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         Wilson Robert W:     more books (100)
  1. Chapters on the natural history of the United States by Robert W. (Robert Wilson), 1850-1934 Shufeldt, 2009-10-26
  2. The myology of the raven (Corvus corax sinuatus.) A guide to the by Shufeldt. Robert W. (Robert Wilson). 1850-1934., 1890-01-01
  3. The skeleton of the black bass. by Shufeldt. Robert W. (Robert Wilson). 1850-1934., 1900-01-01
  4. The Negro a menace to American civilization by Shufeldt Robert W (Robert Wilson) 1850-1934, 1907-01-01
  5. Supply and disposition of cool season grass seed in U.S. and overseas markets (Circular of information / Oregon, Agricultural Experiment Station) by W. Robert Wilson, 1981
  6. America's greatest problem: the Negro by Shufeldt. Robert W. (Robert Wilson). 1850-1934, 1915-01-01
  7. The osteology of the Steganopodes by Robert W. (Robert Wilson), 1850-1934 Shufeldt, 2009-10-26
  8. Woodrow Wilson and the Great War: Reconsidering America's Neutrality, 1914-1917 by Robert W. Tucker, 2007-05-11
  9. The Book of the Breast by Robert Anton Wilson, 1976-01-01
  10. The Birds of the Western Palearctic: 2 Volume Set: Volume 1, Non-Passerines; Volume 2, Passerines
  12. Scholars' Guide to Washington, D.C., for Peace and International Security Studies (Woodrow Wilson Center Press) by Professor Robert W. Janes, 1995-08-01
  13. Ornithological Literature.(Review) (book reviews): An article from: Wilson Bulletin by William E. Jr. Davis, Charles R. Smith, et all 1999-09-01
  14. Additional Records of Fall and Winter Nesting by Killdeer in SouthernUnited States.(Review): An article from: Wilson Bulletin by Kimberly A. Smith, W. Marvin Davis, et all 1999-09-01

81. Support For CTBT From Military Leaders, Scientists, Arms Control Experts & Other
office. New York Times, 10/6/99 nobel Laureates who C. Tsui, Princeton CharlesTownes, California Steven Weinberg, Texas robert W. wilson, Harvard Kenneth
Fact Sheet:
October 8, 1999 For decades, the United States has led the world against proliferation. If the United States Senate votes this treaty down, it would be a signal that the United States now wants to lead the world away from the cause of nonproliferation.
President Bill Clinton,
  • Gen. Hugh Shelton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:
    In short, the world will be a safer place with the treaty than without it, and it is in our national security interests to ratify the CTBT treaty. " [Senate Armed Services Committee Hearing, 10/6/99] Gen. Colin Powell, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
    The treaty is necessary for the safety and reliability of the world because it will reduce the threat of nuclear weapon attacks. The Statesman Gen. John Shalikashvili, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
    All these very senior military leaders and I have supported this treaty, first, because it answered our military concerns, and secondly, because no matter how we analyzed the provisions of this treaty, we always came back to the same conclusion, that our country will be better off with it than without it. And so we recommended to the president that he sign this treaty. And I now recommend that the Senate ratify it. " [White House Briefing, 10/6/99]

82. Bibliography W
1989. Catalytic RNA Wins Chemistry nobel. Science 246325. _. ConsilienceThe Unity of Knowledge. New York Alfred A. Knopf. wilson, robert W. 1979.

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Waal, Frans de. 1995. " Bonobo Sex and Society Scientific American , March 1995, pp. 82-88. Good Natured: The Origins of Right and Wrong in Humans and Other Animals . Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. Tree of Origin: What Primate Behavior Can Tell Us about Human Social Behavior . Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press. Waal, Frans de, and Lanting, Frans. 1997. Bonobo: The Forgotten Ape . Berkeley: University of California Press. Wachtershauser, Gunter. 2000. "Life as We Don't Know It." Science Wakefield, J. Richard. 1988a. "Gentry's Tiny Mystery: Unsupported by Geology." Creation/Evolution Geology of Gentry's 'Tiny Mystery' Journal of Geological Education , May. Waldrop, M. Mitchell. 1989. "Catalytic RNA Wins Chemistry Nobel." Science Science Complexity: The Emerging Science at the Edge of Order and Chaos Walker, Tas. 2002. " New Radiohalo Find Challenges Primordial Granite Claim ." Answers in Genesis Technical Journal Walker, Williston, et al. 1985. A History of the Christian Church . 4th ed. New York: Scribner's. Wallace, Robert A.; Sanders, Gerald P.; and Ferl, Robert J. 1996.

