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         Hume John:     more books (100)
  1. Personal Views by John Hume, 1997-04
  2. Christian Unity Doctrinally and Historically Considered: In Eight Sermons Preached Before the University of Oxford, in the Year MDCCCXVI, at the Lecture ... Bampton, M.a., Canon of Salisbury [1817 ] by John Hume Spry, 2009-09-22
  3. Five Hundred Majority: A Tale for the Times. By Willis Niles [pseud]. by John Ferguson]. [Hume, 1872
  4. Five hundred majority: a tale for the times by John F. b. 1830 Hume, 2010-08-16
  5. Christian Unity Doctrinally and Historically Considered, in 8 Sermons Preached at the Lect. Founded by J. Bampton by John Hume Spry, 2010-03-16
  6. The Making of Scotland: A Comprehensive Guide to the Growth of its Cities, Towns, and Villages by Robin Smith, 2002-11-20
  7. Beardmore: The history of a Scottish industrial giant by John R Hume, 1979
  8. The Abolitionists: Together With Personal Memories Of The Struggle Fo by John F. Hume, 2007-01-30
  9. Old Photographs from Scottish Country Houses by Michael S. Moss, John R. Hume, 1980-06
  10. Steam Entertainment by John R.; Duckham, Baron F. Hume, 1974
  11. 1000 Churches to visit in Scotland by John R. Hume, 2006-09-25
  12. Birds by Character - Britain and Europe by Rob Hume, 1990-03-01
  13. Speculations: Solar Heat, Gravitation, and Sun Spots [1886] by J. H. (John Hume) Kedzie, 2009-12-15
  14. The Art Of Wise Investing: A Series Of Short Articles On Investment Values, Pointing Out The Essential Characteristics Of Safe Investment Securities (1904) by John F. Hume, John Moody, 2010-05-22

81. Nobel Peace Prize Winners
View Your Cart Now. nobel Peace Prize Winners. 1901. 1998. john hume and DavidTrimble (Northern Ireland). For years not listed, no award was made.
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Nobel Peace Prize Winners
Henri Dunant (Switzerland); Frederick Passy (France) Elie Ducommun and Albert Gobat (Switzerland) Sir William R. Cremer (U.K.) Institut de Droit International (Belgium) Bertha von Suttner (Austria) Theodore Roosevelt (U.S.) Ernesto T. Moneta (Italy) and Louis Renault (France) Klas P. Arnoldson (Sweden) and Frederik Bajer (Denmark) Auguste M. F. Beernaert (Belgium) and Baron Paul H. B. B. d'Estournelles de Constant de Rebecque (France) Bureau International Permanent de la Paix (Switzerland) Tobias M. C. Asser (Holland) and Alfred H. Fried (Austria) Elihu Root (U.S.) Henri La Fontaine (Belgium) International Red Cross Woodrow Wilson (U.S.) Karl H. Branting (Sweden) and Christian L. Lange (Norway) Fridtjof Nansen (Norway) Sir Austen Chamberlain (U.K.) and Charles G. Dawes (U.S.) Aristide Briand (France) and Gustav Stresemann (Germany) Ferdinand Buisson (France) and Ludwig Quidde (Germany) Frank B. Kellogg (U.S.)

82. International: Italiano: Società: Strutture_Sociali: Persone: Biografie: Nobe
Top International Italiano Società Strutture Sociali Persone Biografie Nobelper la hume, john (0); Jouhaux, Léon (0); Kellogg, Frank Billings (0); Kingà/Strutture_Sociali/Persone
Open Site The Open Encyclopedia Project Pagina Principale Aggiungi Contenuti Diventa Editore In tutta la Directory Solo in Biografie/Nobel_per_la_Pace Top International Italiano Societ  ... Biografie : Nobel per la Pace Questa Categoria ha bisogno di un Editore - Richiedila Open Site Code 0.4.1 modifica

