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         Perse Saint-john:     more books (100)
  1. Selected Poems by Saint-John Perse, Saint-John Perse, et all 1982-11
  2. Rituel et poesie: Une lecture de Saint-John Perse (Utah studies in literature and linguistics) (French Edition) by Marie-Laure Ryan, 1977
  3. Anabasis by Saint-John Perse, Perse Saint-John, 1985-03-04
  4. Under the Sign of Ambiguity: Saint John Perse - Alexis Leger by Erika Ostrovsky, 1987-01-01
  5. Pour Saint-John Perse: Etudes et essais pour le centenaire de Saint-John Perse, 1887-1987 (Textes, etudes et documents) (French Edition)
  6. Birds by Saint-John Perse, 2002-09-30
  7. Saint-John Perse: Antillais universel : actes du colloque tenu a Pointe-a-Pitre du 31 mai au 2 juin 1987, pour la commemoration du centieme anniversaire ... Perse (Thesotheque) (French Edition)
  8. Letters (Bollingen Series) by Saint-John Perse, 1979-12
  9. Collected Poems (Bollingen Series) by Saint-John Perse, 1972-03-23
  10. Pajaros y Otros Poemas by Saint-John Perse, 1997-01-01
  11. Song for an Equinox (Bollingen series) by Saint-John Perse, 1977-06
  12. Saint-John Perse (French Poets) by Roger Little, 1973-09-24
  13. Saint-John Perse: praise and presence: With a bibliography by Pierre Emmanuel, 1971
  14. Saint-John Perse (Qui etes-vous?) (French Edition) by Guy Fequant, 1986

1. Literature 1960
The nobel Prize in Literature 1960. for time . saintjohn perse (pen-nameof Alexis Léger). France. b. 1887 (on Guadeloupe Island) d. 1975.
The Nobel Prize in Literature 1960
"for the soaring flight and the evocative imagery of his poetry which in a visionary fashion reflects the conditions of our time" Saint-John Perse
(pen-name of Alexis Léger) France b. 1887
(on Guadeloupe Island)
d. 1975 The Nobel Prize in Literature 1960
Presentation Speech
Saint-John Perse
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The 1960 Prize in:


Physiology or Medicine

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2. Saint-John Perse - Biography
man; and his abstract epic, Chronique ( Chronicle), 1960. From NobelLectures, Literature 19011967. saint-john perse died in 1975.
Saint-John Perse
He left France for the United States in 1940 and was deprived of his citizenship and possessions by the Vichy regime. From 1941 to 1945, he was literary adviser to the Library of Congress . After the war he did not resume his diplomatic career and, in 1950, retired officially with the title of Ambassadeur de France. He has made the United States his permanent residence.
His literary work was published partly under his own name, but chiefly under the pseudonyms St. J. Perse and Saint-John Perse. After various poems that reflect the impressions of his childhood, he wrote Anabase (Anabasis), 1924, while in China. It is an epic poem which puzzled many critics and gave rise to the suggestion that it could be understood better by an Asian than by a Westerner. Much of his work was written after he settled in the United States: Exil (Exile), 1942, in which man and poet merge and imagery and diction are fully mastered;

3. Saint-John Perse Winner Of The 1960 Nobel Prize In Literature
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1960 Nobel Laureate in Literature
    for the soaring flight and the evocative imagery of his poetry which in a visionary fashion reflects the conditions of our time.