83. CU Facts: Selected Graduates Of Note
Gould (AM '48, Ph.D. '53) stage, screen, and television actor; wilson Greatbatch(BEE robert W. Holley (Ph.D. '47) cowinner of the 1968 nobel Prize in
  • Diane Ackerman (M.F.A. '73, Ph.D. '79): best-seller author, poet, and naturalist
  • George W. Beadle (Ph.D. '30): co-winner of the 1958 Nobel Prize in physiology/medicine
  • Samuel (Sandy) R. Berger (A.B. '67): national security advisor 1993-2000; international consultant
  • Gary Bettman (B.S. '74): first National Hockey League commissioner
  • Kenneth Blanchard (A.B. '61, Ph.D. '67): management consultant and best-seller author
  • Harold Bloom (A.B. '51):
  • Margaret Bourke-White (A.B. '27): award-winning photojournalist and war correspondent
  • Jane Brody (B.S. '62): science reporter and author
  • Urie Bronfenbrenner (A.B. '38): pioneer in human development studies; Cornell faculty member
  • Joyce Brothers (B.S. '47): psychologist, author, and media personality
  • Susan Brownmiller (A.B. '56): feminist author and activist
  • Pearl S. Buck (M.A. '25) novelist and winner of the 1932 Pulitzer Prize and the 1938 Nobel Prize for literature
  • Abby Joseph Cohen (A.B. '73) eminent Wall Street stock strategist
  • Charles Collingwood (A.B. '39):

84. Noticias En ACSUR Las Segovias. Asociación Para La Cooperación Con El Sur
Translate this page Taylor, Jr.(Ph), *Charles H. Townes2 (Ph), Daniel C. Tsui (Ph), Harold E. Varmus(M), robert W. wilson (Ph), Ahmed H. Zewail (Ch). (Ph) -Prenio nobel de Física
madrid 2001
12 de Febrero
Pauling y muchos otros lideraron movimientos contra el uso militar de la ciencia.
Participemos en el movimiento contra la guerra, lanzemos iniciativas en los centros de trabajo, movimientos sociales, profesionales y sindicales.
Hagamos nuestras tres consignas que hoy mueven a la sociedad:
No en nuestro nombre, Otro mundo es posible, Nunca Mais MANIFIESTO DE 41 PREMIOS NOBLE AMERICANOS Los abajo firmantes nos oponemos a una guerra preventiva contra Iraq sin un amplio apoyo internacional.
Una operación militar en contra de Iraq puede incluso conducir a una victoria relativamente sencilla a corto plazo. La guerra se caracteriza por sorpresa, pérdidas humanas y consecuencias no intencionadas. Aún con una victoria creemos que las consecuencias médicas, económicas, ambientales, morales, espirituales, políticas y legales de un ataque estadounidense preventivo minaría, no protegería, la seguridad y la reputación de Estados Unidos en el mundo".

85. Physics 1978
The nobel Prize in Physics 1978. Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa, Arno Allan Penzias, RobertWoodrow wilson. 1/2 of the prize, 1/4 of the prize, 1/4 of the prize.
The Nobel Prize in Physics 1978
"for his basic inventions and discoveries in the area of low-temperature physics" "for their discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation" Pyotr Leonidovich Kapitsa Arno Allan Penzias Robert Woodrow Wilson 1/2 of the prize 1/4 of the prize 1/4 of the prize USSR USA USA Academy of Sciences
Moscow, USSR Bell Laboratories
Holmdel, NJ, USA Bell Laboratories
Holmdel, NJ, USA b. 1894
d. 1984 b. 1933
(in Munich, Germany) b. 1936 The Nobel Prize in Physics 1978
Press Release

Presentation Speech
Pyotr Kapitsa ...
Swedish Nobel Stamps
The 1978 Prize in:

Physiology or Medicine Literature ... Economic Sciences Find a Laureate: Last modified June 16, 2000 The Official Web Site of The Nobel Foundation

