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         Christian Science:     more books (99)
  1. Student Activities in Earth Science for Christian Schools by David Anderson, Richard Seeley, 1993-01
  2. Science 6 for Christian Schools
  3. Christian Science: A Sourcebook of Contemporary Materials by Christ Science, 1991-06
  4. Scientific Christian Mental Practice by Emma Curtis Curtis Hopkins, 2009-11-01
  5. God's Perfect Child: Living and Dying in the Christian Science Church by Caroline Fraser, 2000-08-01
  6. The Star Hunters by Aaron Marshall, 2007-12-24
  7. The Christian View of SCIENCE and SCRIPTURE by Bernard Ramm, 1983
  8. The Christian Science Hymnal by Mary Baker Eddy, 2004-06-30
  9. Christian Science by Mark Twain, 2010-03-06
  10. Earth Science for Christian Schools by George Mulfinger, Donald E. Snyder, 1992-01
  11. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures (Authorized, Trade Ed.) by Mary Baker Eddy, 1994-10-01
  12. Christian Classics: four books and four articles by Mary Baker Eddy, in a single file, improved 8/23/2010 by Mary Baker Eddy, 2009-02-15
  13. Contemplative Science: Where Buddhism and Neuroscience Converge (Columbia Series in Science and Religion) by B. Alan Wallace, 2009-02-25
  14. The Christian Science Journal (Volume 28) by Mary Baker Eddy, 2010-10-14

1. The Christian Science Monitor | Daily Online Newspaper
News and analysis from national newspaper.Category News Breaking News......The christian science Monitor an independent daily newspaper providing contextand clarity on national and international news, peoples and cultures, and
WORLD USA COMMENTARY LEARNING ... MonitorTalk Search: War-front news rivets and repels
Nonstop coverage offers viewers unique access to battle zone, but may give a distorted perspective.
Vote in the poll

Bush meets Blair, but can US meet Europe?

Several disputes have a common factor: disagreement over America's global role.
Humanitarian aid proves difficult

Other top stories
Affirmative action's evolution

How the debate has changed since 1970s.
UN envoy assesses a 'sober' Pyongyang

Kofi Annan's delegate talks of a desire by both US and North to resolve the crisis - even as positions harden. In features Theater of one Solo performers take the spotlight to prove that one isn't the loneliest number. All of today's headlines Past five editions Special Projects AP Families flee Basra across a bridge manned by British soldiers. Protesters hit the streets Across the globe, marches put focus on antiwar opinion. A shifting war forces US to change gears War at a Glance Interactive map: War in the Gulf Military tactics and strategy Latest news in brief Updated 12:53 p.m. EST Red Cross has not yet seen US POWs Suicide attack wounds 20 on Israel coast Soldiers attacked at US base in Kuwait British officers: Iraqi general captured ... more news in brief...

2. The Ultimate Christian Science Resource On The Web
Promoting and Extending Pure christian science. christian science. as Taught by Mary Baker Eddy
Promoting and Extending Pure Christian Science CHRISTIAN SCIENCE
as Taught by Mary Baker Eddy The time for thinkers has come. Christian Science Mary Baker Eddy Weekly Lesson Reference Library Next Week's
Bible Lesson
March 31 - April 6, 2003
St. Peter
Articles for Study
Reinforcing Spiritual Understanding Protection through Watchfulness
As we always watch the present thought, we shall finally prove with Paul the possibility of "bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ," and our lives will be examples of the wonderful protection which results from God-governed thinking.

3. Christian Way
Ministry of former Christian Scientists seeks to bring the true Gospel in love to those who remain in the church. Read several articles. Scientists former followers of Mary Baker Eddy, her religion christian science, and its "textbook" Science and Health.
Home Statement of Faith Christian Science and the Bible Personal Stories ... TAPE SERIES AVAILABLE Former Christian Scientists for Jesus Christ We are former Christian Scientists former followers of Mary Baker Eddy, her religion Christian Science, and its "textbook" Science and Health . We have all found a personal relationship with Jesus Christ that is based upon the Bible and not upon its spiritual interpretation as presented in Science and Health. Our members belong to a variety of denominations, but we hold certain core beliefs that are central to biblical Christianity. Christian Way was founded by Carolyn Poole in 1983 and is currently headed by Mike Benjamin. Mike is an Assistant Pastor at Calvary Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Our Purpose: The heart of our ministry involves:
  • Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with current and former Christian Scientists Equipping others to reach out to loved ones in Christian Science Ministering to the spiritual and emotional needs of former Christian Scientists who remain confused or wounded from their involvement in Christian Science Providing balance for the claims and promises made by the Christian Science Church; by its "textbook,"

