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  1. Alternative and Enchanced Chapters for use with Psychology (Standard Version) by John W. Santrock, John Santrock, 1996-08-03
  2. Hypnotherapy (Psychology practitioner guidebooks) by William Golden, etc., 1987-10
  3. Handbook of Alcoholism Treatment Approaches: Effective Alternatives (Pergamon general psychology Series) by Reid Hester, William R. Miller, 1992-04-27
  4. Psyche and Substance: Essays on Homoeopathy in the Light of Jungian Psychology by Edward C. Whitmont, 1984-10-31
  5. A Dictionary of Mind and Body: Therapies, Techniques and Ideas in Alternative Medicine, the Healing Arts and Psychology by Donald Watson, 1996-12
  6. Heads and faces, and how to study them;: A manual of phrenology and physiognomy for the people by Nelson Sizer, 1885
  7. The Wise Heart: A Guide to the Universal Teachings of Buddhist Psychology by Jack Kornfield, 2008-04-29
  8. The Alternative: A Study In Psychology (1882) by Macmillan And Company, 2009-06-13
  9. Psychology in the Classroom: An Alternative Approach by Phillida Salmon, 1988
  10. The Alternative: A Study In Psychology (1882) by Macmillan And Company, 2010-09-10
  11. The Alternative: A Study In Psychology (1882) by Macmillan And Company, 2010-09-10
  12. Metaphors of Interrelatedness: Toward a Systems Theory of Psychology. [Subtitle]: (SUNY Series, Alternatives in Psychology.) by Linda E. Olds, 1992-01-01
  13. PsychoBabble The Failure of Modern Psychology - - &the Biblical Alternative - 1993 publication by RichardGanz, 1993-01-01
  14. Edmund Scientific Catalog 762 Astronomy Science Optics Metric Alternative Energy Psychology Hobbies by Edmund Scientific Co., 1975-01-01

81. Internet Psychology: Article: Psychology Of Cyberspace: Cyberspace As Dream Worl
psychology OF CYBERSPACE CYBERSPACE AS DREAM WORLD. by John Suler,Ph.D. To Part VIII. Cyberspace as an alternative to Dreaming. Human

Seeking the assistance of a therapist can be a difficult process ...
by John Suler, Ph.D.
To Part VIII
Cyberspace as an Alternative to Dreaming
Human beings have an inherent need to alter their consciousness - to experience reality from different perspectives. We pursue this need through a wide variety of activities - meditation, drugs, athletics, sex, art. Some are more productive than others. Dreams are a necessary, built-in mechanism for achieving this altered experience of self, other, and world on a daily (nightly) basis. It allows the expression of the usually unconscious, primary process styles of thinking that provide a different perspective on reality. Cyberspace may be a new and important addition to this list. Critics often complain that computers and the internet have, for some people, become an addiction that serves as a substitute for life. While this indeed may be true for some people, we should also consider the possibility that cyberspace may be a highly adaptive SUPPLEMENT to "real" life. It may be a viable alternative for altering consciousness by providing new, imaginative ways to interact with others and experience the world. As evident in the dreams described above, such programs as the Palace in particular stimulate a rich variety of basic psychological issues - probably because they are intensely social environments fused into a dreamlike state of consciousness. Sometimes users get so stirred up that the cyberworld intrudes into the "real" world. One person told me:

82. Learning For Change - Psychology 406 Jay Brandenberger
What critique and enhancement of alternative pedagogies can psychology contributethrough its understandings of human development and ways of knowing?
Learning for Change:
Alternative Pedagogies and Moral Imagination
Psychology 406
Fall 1996
Jay W. Brandenberger, Ph.D
Center for Social Concerns
University of Notre Dame

