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  1. Entropy:A New World View by Jeremy Rifkin, Ted Howard, 1981-10
  2. Entropy Demystified: The Second Law Reduced to Plain Common Sense by Arieh Ben-Naim, 2008-06-18
  3. Genetic Entropy & the Mystery of the Genome by John C Sanford, 2008-03-01
  4. Discover Entropy and the Second Law of Thermodynamics: A Playful Way of Discovering a Law of Nature by Arieh Ben-Naim, 2010-08-03
  5. Statistical Mechanics: Entropy, Order Parameters and Complexity (Oxford Master Series in Physics) by James P. Sethna, 2006-06-01
  6. Entropy by Viola Grace, 2010-08-04
  7. ENTROPY EFFECT (CLASSIC STAR TREK 2) (Star Trek (Numbered Paperback)) by Mcintyre, 1990-04-15
  8. Entropy and Art: An Essay on Disorder and Order, 40th Anniversary Edition by Rudolf Arnheim, 2010-08-02
  9. Engines, Energy, And Entropy: A Thermodynamics Primer by John B. Fenn, 2003-06-30
  10. Maximum Entropy Econometrics: Robust Estimation with Limited Data by Amos Golan, George G. Judge, et all 1996-04-19
  11. The Entropy Law and the Economic Process by Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, 1999-11-23
  12. Complexity, Entropy and the Physics of Information
  13. Entropy by Thomas PYNCHON, 1983
  14. Entropy Analysis: An Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics by N.C. Craig, 1992-04-07

1. State Of Entropy Webgraphics And Design - Paint Shop Pro Tutorials, Blade Pro Pr
Constitutes an organized list of lessons on how to utilize specific features of Paint Shop Pro 4, 5, 6 and BladePro. Find plugins and a forum.
Welcome to State of Entropy Webgraphics. I designed this site to makelife easier for people putting together their own personal homepages. Hereyou'll learn how to make your own webgraphics using the powerful and inexpensivegraphics program called Paint Shop Pro. All of the original graphics onthis site were prepared using this amazing program. Paint Shop Pro is currentlyin Version 7.04, and has more features than ever, including some greatnew photo enhancement tools. You can download a 30 day Trial versionof this program at the homepage of JascSoftware
This site utilizes frames for navigation purposes. It appears that your browser does not support frames. To fully utilize this site you will need to update your browser. For your convenience, the rest of the main page of my website, including all of the links to my tutorials, is duplicated below.
This site contains tutorials for PSP 4, 5, 6, and 7 as well as presetsand tutorials for the BladePro plugin. The PSP 5 tutorials are fairly compatible with PSP 6, andany necessary adjustments have been noted in the text. The old PSP 4 tutorials,however, have been completely updated where possible, and are listed withthose for PSP 5. For those of you still using PSP 4, the originalversions are still available below. The Blade Pro tutorials have been designedand written for use with PSP 5 and 6. I hope to update all of my tutorialsto PSP 7 as soon as possible.
The Camera
As promised, here is the full layered PSP file for my camera image.Click

2. Entropy On The World Wide Web
The purpose of these pages is to promote the appreciation understanding, and applications of entropy in its many forms. Here you will finda collection of links to online expository articles and textbooks concerning the role of entropy ininformation

3. E N T R O P Y * G R A D I E N T * R E V E R S A L S
ERG is an ezine providing humorous commentary on the possibilities of technology in the workplace and in everyday life. Read the weblog.

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4. Entropy And The Second Law Of Thermodynamics
entropy journal, an International and Interdisciplinary Journal of entropy and Information Sciences, publishes reviews, regular research papersand short notes
ENTROPY and the Second Law of Thermodynamics! Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics The second law of thermodynamics is a tendency Obstructions to the secondlaw make life possible The second law of thermodynamics and evolution Entropy and Gibbs free energy, D G = D H -T D S These are five big ideas involving the second law of thermo. Questions about them came from readers of However, that Web site already has so many pages that this new site was written. Unfortunately, many Internet sites in thermodynamics aren't useful: excerpts from university catalogs listing class hours and exam times, bunches of slides with no discussion. For education, an hour of studying any first-year college chemistry text (or physical chemistry text for more advanced students) is worth at least ten hours spent on the Internet in trying to learn more about thermodynamics. The Internet is useful in thermo primarily for fast access to technical data banks or to professional special topics and interest groups, not for basic education. Frank L. Lambert

