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         Ernst Richard R:     more books (50)
  1. Principles of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in One and Two Dimensions (International Series of Monographs on Chemistry) by Richard R. Ernst, Geoffrey Bodenhausen, et all 1990-09-27
  2. Structural Identification of Organic Compounds with Spectroscopic Techniques by Yong-Cheng Ning, 2005-05-09
  3. Woerterbuch der Industiellen Technik Deutch Portugiesisch (Diccionario de Tecnica Industrial Alemao Portugues by Richard R. Ernst, 2000
  4. Biography - Ernst, Richard R(obert) (1933-): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2003-01-01
  5. German to English Dictionary of Industrial Engineering : Woerterbuch der Industriellen Technik Deutch - Englisch (Sixth Revised Edition 2004) by Richard R. Ernst, 2004-01-01
  6. Woerterbuch der Industriellen Technik Deutch Franzoesich und Franzoesich Deutch CDROM (Dictionnaire de la Technolgie Industrielle Francais Allemand et Allemand Francais CDROM by Richard R. Ernst, 2000
  7. Dictionnaire de la Technique Industrielle Allemand Francais (Woerterbuch der Industriellen Technik Deutch Franzoesich) by Richard R. Ernst, 1999
  8. French to English Comprehensive Dictionary of Industrial Technology (Dictionnaire des techniques et sciences appliquees : Francais - Anglais by Richard R. Ernst, 2005-02-01
  9. Woerterbuch der Industriellen Technik Deutch Spanisch und Spanisch Deutch CDROM (Diccionario de la Tecnica Industrial Aleman Espanol y Espanol Aleman CDROM by Richard R. Ernst, 2000
  10. Naissance à Winterthour: Niklaus Wirth, Richard R. Ernst, Hans Gamper, Anton Graff, Viktor Giacobbo, Heinrich Wölfflin, Johann Georg Sulzer (French Edition)
  11. Wolf Prize in Chemistry Laureates: Ryoji Noyori, John Pople, Richard R. Ernst, Ahmed Zewail, Carl Djerassi, Ada Yonath, Elias James Corey
  12. Swiss Nobel Laureates: Albert Einstein, Henry Dunant, Felix Bloch, Richard R. Ernst, Emil Theodor Kocher, Élie Ducommun
  13. Bangladesh Academy of Sciences: Fellows of Bangladesh Academy of Sciences, Richard R. Ernst, Masatoshi Koshiba, Norman Borlaug
  14. People From the Canton of Zürich: Richard R. Ernst, Gottfried Keller, Johann Jakob Scheuchzer, Conrad Gessner, Conrad Ferdinand Meyer

81. > News > Science/Health -- Recent Nobel Winners In Chemistry
ASSOCIATED PRESS October 9, 2002. Recent winners of the nobel Prize in chemistry 1991– richard R. ernst, Switzerland, for contributions to the development
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Recent Nobel winners in chemistry
ASSOCIATED PRESS October 9, 2002 Recent winners of the Nobel Prize in chemistry: 1996 – Harold W. Kroto, Britain, and Robert F. Curl Jr. and Richard E. Smalley, United States, for their discovery of "buckyballs," a type of soccer ball-shaped carbon molecule.
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82. Speech Of Professor Richard R.
richard R. ernst Laboratorium für An example When I got my nobel Prize, thecity governor of Winterthur, where my family lives since 1400, was

