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  1. Time and Psychological Explanation (S U N Y Series, Alternatives in Psychology) (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology) by Brent D. Slife, 1993-07-01
  2. Orientation to Inquiry in a Reflective Professional Psychology (SUNY Series, Alternatives in Psychology) by Lisa L. Tsoi Hoshmand, 1994-08-16
  3. Jung and the Religious Alternative: The Rerooting (Studies in the Psychology of Religion) by John P. Dourley, 1995-06
  4. About Psychology: Essays at the Crossroads of History, Theory, and Philosophy (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology)
  5. Social Skills Basis of Psychopathology: Alternatives to Abnormal Psychology (Current issues in behavioral psychology)
  6. Identification and Character: A Book on Psychological Development (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology) by Howard Kamler, 1994-11
  7. The Last Resistance (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology) by Marcus Bowman, 2002-08-15
  8. The Psychology of Human Possibility and Constraint (S U N Y Series, Alternatives in Psychology) (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology) by Jack Martin, 1999-04-01
  9. The Subject of Lacan: A Lacanian Reader for Psychologists (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology)
  10. Taking Care: An Alternative to Therapy (Psychology/self-help) by David Smail, 1998-02
  11. Metaphors of Interrelatedness: Toward a Systems Theory of Psychology (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology) by Linda E. Olds, 1992-09
  12. Between Conviction and Uncertainty: Philosophical Guidelines for the Practicing Psychotherapist (S U N Y Series, Alternatives in Psychology) by Jerry N. Downing, 2000-07
  13. The Paradox of Power and Weakness (Suny Series, Alternatives in Psychology) (Volume 0) by George Kunz, 1998-07-16
  14. Living An Idea: Empowerment and the Evolution of an Alternative High School (Series on Community and School Psychology) by Edison J Trickett, 1999-07-31

21. Psychmaster
Dr. Judy Marshall. Audiotapes and books provide basic, understandable, information on psychology, spirituality, mental health and illness, traditional and alternative approaches to healing and personal growth.

22. London Tourist Information, London Travel Guide
alternative London travel guide including psychology, slang, sightseeing, sport, hotels, tourist tips, theatre, cinema, restaurants, and information for children.
London T ourist Information
london travel guide London Sightseeing and History Historical Places of Interest Buckingham Palace Houses of Parliament Big Ben The Tower of London, ... Hampton Court Museums and Galleries - The Natural History Museum, The Science Museum The National Gallery The British Museum ... Museum of London Parks - Hyde Park, Kew Gardens Other tourist attractions - Covent Garden, London Eye Open Bus London Tour, What's On? London Theatre, Cinema London Concerts UK for visitors at Recommended Reading Travel Guides London History London Tourist Attractions London Hotels Picture Galleries London Photos Miscellaneous Other Useful London Links Other Travel Links , London Newspapers and Weather On line Newspapers The London Evening Standard, Time Out ,Yahoo! This is London On - Line Weather Reports Yahoo, CNN, London Sport Football, Maps Of London London maps,

23. Self-Help Psychology: Improve Your Spirituality, Health, Relationships And Love.
Offering selfhelp psychology, improved spirituality, health, relationships, and love. Describes alternative medicine techniques. Joel Vorensky.
Self-Help Psychology: Improve Your Spirituality, Health, Relationships And Love.
Humankind seeks to establish true personal growth and spirituality in their lives. This is the challenge of the baby boom generation. The challenge of freeing the self from the age of anxiety and turning ones interests to developing true spirituality. How will they obtain success? What knowledge must they acquire to achieve their goal of effective and consistent self-help? Where are they going to learn the best techniques that correspond to their temperaments and personalities? "Joel Vorensky explores the sacred work of embodying Spirit, marrying body and soul to experience the fullest, richest potential of life. He illuminates the realms of spirituality, pleasure, and desire with the sites of our greatest fears, yearnings, satisfactions, and misunderstandings." Honoring both the linear analytical mind and the creatively chaotic mind, he shows how we must recognize and unite our passionate "dark" and serene "light" aspects to become whole and healthy spiritual beings. I DARE TO HEAL is an inspirational guide to wholeness. Joel invites us to become spacious enough to embody the entire drama of our personal and collective soul. I DARE TO HEAL is a magnetic field of wisdom and vision."

