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         Differential Geometry:     more books (100)
  1. Lectures on Differential Geometry (Conference Proceedings and Lecture Notes in Geometry and Topology) by Richard Schoen, Shing-Tung Yau, 1994-06-01
  2. Differential Geometry and Statistics (Chapman & Hall/CRC Monographs on Statistics & Applied Probability) by M.K. Murray, J.W. Rice, 1993-04-01
  3. A Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry, Vol. 5, 3rd Edition by Michael Spivak, 1999-01-01
  4. Elements of Differential Geometry by Richard S. Millman, George D. Parker, 1977-04-08
  5. Elementary Differential Geometry by Christian Bär, 2010-06-14
  6. Differential Geometry of Lightlike Submanifolds (Frontiers in Mathematics) by Krishan L. Duggal, Bayram Sahin, 2010-03-05
  7. A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics: Groups, Hilbert Space and Differential Geometry by Peter Szekeres, 2004-01-17
  8. Differential Geometry by Heinrich W. Guggenheimer, 1977-06-01
  9. Differential Geometry with Applications to Mechanics and Physics (Pure and Applied Mathematics) by Yves Talpaert, 2000-09-12
  10. Differential Geometry and Symmetric Spaces (AMS Chelsea Publishing) by Sigurdur Helgason, 2001-01-16
  11. Differential Geometry in Statistical Inference (IMS Lecture Notes--Monograph Series, Volume 10) by Shun-ichi Amari, O. E. Barndorff-Nielsen, et all 1987-06
  12. Global Affine Differential Geometry of Hypersurfaces (De Gruyter Expositions in Mathematics) by An-Min Li, Udo Simon, et all 1993-09
  13. Affine Differential Geometry: Geometry of Affine Immersions (Cambridge Tracts in Mathematics) by Katsumi Nomizu, Takeshi Sasaki, 2008-06-05
  14. Differential Geometry (Wiley Classics Library) by J. J. Stoker, 1989-01-18

41. Dodson, C.T.J. (Kit)
UMIST, Manchester. differential geometry, stochastic geometry and applications.

42. 8ICDGA 2001
Opava (Czech Republic), August 2731, 2001.Category Science Math Geometry Events Past Events......8TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON differential geometry AND ITS APPLICATIONS.August 27 – 31, 2001 Opava, Czech Republic. organized
Opava, Czech Republic
organized by the Mathematical Institute of the Silesian University in Opava in collaboration with other Czech universities
Second Announcement
Third Announcement

List of contributions
(including poster session)


Instructions to Authors
A photo gallery is opened here from 20.III.2002 to 20.III.2003.
Jan Kotulek
phone: +420 553 684 359
fax: +420 553 715 029
e-mail: Last change: April 10, 2002

43. CUNY Graduate Center Differential Geometry And Analysis Seminar
CUNY Graduate Center. differential geometry and Analysis Seminar. The seminarmeets Wednesdays 300400 pm at the CUNY Graduate Center in room 5417.
CUNY Graduate Center
Differential Geometry and Analysis Seminar
The seminar meets Wednesdays 3:00-4:00 pm at the CUNY Graduate Center in room 5417. The graduate center building is 365 5th Avenue (34th St) in Manhattan. This seminar is organized by Christina Sormani , who can be contacted at if you'd like to invite and host a speaker. Past schedules: Fall 2002 Spring 2002 Fall 2001 and Spring 2001
Schedule, Spring 2003
  • Feb 5: Jeff McGowan (Central Connecticut State University)
    "Accumulation estimates for eigenvalues of the Hodge Laplacian on manifolds with degenerating metrics"
    hosted by Jozef Dodziuk
    Feb 12: No meeting grad center closed
    Feb 19: Prof. Dolgopyat
    "Brownian Motion"
    The problem in question is to describe the motion of a particle moving under the influence of collisions with molecules of the surrounding fluid. We present some models of this as well as some open problems.
    hosted by David Fisher
    Feb 26: Mikhael Kovalyov (Gorentein Visiting Professor at Queens College of CUNY)
    "Nonlinear Fourier Transform"
    The method of the Inverse Scattering Transform is used to obtain/generate solutions of the so-called integrable equations (KdV, KP, NLS, etc.). The method is often referred to as nonlinear Fourier transform due to certain formal similarity to Fourier transform. It will be shown that the similarity is much deeper than has been thought. There is a nonlinear analogue of the Fourier integral formula that allows one to construct exact solutions (nonsolitons) with certain properties. The analogue is provided by a formula that by any account should not work, but it does despite common sense. This formula will be derived, discussed and its modulating properties will be illustrated.

