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         Space Physics:     more books (100)
  1. Physics Of Space Plasmas: An Introduction, Second Edition by George Parks, 2003-12-05
  2. Physics of the Space Environment (Cambridge Atmospheric and Space Science Series) by Tamas I. Gombosi, 2004-08-19
  3. Physics of Solar System Plasmas (Cambridge Atmospheric and Space Science Series) by Thomas E. Cravens, 2004-11-11
  4. The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) by Stephen W. Hawking, G. F. R. Ellis, et all 1975-03-28
  5. A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics: Groups, Hilbert Space and Differential Geometry by Peter Szekeres, 2004-01-17
  6. Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light (P.S.) by Leonard Shlain, 2007-03-01
  7. Do Your Ears Pop in Space and 500 Other Surprising Questions about Space Travel by R. Mike Mullane, 1997-01-22
  8. Space, Time, and Spacetime by Lawrence Sklar, 1977-03-15
  9. Space Physics: An Introduction to Plasmas and Particles in the Heliosphere and Magnetospheres (Advanced Texts in Physics) by May-Britt Kallenrode, 2010-11-02
  10. Introduction to the Physics of Space by Rossi, 1970-01-01
  11. Quantum Fields in Curved Space (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) by N. D. Birrell, P. C. W. Davies, 1984-04-27
  12. Understanding Space-Time: The Philosophical Development of Physics from Newton to Einstein by Robert DiSalle, 2008-10-14
  13. Ionospheres: Physics, Plasma Physics, and Chemistry (Cambridge Atmospheric and Space Science Series) by Robert Schunk, Andrew Nagy, 2009-09-21
  14. Quantum Mechanics in Hilbert Space: Second Edition (Dover Books on Physics) by Eduard Prugovecki, 2006-12-01

1. Oulu Space Physics Textbook
A free online textbook on space physics.Category Science Physics physics Textbook. last update 23 November 1998,2130 UT (RR) Textbook. space physics instrumentation and analysis methods.
Space Physics Textbook - last update: 23 November 1998, 2130 UT (RR)
This service is divided into four sections (Plasma physics, Regions of interest, Phenomena of interest, Space physics instrumentation and analysis methods) and Appendices, each of which contain several pages. Only few of these pages are directly reachable from this title page; rest of the pages become available through surfing the text or by using the contents listing.
Plasma physics
Space physics is interested in the natural plasma environments found close enough to the Earth to be studied by in situ measurements.
Regions of interest
Today, these in situ measurement cover most of the heliosphere. Space physics studies Sun (and its extension, the solar wind) and all planets with plasma environments, including Earth. One of the main tasks in space physics is to explain the Solar wind - magnetosphere - ionosphere - atmosphere coupling that is responsible for many important phenomena.
Phenomena of interest
Many interesting magnetospheric/ionospheric phenomena are created because of the energy input from the Sun and the special properties of the plasma state. For us living at high latitudes, the most remarkable plasma phenomena are the auroras relating to geomagnetic activity.

2. Welcome To Space Physics At The National Space Science Data Center
Data by Spacecraft Access Data by Service Trajectories Models Other Resources NSSDCarchives and provides access to a wide variety of space physics data from
NSSDC archives and provides access to a wide variety of space physics data from NASA and other space flight missions, to selected other data and to some models and software via various services. Introductions for new users: Access Data: Trajectory data for: Geophysical Models Run on-line Selected Models,
Information About/Access to Selected Models,
Anonymous Ftp Site, Related WWW Sites Other Resources

3. (OBSOLETE) Space Physics & Astronomy At Rice University
The page you were trying to reach has been removed because it was obsolete. On July 1, 2000, the space physics and Astronomy Department at Rice University merged with the Physics Department.
The page you were trying to reach has been removed because it was obsolete. On July 1, 2000, the Space Physics and Astronomy Department at Rice University merged with the Physics Department. Please go to for the current department web pages. Please go to for the Rice Space Institute web pages.

