one beside the other. Children dressed in ragged, dirty clothing played in the streets. Jane had never seen such a place before. Her family lived in a large house in the country. She always had clean clothes to wear and plenty of open space to play in. "Papa, why do these people live in such horrid little houses so close together?" she asked. "Because they have no money to live in better places," he replied.

48. Atrium Books - Fame - Jane Addams
With One Bold Act The Story of jane addams jane addams nobel Prize Winner andFounder of Hull House (Historical American Biographies) jane addams and Hull
Atrium Books
Jane Addams
A Useful Woman : The Early Life of Jane Addams
Jane Addams : A Biography

Jane Addams and the Men of the Chicago School, 1892-1918

Jane Addams : Pioneer Social Worker (Community Builders)
... About

49. Course Name Philanthropy US History Unit Title Social
jane addams shared the nobel Peace Prize with Nicholas Murray Butlerin 1931. She won for her work as International President of,Cindy/Unit1/lesson2.html
var number_of_lessons = 2; //you MUST edit this value to match the number of lessons in the unit. This determines the navigation at the bottom of the page Course Name: Unit Title: Lesson Title: Lesson Two: Neighbors Helping Neighbors Grade Level: th th Grades Duration: Two Forty-Five Minute Class Periods
View the Attachments for this Lesson.
National Content Standards

Michigan Content Standards and Benchmarks:
    SOC.I.2.HS.2 SOC.I.2.HS.3 SOC.VI.1.HS.1
Philanthropy Theme(s):
    Philanthropy and Civil Society
Objectives: The learner will:
  • express why Jane Addams is a model of philanthropy, showing good character and civic virtue.
  • evaluate efforts to solve current community's problems and formulate ways that voluntarism can serve the common good.
  • Jane Addams Chronology Attachment One
  • Hull House Firsts Attachment Two
Instructional Procedure(s):
    Anticipatory Set:
    Jane Addams is listed as a "reformer of the Progressive Era" and spent her life trying to make changes in all areas of life. Review some of the reforms of the Progressive Era.
  • Look at the Jane Addams Chronology (see Attachment One ) and/or the Hull House Firsts (see Attachment Two ). Note the various activities Miss Addams engaged in besides the work at Hull House, such as organizing the Women's Peace Party or serving as the First Vice President of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. Discuss whether or not Jane Addams and Hull House could have been as effective without "spreading their wings" into many areas. Note that some of the "firsts" shown on the Hull House list occurred many years after the death of Jane Addams. What does this tell us about the endurance of Hull House even today? Ask students to judge in what way Jane Addams is a model of philanthropy.

50. Welcome To Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's Pages
The Norwegian nobel Committee had waited so long to give the Prize to jane addams,that she was ill and unable to go to the award ceremony or to come later to

51. Jane Addams
House in Chicago, first president of the Women's International League for Peaceand Freedom, and cowinner of the 1931 nobel Peace Prize, jane addams was a
Jane Addams Founder of Hull-House in Chicago, first president of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, and co-winner of the 1931 Nobel Peace Prize, Jane Addams was a dedicated crusader for social justice. Her lifes' work was to fight for the under priviliged and oppressed, also for the rights of workers, women and children. Jane Addams was born on September 6, 1860 in the small town of Cedarville, Illinois. As a child, Jane often felt like an outcast. She was "an ugly, piegon-toed little girl whose crooked back obliged her to walk with her head held very much upon one side." Even though she grew-up in a nice, well-kept community she felt overwhelming sorrow for those in other communities who lived in "horrid little houses," she was always asking herself what could be done to make them less horrid. Feeling like a misfit herself, Jane could sympathize with the misfits and outcasts of society. Jane studied at Rockford Seminary, a school for girls where the emphasis was on religion and Good Works. After having a breakdown, Jane was sent to Europe to "drink up the culture of the Old World," but instead Jane visited the factories and slums with her companion Ellen Starr. During one of her visits to London's East Side she came upon Toynbee Hall, a religious settlement house for London's poor. It was then that she decided to have her own settlement house one day, but without the emphasis on religion. When Jane and Ellen returned to Chicago they found an old mansion that was built by the merchant, Charles Hull and owned by Helen Culver, a woman known for her generosity. Jane bought the mansion and opened it as a settlement house on September 18, 1889, Hull-House was Chicago's first settlement house.

