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  1. Social Psychology by Saul Kassin, Steven Fein, et all 2007-01-12
  2. Social Psychology (7th Edition) by Elliot Aronson, Timothy D. Wilson, et all 2009-10-02
  3. Social Psychology by David G. Myers, 2007-01-02
  4. Social Psychology (Second Edition) by Tom Gilovich, Dacher Keltner, et all 2010-02-18
  5. Social Psychology with SocialSense Student CD-ROM by David Myers, 2006-12-04
  6. Handbook of Social Psychology (2 Volume Set)
  7. Ego Psychology and Social Work Practice: 2nd Edition by Eda Goldstein, 1995-03-01
  8. Social Psychology: Goals in Interaction (4th Edition) by Douglas T. Kenrick, Steven L. Neuberg, et all 2006-12-10
  9. George Herbert Mead on Social Psychology (Heritage of Sociology Series) by George Herbert Mead, 1964-12-15
  10. Social Psychology by Eliot R. Smith, Diane M. Mackie, 2007-01-01
  11. Social Psychology: Goals in Interaction (5th Edition) by Douglas T. Kenrick, Steven L. Neuberg, et all 2009-10-18
  12. Social Psychology (12th Edition) by Robert A. Baron, Nyla R. Branscombe, et all 2008-01-14
  13. Social Psychology by John D. DeLamater, Daniel J. Myers, 2006-07-20
  14. Social Beings: Core Motives in Social Psychology by Susan T. Fiske, 2009-11-09

1. Social Psychology Network
Searchable links directory for subject areas, PhD programs, researchers, research groups, journals, Category Science Social Sciences Psychology psychology Options, Welcome to social psychology Network, the largest socialpsychology database on the Internet. Help. social psychology Headlines.
Social Psychology Options Welcome to Social Psychology Network, the largest social psychology database on the Internet. In these pages, you'll find more than 5,000 links related to psychology. To search for information of interest, click on a topic to the left or type a keyword in one of the boxes below. Be sure to use quotation marks when typing a phrase (e.g., "affirmative action"). Search Social Psychology Network: Help Search the Internet: Help
Social Psychology Headlines has become the latest Social Psychology Network partner site. The new site has more than 2,000 prejudice-related links, searchable databases of social justice organizations and prejudice researchers, teaching resources, and interactive exercises that include the Ambivalent Sexism Inventory, the Implicit Association Test, and a 10-item "Native IQ" test on Native American topics. Please stop by for a visit!
Social Psych Subject Areas

Social Psych PhD Programs

Social Psychologist Directory

Social Research Groups
Links to Teaching Resources

General Psychology Options Psychology Subject Areas
Organizations and Conferences

Psychology Career Center

Ranking of U.S. PhD Programs

2. Univ. Of Iowa - Current Research In Social PsychologyPeer-reviewed Online Journa
Professor at Trinity University in Texas outlines a theory of the social and mental processes that determine action. social psychology. The social sciences are dedicated to understanding the human condition, ideally to the extent that
[ISSN 1088-7423] Editor: Lisa Troyer, University of Iowa Deputy Editor: Leda Nath, University of Wisconsin at Whitewater Current Research in Social Psychology (CRISP) is a peer reviewed, electronic journal covering all aspects of social psychology. Publication is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Group Processes at the University of Iowa Sociological Abstracts publishes the abstracts of CRISP articles. Citation Format: Lastname, Firstname. 1996. "Title of Article." Current Research in Social Psychology Recent Issues
Optimal Seek Simplified
Intra-Couple Variability in Marital Aggrandizement: Idealization and Satisfaction within Enduring Relationships
On the Multifaceted Nature of Prejudice: Psychophysiological Responses to Ingroup and Outgroup Ethnic Stimuli
Ingroup Favoring Allocations and Domain Specific Self Esteem in the Minimal Group Setting
The Effects of Group Affiliation on Third Parties' Justice Perceptions
Effect of Induced Level of Confidence on College Students' Performance on a Cognitive Test
State, Category Specific Self-Esteem and Intergroup Discrimination

