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         Gender And Sexuality:     more books (100)
  1. Female Sexuality: Psychology, Biology and Social Context by Precilla Y. L. Choi, 1995-03
  2. Making War, Not Love: Gender and Sexuality in Russian Humor by Emil A. Draitser, 1999-08-20
  3. The Gender and Psychology Reader by Blythe Clinchy, 1998-04-01
  4. Intimate Citizenships: Gender, Sexualities, Politics (Routledge Research in Gender and Society)
  5. Sexual Rhetoric: Media Perspectives on Sexuality, Gender, and Identity (Contributions to the Study of Mass Media and Communications) by Meta G. Carstarphen, Susan Zavoina, 1999-12-30
  6. Transformations: Women, Gender, And Psychology by Mary Crawford, 2005-07
  7. Handbook of Gender Research in Psychology
  8. Eskridge and Hunter's Sexuality, Gender and the Law (University Casebook Series®) by William N., Jr Eskridge, Nan D. Hunter, 1997-01-01
  9. Cross Dressing, Sex, and Gender by Vern L. Bullough, Bonnie Bullough, 1993-01-01
  10. An Interpretation of Desire: Essays in the Study of Sexuality (Worlds of Desire: The Chicago Series on Sexuality, Gender, and Culture) by John Gagnon, 2004-01-01
  11. The Transformation of Sexuality: Gender and Identity in Contemporary Youth Culture by Thomas Johansson, 2007-02
  12. Dialogues on Sexuality, Gender and Psychoanalysis
  13. Sexuality & Gender in Society by Janell L. Carroll, 1996-03
  14. Sexuality and Gender in Society by Janell L. Carroll, Paul Root Wolpe, 1996-01

41. Queer Studies And Related Courses Taught At Princeton University
18th Century Jane Austen, gender and sexuality in Context Lost Time (andre Aciman);HIS 391 gender in America Paul Sigmund); PSY 325/WOM 325 psychology of gender
Queer Studies and Related Courses
Taught at Princeton University in the Recent Past The following lists of courses offered in the recent past at Princeton University were courses taught in various departments with content relevant to gay and lesbian or queer studies. By no means any of these lists claim to be comprehensive. So far only one course has been taught that could classify as a queer studies course.
  • Past Queer Studies Courses
  • Past Courses with Queer Studies Content:
    Past Queer Studies Courses
    Some queer studies courses which have been offered in the past:
    • ROM ST-17
      Paradigms of Gay French Fiction
      Spring 1995
    Past Courses with Queer Studies Content
    Fall 1996
    • AMS 376/ART 376
      American Art and Culture: the 1960's
      John Wilmerding
    • ENG 374
      Contemporary Literary Thoery
      (Diana Fuss)
    • ENG 379
      Topics in Gender and Literature:
      Literature and Gender in the 20th Century
      (Douglas Mao)
    • ENG 545
      Special Studies in the 18th Century: Jane Austen, Gender and Sexuality in Context (Claudia Johnson)
    • FRS 122W Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time (Andre Aciman)
    • HIS 391 Gender in America: The 20th Century (Elizabeth Lunbeck)
    • POL 304 Conservative Political Thought (Paul Sigmund)
    • PSY 325/WOM 325 Psychology of Gender (Susan Roth)
    • PSY 400 Topics in Social and Personality Psychology: The Psychology of Stereotyping (Gordon Moskowitz)
    Fall 1995
    • AAS 207/ENG 207: Introduction to Afro-American Literature Professor Gina Dent
    • AMS 376/ART 376: American Art and Culture: the 1960's

42. JHU Catalog 2002-2003 > School Of Arts & Sciences > Program For The Study Of Wom
Bronte 060.395 AfricanAmerican Literature 060.612 Renaissance Literature and/inthe History of sexuality 060.619 “Race 376.406 Music and gender. psychology.
Student Affairs

Admissions and Finances

Administrative Regulations and Registration
Scholarships, Fellowships, Awards, and Funds

