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         Heathen:     more books (100)
  1. Little Heathens: Hard Times and High Spirits on an Iowa Farm During the Great Depression by Mildred Armstrong Kalish, 2008-04-29
  2. Heathen Girls by Luanne Jones, 2007-04-01
  3. Plain Heathen Mischief by Martin Clark, 2005-06-14
  4. The Last Heathen: Encounters with Ghosts and Ancestors in Melanesia by Charles Montgomery, 2004-09
  5. The Heathen in His Blindness...: Asia, the West and the Dynamic of Religion by S.N. Balagangadhara, 2005-12-01
  6. The Final Destiny of the Heathen by Richard Wolff, 1974
  7. TREATISE ON THE HEATHEN SUPERSTITIONS: THAT TODAY LIVE AMONG THE INDIANS NATIVE TO THIS NEW SPAIN, 1629 (Civilization of the American Indian Series) by Hernando Ruiz de Alarcon, 1984-11-15
  8. Little Heathens (Hard Times and High Spirits on an Iowa Farm During the Great Depression, Large Print) by Mildred Armstrong Kalish, 2007
  9. Civilization of Sweden in Heathen Times by O. Montelius, 1969-07
  10. Heathen Gods in Old English Literature (Cambridge Studies in Anglo-Saxon England) by Richard North, 2006-11-02
  11. Heathen Slaves and Christian Rulers by Elizabeth Wheeler Andrew, 2010-07-12
  12. Galdrbok: Practical Heathen Runecraft, Shamanism and Magic by Nathan, J Johnson, Robert , J Wallis, 2005-06-21
  13. How heathen is Britain? by B. G Sandhurst, 1948
  14. Beam Me Up, Jesus: A Heathen's Guide to the Rapture by Jim Gerard, 2007-05-15

1. Jordsvin's Norse Heathen Page
Information on Asatru and Norse heathenism, a Pagan Religion Jordsvin's. Norse heathen. Page. Well, "Jordsvin" was SUPPOSED to mean "Groundhog" anyway.
Norse Heathen
Well, "Jordsvin" was SUPPOSED to mean "Groundhog" anyway. Actually, it means "Aardvark" in Swedish, Danish AND Norwegian! Oh well, I'm sure that the Aardvark is one of the Vanir's (Norse Nature Deities) Beasties anyway! You are visitor number since 6/15/97 Please note that this counter can be quirky. If you don't see the numbers, please try right-clicking on it with your mouse, then clicking "show picture" on the menu that pops up. You may have to do it more than once. More effective than repeated downloads if you want to see the counter, and avoids inflating my ego by making this page look way busier than it actually is!
Welcome to Jordsvin's Norse Heathen Page, formerly the Hammerstead Kindred Web Page. This site contains information on Norse Religion, Rune work (including Rune-of-the-Month, my online book on Runes), Seidhr (Norse "shamanism," very roughly speaking, there's a big section linked below), the Hammerstead Kindred Blot Book (its link is located just below the Hammerstead Kindred logo), and much more!
I ain't sellin' nothin'. All I do is duplicate the Hrafnar Seidhr study materials at cost; and that will end when Diana Paxson gets them out in book and CD form. Help yourself to whatever is on my pages.

2. Heathen
08.14.2002. heathen MEDIA PLAYER UPDATED. 08.08.2002

'HEATHEN' IM icons
are here!
Watch the 'HEATHEN' internet film Stream it in full length before it's released on television. Preview all the 'HEATHEN' tracks. GO THERE! PRE - 'HEATHEN' Contest Pre-order 'HEATHEN and be automatically entered in a great contest! 'HEATHEN' Flavored IM icons. Get 'em here! Something to make your desktop a bit more.. 'HEATHEN' get the daily dish

