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         Mathematical Statistics:     more books (100)
  1. Mathematical Statistics with Applications by Dennis Wackerly, William Mendenhall, et all 2007-10-10
  2. An Student Solutions Manual for Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Its Applications by Richard J. Larsen, 2006-05-04
  3. Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis (with CD Data Sets) (Duxbury Advanced) by John A. Rice, 2006-04-28
  4. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics by Robert V. Hogg, Allen Craig, et all 2004-06-27
  5. Mathematical Statistics (Springer Texts in Statistics) by Jun Shao, 2010-11-02
  6. John E. Freund's Mathematical Statistics with Applications (7th Edition) by Irwin Miller, Marylees Miller, 2003-10-24
  7. Mathematical Statistics by John E. Freund, 1992-01
  8. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) by Paul G. Hoel, 1984-01
  9. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics and Its Applications, An (4th Edition) by Richard J. Larsen, Morris L. Marx, 2005-12-10
  10. A Brief Course in Mathematical Statistics by Elliot A. Tanis, Robert V. Hogg, 2007-01-09
  11. Schaum's Outline of Probability and Statistics, 3rd Ed. (Schaum's Outline Series) by John Schiller, R. Alu Srinivasan, et all 2008-08-26
  12. A Mathematical Primer for Social Statistics (Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences) by Dr. John Fox, 2008-07-29
  13. Mathematical Statistics with MATHEMATICA by Colin Rose, Murray D. Smith, 2002-03-08

1. University Of Cambridge: Department Of Pure Mathematics And Mathematical Statist
Department of Pure Mathematics and mathematical statistics.Category Science Math Academic Departments Europe United ucam. University of Cambridge Home, Departmentof Pure Mathematics and mathematical statistics.
Department of Pure Mathematics
and Mathematical Statistics Photograph courtesy of Dill Faulkes About DPMMS

... Newton Institute
Information provided by

2. Institute Of Mathematical Statistics
The purpose of the Institute is to foster the development and dissemination of the theory and application Category Science Math Statistics Organizations...... Who’s This? Call for Papers. Message from the IMS President, Raghu Varadhan.Welcome to the Institute of mathematical statistics website. continued .
quick clicks to Annals of Statistics Annals of Probability Annals of Applied Probability Statistical Science The March/ April issue of the IMS Bulletin is now available on-line. In this issue: JSM2003 Preview Members’ News IMS Vote Counting JSM Session Information IMS Mini-meetings Search Search IMS site
Search WWW
Web Editor Hemant Ishwaran web questions, difficulties IMS general e-mail
Past Web Editors

Susan Holmes (2000-2002)
Jan de Leeuw (1996-1999)
updated 17 March, 2003 01:41 PM

3. Mathematical Statistics, Centre For Mathematical Sciences, LU
mathematical statistics. Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Mathematical Statistics
Centre for Mathematical Sciences
Lund University with Lund Institute of Technology

Course programs and homepages, Master's theses information Info
How to find the Centre, Annual report Research
General research information, Seminars, Program libraries. People
Staff, PhD students, E-mail addresses, Telephone numbers Publications
Publication lists Statistics links
Links to statistics resources, General web links Consulting
Statistics consulting information Internal information Address: Box 118, SE-221 00 LUND, Sweden
Phone: Fax: Visitors address: Comments or corrections to Finn Lindgren Last modified: 2000-02-02

4. Mathematical Statistics
mathematical statistics 361/362 Introduction to mathematical statistics I and II. mathematical statistics 361/362
Mathematical Sciences Matemathical statistics Matemathics Computational Matemathics ...
Department of Mathematical Statistics
situated at the Centre for Mathematics, Eklandagatan 86 Education Undergraduate studies, Chalmers (in Swedish)
Undergraduate studies, GU
(in Swedish)
Graduate studies

Activities Research
Stochastic Centre


Current Internal information (in Swedish)
The Statistics Seminar

The weekly announcements
(in Swedish) The coffee list Services Library Computer support Consulting unit (in Swedish) Porter's Office (in Swedish) People Secretaries and Directors of Studies Faculty and Graduate students Guests Address Department of Mathematical Statistics Chalmers University of Technology SWEDEN Phone Fax Last modified 2002-12-17 by John Gustafsson