3. Resources For Teaching Social Psychology (CROW)
Resources for the Teaching of social psychology is a part of the CROW Project, Course Resources on the Web.
Resources for the Teaching of Subscribe to the free site newsletter - Read past issues Class Assignments
Research Projects Exams Online ... Activities and Exercises
for Methods Persuasion Student Resources
Writing Resources ...
Companion Websites
, more... Examples Illustrating Social Psychological Concepts = new link(s) within as of January 1, 2003
Share an idea, example or website? Click here. Other CROW Sites: Introduction to Literary Theory American Literature Web Resources Also see Jon's Authentic Assessment Toolbox - a how-to text on creating authentic tasks, rubrics and standards for measuring and improving student learning
Resources for the Teaching of Social Psychology is a part of the CROW Project, Course Resources on the Web. CROW is sponsored by the Associated Colleges of Illinois and generously supported by UPS. This site was created by Jon Mueller, Professor of Psychology at North Central College, Naperville, IL. Send comments to

4. About The Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology
Covering all aspects of personality and social psychology, with an emphasis upon empirical reports.Category Science Social Sciences Psychology Personality Journals......Menu page listing information available for Journal of Personality andsocial psychology. Journal of Personality and social psychology.
Journal of
Personality and
Social Psychology
Published monthly Editors: Patricia G. Devine, PhD John F. Dovidio, PhD Ed Diener, PhD New Editor Appointed - Personality Processes and Individual Differences

5. Society For Personality And Social Psychology
with over 2800 members, the Society is the largest organization of social and personality psychologists Category Science Social Sciences Organizations and Associations......Welcome to the newly designed home page of the Society for Personalityand social psychology. With over 3,700 members, the Society
Welcome to the newly designed home page of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. With over 3,700 members, the Society is the largest organization of social and personality psychologists in the world.
The goals of the Society are to further the generation and dissemination of research in personality and social psychology. This is accomplished through our journal publications ( PSPB and PSPR ), our annual conference, and close consultations with science advocacy offices in the American Psychological Association and the American Psychological Society.
We invite you to browse our web pages and learn about the Society. For students interested in pursuing a career in psychology, you may wish to visit Social Psychology Network , which has an online career center and a search engine that includes material from our web site as well as its own resources. Through a joint arrangement, this search engine is accessible directly from our site by clicking the "Search" button on the left side of this page.
We hope you find this web site useful, and that you will consider joining the Society if you are not already a member. For details on how to join, please click on the "Membership Information" button on the left.

6. Social
Instructor at Michigan State recommends resources about social psychology and points to information about programs and researchers in the field. you are interested in information about social psychology, I urge you to visit the social psychology Network, which is
Notice: As of December 1, 1997, this site will no longer be updated. If you are interested in information about social psychology, I urge you to visit the Social Psychology Network , which is maintained by Scott Plous and his students at Wesleyan University (it is truly an outstanding site). In the spirit of the web, it is better to reduce the number of redundant resources, and SPN is one of the best in psychology. Also, I don't have a great deal of spare time to devote to web maintenance, and I'm tired of getting a dozen e-mails each week from junior high school students asking me to write their theme papers. I never intended for this page (which started in 1995 for my social cognition graduate seminar) to become as frequently visited as it has become, but it's nice to know that people have found it helpful… see Senator Coats, the Internet is more than pornography. Sincerely, Allen McConnell
Compendium of Social Psychology Web Resources
(Maintained by Allen R. McConnell Michigan State University
Social psychology resources...

7. Social Psychology & Humor
Popular cartoons with psychological analysis of their themes.
L iving in a S ocial W orld
Psy 324: Advanced Social Psychology
Miami University
Social Psychological Principles in Humor
These materials may be used for research, study, and education, but please credit the authors and source. O ur C urrent S election for Y our R eflection and A musement: Technology and Aggression: Press 1...Press 2...Press 3.....
Scot Chappel, David Heineman
BC by Johnny Hart
Click Here for the Team's Final Analysis P revious S elections (Still Available): Reconstructing Social Norms: The Over-Medication of American Youth. Interpersonal Communication: The Pros and Cons of Internet Communication. Job Justification: Just a Bunch of Hot Air. Dynamics of the Job Interview: When Hope and Reality Collide. Norms in Action: Vikings' Version of "Simon Says." Stigma of the "Ugly Single Male." (With analysis by
Social Relationships: A Lack of Social Intelligence (With analysis by Kristen Allodi, Carissa Mumy Medicalization of Society: Pill Poppin' Panacea Selling the Dream: Infomercial Mania Foot-in-the-Door, Dissonance, and Hindsight: The Power of the Internet Attribution and Perception: The Generation Gap Revisited Helping Behavior: Altruism on the Far Side With analysis by Attraction: Finding Perfection in a Modern World With analysis by Ed Berger, Ben Krieger, and Jamie Tubbs)

