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  1. Existential-Phenomenological Perspectives in Psychology: Exploring the Breadth of Human Experience (Volume 0)
  2. The Revelation of the Breath: A Tribute to Its Wisdom, Power, and Beauty (Suny Series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology) by Sharon G. Mijares, 2009-11-05
  3. The Ego and the Dynamic Ground: A Transpersonal Theory of Human Development by Michael Washburn, 1995-01
  4. Methodology for the Human Sciences: Systems of Inquiry (Suny Series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology) by Donald Polkinghorne, 1983-08
  5. Fruits of the Moon Tree: The Medicine Wheel and Transpersonal Psychology by Alan Bleakley, 1984-12
  6. Psychology and the Internet: Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, and Transpersonal Implications
  7. Mediation: Positive Conflict Management (Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology) by John M. Haynes, Gretchen L. Haynes, et all 2004-07
  8. Transpersonal Psychologies
  9. Body of Knowledge: An Introduction to Body/Mind Psychology (Suny Series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology) by Robert L. Marrone, 1991-02
  10. JOURNAL OF TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY, VOLUME 19, NUMBER 2 by Transpersonal Institute, 1987
  11. Stories of the moon: More adventures of the spririt questors (Filipino transpersonal psychology series) by Tony Perez, 2001
  12. The Concept of Personality in Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga Psychology and A. Maslow's Humanistic/Transpersonal Psychology by Joseph Vrinte, 1995-09
  13. Transpersonal in Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling by Andrew Shorrock, 2008-01-15
  14. Self-Esteem and Meaning: A Life-Historical Investigation (Suny Series in Transpersonal and Humanistic Psychology) by Michael R. Jackson, 1984-11

41. Spiritual Growth Through Transpersonal Psychology
Spiritual Growth through transpersonal psychology. Review on Ken Wilber's The Atman Project . by Guhen Kitaoka. I. Prologue. The common
Spiritual Growth through Transpersonal Psychology
Review on Ken Wilber's "The Atman Project" by Guhen Kitaoka I. Prologue The common prejudice says, and my own prejudice was, that psychology can never study or analyse the process of spiritual enlightenment, because that which is a part (i.e. mind) of something (i.e., enlightenment) has intrinsic impossibility to explain the process of its wholeness. It seemed to me that Western psychology was unable to go further than Eastern psychology, as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh states: "(Western) physiology or psychology, which are observations from without, have not led to a knowledge of our inner bodies. It is only the physical body that they know about." (1) But Ken Wilber's "The Atman Project" shattered my misunderstanding about the subject. In this book, he proves that from the point where he is Atman (cosmic consciousness, wholeness, Nirvana, Moksha, God, or whatever it is called), he dares to look down at the lower evolutionary stages and is able to explain the whole process and patterns of all the spiritual levels, including the levels which are beyond human mind (the transverbal and transpersonal levels, in Wilber's terms). He is capable of doing so, mainly for two reasons:

42. Michael Nagel, M.A., C.HT.
Specialist mentors the spectrum of psychological growth with RADIX neoReichian and transpersonal psychology.
About Michael Michael Nagel, M.A., C.Ht. Counseling the spectrum of of personal growth with: RADIX Body-Centered Therapy Clinical Hypnotherapy Neuro-Linguistic Programming RADIX® Body-Centered Therapy RADIX Frequently Asked Questions RADIX Clinic Program Clinical Hypnotherapy ... Contact Michael by Email Michael Nagel, M.A., CHt., counseling the spectrum of personal growth Your inquiry always is welcome. Phone: 503.226.2771 Send Michael an email Information on this website was last updated:

43. What Is Transpersonal Psychology
WHAT IS transpersonal psychology ? transpersonal psychology. Top. Youhave to be somebody before you can be nobody . Jack Engler
Transpersonal Psychology

