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         Werner Alfred:     more books (100)
  1. Chaim Gross: Watercolors and Drawings by Alfred Werner, 1980-04
  2. Amedeo Modigliani by Alfred Werner, 1966
  3. Amedeo Modigliani (The Library of great painters) by Alfred Werner, 1967
  4. German Painting, the Old Masters. by Alfred, Werner, 1964-06
  5. Au ceur du mystere chretien (French Edition) by Alfred Werner, 1976
  6. New ideas on inorganic chemistry by Alfred Werner, 1911-01-01
  7. Technische Mathematik für Metallbauberufe. Ohne Formelsammlung. Lehr- und Übungsbuch. (Lernmaterialien) by Josef Dillinger, Werner Röhrer, et all 2002-09-01
  8. Glicenstein by Alfred Werner, 1963
  9. Dufy. Library of Great Painters. 121 Reproductions with 48 in Large Full Color by Alfred Werner, 1973
  10. Painting by the post-impressionists (The Color slide book[s] of the world's art) by Alfred Werner, 1964
  11. Neuere Anschauungen Auf Dem Gebiete Der Anorganischen Chemie (1920) (German Edition) by Alfred Werner, 2010-09-10
  12. Raoul Dufy 1877-1953 (Pocket Library of Great Art Series) by Alfred Werner, 1953
  13. MAURICE UTRILLO. by Alfred (Text). Werner, 1958
  14. Chagall by Alfred Werner, 1974-06

21. WERNER ALFRED (1866-1919)
Translate this page werner alfred (1866-1919). Chimiste suisse né à Mulhouse et mortà Zurich. werner reçoit le prix nobel de chimie en 1913.
WERNER ALFRED (1866-1919)

ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF nobel PRIZE LAUREATES IN CHEMISTRY. Name, Year Awarded.Alder, Kurt, 1950. Altman, Sidney, 1989. Wallach, Otto, 1910. werner, alfred, 1913.

ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF NOBEL PRIZE LAUREATES IN CHEMISTRY Name Year Awarded Alder, Kurt Altman, Sidney Anfinsen, Christian B. Arrhenius, Svante August ... Zsigmondy, Richard Adolf ALPHABETICAL LISTING OF NOBEL PRIZE LAUREATES IN PHYSIOLOGY AND MEDICINE Name Year Awarded Adrian, Lord Edgar Douglas Arber, Werner Axelrod, Julius Baltimore, David ... Zinkernagel, Rolf M. Source: The Nobel Prize Internet Archive

23. Sondermarke ÇNobelpreisÈ Mit Den Porträts Von Paul Karrer Und Alfred Nobel
Translate this page An der Universität Zürich promovierte er beim berühmten Anorganikeralfred werner (nobelpreis 1913). alfred nobel (1833–1896).
Das Erbe des noblen Mister Dynamite
Paul Karrer im Privatlabor, Ende dreissiger Jahre (links), Alfred Nobel (rechts), der Stifter des Nobelpreises
C. H. Eugster,
Organisch-Chemisches Institut
uni pressedienst
Nicolas Jene (
Last update:

24. Swiss Science & Technology Offices In North America
alfred werner (1866 1919) nobel Prize for Chemistry 1913. alfredwerner was born in 1866 in Mulhouse in Alsace. He developed a
Alfred Werner (1866 - 1919)
Nobel Prize for Chemistry 1913
Alfred Werner was born in 1866 in Mulhouse in Alsace. He developed a passion for chemistry at the tender age of 20 during his military service in Karlsruhe. He attended lectures at the Technical University for pleasure. In 1886 he registered with the department of technical chemistry at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich . After his diploma he applied himself to writing his doctoral thesis at the University of Zurich on the spatial arrangement of the atoms in nitrogen molecules. He was appointed professor at the University of Zurich in 1895. Werner's theories aroused great interest. In 1913 he was awarded the Nobel Prize "in recognition of his work on the atomic bonds in molecules which throws new light on earlier studies and, particularly in inorganic chemistry, opens up new horizons for research". Link to Nobel Go to Next Page
Embassy of Switzerland
2900 Cathedral Ave. NW

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27. Werner, Alfred
werner, alfred (18661919). French-born Swiss chemist. He was awarded a nobel prizein 1913 for his work on valency theory, which gave rise to the concept of
Werner, Alfred French-born Swiss chemist. He was awarded a Nobel prize in 1913 for his work on valency theory, which gave rise to the concept of coordinate bonds and coordination compounds.
Werner demonstrated that different three-dimensional arrangements of atoms in inorganic compounds gives rise to optical isomerism (the rotation of polarized light in opposite directions by molecules that contain the same atoms but are mirror images of each other).
In addition to ionic and covalent bonds, Werner proposed the existence of a set of coordination bonds resulting from an attractive force from the centre of an atom acting uniformly in all directions. The number of groups, or ligands, that can thus be bonded to the central atom depends on its coordination number and determines the structure (geometry) of the resulting molecules. Neutral ligands (such as ammonia and water) leave the central atom's ionic charge unchanged; ionic ligands (such as chloride or cyanide ion) alter the central charge accordingly.

