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         Hume John:     more books (100)
  1. Hume's Philosophy of Mind by John Bricke, 1984-01-01
  2. David Hume (Twayne's English Authors Series) by John Valdimir Price, 1991-07
  3. John Frederick Amelung Early American Glassmaker by Dwight P. Lanmon, Arlene Schwind, et all 1991-04
  4. The industrial archaeology of Glasgow by John R Hume, 1974
  5. The Planter's Guide and Family Book of Medicine for the Instruction and Use of Planters, Families, Country People, and All Others Who May Be Out of the ... or Unable to Employ Them (Accessable Books) by John Hume Simons, 2010-11-18
  6. Edward Hoare; a record of his life based upon a brief autobiography. Edited by the Rev. J.H. Townsend by Edward Hoare, John Hume Townsend, 2010-08-01
  7. The Cross Staff - Historical Development and Modern Use by Alan Neale and Daniel, Christopher St John Hume Stimson, 1977
  8. Glasgow Stations by John R. Hume, Colin Johnston, 1979-02-22
  9. Scotland's Industrial Past by John R. Hume, 1990-11
  10. Solar Heat, Gravitation, And Sun Spots (1886) by John Hume Kedzie, 2008-06-02
  11. Churches to Visit in Scotland by Brian Fraser, 2002-11
  12. Dumfries and Galloway: An Illustrated Architectural Guide (RIAS Series of Illustrated Architectural Guides to Scotland) by John R. Hume, Judith Anderson, 2000-06-20
  13. Clyde shipbuilding from old photographs by John Hume, Michael Moss, 1975
  14. Glasgow as It Was (v. 1)

61. Featur01
Features, Why john hume won a nobel and Ranil Wickremasinghe maynot By CA Chandraprema. I went to the Trans Asia Hotel last week
Features Why John Hume won a Nobel and Ranil Wickremasinghe may not By C. A. Chandraprema I He told us what had encouraged him to come to a compromise. On the one hand, he spoke of the challenge of the new millennium and of the world getting smaller by which he meant the process of globalisation, the development of instant communications, free movement of capital and the gradual fading away of the nation state concept etcetera. Then he mentioned the inspiration he got from the formation of the European Union and how as a member of the European Parliament, he had marvelled at the fact that the main combatants in the two world wars - the most brutal and destructive conflagrations in the history of mankind - were now sitting together and working out their common interests in amity. I must say that I know next to nothing about the Irish conflict. But even before I listened to John Hume, one thing I knew was that the Irish situation could not be applied to Sri Lanka. The British High Commissioner Linda Duffield also sounded a note of caution that one should not make hasty comparisons between the two situations. This is just as well because people tend to get swept off their feet when such is not warranted. That the Irish situation was different to the Sri Lankan problem was brought home to me very forcefully when in late October last year I was relaxing in a hotel room in Amsterdam when I heard it announced over TV that the IRA had decided to lay down their arms. The decision of the IRA to at least symbolically lay down their arms came barely a month after the September 11th attacks. The implications were clear. It was America that was attacked - the America with a large Irish diaspora. The British stood by America to the last drop of blood. Many British citizens too were killed in the attacks on New York.

62. Falun Dafa
nobel Peace Prize Winner john hume Pays Attention to Falun Gong CaliforniaPractitioner. On the evening of November 20, 2001, the
Clearwisdom Home Welcome Note... Views on Cultivation Truth Clarification ... Scientific Findings To Fellow Practitioners
on October 23 Article Selections
Cultivation Within Fa Rectification
Righteous Beliefs and Actions Exposing the Crimes of Jiang Zemin Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts ...
Evidence of Persecution
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"Clarify the truth thoroughly, eliminate the evil with righteous thoughts, save all beings, and safeguard the Fa with determination" ( Dafa is Indestructible Nobel Peace Prize Winner John Hume Pays Attention to Falun Gong
California Practitioner On the evening of November 20, 2001, the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize Winner John Hume was interviewed at the California Institute of Technology. We thought it was a good chance to ask his help to rescue Zhao Ming. Several of us went to the Institute. Group photo of Mr. John Hume and a Dafa practitioner