    Place of Birth: Guadelope Island
    Residence: France
    Real Name: Alexis Leger
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4. Index Of Nobel Laureates In Literature
ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF nobel PRIZE LAUREATES IN LITERATURE. Name, Year Awarded.Agnon, Shmuel Yosef, 1966. Paz, Octavio, 1990. perse, saintjohn, 1960.
Name Year Awarded Agnon, Shmuel Yosef Aleixandre, Vicente Andriic, Ivo Asturias, Miguel Angel ... Medicine We always welcome your feedback and comments

5. Saint-John Perse
French poet and diplomat, who used the pseudonym saintjohn perse to keep his literaryactivity private. perse was awarded the nobel Prize for Literature in
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B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Saint-John Perse (1887-1975) French poet and diplomat, who used the pseudonym Saint-John Perse to keep his literary activity private. Perse was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1960. He has been called the embodiment of the French national spirit and also a poet's poet for his emphasis on formal perfection and self-conscious way of choosing his words. Perse's solemn, oracular poetry was written in long lines that look like prose paragraphs but have a delicate musical quality.
Comme l'entreprise du tour d'autel et la gravitation du choeur au circuit de la strophe.

Perse's first collection of poems, ÉLOGES, appeared in 1910 under the name "Saint-Léger Léger." Its strongly rhythmical poems, which celebrate his lost Antillean paradise, drew the attention of among others. In 'King Light's Settlements' he remembers palms, servants, roots, the glowing, rich vegetation, and time when everything was more solemn. And then his Uncles talked softly with his mother, and there was a horse at the gate. In 1921 Perse returned to Paris and published the epic poem ANABASE (1924, Anabasis), which he had composed during his diplomatic stint in China. The epic is recited by a nomad leader. "... So I haunted the City of your dreams, and I established / in the desolate markets the pure commerce of my soul, / among you / invisible and insistent as a fire of thorns in the gale." Its odysseian feelings can be found from the work of other diplomat-writers, among them Pablo Neruda and

6. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: S-Z (Literature)
Overview; nobel Prize Acceptance Speech; nobel Prize Presentation; Three Poems Analyses SARTRE, JEANPAUL (1964); Biography; Criticism saint-john perse (1960);
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    Selected Poems; Biography (nobel site); Life Works; nobel Prize Press Biography;Works; Criticism Commentary perse, saintjohn (1960); perse, saint-john Brief
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    9. Artículos Y Entrevistas, Notas Sobre Saint-John Perse, Premio Nobel De Literatu
    Translate this page NOTAS SOBRE saint-john perse, PREMIO nobel DE LITERATURA DE 1960. I. saint-johnperse en el principio un nombre extraño, de otra época.
    NOTAS SOBRE SAINT-JOHN PERSE, PREMIO NOBEL DE LITERATURA DE 1960 I Saint-John Perse: en el principio un nombre extraño, de otra época. Propio de alguien que vive rodeado de grandes lluvias, olas de anchas caderas, vientos incansables. Nombre que con muchos intervalos, desde hace cincuenta años, aparecía en la cubierta de libros con títulos de una sola palabra, antigua como semilla de trigo en las tumbas de Menfis o las cóncavas naves negras de los aqueos frente a Troya: Eloges Anabase Exil Vents Amers Chronique . Libros compuestos de versículos amplios, pronunciados por alguien con el rigor y la fe de quien tiene por reino la palabra, y crea mitos y liturgias propios. Saint-John Perse: nombre pronunciado con veneración por los poetas de todo el mundo. Traducido al inglés por T. S. Eliot y Archibald Me Leish, al italiano por Ungaretti, al alemán por Hugo von Hofmannsthal. Celebrado por voces tan disímiles como las de André Gide, André Breton, Claudel, René Char, Supervielle, Stephen Spender, Simion Kirsanov, Juan Ramón Jiménez. Hay, sin duda, pocos casos en la historia de un poeta tan ampliamente reconocidos por sus semejantes. Pero después de muchos años, sus libros alcanzaban a un tiraje de 10.000 ejemplares ( Exil ). (No está de más señalar que

    10. Résultats De La Recherche Par Auteur
    Translate this page Envoyez cette citation à un(e) ami(e) Poète français (nobel de littérature1960) saint-john perse Insérer dans mon Citabook. Perse

