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         De Klerk Fredrik Willem:     more detail

81. Nobelpreisträger
Translate this page Teodoro Moneta, Louis Renault 1908 Klas Pontus Arnoldson, fredrik Bajer 1909 RigobertaMenchú Tum 1993 Nelson Mandela, Frederik willem de klerk 1994 Yasser
1903 William Randal Cremer
1906 Theodore Roosevelt
1907 Ernesto Teodoro Moneta, Louis Renault
1908 Klas Pontus Arnoldson, Fredrik Bajer
1911 Tobias Michael Carel Asser, Alfred Hermann Fried
1912 Elihu Root
1913 Henri La Fontaine
1919 Thomas Woodrow Wilson
1921 Karl Hjalmar Branting, Christian Lous Lange
1922 Fridtjof Nansen
1925 Sir Austen Chamberlain, Charles Gates Dawes 1926 Aristide Briand, Gustav Stresemann 1927 Ferdinand Buisson, Ludwig Quidde 1929 Frank Billings Kellogg 1931 Jane Addams, Nicholas Murray Butler 1933 Sir Norman Angell (Ralph Lane) 1934 Arthur Henderson 1935 Carl von Ossietzky 1936 Carlos Saavedra Lamas 1937 Viscount, (Lord Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne Cecil) Cecil of Chelwood 1945 Cordell Hull 1946 Emily Greene Balch, John Raleigh Mott 1947 Friends Service Council (The Quakers) 1949 Lord (John) Boyd Orr of Brechin 1950 Ralph Bunche 1952 Albert Schweitzer 1953 George Catlett Marshall 1957 Lester Bowles Pearson 1958 Georges Pire 1959 Philip J. Noel-Baker

82. Woudrichem Huwelijken 1811-1902, Gesorteerd Op Datum Datum Man
13 sep 1834, Dirk de klerk, Helena Pippeling. 17 jun 1854, fredrik Mulder, Teuntjede Joode. 10 oct 1857, Hendrik willem Adriaan van Rossem, Antje Hanedoes.
Woudrichem Huwelijken 1811-1902, gesorteerd op Datum D a t u m M a n V r o u w 10 apr 1811 Johannes Holster Jantje Biesheuvel 10 apr 1811 Cornelis Baggerman Maria Imans Jochems 8 mei 1811 Cornelis Nootenboom Pieternella Krap 8 mei 1811 Hendrik Vink Jantje Molle 15 mei 1811 Jan Nieuwenhuizen Teuntje Schaap 22 mei 1811 Albertus Martinus Kentie Janneke Dalm 26 jun 1811 Anthonij Ouwerkerk Aartje van Zijl 16 jul 1811 Louis Joseph Brodin Angelique Joseph de la Porte 21 aug 1811 Maarten van der Wiel Adriana den Dekker 2 oct 1811 Cornelis Verschoor Dirkje van der Stelt 1 nov 1811 Antonie Joseph Nortier Pieternella Josina Mosselmans 3 jun 1812 Maarten van der Wiel Neeltje de Klerk 3 jun 1812 Jan Roomer Willemijntje Viveen 4 jun 1812 Egidius Timmerman Pieternella Maria Johanna Heijligers 29 jul 1812 Pieter van Pelt Aartje van Vugt 9 nov 1812 Louwerens Verschuur Maaijke Schriek 12 nov 1812 Jan Marius van der Meer Helena Catharina van Bergen 3 dec 1812 Matthijs Rhijnders Catrina Ekhart 16 dec 1812 Joannes Josephus Delcourt Aimee Sophia Joseph de la Porte 2 feb 1813 Waliandus van Aalst Teuntje van der Wiel 11 feb 1813 Cornelis Kentie Catrina de Joode 17 feb 1813 Urias van de Koppel Adriana Kooijman 22 apr 1813 Martinus Mekern Sara Adriana Bertruida Hanedoes 19 mei 1813 Huibert Voetje Hendrika van Westreenen 7 jul 1813 Frans Schetzeler Anna van Zijl 10 jul 1813 Klaas Spronk Dina Blokland 17 jul 1813 Jan de Clerq Adriana Holster 13 oct 1813 Dominique Jaque Benjamin le Deuij Angelique Louise le Porc 20 oct 1813 Jacob van Lier Elisabeth Holster 29 oct 1813 Cornelis van der Zanden Antje van Amrooij