83. Tribute To John Hume
As the world grapples with last week's tragic events, a passage from john hume'sNobel acceptance speech offers eloquent testimony to the principle that acts
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Press Statement
Richard Boucher, Spokesman
Washington, DC
September 17, 2001
Tribute to John Hume
The United States wishes to pay tribute to John Hume for his accomplishments as an architect of peace and a pioneer in the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland. His vision and tireless dedication to the cause of peace in that troubled region laid the groundwork for the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. For good reason, he received the Nobel Peace Prize for these efforts. As the world grapples with last week's tragic events, a passage from John Hume's Nobel acceptance speech offers eloquent testimony to the principle that acts of terror can never truly resolve conflicts of nationality, religion, or race: "Amid shattered lives, a quiet heroism has borne silent rebuke to the evil that violence represents, to the carnage and waste of violence, to its ultimate futility." We look forward to John Hume's continued engagement in the peace process in Northern Ireland and on the full range of European affairs
[End] Released on September 17, 2001

84. L’altro Nobel: Hohn Hume
Translate this page della band musicale, Bono. Per tutto questo, il 16 ottobre scorsoJohn hume ha ricevuto insieme a Trimble il nobel per la Pace.
L'altro Nobel: Hohn Hume
di Matteo Incerti

85. Caltech Press Release, 10/1/2001,
Related Links john Hume1998 nobel Peace Prize. At Caltech nobelLaureate to Give DuBridge Distinguished Lecture. PASADENA, Calif
Related Links John Hume1998 Nobel Peace Prize
At Caltech: Nobel Laureate to Give DuBridge Distinguished Lecture
PASADENA, Calif. Nobel Prize winner and Northern Irish political leader John Hume, who regularly strode through tear gas and dodged rubber bullets in his quest for peace, will be the featured guest at the California Institute of Technology's Lee A. DuBridge Distinguished Lecture. "A Conversation with John Hume" will take place Tuesday, November 20, at 8 P.M. in Beckman Auditorium on the Caltech campus. Kevin Cullen, a reporter for the Boston Globe, who served as the newspaper's bureau chief in Dublin and London, will interview Hume. Hume was the corecipient of the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize with David Trimble, leader of Ireland's Ulster Unionist party. Until recently, Hume led that country's Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP). The two were political rivals who set aside their differences to work toward their common goal of ending decades of religion-inspired violence in Northern Ireland. Hume is Catholic, Trimble, a Protestant. Hume has been involved in the politics of Northern Ireland for more than 30 years as a tireless advocate for radical but peaceful change. According to one British newspaper, he was "regularly seen in the heart of [action], striding through the tear gas or dodging rubber bullets; never afraid to confront the security forces, but always urging peaceful protest."

86. Irish Studies At Boston College - Guest Lecturers
In the199495 academic year Northern Irish politician and nobel Peace Prize winnerJohn hume made two appearances, including Commencement, where he received an

About Us Burns Library Calendar ... Visual Arts I RISH S TUDIES P ROGRAM
Guest lecturers
  • Flatley and Levine Lecture Series Distinguished Visitors Northern Ireland Loyalists Guest Professor John Hume ... "Boston's Jews and Irish"

  • The Irish Studies program sponsors lectures, programs, performances and other special events that bring the flavor of Ireland to the campus. In recent years Irish Studies has co-sponsored appearances by Nobel Prize winners Seamus Heaney John Hume , leader of Northern Ireland's Social and Democratic Labour Party, and David Trimble , leader of the Ulster Unionist Party. Representatives of Loyalist political parties in Northern Ireland have also participated in symposia to discuss the prospects for a lasting peace in their country. The program has co-sponsored conferences that have examined the relationship of Boston's Jewish and Irish communities and another that examined issues of Irish-American identity.
    The Flatley and Levine Lecture Series
    Through the generosity of Thomas Flatley and the Levine family, Irish Studies had been able to bring a number of exciting speakers to the campus speakers. Recent visitors include:
  • Seamus Mallon Michael Farrell Gearoid Denvir Angela Bourke Joseph Lee Declan Kiberd Michael Longley Roy Foster Luke Dodd Eamon Grennan Luke Gibbons Paul Durkin John Montague
  • See the calendar for this semester's schedule of visitors and lectures.

