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         Lutuli Albert John:     more detail
  1. Presidents of the African National Congress: Thabo Mbeki, Nelson Mandela, Jacob Zuma, Albert Lutuli, John Langalibalele Dube, Oliver Tambo
  2. Converts to Methodism: George W. Bush, Peter Jones, Arthur Henderson, William Booth, Jacob Albright, Albert Lutuli, Young John Allen
  3. Portrait of Chief Lutuli: Lutuli speaks by Albert John Lutuli, 1982
  4. Albert Lutuli
  5. Chief A. Lutuli speaks to white South Africans: Freedom is the apex by Albert John Luthuli, 1959
  6. Lutuli, Albert: An entry from Charles Scribner's Sons' <i>Africa: An Encyclopedia for Students</i>

1. Albert John Lutuli Winner Of The 1960 Nobel Prize In Peace
albert john lutuli, a nobel Peace Laureate, at the nobel Prize InternetArchive. albert john lutuli. 1960 nobel Peace Prize Laureate
1960 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
    President of the African National Congress in S.A.

    Place of Birth: Southern Rhodesia Residence: South Africa
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  • 2. Index Of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates
    ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF nobel PEACE PRIZE LAUREATES. Name, Year Awarded. Addams,Jane, 1931. League Of Red Cross Societies, 1963. lutuli, albert john, 1960.
    Name Year Awarded Addams, Jane The American Friends Service Committee Amnesty International Annan, Kofi ... Medicine We always welcome your feedback and comments

    3. Peace 1960
    The nobel Peace Prize 1960. albert john lutuli. South Africa. President of the AfricanNational Congress, in South Africa. b. 1898 (in Southern Rhodesia) d. 1967.

    4. Albert Lutuli - Biography
    Zulu Chief, nobel Peace Prize Winner in The Bitter Choice Eight South Africans'Resistance to Tyranny pp. 4772. New York, World, 1968. lutuli, albert john,

    5. "THE CHIEF" - ALBERT JOHN MVUMBI LUTULI 1898 - 21 JULY 1967, Part 4, By Dr. Dona
    also, lutuli The prize of Peace. In Memoriam Chief albert john Mvumbilutuli Righteous Man Freedom Fighter nobel Laureate. Notes
    Volume 3 October 1999 Number 10
    1898 - 21 JULY 1967
    Part 4
    By Dr. Donal Brody
    Chief Lutuli was stunned by the news brought to him by Mr. Mahomed. He was aware of his nomination for the 1960 Nobel Peace Prize made in early February, 1961, by the Social Democratic Members of the Swedish Parliament, but overwhelmed nevertheless. While he was very grateful for the nomination, this humble man could not, in his wildest imagination, conceive of winning the award. In tears, Lutuli and his wife thanked God for answering the call of the oppressed people of Africa, for that is how they viewed the award of the Nobel Peace Prize. The news swept southern Africa. Accolades poured in from all corners of the world. Alan Paton honored Lutuli with the beautiful PRAISE SONG FOR LUTULI, the full text of which is at the conclusion of this article. The Zulu poet, Yesaya Yengwa, paid homage in a traditional manner. Nkosi yase Groutville! Nkosi yase Afrika! (Chief of Groutville! Chief of Africa! Chief of the world!)

    6. THE CHIEF - ALBERT JOHN MVUMBI LUTULI 1898 - 21 JULY 1967, Part
    his old friend and comrade in the struggle, EV Mahomed, arrived to tell him thathe, Chief albert john Mvumbi lutuli, had been awarded the nobel Peace Prize