5. Ims_home_page.html
The Institute of mathematical statistics Bulletin. The IMS Bulletin publishesthe IMS Meetings' programs and abstracts, and an international
The Institute of Mathematical Statistics
Bulletin Editor, The IMS Bulletin
Composition Editor From 1998, the new editor of The IMS Bulletin is Dipak Dey . Please send comments and suggestions to: For membership enquiries, please see how to join the IMS.
Issues available:
Volume 26, 1997
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  • 6. The Bernoulli Society
    The Bernoulli Society for mathematical statistics and Probability.Category Science Math Statistics Organizations......The Bernoulli Society for mathematical statistics and Probability.The Bernoulli Society was founded in 1975. It is an autonomous

    7. Institute Of Mathematical Statistics
    A journal of the Institute of mathematical statistics.Category Science Math Statistics Journals......The Institute of mathematical statistics Bulletin. The IMS Bulletinpublishes the complete programs of all IMS meetings, abstracts
    The Institute of Mathematical Statistics Bulletin Editor: Dipak K. Dey Tel. (860) 486-4196 Composition Editor: Cathy L. Brown FAX (860) 486-4113 Department of Statistics Electronic mail: University of Connecticut mailto:IMS@STAT.UCONN.EDU 215 Glenbrook Road, U-4120 Storrs, CT 06269-4120, U.S.A. Web home page: ISSN 0146-3942
    Edited by Leo Katz (1972-1974), Dorian Feldman (1975-1980),
    William C. Guenther (1981-1986), George P.H. Styan (1987-1992),
    Susan R. Wilson (1992-1997)
    Corresponding Editors Jorge Achcar, São Paulo
    Makoto Aoshima, Tokyo
    M.J. Bayarri, Valencia
    Mindaugas Bloznelis, Vilnius
    Philip Cheng, Taipei
    Paul Gustafson, Vancouver
    Peter Clifford, Oxford Knut Conradsen, Lyngby Arup Bose, Calcutta Mike Daniels, Ames Guido E. del Pino, Santiago Basil de Silva, Melbourne A.W.F. Edwards, Cambridge Paul Embrechts,Zurich Nancy Flournoy, Washington Fred J. Hickernell, Hong Kong Nandini Kannan, San Antonio Alan F. Karr, Research Triangle Park Oleg I.Klesov,Kiev

    8. Nordic Conference On Mathematical Statistics
    19th Nordic Conference on mathematical statistics. Stockholm, Sweden; 913 June 2002.Category Science Math Statistics Conferences Past Conferences......19th Nordic Conference on mathematical statistics June 913, 2002 Stockholm,Sweden. http// Programme Call
    19th Nordic Conference on
    Mathematical Statistics
    June 9-13, 2002
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Call for papers
    Accommodation ...
    The Nordic Conference on Mathematical Statistics (NORDSTAT) is a meeting place for probabilists and statisticians from the countries in Northern Europe. NORDSTAT also welcomes participants from countries outside Scandinavia, in particular from our close neighbours in the Baltic states. The official language at all sessions of this international conference is English. The focus is on recent research in the Nordic countries, but we are also very happy to announce that the conference will be attended by a few specially invited guests from overseas.
    Now a detailed time schedule is availabe. NORDSTAT 2002 is planned to have four main themes in plenar sessions with invited speakers and discussants, and 12 partially parallel theme sessions with contributed papers, organized by the convenors listed below. The parallel sessions give both established researchers and PhD students an opportunity to present their latest work and gain new contacts. Attendants who wants to make a contribution to a parallel session should contact the convenor by no later than April 1, 2002, submitting a title and a short abstract.

    9. Mathematical Statistics
    Department of mathematical statistics.Category Science Math Academic Departments Europe Sweden......På svenska mathematical statistics.
    Mathematical Statistics

    Visiting address:
    Postal address:

    Mathematical Statistics
    S-100 44 Stockholm
    Sweden Teknologexpedition: Fax number Intl + 46 8 7231788 Exchange number Intl + 46 8 7906000 Choose map and click Go button Standard map Big map of KTH Big map of KTH(pdf) Picture of campus
    Department of Mathematics Royal Institute of Technology home page Last revision 2003-03-14