52. Jane Addams
jane addams was the first women to get the nobel Peace Prize in 1931. Shewas one of the most famous women alive and had helped change the city.
Home * Projects: Lessons Links Special Mail ... International Links
I n t e r n a t i o n a l Fest
Jane Addams: The Story of Hull House
Image Courtesy of International year for the Culture of Peace (IYCP) Hull Mansion Images from the Jane Addams Collection,Swarthmore College Peace Collection We can all learn from Jane Addams today. In the United States, there are many immigrants. Laws are better than they were 100 years ago, but we all need to learn to work together. Jane Addams can teach us how to be better neighbors. The story of Hull House begins in 1889 with a remarkable person named Jane Addams. She was twenty-nine years old and worked with the poor in Chicago. The University of Chicago is now located where this great lady began her life's work. The work she did at Hull House made it famous and was wonderful in helping to change the way people work together. Imagine it is 1889, the world was different from today. Hull House was in what would now be called a ghetto. Everyone was from different countries. Life was hard, trash was in the streets, there were few schools, children worked in factories. Rats were everywhere. Families often had little food and the houses were in bad condition.

53. Addams Jane From FOLDOC
addams shared the 1931 nobel Prize for peace. Recommended Reading Allen F. Davis,American Heroine (Ivan R. Dee, 2000); Mary Jo Deegan, jane addams and the Jane

54. Jane Addams
before she was taken to Cedarville to be buried. SITES jane addamsHull House Association; jane addams biography nobel e-Museum;
Jane Addams
  • Name: Jane Addams Date of Birth: 1860 Place of Birth: Cedarville, Illinois Date of Death: 1935 Place of Death: Chicago, Illinois
Jane Addams is remembered primarily as a founder of the Settlement House Movement. She and her friend Ellen Starr founded Hull House in the slums of Chicago in 1889. She is also remembered as the first American Woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Jane is portrayed as the selfless giver of ministrations to the poor, but few realize that she was a mover and shaker in the areas of labor reform (laws that governed working conditions for children and women), and was a founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Jane grew up in the small community of Cedarville, Illinois. She was the daughter of a very well-to-do gentleman; her mother was a kind and gracious lady. Jane had five brothers and sisters at the time of her mother's death, when Jane was two. Her father remarried and her new stepmother brought two new step-brothers to the already large family. Jane's parents decided that the best course was to take Jane and her friends on a grand tour of Europe for a year or two. Perhaps Jane would settle down and realize that her duty was to marry and have a family. Jane began to show signs of serious illness during this time. Was her health affected by stress? There was the pressure to do her parents' bidding, and inner turmoil over whether or not to disobey them and choose a career.

55. Jane Addams Gallery Of Selected Photographs
in Illinois. jane addams convalescing from an operation, shown herethe day after receiving word of her nobel Prize. jane addams
Selected Photos of Jane Addams
(Click on the thumbnail of each picture to see a larger version.) Jane Addams as a thoughtful eight-year old when this picture was taken. House that John Addams built for his first wife in 1854 and the place of Jane's birth in 1860. Jane at 16 with her stepmother, Anna, and one of her two stepbrothers, George. Anna Haldeman Addams, Jane's stepmother. John Addams, Jane's father, and Jane at age twenty-one. These photos show the strong family likeness including the dimple in the chin. Jane Addams receiving an honorary degree from Yale University. Jane Addams with a young girl at Hull-House. Map of the 19th Ward of Chicago from Hull-House Maps and Papers , an early sociological study. Jane Addams participating in a march for Women's Suffrage in 1912 in Illinois. Jane Addams convalescing from an operation, shown here the day after receiving word of her Nobel Prize. Jane Addams (right) at a dinner in Washington with Eleanor Roosevelt (left) and Mrs. Cordell Hull (center) in 1935. Portrait of Jane Addams from the Hull-House.

56. Chronology - Jane Addams
1931 Wins nobel Peace Prize. 1932 Addresses both party conventions, urging internationalamity. From Fishwick, Marshall W. Illustrious American jane addams.
1863 Mother dies.
1868 Father marries second wife.
1877-81 Attends Rockford Female Seminary (later Rockford College).
1881 Suffers severe mental depression on father's death.
1882 Undergoes operation to correct spinal defect.
1883-85 First European tour.
1885 Joins Presbyterian Church.
1887-88 Second European tour. 1881 Debates with William Jennings Bryan in intercollegiate contest.
1889 Opens Hull-House.
1891 Founds Jane Club for women. 1892 Speaks at summer school in Plymouth, Massachusetts. 1893 Attends Congress of Representative Women at Chicago World's Fair; continues expansion of Hull-House. 1894 Defends Pullman strike, and criticizes Pullman in A Modern Lear. 1860 Lincoln elected President. 1861-65 Civil War. 1863 Emancipation Proclamation. 1865 Lincoln assassinated; Thirteenth Amendment ends slavery. 1868 President Andrew Johnson is impeached but acquitted; Grant elected.

