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         Addams Jane:     more books (100)
  1. Jane Addams: Helper of the Poor (1860-1935 (We the People) by Cynthia Fitterer Klingel, 1987-09
  2. Jane Addams: A Life of Cooperation (Pull Ahead Books) by Ann-Marie Kishel, 2006-10-15
  3. Jane Addams (Pioneers in Change Series) by Leslie A. Wheeler, 1990-10
  4. Jane Addams. (Crowell Biography) by Gail Faithfull Keller, 1971-06
  5. Jane Addams, Helper of the Poor by Matthew G. Grant, 1974-03
  6. Jane Addams and the Liberal Tradition. by Jane Addams, Daniel Levine, 1980-09-25
  7. Heroines of service: Mary Lyon, Alice Freeman Palmer, Clara Barton, Frances Willard, Julia Ward Howe, Anna Shaw, Mary Antin, Alice C. Fletcher, Mary Slessor of Calabar, Madame Curie, Jane Addams by Mary Rosetta Parkman, 2010-08-02
  8. Jane Addams (American Lives) by Elizabeth Raum, 2004-05
  9. Jane Addams Wants to Vote. This is What Jane Addams, Chicago's Most Useful Citizen, Says... by Jane Addams, 1911-01-01
  10. Jane Addams:World Neighbor (Makers of America) by Miriam Gilbert, 1960-01-01
  11. Jane Addams: Freedom's Innovator (History Makers) by Deborah A. Parks, 2000-04
  12. A Useful Woman : The Early Life of Jane Addams by Gioia Diliberto, 1999-07-07
  13. Jane Addams (American Women of Achievement) by Mary Kittredge, 1988-03
  14. Embodied Care: Jane Addams, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and Feminist Ethics by Maurice Hamington, 2004-06-09

More Info on addams and HullHouse Biographical Sketch of the Life of jane addams.Biography of addams from nobel Peace Prize Page. Some Pictures of Hull-House.
READINGS ON JACOB RIIS AND JANE ADDAMS Readings from How the Other Half Lives Preface Introduction Chapter 6 (Skim text, look at stats table in middle) Chapter 13 Chapter 24 Chapter 25 Appendix Surf around here to see full text and pictures: How The Other Half Lives by Jacob A. Riis
Look at the following sites for more photos by Riis
Slide Show of Photos by Jacob Riis Museum of the City of New York Jacob Riis Exhibition THE JACOB A. RIIS COLLECTION Background info on Riis Readings from Twenty Years at Hull-House Chapter 6 Excerpts from Chapter 8 Excerpts from Chapter 10 Chapter 13 ... Excerpts from Chapter 14 Surf around here to see full text and pictures: Twenty Years At Hull-House by Jane Addams Hull-House Maps and Papers More Info on Addams and Hull-House: Biographical Sketch of the Life of Jane Addams Biography of Addams from Nobel Peace Prize Page Some Pictures of Hull-House "Hull-House Incorporated"

82. Jane_addams
Seconday Sources Biography Of jane addams The nobel Foundation 1999. Thiswas a biography of jane addams put out by The nobel Foundation.
Jane Addams: Social Working Arrives! Introduction: "The dependence of classes on each other is reciprocal." This was Jane Addams's theory on how helping other people would not only benefit them but oneself as well. Jane Addams was a very inspirational woman who spent her life fighting for the well being of others. She changed the face of history through social working and Hull House. Through her compassion toward other people, she brought the miracle that today we call, social working, to America. For the first time in history other Americans were reaching out to the less fortunate in a way that could actually make a difference and make America and the world a better place to live in. A country without social working is a country in shambles. Jane Addams changed the law's outlook on how people in America are treated. Hull House's accomplishments forced Chicago's government to investigate conditions in which people live. America became a better place to be after Jane Addams left her mark on hisrtory. Early Life: Jane Addams was born in September 6, 1860 in Cedarville, Illinois. She grew up in upper class Illinois, her family was among the town's wealthiest. When Jane was only two she lost her birth mother in 1863. From the beginning of her life she was taking care of others. Even in her young age she took responsibility and watched over her younger brothers and sisters. She was always deeply influenced by her father and wanted to grow up to be just as good of a person as him. Jane was known as an honest and moral child, following the lessons of her father.

83. Women's Peace Mission To European Capitals, 1915, Related Links
1915. The nobel Peace Prize Internet Archive Offers information onjane addams, the 1931 nobel Peace Prize Laureate. jane addams
How Did Women Activists Promote Peace in Their
1915 Tour of Warring European Capitals?
Related Links
Jane Addams' Hull-House Museum This site, maintained at the University of Illinois at Chicago, describes the museum and offers biographical information about Jane Addams. The site also maintains a bibliography of suggested reading on Jane Addams and Hull House. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom This site gives background information about WILPF and offers information on present-day organization activities. Swarthmore College Peace Collection Photo of the U.S. Delegation to the International Conference of Women for a Permanent Peace, 1915. The Nobel Peace Prize Internet Archive Offers information on Jane Addams, the 1931 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Jane Addams, Newer Ideals of Peace In Newer Ideals of Peace , Jane Addams argued that peace was a practical and "moral subsitute" for war based on her many years of work observing modern, industrial society in the United States. Jane Addams,

