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  1. Existential-Humanistic Therapy (Theories of Psychotherapy) by Kirk J. Schneider, 2009-09-15
  2. Existential Psychology by Rollo May, 1988-09-06
  3. Handbook of Experimental Existential Psychology
  4. The Discovery of Being: Writings in Existential Psychology by Rollo May, 1994-12-17
  5. Existential-Phenomenological Perspectives in Psychology: Exploring the Breadth of Human Experience (Volume 0)
  6. Exploring Existential Meaning: Optimizing Human Development Across the Life Span
  7. Invitation to Existential Psychology: A Psychology for the Unique Human Being and its Applications in Therapy by Bo Jacobsen, 2008-03-21
  8. Everyday Mysteries: A Handbook of Existential Psychotherapy by Emmy van Deurzen, 2010-01-25
  9. Existential Therapies by Mick Cooper, 2003-05-27
  10. Existential-phenomenological Alternatives for Psychology
  11. The Interpreted World: An Introduction to Phenomenological Psychology by Dr Ernesto Spinelli, 2005-02-16
  12. Existential Psychology East-West by Louis Hoffman, Mark Yang, et all 2009-03-01
  13. Existential Time-Limited Therapy: The Wheel of Existence by Freddie Strasser, Alison Strasser, 1997-10-14
  14. Existential Counselling & Psychotherapy in Practice by Professor Emmy van Deurzen, 2002-03-28

1. Existential Psychology
A short essay introduction.Category Society Philosophy Current Movements Existentialism......existential psychology existential psychology represents a synthesisof philosophy and psychology. The philosophical bases were
Existential Psychology Existential Psychology represents a synthesis of philosophy and psychology. The philosophical bases were formed by Kierkegaard and Heidegger. The most popular one-sentence summary is "existence precedes essence". The followers who have translated their thinking into statements about personality include the Europeans Ludwig Binswanger, Medard Boss, and Victor Frankl. Major American theorists include Rollo May and Paul Tillich, but I will also include some writings of Salvatore Maddi. The following notes represent an attempt at a synthesis of the writings of many theorists. I will not attempt to associate each concept with it's originator. You can get this detailed information in a graduate class. The writings of Rollo May are considered as a primary source. Core of Personality I. Core Tendency: To achieve authentic being. Being signifies the special quality of human mentality (aptly called intentionality), that makes life a series of decisions, each involving an alternative that precipitates persons into an unknown future and an alternative that pushes them back into a routine, predictable past. Choosing the future brings ontological anxiety (fear of the unknown), whereas choosing the safe status quo brings ontological guilt (sense of missed opportunity). Authenticity involves accepting this painful state of affairs and finding the courage or hardiness to persist in the face of ontological anxiety and choose the future, thereby minimizing ontological guilt.

2. John Uebersax's Existential Psychology Web Site
John Uebersax's existential psychology Website. Click here for my Weight Control website
Home Reading Christian Existentialism Essays ... Peace Studies John Uebersax's Existential Psychology Website Click here for my Weight Control website
These days it's hard to really talk to someoneto learn much meaningful about them, to connect . That's one reason I decided to put on a web page some things I'd like to say if we had a chance to talk in person. Another reason is because I miss teaching Introductory Psychology. In some ways, I've gone on to bigger and better things, but there was something uniquely satisfying about teaching. Well, the world's changed, and now maybe the web is a better place for that. This website relates to my life as an "existential psychologist." I also have a completely different career in Statistics, with other web sites for that work. For personal details, check here Please take a few minutes to check out the site via the links at the top of the page. The rest of this page contains an essay of sorts that describes my view of Existential Psychology. Thanks for visiting!