Program for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
The Program for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality promotes interdisciplinary scholarship on women, gender, sexuality, and related issues. It coordinates a wide array of course offerings for both undergraduate and graduate students. By sponsoring lectures, symposia, seminars, and workshops for faculty and students, the Program for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality at Hopkins also provides opportunities for intellectual exchange across disciplines. Through both interdisciplinary and specialized courses, students are encouraged to develop critical and comparative approaches to the study of gender and associated topics, race and class among them.
Courses in the program are taught by prominent faculty members from many disciplines and are cross-listed through a variety of departments. New courses are added each year. Recent innovations have included Introduction to Women's Studies and Feminist Theories, Feminist Historiography, and the Seminar Practicum (where students combine for-credit volunteer work in a local social service agency with a seminar which explores the connections between social justice and academic inquiry). Each of these courses is offered on a regular basis and together, they can form the basis of a flexible minor. More generally, the minor, which is open to students from any department, aims to help integrate work undertaken across a broad range of offerings in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences.

191.363. gender PUBLIC POLICIES IN LATIN AMERICA Poggio. psychology. 200.302.HUMAN sexuality BIOLOGICAL and PSYCHOSOCIAL PERSPECTIVES Wisniewski/ Kraft.
Please refer to the departmental listings for complete information regarding these courses. ANTHROPOLOGY
300.352 (H)
Added Course: Click here for more information

44. Science/Social_Sciences/Psychology/Gender_and_Sexuality
concerned with the science and research of gender and sexuality. /Science / Social_Sciences / psychology / gender and sexuality.
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This category lists psychological sites concerned with the science and research of gender and sexuality Science Psychology Gender and Sexuality Books

Confidential Biography of Raw Psychology

Interactive journals of sexual psychology philosophy personal experience documentation questions and answers. Topics include sexuality masturbation partners libido sex relationships physical body puberty and beyond.
Havelock Ellis

Author of "Sexual Inversion". During the Victorian age he was the first to publish psychological information on homosexuality in non-criminal and non-mentally ill terms.
Erudyte; The Psychology of Sexual Behavior

The psychology of gender-based sexual behavior. Analysis and discussion of mating-related behaviors and the gender-based biology behind them. URL: Sexual Orientation and Identity Sexuality statistics from civil liberties organizations and psychology sources. URL:

45. Current Paradigms In Gender And Sexuality Studies
Vammala ISSN 03551067. sexuality and gender are studied and theorisedin many disciplines including psychology and the social sciences.

46. Current Paradigms In Gender And Sexuality Studies
According to cognitive psychology young people direct their lives throughthis demanding period by setting personal goals eg personal projects.

47. SOSIG: Sex Roles And Women's Issues
Sociology of gender and sexuality Women's Studies, Region World Europe UK,LTSN psychology, Social Science Information GatewayEditor LTSN psychology
Sex Roles and Women's Issues You are here : Home Psychology Home Psychology Social Processes and Social Issues > Sex Roles and Women's Issues
in Psychology



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48. SOSIG: Sociology Of Gender And Sexuality
Browse this resource, psychology, Evolution and gender, this resource, Centre forResearch on Ageing and gender, Centre for the Study of sexuality and Culture,
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49. NYU > CAS > Academic Programs > CAS Bulletin > Gender And Sexuality Studies (97)
psychology, and anthropology. Examines both feminist and nonfeminist arguments froma variety of critical perspectives. Studying gender, Studying sexuality V97
Close this window Overview Faculty Program Courses Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, 285 Mercer Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10003-6653. (212) 992-9541.
Director of The Program: Professor Dinshaw
Director of Undergraduate Studies: Assistant Professor Haney
Faculty Fellow: Assistant Professor Abdulhadi
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Faculty Professors: Anderson (Spanish and Portuguese), Cohen (Comparative Literature), Diner (Hebrew and Judaic), Dinshaw (English), Gerson (Sociology), Ginsburg (Anthropology), Gordon (History), Greenberg (Sociology), Harper (English), Heilman (Psychology), Johnson (History), Kamm (Philosophy), Kulick (Anthropology), Martin (Anthropology), Molloy (Spanish and Portuguese), Nolan (History), Hodges Persell (Sociology), Poovey (English), Rapp (Anthropology), Ruble (Psychology), Ruddick (Philosophy), Schieffelin (Anthropology), Walkowitz (History), Young (History)
Associate Professors: Abercrombie (Anthropology), Deneys-Tunney (French), Dixon (Sociology), Duggan (American Studies), Fahmy (Middle Eastern Studies), Feldman (Hebrew and Judaic Studies), Freedgood (English), Harrington (Politics), Hodes (History), Jackson (Sociology), Krauthamer (History), Levy (History), Muñoz (Performance Studies), Rogers (Anthropology), Sternhell (Journalism), Straayer (Cinema Studies), Zito (Anthropology)
Assistant Professors: Abdulhadi (Gender and Sexuality Studies), Dopico (Spanish and Portuguese), Haney (Sociology), McHenry (English), Rust (English)