63. Pravda.RU Alan Bock: Long And Winding Road Toward Peace
consider john hume, the prominent Northern Ireland politician who was corecipient(with moderate Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble) of the 1998 nobel
Nov, 21 2001 In Russian Em Portugues Russia World ... About Pravda.RU:Top Stories:More in detail
Alan Bock: Long and Winding Road Toward Peace
The Importance of Realism
I don't necessarily consider John Hume, the prominent Northern Ireland politician who was co-recipient (with "moderate" Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble) of the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize, a source of wisdom on ultimate principles. But he has experience with conflicts in his part of the world that might be useful in other parts of the world.
Hume was in Southern California this week to deliver the Lee A. DuBridge Distinguished Lecture at Cal Tech's Beckman Auditorium. In an interview Monday on Pasadena-based NPR station KPPC he offered some observations on Northern Ireland that just might hold important lessons. The implications for Afghanistan – drawn by me rather than by Mr. Hume – are hardly optimistic in the short run. But it is important to be realistic.
In the wake of the unexpectedly swift apparent collapse of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan hopes are running high in certain American circles that even more aggressive application of American military forces will soon accomplish virtual miracles in the struggle against terrorism. Former Navy Secretary John Lehmann was on one of the Fox News shows Monday night absolutely brimming with war fever and enthusiasm.
Now that the Taliban is yesterday's problem and we're likely to have Osama's head in a sack by Christmas, he said, it's time to go after Saddam. Iraq will fall like a domino, with all the people eager to oust the evil Saddam once they know they'll have serious American help. Then Iran will fall into line, becoming our friend and ally with maybe no shots being fired. And all the other terrorist groups and sponsors, inasmuch as they only respect and worship power and the willingness to blow things to smithereens, will be only too eager to become American allies and lackeys.

64. Boston Globe Online / The Globe In Ireland
after he held aloft the hands of john hume and David 'Those boys,'' he mused, indicatinghume and Trimble with his thumb, ''should win the nobel Prize

Special Globe section
on the Good Friday peace accord.
From May 20, 1998 The Good Friday peace accord Omagh bombing Orange Order protestant parade Three boys killed in N. Ireland blaze PROFILES
Mary McAleese

Jean Kennedy

David Trimble

Bernadette Sands
Two architects of Irish pact win peace prize
Catholic, Protestant honored for role in historic settlement By Kevin Cullen, Globe Staff, 10/17/98 Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble, left, U2 singer Bono, center, and SDLP leader John Hume stand together on stage at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland. (AP Photo) ast May, after he held aloft the hands of John Hume and David Trimble during a Belfast concert to support the political settlement in Northern Ireland, U2 lead singer Bono stood off to the side of the stage and regarded the two politicians with a wide grin. ''Those boys,'' he mused, indicating Hume and Trimble with his thumb, ''should win the Nobel Prize.'' Bono got his wish yesterday when Hume, the visionary Catholic pacifist who was the prime architect of the peace process, and Trimble, the one-time hard-liner who led a wary Protestant community to compromise with Irish nationalists, were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The award was a vindication both of Hume's tireless efforts to bring about peace and reconciliation and Trimble's bold departure from the traditional ''No Surrender'' siege mentality of Protestant unionists who want Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom.

65. Nobel Prize For Peace
nobel Prize for Peace. Belo and José RamosHorta (East Timor) 1997 InternationalCampaign to Ban Landmines and Jody Williams (US) 1998 john hume and David

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Nobel Prize for Peace
For years not listed, no award was made.
Henri Dunant (Switzerland); Frederick Passy (France) Elie Ducommun and Albert Gobat (Switzerland) Sir William R. Cremer (U.K.) Institut de Droit International (Belgium) Bertha von Suttner (Austria) Theodore Roosevelt (U.S.) Ernesto T. Moneta (Italy) and Louis Renault (France) Klas P. Arnoldson (Sweden) and Frederik Bajer (Denmark) Auguste M. F. Beernaert (Belgium) and Baron Paul H. B. B. d'Estournelles de Constant de Rebecque (France) Bureau International Permanent de la Paix (Switzerland) Tobias M. C. Asser

66. La Repubblica/cultura_scienze: La Pace In Irlanda Vince Il Nobel '98
Translate this page Irlanda vince il nobel '98, STOCCOLMA - Il premio nobel per la pace 1998è stato assegnato ai nordirlandesi john hume e David Trimble.
Il premio assegnato al cattolico John Hume
e all'unionista Trimble per gli accordi sull'Ulster