    7. The Lutuli Page
    by Nelson Mandela at KwaDukuza, 25 April 1998, at which the town of Stanger wasrenamed KwaDukuza albert john lutuli – Biography From nobel Lectures, Peace
    Portrait of Chief Albert Lutuli
    ANC President 1952-1967
    Selected Speeches, Statements and Writings
    Compiled by E S Reddy Contents
    Introduction Message to the Second Provincial Conference of The Natal Indian Congress , Durban, 1948 The Road to Freedom is via the CROSS
    Public statement in November 1952 when dismissed from Chieftainship for refusing to resign from the African National Congress
    "We go to action": Statement on the launching in Natal of the Defiance Campaign, August 30, 1952 Opening address to the sixth Annual Conference of the Natal Indian Congress, Durban, February 21, 1953 Interview with Drum ... Message for the observance of South Africa Freedom Day on June 26, 1953
    Issued 15 June 1953
    "A Challenging Situation": Presidential address to the Annual Conference of the African National Congress, Natal Branch, Ladysmith , October 31, 1953 Presidential address to the 42nd Annual Conference of the African National Congress, Queenstown, 18-20 December 1953 Albert Lutuli: Articles from New Age AND ... Message to Asian-African Conference, Bandung, April 1955
    New Age , Cape Town, 7 April 1955
    Message to the Congress of the people, June 1955

    8. E.S. Reddy's Home Page
    Sean MacBride, winner of nobel Peace Prize and former United Nations Commissionerfor Namibia, said at a lutuli Speeches of Chief albert john lutuli, 18981967
    E.S. [Enuga Sreenivasulu] Reddy , a national of India, has been an active supporter of the South African freedom movement for more than half a century. As head of the United Nations Centre against Apartheid for over two decades, he played a key role in promoting international sanctions against South Africa and assistance to the liberation movement, as well as in organising the world campaign to free Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners. After his retirement from the UN in 1985, he was a senior fellow of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (1985-1993) and a member of the Council of Trustees of the International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa (1986-1992). He has written extensively on the history of the South African liberation movement and its leaders, United Nations action against apartheid, anti-apartheid movements and campaigns, and relations between India and South Africa. His papers - donated to the Yale University Library in the United States, the Nehru Memorial Museum in New Delhi, and the Universities of Witwatersrand and Durban-Westville in South Africa, and several other institutions - are a valuable resource for a study of the struggle for liberation in South Africa and its international repercussions. Mr. Reddy has acted as a consultant to the ANC Department of Information in developing the sites on Historical Documents and United Nations action, and provided numerous documents from his collection.

    9. Luthuli, Albert John
    in full albert john MVUMBI LUTHULI, Luthuli also spelled lutuli (b. 1898 He wasthe first African to be awarded a nobel Prize for Peace (1960), in
    Luthuli, Albert John,
    Luthuli, 1961 PHOTOWORLDFPG in full ALBERT JOHN MVUMBI LUTHULI, Luthuli also spelled LUTULI (b. 1898, Rhodesiad. July 21, 1967, Stanger, S.Af.), Zulu chief, teacher and religious leader, and president of the African National Congress (1952-60) in South Africa. He was the first African to be awarded a Nobel Prize for Peace (1960), in recognition of his nonviolent struggle against racial discrimination. Albert John Mvumbi (Zulu: "Continuous Rain") Luthuli was born in Rhodesia, where his father, John Bunyan Luthuli, a missionary interpreter, had gone from Zululand. After his father's death, the 10-year-old Albert returned to South Africa and learned Zulu traditions and duties in the household of his uncle, the chief of Groutville, a community associated with an American Congregational mission in Natal's sugar lands. Educated through his mother's earnings as a washerwoman and by a scholarship, he graduated from the American Board Mission's teacher-training college at Adams, near Durban, and became one of its first three African instructors. In 1927 Luthuli married Nokukhanya Bhengu, a teacher and granddaughter of a clan chief. In 1936 Luthuli left teaching to become the elected chief of the community of 5,000 at Groutville. Though confronted by land hunger, poverty, and political voicelessness, he did not yet recognize the need for political action. In those early years he was, variously, secretary of the Natal African Teachers' Association and of the South African Football Association, founder of the Zulu Language and Cultural Society, and member of the Christian Council Executive, of the Joint Council of Europeans and Africans, and of the Institute of Race Relations in Durban.