44. Differential Gometry And General Relativity
A course from the Department of Mathematics at Hofstra University on differential geometry and general relativity.
Introduction to Differential Geometry and General Relativity
Lecture Notes by Stefan Waner,
Department of Mathematics, Hofstra University
These notes are dedicated to the memory of Hanno Rund.
TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Preliminaries: Distance, Open Sets, Parametric Surfaces and Smooth Functions 2. Smooth Manifolds and Scalar Fields 3. Tangent Vectors and the Tangent Space 4. Contravariant and Covariant Vector Fields ... Download the latest version of the differential geometry/relativity notes in PDF format References and Suggested Further Reading
(Listed in the rough order reflecting the degree to which they were used) Bernard F. Schutz, A First Course in General Relativity (Cambridge University Press, 1986)
David Lovelock and Hanno Rund, Tensors, Differential Forms, and Variational Principles (Dover, 1989)
Charles E. Weatherburn, An Introduction to Riemannian Geometry and the Tensor Calculus (Cambridge University Press, 1963)
Charles W. Misner, Kip S. Thorne and John A. Wheeler, Gravitation (W.H. Freeman, 1973)
Keith R. Symon

45. Differential Geometry
differential geometry. CTJ Dodson. General description differential geometry beginswith the study of curves and surfaces in threedimensional Euclidean space.

46. I Differential Geometry And Applications
next up previous Next II Stochastic geometry Up Selected research articles PreviousSelected research articles I differential geometry and applications.

47. Differential Geometry
Alexander Unzicker differential geometry, Dislocations and Einstein'sTeleparallelism. Einstein's teleparallel theory is based on
Alexander Unzicker:
Differential Geometry, Dislocations and Einstein's Teleparallelism
Einstein's teleparallel theory discolations we got a very nice tool to understand Einstein's teleparallelism !
Surprisingly, the theory of dislocations showes many similarities with electrodynamics, including a relativistic behaviour of moving dislocations. Not enough here, this 'electromagnetical' behaviour of dislocations was discovered even before the relation to torsion and thus the relation to Einstein's unified theory was revealed - you may believe this is just coincidence, I don't !
thus Einstein's attempt, after all, may be not that wrong as it seems today.
My activities in this field
What can Physics Learn from Continuum Mechanics ? (gr-qc/001164)
Teleparallel space-time with defects yields geometrization of
electrodynamics with quantized sources (gr-qc/9612061)
paper (revised 10/97), old version (12/96),dvi.
Einsteins Veröffentlichung zum Fernparallelismus 1930: Betrachtung mit Differentialformen
talk given at the Gravitation group meeting of the DPG in Bad Honnef 9/99 (abstract)
Maxwellgleichungen als geometrische Identitäten in einer Raumzeit mit Fernparallelismus
und topologischen Defekten
talk given at the DPG meeting in Regensburg 3/98 (abstract)
Einstein's teleparallelism attempt and the theory of dislocations
talk given at the differential geometry conference in Budapest 7/96 (abstract)
Dislocations in crystalline bodies and non-riemannian geometry
talk given at the University of Munich 1/95

48. John Oprea's Home Page
This site includes references to the author's papers and books, including differential geometry and its Applications and The Mathematics of Soap Films Explorations with Maple. There are also Maple files available for downloading.
Home Page
If you have questions, doubts, comments, suggestions, or desire additional information, send E-mail to: Return to List of Math Dept. Faculty Return to Math Dept. Home Page

1 LECTURES ON differential geometry by SS Chern (University of California, Berkeley),WH Chen (Beijing University) KS Lam (California State Polytechnic
Home Browse by Subject Bestsellers New Titles ... Browse all Subjects Search Keyword Author Concept ISBN Series New Titles Editor's Choice Bestsellers Book Series ... Series on University Mathematics - Vol. 1
by S S Chern (University of California, Berkeley) , W H Chen (Beijing University) (California State Polytechnic University)
About the Author
Professor Shiing-shen Chern retired from UC Berkeley and is now based in the Nankai Institute of Mathematics, which he founded in 1985. He is also the founding director of the Mathematical Science Research Institute, Berkeley (1981).
He was awarded the National Science Medal in 1975 and Wolf Prize in Mathematics in 1983/4. His area of research was differential geometry where he studied the (now named) Chern characteristic classes in fibre spaces.
The Chern Visiting Professorship, begun in 1996, honors the Berkeley professor emeritus widely regarded as the greatest geometer of his generation. "Chern's belief in young people and his encouragement of them had a lot to do with the spectacular growth of geometry in the second half of this century", mathematician Blaine Lawson has said. "It is not easy to find a geometer who was not for some period of time either a student or a post-doctoral fellow in the orbit of Chern".

