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         Michelson Albert Abraham:     more books (74)
  1. On the broadening of spectral lines. by Albert Abraham. (1852-1931). MICHELSON, 1895-01-01
  2. A spectroscope without prisms or gratings. by Albert Abraham. (1852-1931). MICHELSON, 1898-01-01
  3. Radiation in a magnetic field. by Albert Abraham. (1852-1931). MICHELSON, 1898
  4. Détermination Expérimentale De La Valeur Du Mètre En Longueurs D'ondes Lumineuses (French Edition) by Charles Édouard Guillaume, Albert Abraham Michelson, 2010-02-12
  5. Nouvelle méthode de tracer et d'observer des divisions de précision, formées par des traits lumineux sur fond noir. by Albert Abraham. (1852-1931). MICHELSON, 1899
  6. Interference phenomena in a new form of refractometer. by Albert Abraham (1852-1931). MICHELSON, 1882-01-01
  7. A theory of the X-Rays. by Albert Abraham. (1852-1931). MICHELSON, 1896-01-01
  8. Measurement of the velocity of light between Mount Wilson and Mount San Antonio (Contributions from the Mount Wilson Observatory) by Albert Abraham Michelson, 1927
  9. Polish-German Jews: Albert Abraham Michelson, Rosa Luxemburg, Josef Tal, Max Gerson, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, Marcus Jastrow, Ernest Mandel
  10. Albert Abraham Michelson: An entry from Gale's <i>Science and Its Times</i> by P. Andrew Karam, 2000
  11. Albert Abraham Michelson (German Edition)
  12. Militärperson (United States Navy): George H. W. Bush, Grace Hopper, Albert Abraham Michelson, John F. Kennedy, Kara Spears Hultgreen (German Edition)
  13. History of Los Angeles, California: Charles Manson, Mission San Gabriel Arcángel, Tongva, Treaty of Cahuenga, Albert Abraham Michelson
  14. Hochschullehrer (Worcester, Massachusetts): Albert Abraham Michelson, Raymond Bernard Cattell, Joseph T. O'callahan, Henry Ossawa Tanner (German Edition)

21. Michelson, Albert Abraham
michelson, albert abraham (18521931 indicated the nonexistence of the ether, andled albert Einstein to michelson was the first American to be awarded a nobel
Michelson, Albert Abraham German-born US physicist. With his colleague Edward Morley, he performed in 1887 the Michelson-Morley experiment to detect the motion of the Earth through the postulated ether (a medium believed to be necessary for the propagation of light). The failure of the experiment indicated the nonexistence of the ether, and led Albert Einstein to his theory of relativity. Michelson was the first American to be awarded a Nobel prize, in 1907.
He invented the Michelson interferometer to detect any difference in the velocity of light in two directions at right angles. The negative result of the Michelson-Morley experiment demonstrated that the velocity of light is constant whatever the motion of the observer. Michelson also made a precise measurement of the speed of light.
Michelson was born in Strelno (now Strzelno, Poland); his family emigrated to the USA and Michelson attended the US Naval Academy at Annapolis. Later he studied in Europe at Berlin and Paris. He was professor at the Case School of Applied Science in Cleveland, Ohio, 1882-89, and at Chicago 1892-1929.
Michelson first experimented with his interferometer in 1881. The presence of ether would have caused a change in the interference pattern, but he could detect none. In collaboration with Morley, he constructed a much more sensitive interferometer, but again found no change.