    10. Dept Of Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics
    mathematical statistics Group, Department of Mathematics.Category Science Math Academic Departments Europe Sweden......UPPSALA UNIVERSITET Dept. of Mathematics mathematical statistics Uppsala UniversityDepartment of Mathematics. mathematical statistics Group.
    Mathematical Statistics Home Staff Seminar Research ... Mathematical Statistics
    Uppsala University
    Department of Mathematics
    Mathematical Statistics Group
    The Mathematical Statistics group at Uppsala University belongs to the Department of Mathematics . The group has approximately 20 employees. The department is situated at Polacksbacken, Uppsala. We have research in many areas of mathematical statistics and probability theory.
    Mailing address: Box 480, S-751 06 Uppsala, Sweden
    Visiting address: Polacksbacken , building 3
    Phone: (+4618) 471 32 00
    Fax: (+4618) 471 32 01
    Robert Parviainen
    Last updated: 2003-01-08

    11. JSTOR: Annals Of Mathematical Statistics
    Annals of mathematical statistics. JSTOR coverage Vols. 143 Journal Informationfor Annals of mathematical statistics. Publisher Institute
    Annals of Mathematical Statistics
    JSTOR coverage: Vols. 1-43, 1930-1972
    (superseded in part by Annals of Probability , and in part by Annals of Statistics
    Please read JSTOR's "Terms and Conditions of Use" before you begin. Search this journal Browse this journal
    Journal Information for Annals of Mathematical Statistics
    Publisher Institute of Mathematical Statistics This title was superseded in 1973 ISSN
    Pre- and post-digitization work on this title was completed by Suzanna Cunningham, JSTOR Production Technician.

    12. JSTOR: Institute Of Mathematical Statistics
    Institute of mathematical statistics. CONTACT INFORMATION Institute ofmathematical statistics Official Web Site http//
    Institute of Mathematical Statistics
    Individual subscriptions are now available to The Annals of Applied Probability Annals of Statistics Annals of Mathematical Statistics Annals of Probability , and Statistical Science volumes included in JSTOR. For information on obtaining access, please contact the publisher at the address below.
    Institute of Mathematical Statistics
    Official Web Site: Business Office
    P.O. Box 22718
    Beachwood, OH 44122
    Phone: (216) 295-2340
    Fax: (216) 921-6703
    The purpose of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (IMS) is to foster the development and dissemination of the theory and applications of statistics and probability. The Institute was formed at a meeting of interested persons on September 12, 1935, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, as a consequence of the feeling that the theory of statistics would be advanced by the formation of an organization of those persons especially interested in the mathematical aspects of the subject. The Annals of Statistics and The Annals of Probability (which supersede The Annals of Mathematical Statistics Statistical Science , and The Annals of Applied Probability are the scientific journals of the Institute. These and

    13. Bernoulli Society For Mathematical Statistics And Probability
    Check out this branch of the International Statistical Institute founded in 1973. Sign up for the newsletter, browse member profiles, and find recommended reading.

    14. Mathematical Statistics: Preprints
    Department of mathematical statistics situated at the Centre forMathematics, Eklandagatan 86. Welcome to the archive of reports.
    Mathematical Sciences Matemathical statistics
    Undergraduate studies ... Bioinformatics Department of Mathematical Statistics
    situated at the Centre for Mathematics, Eklandagatan 86
    Welcome to the archive of reports
    The research reports in the Preprint Series and in Studies in Applied Probability and Statistics , as well as Doctoral Dissertations, Licentiate and Master Theses , are available on this page. This archieve is searchable. Enter a word to search for in author, title or preprint number. Leave the field blank to obtain the complete archive. Search hints Display preprints from Show only those matching in table listed format
    Display Studies in Applied Probability and Statistics from Show only those matching in table listed format Display Doctoral Dissertations Licentiate or Master Theses. staff list , to see if they are currently working here, and our address
    " means that the preprint file was added to the archive during the last two weeks. Generated Mar 18 2003 08:44

    15. Centre For Mathematical Sciences, Lund University
    Centre for Mathematical SciencesCategory Science Math Academic Departments Europe Sweden......Centre for Mathematical Sciences. Mathematics NF,, Faculty of Science. MathematicsLTH,, Lund Institute of Technology. mathematical statistics, Numerical Analysis,
    Centre for Mathematical Sciences
    Mathematics NF Faculty of Science Mathematics LTH Lund Institute of Technology ... Numerical Analysis Education
    Undergraduate Courses

    Graduate Courses

    Engineering Mathematics
    Main research areas

    Library resources


    International education


    Events Seminars Conferences SPRUCE VI General information Open Positions Location of the Centre Search our web pages Local computer information Groups Bioinformatics Group Dynamical Systems and Rigorous Mathematical Physics Mathematical Imaging Group EU projects ... Lund Mathematical Society Last updated: February 26, 2003 Anders Johansson ( Finn Lindgren ( Lars Vretare (

    16. CSM Main Page
    Web site of the Centre for mathematical statistics, Acadeimia Romana. Information on conferences, Category Science Math Statistics Organizations......The WWW Page of the Centre of Statistical Mathematics
    Please use a FRAMES-enabled browser to see this page.

