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         Mathematics Education:     more books (100)
  1. Proof in Mathematics Education: Research, Learning and Teaching by David A. Reid, Christine Knipping, 2010-07-23
  2. Theories of Mathematics Education: Seeking New Frontiers (Advances in Mathematics Education)
  3. Classics In Mathematics Education Research by Thomas P. Carpenter, 2004-05-01
  4. Early Childhood Mathematics Education Research: Learning Trajectories for Young Children (Studies in Mathematical Thinking and Learning) by Julie Sarama, Douglas H. Clements, 2009-03-12
  5. Handbook of Research on the Psychology of Mathematics Education
  6. The Sociology of Mathematics Education: Mathematical Myths / Pedagogic Texts (Studies in Mathematics Education Series : 7) (Volume 0) by Paul Dowling, 1998-01-01
  7. Meaning in Mathematics Education (Mathematics Education Library)
  8. Cultural Perspectives on the Mathematics Classroom (Mathematics Education Library)
  9. The Psychology of Mathematics Education: A Psychoanalytic Displacement (New Directions in Mathematics and Science Education)
  10. Mathematics Education: The Singapore Journey (Series on Mathematics Education) by Wong Khoon Yoong, 2009-02-19
  11. Culturally Responsive Mathematics Education (Studies in Mathematical Thinking and Learning Series)
  12. Activity and Sign: Grounding Mathematics Education
  13. Mathematics Curriculum in Pacific Rim Countries- China, Japan, Korea, and Singapore Proceedings of a Conference (PB) (Research in Mathematics Education)
  14. Handbook of Research Design in Mathematics and Science Education

1. ENC: A K-12 Math And Science Teacher Center.
1622 Is Excellence in Science, Technology, and mathematics education Week. Ubiquitous Computing in Math and Science
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Classroom Calendar ... Ask ENC
ENC is a K-12 math and science teacher center. Visit Classroom Calendar Digital Dozen , or ENC Focus . Or just Ask ENC
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Explore online resourcesENC's Digital Dozen , and arranged by Math and Science Topics. More
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Find information on teaching materials using a Basic or Advanced Search, and through a Browse list. More
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Education Headlines March 18, 2003
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2. Mathematics Archives - K12 Internet Sites
mathematics education. 100th Day of School 100 ideas for celebrating the 100th day of school, links to other math
K-12 Teaching Materials The following are Internet sites which contain significant collections of materials which can be used in the teaching of mathematics at the K-12 level. We have organized these materials into the following categories: Lesson Plans
Columbia Education Center Mathematics Lesson Plans
The Explorer is part of the Unified Network Informatics Technology for Education (UNITE) efforts at the University of Kansas. The Explorer is part of a research and development effort to establish an on time and user friendly means of delivering a full range of information resources to educators and students. This site includes information on software, lab materials, lesson plans, video tapes, etc. for the teaching of mathematics at the k-12 grade levels. Lesson Plans for the Graphing Calculator
Lesson Plans using Geometer's Sketchpad
Math Activities for K-12 Teachers
In December, 1997, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center funded Dan Biezad, Professor of Aerospace Engineering, and Robin Ward, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, both of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, to develop materials for K-12 teachers based on aeronautical themes and NASA projects. One major goal of this project was to make the learning of mathematics more engaging and realistic for students, by using real-world applications.

3. Mathematics Archives - Topics In Mathematics - Mathematics Education
TECHNOLOGY Adobe's Acrobat Reader. Canadian mathematics education Study Group. ADD.
Topics in Mathematics Mathematics Education
  • ACDCA 5th Summer Academy Proceedings
    ADD. KEYWORDS: Conference Proceedings, Computer Algebra, Using TI-92 in a "Traditional" Calculus and Differential Equations Course, Exponential Growth, Black Boxes and Teaching Mathematics, Analytical Mechanics Problems with DERIVE, etc.
    SOURCE: Austrian Center for Didactics of Computer Algebra
    TECHNOLOGY: Adobe's Acrobat Reader
  • Advanced Mathematical Thinking
  • AMTE 2000 Conference Proceedings
    ADD. KEYWORDS: Conference Proceedings, Tutoring Field Experience, (Inter)Active Geometry, Formative and Summative Portfolio Assessment, Individualized Instruction, Number/Algebra Course for Preservice Middle Grades Teachers of Mathematics, Mathematics Discourse, Electronic Discussion Forum, Problem Solving
    SOURCE: Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators
    TECHNOLOGY: Adobe's Acrobat Reader
  • ARUME Math Ed Paper Database
    ADD. KEYWORDS: Searchable database
    SOURCE: ARUME, Better File Cabinet, Eric Hsu, Joan Garfield