24. The Transpersonal Gateway
These are practical pages, not theoretical debate, which seek to demystify and expand the concept of 'Transpersonal' - whether it be applied to mainstream psychology, Psychotherapy, Education, Counselling, New psychology, 'New Age' or alternative and Complementary Therapies.
A Transpersonal Journey through the Spirituality of all Life Home Overview About Map ... Transpersonal Notebooks
A Plain English Discussion of the Transpersonal Paradigms
for Psychology, Psychotherapy, Spirituality and Therapy
from a practical, experience based perspective.
The Transpersonal Gateway
Transpersonal, most correctly, is a continually changing perspective or moving point of perception which allows one to see the concept of one's individuality within its relationship to a much larger whole.
On this page ...



Welcome to Transpersonal LifeStreams
Without your recognition and acceptance of your Transpersonal nature in the whole of your body, mind and spirit, you are denying the definition of your existence.
You, in your own unique expression of consciousness, are a Transpersonal or Spiritual Being. The Transpersonal Notebooks
  • Transpersonal advocates freedom and full self-realization, seeing the meaning and value of all things and the sacredness of the Life Journey. Transpersonal means beyond the masks of personality - beyond personal identity. It cannot be learned .. nor taught. It is revealed from within the Self by removing the boundaries of belief and learned reactive behaviour which separate the multiple personalities from this Self.

25. Alternative Psychospiritual Counseling, Astrology, Tarot Psychology - Higher Sel
alternative Psychospiritual Counseling for Higher Self Guidance Life Path Licensed Archetypes,Numerology - Tarot Book Guide to the psychology of Tarot
for inner vision
Psychospiritual Transformation Counselor
Astrology-Tarot Service Outline
Licensed Therapist...
Years of professional experience in counseling.
Published Author...
In Search of Self

Guide to the Psychodynamics of Tarot Imagery
Also available in e-book formats
Tarot Book Information
Read book reviews at the following sites... METAPHYSICAL REVIEWS

Jason Carr's Mousepad: Tarot Book Reviews

Read article The Psychodynamics of Tarot Imagery about theoretical basis for methods in book.
About Author
Free quarterly newsletter_ Looking Glass Reflections _has been discontinued. All past issues may be reviewed in archives below. For Viewing Past Issues WORLD LIGHT CENTER Dedicated to the Joyous and Graceful Ascension of People and Our Planet Alternative Healers Directory International light Workers Directory This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here OTHER SIGNIFICANT LINKS

26. Alternative Psychospiritual Counseling, Astrology, Tarot Psychology - Higher Sel
Psychospiritual transformation through integration of Jungian psychology, spiritualAstrology, Numerology, Tarot archetypal imagery ReturnAlternative Sight.
Counseling Services Offered...
...Daily Life Problem Solving
...Interpersonal Relationships
...Life Purpose Goal Planning
Higher Self
Through interactive e-mail exchange...
...Explore your unconscious; build a bridge between the conscious ego and the unconscious Higher Self.
...Achieve Jung's Transcendent Self through step-by-step Individuation process.
Order Integrated AstrologyNumerology Birth Charts or single system charts...
Charts Options
Available for workshop training in above techniques_with mental health professionals, spiritual counselors, psychic readers. For information on specific services
Return: Alternative Sight

27. Mental Health Matters: Information And Resources About Mental Health Issues For
A directory of Mental Health sites, including alternative resources, support groups, patient's rights, etc.Category Health Mental Health Organizations Consumer Support Groups......Mental Health, Self Help psychology Information and Resources. alternative ApproachesFor Treating Panic Attacks What You Should Know About What You Can Do
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Look Up A Specific Disorder... Acute Stress Disorder Adjustment Disorder Agoraphobia Alcohol Addiction Alzheimer"s Disease Amnestic Disorder Anorexia Nervosa Antisocial Personal Disorder Anxiety Disorder NOS Asperger"s Syndrome Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Autism Avoidant Personality Disorder Binge Eating Bipolar Disorder Body Dysmorphic Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder Breathing-Related Sleep Disorder Brief Psychotic Disorder Bulimia Nervosa Childhood Disintegrative Disorder Childhood Eating Disorders Childood Disorder NOS Cognitive Disorder NOS Conduct Disorder Conversion Disorder Cyclothymic Disorder Delerium Delusional Disorder Dementia Dependent Personality Disorder Depersonalization Disorder Depression (Major Depressive Disorder) Depressive Disorder NOS Disruptive Behavior Disorder NOS Dissociative Amnesia Dissociative Disorder NOS Dissociative Fugue Dissociative Identity Disorder Drug Addiction Dyslexia Dyssomnia NOS Dysthymic Disorder Factitious Disorder Gambling Addiction Gender Identity Disorder Generalized Anxiety Disorder Histrionic Personality Disorder Huntington"s Disease Hypersomnia Hypochondriasis Impulse-Control Disorder NOS Insomnia Intermittent Explosive Disorder Kleptomania Learning Disorders Malingering Mental Retardation Mixed-Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder Munchausen by Proxy Munchausen Syndrome Narcissistic Personality Disorder Narcolepsy Nightmare Disorder Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

