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         Church Of Christ:     more books (99)
  1. Why I Am a Member of the Church of Christ by Leroy Brownlow, 2006
  2. What Christ Thinks of the Church: An Exposition of Revelation 1-3 by John R. W. Stott, 2003-10
  3. The Church of Christ by Edward C Wharton, 2010-06-01
  4. The Shaping of the United Church of Christ: An Essay in the History of American Christianity by Louis H. Gunnemann, Charles Shelby Rooks, 1999-06
  5. Spiritual Formation as if the Church Mattered: Growing in Christ through Community by James C. Wilhoit, 2008-02-01
  6. The Church of Christ: A Biblical Ecclesiology for Today by Everett Ferguson, 1996-06
  7. The Truth About the Church of Christ by Hugh Pyle, 1977-06
  8. Church History Volume One: From Christ to Pre-Reformation: The Rise and Growth of the Church in Its Cultural, Intellectual, and Political Context by Everett Ferguson, 2005-06-14
  9. Bishop C. H. Mason and the Roots of the Church of God in Christ by Ithiel Clemmons, 1997-01-01
  10. The History of the Church: From Christ to Constantine (Penguin Classics) by Eusebius, 1990-04-03
  11. Saving Jesus from the Church: How to Stop Worshiping Christ and Start Following Jesus by Robin R. Meyers, 2010-03-01
  12. Hidden Histories 2 (Hidden Histories in the United Church of Christ)
  13. Loving Your Wife as Christ Loves the Church by Larry E McCall, 2009-02-12
  14. Theology and Identity: Traditions, Movements, and Polity in the United Church of Christ

1. United Church Of Christ
Official web site of the UCC.Category Society Religion and Spirituality United church of christ......The United church of christ home page is a growing library of ecumenical resourcesfor Bible, liturgy, lectionary preaching, church music, spirituality, prayer
Links: Call to Daily Prayer Worship, Study, Action Worship, Study, Action page updated March 27 Prayer Occasioned
by War in Iraq for the people of Iraq, burdened by years of oppression, by a decade of sanctions, and now facing death and destruction, for those in flight, joining refugees throughout the world in a journey of profound uncertainty, for soldiers and their families facing dire threat and days of anxious waiting, for those who are poor, whose needs are set aside while we pay the costs of war, for ourselves, despairing that we could not turn hands and hearts from the way of violence. Allow us our silence, O God, but do not leave us alone. Receive our tears, but also gather them together to remind us that as we have been baptized into Christ’s death, so we are also baptized into Christ’s resurrection. Thus may our journey with Jesus on the Way of the Cross be filled with hope, that in these days we might not lose heart. Amen.
UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST Links: Call to Daily Prayer Worship, Study, Action

2. Church Of Christ In Zion, Illinois; David Padfield, Preacher
church of christ in Zion, Illinois. David Padfield, evangelist. Between Winthrop Harbor and Beach Park, Illinois; near the Great Lakes Naval Training Center. Free sermon outlines, gif and jpg clip art.
New Files
A new Workbook On Esther by David Padfield now available in the download section of this Web site. Gospel Meeting
Don Patton Zion, Illinois
If you are looking for general information about the city of Zion, Illinois, please visit OurZion.Com , a site containing a listing of schools, businesses, civic groups and upcoming events for the city. Mailing List
Join our mailing list to receive a monthly update notice when we add new books to this site. Explore Bible Lands
Take a virtual tour of Bible cities, including: Jerusalem, Capernaum, Caesarea Philippi, Caesarea Maritima, Smyrna and Ephesus. Free Clip Art
A collection of free GIF and JPG clip art for church web pages, along with articles on how to design Web pages. Free Downloadable Files
Dozens of free books, including sermon outlines, debate charts and class books. Debates On Bible Topics
Reasonable people can disagree without being disagreeable. Read debates on such Bible topics as the second coming of Christ, the role of baptism, the purpose of miracles in the first century and the work of the church. Reflections On Truth
Articles from our monthly teaching bulletin. Articles deal with a variety of Bible topics, including history, geography, salvation, the church and living as a Christian.