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

Representatives of the Transpersonal Psychology

Academic Courses on Transpersonal Psychology in Romania

TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY Top "You have to be somebody before you can be nobody".
- Jack Engler, "Therapeutic Aims in Psychotherapy and Meditation", Journal of Transpersonal Psychology, Vol. 16,1984 The word, "transpersonal" - from the Latin trans, meaning "beyond", and persona, "the mask" - refers to the highest aspects of the human being and to the Self, as a spiritual essence that is beyond the ego and the flow of mental phenomena.
Here it is the definition of the transpersonal psychology from the catalog of The Institute for Transpersonal Psychology (Palo Alto, California): Transpersonal Psychology addresses a wide range of subjects including:
  • Meditation, spiritual paths and practices Change and personal transformation Consciousness research Death, dying and near death experience (NDE) Self-realization and higher values The mind-body connection Transpersonal Art and Education Creativity, empathy, spiritual intuition
  • 44. TranspersonalWeb - Transpersonal Psychology
    featuring information, interviews, an online bookstore, and the mostcomprehensive transpersonal psychology links anywhere! Enter Here!
    Welcome to the
    Grand Opening of
    TranspersonalWeb, your
    source for Human
    Potential resources
    on the Internet...
    featuring information,
    interviews, an online
    bookstore, and the
    most comprehensive
    Transpersonal Psychology links anywhere!
    Divine Proportions of the Human Form according to Vitruvius Leonardo da Vinci, 1510

    45. TranspersonalWeb - Transpersonal Psychology
    Welcome to the Grand Opening of TranspersonalWeb, your personal Bookstore will offerdozens of important works by influential transpersonal psychologists such
    Welcome to the
    Grand Opening of
    TranspersonalWeb, your
    personal Bookstore will offer dozens of important works by influential transpersonal psychologists such as Charles Tart, Daniel Goleman, Ken Wilber, Stanislav Grof, Roger Walsh, and others.
    A Production of EyerArts
    7300 visits since November 13, 1996

    46. Transpersonal Psychology. Stan Grof. Stanislav Grof
    transpersonal psychology. Stan Grof. Stanislav Grof. Association andInstitute of transpersonal psychology. Spirit Dimension
    Web resources about Transpersonal Psychology. Stanislav Grof. Association and Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. Stan Grof holotropic breathwork. Psicologia transpersonal counseling. Book store, music, dvd video store. Directory of Spiritual Development and Art Resources
    Transpersonal Psychology
    Transpersonal Psychology, Stanislav Grof
    Grof Transpersonal Training - The authentic website of Stanislav Grof and Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT). About holotropic breathwork and transpersonal training, schedule of lectures and workshops, books and music store.
    - Website of the European Transpersonal Association.
    Explore Transpersonal Psychology
    - Website of Michael Daniels with inroduction to transpersonal psychology, online store with books about transpersonal psychology developed by Stan Grof: classics, experiences, practices, buddhist psychology. Tools for health and healing, discussion forum, selected papers of Michael Daniels.
    TranspersonalWeb - Transpersonal Psychology
    - Source for Human Potential resources on the Internet, featuring information, interviews, an online bookstore, collection of links.
    Transpersonal Psychology and Counseling
    - Psychotherapy, counselling, therapy, transpersonal psychology, transpersonal psychotherapy, transpersonal counselling, transpersonal therapy.

    47. Actualizations: Transpersonal Psychology
    transpersonal psychology. transpersonal psychology involves a holistic,humanistic mental health model with unlimited possibilities.. Links.
    Weddings Other Services Metaphysics Knowledge ... Contact Us
    Transpersonal Psychology
    I have no doubt whatever that most people live, whether physically, intellectually or morally, in a very restricted circle of their potential being. They make use of a very small portion of their possible consciousness...much like a man who, out of his whole bodily organism, should get into a habit of using only his little finger...We all have reservoirs of life to draw upon, of which we do not dream.
    ~William James
    Transpersonal Psychology is concerned with expanding the field of psychological inquiry, beyond the personal intra-psychic realm which previously was the domain of psychology. Transpersonal psychology involves a holistic, humanistic mental health model with unlimited possibilities..

    48. Transpersonal Psychology: The Psychospiritual Research Institute (PSRI)
    An online institute devoted to the exploration and enhancement of psychospiritual transformation; Category Science Social Sciences Psychology Transpersonal......transpersonal psychology, distance learning, counseling, research library, onlinejournal, free selfhelp books, spirituality, spiritual transformation
    A center for the exploration of consciousness, reality and psychospiritual transformation. The P sycho S piritual R esearch I nstitute ( PSRI An online institute for the researching and enhancement of psychospiritual transformation. Quicklinks: Research Center Distance Learning Center Consulting Center PSRI Press ... Contact Us Dana Gaynor, Ph.D. - Director About Dr. Gaynor The PsychoSpiritual Research Institute (PSRI) provides this site for the study and enhancement of consciousness and psychospiritual transformation. PSRI is founded on a holistic, interdisciplinary and eclectic philosophy that is informed by the ancient knowledge of our great spiritual traditions. Our goal is to identify common characteristics across a wide variety of data that can be used in understanding and enhancing the psychological changes associated with spiritual development. From our beginnings as The Transformation Project , through this current period of unprecedented growth, we have dedicated ourselves to enhancing and expanding the quality and scope of our work to meet the needs of our community.