50. Karsten Grosse-Brauckmann: Research
differential geometry, especially surfaces of constant mean curvature.
K. Grosse-Brauckmann: Research
Much of my research is devoted to constant mean curvature (cmc) surfaces, in particular the construction of examples. Constant mean curvature surfaces appear in nature, in particular when the area of an interface is minimized under a volume constraint. Soap bubbles are the most popular example: The photos show Tom Noddy at the International Congress 1998 (courtesy of J. Sullivan ). Mathematicians have used the following methods to construct constant mean curvature surfaces: Kapouleas produced surfaces close to some degenerate well known surfaces with a singular perturbation approach; Pinkall, Sterling, and many others found tori as solutions of an integrable system (a more general approach by Dorfmeister, Pedit and Wu remains to be exploited); and the Lawson-Karcher conjugate cousin method yields sufficiently symmetric surfaces. Moduli Spaces of Embedded Constant Mean Curvature Surfaces with Finite Topology
In this current project, which is joint with

61 MODERN differential geometry FOR PHYSICISTS Second Edition by Chris J Isham(Imperial College) Preface (190k) Table of Contents (213k) Chapter 1 An
Home Browse by Subject Bestsellers New Titles ... Browse all Subjects Search Keyword Author Concept ISBN Series New Titles Editor's Choice Bestsellers Book Series ... World Scientific Lecture Notes in Physics - Vol. 61
Second Edition

by Chris J Isham (Imperial College)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Topology
Chapter 1.1: Preliminary Remarks

Chapter 1.2: Metric Spaces
This edition of the invaluable text Modern Differential Geometry for Physicists contains an additional chapter that introduces some of the basic ideas of general topology needed in differential geometry. A number of small corrections and additions have also been made. These lecture notes are the content of an introductory course on modern, coordinate-free differential geometry which is taken by first-year theoretical physics PhD students, or by students attending the one-year MSc course "Fundamental Fields and Forces" at Imperial College. The book is concerned entirely with mathematics proper, although the emphasis and detailed topics have been chosen bearing in mind the way in which differential geometry is applied these days to modern theoretical physics. This includes not only the traditional area of general relativity but also the theory of Yang–Mills fields, nonlinear sigma models and other types of nonlinear field systems that feature in modern quantum field theory. The volume is divided into four parts: (i) introduction to general topology; (ii) introductory coordinate-free differential geometry; (iii) geometrical aspects of the theory of Lie groups and Lie group actions on manifolds; (iv) introduction to the theory of fibre bundles. In the introduction to differential geometry the author lays considerable stress on the basic ideas of "tangent space structure", which he develops from several different points of view — some geometrical, others more algebraic. This is done with awareness of the difficulty which physics graduate students often experience when being exposed for the first time to the rather abstract ideas of differential geometry.

52. Differential Geometry - Wikipedia
differential geometry. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Differentialgeometry is basically the study of geometry using calculus.
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Differential geometry
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Differential geometry is basically the study of geometry using calculus It has many applications in physics , especially in the theory of relativity . The central objects of study are Riemannian manifolds , geometrical objects such as surfaces which locally look like Euclidean space and therefore allow the definition of analytical concepts such as tangent vectors and tangent space , differentiability, and vector and tensor fields. The manifolds are equipped with a metric, which introduces geometry because it allows to measure distances and angles locally and define concepts such as geodesics curvature and torsion
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53. Lecture Notes On General Relativity
Download lecture notes on special relativity, general relativity, differential geometry, and spherically symmetric spacetimes in postscript format.
General Relativity
This homepage contains lecture notes on the course of general relativity FX2/H97 read in the fall semester 1997 at the Physics Institute of NTNU, Trondheim. Some parts were added later. It is still under construction (see the dates of last revision of each chapter). Some viewers do not allow to see the PS-files on the screen. However, you can download it (using the 'save'-command) and print it on a PostScript printer.

