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         Montale Eugenio:     more books (100)
  1. Cuttlefish Bones (1920-1927) by Eugenio Montale, 1994-08-17
  2. Satura: Poems by Eugenio Montale, 2000-03-17
  3. The Expression of the Inexpressible in Eugenio Montale's Poetry: Metaphor, Negation, and Silence (Oxford Modern Languages and Literature Monographs) by ClodaghJ. Brook, 2002-05-02
  4. Otherwise: Last and first poems of Eugenio Montale by Eugenio Montale, 1984
  5. Collected Poems, 1920-1954: Revised Bilingual Edition by Eugenio Montale, 2000-06-30
  6. Montale in English by Eugenio Montale, 2005-04-06
  7. Selected Poems by Eugenio Montale, 2004-12
  8. The Storm and Other Poems by Eugenio Montale, 1978-06
  9. The Occasions by Eugenio Montale, 1987-12
  10. The Second Life of Art Selected Essays by Eugenio Montale, Jonathan Galassi, 1985-11-01
  11. From Eugenio Montale to Amelia Rosselli: Italian Poetry in the Sixties and Seventies
  12. Eugenio Montale: Poet on the Edge by Rebecca J. West, 1981-10-05
  13. Eugenio Montale: A Critical Study of His Poetry, Prose and Criticism by G. Singh, 1973-04
  14. Eugenio Montale (Twayne's World Authors Series) by Jared Becker, 1986-07

1. Eugenio Montale Winner Of The 1975 Nobel Prize In Literature
eugenio montale, a nobel Prize Laureate in Literature, at the nobelPrize Internet Archive. eugenio montale. 1975 nobel Laureate
1975 Nobel Laureate in Literature
    for his distinctive poetry which, with great artistic sensitivity, has interpreted human values under the sign of an outlook on life with no illusions.

    Residence: Italy
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2. Home Page Di Eugenio Montale
Un articolo di Olivia Trioschi sul poeta premio nobel nel 1975. Nel sito ¨ possibile leggere alcune poesie dell'autore.
02-1998 12:38 by Claris Home Page version 2.0> Benvenuti sulla home page di Eugenio Montale Un articolo di Olivia Trioschi Per leggere alcune poesie
Eugenio Montale

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3. Index Of Nobel Laureates In Literature
ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF nobel PRIZE LAUREATES IN LITERATURE. Name, YearAwarded. Mommsen, Christian Matthias Theodor, 1902. montale, eugenio, 1975.
Name Year Awarded Agnon, Shmuel Yosef Aleixandre, Vicente Andriic, Ivo Asturias, Miguel Angel ... Medicine We always welcome your feedback and comments

4. Literature 1975
b. 1896 d. 1981. The nobel Prize in Literature 1975 Press Release PresentationSpeech eugenio montale Biography nobel Lecture Banquet Speech Other Resources.
The Nobel Prize in Literature 1975
"for his distinctive poetry which, with great artistic sensitivity, has interpreted human values under the sign of an outlook on life with no illusions" Eugenio Montale Italy b. 1896
d. 1981 The Nobel Prize in Literature 1975
Press Release

Presentation Speech
Eugenio Montale ...
Other Resources
The 1975 Prize in:


Physiology or Medicine

Economic Sciences
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5. Eugenio Montale - Biography
A Poet's Notebook, tr. (poetry), 1977. L'opera in versi/Collected Poems (poetry),1980. From nobel Lectures, Literature 19681980. eugenio montale died in 1981.
Eugenio Montale Omaggio a Svevo , published in 1925 in the Milanese paper "L'Esame", aroused much attention, determining, among other things, the fortune of the works of the Triestine writer.
Montale settled down in Florence in 1928, where he became director of the Gabinetto Vieusseux library. He was one of the first inspirers of "Solaria", always being one of the most active and politically non-conformist Florentine intellectuals until, in 1938, refusing to join the party then in power, he was dismissed from his directorship at the Gabinetto Vieusseux.
In 1925, he published his first collection of poems, Ossi di seppia , which quickly became one of the "classics" of contemporary Italian poetry; in his verses, sentiment appears desiccated by a severe intellectual rigour, evoked with intimate fullness in the fervid and striking sights of the Mediterranean landscape. Some critics aptly saw in Ossi di seppia a singular introspective continuity, as in a great modern novel, linked to the story of the protagonist, finding its most developed form in the poem "Arsenio".