8. Moral Philosophy Meets Social Psychology
Gilbert Harman argues that the belief that `strong character attributes exist' is both grounded in common sense and a mistake.
Moral Philosophy Meets Social Psychology
Virtue Ethics and the Fundamental Attribution Error
Gilbert Harman
Princeton University 1 1 Folk physics and folk morality Considering the inadequacies of ordinary physical intuitions, it is natural to wonder whether ordinary moral intuitions might be similarly inadequate. And, while many moral philosophers seem to put great confidence at least in their own moral intuitions, others argue for revisions. Consequentialism may be put forward not as an attempt to capture intuitive folk morality but rather as a critique of ordinary intuitions (Kagan, 1989). Similarly, moral relativism might be defended as the truth about morality, whether or not moral relativism accords with everyone's intuitions (Harman, 1996). On this occasion I discuss a different kind of rejection of folk morality, one that derives from contemporary social psychology. It seems that ordinary attributions of character traits to people are often deeply misguided and it may even be the case that there is no such thing as character, no ordinary character traits of the sort people think there are, none of the usual moral virtues and vices. In attempting to characterize and explain the movements of a body, folk physics places too much emphasis on assumed internal characteristics of the body, ignoring external forces. Similarly, in trying to characterize and explain a distinctive action, ordinary thinking tends to hypothesize a corresponding distinctive characteristic of the agent and tends to overlook the relevant details of the agent's perceived situation.

9. Online Social Psychology Studies
This page contains links to webbased experiments, surveys, and othersocial psychology studies. Return to social psychology Network.
Online Social Psychology Studies
This page contains links to web-based experiments, surveys, and other social psychology studies. To participate in a study, simply click on one of the titles listed below. If you wish to request the addition of a link to your own study, click here Please note that Social Psychology Network does not endorse the content or quality of the studies that appear below. Any use of this page indicates acceptance of the SPN User Policy
This page contains links to:

10. Social Psychology Archives
Link collection to online documents, journals and databases, software for psychologists, University departments, and scholarly societies.
We are sorry. This service is not available any more.

11. USI: Sociology Department-Social_Psychology.Net
This page contains a multitude of social psychology links of interest from the Sociology Department at the University of Southern Indiana. The University of Southern Indiana's Sociology Department presents social psychology Links of Interest
The University of Southern Indiana's Sociology Department presents:
Social Psychology Links of Interest
...if we understand how it is that we participate in the construction of our own realities, then we can take a more active and purposeful approach toward making this the sort of world in which we want to live.                                     O'Brien in The Construction of Reality Here is the index to this page: (to get back to this index, click the 
(A "NEW" [ ]gif indicates recent additions to that section)
Last updated 9/17/2002 by Dr. Ronda Priest
General Sites
Links to other general and "mega" sites Social Psychology Network by Scott Plous, Wesleyan University
Perspectives in Social Psychology
  • Psychological Social Psychology Behavioral
Observational learning: Learning by observing others and by using cognitive processes, including self-help. From "Funderstanding".

12. PhD Programs In Social Psychology
Links to PhD programs in social psychology. schools that maintain a web page for their program in social psychology. If you want to suggest any additions or
PhD Programs in Social Psychology
This page contains an alphabetical list of schools that maintain a web page for their program in social psychology. If you want to suggest any additions or changes to this list, click here To search for programs with faculty members who have a specific research focus, type a keyword or phrase in the box below. Search: Graduate Programs All of Social Psychology Network
Hint: Use quotation marks to search for a phrase (e.g., "attitude change").
PhD Programs in the United States

13. Journal Of Personality And Social Psychology, Description Of Content
Published monthly. Editors Patricia G. Devine. Chester A. Insko, PhD.......Return to Journal Homepage Journal of Personality and social psychology. Journal
Journal of
Personality and
Social Psychology Journal Description Published monthly Editors: Patricia G. Devine Chester A. Insko, PhD Ed Diener, PhD The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology publishes original papers in all areas of personality and social psychology. It emphasizes empirical reports but may include specialized theoretical, methodological, and review papers. The journal is divided into three independently edited sections: ATTITUDES AND SOCIAL COGNITION addresses those domains of social behavior in which cognition plays a major role, including the interface of cognition with overt behavior, affect, and motivation. Among topics covered are the formation, change, and utilization of attitudes, attributions, and stereotypes, person memory, self-regulation, and the origins and consequences of moods and emotions insofar as these interact with cognition. Of interest also is the influence of cognition and its various interfaces on significant social phenomena such as persuasion, communication, prejudice, social development, and cultural trends. INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS AND GROUP PROCESSES focuses on psychological and structural features of interaction in dyads and groups. Appropriate to this section are papers on the nature and dynamics of interactions and social relationships, including interpersonal attraction, communication, emotion, and relationship development, and on group and organizational processes such as social influence, group decision making and task performance, intergroup relations, and aggression, prosocial behavior and other types of social behavior.