28. Nobel Laureates In Chemistry By Alphabetical Order
Themes Science Chemistry About Chemistry Generalities nobel Laureates inChemistry by Alphabetical order. Name, Wallach, Otto, 1910. werner, alfred, 1913.

29. Premi Nobel Per La Chimica
nobel alfred;nobel alfred; Watson James D. Watson James D. werner alfred; Wieland Heinrich Otto;
Biografie di Chimici
  • Alder Kurt Anfinsen Christian B Arrhenius Svante August Aston Francis William ... Home Page
    Istituto tecnico statale commerciale e per geometri di Chiavari (Genova - Italia)
  • 30. Untitled Document
    Translate this page in eine Stiftung ein, aus der jährlich am Todestag von alfred nobel die Preisgelder 1913alfred werner (1866-1919), Schweiz alfred werner bekam 1913 für die

    31. Nobel Prize Winning Chemists
    nobel Prize Winning Chemists. 1912 1914 alfred werner. The nobelPrize in Chemistry 1913. alfred werner, son of factory foreman JA Winners/a
    Nobel Prize Winning Chemists Alfred Werner The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1913 Alfred Werner, son of factory foreman J. A. Werner and his wife Jeanne, nee Tesche, was born on December 12, 1866, at Mulhausen in Alsace, where he went to school. From 1885 until 1886 he did his military service in Karlsruhe and, during this, attended the lectures of Engler at the Technical High School in that city. In 1886 he attended lectures at the Federal Technical High School at Zurich and in 1889 obtained there the Diploma in Technical Chemistry. In 1890 he took his degree in the University of Zurich with a thesis on the spatial arrangements of the atoms in molecules containing nitrogen. From 1890 until 1891 he did further work on this subject and visited Paris, where he worked under Professor Berthelot at the College de France. Werner's name will always be associated with the theory of coordination which he established and with his work on the spatial relationships of atoms in the molecule, the foundations of which were laid in the work he did, when he was only 24, for his doctorate thesis in 1892. In this work he formulated the idea that, in the numerous compounds of tervalent nitrogen, the three valence bonds of the nitrogen atom are directed towards the three corners of a tetrahedron, the fourth corner of this being occupied by the nitrogen atom. He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1913 "in recognition of his work on the linkage of atoms in molecules by which he has thrown new light on earlier investigations and opened up new fields of research especially in organic chemistry".

    32. O Webu
    NATTA Giulio. NERNST Walter Friedrich Hermann. nobel alfred Bernhard, Obrazovágalerie. Obrazová galerie. werner alfred, Obrazová galerie. WÖHLER Friedrich,
    Last updated: 30.01.2003 22:46:10
    Vznik webu
    Web o Nobelovi Zmìna Souèasnost ... Struktura webu Zárodek celého webu vznikl na konci školního roku 1998/99, kdy jsem byl žákem 9. tøídy základní školy. Pøipravil jsem si tehdy na výzvu našeho chemikáøe referát o Alfredu Nobelovi (v angliètinì). Ten jsem pak v prváku na gymplu umístil na web a zaèal pøidávat další èlánky. Asi po roce pøibyl druhý web, speciálnì o Alfredu Nobelovi, kam jsem zaèal umisovat pøeklady èlánkù ze švédských stránek Nobelovy nadace. Po necelých dvou letech jsem se rozhodl zmìnit design i architekturu stránek. Není to proto, že by mi pøipadal tento design hezèí, nýbrž proto, že pøedešlé stránky byly tvoøeny v programu Microsoft Publisher 2000, což bylo vzhledem k èasové nároènosti a nízké "inteligenci" tohoto programu pomìrnì nevyhovující. Pøešel jsem proto na (podle mého názoru) mnohem kvalitnìjší Front Page 2000 (i když má spoooustu odpùrcù), který poskytuje již nìkolik pøedem nadefinovaných grafických návrhù, mezi které patøí i tento. Takže pokud se nìkomu nový vzhled stránky nelíbí, musí se s tím smíøit, protože stránka má èistì informaèní, nikoliv umìlecký charakter. Výhodou je naopak daleko snadnìjší možnost aktualizací a jednodušší ovládání, což se doufám brzy projeví na obsahové kvalitì webu. Další výhodou je kompletní hypertextové propojení se stránkami o Nobelovi. Weby tak byly v podstatì slouèeny v jeden. Od 9. srpna 2002 do l