3. International Churches Of Christ
Presents family and news media resources, an events calendar, employment opportunities, and an explanation of the Church's basic beliefs. A new Churchsponsored site,, provides valuable Home and Family. Church leaders continue to emphasize the free book, video, or more information about the Church.
User Name Password Save login information International Churches of Christ What's New Who We Are What We Believe ... Give a Gift of Hope March 30, 2003 International Churches of Christ Welcome to the new ICOC website. We are now part of the online community of the International Churches of Christ at All of the official information from our previous website is now available within the ICOC channel. Our official news from around the world can be found in the KNN channel and is only a mouse-click away. Take some time to browse through the channels and send us your comments. What's New
See the latest updates to our site. Articles
Library of articles. Who We Are
In this section you will learn about who we are as a church. ICOC FAQ
Here is where you'll find answers to some frequently-asked questions. ICOC History
A timeline which chronicles historic events in the International Churches of Christ. What We Believe
Here are several key Biblical truths to which our members subscribe. Testimonials
Members of the church share how their commitment to being a disciple has changed their lives. Growth
Graphs showing growth of the church.

4. The Connecticut Conference, United Church Of Christ
State UCC organization. News and information about programs, activities, and member churches.
Welcome to the Connecticut Conference!
This site describes the life and work of the Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ , the state-wide organization of the UCC in this state. Where to start? How about who we are
Quick Links
Sign up for FIDO!
The Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ
125 Sherman Street
Hartford, CT 06105
(866) 367-2822 (toll free)
(866) FOR-CUCC
What's New?

5. Church Of Christ In Katy, (Houston) Texas
Houstonarea congregation presents Bible study courses, a schedule of services, and the opportunity to read the Bible in a year. The church of christ in Katy, Texas salutes you!
The church of Christ in Katy, Texas salutes you! We would be delighted to have you visit us! 39ers' Information and Pictures Here!
New Online Bible Study Course here!

Bible Bowl Chapter Headings Practice here! Yellow Brick Road PreSchool Info here!
click a topic below for more information:

SITE NAVIGATION AIDS Missions Newsletter Sermons by Cecil Hutson Trusting God Read the Bible in a Year ... 3 year plans This homepage is an adjunct of the library of the church, and is dedicated to the memory of Shanae McKaig, and her loving work. Click here to send us e-mail.

6. Church Of Christ At Buda/Kyle
Features a schedule of Sunday and Wednesday services and a listing of gospel meetings. Explore Bible resources. When you visit the church of christ you will find
Schedule of Services Sunday
Bible Study .................................. 9:00 a.m.
Morning Worship .................................. 10:00 a.m. Evening Worship .................................. 6:00 p.m. Wednesday
Bible Study .................................. 7:30 p.m. Evangelist - Tim Kidwell Come Worship With Us
When you visit the Church of Christ you will find: A group of friendly people, who will greet you warmly and help you find your way to the appropriate class or assembly. You will not be embarrassed by being asked to publicly identify yourself, or give a donation, or take any visible role. A worship service that is simple, reverent, and sincere. The atmosphere is neither ritualistic nor emotional, but establishes an environment in which the message of God to mankind motivates us to return His love and gladly serve Him. Acts of worship that are based solely on the Scriptures. For example, we partake of the Lord's Supper

7. Beaverton Church Of Christ
The church of christ Beaverton, Oregon 97005 Last Updated 02/11/03 2028 0800 "And He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature "" Mark 1615 Bookmark this site!
The Church Of Christ
11775 S.W. Fifth Street
Beaverton, Oregon 97005
Last Updated: 03/24/03 16:29 Pacific Standard Time "And He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature..."" Mark 16:15 We have a new name!
You can now access this site by using
Bookmark this site! Mark (our evangelist) will have new material here every week when available! To conserve disk space, I have started zipping most files. You can get WinZip free here: Click on the WEB item if you want to read the page online.
Click on the DOC item if you want the option of receiving the files in Microsoft Word format, zipped. Subject / Title WEB DOC Date Presented Fire in the Belly 03/23/2003, AM When Critics Ask 03/23/2003, PM Their Finest Hour 03/16/2003, AM Man's Majesty 03/09/2003, AM Matthew 19:9 and the non-Christian 03/09/2003, PM The Christian and Grief, part 1 03/02/2003, AM Boys Will Be Men 03/02/2003, PM Daniel, Chapter 11, part 1 By Request Daniel, Chapter 11, part 2 By Request The Straight and Narrow 02/23/2003, AM