5. The Page Of Entropy
Back to Dave's homepage? If you like The Page of entropy, why not try Dave'sother educational web pages? Comments on The Page of entropy? Tell Dave.
In all of physics, there is perhaps no topic more underrated and misunderstood than entropy. The behavior of large collections of particles, such as the universe, a grain of sand, or a tuna salad sandwich, is dictated by two universal laws: one involving energy, the other involving entropy. And yet, while energy is described in great detail throughout any introductory physics textbook, entropy is relegated to about two or three pages, and is usually badly described.
Well, no more! Here's the real story of physics. Here's what really drives the universe. Here's what your physics instructor won't tell you. Here's entropy Other pages on entropy and the second law
  • Here's another cool page about entropy!
  • While the page you're looking at focuses on the microscopic details of entropy, here's one that focuses on the large scale effects of the second law.
  • The author of this page was apparently coerced by an instructor to create a web site on entropy. The site includes both a discussion of entropy, and a list of other entropy links
  • Here's a somewhat more advanced introduction to entropy.

6. JCE 1999 (76) 1385 [Oct] Shuffled Cards, Messy Desks, And Disorderly Dorm Rooms
Shuffled Cards, Messy Desks, and Disorderly Dorm Rooms Examples of entropy Increase? Nonsense! Frank L. Lambert 2834 Lewis Dr., La Verne, CA 91750 The order of presentation in this article is unusual; its conclusion is first. This is done because
Shuffled Cards, Messy Desks, and Disorderly Dorm Rooms - Examples of Entropy Increase? Nonsense!
Frank L. Lambert
2834 Lewis Dr., La Verne, CA 91750 The order of presentation in this article is unusual; its conclusion is first. This is done because the title entails text and lecture examples so familiar to all teachers that most may find a preliminary discussion redundant. Conclusion The dealer shuffling cards in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas, the professor who mixes the papers and books on a desk, the student who tosses clothing about his or her room, the fuel for the huge cranes and trucks that would be necessary to move the nonbonded stones of the Great Pyramid of Cheops all across Egypteach undergoes physical, thermodynamic entropy increase in these specific processes. The thermodynamic entropy change from human-defined order to disorder in the giant Egyptian stones themselves, in the clothing and books in a room or papers on a desk, and in the millions of cards in the world's casinos is precisely the same: Zero. K. G. Denbigh succinctly summarizes the case against identifying changes in position in one macro object or in a group with physical entropy change (

Foundations of Physics, Life and Cognition: Basic Texts, Reviews, Research Material
The law of entropy , or the second law of thermodynamics , along with the first law of thermodynamics comprise the most fundamental laws of physics. Entropy (the subject of the second law) and energy (the subject of the first law) and their relationship are fundamental to an understanding not just of physics, but to life (biology, evolutionary theory, ecology) cognition (psychology) . According to the old view, the second law was viewed as a 'law of disorder'. The major revolution in the last decade is the understanding with an expanded view of thermodynamics, that the spontaneous production of order from disorder is the expected consequence of basic laws . This site provides basic texts, articles, links, and references that take the reader from the classical views of thermodynamics in simple terms, to today's new and richer understanding.
Entropy and Energy: The Laws of Thermodynamics
The Entropy Law (The Second Law of Thermodynamics)
The Entropy Law as Law of Disorder (Boltzmann's Interpretation: The Statistical View)
Order from Disorder (Revising the Old View of the Second Law) ...
The Consequences of the New More Complete Understanding of the Entropy Law for Biology, Psychology, and Culture or Social Theories

8. If ( 1 + 1 == 1 ) { E8z = True; };
Immersive using Flash and Java.Category Arts Digital Net Art Artists and Projects......We're sorry. You need upto-date software for this website.Please use a more recent web browser to view this site.

9. Entropy (ISSN 1099-4300, CODEN: ENTRFG)
Webbased journal intended for collegiate audiences. Provides links to web-based articles as well Category Science Physics Publications Journals......entropy journal, an International and Interdisciplinary Journal of entropy and InformationSciences, publishes reviews, regular research papersand short notes.
Entropy Entropy , An International and Interdisciplinary Journal of Entropy and Information Studies

Entropy is a peer-refereed scientific journal. It is published online ( quarterly, CD-ROM yearly.
Entropy is an open access online journal which follows the guidelines of the Budapest Open Access Initiative . To be added to the free subscriber's mailing list, send an e-mail to (put "ENTROPY free subscription" as the subject title and your name and address as the text in your e-mail).
Now published papers are archived by printing 100 hard copies of the volumes which are distributed almost free of charge to the most important libraries in the world (see the website), by publishing CD-ROM volumes and by mirroring at several servers listed at
Indexed and abstracted by several leading indexing and abstracting services, including Chemical Abstracts and INSPEC (covered completely, see the

10. If ( 1 + 1 == 1 ) { E8z = True; };
entropy8zuper! makes digital environments for people emotional, engaging, entertaining. Information technology is not the future. We are.