83. Richard R. Ernst: Awards Won By Richard R. Ernst
123Awards hardwork is paid in form of awards. Awards of richard R. ernst. OTHERnobel,1991, CHEMISTRY. Enter Artist/Album. Partner Sites.
hardwork is paid in form of awards Awards of Richard R. Ernst OTHER-NOBEL CHEMISTRY Enter Artist/Album
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84. Gé - Prix Nobel De Chimie
Translate this page Le prix nobel de chimie est attribué par l'Académie royale des sciences de Suède,à Stockholm. Année, Récipiendaire. 1991, richard R. ernst (Suisse).
Lauréats du prix Nobel de chimie Le prix Nobel de chimie est attribué par l'Académie royale des sciences de Suède, à Stockholm. Année Récipiendaire Jacobus Henricus van't Hoff (Pays-Bas) Hermann Emil Fischer (Allemagne) Svante August Arrhenius (Suède) sir William Ramsay (Grande-Bretagne) Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf von Baeyer (Allemagne) Henri Moisan (France) Eduard Buchner (Allemagne) lord Ernest Rutherford (Grande-Bretagne) Wilhelm Ostwald (Allemagne) Otto Wallach (Allemagne) Marie Curie , née Sklodowska (France) Victor Grignard (France) et Paul Sabatier (France) Alfred Werner (Suisse) Theodore William Richards (États-Unis) Richard Martin Willstätter (Allemagne) NON ATTRIBUÉ NON ATTRIBUÉ Fritz Haber (Allemagne) NON ATTRIBUÉ Walther Hermann Nernst (Allemagne) Frederick Soddy (Grande-Bretagne) Francis William Aston (Grande-Bretagne) Fritz Pregl (Autriche) NON ATTRIBUÉ Richard Adolf Zsigmondy (Autriche) Theodor Svedberg (Suède) Heinrich Otto Wieland (Allemagne) Adolf Otto Reinhold Windaus (Allemagne) sir Arthur Harden (Grande-Bretagne) et Hans Karl August Simon On Euler-Chelpin , (Suède) Hans Fischer (Allemagne) Carl Bosch et Friedrich Bergius (Allemagne) Irving Langmuir (États-Unis) NON ATTRIBUÉ Harold Clayton Urey (États-Unis) Jean-Frédéric Joliot (France) et Irène Joliot-Curie (France) Petrus Josephus Wilhelmus Debye (Pays-Bas) Walter Norman Haworth (Grande-Bretagne) Richard Kuhn (Allemagne) Adolf Friedrich Johann Butenandt (Allemagne) et Leopold Ruzicka (Suisse) NON ATTRIBUÉ NON ATTRIBUÉ NON ATTRIBUÉ Georg Hevesy de Heves (Suède) Otto Hahn (Allemagne) Artturi Ilmari

85. Nobel Prizes In Chemistry
3. PRIZE YEAR. nobel CHEMISTS. SUPERVISOR. Ph.D. UNIVERSITY. DATES. Age (years).Age at Prize. 1950. 1927 . 40. 1991. ernst, richard R. Hans Primas. 1962. ETH.1933 -. 58.
Nobel Prizes in Chemistry
Department of Chemistry, York University
4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ONTARIO M3J 1P3, CANADA For suggestions, corrections, additional information, and comments please send e-mails to NOBEL PRIZE CHEMISTRY YEAR NAMES OF SCIENTISTS NATIONALITY TYPE OF CHEMISTRY Jacobus van't Hoff Dutch physical Emil Fischer German organic Svante Arrhenius Swedish physical Sir William Ramsay British physical Adolf von Baeyer German organic Henri Moissan French inorganic Eduard Buchner German organic/bioorganic Lord Ernest Rutherford British nuclear Wilhelm Ostwald Latvian physical Otto Wallach German organic Marie Curie Polish-French nuclear Victor Grignard French organic Paul Sabatier French organic Alfred Werner German inorganic Theodore Williams Richards American physical Richard Martin Willstatter German organic no prize awarded no prize awarded Fritz Haber German physical/industrial no prize awarded Walther Hermann Nernst German physical Frederick Soddy British nuclear Francis William Aston British analytical Fritz Pregl Slovenian analytical no prize awarded Richard Zsigmondy Austrian physical Theodor Svedberg Swedish physical Heinrich Wieland German organic Adolf Windaus German organic Hans von Euler-Chelpin German bioorganic Arthur Harden British bioorganic Hans Fischer German bioorganic Friedrich Bergius German physical Carl Bosch German physical Irving Langmuir American physical no prize awarded Harold Urey American nuclear Frederic Joliot French nuclear Irene Joliot-Curie French nuclear Peter Debye Dutch physical Sir Walter Haworth