86. Bell Labs Awards
with laser light. Radio Astronomy (1978) Arno A. Penzias and RobertW. wilson shared the nobel Prize in Physics. Penzias and wilson
Bell Labs Home About Bell Labs
Awards People Research Areas

Software Downloads

Internationally recognized as the world's preeminent industrial research facility and as a center of scientific and engineering excellence, few institutions have had as great an impact on modern society as Bell Laboratories. Bell Labs scientists and engineers have earned thousands of awards. Our awards include: Details on significant awards include: Nobel Prize in Physics: Eleven researchers have received Nobel Prizes for work done while they were at Bell Labs. The Nobel Prize is the world's most coveted award in intellectual achievement. Categories for awards are physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, peace and economics. The awards honor Alfred Nobel, the Swedish chemist and philanthropist. The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has awarded Nobel Prizes in Physics and Chemistry since 1901.
Fractional Quantum Hall Effect (1998)
Horst Stormer , Robert Laughlin, now at Stanford University, and Daniel Tsui, now at Princeton University, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery and explanation of the fractional quantum Hall effect.

87. Cornell Nobel Laureates
robert W. Holley, Professor and Department Chair in Biochemistry (194864 KennethWilson, Professor of Physics and Nuclear Studies Return to nobel Prize release.
Nobel Laureates Affiliated with Cornell University
Compiled by the Cornell News Service, 1995 Twenty-nine Nobel Prize winners have been affiliated with Cornell University as alumni or faculty members. Current Faculty Members
  • Hans Bethe, the John Wendell Anderson Professor of Physics Emeritus, 1967 Prize in Physics
  • Roald Hoffmann, the Frank H.T. Rhodes Professor in Humane Letters, 1981 Prize in Chemistry
  • David M. Lee, professor of physics, 1996 Nobel Laureate in Physics
  • Robert C. Richardson, the Floyd R. Newman Professor of Physics, 1996 Nobel Laureate in Physics
  • George W. Beadle, '31 Ph.D. Genetics, 1958 Prize in Physiology and Medicine (also was professor of agriculture)
  • Pearl Buck, '25 M.A., 1938 Prize in Literature
  • Robert W. Fogel, '48 A.B. Economics, 1993 Prize in Economics
  • Sheldon Glashow, '54 B.S. Physics, 1979 Prize in Physics
  • Barbara McClintock, '23 B.S. Botany, '25 M.A., '27 Ph.D. Plant Genetics, 1983 Prize in Medicine
  • Toni Morrison, '55 M.S. English, 1993 Prize in Literature
  • John R. Mott, '88 B.S. Philosophy, 1946 Peace Prize
  • Herman J. Muller, graduate study 1911-12, 1946 Prize for Medicine and Physiology

88. 100 Nobel Laureates Warn Our Planet!
F. Wieschaus Physiology/Medicine, 1982 Jody Williams Peace, 1997 robert W. WilsonPhysics, 1978 Ahmed H. Zewail Chemistry, 1999. Source http//
100 Nobel Laureates Warn Our Planet OSLO, Norway December 7, 2001 At the Nobel Peace Prize
Centennial Symposium here yesterday celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Nobel prize, 100 Nobel laureates have issued a brief but dire warning of the "profound dangers" facing the world. Their statement predicts that our security depends on immediate environmental and social reform. The following is the text of their statement: THE STATEMENT The most profound danger to world peace in the coming years will stem not from the irrational acts of states or individuals but from the legitimate demands of the world's dispossessed. Of these poor and disenfranchised, the majority live a marginal existence in equatorial climates. Global warming, not of their making but originating with the wealthy few, will affect their fragile ecologies most. Their situation will be desperate and manifestly unjust. It cannot be expected, therefore, that in all cases they will be content to await the beneficence of the rich. If then we permit the devastating power of modern weaponry to spread through this combustible human landscape, we invite a conflagration that can engulf both rich and poor. The only hope for the future lies in co-operative international action, legitimized by

