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         Pople John A:     more books (21)
  1. AB INITIO Molecular Orbital Theory by Warren J. Hehre, Leo Radom, et all 1986-03-10
  2. Approximate Molecular Orbital Theory (Advanced Chemistry) by John A. Pople, 1970-06
  3. The Law of Scotland Affecting Trustees by Alexander John Pople Menzies, 2010-01-03
  4. Theoretical Chemists: Linus Pauling, Robert S. Mulliken, Roald Hoffmann, John Pople, Erich Hückel, Robert Parr, Ilya Prigogine, Kendall Houk
  5. John's Creation; A Model for Understanding the Gospel of John by John Pople, 2005-11-18
  6. To Speak Well of God: An Exposition of the Book of Job by John Pople, 2009-01-01
  7. People From Burnham-On-Sea: John Pople, Charles Brooke, Rajah of Sarawak, William Wiggins, Patrick Quentin, Cyril Baily, Eugene Byrne
  8. Old Bristolians: John Pople, Charles Kingsley, Fred Wedlock, Timothy West, Bristol Grammar School, David Prowse, Cyril Rootham, Mark Watson
  9. Northwestern University Faculty: Jürgen Habermas, John Pople, Hannah Arendt, Ian Roderick Macneil, Giorgio Agamben, Erich Heller
  10. Carnegie Mellon University Faculty: Herbert Simon, Franco Modigliani, John Pople, Robert Lucas, Jr., Robert Parr, Dana Scott, Daniel Sleator
  11. John Pople
  12. British Chemists: John Dalton, Humphry Davy, Ernest Rutherford, Michael Polanyi, John Pople, Rosalind Franklin, Martin Fleischmann, David King
  13. British Expatriates in the United States: Charlie Chaplin, Neil Gaiman, Stephen Wolfram, Ringo Starr, John Pople, Pete Best, Seal
  14. Wolf Prize in Chemistry Laureates: Ryoji Noyori, John Pople, Richard R. Ernst, Ahmed Zewail, Carl Djerassi, Ada Yonath, Elias James Corey

092206 1998 Date Tue, 13 Oct 1998 092242 0400 To chemistry@infomeister.osc.eduFrom Jan Labanowski Subject john pople nobel Prize in

42. Nobel 98 - 3 - NOVEMBRE 1998
Translate this page simplicité se cachent les travaux initiés dans les années 60 par Walter Kohnet john A. pople, aujourd'hui récompensés par le prix nobel de chimie.

43. Nobel Prize Winning Chemists
nobel Prize Winning Chemists. 1997 1999 john A. pople. The nobel Prize in Chemistry1998. john A. pople was born on October 31, 1925 in Burnham-on-Sea, England. Winners/j

44. Nobel
nobelWinning Chemists. Kurt Alder. Sidney Altman. Christian B. Anfinsen. Max FerdinandPerutz. john C. Polanyi. john A. pople. George Porter. Fritz Pregl. Winners/n
Nobel-Winning Chemists Kurt Alder Sidney Altman Christian B. Anfinsen Svante August Arrhenius ... Eduard Buchner Adolf Friedrick Johann Butenandt Melvin Calvin Thomas Robert Cech Hans von Euler-Chelpin John Warcup Cornforth Donald J. Cram Marie Curie Elias James Corey Petrus (Peter) Josephus Wilhelmus Debye Paul J. Crutzen Robert F. Curl, Jr. Johann Deisenhofer Otto Diels ... Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin Jacobus Henricus van't Hoff Roald Hoffman Robert Huber Jean Frederic Joliot Irene Joliot-Curie ... Back To Main Page

45. APS Presentations
pople, john, 1998 nobel Prize Winners Advent of Quantum Mechanics . Prager,Stewart, Plasmas Physics in the 20th Century Fusion and Imaging Source .

46. Distinciones, Nombramientos, Premios Nobel
Translate this page PREMIOS nobel DE QUIMICA 1998 WALTER KOHN de la Universidad de California-SantaBárbara. john pople de Northwestern. 72 años, ciudadano británico.

47. International Academy Of Quantum Molecular Science - Members -
nobel Prize for Chemistry (1998). Ab Initio Molecular Orbital Theory, WJ Hehre, L.Radom, PvR Schleyer, and JA pople, john Wiley and Sons, (New York, 1986).

48. John Pople
Biography. Dr. john A. pople, corecipient of The nobel Prize in Chemistry(1998) was born in Burnham, Somerset, England in 1925.