    87. Suivi De La Conférence John Hume
    john hume, Prix Nobelde la Paix 1998, constitue l’ouverture d’une activité menée par l
    Français : Page d'accueil IISA GEAP AIEIA - English : Homepage IIAS EGPA IASIA Institut international des Sciences administratives - IISA A notre sujet Thématique Conférences Publications Questions ? IISA ?


    de Membres
    Réunions statutaires
    Groupes de travail
    Réseau d'experts
    ... Livres
    revue : RISA
    Lettre d'information
    Sommaire Introduction de Mr. Pichardo pagaza Discussion Introduction de Mr. Giancarlo Vilella Commentaire de Mr. Giancarlo Vilella Texte de la Conference de John Hume Appel-à-commentaires Institut international des Sciences administratives (Bruxelles) le 25 février 1999. 1. M. Pichardo Pagaza , Président de l'Institut International des Sciences Administratives (IIAS), Ambassadeur du Mexique aux Pays-Bas. Introduction retour au sommaire Mesdames et Messieurs, chers Amis, c'est un grand honneur et une joie pour l'Institut International des Sciences Administratives d'accueillir aujourd'hui M. John Hume. Nous avons également parmi nous un des membres distingués de l'Institut, tous impatients de connaître, même brièvement exposées, les idées de M. John Hume, et vraisemblablement de lui adresser ensuite quelques commentaires. En récompense d'une vie toute entière vouée à la promotion de la paix et à la réconciliation entre ses compatriotes du Nord, il s'est vu décerner le Prix Nobel de la paix 1998, distinction qu'il partage avec David Trimble. Nous pourrions parfaitement reprendre pour compte de l'IIAS, les normes d'éthique que professe M. Hume. Notamment lorsqu'il affirme que "la différence n'est pas une menace, que la différence est naturelle, qu'elle est l'essence de l'humanité: la réponse à la différence consiste à la respecter". Ou encore lorsqu'il dit que nous devrions "créer des institutions respectueuses de la diversité au sein desquelles nous travaillerions ensemble au service de l'intérêt commun". Monsieur Hume croit, et encore une fois je le cite, que "le seul changement qui compte réellement est celui du coeur". Ce sont là de sages paroles, à méditer sur tous les chemins de la vie.

    88. Céifin Award For John And Pat Hume
    The inaugural Céifin Institute for ValuesLed Change award will be presented toNobel Peace Prize-winner, john hume and his wife, Pat at a major conference in
    by Austin Hobbs The conference, which will pose the question: Is The Future My Responsibility, is the fourth in a series, "Our Society In The New Millennium", and will attract over 600 people to the West County Hotel from November 7 to 9. According to conference chairman Fr. Harry Bohan "A lot of thought went into the theme of the conference, but none of us could have appreciated, six months ago, how appropriate it would be, on the world stage and indeed in many communities across Ireland." John Hume will present the opening address and Charles Handy will be the keynote speaker. Charles Handy will be making one of his first public appearances following the publication of his latest book 'The Elephant and the Flea'. He will examine the changing shape of work and life both from an Irish as well as an international perspective. Changing practices in an Irish context will be looked at from a number of angles by Ms. Anne Coughlan of IBEC, Dr. Freda Donoghue of the National College of Ireland and Mr. Tom Healy of the Department of Education and Science. In analysing how we take responsibility for a self-driven society, Ms. Carmel Foley, director of consumer affairs, will ask, "Where does responsibility start?" while internationally known author Mr. Peter Russell will also look at individual responsibility, but from a spiritual perspective. Fr. Harry Bohan has been determined that the debate generated since the 1998 conference would result in a programme of action. Practical application of theory has indeed ensued and has led to several new initiatives.

    89. RTÉ: Ireland's Millennia : People
    In December of that year hume was awarded the nobel Prize for Peace In August 2000John hume announced that he was resigning from the Stormont Assembly, citing
    John Hume
    John Hume on the Late Late Show after winning the Nobel Peace Prize
    David Trimble Gerry Fitt Gerry Adams ... The SDLP Website JOHN HUME