4. SBU Centre For Mathematics Education
South Bank University Centre for mathematics education 103 Borough Road, London SE1 0AA Tel 0171 815 7440 Fax 0171 815 7499 Welcome to our Home Page.
South Bank University
Centre for Mathematics Education
School Of Computing Information Systems and Mathematics
South Bank University
103 Borough Road, London SE1 0AA
Tel: 0171 815 7440
Fax: 0171 815 7499
Welcome to our Home Page. On this page you will find a description of the activities of the centre including the courses that we run, our research interests including research in progress and links to the individual home pages of the members of the centre and additional interesting links. You will also find links to unit guides and course notes for students.
Courses that we offer
MSc/ PG Dip in Mathematics Education
from here you can Link to the Home Page of The Swedish MSc 1996 Cohort.
Inservice Courses For Secondary School Teachers
Research Degrees - Full or Part-Time.
The centre staff are: (Click on a picture to go to individual Home Pages)
Dr Stephen Lerman Head of Centre
Peter Winbourne
Dr Adam Vile
Click here for our list of research interests and our recent publications. Click here for a list of Maths Education Sites Maths Education Sites.

5. NCTM E_Resources - Journal Home
Journal for Research in mathematics education (JRME) Promotes and disseminates disciplinedscholarly inquiry into the teaching and learning of mathematics at

6. Math Forum - Mathematics Education
Forum. mathematics education. Key Issues for the Mathematics CommunityWorld Wide Web Resources for mathematics education New
Mathematics Education
Key Issues for the Mathematics Community
World Wide Web Resources for Mathematics Education

7. Math Forum - Mathematics Education
The Math Education pages at the Math Forum are an information center for teaching issues. Topics include adult numeracy, assessment, block scheduling, and other reform topics. mathematics education. Key Issues for the Mathematics Community
Mathematics Education
Key Issues for the Mathematics Community
World Wide Web Resources for Mathematics Education

8. National Council Of Teachers Of Mathematics
Dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of mathematics.Category Science Math Education Associations...... mathematics resources and professional development opportunities for teachers andsupports efforts to ensure an excellent mathematics education for all students
NCTM Working for You

NCTM comments on Higher Education Act. more
NCTM member is NASA's first educator astronaut. more
NCTM mentioned in recent news articles. more Conferences
Annual Meetings

Regional Conferences

Speak at an NCTM Conference
Professional Development
NCTM Academy

Spring 2003 Institutes

Summer 2003 Institutes
Member Resources Each One, Reach One membership campaign offers opportunities to win Journals Online Student Math Notes Standards Resources full text lessons, applets, video E-Resources ... Advertising National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 1906 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191-1502 Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of Use

9. Dialogues
An open forum for the exchange of points of view about issues in mathematics education. It provides Category Society Issues Education Reform Curriculum Reform...... mathematics education Dialogues, published through April 2002, offered an openforum for the exchange of points of view about complex and timely topics in
Mathematics Education Dialogues, published through April 2002, offered an open forum for the exchange of points of view about complex and timely topics in mathematics education. The back issues of Dialogues do not present official policies of NCTM. The Editorial Panel selected essays that presented a variety of viewpoints on each topic. April 2002 What Motivates Teachers of Mathematics to Enter and Remain in the Profession? November 2001 What Can We Learn from Comparing the Performance of Asian and North American Students? May/June 2001 Professional Development: Apple Pie or Raw Rhubarb? January 2001 Integrate to Make Whole? October 2000 Teacher Preparation: A Never-Ending Quandary April 2000 October 1999 Back to the Basics or Forward to the BasicsWhich Philosophy Should We Embrace? May/June 1999 April 1999 Who Should Determine What You Teach?

