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         Gender And Sexuality:     more books (100)
  1. The Course of Gay and Lesbian Lives: Social and Psychoanalytic Perspectives (Worlds of Desire: The Chicago Series on Sexuality, Gender, and Culture) by Bertram J. Cohler, Robert M. Galatzer-Levy, 2000-08-01
  2. Feeling Queer or Queer Feelings? Radical Approaches to Counselling Sex, Sexualities, and Genders
  3. Sex and Gender by John Archer, Barbara Lloyd, 2002-08-12
  4. Gender: Psychology Perspectives (6th Edition) by Linda Brannon, 2010-10-15
  5. Mema's House, Mexico City: On Transvestites, Queens, and Machos (Worlds of Desire: The Chicago Series on Sexuality, Gender, and Culture) by Annick Prieur, 1998-02-03
  6. Gender Loving Care: A Guide to Counseling Gender-Variant Clients by Randi Ettner, 1999-05-01
  7. Sexual Meanings: The Cultural Construction of Gender and Sexuality
  8. Sex Is Not A Natural Act And Other Essays (Psychology, Gender, and Theory) by Leonore Tiefer, Marc Epstein, 1994-12-26
  9. In the Shadows: Sexuality, Pedagogy, and Gender Among Japanese Teenagers by Genaro Castro-Vazquez, 2007-06-07
  10. Current Directions in Gender Psychology for Women's Lives: A Psychological Exploration by Association for Psychological Science, Wendy Goldberg, 2009-07-11
  11. Gender, Ethnicity, and Sexuality in Contemporary American Film (America in the 20th Century Series) by Jude Davies, Carol R. Smith, 2000-03-01
  12. Gender and Desire: Uncursing Pandora (Carolyn and Ernest Fay Series in Analytical Psychology) by Polly Young-Eisendrath, 1997-02-01
  13. Social Psychology and Human Sexuality: Key Readings (Key Readings in Social Psychology)
  14. GIRLS & SEXUALITY PB (Gender and Education Series) by Holly L, 1989-06-01

61. Stranger In A Familiar Land Gender, Race, Sexuality, And Academe
Despite the setbacks, I do try to subvert gender in anyway I can. More sexuality. WhyI'm Leaving New College A Woman Confronts Feminist psychology on its
Stranger in a Familiar Land:
Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Academe
Lee-Ann Matsumoto Stranger in a familiar land; that is how I have grown to view myself in relation to society. There are different levels to my sense of alienation from my surroundings: gender, how I do not feel like a woman; race, being a bicultural yonsei (fourth generation Japanese born in Hawai'i) in a structured half-way assimilated Asian category; sexuality, my existence as a dyke in a politically correct feminist construct; and lastly, my feeling of otherness within the academe.
I have never really seen myself as a clear-cut woman/female/girl. I have never been comfortable with the label "feminine," because I never wanted to be a little girl. When I was a about three or four years old, I remember telling my father that I wanted to be a boy. He responded by telling me that God made me a girl and that there were no "ifs ands or buts about it." Around this age, I also tried to shave my face with my father's razor after seeing him do it and I tried to pee standing up after watching my uncles urinate. As I got older and became "aware" of the social categories of "boy" and "girl," I still persisted on being "tomboyish." I hated and despised my dolls, but loved my race cars, Kikaida and GI Joe action figures, Tonka trucks, and my stuffed animals. I refused to do the traditional "girl stuff" that is, play "mommy" to my dollies, host tea parties and play dress up, etc. I would rather do "boy stuff," that is play with bugs, play war, climb trees.

62. Oliva M. Espin, PhD
of Latina women/women of color; psychology of immigrant/refugee women; Culturaland gender factors in human development and psychotherapy; Human sexuality;
Oliva M. Espin, PhD
California School of Professional Psychology
Alliant International University
10455 Pomerado Road
Office:Daley Hall 221
San Diego, CA 92131
Phone: (858) 635-4670
Specialties and Interests
Programs and Research Projects Courses Taught ... Professional Licenses, Certifications, and Honors
Specialties and Interests
  • Women's studies
  • Psychology of Latina women/women of color
  • Psychology of immigrant/refugee women
  • Cultural and gender factors in human development and psychotherapy
  • Human sexuality
  • Qualitative research methodology
Programs and Research Projects
  • Gender and Human Sexualities Emphasis
  • Immigrant and Refugee Women
  • CSPP Mini-grant (1995-96), Working with immigrant/refugee women: A training program for mental health practitioners.
  • SDSU Research/Scholarly Activity Grant (1996-97), Women saints: their lives and their writings.
  • SDSU Grant-in-Aid (1998-00), Feminist psychological perspectives on the lives of women saints.
Courses Taught
  • C560 - Cross-Cultural Psychology: Theory Research, and Practice
  • C561 - Cross-Cultural Psychology: Delivery of Service
  • C590 - Psychology of Women
  • I218 - Qualitative Research Methods
Selected Publications: Books
  • Espin, O. (1999). Women Crossing Boundaries: A Psychology of Immigration and the Transformation of Sexuality. NY: Routledge.