83. Genealogie Van Goos Van RIJE
HOOGSTWERFF Lena willem HOOGVLIET fredrik Geertje Jacob Neeltje Pieter Pieter willemwillem Jaspersdr Cornelia Abraham Jannetje Dirkje klerk, de Adriaantje
Namenindex AARTSDR





Heyndrick Abrahamsz Claas Jacob Abrams Neeltje Adriaensz Eeuwout ADRICHEM, van Hendrik Maartje ADRIGHEM, van Adriana Neeltje AELBRECHTS Maria Alberts Grietje ALBLAS Cornelis Teuntje ANDERSON ANDEWEG Aart Laurens ANDREWS Jessie Edith Finaugthy Andries Burghje Dirckje Jacob Lijsbet ... Willemtje Andriesdr Jannetje Teuna Andriesse Petronella Andriesz Daniel APPELDOORN Jacob Arends Maartje Arendsd Willemijntje Arens Aaltje Ariens Aegje Andries Ariaentgen Cornelis ... Pieter Ariensd Neeltje Ariense Jan Ariensz Geerit Kornelisz Aries Eldert Janna Arijsz Gerrit ARKENBOUT Arij Jan BAAN, de Arij Jannetje Leendert BAAN, van der Jacoba Maria Wilhelmina BAAREN, van Lijntje BAKKER Anna Aurelia Leendert Sijtje BAKKER, de Anthonie Gerrit BAKKER, den Pietertje BALLEGOOIJ, van Christina Johannes BAN, van den Arendje BAN, van der Elisabeth BARENDRECHT Andries Leentje Marietje Teuna BARENSTEIJN Elizabeth Barentsdr Jaapje Bastiaans Geertrui Hendrik Bastiaansz Jan Batiaanse Leendert BEEK, van der Johannes Maria Barbara BEEKMAN Hendrina Willem Marinus BEEN Dirkje BEGEER Philippine Johanna Elisabeth Beijense Marya BEIJER Jan Leendert BELDER, den

84. Untitled
State President Biography of Frederik W. de klerk nobel Peace Prize - 1993 FredrikWillem de klerk Winner of the 1993 nobel Prize in Peace Christiaan Barnard
Welcome to the Barries Homepage
Thank you for saying hello. Enjoy your stay and please share with me some good times. I hope to tell and show you more about myself, but more importantly, my family, friends and beautiful country South Africa. I tried to build an informative homepage rather than one with gadgets. Thus, you wont find any "flying objects" or other fancy things! I want to thank all the owners of the links for using their URL's. I know that there's quite a lot of info-links on here, so dont get lost from link to link to link! I want to stress the fact that I'm NO HTML-champion and this attempt is purely from an amateur! Building a homepage with TrellixWeb is just the easiest thing in the world anyway. You can download it free from:
Welcome to Trellix

Where we live...........
The Continent...........Africa
The Country..........South Africa
The City..........Bloemfontein
Welcome to Bloemfontein Online


Our Flag
The country South Africa Home Page This tells you what you want to know South Africa Atlas @ nationalgeographi My Language We have 11 official languages in South Africa. My mother tongue is Afrikaans.......listen to it here