    10. Luthuli, Albert John -- Encyclopædia Britannica Online Article
    in full albert john Mvumbi Luthuli, Luthuli also spelled lutuli Zulu chief He wasthe first African to be awarded a nobel Prize for Peace (1960), in

    11. Albert-John Lutuli
    Ce Prix est pour le peuple d’Afrique du Sud African National Congress (ANC) et devient le président de l'organisation pour la région du Natal. Il organise une résistance non-violente. En 1956, il est arrêté, accusé de trahison et emprisonné puis il est relâché une année après. En 1960, 69 personnes sont tuées lors d’une manifestation contre le contrôle des passeports. Luthuli brûle le sien. L’ANC devient illégal. Il est fait prisonnier et libéré pour cause de santé. Il retourne à Groutville où il est sous résidence surveillée. Lors de sa nomination au Prix Nobel de la paix il affirme :" ".

    12. Recherches Par Pays
    Translate this page AFRIQUE DU SUD. 1967. lutuli, albert-john (1898-1967). 1984. Tutu, DesmondMpilo (1931-). 1993. de Klerk, Frederik (1936-). 1993. Mandela, Nelson (1918-).

    13. Albert John Lutulit, By Lauren Bianca Soloman
    for what the outcome would be, he was awarded the nobel Peace Prize I submit thatdue to his astonishing effort and great works, albert john lutuli deserves to
    Albert John Lutulit
    by Lauren Bianca Soloman
    Albert John Lutuli was born in what he estimates to have been 1898 in Rhodesia. He grew up to be the chief of his tribe and president-general of the African National Congress (ANC). As the leader of millions of black Africans in their non-violent campaign for civil rights, Lutuli united the two opposing cultures of the Zulu and the Christian-democratic. Anyone who knows of the accomplishments of Lutuli would agree that he was a very noble, giving, loving, and persistent man in his fight for equality of all men. It is because of these valiant traits and his impeccable character that I have chosen Lutuli to be the most important peace hero of the 20th Century. To better understand the accomplishments of Lutuli and how noble and tolerant he truly was, one must understand the trials and tribulations that he experienced. As President of the ANC, he was forbidden by the government to leave his home for two years. He had begun a program known as the Passive Resistance campaign. This program attempted to fight for the inclusion of the blacks in the community and the government with emphasis placed strongly on equality. In South Africa, however, the whites were not interested in uniting with the black Africans. Therefore, they demanded that he remove himself as chief if he planned to continue working with the ANC. When he refused, he was dismissed from his duties as chief.

    14. InsaneTree Promotions - Hall Of Fame
    albert john lutuli was the leader of ten million black Africans in Stockily builtwith oldworld manners, lutuli was awarded the 1960 nobel Peace Prize
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    Albert John Lutuli

    circa 1898 - 21 June 1967 Albert John Lutuli was the leader of ten million black Africans in their non-violent campaign for civil rights in South Africa. A man of noble bearing, charitable, intolerant of hatred, and adamant in his demands for equality and peace among all men. Verwoerd would have been behind the government's decision to force Lutuli to choose between his leadership of the ANC and remaining the chief of the Kholwa people.
    The quiet mission teacher from rural Natal saw no option and so, at 54, he began a life of defiance and banning orders. Referred to from then on by the press as the "ex-chief Luthuli", he challenged Verwoerd's mad schemes to keep Black people in "subjection as hewers of wood and drawers of water". ..."I am no more a communist than Dr Verwoerd himself. What is more, he is a fascist and I am not." To the frequent accusation that he had "red" sympathies, Lutuli had a ready reply: "I am no more a communist than Dr Verwoerd himself. What is more, he is a fascist and I am not."

    15. InsaneTree Promotions - Hall Of Fame
    passbookburning. He was awarded the 1960 nobel Peace Prize. Jan ChristianSmuts 1870 - 1950, albert john lutuli 1898 - 1967. Desmond

    16. Nobel Prizes
    is nobel Prizes report in alphabetic order; if you click upon a name you will beconnected with relative page of nobel Prizes Archive. lutuli, albert john, 1960.