22. Science In Poland - Nobel Prize Laureates
Polishorigin nobel Prize Laureates. Year, Person, Discipline. 1903, Maria SKLODOWSKA-CURIE,Physics. 1905, Henryk SIENKIEWICZ, Literature. 1907, albert abraham michelson,
Nobel Prize
Year Person Discipline Maria SKLODOWSKA-CURIE Physics Henryk SIENKIEWICZ Literature Albert Abraham MICHELSON Physics Maria SKLODOWSKA-CURIE Chemistry Walther Hermann NERNST Chemistry Wladyslaw Stanislaw REYMONT Literature Tadeus REICHSTEIN Physiology or Medicine Maria GOEPPERT-MAYER Physics Shmuel Yosef AGNON Literature Andrew V. SCHALLY Physiology or Medicine Isaac Bashevis SINGER Literature Menachem BEGIN Peace Czeslaw MILOSZ Literature Roald HOFFMANN Chemistry Lech WALESA Peace Klaus von KLITZING Physics Georges CHARPAK Physics Shimon PERES Peace Józef ROTBLAT Peace Wislawa SZYMBORSKA Literature Günter GRASS Literature Günter BLOBEL Physiology or Medicine WHO NEXT?
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The Nobel Foundation
's database
Please also visit page Famous Polish discoveres, travelers and scientists
Physics 1903
The prize was divided, one half being awarded to:
BECQUEREL, ANTOINE HENRI, France, École Polytechnique, Paris, * 1852, + 1908:
"in recognition of the extraordinary services he has rendered by his discovery of spontaneous radioactivity"
the other half jointly to:
CURIE, PIERRE, France, École municipale de physique et de chimie industrielles, (Municipal School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry), Paris, * 1859, + 1906:

23. Michelson, Albert Abraham
michelson, albert abraham. indicated the nonexistence of the ether, and led albertEinstein to michelson was awarded the nobel Prize for Physics in 1907 for his
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HUTCHINSON ENCYCLOPEDIA Michelson, Albert Abraham German-born US physicist. With his colleague Edward Morley, he performed in 1887 the MichelsonMorley experiment to detect the motion of the Earth through the postulated ether (a medium believed to be necessary for the propagation of light). The failure of the experiment indicated the nonexistence of the ether, and led Albert Einstein to his theory of relativity . Michelson was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1907 for his measurement of the speed of light through the design and application of precise optical instruments such as the interferometer. He was the first American to be awarded a Nobel Prize. He invented the Michelson interferometer to detect any difference in the velocity of light in two directions at right angles. The negative result of the MichelsonMorley experiment demonstrated that the velocity of light is constant whatever the motion of the observer. Michelson also made a precise measurement of the speed of light.

24. Albert Abraham Michelson (1852 - 1931)
Translate this page albert abraham michelson nasceu a 19 de dezembro de 1852, em e pelas conclusõesa que chegou, michelson foi o americano a receber o prêmio nobel de física
Albert Abraham Michelson
intitulado So bre o Modo de Medir a Velocidade da

Translate this page albert abraham michelson fut un physicien américain, d’origine polonaise, néà Strelno, en Prusse (aujourd michelson obtint le prix nobel de physique
MICHELSON ALBERT ABRAHAM (1852-1931) Michelson obtint le prix Nobel de physique en 1907

26. International: Italiano: Società: Strutture_Sociali: Persone: Biografie: Prem
Italiano nobel Overview. 1907, albert abraham michelson, Eduard Buchner,Charles Louis Laveran, Rudyard Kipling, Ernesto Moneta Louis Renault.à/Strutture_Sociali/Persone
Open Site The Open Encyclopedia Project Pagina Principale In tutta la Directory Solo in Biografie/Premio_Nobel Top International Italiano Societ  ... Biografie : Premio Nobel
Italiano>Nobel Overview Name Fisica Chimica Medicina e fisiologia Letteratura Pace anno Wilhelm Conrad R¶ntgen Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff Emil Adolf von Behring Sully Prudhomme ... Henri La Fontaine non assegnato Theodore William Richards Robert B¡r¡ny non assegnato non assegnato Sir William Henry Bragg William Lawrence Bragg Richard Martin Willst¤tter non assegnato Romain Rolland non assegnato non assegnato non assegnato non assegnato Verner von Heidenstam non assegnato Charles Glover Barkla non assegnato non assegnato Karl Adolph Gjellerup Henrik Pontoppidan Comitato Internazionale Croce Rossa Max Karl Planck ... Fritz Haber non assegnato non assegnato non assegnato Johannes Stark non assegnato Jules Bordet Carl Friedrich Spitteler Thomas Woodrow Wilson Charles Edouard Guillaume ... Frederick Soddy non assegnato Anatole France Karl Hjalmar Branting Christian Lous Lange ... William Butler Yeats non assegnato Karl Manne Georg Siegbahn non assegnato Willem Einthoven Wladyslaw Stanislaw Reymont non assegnato James Franck Gustav Ludwig Hertz Richard Adolf Zsigmondy non assegnato George Bernard Shaw Sir Austen Chamberlain Charles Gates Dawes Jean Baptiste Perrin ... Sigrid Undset non assegnato Prince Louis-Victor de Broglie Arthur Harden Hans Karl August von Euler-Chelpin Christiaan Eijkman ... Lars Olof Jonathan S¶derblom non assegnato Carl Bosch Friedrich Bergius Otto Heinrich Warburg Erik Axel Karlfeldt ... John Galsworthy non assegnato

