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         Ramos-horta Jose:     more books (40)
  1. Timor Leste: Amanha em Dili (Caminhos de memoria) (Portuguese Edition) by Jose Ramos-Horta, 1994
  2. The East Timor Question by Paul Hainsworth, Mr. Stephen McCloskey, 2000-11-04
  3. Funu the Unfinished Saga of East Timor by Jose Ramos-Horta, 1986-06
  4. Expatriates in the Netherlands: José Ramos-Horta, Jose Maria Sison, Joaquim Gomes, Fritz Korbach
  5. A Construção da Nação Timorense - Desafios e Oportunidades by Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão, 2004
  6. How Will the Macroeconomy Be Managed in an Independent East Timor? An East Timorese View.(Brief Article)(Statistical Data Included): An article from: Finance & Development by Jose Ramos-Horta, Emilia Pires, 2001-03-01
  7. Funu the Unfinished Saga of East Timor by Jose ramos-Horta, 1996
  8. Expatriates in the United States: José Ramos-Horta, Obadele Thompson, Fatima Siad, Aleksandar Radojevic, Fernando Chui, Dewi Sukarno
  9. Shooting Survivors: George Orwell, Pope John Paul Ii, Claus Schenk Graf Von Stauffenberg, Gerry Adams, Chen Shui-Bian, José Ramos-Horta
  10. Premierminister (Osttimor): José Ramos-Horta, Marí Bin Amude Alkatiri, Xanana Gusmão, Nicolau Dos Reis Lobato (German Edition)

81. A-Infos Hyper-Archive: (en) Jose Ramos Horta
The joint 1996 nobel Peace Prize winner, jose Ramos Horta, spoke to a largeand diverse gathering in Adelaide, Australia last Friday (7/2/97) night.
(en) Jose Ramos Horta
Tue, 11 Feb 1997 00:52:34 GMT
A AA AAAA The A-Infos News Service AA AA AA AA INFOSINFOSINFOS AAAA AAAA AAAAA AAAAA The joint 1996 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Jose Ramos Horta, spoke to a large and diverse gathering in Adelaide, Australia last Friday (7/2/97) night. This was just one of his many appearances on an Australia-wide tour during which Horta has made clear the total lack of moral backbone of Australia's leaders since the Indonesian invasion of Timor in 1975. On being introduced to the large crowd that had gathered in the Maughan Church, Horta was greeted by a long and hearty standing ovation given to him by an emotional crowd. Horta dedicated his Nobel Prize to the people of Timor and the now imprisoned Xanana Gusmao, who he considered to have been a person much more worthy of the Prize, describing his success as a very pleasant suprise and praising his fellow Laureate Bishop Bello. While most of the crowd was undoubtedly aware of the history of Indonesia's invasion of Timor, Horta gave a brief history of both his and Timor's struggle against the deadly combination of the Indonesian dictatorship's armed forces and the world's apathy. The duplicity of the United Nation's Security Council and the cynicism of the world's leaders was made clear by Horta, who pointed out that the suggested peace plan suggested by the Timorese for many years was the blueprint for the Israeli/Palestine agreement brokered last year.

82. Democracy NOW!
East Timor. Guest jose Ramos Horta, 1996 nobel Peace Prize Winnerand East Timor's first Foreign Minister. Story EAST TIMORESE
May 14, 2002
on Democracy NOW!

[listen to the entire program] [click to hear any story] NEWS HEADLINES Story: EAST TIMOR'S FOREIGN MINISTER DISCUSSES INDONESIAN AND INTERNATIONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN EAST TIMOR Today, women from across the world said that an international tribunal was the only way to hold accountable those responsible for crimes against humanity committed in East Timor during a quarter century of Indonesian occupation, which ended in a bloody scorched earth campaign after the Timorese voted overwhelmingly for independence in 1999. More than 125 women's rights activists from 14 countries and 22 U.S. states signed the statement, which was released less than a week before East Timor's independence. On Monday East Timorese Foreign Minister Jose Ramos Horta spoke to reporters at a cultural event in Dili, including Australian reporter Lindsay Murdoch, who was recently now banned from Indonesia for his reporting on Aceh and East Timor. Horta spoke about Indonesian and international responsibility for crimes against humanity committed in East Timor. Guest:
  • Jose Ramos Horta , 1996 Nobel Peace Prize Winner and East Timor's first Foreign Minister.