    49. Transpersonal Psychology: Consulting Services
    transpersonal psychology, consciousness, spirituality, enhance your psychospiritualtransformation. The PSRI Consulting Center. A center for innergrowth,
    Transpersonal psychology, consciousness, spirituality, enhance your psychospiritual transformation. The PSRI Consulting Center A center for inner-growth Center Staff Dana Gaynor, Ph.D. Frank Mosca, Ph.D. Nancy Poitou, MA. MFCC Kathleen Hendrickson, MA. Psychospiritual Assessment Quicklinks Research Center Distance Learning Center The PSRI Press The PSRI Catalog ... The PSRI Homepage
    PSRI offers members of our community increasing opportunities to work with established and successful consultants in the field of inner growth and psychospiritual development. Over time we will begin to act as a center for access to a variety of self-growth orientations. It is our intent to provide the services of consultants offering practical approaches and methodologies for expanding awareness and enhancing your inner growth. PSRI consultants are independent contractors in the forefront of many newly emerging and alternative inner growth fields; providing coaching, training and process facilitation. Each has exceptional training and background. Consultations are designed to teach you clear methodologies for developing a lifelong process of growth and are not intended as treatment for psychological disorder. They do not constitute psychotherapy. If our consultants believe this would be helpful they will refer you directly. Consulting services are available to individuals, couples, families, groups and organizations. Consultations may be scheduled through this site by clicking on the "Consulting Formats" link. Identify the format you are interested in, click on "Contact Us" and fill out the information requested. You will be contacted within 48 hours.

    50. Buddhist Philosophy And Transpersonal Psychology
    Buddhist Philosophy and. transpersonal psychology. transpersonal psychology'The central concept in transpersonal psychology is self
    Buddhist Philosophy and Transpersonal Psychology Transpersonal Psychology
    'The central concept in Transpersonal Psychology is self-transcendence, or a sense of identity which is deeper, broader, and more unified with the whole. The root of the term, transpersonal or literally "beyond the mask," refers to this self-transcendence'
    John Davis

    Transpersonal Psychology grew out of the rejection of the mechanistic or behaviorist model of the mind which was the orthodoxy of the mid-twentieth century academic establishment . Charles T. Tart refers to this orthodoxy when describing his college experience in the 1960's:
    'As to things like mystical experiences, if they were mentioned at all, which was rare, they were relegated to the fringes of psychiatry as being undoubtedly schizophrenic in nature and just showed how sick religions were to be associated with superstitious nonsense like that.
    Real people in real life were still having transpersonal experiences of course, but they didn't speak of them around psychologists unless they wanted to be referred for treatment for psychopathology...' Gradually, the climate of opinion has changed. And the mind (as distinct from being an epiphenomenon of matter) has been rediscovered. A number of reasons for this development have been suggested:

    51. Consciousness And Transpersonal Psychology
    MSc Consciousness and transpersonal psychology.
    Latest News

    About the Department

    Who's Who...
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    Site Map

    What do we do...

    Links Study... Current Students Undergraduate Study Postgraduate Study CWIS JMU Intranet ... MSc Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology [Introduction] [Course Delivery] [Further Information] Introduction This course is designed for those who wish to pursue an intellectually challenging course of study in the areas of consciousness and transpersonal psychology. We also encourage students to integrate their academic studies with an exploration of their own potential for personal and transpersonal development. The course covers a number of subject areas, all of which have been at the forefront of change within psychology over recent years (as demonstrated by the recent establishment within the British Psychological Society of Sections for Consciousness and Experiential Psychology and for Transpersonal Psychology ). These areas include the psychology and neuropsychology of consciousness and self, humanistic and transpersonal psychology, and the psychology of religious experience. The MSc programme includes an emphasis on research methods to permit a thorough comprehension of key research findings and to enable students to conduct their own original research. Eligible students wishing to study the areas mentioned above whilst omitting the research methods module and thesis may enrol for the Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma.

