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  1. The Calculus Diaries: How Math Can Help You Lose Weight, Win in Vegas, and Survive a Zombie Apocalypse by Jennifer Ouellette, 2010-08-31
  2. Calculus for Dummies by Mark Ryan, 2003-05-01
  3. Barron's AP Calculus by Shirley O. Hockett, David Bock, 2010-02-01
  4. Calculus Made Easy by Silvanus P. Thompson, 2008-05-18
  5. The Humongous Book of Calculus Problems: For People Who Don't Speak Math by W. Michael Kelley, 2007-01-02
  6. How to Ace Calculus: The Streetwise Guide by Colin Adams, Abigail Thompson, et all 1998-07-15
  7. The Calculus Direct: An intuitively Obvious Approach to a Basic Understanding of the Calculus for the Casual Observer (Volume 1) by John Weiss, 2010-05-14
  8. The Calculus Lifesaver: All the Tools You Need to Excel at Calculus (Princeton Lifesaver Study Guide) by Adrian Banner, 2007-03-05
  9. Schaum's Outline of Calculus, 5th ed. (Schaum's Outline Series) by Frank Ayres, Elliott Mendelson, 2008-08-25
  10. Calculus Workbook For Dummies by Mark Ryan, 2005-09-02
  11. Calculus: Early Transcendentals (Stewart's Calculus Series) by James Stewart, 2007-06-07
  12. Student Solutions Manual for Single Variable Calculus: Early Transcendentals and Calculus: Early Transcendental by James Stewart, 2007-07-04
  13. Calculus (College Review Series) by Elliot Gootman Ph.D., 1997-09-01
  14. Forgotten Calculus by Barbara Lee BleauPh.D., 2002-08-12

1. Arnold, Douglas N. - Calculus GraphicsCollection Of Animated Graphical Demonstra
Get prices and ordering details about math tutorials and courses available from the Univ of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign and Ohio State Univ.

2. Visual Calculus
Short descriptions and examples for limits, derivatives, and integrals. Various plug-ins are needed Category Science Math calculus......Tutorials. Precalculus. Limits and Continuity. Derivatives. Applications ofDifferentiation. Integration. Applications of Integration. Sequences and Series.
Tutorials Pre-Calculus Limits and Continuity Derivatives Applications of Differentiation ... Sequences and Series Information What? Who? How? Awards ... Help Page

3. Mathematics Archives Calculus Resources On-Line
Math Archives calculus Resources On-line. Welcome to the calculus Resources On-linearea of the Mathematics Archives. Other listings of calculus resources.
Math Archives - Calculus Resources On-line
Welcome to the Calculus Resources On-line area of the Mathematics Archives. This area contains information and links to numerous Internet resources, which could be used for teaching and learning of calculus. If you would like to suggest adding information to this area, or have comments or questions, please contact Przemyslaw Bogacki , the calculus moderator. Here is the contents of the Calculus Resources On-line area: Mathematics Archives software collection contains numerous shareware and freeware programs useful for teaching and learning of calculus. In addition to the "calculus" directories in the Mac and Windows/MS-DOS areas, interesting programs may be found elsewhere (e.g., in the directories "Advanced Calculus", "Graphing Programs", etc.).

4. Calculus@Internet
Homework problems, exercises and various VRML activities to assist in learning calculus. Site Map FAQ- Advertising. calculus@internet accessed 3684924 times since January 1999

Problems presented by Alvirne High School students and guests as they prepare for the Advanced Placement exam in calculus. Alvirne's AP calculus Class invites you to join them in their preparation
Alvirne High School
Hudson, N.H.
Problems of the Week
Alvirne's AP Calculus Class invites you to join them in their preparation
for the AP Calculus exam . You are Visitor Number since December 18,1995.
Check Out the Solutions for the 2002 Exam Here
Alvirne's Aid to the AP Calculus exam Alvirne's Problem of the Week
Updated 3/15/03 SUBMIT a problem along with a detailed solution Guest Problem of the Week
Updated 3/15/03 Sample Multiple Choice AP Questions
Courtesy of AP CALCULUS Class from Greencastle High School, Greencastle, PA. Updated 3/15/03 Teacher and Student Calculus Resources Awards received by the ALVIRNE AP Calculus Page ARCHIVE of 2002-2003 ALVIRNE problems with detailed solutions.
of 2002-2003 GUEST problems with detailed solutions.
of 2001-2002 ALVIRNE problems with detailed solutions.
of 2001-2002 GUEST problems with detailed solutions.
of 2000-2001 ALVIRNE problems with detailed solutions.
of 2000-2001 GUEST problems with detailed solutions. ARCHIVE of 1999-2000 ALVIRNE problems with detailed solutions.