85. Nobel Peace Prize Winners
nobel PEACE PRIZE AWARDS, by year. Joint. NELSON MANdeLA Leader of the ANC. FREDRIKWILLEM de klerk President of the Republic of South Africa. 1992.
NOBEL PEACE PRIZE AWARDS , by year. Note: awards are only made when there are worthy recipients, not every year.
.... Joint , Brussels, Belgium. .... Joint JOHN HUME and DAVID TRIMBLE for their efforts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Northern Ireland. .... Joint INTERNATIONAL CAMPAIGN TO BAN LANDMINES (ICBL) and JODY WILLIAMS for their work for the banning and clearing of anti-personnel mines. .... Joint CARLOS FELIPE XIMENES BELO and JOSE RAMOS-HORTA for their work towards a just and peaceful solution to the conflict in East Timor. .... Joint JOSEPH ROTBLAT and to the PUGWASH CONFERENCES ON SCIENCE AND WORLD AFFAIRS for their efforts to diminish the part played by nuclear arms in international politics and in the longer run to eliminate such arms. .... Joint YASSER ARAFAT , Chairman of the Executive Committee of the PLO, President of the Palestinian National Authority. SHIMON PERES , Foreign Minister of Israel. YITZHAK RABIN , Prime Minister of Israel. .... for their efforts to create peace in the Middle East. .... Joint

86. African Orature & Literature Links
1992 http// Nelson Mandela and FredrikWillem de klerk (South Africa), 1993 http//
Humanities 211
Prof. Cora Agatucci
6 October 1998
Africa Guide InterActive (The Kamusi Project - Yale Univ. Program in African Languages):

...The Arts , includes Literature links:
...African Languages:
...Swahili Songs and Poetry: Africa South of the Sahara: Literature (Karen Fung, Stanford Univ. Libraries)
Things Fall Apart (Cora Agatucci, HUM 211, Central Oregon Community College)
Achebe Bibliography

Achebe in His Own Words: Quotations, Interviews, Works
Achebe's Things Fall Apart ... Nervous Conditions
(Cora Agatucci, HUM 211, Central Oregon Community College) Study guide on the novel, bibliographical sources, links on Dangarembga's film Everyone's Child, her homeland Zimbabwe , and Shona culture, art, and music.

87. Nelson Mandela
He was awarded the nobel Peace Prize jointly with fredrik willem deKlerk in 1993, and was elected President of South Africa in 1994.
Nelson Mandela
Rolihlahla Mandela was born in the black homeland of Transkei on July 18, 1918. Nelson was added later, by a primary school teacher. He joined a law firm in Johannesburg as an apprentice where years of daily exposure to the inhumanities of apartheid, where being black reduced one to the status of a nonperson, kindled in him courage to change the world. He joined the Youth League of the African National Congress and became involved in programs of passive resistance against the laws that forced blacks to carry passes and kept them in a position of permanent servility. He was arrested in 1964 and sentenced to life imprisonment on Robben Island. He spent twenty-seven in prison. Nelson Mandela was released on February 18, 1990. After his release, he plunged himself wholeheartedly into his life's work, striving to attain the goals he and others had set out almost four decades earlier. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize jointly with Fredrik Willem de Klerk in 1993, and was elected President of South Africa in 1994. To millions of people around the world, Nelson Mandela stands for the triumph of dignity and hope over despair and hatred, of self-discipline and love over persecution and evil. For More Information

88. Wikipedia: 1993
Translate this page Europea?. Nati. Morti. Premi nobel. per la Pace fredrik WillemDe klerk?, Nelson Mandela? per la Letteratura Toni Morrison?

89. Texelse Genealogie - Zeebrieven 1712 - Bewerking Miriam Klaassen
6.9.1712 schipper willem Backer, Amsterdam, de Maria 22.9.1712 schipper FredrikJansz Corver, Zaandam, ww de Gerardus , 50 Isaac Neuijen, klerk VOC, Amsterdam
Zeebrieven 1712
schipper Dirk Thijsz, Amsterdam, "de Notaris", 130
Isaac Neuijen, klerk VOC, Amsterdam:
"de Arent", schipper Pieter Adriaensz, Terschelling
"de Otter", schipper Johannes Hessels, Terschelling
Een duplicaat van " 't Hoogsaet", hiervoor geregistreerd 15-9-1711.
schipper Thijmon Jansz, Terschelling, "de Hoop", 25
schipper Pieter Tjebbes, Terschelling, ww, "de Hoop", 30
schipper Joris Pronk, Amsterdam, ww, "de Hoop", 30
schipper Jacob Albertsz, Amsterdam, ww, "de Damschuijt", 15
schipper Pieter Gerritsz Hop, Warder, "de Hopvogel", 140 schipper Andries Douwensz, Harlingen, ww, "de Jonge Hendrik", 75 schipper Jan Albertsz Meijer, Amsterdam, de Charmante Cornelia", 48 schipper Edger Everts, Amsterdam, "de Vreede", 60 schipper Cornelis Pieters, Amsterdam, ww, "de Zeeridder", 20 schipper Simon Blom, Amsterdam, "de St. Jacob", 36 schipper IJsbrand IJs, Amsterdam, "de jonge Benjamin", 100 schipper Pieter Wiebes, Amsterdam, ww, "de gekroonde Liefde", 24 schipper Cornelis Hennes, Amsterdam, ww, "de drie Apostels", 26 schipper Mattheus Veerman, Gouda, "de St. Margrete", 23