86. Nobel.txt
on the occasion of the onehundredth anniversary of the nobel Prize. Medicine, 1996)27.Manfred Eigen (Chemistry, 1967) 28.richard R. ernst (Chemistry, 1991
Statement by Nobel Laureates on the occasion of the one-hundredth anniversary of the Nobel Prize THE NEXT HUNDRED YEARS 1.Zhores I. Alferov (Physics, 2000)
2.Sidney Altman (Chemistry, 1989)
3.Philip W. Anderson (Physics, 1977)
4.Oscar Arias Sanchez (Peace, 1987)
5.J. Georg Bednorz (Physics, 1987)
6.Bishop Carlos F. X. Belo (Peace, 1996)
7.Baruj Benacerraf (Physiology/Medicine, 1980)
8.Hans A. Bethe (Physics, 1967)
9.Gerd K. Binnig (Physics, 1986)
10.James W. Black (Physiology/Medicine, 1988)
11.Guenter Blobel (Physiology/Medicine, 1999) 12.Nicolaas Bloembergen (Physics, 1981) 13.Norman E. Borlaug (Peace, 1970) 14.Paul D. Boyer (Chemistry, 1997) 15.Bertram N. Brockhouse (Physics, 1994) 16.Herbert C. Brown (Chemistry, 1979) 17.Georges Charpak (Physics, 1992) 18.Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (Physics, 1997) 19.John W. Cornforth (Chemistry, 1975) 20.Francis H.C. Crick (Physiology/ Medicine, 1962) 21.James W. Cronin (Physics, 1980)

87. Nobel Prizes In Chemistry
A listing of nobel Prize winners in chemistry from 1901 to 1999.Category Science Chemistry History...... Polanyi (Canada, *192901-23) Dudley R. Herschbach (USA complex natural compounds(retrosynthetic analysis) 1991 richard Robert ernst (Switzerland, *1933
Nobel Prizes in Chemistry
Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff (Netherlands, 1852-08-30 - 1911-03-01)
Discovery of the laws of chemical dynamics and of the osmotic pressure in solutions
Emil H. Fischer (Germany, 1852-10-09 - 1919-07-15)
Synthetic studies in the area of sugar and purine groups
Svante A. Arrhenius (Sweden, 1859-02-19 - 1927-10-02)
Theory of electrolytic dissociation
Sir William Ramsay (United Kingdom, 1852-10-02 - 1916-07-23)
Discovery of the indifferent gaseous elements in air (noble gases)
Adolf von Baeyer (Germany, 1835-10-31 - 1917-08-20)
Organic dyes and hydroaromatic compounds
Henri Moissan (France, 1852-09-28 - 1907-02-20)
Investigation and isolation of the element fluorine
Eduard Buchner (Germany, 1860-05-20 - 1917-08-13)
Biochemical studies, discovery of fermentation without cells
Sir Ernest Rutherford (United Kingdom, 1871-08-30 - 1937-10-19)
Decay of the elements, chemistry of radioactive substances
Wilhelm Ostwald (Germany, 1853-09-02 - 1932-04-04)
Catalysis, chemical equilibria and reaction rates

88. Richard R. Ernst - CIRS
ernst, richard R. ernst, with the American,Weston A. Anderson, found that the accuracy of the measurements could be
ERNST, RICHARD R. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology , Zurich, Switzerland.
Research Interests :
He has radically improved the resolution and precision of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Ernst, with the American, Weston A. Anderson, found that the accuracy of the measurements could be increased up to a hundredfold if the matter was exposed to intense, rapid radio pulses instead of slow sweeps.
Prizes :
1991 Nobel Prize for Chemistry "for his contributions to the development of the methodology of high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy", Wolf Prize for Chemistry (1991), Horwitz Prize (1991), Marcel Benoist Prize (1986). top

89. Science/Chemistry/Nuclear_Magnetic_Resonance
URL http// richard R.Ernstnobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry at the nobel Prize Internet Archive.
Search: Category Description:
This category is concerned with NMR, EPR, MRI and NQR. There are categories for user guides, commercial vendors of NMR systems and supplies, NMR theory, magnet safety, shimming, in short nearly everything to do with the use, repair and operation of a NMR, EPR, MRI or NQR system. 07/23/00 Science Chemistry Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Commercial Companies


High Pressure NMR

Welcome to SDBS Integrated Spectral Data Base System for Organic Compounds. A very useful site !!
Das Internet Lexikon der NMR- Begriffe

Lexicon of NMR (In german).
URL: New Mexico Resonance A nice not-for-profit NMR center. These guys have some great publications. URL: Spectrum of the Month Several interesting spectra. From Indiana U. URL: Profile: Raymond V. Damadian From Scientific American URL: Welcome to the Wired Chemist A really good site for the Chemist interested in NMR.