6. Montale, Eugenio
montale, eugenio. montale. 12, 1981, Milan), Italian poet, prose writer,editor, and translator who won the nobel Prize for Literature in 1975.
Montale, Eugenio
Montale By courtesy of the Italian Foreign Office, Rome (b. Oct. 12, 1896, Genoa, Italyd. Sept. 12, 1981, Milan), Italian poet, prose writer, editor, and translator who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1975. Montale, a veteran of World War I, opposed Fascism in the postwar period, when his literary activity began. He was cofounder (1922) of Primo tempo ("First Time"), a literary journal; worked for the publisher Bemporad (1927-28); served as director of the Gabinetto Vieusseux Library in Florence (1929-38); was poetry critic for La fiera letteraria (1938-48; "The Literary Fair"); and in 1948 became literary editor and later music editor for the Milan daily newspaper Corriere della sera ("Evening Courier"). Montale's first book of poems, Ossi di sep pia (1925; "Cuttlefish Bones"), expressed the bitter pessimism of the postwar period. In this book he used the symbols of the desolate and rocky Ligurian coast to express his feelings. A tragic vision of the world as a dry, barren, hostile wilderness not unlike T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land inspired Montale's best early poems.

7. Nobel Prize Winners For Literature
1974, Johnson, Eyvind, Sweden, novelist. Martinson, Harry, Sweden, novelist,poet. 1975, montale, eugenio, Italy, poet. 1976, Bellow, Saul, US, novelist.
Year Article Country* Literary Area Sully Prudhomme France poet Mommsen, Theodor Germany historian Norway novelist, poet, dramatist Spain dramatist France poet Sienkiewicz, Henryk Poland novelist Italy poet Kipling, Rudyard U.K. poet, novelist Eucken, Rudolf Christoph Germany philosopher Sweden novelist Heyse, Paul Johann Ludwig von Germany poet, novelist, dramatist Maeterlinck, Maurice Belgium dramatist Hauptmann, Gerhart Germany dramatist Tagore, Rabindranath India poet Rolland, Romain France novelist Heidenstam, Verner von Sweden poet Gjellerup, Karl Denmark novelist Pontoppidan, Henrik Denmark novelist Karlfeldt, Erik Axel (declined) Sweden poet Spitteler, Carl Switzerland poet, novelist Hamsun, Knut Norway novelist France, Anatole France novelist Spain dramatist Yeats, William Butler Ireland poet Reymont, Wladyslaw Stanislaw Poland novelist Shaw, George Bernard Ireland dramatist Deledda, Grazia Italy novelist Bergson, Henri France philosopher Undset, Sigrid Norway novelist Mann, Thomas Germany novelist Lewis, Sinclair U.S. novelist Karlfeldt, Erik Axel

8. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Montale, Eugenio (F-O)
World Book Online Article on montale, eugenio; Bio; Essay on montale the man andhis times; Life works; nobel Prize press release; nobel prize lecture Is
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Montale, Eugenio