4. Christian Science Berlin - Aktuell
Kirchen der Christlichen Wissenschaft findet man seit ¼ber 100 Jahren in der deutschen Hauptstadt.
Christian Science Berlin Homepage der Christian Science Kirchen und Vereinigungen in Berlin aktuell informationen links intern ... kontakt Thema der Lesung am Mittwoch in Dritte Kirche
mehr Infos
Mary Baker Eddy machte vor über 125 Jahren eine Reihe von geistigen Entdeckungen, die schließlich zur Gründung eines einzigartigen metaphysischen Heilungssystems führten.
Dieser Bestseller beschreibt dieses System, das auf wissenschaftlichem Gebet basiert. Die Ideen in diesem Buch haben Menschen in über 130 Ländern geholfen, Beziehungsprobleme zu lösen, Stress, Einsamkeit und Trauer zu überwinden und vermitteln eine wirksame und zuverlässige Grundlage zum Heilen von Krankheit. Gleichberechtigung Ein paar Gedanken zum Thema ...
"Halte das Denken ständig auf das Dauernde, das Gute und das Wahre gerichtet und du wirst dies alles in dem Verhältnis erleben, wie es dein Denken beschäftigt" (S. 261). Jahresversammlung 2003 Die Jahresversammlung der Mutterkirche

5. Christian Science - Christian Or Cult?
Critically examines the history and tenets of christian science and asks whether the religion can be considered to be a cult. The movement known as christian science is a religion "emphasizing divine healing as practiced by Jesus Christ." It is
Christian Science
Christian or Cult?*
The movement known as Christian Science is a religion "emphasizing divine healing as practiced by Jesus Christ." It is officially known as The Church of Christ, Scientist (CCS) (with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts), founded in 1879 by the much married Mary Baker Glover Patterson Eddy (1821-1910). It is one of the more sophisticated modern cults, attracting many intellectuals. Estimated membership was about 350,000 in the 1930s with approximately 2,500 branch churches, societies, and college organizations in more than 50 countries worldwide. Estimates suggest that membership has fallen to well under 100,000 at the present time. While the branches are democratic in government, they all conform to the rules laid down in Mary Baker Eddy's Manual of The Mother Church (1895); church affairs are now overseen by a self-perpetuating board of five people. Under the leadership of Board of Directors Chairman Virginia Harris, the CCS has embarked on an aggressive, multi-faceted marketing program designed to mainstream itself and to attract new members. For example, the CCS is finding new ways to promote itself in light of our society's current interest in self-awareness, spirituality, mind/body connections, alternative medicine, and women's issues. The CCS's weekly magazine has been redesigned to include quotes from New-Age proponent Oprah Winfrey. Church representatives are also turning up at medical conferences and other places.

6. Order Form
Homeschool Sunday School lessons in christian science for children, parents, newcomers, and independent thinkers, with emphasis on Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, and Lord's Prayer.
CS Lessons Home Page
First Lessons in Christian Science for children and newcomers
Vicki Cole
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7. A Changed World |
The christian science Monitor's coverage of the changes wrought by the September11 attacks is a valuable resource for understanding our world today."csmParent";
Special report:
Sept. 11 - One Year Later

September 11 toppled our biggest buildings and unearthed the foundations of American life - pluralism, bravery, and resilience. Join us as we explore the questions raised one year ago and profile people whose lives have been changed.
Other Special Reports:
Exactly what is terrorism?