3. Humanistic And Existential Psychology
The Psychology Department at Sonoma State University HUMANISTIC AND existential psychology NOTES AND SUMMARIES AT THIS SITE
The Psychology Department at Sonoma State University
NOTES AND SUMMARIES AT THIS SITE Please note: The ideas of all the people below in some way contribute to humanistic and existential thought in psychology, but not all are explicitly identified as part of that tradition. Alfred Adler lecture James Bugenthal summary Paolo Freire Summary Erich Fromm Lecture ... Existentialism glossary Other exciting titles will be appearing in the near future. LINKS TO OTHER RELATED SITES Association of Humanistic Psychology (AHP) home page Link to APA Writing Style and Other Resources for Writing Papers Victor's Home Page ... Sonoma State University Main Page

4. Review Of Existential Psychology And Psychiatry - 0361-1531 - Swets Backsets Ser
Review of existential psychology and Psychiatry Boston ISSN 03611531 volume(s) year(s) price per volume status 1-20 1961-1994 EUR 87 p.o.d. 21-20 1995-1996 EUR 87 available Note
Review of Existential Psychology and Psychiatry

ISSN: 0361-1531
volume(s) year(s) price per volume status EUR 87 p.o.d. EUR 87 available Note:

5. The Humanistic Approach
existential psychology. Publications Related to the Humanistic Approach
The Humanistic Approach
Introduction to the Humanistic Approach Carl Rogers Abraham Maslow Existential Psychology ... Publications Related to the Humanistic Approach
Introduction to the Humanistic Approach
The Humanistic Approach began in response to concerns by therapists against perceived limitations of Psychodynamic theories, especially psychoanalysis. Individuals like Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow felt existing (psychodynamic) theories failed to adequately address issues like the meaning of behavior, and the nature of healthy growth. However, the result was not simply new variations on psychodynamic theory, but rather a fundamentally new approach. There are several factors which distinguish the Humanistic Approach from other approaches within psychology, including the emphasis on subjective meaning, a rejection of determinism , and a concern for positive growth rather than pathology. While one might argue that some psychodynamic theories provide a vision of healthy growth (including Jung's concept of individuation ), the other characteristics distinguish the Humanistic Approach from every other approach within psychology (and sometimes lead theorists from other approaches to say the Humanistic Approach is not a science at all). Most psychologists believe that behavior can only be understood objectively (by an impartial observer), but the humanists argue that this results in concluding that an individual is incapable of understanding their own behaviora view which they see as both paradoxical and dangerous to well-being. Instead, humanists like Rogers argue that the meaning of behavior is essentially personal and subjective; they further argue that accepting this idea is not unscientific, because ultimately all individuals are subjective: what makes science reliable is not that scientists are purely objective, but that the nature of observed events can be agreed upon by different observers (a process Rogers calls

6. The Impact Of Existential Philosophy On Modern Psychology
Positive Health presents an article that describes the theories behind existential psychology. Includes a historical overview of the concept. chose to reject the Nobel Prize. Thus, existential psychology allows no merit for simple adjustment to social norms.

The Impact of Existential Philosophy on Modern Psychology by Sheldon Litt, Ph.D. It is now some 50 years since existentialism swept through the salons of European intellectual life. Jean-Paul Sartre (1905-1980) may be considered one of the leaders of the existential philosophy movement. Few philosophers today are interested in this approach, but for some psychologists the influence of existentialistic ideas has been profound.
But the salient principle taken from Sartre is that elusive existential concept of freedom, which he brought to bear on human psychology. Man tries to conceal from himself his endless freedom, attempting instead to take refuge in the notion of a fixed or determined self (viz. ‘id’, ‘unconscious’) but the Sartrean view is that man makes himself by his choices. True, I cannot alter my past, but I can choose what meaning I wish to give it. Some people choose to allow the past to influence them, thereby diminishing responsibility for the present. Thus, they may select episodes from the past which they can then use to say – "See, this is why I’m lazy, my mother didn’t love me." But for Sartre this is bad faith or self-deception. Man deceives himself when he hides his freedom.