3. Heathen Support Campaign
A campaign initiated to raise awareness of the need for financial support of the various Asatru and Odinist organizations that currently exist.
A Gift Deserves A Gift
- Heathen Support Campaign -
There are many forces working against us today... working against Heathens and Pagans in general, but especially against the religions of Asatru and Odinism. There are both Government Agencies, and mainstream Religious Movements working to stop us and retard the growth of our ancient religion. If this happens, the future of our people, of our children, is in serious doubt. The Heathen Community of the North has reached a significant point in its development. The age difference between some members (from the youngest to the oldest) now spans over 80 years! What was once considered to be an excuse to dress like Vikings and consume large quantities of Mead, at weekend gatherings, has now become a serious religious movement! All religious and political movements require funding if they are to succeed (an historical fact). Well-wishing and good intentions won't pay the bills, or help to spread the word. Many Asatru/Odinist organizations are today involved in a variety of activities, all aimed at securing the future of our ancient religion and culture. If the Heathen Community at large is not willing to support these efforts, then what shall our future be? The Heathen Support Campaign was initiated to raise awareness, amongst our Folk, of the need for serious and continuous financial support, to the various Asatru and Odinist organizations that currently exist. Asatru/Odinism is not a religion of charity or handouts. But we know that a Gift given, deserves a Gift in return. It costs money, takes time, and requires much effort to maintain a serious Heathen Website, produce Heathen-specific products, fight lengthy court battles in defense of Heathenism, maintain a Heathen Prison Outreach Program, etc. At the same time, we Heathens do not "pass the plate", like some. However, those who believe as we do, must be willing to support these efforts through Membership dues, Catalog purchases, etc. If not, then it is likely that this Heathen revival will just be a footnote in the history books, if that.

4. Pantheism
Website for multifaith practitioners, Pagans, Pantheists, Wiccans, Witches, and all those who are spiritually connected to Nature and the Universe, but have no use for labels.
Multi-faith practitioners, Pagans, Pantheists, Wiccans, Witches, and all those who are spiritually connected to Nature and the Universe.
naturalistic beliefs pantheism are the same as the arguments for atheism. transcendental religions are mentally there.
Pantheism is a metaphysical and religious position. everything that exists constitutes a unity is in some sense divine. Pantheism signifies the belief that every existing entity is, only one Being. and that all other forms of reality are either modes of it or identical with it. different people define it in their own way.
This new religion, Pantheism. Forms of pantheism have existed for a very long time. While no Pantheist churches have been built, Many aspects of pantheism have always taken some form throughout history. Pantheists refer to Pantheist Mysticism much more commonly now by calling it Pan-Psychism. Which holds that all matter besides being energy that reacts in astonishing ways is also believed to portray an aspect of sentience even at the most basest of levels of matter. Another aspect some pantheist mystics uphold is that although most matter cancels eachother out so that no center of awareness exists, unless in a intricate fashion such as in humans, that matter can retain a base memory and thus exists as a sort of collective unconsciousness. Thus this is explored by some through the teachings of Jungian Psychology.
recommended pantheism book(available at most large bookstores.

5. Heathen FAQ
heathen the definitive F.A.Q Intro heathen was a San Francisco based metal-thrash band originally formed in late '84. They were one of many bands to come out of the s.f.
Heathen - the definitive F.A.Q
Intro: Heathen was a San Francisco based metal-thrash band originally formed in late '84. They were one of many bands to come out of the s.f. area, and are considered one of-if not the-best band to come from San Francisco's thrash-glory age.
Original Members:
Lee Altus - guitars (now with Die Krupps)
Jim Sanguinetti - guitars, out late '84 (ex-Mordred)
Eric Wong - bass, 11-85 to 10-86
Carl Sacco - drums, out '87 (ex-Metal Church and ex-Murder)
David Godfrey - vox, out fall '88...returned 5-89
Other Members:
Doug Piercy - guitars repl. Sanguinetti (ex-Anvil Chorus...original member of Spastik Children)
Darren Minter - drums 87-91, replaced Sacco in '87
Mike "Yaz" Jastremski - bass 10-86 to '91...replaced E. Wong
Paul Bailoff - vox, 11-88 to spring '89, replaced Godfrey (ex-Exodus...original member of Spastik Children)
  • "Pray for Death" demo
    with Altus, Sanguinetti, Wong, Sacco and Godfrey
  • early '87 "Breaking the Silence" 8 song album, tape 9 song CD
    with: Altus, Piercy, Jastremski, Sacco, Godfrey 1. Death by Hanging

6. Words With Heathen Origins In The Scriptures
An etymological study of numerous words used in churches and Scriptures that have their origin in pagan religions.

