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  1. Involutions on Manifolds (Ergebnisse Der Mathematik Und Ihrer Grenzgebiete) by Santiago Lopez De Medrano, 1971-05
  2. Manifolds All of Whose Geodesics Are Closed (Ergebnisse der Mathematik und ihrer Grenzgebiete. 2. Folge) (English and French Edition) by A. L. Besse, 1978-06-07
  3. Compact Manifolds with Special Holonomy (Oxford Mathematical Monographs) by Dominic D. Joyce, 2000-09-21
  4. Differential Geometry: Curves - Surfaces - Manifolds, Second Edition by Wolfgang Kühnel, 2005-12-13
  5. Differential Manifolds & Theoretical Physics, Volume 116 (Pure and Applied Mathematics) by W. D. Curtis, Frederick J. Miller, 1986-06-11
  6. Tensors and Manifolds: With Applications to Physics by Robert H. Wasserman, 2009-06-15
  7. Knots, Links, Braids and 3-Manifolds: An Introduction to the New Invariants in Low-Dimensional Topology (Translations of Mathematical Monographs) by V. V. Prasolov, A. B. Sossinsky, 1996-10-15
  8. Complex Manifolds (AMS Chelsea Publishing) by James Morrow and Kunihiko Kodaira, 2006-03-21
  9. Tensors and Manifolds: with Applications to Mechanics and Relativity by Robert H. Wasserman, 1992-07-30
  10. Topology of Surfaces, Knots, and Manifolds by Stephan C. Carlson, 2001-01-01
  11. Holley: Carburetors, Manifolds & Fuel Injection (HP1052) by Mike Urich, 1994-06-01
  12. Function Theory on Manifolds Which Possess a Pole (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) by R.E. Greene, H. Wu, 1979-02-20
  13. Riemannian Geometry of Contact and Symplectic Manifolds (Progress in Mathematics) by David E. Blair, 2010-08-25
  14. Geometry of Manifolds (AMS Chelsea Publishing) by Richard L. Bishop, Richard J. Crittenden, 2001-10-01

81. Dpmms: Lickorish
Topology, threedimensional manifolds, knot theory.
W. B. Raymond Lickorish
Title: Head of Department and Professor of Geometric Topology Email: Telephone (direct line): (+44) (0)1223.337995 Fax: (+44) (0)1223.337920 College: Pembroke College
Personal Home Page
Courses Given, 2000-01 Graduate Students Research Interests Keywords : Topology, three-dimensional manifolds, knot theory.
Long Description
My research interests are in geometric topology and the theory of low-dimensional manifolds. In recent years I have been particularly concerned with classical knot theory, which is the study of simple closed curves in ordinary three-dimensional space. I have taken part in the development of the theory of polynomial invariants of knots and links, and of the quantum invariants of 3-manifolds derived, via skein theory, from link invariants. I have a long standing interest in piecewise linear topology, the theory of manifolds based on simplicial complexes, in collapsibility results for such complexes, and also in the theory of surface automorphisms. Return to Departmental Staff List Email:

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83. Drake Hydraulic Systems Inc.
Manufactures range of specialized hydraulic products. Includes vertical reservoirs, high pressure coolant pumps, and custom manifolds. Site includes detailed description of reservoir operation and maintenance.
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84. Air Manifolds
, OSSS / Price, Mftg , Addto Cart. 116237, Hydro Air manifolds. Description, OSSS / Price, Mftg , Add toCart.......View Cart. manifolds. G G manifolds.
View Cart Manifolds Description OSSS#/ Price Mftg# Add to Cart 1-1/2 in slip x 1-1/2 in spig maniold with (8) 3/4 in barbs Also known as... 3/4 in barb plug Also known as... Hydro Air Manifolds Description OSSS#/ Price Mftg# Add to Cart 2 port water manifold 2 port air manifold Also known as... 4 port air manifold Also known as... Barb Couplers Description OSSS#/ Price Mftg# Add to Cart 3/8 in barb coupler 3/4 in. barb coupler 3/8 in barb tee 3/4 in barb tee 1-Barb Waterway Fitting Description OSSS#/ Price Mftg# Add to Cart 1/2 in spig barb reducer with 3/8 in barb Also known as... 3/4 in spig x 3/4 in barb 1/2 in spig x 1/2 in barb 1/2 in spig x 3/8 in barb 3/4 in spig x 3/8 in barb 10-Barb Waterway Fitting Description OSSS#/ Price Mftg# Add to Cart 1-1/2 in slip x 1-1/2 in spig manifold with (10) 3/8 in barbs, includes (4) plugs Also known as...