90. GK- National Network Of Education
Cech, Thomas R. 1989. Altman, Sidney, 1989. Corey, Elias James, 1990. ernst, RichardR. 1991. Marcus, Rudolph A. 1992. Mullis, Kary B. 1993. Smith, Michael, 1993.
Associated Agencies Booker Prize Winners International Awards World Nations: Famous Industrial Town ... Nobel Prize Winners Nobel Prize Winners
Literature Medicine Peace ... Economics
Chemistry Hoff, Jacobus Henricus Van't Fischer, Hermann Emil Arrhenius, Svante August Ramsay, Sir William Baeyer, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf Von Moissan, Henri Buchner, Eduard Rutherford, Lord Ernest Ostwald, Wilhelm Wallach, Otto Curie, Marie Sabatier, Paul Grignard, Victor Werner, Alfred Richards, Theodore William

91. The Nobel Prize
1992 ? ?(Rudolph A. Marcus). 1991 (RichardR. ernst). 1990 ? ? (Elias James Corey).
William S. Knowles), ³ë¿ä¸® ·á´Ï(Ryoji Noyori), º£¸® »þǸ®½º(K. Barry Sharpless) Alan J. Heeger), ¾Ù·± ¸Æ´õ¹Ìµå(Alan G. MacDiarmid), ½¶óÄ«¿Í È÷µ¥Å°(Hideki Shirakawa) Ahmed H. Zewail) 1998 ¿ùÅÍ ÄÜ(Walter Kohn), Á¸ Æ÷Ç(John A. Pople) 1997 Æú º¸À̾î(Paul D. Boyer), Á¸ ¿öÄ¿(John E. Walker), Á¨ ½ºÄí(Jens C. Skou) 1996 ·Î¹öÆ® Ä(Robert F. Curl Jr.), ÇØ·²µå Å©·ÎÅä(Sir Harold W. Kroto), ¸®³µå ½º¸ô¸®(Richard E. Smalley) 1995 ÆÄ¿ï Å©·çÁ¨(Paul J. Crutzen), ¸¶¸®¿À ¸ô¸®³ª(Mario J. Molina), ¼Å¿ìµå ·Ñ·±µå(F. Sherwood Rowland) 1994 Á¶Áö ¿¶ó(George A. Olah) 1993 ij¸® ¸Ö¸®½º(Kary B. Mullis), ¸¶ÀÌŬ ½º¹Ì½º(Michael Smith) 1992 ·çµ¹ÇÁ ¸¶Ä¿½º(Rudolph A. Marcus) 1991 ¸®Çϸ£Æ® ¿¡¸¥½ºÆ®(Richard R. Ernst) 1990 À϶óÀ̾ Á¦ÀÓ½º ÄÚ¸®(Elias James Corey) 1989 ½µå´Ï ¾ËÆ®¸Õ(Sidney Altman), Å丶½º ½(Thomas R. Cech) 1988 ¿äÇÑ ´ÙÀÌÁ¨È£ÆÛ(Johann Deisenhofer), ·Îº£¸£Æ® ÈĹö(Robert Huber), Çϸ£Æ®¹«Æ® ¹ÌÇï(Hartmut Michel) 1987 µµ³Îµå Å©·¥(Donald J. Cram), Àå ¸¶¸® ·©(Jean-Marie Lehn), Âû½º Æä´õ½¼(Charles J. Pedersen) 1986 ´õµé¸® Çã½¹Ú(Dudley R. Herschbach), ¸®À§¾ÈÀú(Yuan T. Lee), Á¸ Æú¶ó´Ï(John C. Polanyi) 1985 Ç츣Ʈ ÇÏ¿ìÇÁÆ®¸¸(Herbert A. Hauptman), Á¦·Ò Ä«¸¦(Jerome Karle)