    33. Cultures Of Creativity
    CONTENTS Foreword, Introduction alfred nobel and His Times The nobel System AmartyaSen Boris Pasternak Linus Pauling Ahmed Zewail werner Forssmann Barbara
    The Centennial Exhibition
    of the Nobel Prize
    Ulf Larsson
    Maintaining a fine line between exhibition catalogue and independent thematic anthology and providing an expanded textual format not possible within the confines of either the permanent or traveling exhibitions, Cultures of Creativity, The Book, illuminates myriad aspects of the underlying creative processes, pressures both internal and external, that motivate and inspire an individual or group to take action resulting in the recognition bestowed by the awarding of a Nobel Prize.
    Read Sample Selections
    Alfred Nobel and His Times
    (316 K)
    Barbara McClintock
    (148 K)
    (164 K)
    Hideki Yukawa
    (324 K)
    CONTENTS Foreword, Introduction
    Alfred Nobel and His Times
    The Nobel System Individual Creativity:
    Marie Curie Samuel Beckett The Dalai Lama Amartya Sen Boris Pasternak Linus Pauling Ahmed Zewail Werner Forssmann Barbara McClintock Nelly Sachs Aung San Suu Kyi Yasunari Kawabata Hideki Yukawa Ernest Hemingway Isaac Bashevis Singer Nelson Mandela Kim Dae-jung Max Perutz Roger Sperry Fridtjof Nansen

    34. Werner Complexes
    By necessity they all highlight alfred werner, the Father of Coordination Chemistry who in 1893 metal complexes and in 1913 received the first nobel prize in
    Werner Complexes
    The history of modern coordination chemistry has been the subject of several books, of which perhaps the best known are those by George B. Kauffman. By necessity they all highlight Alfred Werner, "the Father of Coordination Chemistry" who in 1893, proposed the octahedral configuration of transition metal complexes and in 1913 received the first Nobel prize in Inorganic Chemistry.
    In this series of experiments, some simple cobalt(III) complexes are to be prepared, which show some of the properties that Werner was able to interpret using the octahedral model. These include; optical, geometric and linkage isomerism.
    Reaction Schemes as ISIS Draw .tgf file
    The oxidation of cobalt sulfate to the tetraamminecarbonate complex can be done by passing air through the solution for 2 hours, or more conveniently using hydrogen peroxide (although this is more costly, it allows the experiment to be easily completed in one session). The conversion of the bis-aqua complex to "hexol" given here is the method originally used by Jorgensen. By contrast, Werner added pyridine to a hot, dilute acetic acid solution. "Hexol" exists in several hydrated forms, all of them dark purple-black crystals. Air-drying the crystals has been found to result in the ennea-hydrate, whereas drying at 98C or over sulfuric acid results in the tetrahydrate.
    The nitrite ion (NO2-) is an example of an ambidentate ligand . That is, it can form a bond to a metal via either of two non-equivalent sites, from the N or from an O.

    35. Complete Health Care And Medical Information From India
    10th December (it is the anniversary of alfred nobel's death 1994, alfred G. Gilmanand Martin Rodwell. 1978, werner Arber , Daniel Nathans and Hamilton O. Smith.

    36. DIVULCAT:Premios Nobel Con Historia
    Translate this page El Premio nobel de Química del año 2001 va a ser anunciado el muchos, Ernest Rutherford,Svante August Arrhenius, William Ramsay, alfred werner, Fritz Haber
    Nombres ilustres que fueron Nobel Premios Nobel con historia
    Por Javier de Ríos Briz
    Después de conocerse recientemente los nombres de los Premios Nobel de este año, es una buena ocasión para acercarnos a estos premios, a su creador a algunos de los premiados más notables, y a descubrir que entre ellos también hay personalidades del mundo hispano.
    Alfred Nobel Alfred Nobel, el instaurador de los premios que llevan su nombre, fue un químico, ingeniero e industrial sueco, inventor de la dinamita , cuya última voluntad fue el establecimiento de unos premios que recompensaran a personas que cada año, según palabras del propio Alfred Nobel, "hubieran prestado a la humanidad los mayores servicios" en diferentes campos. Nació en Estocolmo, el 21 de octubre de 1833, se educó en Rusia, y posteriormente estudió Ingeniería en los Estados Unidos. Tras una explosión en la que murieron cinco personas, incluido su hermano pequeño, su obsesión fue encontrar un modo seguro de manipular la nitroglicerina, y no paró hasta que lo halló: había inventado la dinamita. Tras su muerte en 1896 dejó toda su fortuna para la creación de una Fundación que otorgara los premios que hoy conocemos como Premios Nobel.