10. The Center Of Excellence For Science Mathematics Education
This is no longer the site for CESME. We have a new look and locationat. Hope you enjoy and happy surfing. Webmaster.

11. CSME
Centre for the Study of mathematics education, located in the School of Education.Category Science Math Education Institutes......This is the Home page of the Centre for the Study of mathematics educationat Nottingham University. If you are reading this, it
This is the Home page of the Centre for the Study of Mathematics Education at Nottingham University. If you are reading this, it is because your browser has not got the facility to deal with frames. We are currently updating our pages and hope that you will be able to read this information soon.

12. Mathematics Education Bibliography
Peter Gates, School of Education, University of Nottingham. September 1997.Category Science Math Education Research......mathematics education Bibliography. The Education. Part B Research onthe Social Context of mathematics education, NFERNelson, 1983.
Mathematics Education Bibliography
The following bibliography consists of a collection of books and other resources which may be useful references for those studying or otherwise interested in mathematics education. The descriptions of the books are taken, in the main, from that provided on the book cover. The bibliography does not contain details of text-books or other specifically classroom resources. If you feel other sources should be included, you are invited to contact the compiler. Peter Gates School of Education The University of Nottingham Nottingham NG7 2RD, UK September 1997 Pages for some publishers are listed below: In addition you can see another bibliography on Semiotics run by Adam Vile at South Bank University, London, at
Janet Ainley, Enriching Primary Mathemtics with IT, Hodder and Stoughton, 1996
Margaret Alic, Hypatia's Heritage, Women's Press, 1986
The author has discovered an entire and fascinating lost heritage of female scientific achievement which had been stolen, plagiarised, simply ignored, or published under male pseudonyms to prevent public opprobrium. Unique and highly acclaimed, the book draws on wealth of biographical and scientific evidence to provide a fascinating and overdue insight into the life and times of outstanding women scientists from prehistory to the late 19th century.
Michael Armstrong, Closely Observed Children. The Diary of a Primary Classroom, Writers and Readers, 1980

13. Math WWW VL: Education [FSU Math]
mathematics education. Geometria Learn and teach solid geometry with this interactiveJava program. Gopher A gopher dedicated to mathematics education.
208 Love Building Tallahassee, FL 32306-4510 Phone: (850) 644-2202 Fax: (850) 644-4053 Home Virtual Library Print Math WWW VL: Education

Contact Us

Graduate Program

Undergrad Program
Faculty Resources

about the Virtual Library: Information categorized by subject. To suggest an addition to the Mathematics Virtual Library please fill out the on-line form Overseas users may want to try our mirror in Israel , hosted by the Israel Institute of Technology This collection of Mathematics-related resources is maintained by the Florida State University Department of Mathematics as a free service to the online community.
Mathematics Education 100th Day of School 100 ideas for celebrating the 100th day of school, links to other math websites 21st Century Problem Solving the 24 Game ranges of mental arithmetic games for all ages an interactive platform to exchange and develop Additional Mathematics solutions Adam's Freeware features Flash Cards 2, which lets you quiz yourself in arithematic Algebra for Everyone mathematics resources, including information about artificially intelligent mathematics tutors for Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2

14. Paul Ernest's Page
Based at School of Education, University of Exeter, United Kingdom, includes the text of back issues Category Society Philosophy Philosophy of Mathematics...... Philosophy of mathematics education Journal (formally Philosophy of MathematicsEducation Newsletter). Philosophy of mathematics education Newsletters.
Welcome to PAUL ERNEST'S page
Based at School of Education, University of Exeter, United Kingdom
More about Paul Ernest including iffy picture!
Paul Ernest - Curriculum Vitae and Publications List
Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal (formally Philosophy of Mathematics Education Newsletter)
Philosophy of Mathematics Education Newsletters
Please send comments about PoME newsletters to Paul Ernest... Coming soon: Your comments on the PoME Newsletter
More about Falmer Book Series 'Studies in Mathematics Education'
Advanced Study in Mathematics Education at Exeter.
(These documents are available in Word97 format.)