6. Finite Mathematics And Applied Calculus Resource Page
Offers interactive tutorials, game theory simulator, quizzes and exercises on finite mathematics and applied calculus.
Finite Mathematics
Applied Calculus
Resource Page You are being transferred to the new and expanded version of this site at

7. - Virtual Reality & Calculus
Special Notes about Using the VRML Plugin Live3D Part I calculus, VR,and Three Dimensions. Part II Applications via calculus and VR.
We Support the .wrz extension for GZIP'ed WRL
x-world/x-vrml = wrl, wrz
If you use a Macintosh, this is not automatic with Live3D - you need to set it manually.
Click here for help on this and other Live3D tricks. by
Robert Curtis Bill Davis Lee Wayand Texts in Progress
To quicly click through the viewpoints of the world:
  • Click on the world
  • Keystroke: CONTROL-RIGHTARROW Torsion of a curve is usually taught via formulas involving the cross-product of the velocity and acceleration vectors. With a CAS animation, we may watch a point travel along a curve, and view the length of the binormal change, coupled with the twisting of the TNB frame. With a VR animation, we may actually ride along the curve and experience the torsion. Of course the formulas are required for mathematical analysis, but what are the benefits for students in experiencing the changes in torsion? Does this effect the way we teach TNB analysis?
    How Will Virtual Reality Change Vector Calculus?
    One goal of this book is to address this question, via exploring many of the topics of three-dimensional calculus using the power of virtual reality a la VRML. Until recently, all of multivariable/vector calculus was taught algebraically. Now many courses utilize computers via computer algebra systems and graphing tools to visually investigate the geometry of curves and surfaces in 3-space. Virtual Reality/VRML holds many possibilities for extending the visual investigation experience. The incorporation of CAS's forced many changes in the curriculum for 3D calculus over the last five years; we ask: how will VR change it in the next five years?
  • 8. Calculus On The Web
    An internet tutoring utility for learning and practicing calculus. COW gives the student or interested Category Science Math calculus......Welcome to calculus on the Web. The COW Library calculus on the Web ispartially supported by the National Science Foundation. A project of
    Welcome to
    Calculus on the Web
    The COW Library Click on a button below to open a book General information desk. Contents of the COW library If you wish to log in for a recorded session, click on the Login button. Calculus on the Web is
    partially supported by the
    National Science Foundation A project of
    Gerardo Mendoza and Dan Reich
    Temple University

    9. - THE CALCULUS PAGE . THE calculus PAGE. Editorial Board. Sponsors. 2003 calculus Prize.The 2003 $1000 calculus Prize competition for High School Students is now open. THE CALCULUS PAGE
    Editorial Board
    2003 Calculus Prize
    The 2003 $1000 Calculus Prize competition for High School Students is now open. For details of how to apply see the 2003 Prize application announcement.
    Results of the 2002 competition can be found at 2002 Prize Results.
    Our Resources For The Calculus Student:
      Calculus problems with possibly the most detailed, step-by-step solutions available anywhere on the internet. Here you will find calculus done the old-fashioned way one problem at a time, with problems ranging in difficulty from easy to challenging.
    • Sample Exams
      See if you are ready for your exam by taking our collection of sample exams.
    • Excerpts from "How To Ace Calculus"
      Excerpts from "How to Ace Calculus: The Streetwise Guide" a recently published book with an unorthodox humorous approach to learning calculus. For those with a sense of humor only.
    • Calculus animations in Maple and Calculus animations in Mathematica
      A series of Quicktime movies, contributed by Deej Heath of Pacific Lutheran University. These illustrate many ideas of calculus, and also include instructions on how to make similar animations yourself using Maple or Mathematica.
    • Calculus Applets
      A collection of Java applets illustrating calculus concepts by Deej Heath at Pacific Lutheran University.

