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         Neuropsychology:     more books (100)
  1. Ethical Decision Making in Clinical Neuropsychology: American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology Workshop Series (Aacn Workshop Series) by Shane S. Bush, 2007-07-17
  2. Handbook of Forensic Neuropsychology, Second Edition
  3. Neuropsychology by David Darby, Kevin Walsh, 2005-02-08
  4. The Neuropsychology of Women
  5. Board Certification in Clinical Neuropsychology: A Guide to Becoming ABPP/ABCN Certified Without Sacrificing Your Sanity (Oxford Workshop Series: American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology) by Kira E. Armstrong, Dean W. Beebe, et all 2008-07-14
  6. The Working Brain: An Introduction To Neuropsychology by Aleksandr R. Luria, 1976-02-05
  7. Cognitive Neuropsychology of Alzheimer's Disease
  8. Adult Learning Disabilities and ADHD: Research-Informed Assessment (Oxford Workshop Series : American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology) by Robert L. Mapou, 2008-12-03
  9. Neuropsychology of Malingering Casebook (American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology/Psychology Press Continuing Education Series)
  10. Geriatric Neuropsychology: Practice Essentials (Studies on Neuropsychology, Neurology and Cognition)
  11. The Handbook of Clinical Neuropsychology by Jennifer Gurd, Udo Kischka, et all 2010-05-20
  12. An Assessment Guide To Geriatric Neuropsychology by Holly Tuokko, Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, 1998-01-01
  13. Fundamentals of Human Neuropsychology & Clinical Neuroscence Reader & Scientific American Explores the Hidden Mind & Improving the Mind and Brain by Bryan Kolb, Scientific American, 2009-10-14
  14. Neuropsychology and Cardiovascular Disease by Ronald A. Cohen, John Gunstad, 2009-03-09

41. Programas\Netscape\Communicator\Program\www\bial\isimposy
The Bial Foundation of Portugal's Third Symposium, aimed at recentering it in a specific object of study Exceptional Experiences - applying methodologies from parapsychology, psychophsyiology and neuropsychology.
Institution of public utility
Exceptional Experiences

The Symposium The Bial Foundation organizes its Third Symposium Behind and Beyond the Brain, aiming at recentering it in a specific object of study - The Exceptional Experiences - and at programming it in a clear and systematic objective - the application of the tools of science necessary to its understanding and explanation. The Exceptional Experiences are poorly understood; yet, they seem meaningful to those who experience them and are neither rare to rationality nor to empirical and objective experimentation. In this purpose, the Symposium will rely on four structural sessions. The first session will consider the definition, description and systematisation of the Exceptional Experiences, applying to tutelary methodologies of the social and natural sciences, including neuropsychology, psychophysiology and parapsychology. The second session will explore the context of the phenomena, its phenomenology and intentionality. The two last sessions will present the recent developments in the study of the psychophysiological aspects of Exceptional Experiences and of the brain mechanisms associated to them. The relevant findings will evaluate the implication of them in the understanding of the world and of our place in it.

42. BioMedNet Journal Collection
The premier journal in neuropsychology.

43. Sam Goldstein, Ph.D. - Changing The Lives Of Challenged Children
One of today's leading speakers and authorities on child development, ADD/ADHD and neuropsychology.
Read articles by Dr. Goldstein on resiliency, ADHD and more!
New: Read NLBC Legal Updates
Dr. Sam Goldstein is one of today's leading clinicians, speakers and authorities on child development and neuropsychology. Over the past twenty-five years Dr. Goldstein has worked with thousands of individuals, authored a dozen books and lectured nationally and internationally to tens of thousands of professionals and parents. A much sought after speaker and expert witness, Dr. Goldstein is known for his ability to summarize and present current research in practical ways. Learn more about Dr. Goldstein. See The Documentary!
Tough TimesResilient Kids: The Documentary
, had its first airing on Sunday, May 12th at 8:00p.m. KBDI-TV-12 in Denver. Based on the work and book, Raising Resilient Children, by Drs. Robert Brooks and Sam Goldstein.
Sign up to receive Dr. Goldstein's monthly article via email right here:

44. Neuropsychology
neuropsychology. has moved to. http// send questions or comments to.
Neuropsychology has moved to Please send questions or comments to

45. C.RE.CER! - Centro De Rehabilitación De Daño Cerebral (Brain Injury Rehabilita
Specializes in assessment, diagnosis, treatment and holistic rehabilitation of brain injury sequels. Located in Spain, the team of specialists in neurology, neuropsychology, psychotherapy, and physical, occupational, and speech therapy offer international consultations for special cases. Spanish and English versions available.
Entrada (Español) Enter (English)
Entrada (Español) Enter (English)

46. American Board Of Professional Neuropsychologists
The American Board of Professional neuropsychology (ABPN) recognizes and encouragesthe pursuit of excellence in the practice of clinical neuropsychology.
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The American Board of Professional Neuropsychology (ABPN) recognizes and encourages the pursuit of excellence in the practice of clinical neuropsychology. ABPN's primary objective is the establishment of professional standards of expertise for the practice of clinical neuropsychology. Through its credentialing and examination processes and its continuing education requirement, the ABPN offers to the medical community, the public, and to individuals who have a need for applied neuropsychological services, a process whereby well-qualified professional neuropsychologists can be identified. To achieve the standards set forth by the ABPN for competent professional practice of neuropsychology, the following outcome objectives have been developed:
  • Validate the skills of clinical practitioners Identify competent practitioners Provide public information about professional neuropsychology Document the maintenance of competence of professional neuropsychology practitioners with continuing education requirements. Provide individuals, organizations and agencies who use neuropsychology services with a referral directory of ABPN Diplomates.

47. Department Of Psychology, University Of Otago
Research strengths lie in the general areas of applied psychology, behavioural neuroscience, clinical psychology, cognition, comparitive psychology, developmental psychology, neuropsychology, perception, and social psychology.
The Department of Psychology offers some of the most popular and highly-rated undergraduate courses at Otago. It provides excellent preparation of students for careers in research and the profession of Psychology. Students from the postgraduate programme have acheived national and international recognition and awards and a number have gone on to positions in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK and the USA. Department of Psychology
Goddard Laboratories, 95A Union Street
University of Otago
PO Box 56, Dunedin
New Zealand
Tel 64 3 479 7645
Fax 64 3 479 8335
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Dr Brent Alsop
Debbie McLachlan Last modified: January 2003 Contact Us Feedback FAQs

48. Neuropsychology
neuropsychology. This site of NPSYCH. David W. Loring, Ph.D., ABPP(Cn) neuropsychology FAQs. Kinematics. Medicolegal Applications.
This site provides information of interest to the practicing clinical neuropsychologist. Although it is supported by the Department of Neurology at the Medical College of Georgia , contributions from all neuropsychologists and related specialties are welcome. Please email with comments, suggestions, and recommendations. I am happy to include material from others, particularly members of NPSYCH David W. Loring, Ph.D., ABPP (Cn)
Medical College of Georgia
Neurology Department Homepage
Medical College of Georgia
Please email comments, suggestions, or questions to:

August 1999

49. Department Of Psychology | The George Washington University
Cognitive neuropsychology is one of three main areas in the Psychology Department.
Welcome to the GW Department of Psychology
Psychology Department