85. SEALUM Industries Ltd.
Manufactures hydraulic cylinders, manifolds, flanges and adapters.
Manufacturers of Hydraulic Cylinders and Accessories SEALUM Industries Ltd. offers experience in design and manufacturing of our products. From hydraulic cylinders and manifolds to 4-bolt flanges and pump motor adapters, Our designs are rugged, economical, dependable and guaranteed by our engineering department. We design and manufacture all our products in house to control quality and accuracy, and with our wide range of CNC machining centres, we can ensure a large supply of stocked items. Contact Information About Sealum Engineering Specs. (.pdf file) 100% Canadian Owned and Operated
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Pulse manifolds for sale at Wayne Built. We have over 30 years experiencein the truck parts industry. Our engines are really piling up!
Our engines are really piling up! We have Mack, Cummins, and Perkins engines, just to name a few. We will be updating this page in the near future to include a listing of all engines we currently have in stock. Fill out our online form on the Contact Us page if you would like to request information on our engines. Cummins N-14 pulse manifold LD-3071490 Add to shopping cart Cummins pulse manifold LD-3801915 Add to shopping cart Bumpers Hoods Doors ... Home
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87. Servocon ALPHA
Supplier of fluid power products such as accumulators, manifolds, and pumps. Products, pricing, and contact information.

88. Smartflow By Burger Engineering - Manifolds
Aluminum manifolds 3/4 to 2 NPT Supply Single or parallel designs and variousport configurations provide very compact overall sizes allowing use in

Burger Eng

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... Online Catalog Aluminum Manifolds - 3/4" to 2" NPT Supply
Single or parallel designs and various port
configurations provide very compact overall
sizes allowing use in restricted areas.
Features and Benefits
  • One-piece aluminum extrusion
  • No welds
  • Anodized for corrosion resistance
  • Various port sizes available
  • Brass end plug included
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes and screws
  • Single or parallel manifold configuration
  • Standard items in stock - custom items available
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Optional ball valves and flow meters

MENU: Home Distributors Services Technical Docs ... Burger Eng Catalog: Manifolds Flowmeters Limit Switches Ejector Tie-In ... MoldTender
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89. Home Page For Snap
Exact computation of hyperbolic 3manifolds and their arithmetic invariants. Written by O. Goodman in an ARC-funded project of Hodgson and Neumann.
Home Page For Snap
Snap is a computer program for studying arithmetic invariants of hyperbolic 3-manifolds. It is based on Jeff Weeks' program SnapPea for studying hyperbolic 3-manifolds, and on the number theory package Pari . Snap uses Pari's high precision arithmetic and number theoretic functions to compute invariant trace fields and related 3-manifold invariants. See the paper, Computing arithmetic invariants of 3-manifolds by Coulson, Goodman, Hodgson and Neumann Experimental Mathematics Vol.9 (2000) Issue 1 for more about snap, available here in preprint form. See also Neumann and Reid in Topology '90, Proceedings of the Research Semester in Low Dimensional Topology at Ohio State University. Berlin New York: de Gruyter 1992, for more about invariant trace fields and arithmetic invariants of 3-manifolds in general.
Source Distribution
The source distribution for snap, snap-1.9.tar.gz includes the above mentioned preprint and also a number of tables of 3-manifold invariants computed with the help of snap. Snap was developed and tested on an Apple Mac G3 (PPC architecture) running Linux and compiled with gcc version 2.95.2. The snap source distribution now includes the latest version of the experimental program "tube". In order to compile and run this version of snap you will also need a compatible version of Pari, included here for your convenience.

90. DL Manifolds
Painted Steel Water manifolds. Buy Direct And Save!
Painted Steel Water Manifolds Buy Direct And Save!
Products About Direct-Line What's New ... Contact Us
Model D-L-2S2 Dimensions Body Ports End Ports Price
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91. Selling Precision, Inc. (Custom Hydraulic Manifolds)
Manufactures selection of hydraulic manifolds and offers capabilities for designing and producing versions to customer requirements. Site provides details of available products and services.
From Circuit Design To Finished Manifold news products services For over 31 Years , we have been designing and manufacturing custom hydraulic manifolds. With 9 CNC Machining Centers , our own CAD/CAM Design department, and extensive experience in hydraulic circuit designs and valve applications, we can meet your needs. . . economically and on-time!
Currently Offering 4 - 6 Week Delivery
Our Mission
To make the best hydraulic manifolds, economically, on-time and, to ensure that the design accomplishes what you set out to do. . .
Company Profile
Selling Precision was formed in 1971, by Ken and Bill Calcagno. The company has always been in the hydraulic manifold manufacturing business. We have grown steadily and now are one of the premier independent hydraulic manifold manufacturers in the United States. Being an "independent" manifold manufacturer means that we are not owned by a valve manufacturing company, which is often the case. We are free to use any manufacturer's valves. Often, in designing a manifold, we will use valves from different manufacturers precisely because no one valve company makes the optimum valve for all situations. This independence allows our customers to select the best valves to serve their needs. You are always welcome to call Bill Calcagno directly with any and all questions and quote requests. Ken Calcagno is also always available for all manufacturing and quality control concerns that may arise.