    10. E-Calculus Home Page
    calculus on the Web The COW Library Click on a button below to open a book General information desk. Contents of the COW library If you wish to log in for a recorded session, click on the Login button. calculus on the Web is
    Last Update: 4/13/2002
    Site Short Cuts
    Go Directly to Main Pages
    AcroTeX (Site Overview) The Guestbook (Sign In!) Main Menu (PDF) Algebra Review in Ten Lessons Homepage of D. P. Story WebTrig Go Directly to Calculus Articles
    Calculus Menu (PDF) Functions (PDF) Limits (PDF) Continuity (PDF) Differentiation (PDF) Integration (PDF) Appl. to Integration (PDF) What's New Get the Latest version of
    Acrobat Reader 5.0. Click on the Get Acrobat Icon above to go to the download area. e-Calculus is a Calculus I tutorial written in TeX and converted to the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Features include verbose discussion of topics , typeset quality mathematics, user interactivity in the form of multiple choice quizzes, in-line examples and exercises with complete solutions, and pop-up graphics. If you are a first time user, be sure to check out the section entitled Important Components and the section Important Information directly below it before you start e-Calculus e-Calculus is viewed in the PDF format. This requires that you have Acrobat Reader 3.0

    11. Calculus And Mathematica At UIUC
    A Mathematicabased calculus course.Category Science Math Software Mathematica......

    12. S.O.S. Math - Calculus
    Explains concepts in detail of limits, convergence of series, finding the derivative from the definition Category Science Math calculus...... Integral; More on the Area Problem; The Fundamental Theorem of calculus;Mean Value Theorems for Integrals. TECHNIQUES OF INTEGRATION

    S.O.S. Homepage
    Algebra Trigonometry Differential Equations ...

    Search our site! S.O.S. Math on CD
    Sale! Only $19.95.

    Works for PCs, Macs and Linux.
    Tell a Friend about S.O.S.
    Books We Like Math Sites on the WWW S.O.S. Math Awards ...
    Privacy Concerns?
    We recommend:

    13. Mr. Calculus
    Ask Mr. calculus. Mr. calculus is available to give you hints on your.calculus/mathematics questions. Click Ask Mr. calculus . Hints
    Ask Mr. Calculus
    Mr. Calculus is available to give you hints on your
    calculus/mathematics questions.
    Click "Ask Mr. Calculus".>Hints for mathematics subjects up to Calculus BC.
    Click above to go to Mr. Calculus page
    The 2002 AP Free Response solutions are linked on the Mr. Calculus page. Form B 2002 AP Free Response solutions are also linked on the Mr. Calculus page. Click above and then on the link on the Ask Mr. Calculus page.
    Alternate link to Mr. Calculus that has very few images on the page for those with slower connections

    14. Welcome To The FHS AP Calculus Home Page
    An informal page with a general description of calculus. Included are an advanced placement practice Category Science Math calculus High School Math...... An Explanation of calculus and its Use What in the world is calculus? Haveyou ever asked this question? Actually, they get it using calculus.
    Fairfield High School AP Calcucus Home Page Bibliography Survey Difficult Problems Famous Mathematicians ... Sign our Dream Book An Explanation of Calculus and its Use

    15. AP Calculus On The Web
    AP calculus on the Web This site has been discontinued. Please visit our problemof the week site or the college board site for addtional information.
    AP Calculus on the Web
    This site has been discontinued. Please visit our problem of the week site or the college board site for addtional information.
    AP Problem of the Week Site
    EMAIL US College Board Site

    16. Will Help You Survive Calculus!
    Features a new practice calculus problem every week with complete solutions. Includes an archive of Category Science Math calculus High School offers calculus help to students of all ages, including freemultimedia tutorials and detailed calculus examples with complete solutions.
    This site requires that you have the free Flash 6 Player installed in your computer. Your computer may ask if you want to install the Macromedia Flash Player. You must say yes! If you're still having problems, click here and download the Macromedia Flash Player.