63. Why Psychoanalysis?: A Symposium On Psychoanalysis For Contemporary Life
Chodorow is professor of sociology and clinical professor of psychology at the Psychoanalysis,and an associate editor of Studies in gender and sexuality.
E v e n t s a n d P r o g r a m s
Why Psychoanalysis?
A Symposium on the Value of Psychoanalysis for Contemporary Life Friday, February 22, 2002
9 AM - 5 PM
Agassiz House Theatre
Radcliffe Yard
Free and open to the public
Note: This symposium is available in its entirety in a video-based format
The purpose of this symposium is to bring together a diverse group of academics and clinicians to discuss the value, usefulness, and applicability of psychoanalysis to some of the most complex socio-cultural and intellectual preoccupations of our time. Each participant has agreed to address an aspect of psychoanalysis that, in his or her view, most engagingly captures the power of psychoanalysis to speak to the concerns of contemporary existence. Central to this exploration are the intersections between psychic and cultural realities, the potential of psychoanalysis as a theoretical tool, as well as the status of psychoanalysis as a clinical practice aimed at alleviating psychic suffering. In staging a conversation among representatives of different psychoanalytic approachesranging from relational to postmodernwe wish to provide an energized platform for an examination of the current state of psychoanalysis across the disciplines. The objective of the symposium is to enrich our understanding of the ways in which psychoanalysis can help us make sense of psychic realities in an ever-changing world.

64. Philosophy Of Psychiatry Bibliography: Gender, Sexuality, And Feminism
Rose, The Politics of Women's Bodies sexuality, Appearance and Feminism and DiscoursePsychological Perspectives (gender and psychology), Sage Pubns
Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Theory

65. Women's Studies Courses - Summer 2001
History 415E Sex and gender in the Modern World; Political Science 359E Feminismand Political Theory; psychology 153 Human sexuality; psychology 325a/b
  • Classical Studies 132F/G: Women in Classical Antiquity Classical Studies 232E: Women in Antiquity English 255E: Women and Literature: Special Topics English 256F/G: Women and Literature: Special Topics English 257F/G: Women and Literature: Special Topics Film 255E: Representation of Gender and Sexuality Film 256F/G: Avant-Garde Cinema French 322F/G: History or Francophone Women’s Literature French 324F/G: Topics in Francophone Women’s Literature French 325F/G: Topics in Francophone Women’s Literature Philosophy 145: The Metaphysics and Epistemology of Witchcraft Philosophy 151F/G: Gender and Sexuality Philosophy 155E: Philosophical Issues in Feminism Philosophy 231F/G: Feminist Philosophy Philosophy 430F/G: Topics in Feminist Theories of Knowledge Philosophy 431F/G: Topics in Feminist Ethics and Social/Political Philosophy Religious Studies 222F/G: Feminist Spirituality Today (Brescia College) Religious Studies 251F/G: Women in the Christian Tradition from the First to the Twelfth Century (Brescia College) Religious Studies 252F/G: Women in the Christian Tradition from the Twelfth Century to the Present (Brescia College) Religious Studies 253F/G: Women in the Christian Tradition and Society (Brescia College) Visual Arts 142E: Women Artists in the Western World
  • Administrative Studies 355F/G: Women in the Canadian Workplace Administrative Studies 356F/G: Contemporary Perspectives on Women in the Workplace

66. Women's Studies And Gender And Sexuality
SOC381, Sociology of gender and sexuality. ENGL267, Community, gender, Identity13501550, ENGL317, Victorian Literature. PSY314, Applied Child psychology.
Women's Studies and Gender and Sexuality
The Institute for Women's Studies offers programs in Women's Studies and in Gender and Sexuality, both of which investigate what it means to be a woman or a man in society and culture. Our units look closely at the impact of gender, sex and sexuality on our lives in a variety of arenas: at home, at work, on the streets, in the classroom. Who are we? Why are we the ways we are? What directions is society taking? Women's studies and gender and sexuality offer new approaches to untangling these questions. Our programs bring together units in anthropology, English, critical and cultural studies, history, law, media and communications, human geography, philosophy, politics, sociology and many others. There are also units focused solely on women's studies and gender and sexuality. Teaching staff are drawn from several Departments as well as the Institute for Women's Studies itself, and our students are women and men, new entry and `mature' age, full-time and part-time. Women's Studies and Gender and Sexuality are major areas of interdisciplinary study at Macquarie University and can be part of several degrees: BA, BCA, BSocSc, BA(Hons), BSocSc(Hons). Generally there are three ways that you can undertake study in these areas. You can take a unit or two for general interest. You can combine your work in another field (like modern history, sociology, human geography, or law) with some of our units specifically chosen to dovetail with and complement it. And, of course, you can specialise in Women's Studies or Gender and Sexuality as part of a coherent program of study.