    Translate this page PREMIOS nobel EN QUIMICA. NOMBRE. AÑO. NOMBRE. AÑO. Hoff, Jacobus Henricus Van't. Robinson,Sir Robert. 1947. werner, alfred. 1913. Tiselius, Arne Wilhelm Kaurin. 1948.
    PREMIOS NOBEL EN QUIMICA NOMBRE AÑO NOMBRE AÑO Hoff, Jacobus Henricus Van't Debye, Petrus Josephus Wilhelmus Fischer, Hermann Emil Haworth, Sir Walter Norman Arrhenius, Svante August Karrer, Paul Ramsay, Sir William Kuhn, Richard Baeyer, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf Von Butenandt, Adolf Friedrich Johann Moissan, Henri Ruzicka, Leopold Buchner, Eduard De Hevesy, George Rutherford, Lord Ernest Hahn, Otto Ostwald, Wilhelm Virtanen, Artturi Ilmari Wallach, Otto Northrop, John Howard Curie, Marie Stanley, Wendell Meredith Grignard, Victor Sumner, James Batcheller Sabatier, Paul Robinson, Sir Robert Werner, Alfred Tiselius, Arne Wilhelm Kaurin Richards, Theodore William Giauque, William Francis Willstatter, Richard Martin Alder, Kurt Haber, Fritz Diels, Otto Paul Hermann Nernst, Walther Hermann McMillan, Edwin Mattison Soddy, Frederick Seaborg, Glenn Theodore Aston, Francis William Martin, Archer John Porter Pregl, Fritz Synge, Richard Laurence Millington Zsigmondy, Richard Adolf Staudinger, Hermann Svedberg, The Pauling, Linus Carl Wieland, Heinrich Otto

    38. Marilyn Online Lexikon: Personen
    Translate this page Nicole. Jean Nicot, Jean Nicot, werner Niefer, werner Niefer. Noack. alfrednobel, alfred nobel, Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann, Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann.

    39. Nobelpreisverleihung
    Translate this page Die nobel-Vorlesungen, die einzige Verpflichtung, die ein Preisträger zu Verbindungenbei Gegenwart fein verteilter Metalle 1913 alfred werner (CH, 1866-12-12
    Alfred Nobel
    Das Testament Nobelpreisträger Physik Nobelpreisträger Chemie ... Nobelpreisträger Wirtschaftswissenschaften Biographie Ein Jahr vor seinem Tod unterzeichnete Alfred Nobel sein heute so berühmtes Testament. Der größte Teil seines Vermögens (über 31 Millionen schw. Kronen, das sind heute ca. 140 Mill. Euro) sollte in einen Fonds verwandelt und als Kapital angelegt werden. Die Rendite sollte als jährliche Preisbelohnung an diejenigen verteilt werden, die im verlaufenden Jahr der Menschheit den größten Nutzen erwiesen haben. Die 5 Gebiete, auf denen er den Fortschritt anregen wollte, waren Physik, Chemie, Medizin, Literatur und Frieden. (Übersetzung) Das Testament " Paris, den 27.November 1895 Die Nobel-Stiftung wurde im Jahre 1900 als alleiniger Eigentümer des Fonds gegründet. Der Verwaltungsrat besteht aus 6 ordentlichen und 3 stellvertretenden Mitgliedern, die schwedische und norwegische Staatsbürger sind. Die Rendite der Kapitalanlage wird nach Abzug der Nebenkosten in 5 gleiche Teile geteilt und als Preissummen vergeben. Jedes Jahr senden die Nobel-Komitees individuelle Aufforderungen an Hunderte von Wissenschaftlern, Mitgliedern von Akademien und Universitätsgelehrten in aller Welt, Kandidaten für die Nobelpreise vorzuschlagen. Persönliche Bewerbungen werden nicht in Betracht gezogen. Am 1. Februar beginnen die Komitees mit der gewissenhaften Prüfung und Beurteilung der erhaltenen Kandidatenvorschläge. Im Frühherbst unterbreiten sie den betreffenden preisverleihenden Institutionen, die die alleinige Entscheidungsbefugnis haben, geheime Berichte und Empfehlungen. Die Überlegungen der Abstimmung sind geheim, und die Entscheidungen können nicht angefochten werden.

    40. GK- National Network Of Education
    Curie, Marie, 1911. Sabatier, Paul, 1912. Grignard, Victor, 1912. werner,alfred, 1913. Richards, Theodore William, 1914. Willstatter, Richard Martin,1915.
    Associated Agencies Booker Prize Winners International Awards World Nations: Famous Industrial Town ... Nobel Prize Winners Nobel Prize Winners
    Literature Medicine Peace ... Economics
    Chemistry Hoff, Jacobus Henricus Van't Fischer, Hermann Emil Arrhenius, Svante August Ramsay, Sir William Baeyer, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Adolf Von Moissan, Henri Buchner, Eduard Rutherford, Lord Ernest Ostwald, Wilhelm Wallach, Otto Curie, Marie Sabatier, Paul Grignard, Victor Werner, Alfred Richards, Theodore William

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