Building GG
2125 G. St NW
Washington DC 20052
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50. Cognitive Neuropsychology Laboratory
Cognitive neuropsychology Laboratory. Department of Psychology, HarvardUniversity William James Hall 932, 33 Kirkland Street Cambridge
Cognitive Neuropsychology Laboratory Department of Psychology Harvard University
William James Hall
932, 33 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
phone: (617) 496-6374; fax: (617) 496-6262
Publications Events Resources People Research in the Cognitive Neuropsychology Laboratory is currently aimed at understanding the functional architecture of the language system. We use several experimental approaches to study the ways in which the brain represents and accesses knowledge about a word's meaning, grammatical role, sound structure and written form.
Cognitive Neuropsychology : By studying patients with language disorders resulting from brain damage, we can make inferences about the kinds of cognitive representations and processes that constitute the normal language system. For more information, click here
Cognitive Psychology : Studies of unimpaired individuals' performance on language production tasks, using behavioral measures like reaction time, answer fine-grained questions about the structure of representations and the time course of processing. Check the sign up sheets in William James Hall for information about experiments now underway.

51. Autism Genetic Reseach @ New England Medical Center
A collaborative group of researchers from around the country is conducting several exciting projects that focus on the genetic bases, neurobiology, and neuropsychology of autism and related disorders. Information on research findings, genetic terms, and studies.

52. Brain And Cognition
Brain and Cognition publishes original research articles, theoretical papers, critical reviews, case histories, historical articles, and scholarly notes relevant to all aspects of human neuropsychology other than language or communication.
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53. A Cup Of Neuropsychology?
Anthony H. Risser, Ph.D., provides a resource of neuropsychology informationfor interested brainbehavior professionals; a divinestra webpage.
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54. BioMedNet Journal Collection
neuropsychology and psychobiology in human body/brain systems. Professional journal. Abstracts, archives, selected fulltext articles at no charge. Complete articles downloadable for a fee. BioMedNet registration required.
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55. Maastricht Neuropsychology Home
Department of neuropsychology, Neuropsychiatry and Psychobiologyfrom the University of Maastricht, the Netherlands.

The department of Neuropsychology is a division of the Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology , and also part of the here's a Dutch version ). We work at the following locations : all located in Maastricht in the south of the Netherlands
The research of our department focusses on brain-behaviour relationships, especially in relation to aging. Studies involve normal and abnormal human cognitive aging, animal studies and biochemical research.
Our department is part of the Faculty of Medicine and plays an active role in several educational programs within our own faculty, and is also incorporated in the Maastricht Faculty of Psychology
Last Modified on February 26, 2003. Made with

56. PAR - Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.
PAR is a publisher of print and software tests and other assessment resources in the field of psychology (personality, neuropsychology, counseling, careers, forensic psychology, achievement, behavior, health psychology
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If you would like to receive a copy of the most recent PAR
catalog, simply send a request to our Customer Support Department. Celebrating 25 Years of Innovative Solutions and Outstanding Customer Service! Customer Login E-mail: Password: Forget your password? Agent/Assistant Login Take the Self-Directed Search (SDS ... click here Last modified January 30, 2003.

57. Appl Neuropsychol
Applied neuropsychology Volume 9, Number 1 Featured in this Issue How ReadingWorks Considerations From Prehistory to the Present Available Content,
Focus On... ADHD ALLHAT Alzheimer's Disease Anthrax Asthma Biologic Therapies Bipolar Disorder Breast Cancer Depression Erectile Dysfunction Genital Herpes Geriatric Care Heart Failure Heart Failure: CRT Hepatitis C HIPAA Home Defib in SCA Hyperlipidemia IBS InfluenZone Insulin Pump Tx Kidney Disease Menopause Micro Complications Multiple Sclerosis Osteoporosis Ovarian Cancer Pain Management Pancreatic Cancer Patient Safety Rheum Arthritis Schizophrenia Secondary Anemia Serious Mental Ill Sports Medicine UTI-Zone Weight Management Related Topics Health Diversity Hospice Care Medical Privacy
March 18, 2003
Publication Information Available Issues About the Publication
Applied Neuropsychology Volume 9, Number 1
Featured in this Issue: How Reading Works: Considerations From Prehistory to the Present...
Available Content Volume 9, Number 1 How Reading Works: Considerations From Prehistory to the Present... Volume 8, Number 4 Working Memory in Mild Multiple Sclerosis... Volume 8, Number 3 Cognitive Dysfunction Lateralizes With NAA in Multiple Sclerosis... Volume 8, Number 2