67. UIC Graduate College -- Courses: Gender And Women's Studies (GWS)
Theories of female psychology; women's daily lives and mental health; gender Examinesinscriptions of race, gender, class and sexuality as they shape the
Gender and Women's Studies (GWS)
Previous name and rubric: Women’s Studies (WS). The information below lists graduate courses approved in this subject area effective Spring 2003 term Not all courses will necessarily be offered this term. Please consult the Timetable for a listing of courses offered for a specific term 403. Culture and Sexuality: Cultural History of Same-Sex Relations. 4 Hours. Lesbian/gay studies; issues in the history of (homo)sexuality; cultural and historical analysis of same-sexuality in several periods, including our own. 410. French Feminist Theory. 4 Hours. Same as Fr 410. Taught in English. May be used for credit in the French major with the consent of the instructor. An introduction to French feminist theory, in particular feminist theories influenced by Lacanian psychoanalysis. 412. Women and the Environment. 4 Hours. Same as Arch 412. Women's place in the built environment; the role of gender in environmental experience including women as users, designers, planners, policy makers, and critics. 419. Public Health Aspects of Sexuality and Women's Health. 3 Hours.

68. Gender Issues
on marriage and the family, parenting, gender issues, sexuality and reproduction ThePsycARTICLES database covers general psychology and specialized basic
Gender Issues
Databases (Webster/Eden only)
  • Contemporary Women's Issues
    Collects information from journals, newsletters, reports, fact sheets etc. on women's issues worldwide. Multidisciplinary in scope. Full-text coverage from 1992 to present.
  • Expanded Academic Index
    Indexes periodicals in a large number of subject areas. It is a good place to start any search and provides fulltext for many of the indexed articles. Subjects covered include current events, the humanities, general sciences, and the social sciences. Indexing for the latest six months of The New York Times is covered.
  • A comprehensive index to the literature on marriage and the family, parenting, gender issues, sexuality and reproduction, etc. It includes records from the Inventory of Marriage and Family Literature and the Australian Family and Society Abstracts . Coverage from 1970-present.
    Contains more than 25,000 searchable full-text articles from over 40 journals published by the American Psychological Association and allied organizations from 1988 to the present, with earlier years in production. The PsycARTICLES database covers general psychology and specialized basic, applied, clinical, and theoretical research in psychology.
  • PsycInfo 1887-Current
    Lists materials on all areas of psychology and related fields. It is produced by the American Psychological Association and covers from 1887 to the present. Indexes over 1300 journals, as well as selected dissertations and books.

69. MHHE Women's Studies Supersite
3/e Kesselman/McNair/ Schniedewind, A New psychology of Women This comprehensive,onestop supersite for Race, Class, gender, and sexuality provides links to
Accounting Activities and Sports Agriculture Allied Health Anatomy and Physiology Anthropology Art Astronomy Biology Botany Business Communication Business Law Business Math Business Statistics Cellular/Molecular Biology Chemistry Communication Computer Literacy/CIT Computer Science Criminal Justice Ecology eCommerce Economics Education Engineering English Environmental Science ESL Evolution Film Finance First-Year Experience Foreign Language Methods Forestry French Genetics Geography Geology German Health History Human Performance Humanities Intro To Business Italian Japanese Journalism Literature Management Information Systems (MIS) Mass Communication Marine/Aquatic Biology Marketing Math Meteorology Microbiology Music Nutrition Operations and Decision Sciences Philosophy and Religion Physical Education Physical Science Physics Political Science Portuguese Programming Languages Psychology Recreation Russian Sociology Spanish Statistics and Probability Student Success Theater Women's Studies World Languages Zoology You are here: MHHE Home Women's Studies Home
Browse Our Course Offerings: Introduction to Women's Studies Gender Studies Psychology of Women Sociology of Women ... Human Sexuality
Course Management Systems: WebCT Blackboard
MHHE Quick Links: Digital Solutions Locate Your Campus Rep!