1994 Yasser Arafat, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin. 1993 Nelson Mandela, FrederikWillem de klerk. 1908 Klas Pontus Arnoldson, fredrik Bajer.

91. One Hundred Years Of Nobel Peace Prizes, A Century Of War
Background Info, nobel Peace Prize Winners 20001990 2000 ANC. FredrikWillem de klerk President of the Republic of South Africa. 1992,11827,100936,00.html
Home Mersal instant messenger Wanees ... ENTERTAINMENT ENTERTAINMENT Send to a friend Printer-friendly format
One hundred years of Nobel Peace Prizes, a century of war The year 2001 may be the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize, but it also marks the end of the bloodiest century December 05, 2001, 09:06 AM
OSLO (AFP) - One hundred and seven Nobel Peace Prize laureates and more than 110 million victims of war: the year 2001 may be the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize, but it also marks the end of the bloodiest century in the history of mankind.
'If the criterion for success is... to put an end to wars, then the prize is certainly a failure' The 20th century was only one year old when the first Nobel Peace Prize was jointly awarded to Jean Henri Dunant of Switzerland, the founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross, and Frederic Passy of France, the founder of the first French peace society (Ligue internationale et permanente de la paix). One hundred years later, the prize founded by Swedish inventor and savant Alfred Nobel has become an institution. This year’s edition will be announced on October 12 in Oslo. But during those same 100 years, 250 wars have been fought and more than 110 million people, including 63 million civilians, have died in conflicts, according to figures from the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. "If the criterion for success is the Nobel Peace Prize’s ability to put an end to wars, then the prize is certainly a failure. And it will remain a failure," Geir Lundestad, director of the Nobel Institute, said.

92. Untitled Document
nobel de la Paz.
Programa Jueves 13 de marzo
-Alberto Núñez Esteva; Vicepresidente de Coparmex y Presidente de la Comisión de contenido del LXXXII Encuentro Empresarial

-Fredrik Willem De Klerk;
El caso actual de Venezuela: ¿progreso o retroceso en la transición Latinoamericana?
Charla sobre tendencias electorales -María de las Heras; Directora General de Demotecnia, líder en la investigación demoscópica y analista certera de las tendencias políticas en México. Programa Cívico Coparmex 2003-2004
-José Luis Barraza González; Presidente de Coparmex

-Lorenzo Servitje; Fundador de Grupo Bimbo y prototipo del empresario mexicano.

Vicepresidente de Coparmex y observador atento de los grandes problemas del campo mexicano. Viernes 14 de marzo (La hora de los consensos ) La reforma laboral
-Vic Van Vuuren; Consejero Empresarial en el "National Economic Development and Labour Council" (Sudáfrica) y actor comprometido con la construcción del Sudáfrica moderno.

-Olegario Vázquez Aldir
Director General Corporativo de Grupo Empresarial Ángeles
-Adrián Vargas Guajardo Vicepresidente Corporativo de MVS Comunicaciones, con una experiencia de los efectos del marco laboral sobre las posibilidades de innovar en México.

1936, F. W. de Klerk (Fredrik Willem), b. Johannesburg South Africa, President of South Africa, 1989-1994, shared Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela in 1993. Established the FW de Klerk Foundation to work towards peace in divided societies. return

94. Peace
Year, Winners.

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