    11. Saint-John Perse
    Translate this page Estados Unidos en 1941. Bajo el seudónimo de saint-john perse, Légerrecibió el Premio nobel de Literatura en 1960. Si bien su obra
    Saint-John Perse
    P Elogios Destierro Amargos (1957) y eMe Textos:


    Archivo Midi epdlp

    12. Le Musée Municipal Saint-John Perse De Pointe-à-Pitre
    Translate this page du prix nobel qu’a été organisée cette exposition, qui célèbre les troisPrix nobel de Littérature d’origine antillaise saint-john perse en 1960
    Le Musée municipal Saint-John Perse de Pointe-à-Pitre « En littérature, la reconnaissance maintenant unanime, dans nos pays, du poète Saint-John Perse comme l’un des fils les plus prestigieux de la Guadeloupe correspond assurément à une avancée de la Créolité dans les consciences antillaises ». Par ces mots fervents, les trois signataires de l’ Eloge de la Créolité , Jean Bernabé, Patrick Chamoiseau et Raphaël Confiant, reconnaissaient et célébraient en 1989 la place de choix de Perse dans la littérature créole. Deux ans auparavant, naissait l’institution qui représente en Guadeloupe même l’identité antillaise de l’écrivain : le Musée municipal Saint-John Perse de Pointe-à-Pitre.
    Un lieu exceptionnel
    Située au N° 9 de la rue Nozières, la magnifique villa Souques-Pagès, qui abrite aujourd’hui le musée municipal Saint-John Perse de Pointe-à-Pitre, appartient au patrimoine architectural de la ville (elle a été classée monument historique en 1979). Il s’agit en effet de l’une des plus élégantes maison de style colonial de la capitale guadeloupéenne, ancienne demeure des directeurs de la sucrerie Darboussier. Comme il est d’usage dans ce type d’architecture (typique de la Caraïbe, et que l’on retrouve jusqu’en Nouvelle Orléans), le balcon ouvragé ainsi que l’ossature métallique rythment les façades, donnant à l’ensemble un air de légèreté particulièrement remarquable. Sylvie Tersen, conservateur du Musée depuis sa création, aime à souligner que dans son enfance pointoise, le jeune Alexis Leger n’a pas pu manqué de flâner devant cette élégante demeure créole, en se rendant de la

    13. Saint-John Perse Sur Internet : Liens Divers Et Ressources Documentaires
    Translate this page octobre 1982). Article saint-john perse de l'Encyclopédie Britannicaen ligne (rubrique de guide des Prix nobel ). Article Saint
    Saint-John Perse sur Internet : liens divers et ressources documentaires Liens divers Dossier « Saint-John Perse » sur le site de Thomas Spear, « Ile en île » , du département d’Etudes francophones de l’Université de New York (CUNY : City University of New York). Présentation de Saint-John Perse sur le site personnel " Les feuillets littéraires " : reproduction de l'article de l' Encyclopaedia Universalis , de Charles Moeller. France 3 avait consacré une émission à Saint-John Perse, dans la série "Un siècle d'écrivains" en 1996. Ceci est la page qui a été établie sur le site de la série, à propos de l'émission et de Saint-John Perse en général (biographie et analyse de son oeuvre). Ce lien n'existait plus et a été archivé par le programme "Internet Archive" ; à noter qu'il fonctionne en pratique de manière assez aléatoire. Page consacrée à Saint-John Perse sur le site " " par François Bon : "Hommage aux hommes d'abîme". Deux pages succinctes sur Saint-John Perse sur le site du "Club des poètes"

    14. Saint-John Perse Revue Des Deux Mondes Hubert Védrine Fondation Aix-en-Provence
    Translate this page Alexis Léger fut, de 1933 à 1940, secrétaire général du Quai d'Orsay.Alias saint-john perse, il reçut le prix nobel de littérature en 1960.
    Revue des Deux Mondes Prix Nobel Photographie Saint-John Perse Revue des Deux Mondes Revue des Deux mondes Les fleurs du mal
    Saint-John Perse
    de Lucien Clergue Amers Anabase et de Vents
    Saint-John Perse en librairie

    15. - United States - New - Lifestyle - Books - Poetry - Poets A-Z - Poets
    2. perse, saintjohn - nobel Prize Internet Archive http// poet won the nobel Prize in literature in 1960.