27. Untitled
albert abraham michelson. Click here for full size picture. (b. Dec.19 investigations. He received the 1907 nobel Prize for Physics.
Albert Abraham Michelson Click here for full size picture (b. Dec. 19, 1852, Strelno, Prussiad. May 9, 1931, Pasadena, Calif., U.S.), German-born U.S. physicist who established the speed of light as a fundamental constant and pursued other spectroscopic and meteorological investigations. He received the 1907 Nobel Prize for Physics. Michelson came to the United States with his parents when he was two years old. From New York, the family made its way to Virginia City, Nev., and San Francisco, where the elder Michelson prospered as a merchant. At 17, Michelson entered the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Md., where he did well in science but was rather below average in seamanship. He was graduated in 1873, then served as science instructor at the academy from 1875 until 1879. In 1878 Michelson began work on what was to be the passion of his life, the accurate measurement of the speed of light. He was able to get useful values with homemade apparatus. Feeling the need to study optics before he could be qualified to make real progress, he travelled to Europe in 1880 and spent two years in Berlin, Heidelberg, and Paris, resigning from the navy in 1881. Upon his return to the United States, he determined the velocity of light to be 299,853 kilometres (186,329 miles) per second, a value that remained the best for a generation. When it was bettered, Michelson bettered it. While in Europe, Michelson began constructing an interferometer, a device designed to split a beam of light in two, send the parts along perpendicular paths, then bring them back together. If the light waves had, in the interim, fallen out of step, interfererence fringes of alternating light and dark bands would be obtained. From the width and number of those fringes, unprecedently delicate measurements could be made, comparing the velocity of light rays travelling at right angles to each other.

28. Jhproject
michelson, albert abraham (18521931). German born, American experimental physicist;nobel laureate; invented the techniques of interferometry; used those
Time Stars Black Holes ... Sources
I've decided to list some of the most important scientists who worked on the topics I discuss on this web site. So please take your time to read at least those few words I put together for you and please honor these men's work. And remember, they are legends...
Bardeen, James Maxwell (b. 1939)
American theoretical physicist; showed that many or most black holes in our Universe should be rapidly spinning and, with Petterson, predicted the influence of the holes' spins on surrounding accretion disks; with Carter and Hawking, discovered the four laws of black-hole mechanics.
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Bohr, Niels Hendrik David
Danish theoretical physicist; Nobel laureate; one of the founders of quantum mechanics; mentor for many of the leading physicists of the middle twentieth century, including Lev Landau and John Wheeler; tried to save Landau from prison; with Wheeler developed the theory of nuclear fission.
Einstein, Albert

29. Biography Of AA Michelson
albert abraham michelson was born in Strelno, Prussia, on December 19 michelson marriedEdna Stanton of Lake Forest, Illinois in Copyright The nobel Foundation,

30. Physics 1907
nobel Prize in Physics 19012000 http/, The nobel Prize in Physics1907. albert abraham michelson. USA. Chicago University Chicago, USA. 1852 - 1931.