4. Swedish Institute Of Space Physics
Institutet för rymdfysik (IRF) är ett statligt forskningsinstitut. IRF bedriver grundforskning, Category World Svenska Europa Sverige Myndigheter Utbildning......The Swedish Institute of space physics (IRF) is a governmental researchinstitute. The Swedish Institute of space physics (IRF). Institutet
Overview Topical Popular
... Lund
Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF)
General Overview
Popular Science Pages
Data ...
Web statistics Postal address Telephone Fax number E-mail address Box 812
SE-981 28 Kiruna

5. JGR-Space Physics Home Page
Aeronomy, SolarTerrestrial Physics and Chemistry aka space physics Institutions and Organizations Last update 99-04-19, 0900 UT (RR)
JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH - Space Physics Published by the AGU: American Geophysical Union
...including papers on Magnetospheric, Heliospheric and Solar Physics, and Aeronomy picture credits Thank you for all your support over the past four years. For questions regarding your JGR Blue submission, please use the AGU hyperlink (above) to contact the new editorial office. Current Issue
Other AGU Home Pages

6. The Space Physics Research Group At SSL/UCB
Research group at the University of California at Berkeley, US.Category Science Physics Plasma Groups...... About SPRG. at SSL. Intro to. space physics Research. FTP Sites FAST; WIND;HESSI. People. Scientists; Students; Staff. (((Satellites))). STEREO/IMPACT. Cluster.
About SPRG at SSL Intro to Space Physics Research FTP Sites: People ...
  • Staff (((Satellites))) STEREO/IMPACT Cluster FAST Geotail ... Solar CISM For problems with this website:
  • 7. Imperial College Space & Atmospheric Physics Group
    Homepage of Imperial College's space physics group
    Home Page
    We are part of the Physics Department at Imperial College . Our aims are to undertake world-class research, and to train young scientists, in both experimental and theoretical aspects of Space Physics and Atmospheric Physics. On these pages you can find information about our Research Activities and about Postgraduate Studies with us. You can also find out about the space and earth observation missions that we are involved in, and read the latest news on all aspects of the group's activities.
    Click here for a full list of the pages available on this site.
    These pages were last revised on 14th January 2003. About these pages.
    Maintained by R. J. Forsyth

    8. JGR-Space Physics Home Page
    The home page of JGRspace physics is now maintained by the office of the new Senior Editor. Please mark the new location in your hot list.
    The home page of JGR-Space Physics is now maintained by the office of the new Senior Editor. Please mark the new location in your hot list.

    9. Laboratory For Atmospheric And Space Physics
    Conducts basic theoretical and experimental research in planetary, atmospheric, magnetospheric, and Category Science Earth Sciences Atmospheric Physics......General Information. Programs Missions. Contact Us. Staff Information. Tour. Data Software. Faculty Publications. Seminars. Search. You are the 194651st visitor.
    You are the 194916th visitor. General Information Contact Us Staff Information Tour ... Search

    10. Welcome To The NSSDC!
    a wide variety of astrophysics, space physics, solar physics, lunar and planetary data from NASA space flight missions,
    Welcome to the
    National Space Science Data Center
    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
    Greenbelt, MD 20771, USA
    Discipline-specific Services
    Multidisciplinary Services

    11. Univ Of MN Space Plasma Physics Home Page
    space physics News Today's Space Weather Lightning Bolt Rocket Launch IMEX Awarded Funding The Inner Magnetosphere Explorer (IMEX) was granted funding in Sept. 1998 as part of the NASA UniversityClass Explorers Program. The space physics Research Group is Part of the
    The Space Physics Research Group is Part of the
    University of Minnesota Physics Department
    Space Physics News
    Meetings and Events

    12. WWW Virtual Library: Aeronomy / Solar-Terrestrial Physics & Chemistry
    Aeronomy, SolarTerrestrial Physics and Chemistry aka space physics. SubjectCatalogue. STP acronyms and glossary; Who's Who/space physics; Other stuff.
    Aeronomy, Solar-Terrestrial Physics and Chemistry aka Space Physics
    Subject Catalogue
    Institutions and Organizations
    Related Resource Lists
    Last update: 99-04-19, 0900 UT (RR)

    13. Windows To The Universe
    Aimed at portraying Earth and Space Sciences in a fun way. Includes information about space weather, global space physics and a real time movie of current solar activity.