La pace in Irlanda
vince il Nobel '98
- Il premio Nobel per la pace 1998 è stato assegnato ai nordirlandesi John Hume e David Trimble. Il cattolico John Hume e il protestante David Trimble sono stati premiati per "il loro impegno nell'accordo di pace per il Nord Irlanda e per il loro sforzo per trovare una soluzione politica nella tormentata provincia", si legge nella motivazione.
Hume e Trimble, afferma il Comitato norvegese per il Nobel, hanno lavorato per mettere fine "a un conflitto nazionale, religioso e sociale costato in Irlanda del Nord la vita di oltre 3.500 persone". Hume, in particolare, "è stato sempre il più chiaro e coerente tra i leader nordirlandesi nel suo impegno per una soluzione pacifica", mentre Trimble, "come capo del partito tradizionalmente predominante in Irlanda del Nord ha mostrato grande coraggio quando, in una fase critica del processo, ha sostenuto le soluzioni che hanno portato all'accordo di pace".
Nella motivazione, viene dato atto anche degli sforzi degli altri partiti nordirlandesi, come pure dei governi britannico, irlandese e statunitense. I due vincitori si divideranno in parti uguali i 7,6 milioni di corone svedesi (circa un miliardo e mezzo di lire).

67. John Hume And Something About Mary
there for john hume too. There to hear a statesman at talk probably the greatestIrish statesman of the 20th century , Fr. Harry told us. nobel and Martin
John Hume And Something About Mary
A watershed in Northern Ireland history was reached last weekend when John Hume stepped down as leader of the S.D.L.P.. Before stepping aside to leave it to others to bring people further down the road to peace, this icon of Irish life made one of his final public appearances as leader in Ennis when addressing the annual Rural Resource Development conference. ohn Hume is a large man. Large in stature. Large on ideas, practical and passionate ideas that have helped bring peace to Ireland. This passion has always been there - from the Gerrymandering days to the Gerry Adams days. A large man then and a large man now. So large that this son of Derry received a standing ovation in the West County Hotel last week - and this ovation came before he got out of his chair to address Fr. Harry Bohan's "Is the Future My Responsibility" conference. It was Fr. Harry himself who got the crowd going. When introducing Hume he told them he first had to make a floral presentation "on behalf of Mary who is unable to be with us". It must have been something about Mary - later we found out she was Mary McMahon from Scariff - because the crowd rose and sustained applause rang out all around the Ger Loughnane Suite. Ger himself was there as were more of Fr. Harry's old hurling boys - Gilla, Honan and many more. There for their manager Harry but there for John Hume too. There to hear a statesman at talk - "probably the greatest Irish statesman of the 20th century", Fr. Harry told us. Nobel and Martin Luther King prize winner.

68. LatelineNews Hume, Trimble Win Nobel Peace Prize For
LatelineNews 199810-16 OSLO - Rival Northern Ireland politicians john hume andDavid Trimble won the 1998 nobel Peace Prize Friday for their work to end 30

69. Igadi Na Rede / Presencia - ¿Un Nobel Prematuro?
john Major, o o SDLP- Partido Socialdemócrata e Laborista de hume (24); o DUP
Presencia / Nacionalismos occidentais
(artigo publicado en Vieiros o 20/10/98) A Comisión Nobel do parlamento noruegués puido cumprir co seu encargo e outorgou o premio anual da Paz. Non sempre foi doado facelo. Dende 1901 faltou, desgraciadamente, en moitas ocasións á cita, sobranceiramente no período que Hobsbawn denomina "guerra dos trinta e tres anos" (1914-1945) e en momentos álxidos da "guerra fría". En 1976 xa se tiña concedido o Nobel da Paz a dúas norirlandesas Betty Williams e Mairead Corrigan fundadoras do movemento civil Xente pola Paz. Nesta ocasión o problema estaba en a quen non se lle concedía. Moitas foron as persoas que xogaron un papel sobranceiro nas negociacións: o senador norteamericano George Mitchell e o presidente Clinton, o "premier" Blair e o seu antecesor John Major, o "taoiseach" Bertie Arhen, a ministra Mo Mowlan e os lideres norirlandeses.