50. JFKU Libraries - Diversity Videos
psychology sexuality and gender Includes material on the special aspects ofthe psychology and counseling of women or men in general, lesbians, gay men
Electronic Databases:
and more... ...
JFKU Home Page
John F. Kennedy University Libraries
Videos by Subject
The following distinctions between these related subject categories may be helpful:
  • Diversity
    Includes material on race, ethnicity, class, and minorities (including the disabled)

  • Includes material focusing women's, men's and queer studies, and sex outside the fields of psychology and counseling (see below).
  • Psychology - Cross-cultural Psychology
    Includes material on the special aspects of the psychology and counseling people from various races, ethnic groups, cultures and classes, and the disabled. (This is not a new category, but included here for clarification).
  • Psychology - Sexuality and Gender
    Includes material on the special aspects of the psychology and counseling of women or men in general, lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transsexuals, the transgendered, etc. Also includes material on sex therapy and instruction, and feminist psychology and therapy.
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51. Vindex, De Vindplaats Van Het Nederlandse Web
Url Emailadres Zoek in de webgids Terug naar het overzicht. Huidige rubriek,Science Social Sciences psychology gender and sexuality. Subrubrieken,

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Sex Education@ Sexual Addiction@ Verwante Rubrieken Science:Social Sciences:Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Studies Society:Sexuality Society:Sexuality:Sexology Society:Transgendered Links Sexuality Information and Education Council of the U.S. Gevonden in rubriek: Science Social Sciences Psychology Gender and Sexuality Omschrijving: Sexuality statistics from civil liberties organizations and psychology sources. Gender Stereotypes and Sexual Archetypes Gevonden in rubriek: Science Social Sciences Psychology Gender and Sexuality Omschrijving: An analysis based on C.G. Jung, Camille Paglia, Deborah Tannen, and John Gray. Crossdresser Psychology Support Gevonden in rubriek: Science Social Sciences Psychology Gender and Sexuality Omschrijving: Serious support for those affected by crossdressing. Articles on psychological theories of crossdressing and the role of psychotherapy and counseling.

52. TRISP - Training And Research Institute For Self Psychology, New York City
of psychoanalysis and the roots of self psychology in classical explored such importantareas as psychological development, gender and sexuality, and the
The Training and Research
Institute for Self Psychology
17 East 96th Street, #1A
New York, NY 10128
Four-Year Certificate Program
TRISP Two-Year Training Program ...
Friday Evening Workshops A 4-year psychoanalytic certification program Gain rewarding experience in the clinical application of Relational Self Psychology A moderate cost, self psychology referral service Presented in NYC by Members of the TRISP Faculty
Meet TRISP faculty, graduates, and candidates in a
relaxed, informal setting to learn more about the clinical
benefits of self psychology, intersubjectivity, and relational
theory. Get answers to all your questions about the
TRISP 4-year certificate program in psychoanalysis.
Check Back Here Again for Next Date
TRISP, 17 East 96th Street, Suite 1A