Phone: (219) 631-5293
Fax: (219) 631-4171
Course Overview and Objectives
All who have meditated on the art of governing mankind have been convinced that the fate of empires depends of the education of youth. Aristotle Imagination is more important than knowledge. Albert Einstein Calls for education to enhance the ability of citizens to create effective societies have continued, of course, since Aristotle. Many pedagogies (for example those of Maria Montessori and John Dewey) have emphasized the relation between education and the common good; and many who govern (in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson) stress the essential link between education and democracy. In recent decades, schools have been asked to solve complex concerns with respect to inequality, discrimination, and conflict. Throughout, Einstein's serious call in light of increasing social complexitiesfor "an essentially new way of thinking" echoes and challenges. What is the role of education with respect to social change? What critique and enhancement of alternative pedagogies can psychology contribute through its understandings of human development and ways of knowing? What learning and cognitive processes are inherent to developing new ways of thinking, new paradigms? What pedagogical practices promote moral development and moral imagination (of creative alternatives)? This course will address such questions from the perspectives of developmental psychology and social psychology, using a variety of resources and learning models. Students will be asked to play an active role in the learning process (appropriate for such a course), and to apply their learning in relevant contexts.

83. Experts On Alternative Medicine - Talion Experts Directory
Jeannette Gagan 1. Jeannette Gagan, Ph.D, is an expert on alternative healingby integrating psychology With the ancient healing art of shamanism.
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Alternative Medicine Spiritual Healing ONLINE PRESS KIT
Jeannette Gagan
Shamanistic healing
Judith Poole
- Energy healing
1. Pamela Chilton, C.Ht. and Hugh Harmon, Ph.D,
are psychotherapists who show patients how to become actively involved in their own healing by invoking spiritual light. "We call this greater power simply 'Light'" says Chilton. "This allows people from any religious or spiritual background to call upon greater guidance, and they can call it by the name they feel most comfortable with." ONLINE PRESS KIT (A trove of information, including practical tips for parenting, health, and how to embark on your own spiritual quest) Articles you can print
Seven Simple Steps for Health and Well Being

Seven Simple Steps for Great Parenting

Seven Simple Step to Begin a Spiritual Odyssey
It is not just the individual that needs healing. Chilton and Harmon emphasize that the Earth itself needs spiritual healing, and that the spiritual energy produced by focusing more individual energy, or prayer, towards healing is exactly what the Earth needs to regain its balance. "Multiply the human minds focused on light and the positive effects multiply. Surround the earth with Light and all the world benefits," say the authors.

84. Monterey Institute For The Study Of Alternative Healing Arts
This is an Institute for the study of alternative healing arts and how they can benefit the human Category Regional North America Counties Monterey Education...... National Foundation for alternative Medicine (Announcement); Michail Blake, Letterto weak interactions in biology, medicine and para psychology Program of
Issue #32 - #35 Updated May 2002
LinkExchange Member
Many of us may remember an occasional gray evening when we feel that the dream of our life is crashing, when those that promised support and cooperation vanished with no apparent reason, when risks we are taking seem unjustifiable and our silly optimism doesn’t make any sense. Thanks god, I had very few such dark evenings and when I did, I knew that tomorrow these feelings would go away and I would know what to do next. I remember one such evening. I felt that I was beating my head against a thick concrete wall of “common sense” with no hope of getting through and no logical justification for doing this. Here I am an engineer, chemist, metrologist and sociologist in the past, who fled the Soviet Union 24 years ago with no so-much-needed connections in this country, trying to engineer a way of incorporating phenomena of life and mind into the realm of science; holding an office and publishing this Newsletter on credit cards. A pretty vainglorious idea in the first place but in a society that is driven by the expectation of an immediate return on investment, where the broad public is torn apart between “New Age” and the authority of “Scientific Dogma” – Big Bang, chaos as the source of life, spontaneous mutagenesis as the main force of evolution, etc. – it is really frustrating. Of course, the next morning my irrationality happily returned as expected. I just love doing what I do, and love is always irrational. I love to meet and communicate with people fascinated by the beauty of the Creation who are well educated and courageous enough to pose right questions (crazy as they must seem), who think nonstereotypically and are truthful to themselves – The Scientists.