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  • World Book Online Article on MONTALE, EUGENIO
  • Bio
  • Essay on Montale: the man and his times
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  • 9. Eugenio Montale - The Academy Of American Poets
    eugenio montale exhibits elsewhere on the web eugenio montale, 1975 nobelLaureate in Literature Links from the nobel Prize Internet Archive.
    poetry awards poetry month poetry exhibits poetry map ... about the academy Search Larger Type Find a Poet Find a Poem Listening Booth ... Add to a Notebook Eugenio Montale Eugenio Montale was born into a family of businessmen in Genoa on October 12, 1896. During World War I, he served as an infantry officer on the Austrian front. Orginially Montale had trained to be an opera singer, but when his voice teacher died in 1923, he gave up singing and concentrated his efforts on writing. After his first book, Ossi di seppia Cuttlefish Bones ), appeared in 1925, Montale was received by critics as a profoundly original and experimental poet. His style mixed archaic words with scientific terms and idioms from the vernacular. He was dismissed from his directorship of the Gabinetto Vieusseux research library in 1938 for refusing to join the Fascist party. He withdrew from public life and began translating English writers such as Shakespeare T. S. Eliot Herman Melville , and Eugene O'Neill. In 1939, Le occasioni The Occasions ) appeared, his most innovative book, followed by

    10. El Autor De La Semana: Eugenio Montale
    Translate this page SOCIALES El autor de la semana. montale, eugenio (1896-1981). Poeta,crítico literario y premio nobel italiano, nacido en Génova.
    El autor de la semana
    Montale, Eugenio
    "Montale, Eugenio", Enciclopedia Microsoft(R) Encarta(R) 98. (c) 1993-1997 Microsoft Corporation. Reservados todos los derechos. Oscar Aguilera F.

    11. Novecento: Eugenio Montale
    Translate this page Da quando eugenio montale ha ricevuto il premio nobel per la letteratura,non è cambiato nulla nella sua vita di tutti i giorni.
    L'Istrice eBookNewsDigest Il Catalogo Dialetti d'Italia ... Home Page
    Per non dimenticare le nostre radici
    ...e affrontare il nuovo secolo consapevolmente
    Luciano Simonelli

    Nell'arco di circa trenta anni ho avuto il piacere d'incontrare direttamente o "indirettamente" molti protagonisti del mondo culturale del Novecento, di conversare a lungo con loro, di compiere delle ricerche fra i loro scritti inediti e di raccontare di incontri, di ricerche e di scoperte in vari articoli. Testi che oggi riaffiorano come le pagine sparse di un mio personale diario che, giorno dopo giorno, desidero condividere con chi non desidera perdere la memoria di personaggi inimitabili. IGNAZIO SILONE DIEGO VALERI GEORGES SIMENON ERNEST HEMINGWAY ... CESARE ANGELINI
    Milano, dicembre 1975,
    in casa del Poeta.
    Le confidenze del poeta mentre nella sua casa milanese di via Bigli si stava preparando all'avventuroso viaggio destinato a concludersi davanti al re di Svezia. E
    DELLA MOGLIE Luciano Simonelli
    Per non dimenticare le nostre radici ...e affrontare il nuovo secolo consapevolmente Per orientarti Mondo Simonelli Editore e nell' Istrice Chiedi aiuto al Motore di Ricerca Find! Trova!