58. A Psychology Press Journal: Language And Cognitive Processes
Publishes theoretical and experimental research into the mental processes and representations involved in language use. Research area's include linguistics, philosophy, cognitive neuropsychology and computational modelling.
Arenas Menu: Select an Arena Addiction Anthropology Arts Asian Studies Bioscience Business and Management Classics Colloquials Development Economics Education Ergonomics Gender Geography GIS History Humanities Language and Linguistics Language Learning Life Sciences Literacy Literature Media and Cultural Studies Medicine Philosophy Physics and Chemistry Politics and IR Psychology Science Sociology Social Science Sports and Leisure Studies Toxicology Journals Listings Home Alphabetical Listing Journals by Subject Journal Resources Advertising Contacts Customer Services E-mail Contents Alerting ... Special Sales Information About Us Books Site Map Language and Cognitive Processes Editors: Lorraine K. Tyler (Coordinating Editor), University of Cambridge, UK
Paul Bloom , Yale University, USA
David Caplan , Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
Gareth Gaskell , University of York
Edward Gibson , MIT, Cambridge, USA
Argye Hillis , John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
Antje Meyer , University of Birmingham, UK
Kathleen Rastle , Royal Holloway University of London, UK Editorial Information Publication Details:
Volume 18, 2003, 6 issues per year

59. Philadelphia Neuropsychology Society
Welcome to the Philadelphia neuropsychology Society (PNS). It was among theearliest regional neuropsychology organizations in the United States.
PNS originated in 1979-80 as the Philadelphia Clinical Neuropsychology Group and served as the early source of communication and collaboration among a growing group of clinicians practicing neuropsychology in the greater Delaware Valley. It was among the earliest regional neuropsychology organizations in the United States. The journal Neuropsychology was founded by PNS in 1988 and published at Drexel University until APA bought the journal in 1990. PNS has been sponsoring bi-annual symposia since 1982 featuring prominent neuropsychologists.
PNS is composed of individuals interested in brain-behavior relationships. The organization is open to all interested clinicians, researchers, educators, and consumers. PNS promotes professional development by sponsoring annual workshops and serves as a resource in the Delaware Valley for information about neuropsychology.

60. NBB Emory - Home
The undergraduate program is for students with an interest in interdisciplinary fields like biopsychology, neuropsychology, ethology, or neuroscience.
euroscience and Behavioral Biology (NBB) is an inter-departmental undergrad program offering a Bachelor of Science and combining the expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment of a large and diverse group of faculty from many departments. The NBB major combines behavioral biology with the study of how the nervous system controls body functions and cognition. Using the concepts of evolution as a unifying theme, the major represents a unique interdisciplinary synthesis of the fields of Neuroscience and Behavior and provides a breadth and focus not found in traditional Biology, Psychology, Biopsychology, Neuroscience, or Anthropology programs. "These traditional disciplines ask similar questions about brain and behavior, but often from different points of view," says Paul Lennard, director of the NBB program. "The interdisciplinary nature of NBB degree brings new insights to our students."
The NBB Program strives to build a community among faculty and students, adding a mentor program that pairs undergraduates with graduate students; a clinical neurology rotatation where undergraduates pair with fourth year medical students, a study abroad exchange program with University of St Andrews, and a very active honors society, Nu Rho Psi.
After graduation, there are numerous career choices for NBB majors including animal behavior, medicine, law, business, biotechnology, public health, science writing, occupational therapy, psychiatry, and various graduate studies. One of the strengths of NBB is the strong advising program which, coupled with the wide selection of available courses, allows each student to "create" the academic program best suited to their interests and future plans.

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