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  1. Syndicaliste Force Ouvrière: Pierre Boussel, Roger Hagnauer, Alexandre Hébert, Léon Jouhaux, Robert Bothereau, Oreste Capocci, Camille Mourguès (French Edition)
  2. Leon Jouhaux-Cinquante Ans De Syndicalisme, Tome 1: Des Origines a 1921 by Bernard Et Denise Tintant Georges, 1962-01-01
  3. La C. G. T., ce quelle est ce quelle veut / avec la collaboration de M. Harmel et J. Duret by Leon (1879-1954) Jouhaux, 1937
  4. Le syndicalisme et la C.G.T. [Confédération Générale du Travail] (French Edition) by Léon Jouhaux, 2010-06-19
  5. La C G T : ce qu'elle est, ce qu'elle veut [CGT] (Nouvelle Revue Française : Problèmes et Documents) by Léon Jouhaux, Leon Jouhaux, et all 1937
  6. La C. G. T., ce quelle veut /avec la collaboration de M. Harmel et J. Duret by Leon (1879-1954) Jouhaux, 1937-01-01
  7. La C. G. T., ce quelle veut /avec la collaboration de M. Harmel et J. Duret by Leon (1879-1954) Jouhaux, 1937-01-01
  8. Le syndicalisme et la C.G.T (French Edition) by Léon Jouhaux, 1920-01-01
  9. Leon Jouhaux dans le mouvement syndical francais (French Edition) by Bernard Georges, 1979

1. Leon Jouhaux Winner Of The 1951 Nobel Prize In Peace
leon jouhaux, a nobel Peace Laureate, at the nobel Prize Internet Archive.
1951 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
    President Trade Union Confederation (C.G.T. Force Ouvrière).
    President Conseil National économique and International Committee of the European Council
    Vice President International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
    Vice President Fédération Syndicale Mondiale
    Member Council of I.L.O. (International Labour Organization) Delegate U.N..

    Residence: France
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2. Index Of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates
ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF nobel PEACE PRIZE LAUREATES. Name, Year Awarded. Addams,Jane, 1931. International Labour Organization, 1969. jouhaux, leon, 1951.
Name Year Awarded Addams, Jane The American Friends Service Committee Amnesty International Annan, Kofi ... Medicine We always welcome your feedback and comments

3. Jouhaux, Leon. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
Long prominent in the International Labor Organization and active inthe service of peace, jouhaux received the 1951 nobel Peace Prize.
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4. Nobel Prizes (table). The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition.
nobel Prizes (table). 1951, Léon jouhaux, Edwin M. McMillanGlenn T. Seaborg, SirJohn D Forces, Johann DeisenhoferRobert HuberHartmut Michel, leon M. LedermanMelvin

5. Jouhaux, Leon
jouhaux, leon 18791954, French Socialist labor leader. Labor Organization and activein the service of peace, jouhaux received the 1951 nobel Peace Prize
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  • 6. Nobel Prizes
    Here is nobel Prizes report in alphabetic order; if you click upon a name you willbe connected with relative page of nobel Prizes Archive. jouhaux, leon, 1951.

    Nobel Prize Archive
    Nobel Prizes on-line Museum
    founder of the Nobel Prizes. October 21, 1833-December 10, 1896
    Place of birth: Stockholm, Sweden The Nobel Prize Internet Archive is fully interactive. If you have an interesting and useful Internet link about a particular Nobel Laureate, you can add your link instantly to that laureate's home page here at the Archive. What Nobel e-Museum Offers
    Nobel e-Museum offers information on all 736 Prize Winners to date, the Nobel Organization, Alfred Nobel, and Nobel events, as well as educational material and games. Nobel e-Museum consists of more than 9,000 static documents, several databases and a number of multimedia productions with Nobel Prize connection.
    Here is Nobel Prizes report in alphabetic order; if you click upon a name you will be connected with relative page of Nobel Prizes Archive.
    Name Year Awarded Addams, Jane The American Friends Service Committee Amnesty International Annan, Kofi ... MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES (showcase) (U.S. Site)