31. Albert Michelson
nobel Prizes Online Archive (2000) albert abraham michelson Online Availablehttp//, January.
Albert A. Michelson
In 1878, Michelson began work on what became his life passion, accurately measuring the speed of light. the first time he did this, he used ten dollars worth of apparatus along the seawall. He then travelled to Europe in 1880 to study optics and it was here that he began to build the interferometer. This device would split a beam of light in two and bring the parts back together, by evaluating the changes in the waves, accurate measurements could be made. When he returned to the United States, he measured the speed of light to be 299,835 km/s, with this value, which was the accepted value for forty years, Michelson became famous while still in his twenties. He was also the next to better the value shortly before his death.
In 1893, Michelson lead the fundamental research for determining the length of the standard meter. He did it in terms of the red light emitted by heated cadmium. He also measured the diameter of the star Betelgeuse to be 386,160,000 km (300 times bigger than the Sun) using a six-meter interferometer attached to a 254-centimeter telescope. This was the first accurate measurement of the size of a star.
Michelson was the first American to ever receive a Nobel Prize in the sciences. In 1907, he won the Nobel Laureate in Physics "for his optical instruments and the spectroscopic and metrological investigations carried out with their aid." Michelson's many contributions to the physics of light included his invention of optical precision instruments. He, himself, used many of these "in experiments that marked the beginning of modern physics." Michelson published 79 scientific papers throughout his career, among them are "Velocity of Light" (1902) and "Light Waves and Their Uses" (1903). He was also president of several scientific societies such as the National Academy of Sciences from 1923-1927.

32. NSLA - Historical Myth A Month - Shedding Light On Nevada's First Nobel Laureate
City surrounds the childhood schooling of albert abraham michelson (18521931 michelsongrew up to become a preeminent He won the distinguished nobel Prize in
Nevada State Archives
Historical Myth a Month

Myth # 59
Shedding Light on Nevada's First Nobel Laureate
by Guy Rocha, Nevada State Archivist A myth perpetuated at the Fourth Ward School in Virginia City surrounds the childhood schooling of Albert Abraham Michelson (1852-1931). Michelson grew up to become a preeminent scientist specializing in the properties of light. He won the distinguished Nobel Prize in physics in 1907, the first American to win the coveted award. The story goes that Michelson attended the Fourth Ward School before pursuing his studies at the U.S. Naval Academy. Let's shed some light on the facts. Michelson was born in Strelno, a small Prussian village on December 19, 1852. The Jewish family, in search of greater freedom and opportunity, immigrated to the United States in 1854. After a brief time in New York, the family relocated to San Francisco and then moved to the Mother Lode country. At fourteen, young Albert arrived on the Comstock from Murphy's Camp, Calaveras County, with his father, Samuel, mother, Rosalie, and five siblings. On September 4, 1867, Samuel Michelson purchased a residence at 37 North F Street. Samuel soon opened a dry goods business at 24 South C Street. In 1870, Albert Michelson graduated high school at the age of seventeen. Historian Phil Earl in his "This Was Nevada" article describing the career of Michelson noted that he took an examination for a Congressional appointment to the U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland. He tied with another aspirant, and lost the appointment because of some political maneuvering on behalf of his competitor. "Undaunted, he got a letter of recommendation from Congressman Thomas Fitch and set off to Washington, D. C. to try and get one of the ten appointments at large from President Grant," Earl wrote. "He talked with Grant but the appointments had already been made. Going on to the Academy, he so impressed the Commandant with his earnestness that a place was made for him at the school as the eleventh appointment."

33. Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics And You - Timeline - Albert Michelson
The renowned physicist albert abraham michelson wasawarded the nobel Prize in Physics in 1907.

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Molecular Expressions Website

Photo Gallery ... Home
Albert A. Michelson
The renowned physicist Albert Abraham Michelson was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1907. He spent a significant amount of his life trying to improve upon earlier scientific research and is often credited with the statement: "the grand underlying principles have been firmly established...further truths of physics are to be looked for in the sixth place of decimals." Michelson is most widely remembered for his experiments in which he proved that the hypothetical medium of light, known as " ether ", did not exist, as well as his many attempts to accurately measure the speed of light. Although Michelson was born in Strzelno, Prussia (now Poland), on December 19, 1852, his family moved to the United States when he was only 3 years old. Landing in New York, the Michelson clan soon traveled westward, eventually settling in San Francisco, California where the elder Michelson became a successful merchant. At the age of 17, Albert Michelson entered the United States Naval Academy and excelled in his studies of the sciences, although he was a less than admirable sailor. Graduating in 1873, he began teaching science at the Naval Academy in 1875 and remained in the position for four years. During the period of his military employment, Michelson started work on what would be a driving force in his life, the precise measurement of the speed of light. However, Michelson realized that he would need to know more about optics in order to be able to improve upon the values previously obtained by others. He traveled to Europe with the intention to study the field and retired from the Navy in 1881. When he returned to North America, he established the most accurate value of the velocity of light available at that time, 299,853 kilometers per second. The measurement remained the best for almost an entire generation before he made it even more precise.