11. Entropy And Information Theory On The Web
entropy and Information Theory on the Web. Gibbs paradox of entropy ofMixing (http//;
Entropy and Information Theory on the Web
Some resources of information theory and entropy concepts on the internet
  • David J.C. MacKay Information Theory, Inference and Learning Algorithms Information theory and related journals Chris Hillman's website of entropy and information , (originally at A Mathematical Theory of Communication by C. E. Shannon

  • PostScript
    (460 Kbytes), gzipped PostScript (146 Kbytes) and pdf (358 Kbytes) Concepts and Theories
  • Entropy and Information Units ( Symmetry ( Gibbs paradox of Entropy of Mixing ( Dr. Ilya Prigogine's dissipative structure theory (
  • Conferences Foundations of Information Science
    SEE or Semiosis. Evolution. Energy Entropy (ISSN 1099-4300)
    Last change: 4 February 2003, Webmaster:

    12. Entropy In Information And Coding Theory
    entropy in Information and Coding Theory. Original by Chris Hillman (Last modifiedby Chris Hillman 2 Feb 2001.) Back to entropy on the World Wide Web.

    13. ENTROPY: Can We Decrease Entropy ?
    Re ENERGY, entropy - On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Josef Loschmidt's death in 1895 Is Loschmidt's
    - Re: ENERGY, ENTROPY - On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Josef Loschmidt's death in 1895: Is Loschmidt's greatest discovery still waiting for its discovery? By
    Andreas Trupp
    Updated February 2003 The complete version of this article including several figures was first published in Physics Essays Vol. 12 No. 4, December 1999, pp. 614-628 . A reprint of the article can be found in "Infinite Energy Magazine", Issue 43 (May-June 2002), pp.13-25 . Mail orders for the whole issue of the "Infinite Energy Magazine" are US $ 5.95 only (including postage). Please read an article by D.P. Sheehan et. al. ( "Steady-State Work by an Asymmetrically Inelastic Gravitator in a Gas: A Second Law Paradox" ) on a related Second Law violation (also based on the effect of gravity on a gas). That article was published in Foundations of Physics, Vol. 30. No. 8 (2000), pp. 1227-1256. You might want to take a look at Mr. R. Graeff's page in which he discloses details on his ongoing experiments on the gradation of temperature in well-insulated columns of gas subject to earth's gravity.
    I had the pleasure of giving a short talk at the "First International Conference on the Quantum Limits to the Second Law" that took place at the University of San Diego (July 29-31, 2002). I gave a report on an experiment the purpose of which was to prove the existence of

    14. Entropy Web Consulting - People
    That one would be RageBoy ® Chris' alter id a shamelessly selfinvolved andconscience-free persona who uses the entropy Gradient Reversals site as a
    "When anything can be put on the market with a couple of clicks of a mouse, there will be even more stupid movies, dull books, sloppy data, and bad analyses 'infoglut,' in the aptly ugly term of Christopher Locke, editor of Internet Business Report...." Thomas A. Stewart
    "Boom Time on the New Frontier"
    , September 27 "'Companies in the electronic publishing market are beginning to see they want the largest possible market,' said Christopher Locke, general manager of Mecklermedia, a Westport, Conn., publishing and exhibition company. 'They don't want to be trapped in markets that are Balkanized or private.'" John Markoff
    "Britannica's 44 Million Words Are Going On Line"
    The New York Times
    , February 8 The [Cluetrain] Manifesto is the pretentious, strident and absolutely brilliant creation of four marketing gurus who have renounced marketing-as-usual.... Mr. Locke, the hub in this network, has a history of getting in early..." Thomas Petzinger, Jr.
    "Web Rebels Try to Make Managers Talk Like Humans"
    The Wall Street Journal
    , April 9 "Mr Locke started in 1993 the Internet Business Report, the first publication to cover what would eventually become the industry, then sold the idea of what would later be called a 'portal' to one of the web’s first entrepreneurs, Alan Meckler."