    16. Saint-John Perse
    saintjohn perse. 20, 1975, Presqu'île-de-Giens, France), French poet and diplomatwho was awarded the nobel Prize for Literature in 1960 for the soaring
    Saint-John Perse,
    Saint-John Perse HarlingueH. Roger-Viollet Nobel Prize for Literature in 1960 "for the soaring flight and evocative imagery of his poetry." He studied at the universities of Bordeaux and Paris and in 1914 entered the diplomatic service. He went to China and was successively consul at Shanghai and secretary at Peking. In 1921 he attended the Washington disarmament conference as an expert on East Asian affairs. He was later secretary (1921-32) to the French statesman Aristide Briand. In 1933 he was appointed secretary-general at the Foreign Ministry, with the rank of ambassador. Dismissed from office in 1940 and deprived of French citizenship by the Vichy government, he went to the United States, where he worked as consultant on French literature in the Library of Congress. He returned to France in 1957. Saint-John Perse's early poetry, published before his diplomatic career began in earnest, includes ), which shows the influence of Symbolism; he later developed a more personal style. The language of his poetry, admired especially by poets for its precision and purity, is difficult, and he made little appeal to the general public. His poetry has been compared to that of Arthur Rimbaud. His hypnotic vision is conveyed by a liturgical metre and exotic words. The best-known early work is the long poem

    17. Nobel Do 1909
    saintjohn perse – ur.31 maja 1887 r. Saint-Leger-les-Feuilles (wyspa u wybrzezyGwadelupy ), zm. 20 wrzesnia 1975 r. Waszyngton. Poeta francuski.
    SAINT-JOHN PERSE Poeta francuski. Debiutowa³ w 1909 r. na ³amach “Nouvelle Revue Francaise” poematami Obrazy dla Robinsona Kruzoe. Te czêœciowo autobiograficzne utwory, przesycone obrazami podzwrotnikowych pejza¿y, wœród których twórca spêdzi³ dzieciñstwo, pisane by³y proz¹ poetyck¹. W 1924 r. opublikowa³ poemat epicki – nosz¹cy tytu³ Anabaza – i opowiadaj¹cy o samotnoœci wodza koczowniczego plemienia. Zaprezentowa³ poetê w pe³ni oryginalnego i dojrza³ego, ewokuj¹cego egzotyczne pejza¿e dzieciñstwa. Perse wyda³ nastêpuj¹ce zbiorki poezji: Wygnanie Deszcze Œniegi Wiatry Gorycze Kronika (1960) i Ptaki (1962). Z w³aœciw¹ sobie konsekwencj¹ prezentowa³ w nich swe poszukiwania w obrêbie prozy poetyckiej, d¹¿¹ce do wypracowania coraz bardziej odrêbnego s³ownictwa. Odrêbnoœæ, wed³ug krytyków, uzyskiwa³ dziêki niezwykle intensywnemu zrytmizowaniu jego utworów oraz umiejêtnemu operowaniu symbolik¹. W centrum jego twórczoœci znajdowa³ siê zawsze cz³owiek, zdobywaj¹cy dziêki poznaniu w³adzê nad œwiatem. Jego poezja by³a zarazem wizyjna i œwiadoma intelektualnie. Saint-John Perse tak definiuje rolê poety: “poeta ma ca³kowite prawo, a nawet obowi¹zek badaæ dziedziny utajone; im dalej jednak pod¹¿a w tym kierunku, tym konkretniejsze œrodki wyrazu powinien stosowaæ. Im g³êbiej przenika w irracjonalne i mistyczne zaœwiaty, tym wiêkszych musi dokonaæ starañ, ¿eby je wyraziæ za pomoc¹ sposobów, które zawdziêcza swym doœwiadczeniom ¿yciowym”. W 1960 r. Saint-John Perse wyró¿niony zosta³ literack¹ Nagrod¹ Nobla za