89. Nobel Glans
nobel glans Med anledning av nobeldagen den 10 december publicerar Från vänsterRobert W wilson (fysikpristagare 1978), Douglass C North (ekonomipristagare

nobel Lecture Autobiography (in English) Biography (in German) Obituary from the andWilson, robert W., USA, b. 1936, Bell Laboratories, Holmden, NJ, for
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91. Boston University: Calendars
Weekdays, W. Somerset Maugham Papers Memorabilia from the Loren and robert wilson,Stanford University, discusses Stable Equilibria. Led by robert Kinsherff
  • Alumni
  • Conferences and Workshops
  • Examination
  • Exhibit ...
  • Other Calendars Listings cover the period through April 15 through May 10 2003. To list an event in the calendar, contact the Office of Public Information, 25 Buick St. 1st floor, at 353-2752 (Fax 353-4048); or e-mail at For information regarding events, contact the University Information Center at 358-INFO (4636) or email NOTE: Unless otherwise indicated, listed activities are open only to the University community.
    For more events, go to or call 617-353-5261.
    Conferences and Workshops
    • April 25, The 9th Annual Meeting of the Boston Area Roman Studies Conference. 3 p.m. LAW Barristers Hall. Registration and reception at 3 p.m. followed by talks at 3:30 p.m. Speakers include Kurt Raaflaub, Brown University; Ssaun Ford Wiltshire, Vanderbilt University; and Wolfgang Haase, CAS Classical Studies. Admission: free. RSVP requested. Open to the public. Info: 353-2426.
    • May 2, The Power of the Liberal Arts in the Classroom. 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. SMG Auditorium. Roger Shattuck, Professor Emeritus, The University Professors, keynote speaker. Closing presentation by Edwin Delattre, Dean Emeritus, School of Education. Program details available at Admission: $25 full conference; individual session are free. Open to the public. Info: 353-2138.
    PhD Orals
    • April 15, "Rice Plus" and Family Solidarity: Rural Cambodian Widows' Economic Coping Practices in the Aftermath of War. 9:15 a.m. SOC 275. Dissertation defense of Susan Hagood Lee.

92. Nobel Prize In Physics Winners 2002
nobel Prize in Physics Winners 20021901. ARNO A. PENZIAS and robert W. WILSONfor their discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation. 1977.

93. The Priestley Celebration
1962, robert W. Woodward, for the synthesis of organic 1977, W. Frank Blair, forenvironmental studies and 1978, J. Tuzo wilson, for distinguished contributions
Priestley Award Recipients
Sir Hugh Stott Taylor , for research and teaching in physical chemistry.
Paul R. Burkholder , for the discovery of chloromycetin.
Karl T. Compton , for peacetime use of atomic energy.
Harold C. Urey , for the discovery of deuterium. Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1934.
Detlev W. Bronk , for distinguished service to mankind through biochemistry.
Edward Teller , for distinguished work in nuclear physics.
George Bogdan Kistiakowski , for work in chemical kinetics and thermodynamics.
Willard Frank Libby , for distinguished contributions to the development of carbon dating.
Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1951.
Glenn T. Seaborg , for distinguished contributions through nuclear chemistry. Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1951. Maurice Ewing , for distinguished contributions in the fields of oceanography, climatology, and geothermal measurements. Robert W. Woodward , for the synthesis of organic molecules. Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1965. Kenneth S. Pitzer , for work in theoretical quantum chemistry. Isador I. Rabi

94. 100 Nobel
L'appello di 100 premi Nobel contro le scelte della Casa Bianca
Raccolti dal canadese John Polany, Nobel per la chimica 1986, cento laureati all'Accademia di Stoccolma (sui 225 viventi) denunciano che "il più profondo pericolo per la pace mondiale viene dalle legittime richieste della maggioranza povera del mondo". Un documento che parla di clima e di trattato anti-missili, di poveri che reclamano e di muri costruiti dai ricchi, ma che finisce per colpire al cuore le scelte del paese più potente del mondo: gli Stati Uniti d'America Per sopravvivere nel mondo che abbiamo trasformato dobbiamo imparare a pensare in modo nuovo. Mai come oggi, il futuro di ciascuno dipende dal contributo di tutti.
  • Zhohres Alferov Physics,2000 Sidney Altman Chemistry,1989 Philip W. Andreson Physics,1977 Oscar Arias Sanchez Peace,1987 J.Georg Bednorz Physics,1987 Bishop Carlos F.X: Belo Peace,1996 Baruj Benacerraf medicine,1980 Hans A. Bethe phYsics,1967 James W. Blach Medicine,1988 Guenter Blobel Medicine,1999

95. Fermiamo La Guerra All'Iraq

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