    15. Entropy... Doesn't Need A Weatherman.
    Looking for credible info on entropy? Try If you're newhere, or new to the independent web and weblogs, you'll want
    February 02, 2003
    January's end, and the cyclical futility of the season(2" snow, partial melting, 2" more, and again, and again. Never more than 2" of dirty snow present; a limited equilibrium of wintry generation and decay) matches the perceived futility of the polity that I can't seem to shake from my equally cyclical, increasingly recursive mind. I need to strike out in a new direction of some sort. I must find a way to re-stock the wellsprings of imagination, against the cruel, singular internal logic of the times, season, mind.
    There's a part of me that would much rather be doing the latter, though, and it's becoming increasingly insistent, in the form of nagging self-doubt about the validity, originality, and interest to others of anything I've been writing for some months now. I believe what I'm saying to be important, but I also believe that just about anyone, given a dose of the sober objectivity and common sense that I tend towards, would likely say the same kind of things and respond similarly to these conditions.
    I think this trend is more than just a personal one. I've watched with some dim sense of sadness as the exuberant personal creativity, open community, and varied interest that typified the rise of the weblog community has given way to a rather shrill and one-note focus. The decline of

    16. Marc Liyanage - Software - Mac OS X Packages
    Mac OS X Packages. Italian Version. Here is some software I found usefulon Mac OS X, mostly UNIX / server type packages. By popular
    Mac OS X Packages
    Italian Version Here is some software I found useful on Mac OS X, mostly UNIX / server type packages. By popular request, I have created a PayPal account to which you can donate using a credit card. I want to make it clear that THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION TO PAY ANYTHING! The software and information on this site is and will continue to be absolutely free. I am just offering this because so many people have specifically and repeatedly asked for it. Any money donated to this PayPal account will be used exclusively to pay for my ADSL leased line and commercial hosting account expenses (currently about US$ 190.- per month), thereby directly supporting this web site. Any excess money will be donated to Amnesty International to support their efforts to protect human rights worldwide. UNIX Ports Packages Compatible with OS X PHP Apache Module (NEW version 4.3) yes no MySQL Database Server (NEW version 3.23.55) yes yes PostgreSQL Database Server yes yes OpenLDAP directory server included in 10.2 yes vim 6.1 text editor

    17. Redirect
    Welcome. This is the homepage of Marc Liyanage. The interesting stuff is in the Mac OS X Software category You can contact me at

    18. E X L U N A | Entropy
    Highquality rendering system based partially on the popular BMRT package, created by Exluna.Category Computers Software 3D Studio Max GI Renders......entropy™. entropy™ will no longer be distributed by Exluna or NVIDIA.To our valued Customers You have probably seen the latest
    To our valued Customers: You have probably seen the latest news announcing the acquisition of Exluna by NVIDIA and the settlement between Exluna and Pixar. We wanted to explain to you the ramifications of these two pieces of information for you. As an Entropy customer, NVIDIA will continue to provide you with the same level of service and support you have come to expect. If you need more copies of the product to complete your production, you can get them by contacting . The product roadmap has been frozen, and we will not add new features to the product, however, maintenance and support will continue. You can get that through If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us either by email or phone at 510-849-0973. We look forward to continuing to work with you and thank you for your continued support. company products news customers ... support

    19. E X L U N A
    Aims to revolutionize the way 3D images are produced through its development of software and technologies Category Computers Software Graphics 3D Companies...... With this transition, Exluna's current products, entropy and Blue MoonRendering Tools (BMRT) will no longer available for purchase.
    Merger Mania
    Exluna is pleased to announce that we have merged with NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in advanced graphics and multimedia processing technology. We continue working with our customers and the team at NVIDIA to define and deliver the next generation of Look Development tools and technologies, bringing cinematic rendering to the GPU world. Our mission remains to fundamentally improve the ways in which artists, designers, and game developers envision and create 3D imagery. As partner of NVIDIA, we have an even greater opportunity to bring cinematics to games and interactivity to film production, and we look forward to working with all of you, our customers, partners, and supporters, to define the shape of things to come. Stay tuned for more information here and on the NVIDIA web site: With this transition, Exluna's current products, Entropy and Blue Moon Rendering Tools (BMRT) will no longer available for purchase. Customers will continue to receive support for these products, and we will contact you with further details. Current customers may forward any related questions to:

    20. Entropy
    entropy, Matkat. Seuraavaksi suunnitelmissa Sonar Barcelonassa 12.14.6. ja LoveParade 2003 Berliinissä 12.7. Watch this space! » Aiempia matkoja. entropy.

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