15. Combined Ref List
Paul Ernest, University of Exeter.Category Science Math Education Research......A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF mathematics education. Paul Ernest. P Ernest 1994. SOCIETY,DIVERSITY AND mathematics education. THE NATURE OF MATHEMATICS.
Paul Ernest P Ernest 1994 This electronic bibliography has been prepared for students at the University of Exeter and may not be copied or distributed to others without permission. To find particular topics view in outline mode (levels 2-8) or use the edit/find features of Word or Windows.
1. Society, Diversity And Mathematics Education 1.1 The Nature Of Mathematics 1.2 Ethnomathematics 1.3 History Of Mathematics In Teaching 1.4 Multicultural And Antiracist Mathematics 1.5 Gender And Mathematics 1.6 Political Values And Maths 1.7 Special Educational Needs And Maths Ability 1.8 Language And Mathematics 1.9 Parents And Maths 1.10 Mathematics, Work And Numeracy 2. The Learning Of Mathematical Topics 2.1 Number Concepts And Operations 2.2 Addition And Subtraction 2.3 Multiplication And Division 2.4 Place Value And Decimals 2.5 Fractions 2.6 Ratio 2.7 Integers (Positive And Negative Numbers) 2.8 Measurement 2.9 Algebra 2.10 Graphs 2.11 Geometry And Symmetry 2.12 Spatial Imagery And Visualisation

16. Multicultural Perspectives In Mathematics Education
Multicultural Perspectives in mathematics education. Purpose. This Web Returnto the mathematics education Department Home Page The development
Multicultural Perspectives
in Mathematics Education
Purpose This Web Site is maintained by the Department of Mathematics Education as a tool for furthering our understanding of multicultural perspectives in mathematics education. It is intended as both a forum and a resource for mathematics educators, in our department and elsewhere, who are interested in teaching mathematics reflecting contributions of many cultures and in teaching students who bring cultural diverse backgrounds to mathematics learning.
University of Georgia Undergraduate Cultural Diversity Requirement

Dissertation Research
King, John. (1995). Investigating the general and mathematics efficacy and attributions of African American students, as predictors of pursuit of mathematics-related careers. Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Georgia.

17. Jim Wilson's Home Page
The Department of mathematics education. Welcome to Jim Wilson's Home Page/Server! Return.Papers. mathematics education Web Course Development on a Shoestring.
The Department of Mathematics Education
Welcome to
Jim Wilson's Home Page/Server!
Jim Kansas Sunset
Jim 2001
My e-mail is - - - - - - - Last modified January 29, 2003

18. International Group For The Psychology Of Mathematics Education
Promotes international contacts and the exchange of scientific information in the psychology of mathemati Category Science Math Education Associations......International group of researchers in the field of the psychologyof mathematics education. Apologies. This site contains frames.
This site contains frames.
Apparently your browser does not support frames.
You might want to use one that does.
In the meantime you can attain our site with at and navigate in it by using the BACK button of your browser.
The two most used browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer and

19. OSU Mathematics Education Center
To the. OSU mathematics education Center. Click here for FRAMES version.Click here for NONFRAMES version. (C)1996 Oklahoma State
To the
O.S.U. Mathematics Education Center
Click here for FRAMES version
Click here for NON-FRAMES version

C)1996 Oklahoma State University Mathematics Department Created and Maintained by the Techincal Shop Staff in 502D Math Sciences

20. OSU Math Ed Center: Projects
mathematics education Projects Page. Here Oklahoma State Universityis a member of the MER mathematics education reform forum. This
Mathematics Education Projects Page
Here you will find information about and links to home pages of educational projects.

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