85. Ecopsychology
June 2124, Category Science Social Sciences psychology alternative Ecopsychology http//
Creativity, Healing, and Shamanism: The Workshop Participants in this 4-day workshop will explore a new paradigm for an ancient art, experience a deep connection to nature's spirits, and evoke the creativity and healing of the shaman. June 21-24,
Category: Science > Social Sciences > Psychology > Alternative > Ecopsychology
Eagle Mountain Institute
Offers wilderness quests, ecopsychology-based personal and spiritual growth, and nature-awareness programs and workshops.
Category: Science > Social Sciences > Psychology > Alternative > Ecopsychology
Eco Psychology On Line
The Ecopsychology Institute was established at California State University, Hayward in April 1994 to facilitate an international dialogue between two communities: environmental scientists/ activists
Category: Science > Social Sciences > Psychology > Alternative > Ecopsychology EcoInternet Dedicated to the study of ecopsychology, environmental psychology, cultural ecology, with links, pictures, and environment and nature forums.

86. New Age
Category Science Social Sciences psychology alternative New Age http//, Dance With Angels.
Breaking The Trance of Life. How to find your inborn intuitive free will, the true gift of the universe.
Category: Science > Social Sciences > Psychology > Alternative > New Age
Dance With Angels
The spiritual views of Dr. James M. Peebles plus Linda Pendleton's angel cards, photos, and materials.
Category: Science > Social Sciences > Psychology > Alternative > New Age Dr. Charles T. Tart's Virtual Library Covers consciousness, altered states of consciousness, dreams, Gurdjieff, hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness, personal growth, parapsychology, transpersonal psychology, and how to be both a scientifi Category: Science > Social Sciences > Psychology > Alternative > New Age From the Source Newsletter Sharing the news of humanity's evolutionary path Of remembrance; tools for transformation; and information about The New Plan. Category: Science > Social Sciences > Psychology > Alternative > New Age

87. The Psychology Of Idealistic Diets
of the psychology and motivation behind why some become true believers, and whatis so appealing about some of the claims in the realm of alternative diets
The Psychology of Idealistic Diets
Orthorexia Nervosa:
Obsession with Dietary Purity as an Eating Disorder
  • Health Food Junkie Obsession with dietary perfection can sometimes do more harm than good, says a physician in alternative medicine (and one who has been there). Originally published in the October 1997 issue of Yoga Journal, and reprinted here by permission of the author, this piece coins the term "orthorexia nervosa" in describing a novel eating disorder of recent years: extreme fixation on eating proper food that becomes pathological.
  • Clarifying Orthorexia: Obsession with Dietary Purity as an Eating Disorder Discussion of the "Health Food Junkie" article (just above) on internet listgroups revealed emotional defensiveness, along with misconceptions and misunderstandings, among those caught in the spotlight or who objected to yet more labels. Here's some clarification and further explanation about where to draw the line regarding your own dietary behavior along with helpful tips for self- examination.

88. USF To Place Psychology Interns Trained In Alternative Intervention Methods At A
USF To Place psychology Interns Trained In alternative Intervention MethodsAt AfricanAmerican Charter School 373 words (Tampa, October 2, 2002).
Contact: Rick Weinberg, USF de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute (813) 974-1916 or
Writer: Dan Casseday, (813) 974-7974 or
The de la Parte Institute " USF To Place Psychology Interns Trained In Alternative Intervention Methods At African-American Charter School "
[373 words]
Tampa, October 2, 2002
It’s almost taken for granted that when a child gets overactive and problematic in elementary school, one of the ways schools deal with it is to label the child as hyperactive and suggest medication. By early 2003, an African-American elementary charter school will look at alternative, non-medical interventions for its high risk children, thanks to a federal grant through the University of South Florida’s Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute (FMHI). USF plans to place four doctoral psychology interns at the Tampa Village of Excellence charter school in Temple Terrace who will be trained in non-medical treatment approaches that include collaboration with parents, educators, medical personnel and the faith community. Rick Weinberg, FMHI internship director, said that the effort would be funded from a $116,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. He said HHS wants to increase the number of mental and behavioral health professionals capable of providing services to underserved populations as part of a collaborative, multidisciplinary team approach.