8. Justice And Peace: Statement Of United Church Of Christ Leaders Opposing U.S. Wa
Home Justice and Peace War Against Iraq Statement of United Churchof Christ leaders opposing US war against Iraq With heavy hearts

Justice and Peace : War Against Iraq
Statement of United Church of Christ leaders opposing U.S. war against Iraq With heavy hearts we hear once again the drumbeat of war against Iraq. As United Church of Christ leaders committed to God’s reign of justice and peace in the world and to the just conduct of our nation, we firmly oppose this advance to war. The case for a preemptive attack on Iraq has not been made. While Iraq’s weapons potential is uncertain, the death that would be inflicted on all sides in a war is certain. Striking against Iraq now will not serve to prevent terrorism or defend our nation’s interests. We fear that war would only provoke greater regional instability and lead to the mass destruction it is intended to prevent. The human cost of war would be enormous, both to the United States and to Iraq. The most severe impact of a military assault on Iraq would be on its already suffering civilian population. Over a decade of containment and isolation, of crippling comprehensive sanctions, and of routine U.S. and British bombing have created miserable conditions inside Iraq. The sanctions have induced poverty, malnutrition, and starvation on the most vulnerable of the Iraqi people, including millions of children. These civilians, innocent of the atrocities Saddam Hussein has committed, should not bear the burden of deprivation and death such a war would surely exact on them. While we condemn Saddam Hussein’s repressive policies, we are alarmed that our nation’s leaders would consider taking unilateral military action to remove him. To do so without any support from our Arab friends, without allied consensus, and without United Nations authorization puts U.S. leadership and credibility under international law at stake. A preemptive war against Iraq also risks the solidarity and good will the global community has shown the United States this past year, already strained in recent months by our nation’s sharpened turn toward unilateralism. U.S. military action and our uncertain plans for Iraq afterward, including the potential for a long-term U.S. presence in Iraq, jeopardize most of all our tenuous relations with Arab and Muslim states in the region, in turn severely damaging U.S. prospects of successfully brokering new Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.

9. The Church Of Christ, Scientist
Official web site of the Mother Church, the First church of christ, Scientist in Boston, Massachusetts.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Christian Science...... The church of christ, Scientist, was established in 1879, four yearsafter Science and Health was published. It consists of The
Related Web sites: The Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity The Christian Science Monitor Other Resources: Christian Science organizations Job opportunities 2003 Per Capita Tax Form
Members of The Mother Church can now make their per capita tax contributions online. Mary Baker Eddy discovered and established a Bible-based system of spiritual healing which she named Christian Science. It is fully explained in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures , a perennial bestseller in print for over 125 years, with over 10 million copies sold.
The Church of Christ, Scientist, was established in 1879, four years after Science and Health was published. It consists of The Mother Church in Boston (The First Church of Christ, Scientist) and about 2,000 branch churches worldwide, in 80 countries. Register and make hotel reservations online Learn about Berlin Boston activities View the schedule of events Check the News page english

New Book Release:
Mary Baker Eddy: Speaking for Herself
Contains the previously published

10. CitiVision Church Of Christ
A citybased church that resulted frm a merger of Downtown and City congregation

Atlanta, GA. Undenominational
Special Series March 23 –28 with David Hartselle Click here for details Bible Class Material and info on current classes with map to classrooms Online BIBLE Correspondence Course
Study at your own pace, anytime. MAP
Directions to our building. BIBLE Questions
Have a Bible Question? Please, click here to email us. Learn About Salvation
Powerpoint Presentation Available Here. Special Studies Available
Have a Bible Question? Please, click here for more details. Worship Services Sunday
Bible Classes for All Ages Sunday Wednesday 7:30 PM
Ladies Class - Tuesday Sunday 5:00 PM For an uplifting, "Christ-centered" thought for the day call:
DIAL-A-BIBLE MESSAGE at 770-451-1010 or Toll-Free at 1-877-843-2925 Elders: Paul Griffin Ken Johnston Marty Broadwell Evangelists: David Maxson Jose Coronado (Spanish Speaking Evangelist) As you can see from the name of this website, our desire is to simply be Christians as the followers of Jesus were in the New Testament. The mission of this website is to simply encourage people to become believers and followers of Jesus Christ and our God and Father. The links and pages for study of God's Word associated with this website are brought to you by a group of undenominational Christians who want to go to Heaven and want everyone else to do the same.