    12. Montale Eugenio (Genova 1896 - Milano 1981)
    Translate this page montale, eugenio (Genova 1896 - Milano 1981),poeta e critico letterarioitaliano, premio nobel per la letteratura nel 1975. Nato
    Le nostre sezioni: Alberghi Agriturismi Prenota in Europa Cerca informazioni sull'ITALIA nella nostra enciclopedia Itinerari Terme Beauty Farms Manifestazioni ... Italystore Eugenio Montale Poeta italiano nato a Genova nel 1896 e morto a Milano nel 1981. Trasferitosi a Firenze nel 1929, diresse il gabinetto di Vieusseux, donde fu poi allontanato per non aver aderito al fascismo. Nel secondo dopoguerra, si iscrisse al Partito d’Azione e fu tra i redattori del giornale "Il Mondo". Nel 1965 gli è stato conferito il premio Nobel. Fin dalla più antica lirica di "Ossi di seppia" (1925), "Meriggiare pallido e assorto", si configura già nell’aspro simbolo della "Muraglia", la solitudine dell’uomo, prigioniero di un mondo ostile. Non rimane al poeta che la lucida proclamazione della "divina indifferenza", frutto di una stoica apatia (spesso il male di vivere), cui però si alterna la disperata constatazione dell’insanabile frattura tra noi e il nostro passato. Al centro della successiva raccolta, "Le Occasioni" (1939), sta la serie dei "Mottetti", che assumono la forma di un colloquio d’amore con Clizia, la donna lontana, la cui immagine il poeta tenta fino all' ultimo di sottrarre alla rovina della "memoria che si sfolla", ma nella parte finale del libro, la vicenda d'amore si salda con il preannuncio della tragedia della guerra. Cerniera verso il terzo libro montaliano è Finisterre (1943), il cui titolo allude al confine dell'imbarbarimento umano segnato dalla guerra. Nella Bufera e altro (1956) tale follia omicida ha il suo cupo scenario in uno specchio scuro, privo di immagini.

    13. Home Page Di Eugenio Montale
    Translate this page eugenio montale. Un articolo di Olivia Trioschi. montale è una delle massime vocidella poesia mondiale di questo secolo, insignito del premio nobel nel 1975.
    02-1998 12:38 by Claris Home Page version 2.0> Benvenuti sulla home page di Eugenio Montale Un articolo di Olivia Trioschi Per leggere alcune poesie
    Eugenio Montale

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    14. Eugenio Montale
    Poetry by G. Gambon (1982); montale and the Occasion of Poetry by C. Huffman (1983);eugenio montale by J Aale Tynni (1973) ja 21 nobelrunoilijaa (1976).
    Choose another writer in this calendar: by name:
    B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Eugenio Montale (1896-1981) Italian poet, prose writer, editor and translator who won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1975. Montale made his breakthrough as one of the chief architects of modern Italian poetry in the 1920s. With his difficult, pessimistic, and obscure poems he has been superficially associated with his contemporaries Giuseppe Ungaretti and Salvatore Quasimodo as a representative of hermeticism in poetry in Italy. Montale was also a student of music - especially bel canto "Happiness, for you we walk on a knife edge. To the eyes you are a flickering light, to the feet, thin ice that cracks; and so may no one touch you who love you." Eugenio Montale was born in Genoa as the youngest of five children of Domenico Montale, who ran an import business, and Giuseppina (Ricci) Montale. His formal education was cut short by ill heath. He spent his summers at the family villa in a small village nearby the Ligurian Riviera, and images from its harsh landscape later found their way to his poetry. Originally Montale aspired to be an opera singer, but he also spent his time reading Italian classics, French fiction and such philosophers as Arthur Schopenhauer, Benedetto Croce, and Henri Bergson. During World War I he served as an infantry officer on the Austrian front. Upon to his return to his family home, Montale took up singing again. After the death of his voice teacher in 1923, he abandoned his operatic hopes, and started his literary career by writing for several publications.

    15. :: Norton Poets Online :: Eugenio Montale
    ITALIAN A Reading of the Life and Works of eugenio montale within the Contextof Italian History from 1896 to 1981 by Lorenzo Matteoli - The nobel e-Museum
    Eugenio Montale Links Books
    credit: Giorgio Lotti, courtesy of New Directions Publishing Group :: Poet, prose writer, editor, and translator, Eugenio Montale was born in Genoa in 1896. His original aspiration was to be an opera singer, and he served in the Italian Army in World War I; but he soon began a literary career. He published his first collection Cuttlefish Bones , in 1925, and was marked from that time as one of the chief voices in modern Italian poetry. Dismissed from his work in 1938 for refusing to join the Fascist party, Montale continued to write and translate and returned to public life in Milan after the war. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1975, and died in 1981.
    More on Eugenio Montale
    An extensive Montale site, IN ITALIAN

    "A Reading of the Life and Works of Eugenio Montale within the Context of Italian History from 1896 to 1981"
    by Lorenzo Matteoli
    The Nobel e-Museum includes a biography of Montale and the text of his Nobel lecture: "Is Poetry Still Possible?"