89. [CNADconvo] An Integrated Alternative To Militaristic Consumer Psycholog
Date IndexThread Index CNADconvo An integrated alternative to militaristicconsumer psychology David Collins. To conversation
Date Index Thread Index
[CNADconvo] An integrated alternative to militaristic consumer psychology David Collins

90. PsychologyNET - Mental Health Resources
Resources on all forms of child abuse, domestic violence and neglect. alternativePsychology (58). alternative approaches to the mental health healing process.

91. PsychREF™: Gay & Lesbian Psychology; Bisexuality And Alternative Sexualities
Topics and Subfields of psychology. Gay Lesbian psychology, Bisexuality andAlternative Sexualities. This page was last updated on October 3, 1998.
Topics and Subfields of Psychology This page was last updated on October 3, 1998 Queer Resources Directory [QRD] mirrored in Maryland and Seattle : Probably the premier guide to GLB resources on the net; includes more than 22,000 files in its own database. However, many other resources exist in cyberspace as the list below suggests. American Psychological Association (APA) - A selected set of materials on LGB issues include those below; browsers seeking newer or other materials should use the APA's excellent search engine when they reach the site.
  • APA Policy Statements on Lesbian and Gay Issues
  • Answers to Your Questions About Sexual Orientation and Homosexuality
  • Campbell vs. Sunquist Amicus brief of APA and other organizations regarding Tennessee Homosexual Acts statute.) Contains extensive bibliographical materials in support of arguments.
  • New Study Links Homophobia with Homosexual Arousal
  • Psychologists examine attacks on homosexuals (June, 1995)
  • Lesbian and Gay Parenting Resources: Books and Articles and Book Chapters People with a History: An Online Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* History
  • 92. KLUWER Academic Publishers | Evolutionary Psychology
    Books » Evolutionary psychology. Evolutionary psychology AlternativeApproaches. Add to cart. edited by Steven J. Scher Eastern Illinois
    Title Authors Affiliation ISBN ISSN advanced search search tips Books Evolutionary Psychology
    Evolutionary Psychology
    Alternative Approaches

    Add to cart

    edited by
    Steven J. Scher
    Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, USA
    Frederick Rauscher
    Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA
    Evolutionary psychology has been dominated by one particular method for studying the mind and behavior. This is the first book to both question that monopoly and suggest a broad range of particular alternatives. Psychologists, philosophers, biologists, anthropologists, and others offer different methods for combining psychology and evolution. They recommend specific changes to evolutionary psychology using a wide variety of theoretical assumptions. In addition, some essays analyze the underpinnings of the dominant method, relate it to the context of evolutionary and psychological theory and to general philosophy of science, and discuss how to test approaches to evolutionary psychology. The aim of this collection is not to reject evolutionary psychology but to open up new vistas which students and researchers can use to ensure that evolutionary psychology continues to thrive. Contents and Contributors
    ...a welcome volume for those of us who have been concerned that evolutionary theorizing in human psychology has been too narrowly defined ... This is a must reading for anyone interested in applying evolutionary approaches to the study of human social behavior. Marilynn B. Brewer, Ph.D., Ohio State Regents Professor of Social

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    94. About Counseling: Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, Psychiatry, Alternative T express yourself discussions click here.home, information, directory, discussions, prof resources, links.Life
    home information directory discussions ... links If one desires a change, one must be that change before that change can take placeGita Bellin approaches diagnosis professionals risks ... sexual abuse General:
    characteristics of true adulthood
    listening negative self-talk and your self-esteem relaxation techniques ... self esteem Substance Recovery:
    the twelve steps
    effects of drugs questions, comments, suggestions