7. Stone Monument Legends
Legends and tales of numerous standing stones and other Pagan monuments
edited and/or translated by
D. L. Ashliman.
  • The Standing Stones of Stenhouse (Orkney Islands, Sir Walter Scott).
  • The Stone of Odin (Orkney Islands, G. F. Black).
  • The Temple of the Moon, the Temple of the Sun, and Wodden's Stone (Orkney Islands, G. F. Black).
  • The Merry Maidens (England, Daniel Bowen Craigue).
  • The Rollright Stones (England, James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps).
  • Legend of the Rollright Stones (England, Edwin Sidney Hartland).
  • Druidical Circles and Monoliths (Scotland, Walter Gregor).
  • The Frau Holle Stone (Germany, J. W. Wolf).
  • Giants in Denmark (Saxo Grammaticus).
  • Gloshed's Altar (Sweden, Herman Hofberg).
  • (Germany, Karl Lyncker).
  • The Stone of Stolzenhagen (Germany, J. D. H. Temme).
  • The Seven Stones of Morin (Germany, J. D. H. Temme).
  • The Adam's Dance of Wirchow (Germany, J. D. H. Temme).
  • (Germany, J. D. H. Temme).
  • (England, Robert Hunt).
  • King Arthur's Stone (England, Robert Hunt).
  • The Witches of the Logan Stone (England, Robert Hunt).
  • How to Become a Witch (England, Robert Hunt).
  • Olaf's Mound and the Raised Stone at Slugan (Scotland, Lord Archibald Campbell).
  • 8. Heathen
    heathen The Album. 4.40 out of 5 (137 votes)
    Heathen - The Album
    out of 5 (140 votes)
    Buy it! at
    Buy it! at Heathen is the title of Bowie's first studio album release since 'Hours...' . The work is a collaboration with Tony Visconti
  • Sunday Cactus Slip Away Slow Burn ... Heathen (The Rays)
  • Release details
    Release date: June 11, 2002 Released by Columbia Records
    David Bowie and Tony Visconti
    David Bowie: vocals, guitars, saxophone, stylophone, backing vocals Tony Visconti bass, guitars, recorders, string arrangements, backing vocals Matt Chamberlain: drums, loop programming, percussion David Torn: guitar, guitar loops, omnichord The Scorchio Quartet:
    Greg Kitzis: 1st violin Meg Okura: 2nd violin Martha Mooke: viola Mary Wooten: cello
    Additional Musicians
    Carlos Alomar guitar Sterling Campbell: drums and percussion Lisa Germano: violin Gerry Leonard: guitar Tony Levin: bass Mark Plati: guitar and bass Jordan Ruddess: keyboards The Borneo Horns: Lenny Pickett, Stan Harrison, Steve Elson Kirsteen Young: vocals and piano Pete Townshend: guitar (on Slow Burn Dave Grohl: guitar (on I've Been Waiting For You
    Recorded At
    Allaire Studios, Shokan, NY

    9. Index
    Our Homepage Has Moved! See
    Our Homepage Has Moved! See

    10. Heathen (The Rays)
    heathen (The Rays) The Song
    Heathen (The Rays) - The Song
    out of 5 (70 votes) Words and music by David Bowie.
    Steel on the skyline Sky made of glass Made for a real world All things must pass Oo-o Waiting for something Looking for someone Is there no reason? Have I stared too long? Oo-o, Oo-o You say you'll leave me And when the sun is low And the rays high I can see it now I can feel it die Oo-o, Oo-o
    Heathen appeared on
    This document last updated Saturday, 15-Jun-2002 14:58:05 EDT Etete Systems