12. Welcome To The Web Home Of The Clifton Church Of Christ
Offers news, announcements, church profile, event calendar, and worship schedule.
695 Berkshire Lane Off Ludlow . Cincinnati, OH 45220-1410
(513) 281-2872 Email:
Welcome to the Clifton Church of Christ website. We appreciate your interest. Please check out the rest of our website and if you are in the Cincinnati area, visit with us.
What You Will Find Here
You will find a warm, friendly greeting when you visit us. Our elders and deacons are dedicated to helping you learn more about God, His word, and His church so that you can find meaning and purpose for your life. In Our Office
Feel free to contact our secretary, Sherry McCray, for more information about who to contact for your needs.
Schedule Of Services
  • Sunday Bible Study
  • Sunday Morning Worship
  • Sunday Evening Worship
  • Wednesday Eve Bible Study

  • Member of the Church of Christ Ad Exchange This Church of Christ WebRing site is maintained by
    The Clifton Church of Christ

    Want to enter the
    Church of Christ WebRing
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  • 13. Webb Chapel Church Of Christ
    Includes missions, contact information, worship schedule and ministries.
    Home Ministries Missions Resources ... Listen
    Welcome to the family of God at Webb Chapel. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our page, and would like to invite you to worship with us whenever you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our church is growing day by day and we would be blessed by your presence. If you have any questions or comments regarding this site, our church family, or any spiritual matter, please feel free to e-mail us at or call us at (972) 241-3293. Thanks again, and may God bless you. Mission Forum 2002 Highlights Take a look...
    Listen To Sunday Morning Services

    We are in the process of recording and publishing the Sunday Morning services each week. Listen Now...
    Get Involved!

    Are you in need of a ministry work or maybe want to expand your spiritual gifts. If so, we have many open projects and ministries in need of your help. Please

    14. Church Of Christ Ad Exchange
    That is why the church of christ Ad Exchange was developed; to allow sharing adbanners with fellow Chistians, and promote a greater flow of traffic through
    "Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. Hebrews 13:16
    Member of the Church of Christ Ad Exchange If you have done much surfing on the web, you probably notice ad banners all over the place. To get your own ad banner on some sites like Webcrawler and Yahoo can cost over $1000 a month. LinkExchange is an example of swapping ad banners, but you never know what may appear on your site. That is why the Church of Christ Ad Exchange was developed; to allow sharing ad banners with fellow Chistians, and promote a greater flow of traffic through church sites. You can become a member of the Church of Christ Ad Exchange by sending your ad banner to the webmaster and linking to us. It's that simple. NOTE: There are two exchange lists. One is for non-profit web sites and the other is for revenue generating web sites. Only non-profit site banners are displayed in the first group, and all banners are displayed in the commercial sites. Home Members Banners Sample ... Code

    15. Memorial Singles
    Fellowship among Christian singles in their 20's and 30's. Worship, bible classes, home study, recreational activities, service to others.
    Memorial Singles
    Young Christian singles can now have recreation and learning together. You may learn from bible classes and learn from the life of Christ. Home study is an integral part of daily activities. You have ample resources to worship. At the same time services to other can be provided. Members approve those religious tenets and forms for which specific authority can be found in the New Testament. Accordingly, the worship consists of a standard, fivefold pattern of reading and preaching from the Bible. It consists of commemorative celebration of the Eucharist, prayer, the singing of hymns unaccompanied by instrumental music, and contributions for church support. Belief in Christ as the Son of God, repentance of sin, and baptism by immersion are requirements for membership. Members consider themselves true Christians in direct descent from the Christian church. Church administration is managed by elders and deacons (members of the laity), who are chosen from the membership by the full congregation. beliefs community concept hope ... prayer