Special relativity

Basic concepts of general relativity

Spherically symmetric spacetimes

A supplementary text on lower level can be found in lecture notes on cosmology which was read in the fall semester 1999 as a part of another course. To get more information contact, please, the author.
Readers may find interesting also other web-pages on general relativity referred at Hillman's list and Syracuse University list
Petr Hadrava, Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, 251 65 Ondrejov, Czech Republic tlf.: +420 204 620 141

54. WileyEurope :: Differential Geometry
Foundations of differential geometry, Volume 2 (Paperback) Shoshichi Kobayashi,Katsumi Nomizu Foundations of differential geometry, Volume 1 (Paperback,,0471504033|desc|2729,00.html
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By Keyword By Title By Author By ISBN By ISSN WileyEurope Differential Geometry Related Subjects
General Geography

Geographic Information Systems

Number Theory

Numerical Methods

Related Titles
By This Author
Nonlinear Vibrations in Mechanical and Electrical Systems (Paperback)

Water Waves: The Mathematical Theory with Applications (Paperback)

Foundations of Differential Geometry, Volume 2 (Paperback)
Shoshichi Kobayashi, Katsumi Nomizu Foundations of Differential Geometry, Volume 1 (Paperback) Shoshichi Kobayashi, Katsumi Nomizu Geometry by Discovery (Hardcover) David Gay Conformal Differential Geometry and Its Generalizations (Hardcover) Maks A. Akivis, Vladislav V. Goldberg Principles of Algebraic Geometry (Paperback) Phillip Griffiths, Joseph Harris Differential Geometry J. J. Stoker ISBN: 0-471-50403-3 Paperback 432 Pages April 1989 Add to Cart Description Table of Contents This classic work is now available in an unabridged paperback edition. Stoker makes this fertile branch of mathematics accessible to the nonspecialist by the use of three different notations: vector algebra and calculus, tensor calculus, and the notation devised by Cartan, which employs invariant differential forms as elements in an algebra due to Grassman, combined with an operation called exterior differentiation. Assumed are a passing acquaintance with linear algebra and the basic elements of analysis.

55. WileyEurope :: Conformal Differential Geometry And Its Generalizations
WileyEurope, Conformal differential geometry and Its Generalizationsby Maks A. Akivis, Vladislav V. Goldberg.,,0471149586|desc|2729,00.html
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By Keyword By Title By Author By ISBN By ISSN WileyEurope Conformal Differential Geometry and Its Generalizations Related Subjects
General Geography

Geographic Information Systems

Number Theory

Numerical Methods

Related Titles
Principles of Algebraic Geometry (Paperback)

Phillip Griffiths, Joseph Harris
Introduction to Geometry, 2nd Edition (Paperback)

H. S. M. Coxeter Kaleidoscopes: Selected Writings of H.S.M. Coxeter (Hardcover) Topology of Surfaces, Knots, and Manifolds (Hardcover) Stephan C. Carlson Fundamentals of College Geometry, 2nd Edition (Hardcover) Edwin M. Hemmerling Conformal Differential Geometry and Its Generalizations Maks A. Akivis, Vladislav V. Goldberg ISBN: 0-471-14958-6 Hardcover 400 Pages September 1996 Add to Cart Description Table of Contents Author Information Comprehensive coverage of the foundations, applications, recent developments, and future of conformal differential geometry Conformal Differential Geometry and Its Generalizations is the first and only text that systematically presents the foundations and manifestations of conformal differential geometry. It offers the first unified presentation of the subject, which was established more than a century ago. The text is divided into seven chapters, each containing figures, formulas, and historical and bibliographical notes, while numerous examples elucidate the necessary theory.