    (1937 - ) politician
    Born 18 th Jan 1937, Derry In 1979 he won a seat in the European Parliament, and replaced Gerry Fitt as leader of the SDLP. Unlike Fitt, he stressed the importance of the ‘Irish dimension’ to any settlement in Northern Ireland. However, he did not cling to the shibboleths of Irish nationalism, but called on politicians in the Republic to try to describe their vision of a future united Ireland to which unionists could belong. Hume’s suggestion, made at a time when Sinn Féin was posing a serious threat to the SDLP’s electoral base, led to the setting up of the New Ireland Forum in 1984. The articulation of a tentative new nationalist consensus in the South, and Hume’s assiduous work in the European Parliament and the US, were important elements in the process that led to the signing of the historic Anglo-Irish Agreement in 1985. A series of discussions with Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams beginning in 1985 angered unionists, were viewed with suspicion in London and were met with 9at best) cautious approval in Dublin. In the wake of the Downing Street Declaration by the Irish and British governments (December 1993), the Hume-Adams dialogue was instrumental in eventually persuading the IRA to call a ceasefire in August 1994. Thereafter Hume argued for a speedy start to all-party talks on the future of Northern Ireland. These began eventually in June 1996 but without Sinn Féin, who were excluded because the IRA ceasefire had collapsed in February of that year.

    90. Telegraph | News
    He will continue to be an MP and MEP. john hume, who received theNobel Peace Prize in 1998, has led his party for 22 years. Tony

    91. International: Italiano: Società: Strutture_Sociali: Persone: Biografie: Nobe
    Translate this page In tutta la Directory.à/Strutture_Sociali/Persone
    Open Site The Open Encyclopedia Project Pagina Principale Aggiungi Contenuti Diventa Editore In tutta la Directory Solo in Nobel_per_la_Pace/Hume,_John Top International Italiano Societ  ... Nobel per la Pace : Hume, John
    Questa Categoria ha bisogno di un Editore - Richiedila Open Site Code 0.4.1 modifica

    92. Press Release
    SYRACUSE Congressman James Walsh today said 1998 nobel Peace Prize winner JohnHume has accepted his invitation to visit Syracuse on September 24 this year.
    CNY Congress Link
    April 30, 1999
    CONTACT: Jim O'Connor at (315) 423-5657
    SYRACUSE Congressman James Walsh today said 1998 Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume has accepted his invitation to visit Syracuse on September 24 this year. Walsh, Chairman of the Friends of Ireland and Co-chairman of the U.S.-Irish Interparliamentary Group, has worked with Hume on Irish issues and the peace process over the past six years. In conjunction with the visit, Hume will be the guest speaker and receive an honorary degree of letters from Syracuse University during a convocation celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. "John Hume is known internationally as a force, as were Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi, in bringing about non-violent political change", Walsh said. "I expect him to be remembered in Irish history as one of the peace makers and I think we will be hearing much more from him in the next few years as Northern Ireland begins to govern itself and British domination ends. I am very proud he is coming to Syracuse". Hume, a leader in the Catholic nationalist community in Derry, founded the SDLP (Social Democratic and Labor Party) in 1970. He was awarded the Peace Prize, with Unionist leader David Trimble, for his role for his role in the peace agreement, a detailed document approved by a majority of Northern Ireland residents and Republic of Ireland residents.

    93. The Ireland Fund Of France - News - Honors
    @import url(/stylesheet.css); DONATE NOW grant application contact site map YOUR MONEY AT WORK ... news News : Honors
    Photo Index
    Dr Garret FitzGerald, SE M. l'Ambassadeur Gabriel de Bellescize, Pierre Joannon 2 Pat Hume, SAS le Prince Rainier de Monaco, John Hume, SAS le Prince Albert de Monaco 3 Seamus Heaney, John Hume et Pierre Joannon
    John Hume Pierre Joannon Le 27 mai 2002, l'Ambassadeur de France en Irlande, M. Gabriel de Bellescize, remettait les insignes de chevalier dans l'Ordre National de la Légion d'Honneur à M. Pierre Joannon "pour sa contribution remarquable au renforcement de l'amitié franco-irlandaise, notamment dans les domaines culturels et humanitaires". John Hume On the 8th of July 2002, following a private audience, H.S.H. Prince Rainier of Monaco, accompanied by H.S.H. Prince Albert of Monaco, conferred on M. John Hume, M.P., M.E.P., the rank of Commander of the Order of Saint Charles.

    94. Friedenspreise !
    Trimble 1998; International Campaign to Ban Landmines 1997; Jody Williams 1997;

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