53. Psychology And Women Seminar - Barnard College, Columbia University
2 Making a feminist psychology Weber, L. A conceptual framework for understandingrace, class, gender and sexuality.psychology of Women Quarterly, 22, 1332.
Lila G. Braine
Fall 2000 Reading:
Tavris, Carol. Mismeasure of woman. Week 1: Introduction Week 2: Making a feminist psychology
Weber, L. A conceptual framework for understanding race, class, gender and sexuality. Psychology of Women Quarterly , 22, 13-32. CP 1.
McIntosh, P. White privilege and male privilege: A personal account of coming to see correspondences through work in women's studies. In M. L. Anderson and P. H. Collins, eds. Race, class and gender: An anthology. 2 nd. Ed. Wadsworth Publishing Co. CP 12.
Brown, L. S. 1989. New voices, new visions: Towards a lesbian/gay paradigm for psychology. Psychology of Women Quarterly , 13, 445-458. CP 18. Week 3: Different voices
Gilligan, C. 1982. In a different voice. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Ch. 3, 64-105. LIB.
Tronto, J. 1987. Beyond gender differences to a theory of care. Signs , 12, 644-662. CP 31.
Belenky, M., B. Clinchy, N. Goldberger, and J. Tarule. 1986. Women's ways of knowing.

54. Psychology Of Diversity
Weber, L. (1998). A conceptual framework for understanding race, class,gender, and sexuality. psychology of Women Quarterly, 22, 1332.
Resources on Diversity and Multiculturalism Dr. Salvatore (Sam) Catanzaro
Illinois State University

Department of Psychology

Campus Box 4620
Normal, IL 61790-4620
Voice: (309) 438-2703
This web page features references I have been collecting that have been useful to either me or my students. I can't claim to have read every one of them; some I have skimmed and some I have read only abstracts ofwhile putting them on my list of "papers to get to." I provide them here for interested individuals who might want to explore current thinking and research on the Psychology of Diversity on their own. Click on the topic below to jump to it. General Issues Assessment Intervention Racism and Related Topics ... Integration Section I: General Issues
Handbook of multicultural mental health. San Diego, CA: Academic Press, Inc. American Psychologist, 51, Multicultural psychology. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. American Psychologist, 55, Landrine, H. (1992). Clinical implications of cultural differences: The referential versus the indexical self. Clinical Psychology Review, 12

55. Sexual Meanings The Cultural Construction Of Gender And
alienson-earth, Title Sexual Meanings The Cultural Construction of genderand sexuality. Main Catalog psychology gender Differences

Nicolson pursues the argument that psychology has constructed the feminine as areas,namely premenstrual tension, post-natal depression, and sexuality.

Volume 9 Number 2 1996
Critical Feminism: Argument in the Disciplines , Kate Campbell (ed), Open University Press, 1992, 224 pages, £10.99 paperback.
Whilst I would not disagree with this in principle, it brings me to the second element that I find problematic: this is not a 'state of the art' type of book. Indeed, I am inclined to feel that something of an injustice has been perpetrated on some of the authors who have closely followed the goal of broadly reviewing their field and have thus produced useful, clear but rather general papers. This is because authors in the field of literary criticism, which is also the field of the editor of the collection, have written much more densely theorised and specialised papers. This gives the reader the impression that in literary criticism feminism is indeed a scholarly and intellectual activity, whilst elsewhere it is still on the ground floor grumbling about inadequate representation and influence. For this reason, it would seem to be unfair to compare the contributions of those who are not literary critics with the historians and social scientists. If we were to focus on the paper by Paula Nicholson we would find an extremely clear and cogent argument about the problems encountered by feminism in a field which is dominated by a positivist science paradigm and which has perhaps been more resistant to feminism than other social sciences. Nicolson pursues the argument that psychology has constructed the feminine as deficient (in comparison to the male norm) and explores how this operates through three substantive areas, namely pre-menstrual tension, post-natal depression, and sexuality. It is written in a way that would be accessible to all levels of readership, and it presents well the idea that feminism must transcend the mere 'addition' of women as a category of existing academic disciplines.