70. RTÉ News: Hume To Donate Nobel Prize Money
john hume Donating prize money to charity. john hume has announcedtoday that he is giving his £300,000 nobel prize to charity.
Today's News Week at a glance News Programmes Fast Access TV 1 News 6.1 News 9 News Nationwide Nuacht Prime Time Radio Morning Ireland News At One Five Seven Live This Week World Report News Archive Fast Access 02 May 2002 01 May 2002 30 Apr 2002 29 Apr 2002 28 Apr 2002 27 Apr 2002 26 Apr 2002 25 Apr 2002 24 Apr 2002 23 Apr 2002 22 Apr 2002 21 Apr 2002 20 Apr 2002 19 Apr 2002 18 Apr 2002 17 Apr 2002 16 Apr 2002 15 Apr 2002 14 Apr 2002 13 Apr 2002 12 Apr 2002 11 Apr 2002 10 Apr 2002 09 Apr 2002 08 Apr 2002 07 Apr 2002 06 Apr 2002 05 Apr 2002 04 Apr 2002 03 Apr 2002 02 Apr 2002 01 Apr 2002 31 Mar 2002 30 Mar 2002 29 Mar 2002 28 Mar 2002 27 Mar 2002 26 Mar 2002 25 Mar 2002 24 Mar 2002 23 Mar 2002 22 Mar 2002 21 Mar 2002 20 Mar 2002 19 Mar 2002 18 Mar 2002 17 Mar 2002 16 Mar 2002 15 Mar 2002 14 Mar 2002 13 Mar 2002 12 Mar 2002 11 Mar 2002 10 Mar 2002 09 Mar 2002 08 Mar 2002 07 Mar 2002 06 Mar 2002 05 Mar 2002 04 Mar 2002 03 Mar 2002 02 Mar 2002 01 Mar 2002 28 Feb 2002 27 Feb 2002 26 Feb 2002 25 Feb 2002 24 Feb 2002 23 Feb 2002 22 Feb 2002 21 Feb 2002 20 Feb 2002 19 Feb 2002 18 Feb 2002 17 Feb 2002 16 Feb 2002 15 Feb 2002 14 Feb 2002 13 Feb 2002 12 Feb 2002 11 Feb 2002 10 Feb 2002 09 Feb 2002 08 Feb 2002 07 Feb 2002 06 Feb 2002 05 Feb 2002 04 Feb 2002 03 Feb 2002 02 Feb 2002
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Hume to donate Nobel prize money Friday, March 26 1999

71. Hume
The Norwegian nobel Committee has decided to award the nobel Peace Prize for 1998to john hume and David Trimble for their efforts to find a peaceful solution
The Irish Olive Branch Northern Irish Conflict
Hume, Trimble Earn Nobel Peace Prize for Efforts in Conflict
The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize for 1998 to John Hume and David Trimble for their efforts to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Northern Ireland. Over the past thirty years, the national, religious and social conflict in Northern Ireland has cost over 3,500 people their lives. John Hume has throughout been the clearest and most consistent of Northern Ireland's political leaders in his work for a peaceful solution. The foundations of the peace agreement signed on Good Friday 1998 reflect principles which he has stood for. As the leader of the traditionally predominant party in Northern Ireland, David Trimble showed great political courage when, at a critical stage of the process, he advocated solutions which led to the peace agreement. As the head of the Northern Ireland government, he has taken the first steps towards building up the mutual confidence on which a lasting peace must be based. The Norwegian Nobel Committee also wishes to emphasise the importance of the positive contributions to the peace process made by other Northern Irish leaders, and by the governments of Great Britain, Ireland, and the United States.

72. Hume, John
hume, john. hume was a founder member of the Credit Union Party, which later becamethe He shared the nobel Prize for Peace in 1998 with David Trimble for their
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HUTCHINSON ENCYCLOPEDIA Hume, John Northern Ireland politician, leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP) from 1979. Hume was a founder member of the Credit Union Party, which later became the SDLP. An MP since 1969, and a member of the European Parliament, he has been one of the chief architects of the peace process in Northern Ireland. He shared the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1998 with David Trimble for their efforts to further the peace process. In 1993 he held talks with the Sinn Fein leader, Gerry Adams, on the possibility of securing peace in Northern Ireland. This prompted a joint Anglo-Irish peace initiative, which in turn led to a general ceasefire 199496. Despite the collapse of the ceasefire, Hume continued in his efforts to broker a settlement. This was achieved in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and the SDLP polled strongly in the subsequent June 1998 elections to the new Northern Ireland assembly. He resigned from the Northern Ireland assembly in December 2000, though he retained his seat in the House of Commons at Westminster.

73. Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | John Hume: A Giant In Ulster Pub
1971 to 1977 Special report Northern Ireland Monday September 17, 2001 john hume'sresignation has In 1998, hume was awarded the nobel Peace Prize,9061,553450,0
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Ulster police lack strategy for agents
Ministers may be questioned over cover-up And what the report means for ... Collusion, murder and cover-up ...
Northern Ireland assembly

John Hume: a giant in Ulster public life
After three decades on the centre stage of Northern Ireland politics, John Hume is resigning from the leadership of the SDLP, writes Derek Brown, Guardian correspondent in Belfast from 1971 to 1977 Special report: Northern Ireland Monday September 17, 2001

74. Who's Who
1899?. Austrian borne economist who taught both in England and the United States,Hayek won the nobel Prize for economics in 1974. Hicks, john. hume. David.
Who's Who
Bastiat, Frederic. 1801-1850. French pamphleteer who popularized economic ideas with superb satires, several of which are still read for amusement and profit today. Becker, Gary. b. 1930. One of the many prominent economists associated with the University of Chicago, Becker won the Nobel Prize in economics for his applications of economic methods to a variety of novel situations. Boulding, Kenneth. b. 1910. This British born economist taught for many years at the University of Michigan and then at the University of Colorado. Buchanan, James. b. 1919. A founder of a branch of economics called Public-Choice economics, Buchanan won a Nobel prize for his contributions to economics in 1986. Carlyle, Thomas. 1795-1881. A British writer whose only contribution to economics was the term, "dismal science." Coase, Ronald Coase published relatively little, but what he did publish had tremendous impact. Though part of the Chicago school of economics, his most influentional writings, on the nature of the firm and on externalities, focus on tranactions costs as a force preventing market solutions to problems. Fischer, Irving. 1867-1947. An amazingly prolific writer on a wide range of topics, Fisher may have been the most important American-born economists during the first half of the twentieth century. A professor at Yale University, he made contributions in many areas of economics, including monetary theory, mathematical economics, index numbers, and the theory of interest. Among the reform movements he championed were prohibition of alcohol and eugenics.

75. Jobs Register
complete the form below. john hume, nobel Laureate, MP MEP. top of page. *Thefollowing database will be used by the Derry Investment Initiative only.

76. News -- Irish Nobel Prize Laureate Presses For Peaceful Politics
nobel Peace Prize Laureate john hume stressed the importance of respecting differenceand seeking common economic ground in the School of Foreign Service’s
Search The Hoya News Editorials Viewpoint Sports ... About The Hoya
Tuesday, December 4, 2001 Irish Nobel Prize Laureate Presses for Peaceful Politics
By James Brady
Special to The Hoya Nobel Peace Prize Laureate John Hume stressed the importance of respecting difference and seeking common economic ground in the School of Foreign Service’s inaugural Ireland-United States lecture, “Building Peace In A Divided Society,” on Thursday. Hume detailed his involvement with the peace process in Northern Ireland and analyzed what he saw to be the necessary elements for building peace to the audience of approximately 100 students, faculty and administrators in Copley Formal Lounge. “Respect for diversity and respect for difference is the fundamental principle of peace,” he said. According to Hume, this common respect must be followed by the creation of institutions that find common economic interests in order to cement peace. Hume, who came to prominence in the late 1960s as a leader of the Northern Ireland civil rights movement, later became a leader of the Social Democratic and Labor Party, a position from which he retired last month. Hume gave a brief history of his party’s involvement in seeking peace in Northern Ireland. He and Unionist leader David Trimble were awarded the Nobel Prize for the culmination of their peace efforts — the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

77. A New Ireland : Politics, Peace And Reconciliation
The foundations of the peace agreement signed on Good Friday 1998 reflect principleswhich he has stood for. Norwegian nobel Committee john hume is a
A New Ireland : Politics, Peace and Reconciliation
by John Hume Jack Van Zandt Thomas McEnery Edward M. Kennedy Tom McEnery (Illustrator)
See More Details