92. Kimyaokulu - Nobel ödülü Kazanan Bilim Adamlarý
nobel ÖDÜLÜ KAZANAN BILIM ADAMLARI VE YAPTIGI ÇALISMALAR. ernst, RICHARDR. Isviçre, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürih, d. 1933 Yüksek onculeri/nobel/nobel_odulu_kazananlar01.htm
DÝARMÝD, ALAN G. MAC Pensilvanya Üniversitesi, Philadelplia, ABD
SHIRAKAWA, HÝDEKÝ Tsukuba Üniverditesi, Japonya
Ýletken Polimerlerin Bulunmasý ve geliþtirilmesi
ZEWAÝL, AHMET H. Kaliforniya Teknoloji Enstitüsü, ABD
Femtosaniye spektroskapi kullanarak kimyasal reaksiyonlarda geçiþ durumlarý konusunda yaptýðý çalýþma
KOHN, WALTER A.B.D., Kaliforniya Üniversitesi, Santa Barbara, CA, A.B.D., d. 1923; ve
POPLE, JOHN A. A.B.D., Northwestern Üniversitesi, Evanston, IL, A.S.A, d. 1925:
Walter Kohn’a yoðunluk fonksiyoneli kuramý bulduðu için, John Pople’a, kuantum kimyasýnda hesaplamalý yöntemleri geliþtirdiði için
BOYER, PAUL D. A.B.D., Kaliforniya Üniversitesi, Los Angeles, A.B.D., d. 1918; ve
WALKER, JOHN E. Ýngiltere, Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, United Kingdom, d. 1941; Adenozin Trifosfat (ATP) sentezinin enzimatik mekanizmasýný aydýnlattýklarý için; ve

93. The Hindu : Nobel Laureates In Chemistry: Down Memory Lane
Science Tech Previous Next nobel Laureates in chemistry Down memory lane. 1991RICHARD R. ernst for his contributions to the development of the
Online edition of India's National Newspaper
Thursday, October 18, 2001
Front Page
National Southern States Other States ... Next
Nobel Laureates in chemistry: Down memory lane
2001 WILLIAM S. KNOWLES, RYOJI NOYORI and K. BARRY SHARPLESS for developing catalytic asymmetric synthesis. The achievements are of great importance for the development of new drugs and materials.2000-1991 2000 ALAN J. HEEGER, ALAN G. MACDIARMID, and HIDEKI SHIRAKAWA for the discovery and development of conductive polymers. 1999 AHMED ZEWAIL for his research and studies of transition states of chemical reactions using femtosecond spectroscopy. 1998 WALTER KOHN for his development of the density-functional theory and JOHN A. POPLE for his development of computational methods in quantum chemistry. 1997 PAUL D. BOYER and JOHN E. WALKER for their elucidation of the enzymatic mechanism underlying the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), and JENS C. SKOU for the first discovery of an ion-transporting enzyme, Na+, K+-ATPase. 1996 ROBERT F. CURL, Jr. , SIR HAROLD W. KROTO , and RICHARD E. SMALLEY for discovering fullerenes.

94. Premio Nobel De Química 2000 - Diario De Yucatán
del espectroscopio nuclear magnético de alta resolución (NMR) . 1990.
Premios Nóbel 2000
El Premio Nóbel en Química
La Química es una de las cinco áreas que menciona Alfred Nóbel en su testamento. Este premio deberá ser dado a "quien haya realizado el mejor descubrimiento o mejoramiento químico". La Academia Real Sueca de Ciencias es la encargada de elegir al ganador anual.
Ganadores 1981 - 1999 Ahmed H. Zewail "por sus estudios en la transición de estados de las reacciones químicas utilizando un espectroscopio femtosegundo"
Walter Kohn
"por su desarrollo de la teoría densidad-funcional"
John A. Pople
"por su desarrollo de métodos computacionales en química cuántica"
Paul D. Boyer
"por su explicación del mecanismo enzimático que yace bajo la síntesis de la adenosina trifosfato (ATP)"
John E. Walker

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