84. Free Acrobat PDF And Palm E-Book Editions Of Jane Addams' Stories By Electronic
A nobel Peace Laureate, President Franklin Roosevelt once called jane addams Chicago'smost useful citizen, and she took on many roles social worker
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Born in Cedarville, Illinois on September 6, 1860 and graduated from Rockford College in 1882, Jane Addams founded the world famous social settlement Hull House, Chicago. A Nobel Peace Laureate, President Franklin Roosevelt once called Jane Addams "Chicago's most useful citizen," and she took on many roles social worker, feminist, internationalist to earn that praise.. © 2000-2002, ArtemisPress: a division of SRS Internet Publishing #06610736 Addams built her reputation as the country's most prominent woman through her writing, her settlement work, and her international efforts for world peace. 20 Years At
Hull House
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85. Published Papers Of Margaret Sanger And Jane Addams Highlighted
in response to World War I, for which she received the nobel Peace Prize in 1931.The first volume of The Selected Papers of jane addams, titled Preparing
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First Volumes in Published Papers of Margaret Sanger and Jane Addams To Be Highlighted at Library of Congress
Esther Katz, editor-in-chief of the Margaret Sanger Papers Project at New York University, and Mary Lynn McCree Bryan, editor-in-chief of the Jane Addams Papers Project at Duke University, will be the featured speakers at a Women's History Month program "Women's Activism and Social Change: Documenting the Lives of Margaret Sanger and Jane Addams" at the Library of Congress at 6 p.m. on Monday, March 24 in the Mumford Room, sixth floor, James Madison Memorial Building, 101 Independence Ave. S.E. in Washington, D.C. The event celebrates the publication of the first volumes in the Sanger and Addams papers projects, both published by the University of Illinois Press.

86. Jane Addams
In 1931, jane addams was given the nobel Peace Prize for all her workas a social worker. She helped all people of different races
Engleman Elementary Grand Island,Nebraska
Jane Addams
By Alison
Jane's mother died when Jane was only two. When Jane was seven her father took her to the city on one of his business trips. Jane looked at the dingy houses. Jane wanted to know why these people lived in such poor houses. She said that when she got older she would help these people.
When Jane was seventeen she went off to school. There she met Ellen Gates who would be her life long friend. In 1882 she entered the Women's Medical College. There Jane saw a problem. Jane saw small children slaving in factories. She convinced Illinois lawmakers to put an end to child labor. She also helped make new laws to protect women workers. They also made factories safer and cleaner. World War I began and Jane's heart ached. She and other women from many countries started the Women's Peace Party. In 1931, Jane Addams was given the Nobel Peace Prize for all her work as a social worker. She helped all people of different races, nationalities, and religions.
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87. Jane Addams
jane addams on the Web Peace and AntiMilitarism. jane addams, winner of the NobelPeace Prize, was intimately involved in issues of peace and anti-militarism.
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Jane Addams
September 6 , 1860 - May 21, 1935)
Jane Addams
Image © 2001 Born in Cedarville, Illinois, Jane Addams' mother died when she was two, and she was raised by her father and, later, a stepmother. She graduated from Rockford Female Seminary in 1881, among the first students to take a course of study equivalent to that of men at other institutions. Her father, whom she admired tremendously, died that same year, 1881. Her attempt to attend Woman's Medical College in Pennsylvania ended in failure, probably due to her ill health and her chronic back pain. She toured Europe 1883-5 and then lived in Baltimore 1885-7, but did not figure out what she wanted to do with her education and her skills.

88. Jane Addams
been noted that jane's father and Lincoln were such good friends letters would comeaddressed to addams as My Dear Double D''ed addams (
Women's Intellectual Contributions to the Study of Mind and Society Students, as part of an advanced seminar, examined and wrote about the lives of these women, their intellectual contributions, and the unique impact and special problems that being female had on their careers.
Jane Addams 1860- 1935
by Nicolle Bettis
On September 6, 1860 Laura Jane Addams was born to Sarah Weber Addams and John Addams, the same year in which Abraham Lincoln ran for president (1971, ix). It has been noted that Jane's father and Lincoln were such good friends letters would come addressed to Addams as "My Dear Double D'-'ed Addams" ( She became very close to her father, as she was his last link to Sarah, and became extremely fond of him as he was of her. She began to mimic everything he had done from the scarring of her hands that came with milling to reading every book in the village library (1971). Jane had "half expected and fully hoped to grow up to be her father" (1971, 15). Jane later states that her father was the one who incorporated her into "the moral concerns of life" (1971, 9). Jane recalls in her book, Twenty Years at Hull House , which has been seen as autobiographical, her first encounter with poverty. She remembered asking her father why people lived in awful little houses so close together. Then replied, she would have a large house in the middle of all the terrible small ones (1910).

89. Links: Jane Addams
http// Exhibits/jane.addams/addams.

Links zu Jane Addams
i.e. Laura Jane Addams
*Cedarville, Illinois 6. September 1860

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Addams, Jane

Adorno, Theodor W.
Znaniecki, Florian W.