    16. Untitled Document
    850 Pomeroy Ave., Santa Clara, California The church of christ of Santa Clara, California
    The Church of Christ of Santa Clara, California 850 Pomeroy - Santa Clara, CA 95051 - (408) 241-0159 SCHEDULE OF SERVICES
    Sunday Morning
    Bible Study
    Worship Service
    Sunday Evening
    Worship Service
    Wednesday Evening
    Bible Study
    (Singing on the 1st Wednesday)

    We are an autonomous body of believers whose worship is simple - we follow the pattern set forth in the New Testament in the Bible. Without addition; without subtraction. We have no man made creed, nor do we have earthly headquarters.
    We are happy to answer any Bible question you may have! And, if you are in the Santa Clara area, we invite you to worship with us at any of the appointed times. Also feel free to call or e-mail us if you have any questions. "Let him who thirsts come" (Revelation 22:17) Elders Duane Garton Evangelist Clyde Wilson E-mail:

    17. Trinity United Church Of Christ
    Features news and information for the staff and congregation, including music, history, worship schedule, events calendar, ministries and services.

    18. Mayfair Church Of Christ: Home Page
    Huntsville, Alabama. (church of christ)
    E-Mail Us
    Master Photo Gallery
    Website Powered by:
    Red Hat Linux



    Mayfair Church of Christ
    1095 Carl T. Jones Drive
    Huntsville, Alabama, USA 35802
    A Place To Call Home Who We Are What To Expect Sermon Audio Search
    Please pray for our military and our leaders.
  • Missions, 2003, Photo Gall ery
  • Wednesday Nights, April - May
  • L.A.M.B .S. Bridal Teas ...
  • Audio Archives Mayfair Missions, 2003 * Photo Gallery * March 14 - 16 Cuba March 16 - 21 Baja (Mayfair/Lipscomb Univ) March 21 - 29 Panama March 22 - 29 Baja (MYM) April 18 - 27 Belize April 26 - May 3 Warrenton, GA (Hammerheads) June 1 - 7 Nashville Workshop (MYM) June 26 - July 3 Baja (Sr. High Families) June 28 - July 4 Houston Inner City (MYM) July 12- 19 Arizona (MYM) August 8 - 17 Scotland Free Downloads Site Map General - Who We Are - Our Worship - Staff - Contact Us - Location - History - History (txt) Our Family - Bulletin - Retreat - Involvement - Pathfinders - Mayfair Univ.
  • 19. Church Of Christ, Lim Ah Pin Road Singapore
    Schedule of worship, location, photo gallery, online bulletin. Members only section. (Upper Serangoon)

    20. ChurchZip...Find The Nearest Church Of Christ Anywhere In The World.
    Locate a church of christ within a specified geographical radius any place on earth.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Directories......Search 5,360,869 places for nearby churches of Christ. Coverage Information ChurchSummary by Region, World Bible School Worldwide Network of Bible Teachers.
    Search Coverage Edits Sources Search 5,360,869 places for nearby churches of Christ. Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antarctica Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Aruba Ashmore and Cartier Is. Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Baker Island Bangladesh Barbados Bassas Da India Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Bouvet Island Brazil British Indian O. Terr. British Virgin Islands Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burma Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Canada Cape Verde Cayman Islands Central African Republic Chad Chile China Christmas Island Clipperton Island Cocos (Keeling) Islands Colombia Comoros Congo Congo (formerly Zaire) Cook Islands Coral Sea Islands Costa Rica Cote D'iVoire Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Europa Island Falkland Islands Faroe Islands Micronesia Fiji Finland France French Guiana French Polynesia French Antarctic Gabon Gaza Strip Georgia Germany Ghana Gibraltar Glorioso Islands Greece Greenland Grenada Guadeloupe Guam Guatemala Guernsey Guinea Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti Honduras Hong Kong Howland Island Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Isle of Man Israel Italy Jamaica Jan Mayen Japan Jarvis Island Jersey Johnston Atoll Jordan Juan De Nova Island Kazakhstan Kenya Kingman Reef Kiribati Kuwait Kyrgystan Laos Latvia Lebanon Lesotho Liberia Libya

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