    14. NSSDC Space Physics ModelWeb
    pages in a publication, please acknowledge NSSDC as The model (or model results)was (were) obtained from the web pages of NASA's National Space Science Data
    Run Selected Models and Tools Information About/Access to Selected Models Related WWW Sites Submission of Model Software to NSSDC Acknowledgement Format: If you use models, or results of model calculations, obtained from these pages in a publication, please acknowledge NSSDC as: "The model (or model results) was (were) obtained from the web pages of NASA's National Space Science Data Center." NSSDC Space Physics ModelWeb If you have questions/comments about the various models available from NSSDC, contact:

    15. Space Physics, Oulu
    space physics. General information

    Space Physics
    General information Research Education ... Group Members Topical:

    16. IRF In Kiruna
    Swedish Institute of space physics (IRF),. Head Office, Kiruna. The Swedish Instituteof space physics is located 6 km east of Kiruna beside the E10 highway.
    Overview Topical Popular Science Data ...
    the site
    Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF),
    Head Office, Kiruna
    Data available at IRF-Kiruna
    Space Campus

    17. NASA's Space Physics Data System - An Introduction
    Welcome to the space physics Data System (SPDS)! space physics Data Availability.Overview of SPDS. SPDS related Reports. Services of SPDS. Internet Search Engines.
    Welcome to the Space Physics Data System (SPDS)!
    The SPDS is was initiated in 1994 by NASA's former Space Physics Division to preserve historical data and provide improved access to space physics data. The SPDS is a distributed system whose services are existing data systems serving the disciplines of space physics, plus individuals from the science community who are interested in data related issues. The SPDS is still taking shape and will continue to evolve. Any comments or suggestions are welcome and should be directed to the SPDS project scientist, discipline coordinators, or project coordinator who form together the SPDS Coordination Working Group (directory of names and addresses) If you would like more information about the SPDS, you may want to explore some of these other topics.
    Space Physics Data Availability
    Overview of SPDS
    SPDS related Reports
    Services of SPDS
    Internet Search Engines
    SPDS related Public Domain Software and Technical Information
    Select Meetings and Announcements of Space Physics Interest
    Query names and addresses of personnel in the NASA Science Community
    NSSDC's Personnel Information Management System (PIMS) requires forms support.

    18. The Space Physics Group At The U. Of Washington
    Faculty, students, and staff of the space physics groups at UW
    The Space Physics Group
    at the U. of Washington
    Who We Are:

    19. SPARC: Space Physics And Aeronomy Research Collaboratory
    Research activities, resources offered, electronic workshops, a listing of partner institutions and faculty.Category Reference Education University of Michigan Research...... SPARC is a community resource for space physics and aeronomy. space physics ResearchLab @ UM, Collaboratory for Research on Electronic Work CREW. 04 June 2002.
    SPARC is available 24 hours a day for real-time and archival data access and scientific collaboration. Click here to access SPARC's web-based workshop environment (WorkTools) Click here to jump directly to SPARC's real-time data monitoring page SPARC is a community resource for space physics and aeronomy. For more information, assistance using the system, or help integrating your data with the system, please send e-mail to The Fourth Thermospheric/Ionospheric Geospheric Research (TIGER) Symposium is being conducted virtually using WorkTools , 10-14 June 2002. S-RAMP and GEM-SMC are conducting a series of ongoing electronic workshops using WorkTools Interactions recently published an article on the impact of the Upper Atmospheric Research Collaboratory (UARC), SPARC's predecessor. MIT's Technology Review also published a piece on collaboratories that focused on UARC. brings together researchers in upper atmospheric and space physics from around the world, providing them a set of online collaboration tools and workspaces that link together scientific instruments, data, and models. The

    Physics; Ionosphere and Upper Atmosphere. Visit JGRspace physics Home Page.

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