28. The Scientific Review Of Alternative Medicine - Home Page
The only peerreviewed medical journal dedicated exclusively to carefully assessing the claims, treatment Category Health alternative Skepticism and Controversy...... The Scientific Review of alternative Medicine is sponsored by the Council for JamesAlcock, PhD, psychology, York University; Jerry Andrus, Magician and Inventor
Volume 4 Number 1, SPRING/SUMMER 2000

STATEMENT FROM THE COUNCIL FOR SCIENTIFIC MEDICINE In Defense of Scientific Medicine EDITORIAL Can Alternative Treatments Induce Immune Surveillance Over Cancer in Humans
by Saul Green ARTICLE REVIEW A Historical Approach to U.S. Trends in Alternative Medicine Use
by Peter Barglow and Alison Klairmont Another Controversial Effort to Establish the Medical Efficacy of Intercessory Prayer
by Wallace Sampson Postmodern Promotion of Alternative Medicine
by Donal P. O'Mathuna Living on Borrowed Authority:
Postmodernism and Methods of Presentation
by David F. Mercer Postmodernism, Science, and the Sublime
by Gerald Weissman Healing is Believing: Postmodernism Impacts Nursing by Susan Anthony Salladay COMMENTARY Science and Postmodern Criticism by Jim Leffel Publication Information Guidelines for Authors A CALL FOR PAPERS The Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine is sponsored by the Council for Scientific Medicine. Members of the Council for Scientific Medicine include:
  • Paul Kurtz, PhD, Publisher

29. Open Directory Project
Games Video Games, RPGs, Gambling Health Fitness, Medicine, alternative RegionalUS, Canada, UK, Europe Science Biology, psychology, Physics
Beauchamp Search
powered by the open directory
Search: Arts
Television Music ... Svenska

30. Positive Psychology: An Alternative Vision*
Clearly, an alternative vision of Positive psychology is needed. A constructivistapproach thus offers an alternative vision for Positive psychology. psychology.htm
Log In Register Home About INPM ... Meaning Therapy
Positive Psychology: An Alternative Vision* Derrick Klaassen , Trinity Western University *This extended abstract has been submitted to be presented at the Biennial Meeting of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology in Calgary, AB, in June 2001. Printable Version The inherent paradox of revolutions, whether political or ideological, is that they must, if successful, inherit the power once loathed, and thus ultimately face the challenge of practicing an alternative vision that does not replicate the oppressive hegemony of its precedents. In order to resolve this paradox, the practice of an alternative vision must allow for and encourage the propagation of multiple paradigms, as well as maintain a critical, self-reflective ‘gaze’ to combat the tendency to enshrine one’s privileged position, excluding or ignoring competing claims (Chesterton, 1990). Positive Psychology is a current movement in Psychology that proposes an alternative orientation to a discipline that has become enamoured with the study, classification, and treatment of pathology. While a variety of psychologists have been involved in the research and practice of positive Psychology for quite some time (e.g. Bandura’s self-efficacy studies, Maddi’s hardiness construct, Wong’s research on personal meaning, to name only a few), the term ‘Positive Psychology’ has most recently become associated with a network of researchers spearheaded by Past-APA president Martin Seligman.

31. Science: Social Sciences: Psychology: Alternative -
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Azuregreen Metaphysical,Witchcraft and Occult Store Online
Largest Metaphysical,Witchcraft,Occult Store Online featuring Books,Candles,Jewelry,Incense,Herbs,Goddess Studies and more
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Categories See Also: World Wide Web Add site Update site The following results are from the World Wide Web and may contain objectionable material that Newave does not endorse. If you have a

32. Science Social Sciences Psychology Alternative New Age -
altered states of consciousness, dreams, Gurdjieff, hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness,personal growth, parapsychology, transpersonal psychology, and how to be

33. MedWebPlus Subject Alternative And Complementary Medicine
alternative and Complementary Medicine Biofeedback (psychology) BroaderTerms alternative Medicine, Psychophysiology. Related Terms