    Satura The Occasions Cuttlefish Bones Also by Eugenio Montale La Bufera e altro (The Storm and Other Things
    Quaderno di quattro traduzioni (Notebook of Translations)
    Diario del '71 e del '72 (Diary of 1971 and 1972)
    Quaderno di quattro anni (Notebook of Four Years)
    Tutte le poesie (Collected Poems) L'opera in versi (Poetical Works) Altri versi e poesie disperse (Other and Uncollected Works) - Diario postumo (Posthumous Diary) Prose Farfalla di Dinard (Butterfly of Dinard)

    16. Scrittori Nella Rete
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    17. Os Prêmios Nobel Italianos (Eugenio Montale)
    Translate this page eugenio montale é um dos poucos verdadeiros mestres da literatura edição de 1960)mostrou que montale era um Em 1975 recebeu o Prêmio nobel pela Literatura
    Prêmios Nobel Italianos
    Eugenio Montale
    Literatura (1975)

    Eugenio Montale é um dos poucos verdadeiros mestres da literatura italiana da segunda metade do século XX. Nascido em Genova em 1896, suspendeu os estudos secundários e começou a estudar canto com o barítono Ernesto Sivori. Mas a primeira guerra mundial (1915/1918 - onde serviu como oficial do exercito), a morte de Sivori e sua decisão de dedicar-se a uma carreira literária, fizeram com que Montale mudasse de direção, também mostrou um interesse extraordinário para o melodrama e em seus aspectos técnicos. Quando começou a dedicar-se à poesia, já era possuidor de uma rica e versátil cultura, do gosto pela musica de Bellini e Debussy's, dos pintores impressionistas, da arte dos grandes novelistas europeus do século XIX, e dos Poetas liguri Roccatagliata Cecardi Boine e Sbarbaro , sem falar de Leopardi e Foscolo.

    18. - United States - New - Lifestyle - Books - By Country - Europe - Italy
    by this author. 2. montale, eugenio Obituary http// .Read the Boston

    19. Search Results For Eugenio Necochea - Encyclopædia Britannica - The Online Ency
    eugenio montale nobel eMuseum Biography of this Italian nobel laureate, for Literature,in 1975. Partners. •Top 10 Popular Sites for eugenio Necochea. Necochea

    20. Montale, Eugenio. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
    The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001. montale, eugenio. montalewas awarded the nobel Prize for literature in 1975. 1.
    Select Search All All Reference Columbia Encyclopedia World History Encyclopedia World Factbook Columbia Gazetteer American Heritage Coll. Dictionary Roget's Thesauri Roget's II: Thesaurus Roget's Int'l Thesaurus Quotations Bartlett's Quotations Columbia Quotations Simpson's Quotations English Usage Modern Usage American English Fowler's King's English Strunk's Style Mencken's Language Cambridge History The King James Bible Oxford Shakespeare Gray's Anatomy Farmer's Cookbook Post's Etiquette Bulfinch's Mythology Frazer's Golden Bough All Verse Anthologies Dickinson, E. Eliot, T.S. Frost, R. Hopkins, G.M. Keats, J. Lawrence, D.H. Masters, E.L. Sandburg, C. Sassoon, S. Whitman, W. Wordsworth, W. Yeats, W.B. All Nonfiction Harvard Classics American Essays Einstein's Relativity Grant, U.S. Roosevelt, T. Wells's History Presidential Inaugurals All Fiction Shelf of Fiction Ghost Stories Short Stories Shaw, G.B. Stein, G. Stevenson, R.L. Wells, H.G. Reference Columbia Encyclopedia PREVIOUS NEXT ... BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORD The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Montale, Eugenio

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