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  1. The Psychology of Existence: An Integrative, Clinical Perspective by Kirk J Schneider, Rollo May, 1994-10-01
  2. Existential Encounters by Sunder Das, 2003-09-11
  3. Existential Psychotherapy and the Interpretation of Dreams by Clark E. Moustakas, 1996-03-01
  4. Existential Anxiety: Angst by James Leonard Park, 2001-04-09
  5. Existential Psychoanalysis by Jean-Paul Sartre, 1996-09-03
  6. The search for meaning;: A new approach in psychotherapy and pastoral psychology by Aaron J Ungersma, 1961
  7. A Christian existential psychology: The contributions of John G. Finch by John G Finch, 1980
  8. The Freedom of the Self: The Bio-Existential Treatment of Character Problems (Critical Issues in Psychiatry) by Eugene M. Abroms, 1993-04-30
  9. Existence and therapy;: An introduction to phenomenological psychology and existential analysis by Ulrich Sonnemann, 1954
  10. Unamuno: An existential view of self and society by Paul Ilie, 1990
  11. Humanistic Psychology: A Clinical Manifesto. A Critique of Clinical Psychology and the Need for Progressive Alternatives by David N Elkins, 2009-10-01
  12. Existential and Spiritual Issues in Death Attitudes
  13. Existential Perspectives on Supervision: Widening the Horizon of Psychotherapy and Counselling by Emmy van Deurzen, Sarah Young, 2009-09-15
  14. Three Faces of Being: Toward an Existential Clinical Psychology (Century Psychology) by Ernest Keen, 1970-06

61. Existential Psychology & Police (Where Are You Going?)
existential psychology Police (Where are you going?). This articlewill look at police in terms of existential psychology. For
This article will look at police in terms of existential psychology. For the purpose of this paper I will be utilizing the theory of Dr. Irvin Yalom and his text EXISTENTIAL PSYCHOTHERAPY (BasicBooks, 1980). The basic foundations of existential psychology are; Death Awareness, Free Will, Isolation, and Meaningless. While this paper is a relatively new concept in looking at police officers psychologically, the concept and theory of existential being has its origin in philosophy based reasoning. Undoubtedly, there will be those professionals who will disagree with the linking of the police officer and existential strains unique to the profession. However, as policing moves forward, police officers and police psychologists should consider this an additional area of academic research. This paper will be broken down into a few different parts. As I have stated earlier, due to the HTML format there is an inability to format this into APA style. Yalom also points out our relationship with responsibility, it is in this responsibility that we understand our loneliness. He writes, "To the extent that one is responsible for one's life, one is alone" (p. 357). For police officers, I find it hard to imagine that any cop has not come face-to-face with being alone. The job of being a police officer is a lonely job. It is in this acceptance and realization of being alone which makes police officers anxious. After all, police officers are by the very nature of police work able to control everything in their environment. By not being able to control death and isolation, that means they are vulnerable and helpless. Erich Fromm (as cited in Yalom, 1980) states, "The awareness of his aloneness and separateness, of is helplessness before the forces of nature and society, all this makes his separate disunited existence an unbearable prison" (p. 358).

62. Directory ::
Maslow. Includes biography, essays, articles, photo, and links torelated existential psychology sites on the WWW. International

63. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Humanistic (Approaches)
Overview of Humanistic existential psychology; Roots of third forcepsychology; Carl Rogers Biography, Theory, Therapy. GESTALT
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  • Dynamic Psychology
  • Introduction to Client-Centered Therapy
  • Roots of third force psychology

  • World Book Online Article on GESTALT PSYCHOLOGY
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  • 64. Psychology And Spirituality
    of the human is that the human is a dialogue with things and processes in hisown organism and in his surroundings. existential psychology, by viewing the
    Van Kaam the Psychologist
    The project of Formative Spirituality came out of the study of religion and psychology. The main theorist is Adrian van Kaam. As a psychologist, it would appear that van Kaam's central concern was with the underlying philosophical assumptions of the various schools of psychology. According to him, these assumptions went unacknowledged by most practitioners in the field thus having an unrecognized effect upon psychological theorizing and practice. Without a recognition of these assumptions regarding the "nature of man" and their effects psychologists fall prey to an error of mistaking their partial psychological perspective for the whole. Van Kaam groups these perspectives into two main camps: the positivist and the idealist. Both of these are expressions of an underlying Cartesian prejudice mind-body types of dualism. These two main assumptive camps produce the various schools of psychology that are, at best, limited perspectives on any given human event. This elicits from van Kaam a concern for the development of a structure or principle of organization that would enable us to maintain awareness of, and a sense of relationship among the various perspectives that may be taken on the varieties of human experience. Early in his thought he used the term "anthropological psychology" in an attempt to communicate the need for this structure that could be used to integrate the various perspectives on the "nature of man". Van Kaam's use of the term "anthropological psychology" not only functioned as a way of taking into account various underlying assumptions, but by the nature of its integrative function it would be able to view the human as both similar to animals and as unique from them. It would function in such a way that the psychologist should be able to simultaneously hold in his or her attention the insights of such various schools of thought as the Skinnerian and Jungian without becoming exclusivistic. This psychology would be able to integrate not only various psychological schools, but religious perspectives on the "nature of man" as well.