    52. Transpersonal Psychology
    An introduction to the subject.
    John Davis, Ph.D.
    PSY 342A
    Transpersonal Psychology
    Metropolitan State College of Denver
    Including professional organizations, on-line journals, informative sites, and educational institutions ACADEMIC STUDY IN TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY
    Some thoughts and resources for undergraduate and graduate study in this field REVIEW CONCEPTS FOR EXAM

    Brief overview, main concepts, and the relation of psychology and spirituality WE KEEP ASKING OURSELVES, WHAT IS TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY
    Definition and exploration of transpersonal psychology and counseling GUIDELINES FOR WRITING UP PERSONAL RESEARCH PROJECTS
    How to write up one of the assignments for the class NOTES ON THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MEDITATION An introduction to meditation from psychological perspectives, includng descriptions of some practices

    53. School Of Psychology - LJMU
    Research Group, Cognition, Development and Education Research Group, Counsellingand Health Related Behaviours, Consciousness and transpersonal psychology.
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    Links Study... Current Students Undergraduate Study Postgraduate Study CWIS JMU Intranet ... Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology Research Group [Research at the Centre] [Human Factors Research Group] [Cognition, Development and Education Research] [Counselling Psychology and Health Related Behaviours] ... Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology Research Unit Home Page Current Activities: Psychology of the self, transpersonal psychology, Jungian Psychology, Parapsychology, Psychology of Consciousness, Psychology and Religion. Membership: Dr Mike Daniels Dr Les Lancaster Jacqueline Nuttall A Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology Research Unit (CTPRU) has recently been formed within the Centre by Les Lancaster and Mike Daniels. The inaugural event was held in February 1999, with Professor David Fontana delivering the inaugural lecture. Its aims include the promotion of research and scholarly activity of high quality within the areas of Consciousness Studies, Transpersonal Psychology, and related fields; and the dissemination of a knowledge of these areas within and beyond the research community. Research is presently being conducted into Jungian archetypes and spatial metaphor; ganzfeld effects in parapsychology; role of ‘I’ in state dependent memory; cognitive processes in language mysticism, the assessment of psychological type using the Watchword technique, relationships between transpersonal and paranormal experiences, and transpersonal experiences of counsellors and psychotherapists.

    54. Links Related To Transpersonal Psychology
    to transpersonal psychology new trend on transpersonal psychology Biotransenergeticaa new discipline beyond psychoterapy towards a modern shamanism;

    55. The Transpersonal Gateway
    These are practical pages, not theoretical debate, which seek to demystify and expand the concept Category Science Social Sciences Psychology Transpersonal......A Discussion of transpersonal psychology, Psychotherapy, Spirituality and Therapyin Plain English from a practical, experience based perspective.
    A Transpersonal Journey through the Spirituality of all Life Home Overview About Map ... Transpersonal Notebooks
    A Plain English Discussion of the Transpersonal Paradigms
    for Psychology, Psychotherapy, Spirituality and Therapy
    from a practical, experience based perspective.
    The Transpersonal Gateway
    Transpersonal, most correctly, is a continually changing perspective or moving point of perception which allows one to see the concept of one's individuality within its relationship to a much larger whole.
    On this page ...



    Welcome to Transpersonal LifeStreams
    Without your recognition and acceptance of your Transpersonal nature in the whole of your body, mind and spirit, you are denying the definition of your existence.
    You, in your own unique expression of consciousness, are a Transpersonal or Spiritual Being. The Transpersonal Notebooks
    • Transpersonal advocates freedom and full self-realization, seeing the meaning and value of all things and the sacredness of the Life Journey. Transpersonal means beyond the masks of personality - beyond personal identity. It cannot be learned .. nor taught. It is revealed from within the Self by removing the boundaries of belief and learned reactive behaviour which separate the multiple personalities from this Self.