This interactive project lets you decide what is terrorism - and what's not.
Voices from behind the veil

Women in conservative Islamic societies talk about their lives, and how the West perceives them.
Fragile freedoms

Which civil liberties - and whose - can be abridged to create a safer America? A three-part series. Part 2: Tribunals on trial Part 3: Bioterror: All the rules change Loose nukes Enough nuclear material is missing worldwide to make a 'dirty' bomb. Where is it? What is being done to prevent its use by terrorists? Listening for Islam's silent majority As Osama bin Laden calls for a jihad, and militants rally, where are the moderate Muslims? The US and Israel Since the founding of a Jewish homeland in 1948, America's unique friendship with Israel has weathered war and crises. It is now drawing more public scrutiny than it has in a generation. The Tenets of Terror A special report on the ideology of jihad and the rise of Islamic militancy.

8. The Church Of Christ, Scientist
Official web site of the Mother Church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts.Category Society Religion and Spirituality christian science...... Humanity. •, The christian science Monitor. Other Resources •,christian science organizations. •, Job opportunities. •, 2003
Related Web sites: The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity The Christian Science Monitor Other Resources: Christian Science organizations Job opportunities 2003 Per Capita Tax Form
Members of The Mother Church can now make their per capita tax contributions online. Mary Baker Eddy discovered and established a Bible-based system of spiritual healing which she named Christian Science. It is fully explained in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures , a perennial bestseller in print for over 125 years, with over 10 million copies sold.
The Church of Christ, Scientist, was established in 1879, four years after Science and Health was published. It consists of The Mother Church in Boston (The First Church of Christ, Scientist) and about 2,000 branch churches worldwide, in 80 countries. Register and make hotel reservations online Learn about Berlin Boston activities View the schedule of events Check the News page english

New Book Release:
Mary Baker Eddy: Speaking for Herself
Contains the previously published

9. Christian Science Versus Pantheism
Pastor Mary Baker Eddy's message in opposition to Pantheism.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Opposing Views Pantheism......christian science. versus. Pantheism. by. christian science versus Pantheism. 1, PASTOR'SMESSAGE TO THE MOTHER CHURCH, ON THE OCCASION OF THE. 3, JUNE COMMUNION, 1898.
Christian Science versus Pantheism
by Mary Baker Eddy
Pastor Emeritus of The First Church of Christ, Scientist Boston, and Author of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
Published by the Trustees under the Will of Mary Baker G. Eddy Boston, U.S.A.
By Mary Baker G. Eddy
Printed in the United States of America Christian Science versus Pantheism
SUBJECT: Not Pantheism, but Christian Science
BELOVED brethren, since last you gathered at the feast of our Passover, the winter winds have come
and gone; the rushing winds of March have shrieked and hummed their hymns; the frown and smile of April, the laugh of May, have fled; and the roseate blush of joyous June is here and ours. In unctuous unison with nature, mortals are hoping and working, putting off outgrown, wornout, or soiled gar- ments - the pleasures and pains of sensation and the sackcloth of waiting - for the springtide of Soul. For what a man seeth he hopeth not for, but hopeth for what

10. Page Not Found On Our Web Site
Mother Church of the christian science movement.Category Regional North America Religion Christianity......Thank you for visiting our web site. The page you have requestedhas either been removed from our site or is an invalid URL. To

11. Christian Science Practitioner - Irene I. Smith, CS
Learn more about healing based on a scientific understanding of the law of harmony governing man and the universe.
Christian Science Practitioner - Irene I. Smith, CS This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

12. American Atheists // Christian Science
Insight into the founding of christian science, its founder, and its strange and dangerous practices MARY "FAKER" EDDY AND THE CULT OF christian science. by Frank R. Zindler
The Probing Mind Series The following is the text of an article that appeared in the
American Atheists magazine, September, 1987. The less we know or think about hygiene, the less we are predisposed to sickness. Mary Baker Eddy
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
(Boston, First Church, 1875, 1898, p. 389)
action carried out by the parents, it is the result of deliberate inaction. Whether the sacrifice be the result of a deliberate action or inaction, it is done because the religious beliefs of the parents are considered more important than the child. One of the definitions which Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary gives for the term 'sacrifice' is "destruction or surrender of something for the sake of something else." Far from being the rhetorical abuse of language alleged by religious critics, the term 'child-sacrifice' appears to be both accurate and appropriate for describing faith-healing-related deaths of children. Not only do certain parents think their religious beliefs are more important than the lives of their children, the State of Ohio thinks so too! The Ohio juvenile code at 2151.03(e) makes the astonishing claim that:

13. Christian Science - Praktische Spiritualität - Gesundheit Beruf Lebensfragen

14. Christian Science Sentinel
guide. (christian science Hymnal, Nos. 207, 9). The christian scienceSentinel is available at any christian science Reading Room. To
March 17 Sentinel
By Marilyn Jones
A visit with Dr. Levi Price, who transformed a downtown El Paso, Texas, Baptist church from an irrelevant building to an irresistible spiritual force within the community. To read this article click on the Sentinel cover.
Click here to read an Editorial
The Christian Science Sentinel watches the events and emerging trends that most affect people's lives, and points out how the laws and nature of God are enabling people to exercise greater control over their lives in the face of such trends and events. Weekly articles, editorials, and firsthand accounts of healing show in practical terms how Christian Science can bring healing to any situation.
Give a
Gift Subscription Customer Service Link To Us Upcoming Sentinel Features Submit Writing and Photography
You can also listen to sample programs of the SentinelRadio Edition The following article is from the March 17, 2003 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel A story of hope and inspiration By Marilyn Jones Senior Writer The first thing you notice about Levi Price are the contradictions: He's a tall, rugged man, an athlete, dressed to the nines. But he's soft-spoken, self-effacing. And warm. A professor in a southern university who answers his phone with his first name. A family man. A Baptist preacher.

15. GEwebpage03/03
OnlineAusgabe der Monatszeitschrift. Artikel und Heilungszeugnisse f¼hren in die Christliche Wissenschaft ein; Adressen deutschsprachiger Kirchen und Aus¼ber
Multilingual Christian Science Organizations Job Opportunities
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
... Home
Erich Bethmann
A ls Kind habe ich im Wald manchmal einem Ameisenhaufen zugeschaut. Erstaunlich, wie die hin- und herrennen. Ununterbrochen. Zu zigtausenden. Wenn man denen einen Stock in den Weg legt, laufen die
W as ich gesucht habe? Eine Gruppe, in der ich Vorstellungen von richtig oder falsch, wichtig oder unwichtig formulieren und mit anderen um den rechten Weg ringen kann. Was ich noch gesucht habe? Eine Organisation, die Zukunft hat. Was ich gefunden habe? Eine Kirche. Wertvorstellungen entwickeln M. B. Eddys Standardwerk, Wissenschaft und Gesundheit Gemeinschaft mit anderen Die Zukunft gestalten Eine Kirche mit Gottesdienst und Gebet, mit Heilungen und Heilern. Und vielleicht mit Ihnen? Michael Seek Konflikt: Ausländer und Einheimische
News and Information
Publications Broadcasts ... Home
E-mail us with a General Question or a Technical Question
Web site The First Church of Christ, Scientist

16. Linking To The Christian Science Sentinel
christian science Sentinel. HTML Code for the Link A HREF= http ChristianScience Sentinel Radio Edition. HTML Code A HREF= /GV
S top by often to see the current samples from the Christian Science Sentinel or the Christian Science Sentinel - Radio Edition For your convenience in linking to us, we have provided the HTML codes below, which you may use on your own Web site to produce the indicated results. Should you choose to link to us, we would appreciate your letting us know about it, so we can keep in touch with you and tell you about any changes or new developments. Please send us an email indicating the URL of your Web site to In addition, please post the following notice somewhere on any page on your Web site which includes our cover image: "Cover image of the Christian Science Sentinel If you have a Web site and would like to post a link to these pages, here's the html code:
Christian Science Sentinel
HTML Code for the Link:
Christian Science Sentinel
HTML Code for the Cover:
HTML Code for the Cover with a link:
Christian Science Sentinel - Radio Edition
HTML Code: Result: Christian Science Sentinel - Radio Edition NOTE: It is not necessary to download any images to your server. The code provided gets the image from the Church's web server. If in the future, the image were to change, your page would be automatically updated with the new image.