56. Differential Geometry At Saint Louis University
differential geometry There are several faculty members with a specialty indifferential geometry. Steven Harris differential geometry, relativity.
Department of Mathematics
and Mathematical Computer Science
There are several faculty members with a specialty in Differential Geometry. We have a weekly seminar joint with the Topology research group. Steven Harris differential geometry, relativity James Hebda differential geometry Kevin Scannell hyperbolic and Lorentzian geometry, rank one Lie Groups Return to Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Home Page
Last Updated : November 6 1998

57. LMS/EPSRC Short Instructional Course
An LMS/EPSRC Short Instructional Course. The main theme will be differential geometry. University Category Science Math Geometry Events Past Events......LMS/EPSRC Short Instructional Course differential geometry, HOMOGENEOUS SPACESAND INTEGRABLE SYSTEMS University of Durham, 1620 September 2002 Organizers

58. KLUWER Academic Publishers | Differential Geometry
Basic Concepts of Synthetic differential geometry René Lavendhomme February 1996,ISBN 07923-3941-X, Hardbound Price 193.50 EUR / 244.00 USD / 147.75 GBP
Title Authors Affiliation ISBN ISSN advanced search search tips Home Browse by Subject ... Topology and Geometry Differential Geometry
Sort listing by: A-Z

Publication Date

A User's Guide to Algebraic Topology

C.T.J. Dodson, Phillip E. Parker
January 1997, ISBN 0-7923-4293-3, Paperback
Price: 76.50 EUR / 97.00 USD / 58.25 GBP
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A User's Guide to Algebraic Topology

C.T.J. Dodson, Phillip E. Parker December 1996, ISBN 0-7923-4292-5, Hardbound Price: 269.50 EUR / 340.00 USD / 205.25 GBP Add to cart Algebra and Operator Theory Yusupdjan Khakimdjanov, Michel Goze, Shavkat Ayupov June 1998, ISBN 0-7923-5094-4, Hardbound Price: 121.00 EUR / 138.00 USD / 80.75 GBP Add to cart Algebraic Integrability of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems on Manifolds Classical and Quantum Aspects Anatoliy K. Prykarpatsky, Ihor V. Mykytiuk June 1998, ISBN 0-7923-5090-1, Hardbound Price: 258.00 EUR / 294.50 USD / 171.50 GBP Add to cart Analysis and Algebra on Differentiable Manifolds: A Workbook for Students and Teachers October 2001, ISBN 1-4020-0163-0, Paperback Price: 55.00 EUR / 50.50 USD / 35.25 GBP

59. KLUWER Academic Publishers | Differential Geometry Of Spray And Finsler Spaces
Books » differential geometry of Spray and Finsler Spaces. DifferentialGeometry of Spray and Finsler Spaces. Add to cart. by Zhongmin Shen Dept.
Title Authors Affiliation ISBN ISSN advanced search search tips Books Differential Geometry of Spray and Finsler Spaces
Differential Geometry of Spray and Finsler Spaces
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Zhongmin Shen
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis, USA
This book is a comprehensive report of recent developments in Finsler geometry and Spray geometry. Riemannian geometry and pseudo-Riemannian geometry are treated as the special case of Finsler geometry. The geometric methods developed in this subject are useful for studying some problems arising from biology, physics, and other fields.
Audience: The book will be of interest to graduate students and mathematicians in geometry who wish to go beyond the Riemannian world. Scientists in nature sciences will find the geometric methods presented useful. Contents
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht
Hardbound, ISBN 0-7923-6868-1
March 2001, 268 pp. EUR 97.00 / USD 104.50 / GBP 66.00 Home Help section About Us Contact Us ... Search

60. Differential Geometry
.This is an introductory course in differential geometry. Topics......Mathematics 136. differential geometry. Weiyang Qiu Location Course
Fall 2002
Early Evaluations
Teaching Staff Assignments Handouts ... Syllabus
Mathematics 136
Differential Geometry
Weiyang Qiu
Meeting time: MWF 11:00-12:00
Exam group: 4
Catalog number: 1949
Calendar and Announcements
Tuesday, March 18, 2003 There are no announcements for today.
Course Description
This is an introductory course in differential geometry. Topics include curves and surfaces in 3-space, Gaussian curvature and its intrinsic meaning, Gauss-Bonnet theorem, surfaces of constant curvature. See the course syllabus for a detailed plan.
Math 21a, b(Multivariable calculus, linear algebra and differential equations) and fimilarity with proofs as in Math 101, 112, 121, or equivalent.
Course Time and Location
The class will meet Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:00am to noon in Science Center, Room 310.
Weiyang Qiu
Science Center, Room 420
Office Hours: .
A First Course in Differential Geometry , by Chuan-Chih Hsiung, International Press, 1997. We will follow the textbook rather closely, covering chapters 2-4 with some ommisions.

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