34. Albert Abraham Michelson
Translate this page albert abraham michelson Ganhou o Prêmio nobel de Física (1907) com Edward WilliamsMorley, pela invenção do interferômetro e por suas pesquisas no campo
Albert Abraham Michelson Edward Williams Morley e por suas pesquisas no campo da espectroscopia e meteorologia
Nova B U S C A :

35. So Biografias: Nobel Fisica 1
Translate this page Lista dos Ganhadores dos Prêmio nobel de Física 1907 albert abraham michelson Determinaçãoda velocidade da luz usando instrumentos ópticos de precisão e
Lista dos Ganhadores dos
Descoberta do Raios X.
Dois ganhadores:
efeito Zeeman

Desenvolvimento da fotografia a cores (em espectrografia).
Dois ganhadores:

36. Jewish-American Hall Of Fame -- Nominate Somebody
Boas, Franz Anthropologist michelson, albert abraham nobel Prize winning physicist,who accurately measured the speed of light Waxman, Selman nobel Prize
We welcome your nomination of a future honoree of the Jewish-American Hall of Fame.
Review the names of notable Jewish-Americans.
We offer the names of possible future honorees gathered from The Jewish Book of Lists (Citadel Press, 1998) by Joel Samberg and other sources. We thank Joel for including a section on Jewish-American Hall of Fame honorees in his informative book (pp. 67-68). Public Service
Photograph of Judah P. Benjamin (National Archives)
Benjamin, Judah P.: Secretary of State of the Confederacy; later the Queen's Counsel and leading international lawyer
Frankfurter, Felix: Supreme Court Justice
Ginsberg, Ruth Bader: First Jewish woman Supreme Court Justice
Goldberg, Arthur: Supreme Court Justice, UN Representative
Gompers, Samuel: Founder of the American Federation of Labor (AF of L)
Kissinger, Henry: Secretary of State

37. Albert Abracham Michelson
albert abraham michelson. Master of Light . Welcome to site devotedto albert abraham michelson, famous physicist, nobel Prize winner.
Albert Abraham Michelson
"Master of Light"
Welcome to site devoted to Albert Abraham Michelson, famous physicist, Nobel Prize winner. English version of this site is under construction. Click here to visit Polish version

38. Science Center Nobel Laureates
Physics, back to top. michelson, albert abraham (18521931). The first professorof physics at Case School of Applied Science, albert A. michelson was awarded
middle Nobel Laureates CWRU Home Page Welcome to CWRU! Admissions Academics University Departments Computing Resources University Libraries Research Student Life Alumni Relations News of CWRU Newsstand CWRU Directory Master Plan University Library Career Planning and Placement Undergraduate Admissions School of Graduate Studies Office of University Communication Sat. Apr 19 2003 Those professors and/or graduates from Case Western Reserve University
who have been awarded the highest professional honor in the world:

The Nobel Prize
Research at CWRU CWRU Legacies of Science Biology Hall Anne and M. Roger ... Home df Berg, Paul Chemistry Olah, George A - Chemistry. Michelson, Albert Abraham - Physics Reines, Frederick - Physics Kusch, Polykarp

39. Natur Des Lichts
Translate this page albert abraham michelson. michelson (1852 - 1931) wurde in Strzelno,Polen, geboren. Er erhielt 1907 den nobel-Preis für Physik.
Albert Abraham Michelson
Michelson (1852 - 1931) wurde in Strzelno, Polen, geboren. 1878 begann Michelson mit Versuchen, die genaue Lichtgeschwindigkeit zu messen. Dazu baute er selbst Apparaturen.
In Europa baute Michelson ein Interferometer Edward Williams Morley das sogenannte Michelson-Morley-Experiment - mit dem gleichen negativen Ergebnis. Albert Einstein

40. Michelson
Translate this page michelson, albert - abraham (1852 - 1931 las diversas direcciones del espacio (experimentode michelson - Morley), sirvieron en obtener el premio nobel, el cual
Michelson, Albert - Abraham (1852 - 1931)
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