    18. Zespó³ Szkó³ Zawodowych Nr 1
    przez zmarlego na egzekutorów bratanek Alfreda – Emanuel nobel i zaufany PabloÖe Kenzaburo Pasternak Borys Paz Octavio perse saintjohn Pirandello Luigi
    Zespó³ Szkó³ Zawodowych nr 1 w Wodzis³awiu Œl¹skim - Liceum Ksiêgarskie
    Od autorek

    Fundacja Nobla

    1901-Rene Sully Proudhomme

    1902-Theodor Mommsen

    OD AUTOREK Bêd¹c w klasie maturalnej stanê³yœmy przed wyborem tematu pracy dyplomowej. Po wielu rozwa¿aniach postanowi³yœmy stworzyæ pomoc dla nauczycieli oraz uczniów chc¹cych poznaæ znakomitoœci pióra XX w., podpowiadaj¹c¹ co czytaæ, uzupe³niaj¹c¹ wiedzê o mniej lub bardziej znanych autorach, którzy zajêli trwa³e miejsce w dorobku literatury œwiatowej. Praca zawiera najwa¿niejsze dane o laureatach literackiej Nagrody Nobla, tytu³y ich dzie³ i zwiêz³e omówienia. Praca nasza wymaga³a ogromnego nak³adu czasu. Wiele godzin spêdzi³yœmy w bibliotekach, czytelniach, poszukuj¹c tekstów, szperaj¹c, analizuj¹c. Odrêbnym etapem naszej pracy by³o przygotowanie zebranych materia³ów, segregowanie, eliminowanie i uzupe³nianie. Kolejnym naszym problemem by³o zaprojektowanie ksi¹¿ki od strony graficznej. Zale¿a³o nam, aby ca³oœæ by³a atrakcyjna, a zarazem czytelna. Dla uzyskania estetycznego wygl¹du zachowa³yœmy niewielkie marginesy, oraz wyró¿ni³yœmy tytu³y dzie³. Poniewa¿ postaæ Alfreda Nobla jest ma³o znana umieœci³yœmy w ksi¹¿ce jego fotografiê. Chc¹c szybciej wyszukaæ dan¹ postaæ umieœci³yœmy w ksi¹¿ce alfabetyczny indeks nazwisk.

    19. Destination Archipel Guadeloupe
    Translate this page dans les îles. saint-john perse ne retourna jamais sur son île natale.Il reçut le prix nobel de littérature en 1960. Ouvert en

    20. Nobel Prize For Literature/Nobelpreis Für Literatur/Nobelprijs Voor Literatuur/
    Wladislaw Reymont, Romain Rolland, Bertrand Russell, Nelly Sachs, saintjohn perse,Bernard Shaw White, William Butler Yeats ao and also of Alfred nobel ?
    Welcome to Nobel Prize for Literature Bureau Stan P.A. Gipman at NIJMEGEN, the Netherlands. The Bureau will send you free information about many aspects of the Nobel Laureates for literature. You can also send a letter with your questions or suggestions to: Mr Stan P.A. Gipman, Postweg 78, 6523 LD NIJMEGEN, the Netherlands tel. +31 (0)24 322 58 42 The Nobel Prize for Literature Bureau has a lot of information and documentation on the 98 Nobel Prize Winners for Literature, 9 women and 89 men. The Nobel Prize for Literature Bureau answers the following questions and other questions you might have, but consults first ............. the sources and also Alfred Nobel ? The Nobel Prize for Literature Bureau Gipman is a non-profit and one-man enterprise; the bureau is not affiliated with the Nobel Foundation or the Swedish Academy.
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