83. Democracy NOW!
May 13, 2002
on Democracy NOW!

[listen to the entire program] [click to hear any story] NEWS HEADLINES Story: DEMOCRACY NOW! TRAVELS TO EAST TIMOR: A LOOK AT THE ISLAND NATION'S LONG JOURNEY FROM INVASION, TO ANNIHILATION, TO INDEPENDENCE Seven days from now, on May 20, 2002, the tiny half-island of East Timor will achieve its independence and become a new nation. It's a rare moment in history made all the more extraordinary by the incredible suffering of the East Timorese over the last 27 years. When I first traveled to East Timor 12 years ago in 1990, East Timor was one of the most repressive places on earth, occupied at that time for fifteen years by the brutal Indonesian military and supported by the silence of the media, and US guns, money and political clout. When I returned in 1991, journalist Allan Nairn and I witnessed Indonesian troops using their US M16s to slaughter hundreds of Timorese in a commemoration procession to the Santa Cruz cemetery. The Santa Cruz massacre galvanized an international movement to support independence for East Timor and hardened the determination of a new generation of Timorese activists to challenge the Indonesian occupation. In the fateful days of August and September 1999, the East Timorese turned out in overwhelming numbers to vote for their independence in a UN-sponsored referendum, only to have the Indonesian military and its militia allies burn East Timor to the ground, displace the population and kill thousands of people, while the US and other powerful nations looked on in silence.

84. Who And What Is Ramos Horta
Committee of the Fretilin at the time of the atrocities, jose Ramos Horta has yet theFretilin's reign of terror should be the recipient of the nobel Prize for
Read about what various important world figures and news-media are saying about Ramos-Horta. This is a chance for you to see the other side of the picture New additions Romas Horta and his brothers and sisters were born as Portuguese descendent who have never felt as Timorese. His younger brother, Arsenio Horta, after joining the Fretilin army, surrendered and was received by the Indonesian Government and appointed as a member of parliament in Dili. But, he never felt at home living in Dili, fighting for the people aspirations, rather he left East Timor and now lives in Australia. Is a person like that a spokesman of the people ? Or did they use East Timor for their gain? Is it suitable for people like that to be awarded Nobel Peace Prize ?
(Abilio Jose Osorio Soares, Governor, Province of East Timor - October 17, 1996) Ramos-Horta is the more colorful of the laureates, inspiring the Indonesian government to accuse him of squandering charitable donations intended for the guerrillas on the globe trotting and high living. In 1975 Ramos-Horta became "foreign minister" of the government formed by the Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor, or Fretilin. In a battle among four political parties following Portugal's 1974 withdrawal from its colony. Fretilin slaughtered members of other groups but won the fight and declared an independent nation.

85. PROFILE: Jose Ramos Horta
The Indonesian government reacted angrily to the awarding of the nobel Peace Prize,saying it was REMOTE DOCUMENT jose Ramos Horta Timor's leader in exile. Timor project/vote/reference/hortaref.htm
PROFILE: Jose Ramos Horta Jose Ramos Horta was born on 26 December 1949, in Dili, the capital of East Timor to a Timorese mother and Portuguese father. He was educated in a Catholic mission in the village of Soibada. Four of his eleven brothers and sisters were killed by the Indonesian military. He carried on a family tradition of being exiled. in 1970-1971 he was exiled by the Portuguese administration to Mozambique - his grand-father had been exiled from Portugal to Azores A radio and television journalist from 1969 until 1974, he was appointed Minister for External Affairs and Information in the first Transitional Government of the Democratic republic of East Timor. He was selected to represent East Timor overseas, and left three days before Indonesian troops invaded in November, 1975. He was the permanent representative of FRETILIN at the UN from 1976 until 1989 and has been a tireless advocate for a free and independent East Timor, to governments, the media and at international fora such as the UN Security Council, the General Assembly Decolonization Committeee and the Commission on Human Rights of the European Parliament. He studied Public International Law The Hague Academy of International Law in 1983 and completed an MA in Peace Studies at Antioch University in 1984.

86. Article
In this generous statement the UDT speaks openly about the past, andembraces nobel Peace Prize winner jose Ramos Horta. The Supreme
Rivals congratulate Nobel winner
In August 1975 a brief but bitter civil war in East Timor pitted Fretilin against the UDT. It was the prelude to Indonesian annexation. Since then, rivalry has hampered East Timorese cooperation, and been exploited by Indonesian government spokespersons. In this generous statement the UDT speaks openly about the past, and embraces Nobel Peace Prize winner Jose Ramos- Horta. The Supreme Political council of the Timorese Democratic Union (UDT) welcomes the announcement by the Nobel Peace Committee that the 1966 winners of the Nobel Peace Prize are two East Timorese, Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo and Mr Jose Ramos-Horta. We extend to our two compatriots our most heartfelt congratulations. Within minutes of the announcement of the award, UDT leaders and militants sent numerous messages to the two winners. Now, the UDT leadership wishes to issue a more detailed account of UDT views about the role of Mr Ramos-Horta in more than two decades of dedicated and tireless efforts towards our common cause. The Indonesian government and media have engaged in a grotesque slander campaign against Mr Jose Ramos-Horta, as they did against Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo in the fall of 1995, on the eve of the Nobel Peace Committee's announcement of the 1995 winners. Most international observers were predicting in 1995 that Bishop Belo was going to be the winner that year. There were even orchestrated street demonstrations in Indonesia and petitions denouncing Bishop Belo. Now it is Mr Ramos-Horta who is being denounced and called all sorts of names.