57. UW Press - : Gender Nonconformity, Race, And Sexuality
Thought provoking and insightful, this book brings to life connections among race,gender, and sexuality in the realms of law, psychology, arts, and politics.
Gender/Queer Studies / Multicultural Studies / Law / Social Issues
Gender Nonconformity, Race, and Sexuality
Charting the Connections
Edited by Toni Lester
What does it mean to be a "real man" or a "real woman" in our society?
How are culturally constructed stereotypes about appropriate sex-based behavior formed? If a person who is biologically female behaves in a stereotypically masculine manner, what are the social, political, and cultural forces that may police her behavior? And how will she manage her gendered image in response to that policing? Finally, how do race, ethnicity, or sexuality inform the way that sex-based roles are constructed, policed, or managed? The chapters in this book address such questions from social science perspectives and then examine personal stories of reinvention and transformation, including discussions of the lives of dancers Isadora Duncan and Bill T. Jones, playwright Lorraine Hansberry, and surrealist artist Claude Cahun.Writers from fields as diverse as history, art, psychology, law, literature, sociology, and the activist community look at gender nonconformity from conceptual, theoretical, and empirical perspectives. They emphasize that gender nonconformists can be gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or anyone else who does not fit a model of Caucasian heterosexual behavior characterized by binary masculine and feminine roles.

58. Science Social Sciences Psychology Gender And Sexuality Gender Academic Studies, Science Social Sciences psychology gender andSexuality gender Academic Studies of gender Issues. Celebrity Science Social Sciences Psychology Gender and Sexuality Gender Academic Studies of Gender Issues Celebrity Girls Gone Wild Adult Erotica Sites Adult Video Store Expired Domain Sites ...

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59. Psychology Faculty : Michelle Fine
Social Personality psychology office rm 6304.17, psychology phone 212.817 unionson questions of school reform; gender, race and sexuality in public
Michelle Fine
Social Personality Psychology
office: rm 6304.17, Psychology
phone: 212.817.8710
My work focuses on four areas of research: 1. Action Research with Small Schools. I am involved in action research, in the "Lewinian tradition," with public schools, school districts and teachers' unions on questions of school reform; gender, race and sexuality in public school communities. Particular emphasis on creating participatory "cultures of inquiry" in small schools. Funded by Pew Charitable Trust, Bruner Foundation, Fund for the City of New York. Students working with me are researching questions of cultural identity among early adolescents; creating "safe spaces" in schools and communities; resistance among young gay, lesbian and bisexual youth in school and out. 2. Studying "Difference" within Organizations. Critical analyses of how "difference" plays out in segregated and integrated settings. In particular, I am interested in understanding how race/gender "access" to formerly inaccessible places (public school, private "elite" school or professional school) serves to integrate and/or silence individuals along the lines of race, class, gender or sexuality; how contexts shut down, or open up, talk about "difference." This question is being examined in a number of settings: public schools throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, The Citadel in South Carolina and a high school in Alabama, in which I have served as "expert witness" on race/gender integration; a detailed gender analysis, conducted with Professor Lani Guinier and Ann Bartow of University of Pennsylvania Law School, on the political, academic and mental health "well being" of male and female students throughout their law school socialization.

60. Powell's Books - Used, New, And Out Of Print
Featured Titles in Sports and FitnessSports psychology Page 1 of 7 next. Comingon Strong gender and sexuality in Twentieth-century Women's Sport (94
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Sports and Fitness
Staff Picks


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Sports Psychology
There are 185 books in this aisle.
Browse the aisle by Title by Author by Price See recently arrived used books in this aisle. Featured Titles in Sports and Fitness -Sports Psychology: Page 1 of 7 next New Toughness Training for Sports (94 Edition) by James E. Loehr Synopsis The famed trainer of Jim Courier, Martina Navratilova, Ray Mancini and Dan Jansen writes about his latest toughening techniques, and draws on the most recent scientific studies available, including new programs and goals for both professional and amateur... ( read more List Price $14.00 Your price Used - Trade Paper check for other copies Body, mind, and sport :the mind-body guide to lifelong fitness and your personal best by John Douillard Publisher Comments One of America's foremost proponents of the mind/body path to fitness makes a compelling case for his gain-without-pain approach to athletic excellence, and presents individually tailored programs for both the weekend enthusiast and the serious... ( read more Your price Used - Trade Paper check for other copies Body Mind Mastery: Creating Success in Sport and Life by Dan Millman Publisher Comments A world class athlete and author of "Way of the Peaceful Warrior", presents an inspirational path to unleashing full potential. Gymnast Dan Millman examines the motives for athletic excellence and offers a transformative guide to success that is as... (

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