    Psychologist. A process and a project of transpersonal psychology doing by professionalsin psychology. 98. Induced Vibration and transpersonal psychology.
    O X G E M E
    Center of researching and therapy
    for a psychology of the consciousness. Center coordinated by Manuel Almendro. Psychologist. -A process and a project of Transpersonal Psychology doing by professionals in psychology. The objective is that people in process could arrive to a effective and realistic opening of their vital pantings, faraway from the New Age fashions. NEW PAGES
    Breathwork and Transpersonal Psycology.
    Holotropic Breathwork, Vital Breathwork, Hara, mirror mind, inner vision, etc Shamanism and Transpersonal Psichology Induced Vibration and Transpersonal Psychology. Meditation and Transpersonal Psychotherapy Vipassana and Psychoterapy (Breathwork/ I. Vibration..), leading by DHIRAVANSA and MANUEL ALMENDRO. Crisol in Transpersonal Psychology Open Forum abaut transpersonal psychotherapy. Soon we will provide a way to do it, in order to open a discussion about it Manuel almendro. Coordinator of Trans-Personal center. O X G E M E
    Center coordinated by Manuel Almendro. Psychologist.
    Tel/Fax (91) 445 65 65
    Cod. Int. (341)

    57. Thoughts Beneath The Trees
    A collection of articles on transpersonal psychology, consciousness, spirituality, healing, creativity and human potential to inspire, provoke and advance new views.

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    Thoughts Beneath The Trees
    Below is a summary of online essays on things transpersonal. Many subjects are included consciousness, spirituality, healing, the creative process, nutrition, and Transpersonal Psychology. Several models and experiences, are described. Creativity at its best promotes creative acts in others, inspirations breed inspiration, and beginnings beget beginnings. Authors, poets, and artists with complementary work are thus encouraged to submit material for inclusion here. These articles reflect ways in which the healing creative process touches us, ways in which it moves through our consciousness. It is our hope in passing these articles along, that they will inspire, provoke, and touch you who read them. They are for your enjoyment, your thought, and to stimulate a new view of your own creative process. We invite you to share your thoughts about these readings in our Mind Meld Discussions forum. Join the dialogue and stir new views.

    58. Crisol And Transpersonal Psychology
    CRISOL AND transpersonal psychology. A intensive path to heal thefamily hurt. Crisol, inspired in the Hoffman process and into a
    A intensive path to heal the family hurt.
    Crisol, inspired in the Hoffman process and into a synthesis of psychotherapies this work answer a creation of integration of more than 17 years in the professional world of integration in psychology and psychotherapy. It produces a process of radical and effective changes in the evolution of the participants, a immersion in the inner and the personal, arising consciousness in the steps of the personal life lived until the present and also their holes. We work with breath, induced vibration and outside the therapy room, in the field.

    59. John F. Kennedy University Graduate School For Holistic Studies - Transpersonal
    JFKU Department of transpersonal psychology

    Graduate School

    for Holistic Studies

    Open Houses

    Degree Programs
    Master of Fine Arts Studio Arts
    Master of Arts Transformative Arts
    Consciousness Studies

    Holistic Health Education

    Integral Psychology
    ... Counseling Psychology Specializations: Holistic Studies (Campbell) Somatic Psychology (Orinda) Transpersonal Psychology (Orinda) Certificates Dream Studies Certificate Life Coaching Certificate Dean's Welcome Faculty Community Arts Annex Counseling Center Frequently Asked Questions Admissions Requirements ... Library Catalog Four major viewpoints have emerged in psychology: the psychoanalytic, the behaviorist, the humanist and the transpersonal. The transpersonal perspective includes the wisdom and methods of the preceding orientations, and expands on them to include the spiritual aspects of human experience. The Transpersonal Psychology Department offers an MA in Integral Psychology and an MA in Counseling Psychology specializing in Transpersonal Psychology Transpersonal psychotherapists are interested in exploring the interaction and integration of personality, emotions, and spirit empowering their clients to connect with their essential self and to fulfill their soul's purpose. Using traditional psychotherapeutic tools as well as dream work, guided visualization, authentic presence, expressive arts, meditation and more, transpersonal therapists facilitate processes that support dialogue with one's inner wisdom. As the transpersonal perspective unites the spiritual with the psychological aspects of human experience, it addresses the integration of the whole person body, mind, emotion and spirit. In doing so, this perspective draws on the world's spiritual traditions; mythology, anthropology and the arts; research on consciousness; and Western psychological theory. Our transpersonal psychology programs are designed to support students' emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth.

    60. File Not Found
    A journal in transpersonal psychology, presenting creative writing (rather than academic research studies) from students and faculty of the Institute of transpersonal psychology and other writers in the field.
    File Not Found
    The requested object does not exist at the specified location. The link you followed is either outdated, inaccurate, or the server has been instructed not to let you have it.

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