    17. Mathematical Statistics 361/362 Introduction To Mathematical
    Lecture notes from a yearlong course in mathematical statistics.Category Science Math Statistics Education......mathematical statistics 361/362 Introduction to mathematical statisticsI and II. Meeting time Monday, Wednesday and Friday from
    Mathematical Statistics 361/362: Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I and II.
    Mathematical Statistics 361/362:
    Introduction to Mathematical Statistics I and II.
    Meeting time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 AM to 9:20 AM in BUS S230.
    Instructor: Eric Key
    Statistics is the tool which allows us to make rational decisions under uncertain conditions. For example, suppose a coin is tossed ten times, and it comes up heads seven times. Is the coin fair? Big deal you say. Instead, suppose 99 out of 100 hospital emergency generators start. Is the design reliable? From the point of view of statistics, these are the same question. This course is the first half of a year long course designed to give you the tools to answer this question, and others, as well as to help you understand how these tools are constructed, and what their limitations are. More detail can be found in my first lecture Texts for the course are
    • Basic Probability Theory by R. B. Ash (ISBN 471-03450-9)
    • Mathematical Statistics with Applications by W. Mendenhall, D. D. Wackerly and R. L. Scheaffer (ISBN 0-534-92221-X)

    18. UWM Courses: MTHSTAT Mathematical Statistics
    College of Letters and Science. MTHSTAT mathematical statistics. Prereq math placementlevel B, AB, or A 361 Introduction to mathematical statistics, I. 3 cr.
    Other UWM Web Pages UWM Undergraduate Bulletin: Contents How to Use This Book Administration Calendar UWM - Endless Possibilities Academic Opportunities Campus Resources Admission Registration Financial Information Academic Information Index Student Services/Activities UWM Home Page College of Letters and Science Comments
    UWM Undergraduate Catalog 2002-2003
    College of Letters and Science
    MTHSTAT Mathematical Statistics
    This course information produced at 01:01 on 03/15/2003.
    College of Letters and Science Home Page

    Up to Undergraduate Bulletin School/College

    Up to Undergraduate Bulletin Department

    199 Independent Study. 1-3 cr. U.
    215 Elementary Statistical Analysis. 3 cr. U. Elementary probability theory; descriptive statistics; sampling distributions; basic problems of statistical inference including estimation; tests of statistical hypothesis in both one- and two- sample cases. Prereq: math placement level B, AB, or A
    361 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics, I. 3 cr. U/G. Probability spaces; discrete and continuous, univariate and multivariate distributions; moments; independence, random sampling, sampling distributions; normal and related distributions; point and interval estimation. Not recom for grad students in math, or students not planning to take MthStat 362. Prereq: jr st; Math 233(P)
    362 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics. 3 cr. U/G.

    19. Bernoulli Society For Mathemathical Statistics And Probability
    BERNOULLI SOCIETY FOR mathematical statistics AND PROBABILITY. Foundationand Objectives The Bernoulli Society was founded in 1975
    Foundation and Objectives:
    The Bernoulli Society was founded in 1975, succeeding and extending the role formerly played by the International Association for Statistics in the Physical Sciences which originated in 1961. The Bernoulli Society's mission is to further, through international contacts, the increase of natural knowledge and the welfare of mankind through the advancement of the sciences of probability (including stochastic processes) and mathematical statistics, and their applications.
    Membership and Executive:
    The Bernoulli Society has a membership of around 1500, a third of those also being members of ISI who chose the Bernoulli Society as their section. The daily operations of the Society is in the hands of an executive committee: President : Peter Hall (Australia) President-Elect : Don Dawson (Canada) Scientific Secretary : Enno Mammen (Germany) Membership Secretary : Volker Mammitzsch (Germany) Treasurer : Mathisca de Gunst (Netherlands) Executive Secretary : Marcel P.R. Van den Broecke (Netherlands)

    20. Statistics Division
    The Department of Theoretical Statistics was a continuation of theInstitute of mathematical statistics, University of Copenhagen.
    Statistics Division
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