Roberts Rinehart Pub; ISBN: 1570981418 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.70 x 8.51 x 5.51
Other Editions: Hardcover Reviews
Nobel Peace Prize laureate of 1998 John Hume is a founding member of Northern Ireland's Social Democratic and Labour Party and has been a leading figure in the decades-long struggle to bring peace to that region. As he discusses in A New Ireland , his approach has been greatly influenced by the nonviolent direct actions of civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. He calls upon both Protestant and Catholic Irish to follow another example from American democracy, that of "unity in diversity." The conflict in Northern Ireland, he writes, is that between two groups of men and women, the Nationalists and the Unionists, "who have been trapped by a tragic error of history which saw their hopes and fears as mutually exclusive and irreconcilable within an Irish state, but which obliged them to live and compete side-by-side in one small corner of Ireland. These two communities ... have both behaved like threatened minorities and only by removing the fears which they both feel can a just and durable solution be found." But it will not be enough, he adds, to bring "peace" to Northern Ireland. A united Ireland must also be thoroughly integrated into the relational networks that pervade Europe (and the rest of the global economy), and provided with the means with which to exercise its self-determination in order, Hume hopes, to "find its peace in a new Europe and, in so doing, find its place in working for a better world." His writings here speak both to his visionary ideals and his courage to see them through.

78. Nobel Peace Prize 1998 - Gap Exercise
The Norwegian nobel Committee has decided to ……………the nobelPeace Prize for 1998 to john hume and David Trimble for their efforts to find
Further information is available at the Norwegian Nobel Institute
Drammensveien 19, N-0255 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 22 44 36 80: +47 22 43 01 68
This press release is also available in Norwegian
Nobel Peace Prize 1998
John Hume and David Trimble Oslo, October 16. 1998 Complete the text with the words below.

79. Premio Nobel De La Paz - Wikipedia
Translate this page Premio nobel/Paz). 2002 Jimmy Carter, ex-presidente de Estados Unidos. 2001 ONU,Kofi Annan 2000 Kim Dae Jung 1999 Médicos Sin Fronteras 1998 john hume, David
Portada Cambios Recientes Edita esta página Historia Páginas especiales Preferencias de usuario Mi lista de seguimiento Cambio Recientes Subir una imagen Lista de imágenes Usuarios registrados Estadísticas del sitio Artículo aleatorio Artículos huérfanos Imágenes huérfanas Artículos populares Artículos más solicitados Artículos cortos Artículos largos Artículos nuevos Todas las páginas (alfabético) Direcciones IP bloqueadas Página de mantención Fuentes externas de libros Versión para imprimir Discusión
Premio Nobel de la Paz
(Redirigido desde Premio Nobel/Paz
Jimmy Carter , ex-presidente de Estados Unidos O.N.U. Kofi Annan Kim Dae Jung ... David Trimble Campaña Internacional para la Prohibición de las Minas Antipersonales (ICBL), Jody Williams Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo José Ramos-Horta Joseph Rotblat , Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs Yasser Arafat Shimon Peres Yitzhak Rabin Nelson Mandela ... Tenzin Gyatso Fuerzas de Paz de las Naciones Unidas Oscar Arias Sanchez Elie Wiesel Asociación Internacional de Médicos para la Prevención de la Guerra Nuclear Desmond Mpilo Tutu Lech Walesa Alva Myrdal, Alfonso García Robles

80. NewStandard: 10/17/98
Photo By Shawn Pogatchnik, Associated Press writer BELFAST, Northern Ireland john hume and David Trimble, joint winners of this year's nobel Peace Prize
Ulster leaders share Nobel for Belfast accord
By Shawn Pogatchnik, Associated Press writer
BELFAST, Northern Ireland John Hume and David Trimble, joint winners of this year's Nobel Peace Prize, have traveled dramatically different roads as brokers of the historic Northern Ireland accord.
For Hume, 61, the single-minded peacemaker who leads the province's major Catholic party, yesterday's honor from the Norwegian Nobel Committee caps a remarkable career that culminated in an agreement he envisioned decades ago.
For Trimble, 54, embattled chief of the Protestant party pivotal to the peacemaking efforts, the Nobel was more controversial particularly considering the omission of his nemesis, Gerry Adams, leader of the IRA-allied Sinn Fein party.
The Oslo Nobel judges previously have used their award to encourage progress in peacemaking most notably in the Middle East, where Israel's Menachim Begin and Egypt's Anwar Sadat shared honors in 1978, and when Palestine Liberation Organization chief Yasser Arafat joined Israel's Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres in 1994.
It also has gone to Northern Ireland before. In 1976, early in the British province's three decades of strife, it was won by two women who founded a peace group.

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