90. WIEM: Addams Jane
( World Polska Leksykon Encyklopedia A...... Postacie historyczne, Historia powszechna, Stany Zjednoczone addams jane(18601935), widok strony znajdz podobne pokaz powiazane. addams jane. napisz do nas losuj: has³a multimedia Postacie historyczne, Historia powszechna, Stany Zjednoczone
Addams Jane widok strony
znajd¼ podobne

poka¿ powi±zane
Addams Jane Addams Jane Pokojow± Nagrod± Nobla . Autorka ponad 400 artyku³ów oraz kilku ksi±¿ek, Democracy and Social Ethics Newer Ideals of Peace Twenty Years at Hull House Peace and Bread in Time of War Odwied¼ w Internecie The Nobel Foundation Addams Jane - Hull House Addams Jane - Women in the Past Powi±zania Nobla Nagrody, 1931-1935 wiêcej zobacz wszystkie serwisy do góry Encyklopedia zosta³a opracowana na podstawie Popularnej Encyklopedii Powszechnej Wydawnictwa Fogra

91. GeoBee
stop the war. jane addams was the first women to receive the NobelPeace Prize since Bertha Von Satter in 1905. Before jane had
Back to the Wildwood Home Page Back to 4th Grade Peacemaker Projects Jane Addams
By Katie, 4 th Grade Childhood Laura Jane Addams was born September 6 1860. For short they called her Jane. Jane was the youngest of five children. Jane’s mom died when Jane was a baby. When Jane was a child she wanted to help the poor. Jane’s dad got married and his new wife already had two kids. One of the kids was much older than Jane and one was the right age as her, his name was George. Jane and George were friends for life. Adult Life These are some of the important things in Jane’s adult life. When Jane was 17 ,she went to Rockford College, but she wanted to go to Smith College right here in Amherst. Her dad said that Rockford Collage was better so Jane went to Rockford. After college Jane’s dad died. After her dad died she went to Europe with her stepmom and friends. They almost stayed for two years. One Saturday night in London, Jane visited the East end and saw the poorest people lived there but Jane had not forgotten them. Before Jane opened Hull House she gave fruits and vegetables to the poor. When Jane was 29 she made a school for the poor it was called Hull House. When Hull House was opened it had a playground, its own music school, gym, little theatre, art room. In 1911 1912 Jane spoke for women’s rights. Achievements These are Jane Addams achievements as a peacemaker. Jane and a group of women who traveled to lots of places to stop the war. Jane Addams was the first women to receive the Nobel Peace Prize since Bertha Von Satter in 1905. Before Jane had gotten the Nobel Peace Prize she was in a group called the Women’s Peace Party. When Jane did get the Nobel Peace Prize she was 71 and sick in the hospital. Those are the achievements in her life.

92. International: Italiano: Società: Strutture_Sociali: Persone: Biografie: Nobe
Top International Italiano Società Strutture Sociali Persone BiografieNobel per la Pace (0) addams, jane (0); Angell, Sir Norman (0); Annan, Kofi (0à/Strutture_Sociali/Persone
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93. Jane Addams, The Peacemaker
jane addams, the Peacemaker Some of the other women who have also been awarded theNobel Peace Prize are Emily Greene Balch in 1946 and Jody Williams in 1997.
Jane Addams
The symbol of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom
Jane Addams, the Peacemaker
Some of the other women who have also been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize are Emily Greene Balch in 1946 and Jody Williams in 1997. During her final years, Addams was ill with cancer. She died on May 21, 1935, 10 days after a banquet in Washington, D.C., honored her and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom. When she won the Nobel Peace Prize, the committee cited her for her "expression of an essentially American democracy of spirit." What do you think the committee meant by this?
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94. Addams
November, 1931. 42 Years Later. Yipee! Today jane was awarded the NobelPeace Prize! She really deserved it because she was a leader!
All About Jane and Peace
By Ellen Starr (Jackie) September 18, 1860 Japanese Jane and I just found the future Hull House! It is a big house. This is a house that people (poor people) can come and have fun while they are safe and welcome. Jane told me, Ellen Starr, about the idea for the Hull House when we went to Europe. I thought it was a great idea to find a house that was big enough for all the poor people in the neighborhood can fit inside. When we got back from Europe we stared looking for a big house, and finally found one! The one I am standing in right now. Jane dreamed of a house just like the Hull House ever since she was a little girl. We are best friends and that is why she told me all of this. One day, when she was young her dad took her to town. What she saw was horrid. The poor children didn't have any fancy things. That's when she decided to help the poor by inviting the poor to stay in the house so that they could have shelter. Jane was born in a pretty wealthy family. Even though she was rich she was very sensitive to the poor. She grew up in Cedarville, Illinois. February 16, 1860 is her birthday. Jane also told me that her childhood was rough because her mother had died when she was two or three. Finally her dad married again. Her stepmother was loving and cheerful.

95. International: Italiano: Società: Strutture_Sociali: Persone: Biografie: Nobe
Translate this page In tutta la Directory.à/Strutture_Sociali/Persone
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