    17. Problem Of The Week
    Until then, take a shot at any of the problems in the extensive calculusHelp archiveby clicking the year numbers in the blue bar at the right edge of this
    Alphabetical Index by Topic Archived Years of Problems with Solutions: Happy Spring Break! You've got two weeks off; new Problems of the Week will begin appearing Monday, March 24, 2003. Until then, take a shot at any of the problems in the extensive Calculus-Help archive by clicking the year numbers in the blue bar at the right edge of this page. To view solutions to this year's problems, click 2002 in the list at left Search for Specific Problem Types in the Archive: Home Problem Fun Calculus Stuff Kelley's Books ... Superbowl of Calculus

    18. Springer LINK: Calculus Of Variations
    Journal with table of contents and article abstracts back to 1995. Full text available to subscribers only.Category Science Math calculus calculus of Variations......The Springer Journal calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations publishestopquality contributions in the field of calculus of Variations and
    Would you like to automatically receive every new table of contents of Calculus of Variations ? Then register with our free-of-charge mail service LINK Alert by checking the appropriate box(es) and enter your email address here: Online First Articles only Printed issues only
    ISSN: 0944 - 2669 (printed version)
    ISSN: 1432 - 0835 (electronic version)

    19. Karl's Calculus Tutor: Starting Page For 1st Year Calculus Tutorial
    Covers calculus of limits, continuity and derivatives in some detail. Also covers integrals and methods Category Science Math calculus......A place for a 1st year calculus student to come when he or she needs ahelping hand. Emailhelp available. Karl's calculus Tutor. Home Page.
    Karl's Calculus Tutor
    Home Page
    last update 24-Sep-02
    Welcome to Karl's Calculus Tutor
    Greetings to Fall 2002 Semester Students
    Enter the tutorial (below) or search this website for a calculus topic. You will find coverage of limits, continuity, derivatives, related rates, optimization, L'Hopital's rule, integration, and much more. There are dozens of problems worked out for you step-by-step. If you are having difficulty with a calculus topic, you are encouraged to go to the appropriate section, look at the text, and then follow along with the worked problems to learn how you can do similar problems on your own. There is also remedial coverage of algebra topics, number systems, exponentials, logs, trig functions and trigonometry, if you are in need of review on these topics. Email help on math problems is available, but please read the instructions for emailing me first.
    ENTER Karl's Calculus Tutor
    You can participate in a calculus discussion by posting to Karl's Calculus Forum Go to Karl's Calculus Forum You can email me by clicking this button: Use your own emailer Use form For information about Karl's Calculus Tutor to be emailed to you, put your email address in the blank below and click

    20. Karl's Calculus Tutor: Table Of Contents
    Table of Contents for Karl's calculus Tutor. Select from topics Limits Karl'scalculus Tutor. Table of Contents. © 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999
    Karl's Calculus Tutor
    Table of Contents
    last update 9-Sep-02 IMPORTANT VIEWING NOTE: To properly view this page, open your view port out to at least->>>>here If you can't see the word " here " in the line above, place your mouse-cursor on the right-hand edge of the frame, hold the left mouse button, and drag the right-hand edge of the screen to the right until you can see it. See browser notes for more detials, especially if you don't see the Greek letter, omega (looks like a horseshoe), just below
    Table of Contents
    Please note that Karl's Calculus Tutor is still a work in progress. Expect a new unit to come on line every month or so. Currently being drafted: Midterm Practice Exam Problems And vastly improved! I have completely revamped the Online Calculator . It is now much more user friendly and powerful. Be sure to read the Read me notes before trying any calculations. Please let me know if it helps with doing any of the on line problems (clicking will spawn a separate browser window). You can also try Online Complex Calculator , which can do arithmetic of complex numbers (I have not yet made the same improvements to the complex calculator, but that's coming).

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