    95. AnsMe Directory - Science > Social Sciences > Psychology > Alternative > Neuro L
    representing and influencing human behavior. It combines aspects of psychology,linguistics, and computer science. Its techniques have been
    Search: Web Sites Dictionary - Define Dictionary - Sounds Like Dictionary - Relations Dictionary - Rhymes Dictionary - Translate Sponsors
    Web Directory Neuro Linguistic Programming
    Web Directory Science Social Sciences Psychology ... Alternative
    Category Description NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a powerful system for representing and influencing human behavior. It combines aspects of psychology, linguistics, and computer science. Its techniques have been applied to education, sales, therapy, and all sorts of other fields. Richard Bandler and John Grinder came up with the technology in the 1970's. Tony Robbins popularized it in the 1980's. In the 1990's, Bandler returned with DHE, or Design Human Engineering. Today, NLP's popularity is growing on the internet. These sites represent some of the most useful NLP resources on and off the web.
    Sub Directories Criticism Trainers
    Newsgroups relating to this Category alt.psychology.nlp Google Groups
    Related Categories Health > Alternative > Hypnotherapy
    Health > Alternative

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    This category in other languages French Spanish Web sites General NLP and DHE Information Server A non-partisan collection of articles, information, and resource hotlinks regarding Neuro-Linguistic Programming on the Internet.

    96. Business Resources
    Ste. 4025 • Atlanta, GA 30309 (404) 6050255 ALTERNATIVEPSYCHOLOGY. Core Energetics South 770-388-0086, Cutting Edge
    Learn what it will do for you naturally!
    Workshops and classes on meditation, chakra symbology, passages through the Medicine Wheel and Energy Medicine Training programs. Dr. Fernan Poulin lectures throughout the country in the arts and philosophies of Energy Medicine training health care professionals and the community at large to perceive and cross over into the realm of vibrational healing. For more information go to
    With over 22 years in Energy Medicine, Dr. Poulin combines Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care, Matrix Integration Therapy and Cranio Sacral Energetics. He also personally coaches his patients in self healing.
    Call for an appointment. Claudia Goetschi
    Certified and Accomplished
    Reiki Master and Teacher
    Reiki Integration Classes
    Energy Healing Sessions:

    Please call or email to schedule an appointment. NEW! Weekday classes and Private Lessons now also available! Director Unity North Atlanta Healing Ministry Member ­ Unity Atlanta Healing Ministry

    97. PsychoBabble: The Failure Of Modern Psychology--and The Biblical Alternative By
    PsychoBabble The Failure of Modern Psychologyand the Biblical AlternativeRichard Ganz. PsychoBabble, $15.99 Trade Paperback ISBN
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    The Failure of Modern Psychologyand the Biblical Alternative
    Richard Ganz
    $15.99 Trade Paperback
    ISBN 0891077340
    176 pages
    5.5 x 8.5 inches
    Published June 1993 Availability: In stock; usually ships in 2-3 business days.
    Short Description
    This book explores the difference between secular and biblically based counseling, and reminds Christians of the Bible's relevance in our broken world.
    Why is it many evangelical preachers shout from the pulpit about God's power, but they shuffle their emotionally troubled members off to the closest therapist? Both church leaders and laypersons seem to believe that the psychological "experts" have the answers for the wounded hearts and souls of God's people. And when churches do offer counseling, it often is tinged with the secular psychology and psychotherapy that have infiltrated the church. Psychobabble explains the dichotomy between secular and Biblical counseling and shows the danger of incorporating secular techniques into a Christian approach. This book will arm believers looking for Scriptural answers to the hurts of a broken world. As anti-Christian bias becomes increasingly pervasive in secular psychology, the church must look to the true source of all healing. This book will point the way. "Dr. Ganz threads through all the sticky issues as he confronts the psychological demigods of the Christian integrationists' pantheon and exposes their feet of clay. For those who have wondered whether the integration of secular psychotherapy with the revelation of God in the Bible is possiblehere is your answer."

    98. Emory MedWeb: Main Page
    Large searchable database of internet health resources.Category Health Resources Professional......Advanced search Quick search tips. New Sites! Subject Index;About MedWeb; Submit a Site; Comments. A resource maintained by the
    Advanced search Quick search tips
    A resource maintained by the staff of the Robert W. Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library of Emory University. Biological and Physical Sciences
    Genetics Microbiology ... Public Health or search All Subjects ...
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