7. Existential Psychology And Philosophical Counseling Links
existential psychology Links. Philosophical Counseling Links New! existential psychologyLinks. Resources. Existential Psychotherapy by Tim LeBon.
Home Reading Christian Existentialism Essays ... Philosophical Counseling Links New! Existential Psychology Links
Classical Christian Existentialism

8. APA Symposium On Existential Psychology & Psychotherapy
The American Psychological Association Symposium on existential psychology andPsychotherapy September 5, 1959. The Emergence of existential psychology.
The American Psychological Association Symposium
on Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy:
September 5, 1959
George Aiken
Saybrook Graduate School
Most of these writers had not referred to European phenomenology or existentialism in their work, although the writings mentioned above indicate only a small sampling of related topics that they had investigated (May, 1959). The book Existence, published the year before the symposium, and co-edited by Rollo May, Ernest Angel, and Henri F. Ellenberger, was the first popular work to expose most of the general population in the United States to existential thought (Spiegelberg, 1972). The symposium at the annual APA Convention represented the first meeting of American psychologists in a public forum to discuss this topic. Two years after the symposium Rollo May (1961) edited Existential Psychology, a compendium of the talks given on that historical day. This paper will review the topics presented in the book, Existential Psychology. This precis will include: a discussion of the emergence on the American scene of existential psychology by Rollo May; a paper by Abraham H. Maslow on the value of existential psychology to American psychotherapists; a discussion on the relevance of death in psychology by Herman Feifel; a chapter on the existential bases of psychotherapy by Rollo May; a delineation of the objective versus the existential view of psychology by Carl R. Rogers; and a commentary on the above papers by Gordon W. Allport.
The Emergence of Existential Psychology

9. Dynamic Directory - Science - Social Sciences - Psychology - Existential
Includes biography, essays, articles, photo, and links to related existential psychology sites on the WWW.
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10. Existential Psychology And Therapy
existential psychology and Therapy. Paul TP Wong, PhD. This new Division will be namedthe International Society of existential psychology and Therapy (ISEPT).
Log In Register Home About INPM ... Meaning Therapy
President's Column, October 2, 2002 Existential Psychology and Therapy Paul T. P. Wong, PhD. C.Psych.
Trinity Western University
Langley, BC, Canada View printable version Now that the 2nd Biannual Meaning Conference is behind us, it is time to look ahead: What will be the direction for INPM in the next few years? Is there a blueprint for the future? I will use this Column to share with you some of the new developments and projects. After the Existential Summit and the Membership Meeting at the July Meaning Conference, one thing has become very clear - we need to create a Division within the INPM. This new Division will be named the International Society of Existential Psychology and Therapy (ISEPT). After considerable debate on various thorny issues, ranging from the meaning of "existential" to the professional identify we want to adopt, we have decided to move forward with the ISEPT. The consensus is that such a Division is needed to provide a home, a forum for all those interested in research and therapy on existential issues. We believe that a truly authentic psychology requires an existential perspective.

11. Society For Existential Analysis
Professional organization dedicated to the advance of existential psychology/psychoanalysis. The new website for existential analysis

12. The Discovery Of Being: Writings In Existential Psychology - Online Ordering
The Discovery of Being: Writings in Existential Psychology May, Rollo
(Reissue, 1994)
ISBN: (0-393-31240-2)
paper Qty: Price: $ 13.95
Also by this author:

13. EXISTENTIAL PSYCHOLOGY---Existential Spirituality Index---by James Leonard Park
Phenomenology is the technical name for this approach to human inwardness. 1.Existential Spirituality Described. 9. Existential Spirituality Sampler.
This inwardness is not based on a fixed set of beliefs.
Thus, existential spirituality can grow and evolve as times change.
It is very intelligent and self-critical.
Existential spirituality embraces the scientific method
with respect to all objective facts of the world.
However, in addition, it probes as deeply as possible
into human subjectivity the human spirit.
Phenomenology is the technical name
for this approach to human inwardness.
Existential Spirituality Described
a brief overview of existential spirituality, answering 10 questions
that should be addressed by every form of spirituality. Books on Existential Spirituality reviews of several books belonging to the tradition of existential spirituality,
an emerging Internet community of people interested in existential spirituality. Kierkegaard Bibliography 5. Portals for Exploring Various Manifestations of Our Existential Predicament or Existential Malaise Existential Anxiety: Angst
Best Books Critical of Paranormal
and "New Age" Thinking
reviews of several books that point out the failings of paranormal and 'new age' thinking and that support the scientific method.