    7. Premi Nobel
    alle relative pagine dell'Archivio dei Premi nobel. jouhaux, leon, 1951.

    Archivio dei Premi Nobel
    Museo On-line del Premio Nobel
    Alfred Nobel fondatore del Premio Nobel. 21 ottobre 1833 -10 dicembre 1896
    luogo di nascita: Stockholm, Sweden L'archivio internet dei Premi Nobel è completamente interattivo. Se avete un link interessante e molto usato circa una particolare personalità insignita del Nobel, potete aggiungere qui in-linea quel link. Cosa offre l'e-museo?
    L'e-museo offre informazioni aggiornate su tutti i 736 vincitori del Premio, l'Organizzazione Nobel, Alfred Nobel, gli eventi e così pure materiale educativo e giochi. L'e-museo Nobel consta di più di 9.000 documenti statici, diversi data base ed un gran numero di produzioni multimediali connessi ai Premi Nobel.
    Di seguito riportiamo l'elenco alfabetico dei Premi Nobel; cliccando sui singoli nomi è possibile connettersi alle relative pagine dell'Archivio dei Premi Nobel
    Name Anno di conferimento Addams, Jane The American Friends Service Committee Amnesty International Annan, Kofi ... Wilson, Thomas Woodrow in particolare sito ufficiale di MEDICI SENZA FRONTIERE - MSF ITALIA raggiungibile con la posta elettronica all'indirizzo:

    8. Biography Of Léon Jouhaux
    Dale, leon A., Marxism and French Labor. 1. Quoted in «Léon jouhaux», InternationalLabour Review, p. 250. From nobel Lectures, Peace 19511970.
    Dean of the French labor movement for forty-five years,
    Although Jouhaux gradually moved from a radical philosophical position to a more moderate one in his four decades of labor leadership, he nonetheless preserved a remarkable consistency in the programs of action he espoused. He first strove to bring to realization the demands of labor commonly proposed during the first third of this century. In 1936 he was a signatory of the Matignon Agreement giving French workers the eight-hour day, paid vacations, the right to organize and to bargain collectively. The larger conception of trade unionism to which Jouhaux devoted his life can be found in the pages of La Bataille syndicaliste , the main organ of the C.G.T., which he edited from 1911 to 1921, and in his speeches and extensive publications. It included principles of inclusiveness, solidarity, political independence, democratic procedure, and international concern.
    He was himself a confirmed internationalist. Alarmed by the crisis in international relations prior to World War I, Jouhaux spoke in England, Germany, Switzerland, and Belgium, urging labor unions to unite in the cause of peace. With the opening of hostilities, however, he declared his support for the war effort and accepted membership on several governmental committees.

    9. The Nobel Peace Prize 1969 - Presentation Speech
    With this consideration in mind, the nobel Committee of the Norwegian Parliamenthas Samuel Gompers 1 , the USA trade union leader, and France's leon jouhaux.
    The Nobel Peace Prize 1969
    Presentation Speech by Mrs. Aase Lionaes , Chairman of the Nobel Committee , Norwegian Storting When Alfred Nobel died on December 10, 1896, his will and testament revealed that he had instituted five Nobel Prizes: one for physics, one for chemistry, one for literature, one for medicine, and a peace prize.
    While Swedish institutions were entrusted with the task of awarding the first four prizes, Nobel decided, for reasons not exactly known, that a committee of five members, appointed by the Norwegian Parliament, should be entrusted with the great honor and responsibility of awarding the Peace Prize.
    Alfred Nobel not only specified who was to award the Peace Prize, but he also laid down the rules to be followed by the committee in choosing a candidate for the prize. He states in his will that the Peace Prize is to be awarded to the person who has done most to promote fraternity among the nations.
    With this consideration in mind, the Nobel Committee of the Norwegian Parliament has awarded the Peace Prize for 1969 to the International Labor Organization.

    10. Nobel Barýþ Ödülü Alan Ýsimler
    nobel Barýþ Ödülü Alan Ýsimler. ÖDÜLÜ ALAN, YIL. Addams, Jane, 1931. InternationalLabour Organization, 1969. jouhaux, leon, 1951. King, Martin Luther Jr. 1964.

    The award ceremony always takes place on December 10, the anniversary of nobel'sdeath, and ceremonies are held on that date in both jouhaux, leon 1951.