34. MedWebPlus Subject Alternative Medicine Biofeedback (
A free service to help you find health sciences information quickly and easily.alternative Medicine Biofeedback (psychology) Broader Terms

35. Teaching Psychology Students An Alternative View Of Homosexuality
Teaching psychology Students an alternative View of Homosexuality. Isn'ta traditionalvalue system one form of diversity that must be respected by psychology? .
Teaching Psychology Students
an Alternative View of Homosexuality
"Isn't a traditional value system
one form of diversity that must
be respected by psychology?"
By Philip M. Sutton, Ph.D.
I teach graduate-level psychology at the Institute for the Psychological Sciences (IPS) in Arlington, Virginia. The Institute was recently established as a Catholic institution offering masters'-level and Psy.D. programs. Part of the mission of IPS is to challenge the psychology graduate students "to integrate new and current psychological theories and therapeutic interventions with Catholic insights into the dignity of the human person." This summer I had the challenging privilege of teaching the NARTH-inspired view of homosexuality and reparative therapy in a graduate course on Ethics and Professional Issues in Psychology. As I expected, the twelve students in the class were open to and sympathetic with the material on reparative therapy of homosexuality. I think, however, that the approach I used may also be applicable for use in secular institutions. As the basic text for the course, I chose a standard text used in many graduate courses on ethics and professional issues called

36. Psychology Postgraduate Alternative Home Page
Postgraduate Homepage. psychology Department, Birkbeck College, Universityof London. Birkbeck psychology has a thriving postgraduate community.

37. Personality Psychology--Alternative Representations
alternative REPRESENTATIONS. Some representations are better than others,as shown by research in cognitive psychology. One practical
Some representations are better than others, as shown by research in cognitive psychology. One practical test of what comprises a good representation of, say, a journal article would be whether it allows one to give an impromptu speech on the topic in question, perhaps taking sides for or against a particular position. Here is a variety of kinds of alternative representations, arranged in (what experience suggests to be) approximate descending order of usefulness for a situation similar to giving an impromptu speech.
  • Flow charts , often used by debators, are excellent tools for representing arguments in which there are initial positions, responses, and rejoinders.
  • Maps can show not only how to get from place to place, but also from concept to concept.
  • Structural models are a very sophisticated kind of graph useful for representing correlational and covariance structures.
  • Graphs and tables can be used to integrate many different kinds of variables.
  • Logical syllogisms and their associated Venn diagrams, the favorites of philosophers, have an important place in representing exact conceptual relationships.
  • Hypertext networks allow users to traverse great bodies of information in the order of the users' interests. Such networks can be hierarchically organized, as in a tree, but numerous other possible organizations exist. Yielding information on an as-needed basis is this medium's strength.
  • 38. "Alternative Medicine" And The Psychology Of Belief
    Quackwatch Home Page. alternative Medicine and the psychology ofBelief. James Alcock, Ph.D. In 1988, I was part of a sixperson
    Quackwatch Home Page
    "Alternative Medicine"
    and the Psychology of Belief
    James Alcock, Ph.D.
    Or so I thought. After our return from China, Paul Kurtz recounted this incident in an article in CSICOP's journal, the Skeptical Inquirer . A few months later, a physician responded in letter to the editor: All too often bronchial infections are due to viruses and therefore not treatable with antibiotics. Unfortunately, there is such a demand from the lay public to treat everything with antibiotics that it is not unusual for the encumbered physician to prescribe them for infections they know cannot be helped by antibiotics. . . . If this was a viral infection, then the antibiotic and the snake bile were of equal efficacy [1]. But I got better, didn't I? Doesn't that tell me that the antibiotic worked? When we talk about the appeal of this treatment or that treatment, this is what is at the heart of it all we use medicines because they seem to work. If we get better, we naturally credit the treatment (whether it had any effect or not). And when we do not improve, we naturally assume that the treatment did not work, and we may then seek out other therapies that might. So-called alternative or complementary therapies are popular only to the extent that they can satisfy some people's needs better than conventional medical therapies do. If every visit to the family physician cured our complaints and satisfied our needs (the two are not necessarily the same), then the vast majority of people would never consider alternate therapies. And if, once people tried alternative therapies, they did not seem to be effective, most people would stop using them and they would eventually die out.

    39. Psychology Articles On Mediation And Alternative Dispute
    These articles are available online only through the author and here at PsychologyInformation Online. List of alternative Dispute Resolution Articles My

    40. Psychology Articles On Alternative Dispute Resolution
    psychology Information and articles about Mediation and AlternativeDispute Resolution. psychology Information Online. Your Internet

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