49. PhysicsWeb - Physicists Win Nobel Prize For Chemistry
Two physicists have won the nobel Prize for Chemistry by developing new techniquesthat predict the behaviour of molecules. john A. pople from Northwestern

50. Sigma Xi The Scientific Research Society News Archive
the University of Texas at Houston. 1998 nobel Prize in Chemistry.Walter Kohn and john pople. To Walter Kohn for his development

51. Sigma Xi The Scientific Research Society Nobel Laureates
About Sigma Xi » Overview » nobel Laureates 1997 Paul D. Boyer 1998 WalterKohn 1998 john pople 1999 Ahmed E. Zewail 2000 Alan J. Heeger 2000 Alan G

52. Palvelut
Kohn ja john A. pople, joille myönnettiin tästä uraauurtavasta työstä vuoden1998 kemian nobelpalkinto. Walter Kohn ja john pople ovat kehittäneet

53. Professor John A. Pople, PhD.
Mellon Univesity, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and later john Christian Warner Dr. Popleis a theoretical chemist who has and corecipient of the nobel Prize in
Professor John A. Pople, PhD.
Board of Trustees Professor of Chemistry
at Northwestern University
1998 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry
John A. Pople was born in Burnham, Somerset, england in 1925. He received his undergraduate and graduate education at Cambridge University where he was a pupil of Sir John Lennard-Jones. Subsequently, he was a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge (1951-58). Lecturer in Mathematics at Cambridge (1954-58) adn then Superintendent of the Basic Physics Division of the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington (1958-64). From 1964-93 he was Carnegie Professor of Chemical Physics at Carnefie Mellon Univesity, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and later John Christian Warner Professor of Natural Sciences. Since 1993, he has been Trustees Professor of Chemistry at Northwestern University. Dr. Pople is a theoretical chemist who has worked on molecular applications of quantum and statistical mechanics. he is the author of a number of papers on liquid structure, spectroscopy (particularly nuclear magnetic resonance) and molecular orbital theory. He is part author of three books on high nuclear magnetic resonance and molecular orbital theory. His awards include the Smith Prize (Cambridge 1950), the Marlow Medal (Faraday Society 1958), the Irving Langmuir Award (American Chemical Society 1970), the Harrison Howe Award (American Chemical Society 1971), the Gilbert Nerton Lewis Award (American Chemical Society 1977), the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Senior U.S. Scientist Award (1981), the G. Willard Wheland Award (University of Chicago, 1981), the Evans Award (Ohio State University, 1982), the Oespar Award (University of Cincinnati, 1984), the Davy Medal (Royal Society, 1988), the Wolf Prize in Chemistry (Jerusalem, 1992), the J.O/ Hirschfelder Award in Theoretical Chemistry (1993), and co-recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1998). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of London (1961), Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1971), and a Corresponding Member of the Australian Academy of Science (1993).

54. John A. Pople - CIRS
pople, john A. Awards 1998 nobel Laureate in ChemistryMarlow Medal, Faraday Society Langmuir Award Harrison Howe Award GN Lewis

55. Nobel Laureates Of Cambridge University
For more information on any of the Laureates, see the nobel Archive. john pople,Trinity, Che, 1998, For his development of computational methods in quantum

56. What Is Computational Chemistry?
Model chemistries such as the Gaussian2 and Gaussian-3 methods developed by1998 Chemistry nobel Laureate Professor john pople and colleagues have

57. Nobel Prize At
pages from this site . 7. john pople Awarded nobel Prize in Chemistryjohn pople Awarded nobel Prize in Chemistry URL http//www
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    Chemistry Nobel Prize 1997
    Chemistry Nobel Prize 1997. This year's Nobel prize for Chemistry has been awarded to Dr John Walker, Dr Paul Boyer and Dr Jens Skou. Dr John Walker, who..
    Pagesize: 3K bytes - Language: English [ Translate Nobel Foundation Org./Inst./Agency Sweden The Prize Award Ceremony for the Nobel Prizes in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine and Literature as well as for the Bank of Sweden Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel - takes place at the Stockholm Concert Hall.

58. Nobel Prize In Chemistry - Wikipedia
http// Richard Smalley 1997 Paul D. Boyer,john E. Walker, Jens C. Skou 1998 Walter Kohn, john A. pople 1999 Ahmed

59. Nobel Prize
Translate this page nobel Prize. nachgewiesen. Chemie-Preisträger. Der Chemie-nobelpreis gehtan den Österreicher Walter Kohn und den Briten john A.pople. Sie

60. Nobel Prize
The nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to Walter Kohn, 75, of the University ofCalifornia at Santa Barbara and john A. pople, 72, of Northwestern University

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