87. The Leaders
THE LEADERS jose RAMOS HORTA, In December 1996, José ramos-horta shared the NobelPeace Prize with his fellow countryman, Bishop Carlos Filipe Ximenes

88. Untitled Document
rakyat kecil. Komite nobel juga mempertimbangkan jose Ramos Horta sebagaijuru bicara Timor Timur di luar negeri sejak tahun 1975.

89. Negative International Press Reports About Ramos Horta, A Nobel Prize Recipient
Abilio jose Osorio Soares, Governor, Province of East Timor José Ramos Horta andhis brothers and sisters were born that to be awarded the nobel Peace Prize ?
East Timor (now called Timor Leste) with the 5,600 kilometer wide Indonesian territory (insert)
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  • The 211 Million Gentle People of Indonesia Clinton Timor Better Off With Indonesia • Pro-integration “We have Rights!” ... POS KUPANG West Timor Daily SRIWIJAYA POST East Java Daily

    International Press Comments On Who Is Ramos Horta - Is He Really Who People Think He is?
    October 1996 Abilio Jose Osorio Soares, Governor, Province of East Timor - October 17, 1996 and his brothers and sisters were born as Portuguese descendent who have never felt as Timorese. His younger brother, Arsenio Horta , after joining the Fretilin army , surrendered and was received by the Indonesian Government and appointed as a member of parliament in Dili. But, he never felt at home living in Dili, fighting for the people aspirations, rather he left East Timor and now lives in Australia . Is a person like that a spokesman of the people ? Or did they use East Timor for their gain? Is it suitable for people like that to be awarded the

    90. Interview: Jose Ramos Horta --- Asia Pacific Media Service
    independence since the Indonesian invasion in December 1975, jose Ramos Horta isnow His relentless efforts earned him the 1996 nobel Peace Prize, which he
    Latest Articles
    Book Review: Conflicts Revisited

    Amulet Power

    North Korea: It's Hard to Help Kim Jong Il

    Economic Monitor: Cambodia
    Plans for Peace, Prosperity
    Jose Ramos Horta sees independent East Timor as a regional player, bolstered by oil and gas revenues and able to develop relations with Indonesia that preclude the need for excessive troops on their borders. THE MAIN international lobbyist for East Timorese independence since the Indonesian invasion in December 1975, Jose Ramos Horta is now cabinet member for foreign affairs in the United Nations-guided interim administration of the territory, awaiting full independence in April or May next year. His relentless efforts earned him the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize, which he shared with Bishop Carlos Beloanother staunch opponent of Indonesia's military rule over East Timor, which ended when the UN intervened two years ago. In Dili, Ramos Horta spoke about the regional and diplomatic challenges for an independent East Timor with the REVIEW's Bertil Lintner on August 31. Excerpts: WILL YOU APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP IN THE ASSOCIATION OF SOUTHEAST ASIAN NATIONS AND PACIFIC ISLANDS FORUM? AND DO YOU VIEW SUCH MEMBERSHIPS AS "LIFE INSURANCE" IN CASE YOUR RELATIONS WITH INDONESIA DETERIORATE?

    91. Nov97
    Responding to an invitation by the World Taiwanese Association, 1996 nobel PeacePrize cowinner Dr. jose Ramos Horta made a special visit to Taiwan in August.
    Occasional Bulletin Vol. XIV, No.6 Nov. Dec. 1997 Nobel Winner Horta Visits Taiwan Taiwan s Schweitzer Receives Presidential Commendation ... 1997 All County/City Election Report Nobel Winner Horta Visits Taiwan Responding to an invitation by the World Taiwanese Association, 1996 Nobel Peace Prize co-winner Dr. Jose Ramos Horta made a special visit to Taiwan in August. Among his stops were the Annual Congress of the World Taiwanese Association, headquarters of several political parties, some govern-mental offices, and the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. To the former foreign minister of the now occupied East Timor, Taiwan s situation is similar to his homeland, and he has some words on the struggles for independence to share with the Taiwanese. Both in his meeting with the Presby-terian leaders and in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech Ramos Horta had said Taiwan should join the United Nations and the UN should let Taiwan in. To become an UN member, Taiwan should first aim toward becoming an observer. The most important thing on trying to becoming an UN observer, said Horta, is to abandon the name the Republic of China and the belief that [the govern-ment of] Taiwan can represent China. Horta explains that, through becoming an UN observer, with the name