    65. Compare Prices On Movements / Existential Books - Comparison Shop
    existential psychology. ExistentialPhenomenological Perspectives in Psychology(2 Editions Available) Subtitle Exploring the Breadth of Human Experience.
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    Movements / Existential: Sorted by Title
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    Books Psychology > Movements / Existential Awe and Trembling (2 Editions Available)
    Subtitle: Psychotherapy of Unusual States Author: E. Mark Stern Robert B. Marchesani
    The Complete Guide to Experiential Psychotherapy
    Author: Alvin R. Mahrer
    Deep Journeys

    Subtitle: Author:
    Kenneth Kelzer
    Despair and the Return of Hope
    Subtitle: Echoes of Mourning in Psychotherapy Author: Peter Shabad The Divided Self Subtitle: Author: R. D. Laing The Drama Within Subtitle: Author: Tian Dayton Everyday Mysteries Subtitle: Existential Dimensions of Psychotherapy Author: Emmy Van Deurzen-Smith Existence Edited by: Rollo May Henri F. Ellenberger Ernest Angel Existential Hypnotherapy Author: Charles M. Citrenbaum Mark E. King Existential Psychoanalysis Author: Jean-Paul Sartre Existential Psychology Edited by: Rollo May Author: Clark Moustakas Author: Clark Moustakas Existential Thought and Therapeutic Practice (2 Editions Available) Subtitle: An Introduction to Existential Psychotherapy Author: Hans W Cohn Existential Time-Limited Therapy Subtitle: The Wheel of Existence Author: Freddie Strasser Alison Strasser Existential-Phenomenological Perspectives in Psychology (2 Editions Available) Subtitle: Exploring the Breadth of Human Experience

    66. Rollo May Booklist
    The Discovery of Being Writings in existential psychology ~ Ships in 23 days RolloMay / Paperback / Published 1994 Our Price $9.56 ~ You Save $2.39 (20%).
    All books are available for order, simply click on the title. Some can be shipped within 24 hours, others may take longer, especially special orders and out of print books ordered through Amazon's search service. Information is accurate when posted, but click on title of interest to get the latest information. Prices may change, books may go on sale, and publisher out of stocks may be in stock. I've included some such titles, as well as some out of print, due to their importance. The Cry for Myth Usually ships in 24 hours Rollo May / Paperback / Published 1992
    Our Price: $11.16 ~ You Save: $2.79 (20%)
    Read more about this title...
    Anger, Madness, and the Daimonic : The Psychological Genesis of Violence, Evil, and Creativity (Suny Series in the Philosophy of Psychology) Usually ships in 24 hours Stephen A. Diamond, Rollo May / Hardcover / Published 1996
    Our Price: $17.15 ~ You Save: $7.35 (30%)
    Read more about this title...
    Art of Counseling Rollo May / Paperback / Published 1989
    Our Price: $23.95 The Courage to Create Ships in 2-3 days Rollo May / Paperback / Published 1994
    Our Price: $8.76 ~

    67. Education World® - *Social Sciences : Philosophy : Schools Of Thought : Existen
    existential psychology, Logotherapy the Will to Meaning The philosophy ofexistential psychology. Existential Psychotherapy Information and links.

    68. EmailPinoy Web Directory
    the entire directory. Includes biography, essays, articles, photo, and links to relatedexistential psychology sites on the WWW.