    12. Nobel Prize In Peace Since 1901
    nobel Prize in Peace since 1901 Year, Winners. 1901, Dunant, Jean Henri; Passy,Frederic. 1950, Bunche, Ralph. 1951, jouhaux, leon. 1952, Schweitzer, Albert.

    13. Working-Class Biography Cross Reference, Famous Occupations
    nobel PRIZE WINNERS. Brandt, Willy (Germany); Cremer, William (UK); Gorbachev, Mikhail(USSR); Henderson, Arthur (UK); jouhaux, leon (Peace); Walesa, Lech (Poland)
    Activists Feminists Nobel Prize Winners Politicians ... Unionists

    14. PPE - Working-Class Nobel Prize Winners
    Acquiring image from ProHosting Banner Exchange Acquiring from ProHostingBanner Exchange WORKING CLASS nobel PRIZE WINNERS. leon jouhaux (Peace).
    Willy Brandt (Peace)
    Albert Camus
    Pavel Cherenkov
    William Cremer
    Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    Mikhail Gorbachev
    Knut Hamsun
    Arthur Henderson
    Victor Hess
    Leon Jouhaux
    (Peace) Erik Karlfeldt (Literature) Toni Morrison (Literature) Pablo Neruda (Literature) Martin Nexo (Literature) ?Ernest Rutherford (Chemistry) Glenn Seaborg (Chemistry) Lech Walesa (Peace) Jump Back to Knowledge Menu /encycl/nobel.htm

    15. ±è´ëÁß ´ëÅë·É ³ëº§ÆòÈ­»ó ¼ö»ó
    nobel Peace Prize Laureates / Number of nobel Laureates by Nation nobel PeacePrize Laureates Year, Laureate, Nationality. 1951, jouhaux, leon, France.

    16. Odin - The Nobel Peace Prize
    the Main Fund for 1942 and two thirds to the nobel Institute’s jouhaux, leon, France,1879 — 1954.President Trade Union Confédération CGTForce Ouvrière

    17. Odin - El Premio Nobel De La Paz
    Translate this page Ganadores del Premio nobel de la Paz 1901. El premio fue dividido por igualentre DUNANT, JEAN HENRI, Suiza, 1828-1910. 1951. jouhaux, leon, Francia.

    Página principal en noruego

    Sobre Noruega La Monarquía, el Gobierno, el sistema político ... Contact Normal Print Language
    El Premio Nobel de la Paz
    ?Miembros del Tribunal Internacional de Justicia de La Haya y del Tribunal Permanente de Arbitraje.
    ?Miembros ejecutivos de la Oficina Internacional Permanente de la Paz.
    ?Miembros del Instituto de Derecho Internacional.
    Adjudicador del Premio de la Paz
    BERGE, Gunnar, n. 1940
    1989). Ministro de Asuntos Municipales y de Trabajo (1992-1996). Delegado ante la Asamblea General de
    KVANMO, Hanna Kristine , n. 1926.
    Ex parlamentaria. Delegada ante la Asamblea General de la ONU, 1975 y , n.1950. Laborista (1975-1977). (1979-1981). Ministra del Medio Ambiente (1986-1989). Ministra de Comunicaciones (1996-1997). YTTERHORN, Inger Marie , n. 1941. Geir Lundestad En 2001, el Premio Nobel de la Paz asciende a un total de 10 millones de coronas suecas. Ganadores del Premio Nobel de la Paz: El premio fue dividido por igual entre: DUNANT, JEAN HENRI, Suiza, 1828-1910. y Fundador y Presidente de la primera sociedad francesa para la paz (Ligue internationale et nations).