17. Publications
The christian science Journal has brought health and spirituality intothe lives of individuals and families since 1883. Instructive
Multilingual Christian Science Organizations Job Opportunities
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
... Home
The Christian Science Journal has brought health and spirituality into the lives of individuals and families since 1883. Instructive articles and verified reports of Christian healing give the reader a working understanding of the divine Principle and practice of Christian Science. Each monthly issue also contains a worldwide directory of Christian Science practitioners, teachers, churches, Reading Rooms, organizations at universities and colleges, nurses, and Committees on Publication serving the public.
Reports of
On-Line Give a Gift Subscription Customer Service The following article is from the March 2003 issue of the Journal The roots of fundamentalism
Richard A. Nenneman Since September 11, 2001, the world has been hearing a lot about Islamic fundamentalism. Yet fundamentalism The word fundamentalism In religious terms the issues involved were not the same. As Karen Armstrong, the British religious scholar, points out in

18. The Christian Science Journal
To read the full edition of the christian science Journal go to any christian scienceReading Room, or click on the bottons below to subscribe by ordering the
Multilingual Christian Science Organizations Job Opportunities
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
... Home
The Christian Science Journal has brought health and spirituality into the lives of individuals and families since 1883. Instructive articles and verified reports of Christian healing give the reader a working understanding of the divine Principle and practice of Christian Science. Each monthly issue also contains a worldwide directory of Christian Science practitioners, teachers, churches, Reading Rooms, organizations at universities and colleges , nurses, and Committees on Publication serving the public.
Reports of
On-Line Give a Gift Subscription Customer Service The following article is from the August, 2000 issue of the Journal
The ultimate "face-off"
Constance L. Pierce I'VE BEEN ASKED many times why I use prayer to gain relief from physical ailments or to overcome stress or some other challenge in my life. Sometimes when this question comes up, I find that people want to know about the "what ifs" as well. They'll pose scenarios with the most horrific possibilities and ask if I'd still rely on prayer if I found myself in "that situation." However the question comes, it leads me to ask myself, "Why do I choose prayer?"

19. Career / Workplace
Read and discuss how spirituality can be lived in the workplace. Learn how universal spiritual ideas empower you and bring meaning to work. Inspired by the ideas of christian science.;jsessionid=EBYJKD4A5ANK1KGL4I1CFEQ


Self / Identity
Contact Us
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"This book has made my quest for truth complete. The rest is up to me to follow the truth."
-Scotland, United Kingdom Home Topics to Explore Career / Workplace Employing spiritual resources is good business and improves conditions on the job. Search Topics to Explore: Search Tips The Golden Rule of selling
An inexperienced shoe salesman struggling to survive in a competitive situation turns to divine Love for a useful lesson in acceptance.
Spirituality@Work: Join the discussion
Spirituality@Work: Check out the next live event Spirituality@Work: Homepage "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Many professionals tell about how spirituality is the key to career success and satisfaction. Post your thoughts For career guidance, follow the angels Angels what have they got that career fairs, agencies, and networks haven't got? End of the dead end job Post your thoughts Dancing with the angel "I was yanked out of a nice, quiet and predictable lifestyle and dropped onto the fast track of a startup Internet project."

20. Christian Science Church In St. Paul, Minnesota
Books and other publications on christian science available for sale. Information on activities of Category Society Religion and Spirituality Local Churches...... We hold services weekly on Wednesday and Sunday. We also operate a SundaySchool, and a christian science Reading Room downtown St. Paul.
The Science and Health Shop
You are always welcome
at First Church of Christ, Scientist
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA
Inspirational audio readings (posted every Thursday) - Subject: "Liberation by Love" The Science and Health shop This is a branch of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. We hold services Sunday School , and a Christian Science Reading Room downtown St. Paul. See below for its address. 2315 Highland Parkway, at the intersection of Highland Parkway and Mississippi River Boulevard (east River Road). For latest information about First Church call our Reading Room at 651-291-7640 weekdays 10 - 3. Sunday School
Reading Room hours: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. Mon thru Fri Other Churches of Christ, Scientist Related links Other related links Reading Room mailing address:
307 Norwest Skyway
56 East Sixth Street
St. Paul, MN 55101
USA Phone/fax: 651-291-7640

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