    17. Premi Nobel
    alle relative pagine dell'Archivio dei Premi nobel. lutuli, albert john, 1960.

    Archivio dei Premi Nobel
    Museo On-line del Premio Nobel
    Alfred Nobel fondatore del Premio Nobel. 21 ottobre 1833 -10 dicembre 1896
    luogo di nascita: Stockholm, Sweden L'archivio internet dei Premi Nobel è completamente interattivo. Se avete un link interessante e molto usato circa una particolare personalità insignita del Nobel, potete aggiungere qui in-linea quel link. Cosa offre l'e-museo?
    L'e-museo offre informazioni aggiornate su tutti i 736 vincitori del Premio, l'Organizzazione Nobel, Alfred Nobel, gli eventi e così pure materiale educativo e giochi. L'e-museo Nobel consta di più di 9.000 documenti statici, diversi data base ed un gran numero di produzioni multimediali connessi ai Premi Nobel.
    Di seguito riportiamo l'elenco alfabetico dei Premi Nobel; cliccando sui singoli nomi è possibile connettersi alle relative pagine dell'Archivio dei Premi Nobel
    Name Anno di conferimento Addams, Jane The American Friends Service Committee Amnesty International Annan, Kofi ... Wilson, Thomas Woodrow in particolare sito ufficiale di MEDICI SENZA FRONTIERE - MSF ITALIA raggiungibile con la posta elettronica all'indirizzo:

    18. Chief Albert Lutuli
    to travel to Oslo to receive the nobel Peace Prize h. Mary Benson in her biographynotes that lutuli, although christened albert john, preferred his,aCHIEF.htm
    Chief Albert John Lutuli
    President-General of the African National Congress from December 1952 until his death in 1967 and recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1960, Lutuli was the most widely known and respected African leader of his era. A latecomer to politics, he was nearly 50 when he first assumed national political office. Over the course of his political career his attitudes grew progressively more militant. He was born about 1898 near Bulawayo in a Seventh Day Adventist mission. His father died when he was an infant, and in about 1908 his mother sent him back to the family's traditional home at Groutville mission station in Natal. Lutuli then lived for a period in the household of his uncle, Martin Lutuli, who was at that time the elected Chief of the Christian Zulus inhabiting Umvoti Mission Reserve around Groutville. On completing a teaching course at Edendale near Pietermaritzburg, Lutuli took up the running of a small primary school in the Natal uplands. Becoming seriously conscious of his religion for the first time, he was confirmed in the Methodist Church and became a lay preacher. The language of the Bible and Christian principles profoundly affected his political style and beliefs for the rest of his life. At the annual conference of December 1952, Lutuli was elected ANC president-general by a large majority. Bans imposed in early 1953 and renewed in the following year prevented him from giving direction to the day-to-day activities of Congress, but as a country-bred "man of the people," combining the most inspiring qualities of Christian and traditional leadership, he provided a powerful symbol for an organisation struggling to rally mass support. He was re-elected president-general in 1955 and in 1958. Although bans confined him to his rural home throughout his presidency, he nevertheless was able to write statements and speeches for presentation at ANC conferences and occasionally circumstances permitted him to attend conference personally.

    19. Nobel Barýþ Ödülü Alan Ýsimler
    nobel Barýþ Ödülü Alan Ýsimler. ÖDÜLÜ ALAN, YIL. Addams, Jane, 1931. LeagueOf Red Cross Societies, 1963. lutuli, albert john, 1960. Mandela, Nelson, 1993.

    20. International Italiano Società Strutture_Sociali Persone
    Società Strutture Sociali Persone Biografie nobel per la lutuli, albert (0);MacBride, Seán (0); Mandela, Nelson (0 Ernesto Teodoro (0); Mott, john Raleigh (0à/Strutture_Sociali/Persone

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