    92. Strategic Update '99 - Jose Ramos Horta
    jose Ramos Horta is an internationallyrenowned spokesman for the East Timoresecause, and He received the nobel Peace Prize in December 1996 for 'sustained
    28-29 September
    Parliament House, Canberra
    Speakers Bio-data and Abstracts JOSE RAMOS HORTA
    Strategic Update Home
    Who Should Attend About the Conference Program ... More Information

    93. East Timor And UN Volunteers Linked For Life
    Senior Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs jose Ramos Horta, nobel Peace Prizelaureate of 1996 acknowledges volunteer contributions during visit in Bonn.

    Search Contact Home
    News/Media: Releases Review Events Media Kit ... Speeches News Release
    East Timor and UN Volunteers linked for life
    Senior Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Jose Ramos Horta, Nobel Peace Prize laureate of 1996 acknowledges volunteer contributions during visit in Bonn Bonn, 27 November 2002 East Timor's Senior Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Jose Ramos-Horta, visited the United Nations Volunteers programme (UNV) during his first official mission to Germany since East Timor's independence less than a year ago. Ramos-Horta, Nobel Peace Prize laureate of 1996, was invited to Germany to attend a multi-national conference on conflict prevention and resolution in Bonn. His programme included high level talks with the German government on issues of economic and development cooperation, environment-protection and human rights issues. "Rarely do we have a Nobel Prize laureate in our midst," said UN Volunteers Executive Coordinator, Sharon Capeling-Alakija. Introducing Ramos-Horta to UNV staff as a man of great courage, she acknowledged that he now faced "an even bigger job to make sure that independence gives East Timorese the life they deserve."

    94. Belo, Horta, Gusmao Freedom Fighters
    jose Ramos Horta Timor's leader in exile BBC 9/99; jose Ramos Horta Speech 12/98;CNN - 2 accept nobel Peace Prize for East Timor work 12/96; nobel Peace Prize

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    95. Nike Campaign: Interview With Jose Ramos-Horta
    San Francisco Dr. jose ramoshorta is the most recent recipient of the NobelPeace Prize (shared with Bishop Belo) for his leadership of the movement for
    Nike Nike Home Overview FAQ Still Waiting for Nike to do it ... Links
    Interview with Jose Ramos-Horta By Gary Gach
    The American Reporter, Vol. 3, No. 580
    June 27, 1997 San Francisco Dr. Jose Ramos-Horta is the most recent recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize (shared with Bishop Belo) for his leadership of the movement for self-determination of East Timor, in Southeast Asia. The American Reporter interviewed Dr. Horta in his hotel suite in San Francisco, June 1997. In Part One, he discussed China, the so-called "Asian Values" bloc, Indonesia's General Suharto, and his disappointment with U.S. recognition and aid. On Resisting Hatred AR: You have stated, "Sometimes in history, individuals in power are driven to commit wanton crimes, but those who survive and are in power today should resist the temptation to exact revenge in the name of justice." Isn't it hard for you, after the death of your relatives at the hands of the Indnesian government, to be free of hatred for people like President Suharto and Indonesian Foreign minister Ali Alatas? JRH: That's hard, certainly

    96. Focus On East Timor: Profiles
    work for peace was recognised by the nobel Committee in 1996 when he was a jointrecipient of the nobel Peace Prize with exiled journalist jose Ramos Horta.
    Profiles Xanana Gusmao BJ Habibie Bishop Carlos Belo
    Jose Ramos Horta

    Xanana Gusmao Xanana Gusmao
    Jose Alexandre Gusamo (aka Kai Rala Xanana Gusmao) was born in the Laleia, Manatut on June 20 1946, the second son in a family of 9 children. He was educated at a Catholic mission and spent four years at the Jesuit seminary in Dare, near the capital Dili. Following completion of three years compulsory service in the Portugese army, he worked in local government. When the left wing coup occurred in Portugal in 1974, Gusmao emigrated to Australia and then returned to East Timor and joined the Fretilin (Revolutionary Front for the Independence of East Timor) party. During the 1975 General Elections, Fretilin won a majority vote and an Independent Republic was declared. On December 7 1975 Indonesia invaded East Timor and Gusmao retreated to the mountains with his compatriots to continue the struggle for independence. In the period 1978-1979 the majority of the key figures in Fretilin and Falintil (the military wing of Fretilin) were killed and Gusmao became leader of Falinitl in 1979 - a position he holds to this day. Gusmao eluded capture for 13 years before being arrested and sentenced to life-imprisonment for subversion in 1992. This sentence was subsequently commuted to 20 years. He was released from house arrest on September 7 1999, a week after the referendum. Gusmao is seen by many as the man capable of uniting the troubled region, he however has maintained that there are more capable candidates.