14. Personality And Social Psychology Bulletin
Personality and social psychology Bulletin. Personality and social psychologyBulletin is an international outlet for original empirical
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin
is an international outlet for original empirical papers in all areas of personality and social psychology. Occasionally, PSPB publishes other pieces of particular interest to members of the Society, such as special topical issues, selected symposia, and invited addresses. All papers are reviewed with respect to their scholarly merit. Length of articles is determined by the paper's objectives and scope of contribution. However, final papers normally should be no more than 35 manuscript pages, including references, tables and figures, in length.
In-Press Articles
Abstracts of articles that have been accepted for publication can be viewed at . The full articles will appear in forthcoming issues of PSPB
Manuscript Submission
Three copies of each manuscript and one electronic copy on disk should be sent to: Frederick Rhodewalt
Editor, PSPB
Department of Psychology
University of Utah
390 S. 1530 East, Room 502
Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0250

15. Social Psychology Network
In an effort to provide better service and an easier address to remember, SocialPsychology Network has moved to http//
Change of Web Site Address
In an effort to provide better service and an easier address to remember, Social Psychology Network has moved to:

You will be automatically forwarded to this location in 10 seconds. After you arrive, please make a note of the address and update your bookmarks.

16. Social Cognition - Social Psychology Paper Archive
Abstracts and preprints of research papers, and links to researchers in the field.Category Science Social Sciences Psychology Social......Archive of research papers and researchers in social cognition, ascientific subfield of social psychology. Social Cognition Paper

17. MCM - Front Page
Applied social psychology in the fields of research, selection, training and consultancy.
MCM Research
MCM Research is an Oxford-based company which specialises in applications of social science to real-world issues and problems. It has a proven track-record in research on issues as diverse as problems of aggression and violence in social contexts, the emotions of female drivers, international drinking patterns and home decoration. In addition to 'problem-solving' projects, the company is also well-known for its research aimed at positive communication and PR initiatives.
On the basis of careful research, MCM also develops focused training programmes, including video production, and human resource management solutions. Clients include household names in the leisure, retail, financial and communications worlds.
MCM Research Ltd., 27/28 St. Clements, Oxford UK OX4 1AB.
Tel: +44 (0)1865 204211 Fax: +44 (0) 1865 793137

18. Social Psychology @ Purdue University Home
Welcome to the social psychology program at Purdue University . ThePurdue social psychology web site was created by Benjamin Le .

A tour through social psychology from the naturenurture debate through to the psychology of urbanisation Category Science Social Sciences Psychology psychology. Though this page was created as a companion piece for thiswork, its links should complement most social psychology courses.
The social sciences are dedicated to understanding the human condition, ideally to the extent that the singular and collective behaviors of human beings can be understood and even predicted. Though their goals are identical in the abstract, these "sciences" differ in terms of their way of looking at things, the questions they ask, the methods they use in addressing these questions, and what they do with this information once they obtain it. Amid this multitude of social science disciplines is social psychology which, as can be inferred from its label, involves the ways in which both social and mental processes determine action. What, precisely, this means research-wise, however, remains a matter of historic debate both between and within the disciplines of psychology and sociology. What weight is to be given to the social, the psychological, and the interaction between the two? What does the interaction between psychological and sociological processes even mean? I n approaching the problem of why some people do certain things

THE social psychology OF INEQUALITY. THE social psychology OF RELIGION.Decency is veiled from sight; indecency is exposed to view.
Here we will consider the most "macro" dimensions of social psychology, those social forces arising out of the interactions of large numbers of individuals and groups which, in turn, are the master templates patterning the cultural and social orders. One cannot study the behaviors of individuals without devoting some attention to the broader socio-cultural environmentstheir economic structures, stratification orders, technological systems of communication and transportation, family processes, demographics, and value systems structuring their social lives. Humans have long been fascinated by the processes through which collective social wholes emerge out of individuals' separate activities. They have probably forever felt the sense of exhilaration and power of their unity in numbers when pressed into crowds. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts in the image on the left. In this 1947 photograph by E.O. Goldbeck, 21,765 members of the U.S. Army Air Force are fused into a symbol of their group.
By "collective behavior" social scientists typically mean that realm of action not governed by the everyday rules and expectations which normally shape social behavior:

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