92. Manifolds Ing
ACCESSORIES. manifolds Glowplugs Carburetors Fuels and oils Exhaust rubbers FiltersIntake Nipple Aerial Support Maintenance Kit Kit for running-in. manifolds.
ACCESSORIES Manifolds Glow-plugs Carburetors Fuels and oils
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93. Check Valves And Hydraulic Manifolds - Mondeo Srl
Manufacturers of stainless steel check valves, manifolds, pipe fittings and hydraulic accessories. Export with assistance worldwide.

94. QIAGEN Entry Page
QIAvac Vacuum manifolds QIAvac vacuum manifolds are designed for vacuumdrivenprocessing of 96-well plates, 8-well strips, and spin columns. Accessories.

95. DrillMaster Tool Specializing In Cnc Fixtures And Special Machines
Designs and produces fixtures, manual and hydraulic clamps, internal manifolds, and special purpose equipment for machining, assembly, and leak testing.
DRILLMASTER Tool is a leading machine tool builder that enjoys a first-class reputation for quality and customer support.
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DRILLMASTER Tool provides manufacturing solutions to a variety of industries:
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Drillmaster Engineering
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LUBE DEVICES HYDRATOOL ROTARY manifolds. HYDRA-TOOL ROTARY manifolds,In addition to LUBE DEVICES' comprehensive line of lubrication

In addition to LUBE DEVICES'
has been an Industry Leader for 40 years in Multi-passage Hydraulic Swivels. For more information see our website at

Products Typical Applications ...
Flodar Hydraulic Fittings
Hydra-Tool Rotary Manifolds
Contact Us
1864 NAGLE AVE., P.O. BOX 1810 MANITOWOC, WI 54221 PHONE: (920) 682-6877 FAX: (920) 684-7210 Lube Devices, Inc. Privacy Statement

97. SnapPea
A program for creating and studying hyperbolic 3manifolds. Free source available in C.
SnapPea is a program for creating and studying hyperbolic 3-manifolds. Linux (and other Unix) A partially complete version of SnapPea 3.0 is now available. Thanks to Nathan Dunfield's advice and assistance, SnapPea 3.0 is accessible via Python scripts as well as through a traditional graphical user interface. (With luck this Python/Tk SnapPea will eventually run on Macs and PCs as well as Linux boxes.) Ben Burton has kindly prepared a Debian package for users of Debian Linux. Macintosh You may download SnapPea 2.6 (928KB) for Power Macintosh. 680x0 versions for older Macs are also available. Users of MacOS 9 and higher should use the 680x0 version of SnapPea 2.5.3 Windows A. C. Manoharan has ported most of SnapPea to Windows 95/98. You may download it from his web site. Exact Arithmetic Oliver Goodman's program snap implements the basic SnapPea routines using exact arithmetic. Source Code The source code for the SnapPea kernel is freely available. It is written in straight C, and compiles on all platforms. The individual kernel functions will soon be accessible via Python scripts, as mentioned above. Other Data The basic SnapPea program contains everything you need, including live access to the census of cusped manifolds and the census of closed manifolds. For reference purposes, text files describe the

98. Globalizing Two-dimensional Unstable Manifolds Of Maps
Up Available formats Globalizing twodimensional unstable manifoldsof maps. Bernd Krauskopf Theoretical Physics Free University
Up: Available formats
Globalizing two-dimensional unstable manifolds of maps
Bernd Krauskopf
Theoretical Physics
Free University
De Boelelaan 1081
1081 HV Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Hinke Osinga

The Geometry Center
University of Minnesota
1300 South Second Street Minneapolis, MN 55454 U.S.A
We present an algorithm for computing the global two-dimensional unstable manifold of a normally hyperbolic invariant circle of a three-dimensional map. Our algorithm computes intersections of the unstable manifold with a finite number of leaves of a chosen linear foliation. This allows us to guarantee the quality of the mesh on this manifold. We compute growing pieces of the unstable manifold by using a method that does not depend on the dynamics on the manifold. Our method can also be used for the computation of global two-dimensional unstable manifolds of hyperbolic saddle points. The global stable manifold is obtained by considering the inverse map. To appear in
1. Introduction

99. Source Fluid Power
U.S. based designer, manufacturer and distributor of custom hydraulic products including manifolds, cylinders and valves for the medical, industrial, agricultural, and mobile OEM markets.

100. RIGZONE - Oil & Gas Directory - Manifolds
Anson manufactures and supplies valves, manifolds, and fittings throughoutthe world. of new and Remanufacutered BOPs and Choke manifolds.
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