    18. Nobel Peace Prizes
    1951. leon jouhaux, 1952. Albert Schweitzer, 1953. George Catlett Marshall,1954. Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
    Select the individual for biographical information Jean Henri Dunant and Frederic Passy Elie Ducommon and Charles Albert Gobat William Randal Cremer Institute of International Law Bertha Sophie Felicita von Suttner Theodore Roosevelt For the peace treaty between Japan and Russia Ernesto Teodoro Moneta and Louis Renault Klas Pontus Arnoldson and Fredrik Bajer Auguste Marie Francois Beernaert and Paul Henribenjamin Balluet D'Estournelles de Constant Permanent International Peace Bureau Tobias Michael Carel Asser and Alfred Hermann Fried Elihu Root Initiator of several arbitration agreements. Henri La Fontaine International Committee of the Red Cross Thomas Woodrow Wilson Leon Victor Auguste Bourgeois Karl Hjalmar Branting and Christian Lous Lange Fridtjof Nansen Originator of the Nansen passports. Austen Chamberlain and Charles Gates Dawes Aristide Briand and Gustav Stresemann Negotiators of the Locarno Treaty Ferdinand Buisson and Ludwig Quidde Frank Billings Kellogg Lars Olaf Nathan Soderblom Leader of the ecumenical movement Jane Addams and Nicholas Murray Butler Ralph Norman Angell Arthur Henderson Carl von Ossietzky Pacifist Carlos Saavedra Lamas Mediator in a conflict between Paraguay and Bolivia Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne Cecil Nansen International Office for Refugees International Committee of the Red Cross

    19. Biographies - Joachim To Jozwiak
    jouhaux, leon (18791954) French labor leader. Born July 1, 1879 in Paris, France.He founded the International Labor Organization and won the nobel Peace Prize
    JOACHIM ( - ) Saint - Bulgaria 2363 Liechtenstein 582 Luxembourg B292 Netherlands B472 JOACHIM, Joseph (1831-1907) Hungarian violinist, composer, educator - Born June 28, 1831 in Kisstee, Hungary. He was a violin virtuoso, founded the famed Joachim Quartet, 1869, and wrote Hungarian Concerto , 1857. He died August 15, 1907 in Berlin, Germany - Germany 9N280 JOACHIM II (1505-1571) German Elector of Brandenburg - Born January 13, 1505, he tolerated the Reformation and resisted the imperial efforts at re-Catholicization. He built the fortress at Spandau. - Germany GER1994F16s1 (fortress at Spandau). JOAN of Arc (1412-1431) Saint, French national heroine - Born January 6, 1412 at Domremy, France, she led troops to victory over the English in 1429. She was tried for heresy and burned at the stake on May 30, 1431 at Rouen, France - France 245; 1210 Fujeira (M)885A Liberia 699 Paraguay (M)2637 Seychelles 337 Yemen A.R. (M)724B; 724H JOANNA of Aragon (1501- ) Painted by RAFAEl, daughter of FERDINAND of Aragon, duke of Montalto - Cameroun C305 Gabon C103 Hungary 2786 Maldive Islands 1003 JOANNA of Braganza (1453-1490) Saint, Portuguese nun, daughter of ALFONSO V of Portugal - Portugal 782-3

    20. Encyclopædia Conglomeration: Nobel Peace Prize Recipients
    In 1968 the national bank of Sweden endowed The Bank of Sweden Prize in EconomicSciences in Memory of Alfred nobel, to be awarded by 1951, leon jouhaux, France,
    Nobel Peace Prize Recipients Some of the nationalities of these individuals may be off. Year Recipient Nationality Comments Jean Duant / Frederic Passy Sweden / France Elie Ducommon / Charles Gobat Sweden / Sweden William Cremer United Kingdom Institute of International Law Belgium Bertha von Suttner Austria Teddy Roosevelt Ernesto Moneta / Louis Renault Italy / France Klas Arnoldson / Fredrik Bajer Sweden / Denmark Auguste Beernaert / Paul Estournelles de Constant Belgium / France International Peace Bureau Sweden Tobias Asser / Alfred Fried Netherlands / Austria Elihu Root US Henri Lafontaine Belgium Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded International Red Cross Committee Not Awarded Woodrow Wilson Leon Bourgeois France Hjalmer Branting / Christian Lange Sweden / Norway Fridtjof Nansen Norway Not Awarded Not Awarded Austen Chamberlin / Charles Dawes United Kingdom / US Aristide Briand / Gustav Stresemann France / Germany Ferdinand Buisson / Ludwig Quidde France / Germany Not Awarded Frank Kellogg US Lars Soderblom Sweden Jane Addams / Nicholas Butler US Not Awarded Norman Angell United Kingdom Arthur Henderson United Kingdom Carl von Ossietzky GER Carlos Lamas Argentina Edgar Cecil United Kingdom Nansen International Office for Refugees Norway Joseph Stalin USSR I never knew that!

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