    69. Existential Website Results :: Linkspider UK
    Society for Existential Analysis Professional organization dedicatedto the advance of existential psychology/psychoanalysis.
    Existential Websites from Linkspider UK Keyword: Existential Linkspider UK Directory
    Search for
    Directory Tree: Top Science Social Sciences Psychology : Existential (12) Add URL Advertise Here! Personalize Amazon ... Viktor Frankl Online - A college thesis summary which compares the thinking of Frankl and others, quotes from "Man's Search for Meaning", links to Logotherapy and Holocaust sites. Existential Psychotherapy - Information and links. International Network on Personal Meaning - The premier site on meaning of life, personal meaning, existential therapy, logotherapy, and meaning research. It contains bibliography, articles, and reflections related to meaning of life and existential issues. The Unofficial R.D. Laing Website - Biography, quotes by and about R.D. Laing, suggested reading list, including his best known work, "The Divided Self". The Maslow Reading Room - The complete Politics 3 paper compiled by SRI after Maslow's death, along with connections to other Maslow materials. Society for Existential Analysis - Professional organization dedicated to the advance of existential psychology/psychoanalysis.

    70. Query Results
    Query Results Query existential psychology, In /VIRTUALLIB Found Kansas State University, Department of Architecture, USA psy

    71. Books By H. Newton Malony
    A Christian existential psychology The Contributions of John G. Finch by H. NewtonMalony (Edited by) Hardcover September 1980 List price $33.75 Click, H. Newton
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    Books by H. Newton Malony
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    31 titles
    (showing 1-20) The 1983 Travis Papers in the Integration of Psychology and Theology
    by Christopher H. Rosik (Edited by), H. Newton Malony (Edited by)
    Paperback - January 1986
    List price: $10.00
    by Cedric B. Johnson H. Newton Malony
    Paperback - October 1981 List price: $7.95 A Christian Existential Psychology : The Contributions of John G. Finch by H. Newton Malony (Edited by) Hardcover - September 1980 List price: $33.75 A Christian Existential Psychology : The Contributions of John G. Finch by H. Newton Malony (Edited by) Paperback - September 1980 List price: $16.50 by H. Newton Malony Paperback - January 1986 List price: $16.95 Clergy Assessment and Career Development by Richard A. Hunt

    article Gifted children Psychology and mental health Teenagers Psychology and mentalhealth Adolescence Psychological aspects existential psychology Analysis.

    73. Hardcover: The Vitality Of Death: Essays In Existential Psychology And Philosoph
    Improve The 7 Habits of Highly Effective The Vitality of DeathEssays in existential psychology and Philosophy. Peter, Koestenbaum.
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    74. Journal Subject List
    continues REVIEW OF existential psychology PSYCHIATRY. continued by, and shelvedwith REVIEW OF existential psychology AND PSYCHIATRY. IMMUNOLOGY TODAY.
    Subject List Electronic Journals The Olin Library has holdings for the following journals covering the topic:
    Medical Sciences

    75. Syllabuss
    Wed. 2/28 Discuss The NonExistent Knight. Fri. 3/2 Discuss The Non-Existent Knight.Mon. 3/3 existential psychology. Wed. 3/7 existential psychology. Fri.
    Psychology and Literature
    Psychology 67 Professor: Vince Punzo MWF 9:00 Spring, 2001 Office 983-1255 Home 966-8866 Email: Course Description : The objective of this course is to analyze and interpret fiction in the light of psychological theories of personality and human development. More specifically, students should get a better understanding of how psychological theories can be used as a tool for gaining insight into a fictional character's actions, motivations and development. Thus, the goals of the course are twofold: 1) gain a deeper, "working" understanding of current psychological theories of personality and development and 2) discover the usefulness of employing these theories as lenses through which one can gain insight into works of fiction. Required Books: Annie John The Awakening Clockwork Orange The Non-Existent Knight/The Cloven Viscount Notes from the Underground The Second Coming The Stranger Format Approximately half of the class sessions will be devoted to lecture (with some opportunity for discussion) and the other half will be devoted to class discussion. Lectures will be used as a way of introducing (or revisiting) the central tenets of particular psychological theories.

    76. Alexander Badkhen - Harmony Institute
    and research in St. Petersburg, Russia. Its principles are those ofhumanistic and existential psychology. HARMONY was founded in
    RUSSIA Steve Olweean's Guest #1 in Global Perspective
    on Conflict Resolution Alexander Badkhen, MD
    Director of Education and Training programs and Cofounder of the Harmony Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia. Cofounder of the Annual Conference on Conflict resolution. Alexander Badkhen, MD Harmony Institute: An Innovative Role in Russian Psychology T he Institute for Psychotherapy and Counseling HARMONY is a center for psychological treatment, training, and research in St. Petersburg, Russia. Its principles are those of humanistic and existential psychology. HARMONY was founded in July 1988 and was one of the first independent, non-government psychological service organizations in the Soviet Union. Its innovative role in the new Russian psychology has gained the center respect throughout the former Soviet Union. "The mission of the HARMONY Institute is to support people in expressing their uniqueness, to help them live in harmony with themselves, with others, and with the world.

