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         Computer Algebra:     more books (100)
  1. Algorithms for Computer Algebra by Keith O. Geddes, Stephen R. Czapor, et all 1992-09-30
  2. Practical Use of Mathcad: Solving Mathematical Problems with a Computer Algebra System by Hans Benker, 1999-11-23
  3. Geometric Algebra for Computer Science (Revised Edition): An Object-Oriented Approach to Geometry (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics) by Leo Dorst, Daniel Fontijne, et all 2007-04-06
  4. Computer Algebra, Second Edition: Systems and Algorithms for Algebraic Computation by J. H. Davenport, Y. Siret, et all 1993-06-30
  5. Modern Computer Algebra by Joachim von zur Gathen, Jürgen Gerhard, 2003-09-01
  6. Computer Algebra and Symbolic Computation: Mathematical Methods by Joel S. Cohen, 2003-01
  7. Numerical Linear Algebra on High-Performance Computers (Software, Environments and Tools) by Jack J. Dongarra, Iain S. Duff, et all 1987-01-01
  8. Elements of Computer Algebra With Applications by Alkiviadis G. Akritas, 1989-03-30
  9. Applied Algebra for the Computer Sciences (Prentice-Hall series in automatic computation) by Arthur Gill, 1976-02
  10. Handbook of Computer Vision Algorithms in Image Algebra by Joseph N. Wilson, Gerhard X. Ritter, 2000-09-21
  11. Computer Algebra and Symbolic Computation: Elementary Algorithms by Joel S. Cohen, 2002-07
  12. Geometric Algebra for Computer Graphics by John A. Vince, 2008-04-14
  13. Mathematics for Computer Algebra by Maurice Mignotte, 1991-11-25
  14. Quantum Mechanics Using Computer Algebra: Includes Sample Programs in C++, Symbolicc++, Maxima, Maple, and Mathematica by Willi-Hans Steeb, Yorick Hardy, 2010-03-24

1. The Yacas Computer Algebra System
Acronym for Yet Another computer algebra System, an opensource software package. Supports arbitrary precision arithmetic, matrices, and differential and integral calculus.
Yacas is a general purpose easy to use Computer Algebra System (a CAS is a program that can be used to do symbolic manipulation of mathematical expressions). It is built on top of its own programming language designed for this purpose, in which new algorithms can easily be implemented. In addition, it comes with extensive documentation on the functionality implemented and methods used to implement them.
This entire site (including the documentation) can also be found in the source code distribution

2. Stichting Computer Algebra Nederland
Coordinates the use of computer algebra in education and research. Research reports, newsletters Category Computers Algorithms Computational Algebra......Stichting computer algebra Nederland. About CAN. CAN Wieb Bosma,,5 juli 2001. computer algebra Information Network. CAIN
Stichting Computer Algebra Nederland
About CAN
CAN, Computer Algebra Nederland, is a foundation established in 1988 stimulating and coordinating the use of computer algebra (systems) in education and research. The number of computer algebra specialists and users in the Netherlands is limited and they are scattered over several disciplines, each having its own scientific and organizational traditions. An additional goal of CAN is to provide specialists and users with a common platform for discussing problems of mutual interest. A lot of historic material can be found by following the links to old CAN pages Access to the Dutch node of the CAINetwork is provided via the original home page below. The information has not been updated since 1998.
CAN diensten
Since 1995 the commercial activities of CAN are concentrated in an independent company, CAN-diensten, specializing in software for mathematics and statistiscs.
Prize Problem
The winner of the CAN 2001 Prize Problem has been announced (July 2002). See the to the CAN Prize Problem page.

3. Fachgruppe Computeralgebra In Deutschland
integration and differentiation, computer algebra, Theorem proving, Applications of computer algebra Systems (CAS),
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4. CAIN - Paderborn
Next Contents. computer algebra, Algorithms, Systems and Applications
Computer Algebra Information Network
Node: Germany - Maintained by: MuPAD research group. Welcome to CAIN-Europe, a distributed information service dedicated to computer algebra. It is set up to disseminate computer algebra news, knowledge and software among users in all scientific, educational and technical disciplines (Siehe auch Info zu CAIN Local Projects and Research Groups Author: Andreas Sorgatz - Please report problems to
Last Update: 04. Feb. 1998