    97. The Nobel Prize
    What the Indonesian Government finds difficult to understand is the choice of JoseRamos Horta as recipient of the nobel Peace Prize alongside Bishop Belo.
    Press Statement
    On 11 October 1996, the Nobel Prize Committee announced its decision to award Bishop Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo and Jose Ramos Horta, in two equal parts, the Nobel Prize for Peace for 1996.
    The Indonesian Government has always shared Bishop Belo's determination to enhance the welfare and well­being of the people of East Timor and to ensure that they live in peace in an atmosphere of religious freedom and tolerance. The growth in the number of adherents of the Catholic religion and other religions in East Timor as well as the dramatic increase in the number of churches in the province attest to this fact. The Nobel Prize Committee has also stated that Bishop Belo has "tried to create a just settlement based on his people's right to self­determination." On this matter, it is pertinent to note that Bishop Belo himself, in his pastoral letter of August 1994, took the position that he opposed referendum in East Timor as he believed that it would lead to renewed civil war in the province. Bishop Belo has also supported endeavours at reconciliation among the East Timorese, a process that the Indonesian Government has wholeheartedly encouraged, supported and promoted. It is no wonder therefore that his claims to being a spokesman for the people of East Timor has been firmly and repeatedly rejected by the overwhelming majority of the East Timorese people.

    98. Raise Your Voice On Behalf Of East Timor, 8.11.97
    One year ago the catholic Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo and his fellow countrymanJose Ramos Horta received the nobel Peace Prize for their engagement for a
    7th December 1997 - 22 years of occupation of East Timor by Indonesia, and one year after the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Bishop Ximenes Belo and Jose Ramos Horta. The Indonesia Working Group in Germany missio, Misereor, Diakonisches Werk der EKD (Protestant Church in Germany) and the Franciscan Mission Centre invite you to send Christmas cards to Bishop Belo, on behalf of the people in East Timor and to include East Timor in the church service on the 7th December 1997. Raise Your Voice on Behalf of East Timor Do you remember? One year ago the catholic Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo and his fellow countryman Jose Ramos Horta received the Nobel Peace Prize for their engagement for a peaceful solution of the East Timor conflict. The former Portuguese colony has been unlawfully occupied by the Indonesian government for 22 years. During this time a genocide took place. More than 200,000 people have died because of massacres, arbitrary executions and a famine blockade. The United Nations never recognised the annexation because it violates the right to self-determination. The award of the Nobel Peace Prize put East Timor briefly in the public limelight. It supplied the people of East Timor with hope and a new self-confidence. Not only they but people all over the world related the Nobel Peace Prize to a hope for a peaceful solution to the violent conflict. They include the church relief organisation missio which has given support to Bishop Belo and Jose Ramos Horta for many years. Missio, Misereor and Diakonisches Werk der EKD (Protestant Church in Germany)

    99. PJCC: Notes From PeaceJam 1999
    900 Family Groups 1000 Service Activities 100 Family Groups 200 Break/Snack 215Jose Ramos Horta, nobel Laureate Presentation and Conversation 400 Family
    PeaceJam 1999- Retreat On April 16-17, 200 youth in our community had the opportunity to participate in PeaceJam '99. It is an annual two- day conference designed to teach students about the effective practice of service-learning through peace-related issues and civic responsibility. As part of the conference students participate in one of ten different service projects for approximately two and a half hours.
    • Salvation Army - 10 volunteers sorted and boxed a pallet of baby food for distribution. - 20 volunteers removed over 400 lbs. of the invasive blackberry shrub along the Discovery Trail. Clark PUD - 36 volunteers planted 220 small trees to restore a local wetland area. Share House - 30 volunteers cleaned, cooked and served lunch for 100 people at 2 shelters. Harney Elementary - 25 student mentors taught a lesson about the importance of listening to local elementary students. Cultural Interviews - 15 students listened, gathered invaluable information and learned lessons from people of various cultural backgrounds.
    A total of 136 volunteers provided more than 340 hours of service to Clark County!

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