57. Peace Women
This reader compiles many of the writings of peace activist jane addams, nobel Laureateand founder of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom bibliography/wilpf/wilpfindex.html
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Books and Articles Addams, Jane. (1960). A Centennial Reader . New York, New York: The Macmillan Company.
This reader compiles many of the writings of peace activist Jane Addams, Nobel Laureate and founder of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, on such topics as social work, the position of women, child welfare, civil liberties, and international peace. From the settlement at Hull House, to suffrage, trade unions, and the Women's Congress at the Hague, a broad spectrum of Addam's political and social thought is covered in this book. Addams, Jane. (1945). Peace and Bread in Time of War . New York, New York: King's Crown Press.
This book is about the history of how the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom was born on the heels of WWI. Though it is primarily written from the autobiographical perspective of Jane Addam's work within WILPF, it also documents changes in attitudes towards war in the United States and how these changes complicated the work and progress of the organization. Addams, Jane. (1930).

58. Jane Addams
Translate this page jane addams (Cedarville, 1860-Chicago, 1935) Socióloga, reformadora, pacifistay sufragista estadounidense. En 1931 recibió el premio nobel de la paz.


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Jane Addams (1860-1935) Jane Addams (Cedarville, 1860-Chicago, 1935) Socióloga, reformadora, pacifista y sufragista estadounidense. En el año 1889 Fundó la Hull House, primera institución social dedicada a los inmigrantes, con guardería infantil y diversos programas de educación, y viviendas de bajo costo en Estados Unidos, que ella dirigió durante 46 años. Defensora del voto femenino y del pacifismo, presidió la Asociación Femenina para la Paz y la Libertad. Trabajó en favor del voto femenino y del pacifismo, y presionó al Gobierno en favor de los derechos de la mujer, de los niños y de la juventud. Fué la rimera mujer en ocupar la Presidencia de la Conferencia Nacional de Trabajo Social en Estados Unidos (1910). Autora, entre otras obras, de Democracia y ética social (1902) y Paz y pan en tiempos de guerra (1922). En 1931 recibió el premio Nobel de la paz.

59. Jane Addams
jane addams. jane addams won the nobel Peace Prize for her heroic efforts atimproving the lives of the poor. Dana Fitzgerald Saint Bede Academy, Peru.
Home Search Browse About IPO ... Links Jane Addams Jane Addams won the Nobel Peace Prize
for her heroic efforts at improving the lives of the poor.

Dana Fitzgerald
Saint Bede Academy, Peru M ore and more frequently women are becoming involved in politics. In Illinois the case is no different. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth-century many women did not venture out of their home to take part in government. Jane Addams on the other hand never married and devoted her life to her work at Hull-House and to gaining rights for women and children. Although she never held a political office she was very influential in bringing women's and family issues into the political spotlight. Jane Addams was born in Cedarville, Illinois, in 1860. Addams was part of the first generation of college women. She graduated from Rockford College in 1882 and went to Philadelphia to further her medical studies, but had to quit because of a spinal ILLINOIS HISTORY / APRIL 1998
Pictured here is one of the thirteen buildings that comprised the campus of Hull-House. illness. After her schooling, she traveled to Europe twice and on her second trip she visited Toynbee Hall in England, one of the world's first settlement houses. She was very impressed with it and vowed to start a similar settlement in Chicago when she returned.

60. Reader's Companion To American History - -ADDAMS, JANE
to end war was recognized when she was awarded the nobel Peace Prize. Allen F. Davis,American Heroine The Life and Legend of jane addams (1973); Daniel Levine
Entries Publication Data Advisory Board Contributors ... World Civilizations The Reader's Companion to American History
Having quickly found that the needs of the neighborhood could not be met unless city and state laws were reformed, Addams challenged both boss rule in the immigrant neighborhood of Hull-House and indifference to the needs of the poor in the state legislature. She and other Hull-House residents sponsored legislation to abolish child labor, establish juvenile courts, limit the hours of working women, recognize labor unions, make school attendance compulsory, and ensure safe working conditions in factories. The Progressive party adopted many of these reforms as part of its platform in 1912. At the party's national convention, Addams seconded the nomination of Theodore Roosevelt for president and campaigned actively on his behalf. She advocated woman's suffrage because she believed that women's votes would provide the margin necessary to pass social legislation she favored. Addams publicized Hull-House and the causes she believed in by lecturing and writing. In her autobiography

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