70. Product Catalog
Span Development psychology of Aging Dying and Death Educational psychology psychologyof Women and gender Drugs and Behavior Human sexuality Stress Management.
Anthropology Introduction to Anthropology Business Advertising
Business Ethics
Marketing on the Internet
Personal Finance Criminal Justice Introduction to Criminal Justice
Introduction to Criminology
Race and Crime
Legal Issues in Criminal Justice Education Introduction/Foundation of Education
Introduction to Educational Psychology Advanced Educational Psychology Multicultural/Multiethnic Education Introduction to Early Childhood Education Child Development Introduction to Special Education Instructional Media and Technology Reading Methods Language Arts Methods Introduction to Educational Administration Gender Studies Gender Studies Human Sexuality Intro to Women's Studies Women's Health Geography Introduction to Geography Health Personal Health Drugs and Substance Abuse Human Sexuality Community Health Introduction to Nutrition Stress Management Health and Aging Dying and Death Women's Health Journalism Introduction to Journalism News Writing and Reporting Ethics and Media Introduction to Public Relations Introduction to Advertising Media Management Marketing Introduction to Marketing Introduction to Advertising Political Science Introduction to American Government International Relations or World Politics Global Issues Comparative Politics Psychology Introductory Psychology Social Psychology Industrial/Organizational Psychology Abnormal Psychology Personality Early Childhood Development Childhood Development Life Span Development

71. WS 2010
course that feminist theory is a tool for every day use and as we explore issuessuch as gender construction, race, sexuality, psychology, work, representation
WSRP 2010 Nancy Curtin 2:30-3:45 MW Gema Perez-Sanchez 312 Keating Feminist Theories in Intercultural Perspective Spring 1999 Course description We take as our premise in this course that feminist theory is a tool for every day use and as we explore issues such as gender construction, race, sexuality, psychology, work, representation, power, and resistance, we hope to direct your theorizing out of the classroom as much as possible and into your own daily experience. Feminist theories ultimately acquire authority to the extent that they make sense of our own lived experiences and the stories we tell about them. Therefore, this course explores feminism as a political and personal agenda of women’s liberation from a patriarchal system and its concomitant oppressions (sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, etc.) Recent social constructionist theories of gender and sexuality have been accused of neglecting lived experiences of oppression and of taking feminism out from the streets and into the academy. If social categories such as race, gender, and sexuality are constructed why are women still afraid to walk the streets alone at night?

72. Gender Psychology - Psychosynthesis Training By Duffell And Lovendal Sorenson
Sex, Power and Spirit A residential weekend workshop - refresh yourself withpsychology, poetry, bodywork gender and Identity and sexuality and Ground
the centre for gender psychology
Celebrating Difference and Partnership
About our Workshops
Our workshops are designed to effect real change into participants' lives. Most of our workshops are open to men and women of any age, regardless of their experience in therapeutic group settings, or sexual identity. They are designed for those who want to develop their capacity for deep relationship and grounded sexuality. In order to explore the particular dynamics between men and women, couples' courses are designed for heterosexual partners in committed relationships. Couples in severe crisis may want to undertake some counselling first. While we attempt to avoid the use of jargon and over-psychologising, the workshops are aimed at allowing participants to have entirely new experiences and at freeing psychological energy. The courses are intense and stimulating and participants have to take their own responsibility for integrating the material into their lives. In some cases we provide follow-up courses to assist with this process. In our workshops we offer a forum to help participants begin to explore their identities as men a women and to acknowledge their history of intimacy. Participants are encouraged to listen to the needs and the wisdom of their own relationships, to examine what signposts there are as guides towards meaning, and to find new ways of facing, understanding, and learning from conflict.

73. The Paul Rosenfels Collection
Love and Power The psychology of Interpersonal Creativity 1966, 428Kb.Homosexuality The psychology of The Creative Process 1971, 368Kb.
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The Paul Rosenfels Collection EDITOR'S NOTE: This section of the English Server publishes in HTML format the collected works of Paul Rosenfels, M.D., the first American social scientist to defend homosexuality in print as a valid lifestyle. Rosenfels is also known for having made a conscientious lifelong effort to develop the foundations of a "science of human nature." Please feel free to use these texts in any way you choose. There have been visitors to this page since 8/25/97.
To contact the editor of this collection, e-mail Dean Hannotte
To learn more about Paul Rosenfels, visit the Ninth Street Center
Books by Paul Rosenfels Psychoanalysis and Civilization Love and Power: The Psychology of Interpersonal Creativity Homosexuality: The Psychology of The Creative Process
Monographs by Paul Rosenfels Subjectivity and Objectivity: Further Aspects of Psychological Growth The Relationship of Adaptation and Fun and Pleasure to Psychological Growth Psychic Exhaustion and the Growth Process The Nature of Civilization ... A Renegade Psychiatrist's Story
[1979, 155Kb, Rosenfels' autobiography] Freud and the Scientific Method Letters to Dean
About Paul Rosenfels Dean Hannotte's Introduction to "Homosexuality: The Psychology of The Creative Process" by Paul Rosenfels