5. Computer Algebra Group At SFU
Part of the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics (CECM), Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada. Details of members, projects, meetings and publications.
Computer Algebra Group
at Simon Fraser University
We are part of the Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics (CECM), a Simon Fraser University research centre within the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.
About the Group
Projects ...
Positions Available
Special events
August 12-16, 2002: Teaching and Doing Mathematics with Maple January 22-23, 2003, ``Special Functions in the Digital Age'' workshop.
Paper submission deadlines
January 13th, 2003: ISSAC '03, Philadelphia, August 3-6, 2003 January 22n, 2003: MEGA '03, Kaiserslautern, Germany, June 10-14, 2003 February 7th, 2003: MSW '03, Waterloo, Ontario, July 13-15, 2003 Last updated Fri Aug 16 22:34:03 PDT 2002

6. Special Interest Group On Symbolic And Algebraic Manipulation (SIGSAM)
The ACM SIGSAM Bulletin. Some tables of contents and sample articles.
Communications in Computer Algebra
Welcome to the home page of the SIGSAM Bulletin. This page includes the table of contents for some issues of the Bulletin. One sample paper from each issue can be downloaded from this site. You may order the Bulletin by becoming a member of SIGSAM. You may become a member of SIGSAM through ACM, which you may contact at this URL
Other Sites of Interest
BiBTeX archive (HTML form) for Sigsam Articles 19721996 , automatically produced by the program of Nelson H. F. Beebe SIGSAM ARCHIVE (maintained by Gene Cooperman-more current than the ACM page SIGSAM Fact Sheet (maintained by ACM) Other Computer Algebra Sites of Interest
Contents of Recent Bulletin Issues
These pages are all ugly-we're experimenting. Contents of Volume 30, No. 1, Issue 115, March 1996 Contents of Volume 30, No. 2, Issue 116, June. 1996 Contents of Volume 30, No. 3, Issue 117, Sept. 1996 Contents of Volume 30, No. 4, Issue 118, Dec. 1996 ... Contents of Volume 31, No. 2, Issue 120, June 1997 The 64 page issues begin here. Contents of Volume 31, No. 3, Issue 121, September 1997

7. Ontario Research Centre For Computer Algebra - ORCCA
Researchers at ORCCA study algorithms and software systems for symbolic mathematical computation .Category Computers Computer Science Research Institutes......

8. ACDCA-Homepage, Austrian Center For Didactics Of Computer Algebra
© 2003 ACDCA Austrian Center for Didactics of computer algebra. Letzte Änderung 18.2.2003
Deutsch English Sie sind seit 1. 9. 1999 der 36854. Besucher. ACDCA - Austrian Center for Didactics of Computer Algebra Letzte Änderung: 9.3.2003

9. Computer Algebra In Mathematics Education
An open international organisation for those interested in the use of computer algebra software in mathematics education.

10. HartMath Java Computer Algebra Tool :: Developing A Java Based Mathematics Syste
Java computer algebra applet. Some features are EPOC32 Java version, big rational number arithmetic, symbolic differentiation, linear algebra functions, 2D plot functions, numeric computations, pattern matching, transformation rules, functional programming, pure functions. Open Source, GPL
@import url("themes/FunkyDelic/style/style.css"); Main Menu Home

Your Account

PDF documentation

Servlet (in German)
Testpage (

Development (Java 1.3)
Project Page


Feature Requests
Discussion Forum ... CVS Nightly Drop Applet (Java 1.1) Main applet A Quick Tour Some Functions Linear Algebra Other options FAQ Members List Recommend Us Search ... Web Links Who's online There are currently, 2 guest(s) and member(s) online. You are an anonymous user. You can register for free by clicking here Select language Select interface language: English German Welcome to HartMath Java Computer Algebra Tool About HartMath HartMath is an experimental computer algebra system written in Java. It is available free under GNU public license. Some of the features are:
  • Big Number Arithmetic Symbolic Computations: Add, Multiply, Pow, Sin, Cos, ... Symbolic Derivatives, Expands, Polynomials, Vectors, Matrices ... List Functions: Append, Prepend, Map, Apply, Table ... Plot Functions Numeric Functions Pattern Matching Rules Pure functions
In the current beta version you can install HartMath as a standalone Java 2 application.

11. IDA: Algebra Interactive
An HTMLbased book by Arjeh M. Cohen, Hans Cuypers and Hans Sterk. It focuses on an algorithmic approach to algebraic structures. Many of these tools and examples use the computer algebra package GAP. Site has samples and errata.