    77. ResAnet Browse Results
    resAnet NL Home, Français Help. New Search Previous Next Existentialphenomenology (4 docs); existential psychology (10 docs); Existential

  • Existential phenomenology (4 docs) Existential psychology (10 docs) Existential psychologyAddresses, essays, lectures (2 docs) Existential psychotherapyCase studies (2 docs) Existentialism (83 docs) Existentialism (1 doc) ExistentialismAddresses, essays, lectures (3 docs) ExistentialismCollections (1 doc) ExistentialismCongresses (1 doc) ExistentialismHistory (2 docs)
  • 78. John Uebersax Home Page
    NEW! My existential psychology web site is running. It has essaysand other material on existential psychology and spirituality.
    John Uebersax's Home Page
    Welcome to my personal page!
    Based (sometimes, anyway) in Flagstaff, a city of about 50,000 people in Northern Arizona. The picture above is a view of the San Francisco Peaks, which overlook Flagstaff. [Update: Now working in La Jolla (near San Diego).] Raised in California and New Mexico. College: University of Southern California. Graduate School: University of Texas at Austin (PhD in Psychology). Have worked mainly as a statistician (positions at Duke University, Wake Forest University, and the RAND Corporation), and most recently as a biostatistician in the pharmaceutical industry. I've kept my interest in psychology active, though, and looking forward to spending working in that area. NEW! My Existential Psychology web site is running. It has essays and other material on existential psychology and spirituality. I expect to be devoting more time to this site, and less to my statistics web sites. My Dieting and Fitness web site is online. There you can download my free DietSheet dieting spreadsheet program.
    Some of my other web sites
    Other stuff
    Other Interests
    Spirituality, fitness, running, nutrition, environment

    79. Psychology
    existential psychology. existential psychology. Experimental Psychology. Mind andBody Rene Descartes to William James. Gestalt Psychology. Gestalt Psychology.
    Psychology General CogPrints: Cognitive Sciences Eprint Archive
    Links to Psychological Journals

    Pages for Exploring Particular Areas of Psychology

    PsyberSite at Miami University
    Scholarly Psychology Resources on the Web
    Job Opportunities
    American Psychological Association (APA) Monitor Classified Advertising
    Adlerian Psychology
    Alfred Adler's Theory of Personality Applied to Albert Einstein
    Classical Adlerian Psychology
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    Applied Psychology
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    Behavior Online
    Behaviour Analysis
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    Self-reference in Phenomenology and Cognitive Science

    Social Cognition Paper Archive and Information Center
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    Developmental Psychology
    PsychWorld 3rd Edition
    (classroom demonstrations for psychology teachers)
    Study and Learning Materials Online (SALMON)
    Educational Psychology
    Educational and Instructional Psychology Educational Psychology Resources Online School Psychology
    Existential Psychology
    Existential Psychology
    Experimental Psychology
    Mind and Body: Rene Descartes to William James Gestalt Psychology Gestalt Psychology
    Humanistic Psychology
    Humanistic Psychology: From Maslow to the 21st Century
    Mental Health
    Internet Mental Health National Institute of Mental Health Psych Central: Dr. John Grohol's Mental Health Page

    80. :: The Discovery Of Being: Writings In Existential Psychology
    Existential PsychotherapyExistential Psychotherapy at $53.00. The Discovery ofBeing Writings in existential psychology. 100% Recommended by our customers.
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    The Discovery of Being: Writings in Existential Psychology
    100% Recommended by our customers.
    Catalog: Book
    Authors: Rollo May, May Rollo Release Date: December, 1994 Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours List Price: Our Price: Used Price: ThirdPartyNewPrice Price: More Details from Amazon international Product Reviews: I am a big fan of Rollo May Simple language, profound useful thoughts. I use his ideas every day in my work as a psychotherapist as well as a in my daily living. Jared The best introduction to existential psychology This is the most succinct and authoritative introduction to existential psychology and psychotherapy currently available. It contains a variety of May's pithy and penetrating essays on the subject, including his introductory chapter to the classic collection EXISTENCE (1958) that first conveyed the tenets of European existential analysis across the Atlantic to America. When I teach courses on existential psychotherapy, this is one of the titles I like to include as required reading.

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