74. Listings Of The World Science Social Sciences Psychology
http// Added Nov-27-02; of the US Post Review Sexualitystatistics from civil liberties organizations and psychology sources

75. AnsMe Directory - Science > Social Sciences > Psychology > Gender And Sexuality
Mixed Up A Transsexual Girl's Perspective on gender Identity A transsexual psychologygraduate student discusses transsexuality and gender identity disorder.
Search: Web Sites Dictionary - Define Dictionary - Sounds Like Dictionary - Relations Dictionary - Rhymes Dictionary - Translate Sponsors
Web Directory Gender
Web Directory Science Social Sciences Psychology ... Gender and Sexuality
Category Description Old ways of viewing men and women are changing. New paradigms emerge and this directory is meant to help, even with sections on feminism and "masculinism."
Sub Directories Academic Studies of Gender Issues Women's Studies
Related Categories Arts > Literature > Poetry > Genres > Gender
Science > Social_Sciences > Gay,_Lesbian,_and_Bisexual_Studies

Society > Gay,_Lesbian,_and_Bisexual

Society > People > Men
Society > Transgendered

Web sites
A New Psychology of Women
The first inclusive psychology of women which explicitly presents an in-depth introduction to diversity in cross cultural perspective. By Hilary Lips. About Gender Extensive annotated links about sex and gender differences. All Mixed Up: A Transsexual Girl's Perspective on Gender Identity A transsexual psychology graduate student discusses transsexuality and gender identity disorder.

76. Directory ::
gender Stereotypes and Sexual Archetypes An analysis based Council of the US Sexualitystatistics from civil liberties organizations and psychology sources

77. Psychological Science On The Net!!! Psychology Topics/Gender -
Find this More Options, Top psychology Topics gender sexuality.Links. Achieving Sexual Health- Inner Self Magazine. Articles

78. Distance Learning In Psychology
Dozens of distance learning links to degree programs in psychology, and webbased courses in psychology.Category Reference Education Distance Learning Directories...... psychology of Human Sexual Behavior (Texas Tech University); Sexualityand gender in Families and Close Relationships (U. of Minn.).
Distance Learning in Psychology
Listed below are links related to distance learning, including degree programs in psychology, web-based courses in psychology, megasites on distance learning, and more. The following table shows a detailed outline of topics.
If you want to suggest any additions or changes to this list, click here
This page contains links on:

79. Spring '03 Roster - Feminist,Gender, & Sexuality Studies (FGSS)
LEC 01 R 12200215P AW 110 ROSSITER, M FGSS 450 gender CLINICAL psychology 4.0HRS W 0125-0425P UH 438 VILLAREJO, A FGSS 467 ADOLESCENT sexuality 3.0 HRS S
Spring '03 Roster
Arts and Sciences
Spring '03 Course and Room Roster FGSS 106 FWS:WW:WOMEN / CITY 1918-1939 3.0 HRS LET ONLY

80. Lesbian, Bisexual And Gay Studies
Minor field. Course descriptions, faculty and specializations.Category Science Social Sciences Programs...... Sandra L. Bem social construction of gender and sexuality; social/clinicalpsychology. Anne E. Berger feminist and psychoanalytic criticism.
Lesbian, Bisexual, and Gay Studies
Course Descriptions Fall '02 Course and Room Roster Spring '03 Course and Room Roster Contact information:
391 Uris Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
telephone: 607 255-6480
e-mail: This is a minor field. Application for admission is made only to the major fields. After matriculation, a student may select minor subjects from the major or minor fields. Subject and Concentration: Lesbian, Bisexual and Gay Studies Description:
Lesbian, bisexual, and gay studies is an interdisciplinary program offering courses that focus on issues related to sexuality. Areas of study include the history of homosexuality; the social constructs of gender and sexual identity; cross-cultural gay communities; the regulatory institutions of human sexuality; queer politics; lesbian and gay culture, representation, subjectivity, and sexual differences; and lesbian and gay literary theories. A minor in lesbian, bisexual, and gay studies can easily complement studies in such fields as anthropology, art history, classics, English and other literatures, government, history, philosophy, psychology, music, and theatre, as well as sociology. Faculty and Specializations:
  • Daryl J. Bem: sexual orientation; personality theory; ESP; persuasion and attitude change

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