12. LiveMath : Computer Algebra System & MathEQ: Mathematical Typesetting
computer algebra and graphing tool formerly sold under the product names Theorist and MathView, with ancillary product Expressionist. Includes a browser plugin.
NEWS : February 17, 2003:
LiveMath Maker 3.5.5 Mac OSX Release!
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QuickLinks Main Page Quick Tour Products Purchase Info ...
Purchase and Download
Our Flagship Product!
Explore and Create Interactive Mathematics for Sharing and Web Publishing! Powerful Computer Algebra System.
Purchase and Download
Create mathematical typeset expressions quickly and easily, for editable inserting into art/word processing programs and HTML pages. Highly customizable.
Freeware! (Licensed)
AND ActiveX for Explorer/Windows View LiveMath webpages with full interactivity for FREE!! Free Download
Freeware! (Licensed) LiveMath Viewer is the Demo/Freeware Version of LiveMath Maker, allowing full interactivity and sharing of LiveMath notebooks for FREE! Free Download Totally Cross-Platform!
Available For These Platforms
New! Mac OS X Available in More Than 13 Languages! Take a Quick Tour of the LiveMath Product Suite Theorist Interactive, LLC 26 Church Street, Harvard Square

13. CAIN Home Page
computer algebra Information Network. CAIN Europe is a server providingall kinds of information about Symbolic and Algebraic Computation.
Computer Algebra Information Network
    CAIN Europe is a server providing all kinds of information about Symbolic and Algebraic Computation. It is set up by eight teams in the framework of the European SAC Network and maintained by CAN / Riaca (Computer Algebra Nederland) .
The News
European Projects in Symbolic and Algebraic Computation
Newcomers in Computer Algebra ... CAIN Europe Add a hyperlink to your URL or create a new document via a Repository. This page is also available within the Frame environment and for Xmosaic browsers not supporting tables

Last Update: May 14, 1998.

14. Mathematical Resources: Computer Algebra, Symbolic Mathematics, Operator Algebra
Numerical Constants by David H. Bailey and Simon Plouffe. The REDUCE computer algebra system Koeln University
Mathematical Resources
Math Links by Bruno Kevius
This list is continually under development
Computer Algebra, Symbolic Mathematics
Operator Algebra, Mathematical Programming
not a complete list, only what I happened to see...

15. MuPAD Home Page
Open computer algebra system for symbolic and numerical computations. Library routines for linear Category Science Math Software MuPAD......SciFace Software GmbH Co. KG Developers and distributors of thecomputer algebra system MuPAD. The MuPAD Research Group at the
Developers and distributors of the
computer algebra system MuPAD. The MuPAD Research Group
at the University of Paderborn
Scientific board of MuPAD. go

for general and sales information.

for free versions and scientific information.
Informationen zu MuPAD in Schule und Studium erhalten Sie unter

16. Webserver
The REDUCE computer algebra System. The REDUCE 3.6 Announcement includes a shortoverview of the capabilities of the REDUCE 3.6 computer algebra system.
The address is not used as webserver. Please use instead. The full URL is

17. Ontario Research Centre For Computer Algebra - ORCCA
University of Western Ontario and University of Waterloo. Carries out fundamental research in and development of mathematical software. Details of research project, members and meetings.

18. Fachgruppe Computeralgebra In Deutschland
Translate this page Gesellschaft für Informatik, Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematikund Mechanik, Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung, Hier. finden. Sie
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19. Computer Algebra And Problem Solving Environments
Abstract for Stanly Steinberg's article in Comparative CAS Reviews and Philosophy , suggesting 6 ways in which computer algebra systems could be improved.
Computer Algebra and Problem Solving Environments
Stanly Steinberg
in Comparative CAS Reviews and Philosophy , organized by Michael Wester
Problem Solving Environments provide a promising new approach for solving modeling problems that occur in engineering and science [1]. Such environments will provide easy access to integrated symbolic and numeric computing and this will greatly enhance the tools available to modelers. However, this will place new demands on computer algebra systems.
  • It is important to have a true paper and pencil system. Such systems will not assume that the user wishes to compute something, but that the user wishes to reason about some problem and then, possibly later, either compute something numerically or symbolically. The attitude of "I know the chain rule and will use it if I can" must be replaced by a system that can apply the chain rule in the standard way, or apply it in reverse, and have tools for helping decide which is appropriate. Clearly, heuristic reasoning systems are critical. Computer algebra systems should be able to write both numerical and symbolic programs in their own language. It will then be a relatively simple matter to translate such programs to other languages. In some sense this can be done in all CASs, but the available utilities are not helpful. This will be illustrated by some work the author is doing on a problem solving environment called SciNapse.
  • 20.
    Similar pages RIACA Research Institute for Applications of computer algebraRIACA, Research Institute for Applications of computer algebra.

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