14. Existentialism And Abraham Maslow By Katharena Eiermann
Katharena Eiermann's tribute to Existential psychologist Abraham H. Maslow. Includes biography, essays, articles, photo, and links to related existential psychology sites on the WWW.
Choose a Philosopher... Existentialism Books and Reviews My Freebies Hugs and Kisses Reality Check Images by Katharena Nature Quotes Terrorism in Review Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Todays Deals at Amazon Free Information from Focalex Philosophers Karl Barth Simone de Beauvoir Samuel Beckett Martin Buber Albert Camus Fyodor Dostoyevsky Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Martin Heidegger Franz Kafka Soren Kierkegaard Abraham H. Maslow Friedrich Nietzsche Blaise Pascal Jean Paul Sartre Paul Tillich Quotes by Philosophers at Alexa Web Search Choose a Poet Poetry Contest Robert Frost Pablo Neruda Aleksandr Pushkin William Butler Yeats Percy Bysshe Shelley Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Ralph Waldo Emerson Henry David Thoreau Edgar Alan Poe William Blake Robert Burns Nature, Forms, and Laws of Poetry Quotes by Poets at Katharena Eiermann's tribute to Existentialist: Abraham H. Maslow. Site includes biography, essays, articles, photo, and links to related sites on the WWW Life and Times Quotations Books and Reviews Realm of Existentialism "The existentialists along with many other groups are helping to teach us about the limits of verbal, analytic, conceptual rationality. They are part of the current call back to raw experience as prior to any concepts or abstractions. This amounts to what I believe to be a justified critique to the whole way of thinking of the western world in the 20th century, including orthodox positivistic science and philosophy, both of which badly need re-examination." Irrational Man : A Study in Existential Philosophy
For those of you who want to learn a lot about existentialism, and/or those of you who find Husserl, Heidegger, and Sartre to be dauntingly difficult and/or time-consuming, this book is hands-down the best. Written in the late 1950's, "Irrational Man" is largely responsible for introducing existentialism to America. Barret provides excellent summaries of the work of all of the major figures in existentialism (with the exception of Merleau-Ponty) and brilliantly integrates their work within Western literary, religious, artistic, and philosophical traditions. Barret provides great insight on the roots of existentialism in the history of Western civilization, and in doing so also constructs a highly informative narrative about that history itself.

15. EXISTENTIAL PSYCHOLOGY---Our Existential Malaise--course Description.
includes the works of Soren Kierkegaard (18131855) and Martin Heidegger (1889-1976)It is a seminar in existential psychology or existential phenomenology.
This seminar for advanced sufferers
will explore whatever dimensions of our
Existential Predicament or Malaise
the participants choose: existential loneliness,
depression, absurdity, meaninglessness,
void, anxiety, splitting, guilt, death,
despair, or insecurity.
The text of the same name costs $40
-less if the class decides to read
and discuss only some of the chapters. OUR EXISTENTIAL MALAISE: This seminar will explore the deepest existential or spiritual suffering that comes with being a human person. Only a few people are aware of this level of suffering because we are usually preoccupied with the practical problems of living. The philosophical background of this study includes the works of Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855) and Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) It is a seminar in existential psychology or existential phenomenology. But the deepest exploration will not take place in the library but in our own inwardness-in our human spirits. The text for this seminar emerged from several years of just such discussions among sensitive, inward persons

16. The Discovery Of Being: Writings In Existential Psychology - Online Ordering
The Discovery of Being Writings in existential psychology May, Rollo(Reissue, 1994) ISBN (0393-31240-2) paper Qty Price $ 13.95.
The Discovery of Being: Writings in Existential Psychology May, Rollo
(Reissue, 1994)
ISBN: (0-393-31240-2)
paper Qty: Price: $ 13.95
Also by this author:

17. The Discovery Of Being (Main Page)
A brisk, clear, popular introduction to existential psychology/psychotherapy.. . Rollo May makes a good case for it as a pragmatically
Rollo May
The Discovery of Being
Writings in Existential Philosophy Dallas Morning News
Rollo May draws on the insights of Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Freud, and other great thinkers to offer a helpful roadmap of the ideas and techniques of existential psychotherapy. He pays particular attention to the causes of loneliness and isolation, and to our search for stability in an age of anxiety. Kirkus Reviews Psychology Today
Rollo May is the best-selling author of The Courage to Create Psychology and the Human Dilemma Love and Will , and other books. 1994 / ISBN 0-393-31240-2 / 92 pages / PSYCHOLOGY

18. Existential Psychology Related Search
existential psychology Begin your search for. existential psychology. ExistentialPsychology search Go! Search for other books.
Existential Psychology
Begin your search for
Existential Psychology
Existential Psychology search Top Books
Search for other books All Products Books Popular Music Classical Music Video DVD
The Gift of Therapy
The Standard Deviants - Psychology Semester Survival Pack
The Standard Deviants: Psychology
The Road to Optimism Video

Free Site Templates About Existential Psychology Touching the derivation of the name Existential Psychology, I confess myself, with sorrow, equally at fault. Among a multitude of opinions upon this delicate point- some acute, some learned, some sufficiently the reverse I am able to select nothing which ought to be considered satisfactory. Modified text originally written by Edgar Allan Poe.

19. Special Issue Of
THOMAS SZASZ PHILOSOPHER OF PSYCHIATRY. Special issue of The Reviewof existential psychology Psychiatry Volume 23, Nos. 1, 2
Home Introduction Szasz Materials Debates ... Links/Related Items
Special issue of The edited by Dr. Keith Hoeller is available again for purchase at a special rate for visitors to the Szasz site.
This is the first collection of essays published in honor of critical psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, author of The Myth of Mental Illness and The Manufacture of Madness . Included are articles by Tom Szasz, Irving Horowitz, Peter Swales, Aaron Esterson, David Cohen, Ron Leifer, Janet Vice, George Alexander, Judi Chamberlin, Keith Hoeller, Richard Vatz and Lee Weinberg, and a complete bibliography of all of Szasz's works. (300 pp.; $30)
Send a check (U.S. funds) with your name and address (print and send this page) for $30.00 per copy to, to:
P.O. Box 15680
Seattle, Washington 98115 USA
Telephone: (206) 367-5764
Fax: (206) 365-3036
Enclosed is my check in U.S. funds for:
Name: Address: City: State: Zip: Country: About the Review The was founded to bring an existential and phenomenological approach to the understanding of human experience. The Review publishes original essays and first translations from the fields of literature and philosophy, as well as from psychology and psychiatry proper. The >i>Review

existential psychology existential psychology Existential psychologistRollo May was critical of transpersonal psychology. He felt
Existential psychology is similar to transpersonal psychology in its concern for the search for meaning and purpose, the confrontation of death and aloneness, the necessity for choice and responsibility, and the demands of authenticity. However, existential psychology does not acknowledge anything beyond death and proposes that one remains identified with a separate ego-defined identity. There is awareness of the First Noble truth that all life is suffering, but there is no view of a way out or beyond the suffering. Yet confronting existential issues (such as death) may penetrate the illusion of the separate and alienated identity and lead to transpersonal experiences. The Buddha and the Christ both had existential crises which were pivotal. Furthermore, transpersonal experiences can bring one to deal with existential issues. Existential psychologist Rollo May was critical of transpersonal psychology. He felt that many approaches that call themselves transpersonal are an avoidance of existential realities and an attempt to deny the dark side of human nature. In the Threaded Discussion section, add your thoughts about the following topics:

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