    11. Heathen Europe
    Networking and information on heathen, Asatru, Vanatru (and all such groups) related topics to all Category Society Religion and Spirituality Networking......heathen Europe. A heathen web site for the people of northwest Europe. Sotake a look around and get active in your local heathen community!
    Heathen Europe Email Group
    Articles: The game of Hnefatafl Rune Casting Askeladden's guide to blót arrangement Ancestral worship ...
    Partner Sites
    Heathen Europe
    A heathen web site for the people of northwest Europe.
    The aim of this site is to provide information on Heathen, Asatru, Anglo Saxon, Odinist, Norse Tradition etc. related topics to all interested people living in our little corner of the world. We want to put people in contact with one another, advertise events and gatherings and give a forum for discussion on subjects close to our hearts. So take a look around and get active in your local heathen community! If you have anything extra you wish to contribute; kindred listing, solitary and looking for others? social gatherings, pub moots, articles or artwork then get in contact with Heathen Europe and we'll post them on the site. Last updated by Dyflin
    This site has been visited times since 08/04/01

    12. AnneLand
    SkateyEight guitarist/singer is also the Youth Services Coordinator of a Michigan library.
    Use the buttons at left to find what's here. Check it totally out! My band has a website! Skatey-Eight rocks! Pretty soon Adventures In AnneLand will be online. Keep checking to see if I've gotten off my ass and scanned them yet.
    This page created by AnneLand Design

    13. Interactive Speaking Board
    Yet another example.
    Interactive Speaking Board There are plenty of people who will tell you this is not a game, and I'm one of them. This is, all things considered, an experiment. An interactive web-board may or may not work, but with all the living souls on the internet, the likelihood is high that the other side is floating around as well. For the novice user, here are a few tips: 1)Don't take your hand(s) off the mouse. This is a willing release of control of which you have very little to begin with. 2)Believe nothing, but discredit nothing. Any kind of speaking board is known for lies and deceit. If you're looking for answers, this is not where you will find them. However, you may find some interesting questions. 3)Watch out for "baiters." The board is much like the bottom of a bass boat as seen by the bass. It is not uncommon for more powerful malevolent entities to user weaker and more pitiful entities to draw users in. 4)If it starts to get too strange, click "Goodbye." This is the only way off the page, and there is a reason for that.

    14. Mother "good", Godless Shock
    Onion esque satire.
    Smalltown Herald
    Area mother "good", despite being Godless Heathen
    A local woman, named only as Mrs S., has been called a "good, kind mother", even though she freely admits to being a Godless atheist. Mr S. apparently infiltrated the local good Christian community seven years ago, when her family moved to follow her husband's job. On the surface, they appear much like any other normal family - he works at a local bank, their two children attend school, and she works part-time a nearby nursery school during the day. When the terrible truth was finally revealed, the once-sleepy neighbourhood became embroiled in turmoil.
    Godless Mother mingling with unsuspecting "friends" Neighbours of the heathen family became suspicious when Mrs S. repeatedly failed to attend church, calling into question her own morality and raising fears for the normal spiritual upbringing of the children. One of Mrs S' good Christian friends offered to take the children to church with her own family, but was angrily rebuked: "Oh, Jill, thank you very much. I do appreciate the kind offer, but we don't really believe in religion, sorry. But do feel free to come back here after church - I've just baked some fresh muffins.", she reportedly spat. Soon, the entire street knew the awful revelation. These people in their midst, pretending to be a normal, happy, stable family, were in fact quite the opposite - Atheists!

    15. Heathen Biker Homepage
    Family oriented club in England open to everyone. Established in 1996.
    Your browser does not support frames.
    To view our web site click here:
    For more information contact

    16. Heathen Carvings By Donna Kaunike
    I carve statues of god/dess/s, including their symbols, in a variety of hardwoods.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Pagan Asatru Shopping......heathen Carvings by Donna Kaunike. Welcome to my heathen art room. The MyHome Page. heathen Art Store Further items for sale. heathen
    Heathen Carvings
    Donna Kaunike
    Welcome to my heathen art room. The pictures on this page are examples of my work but do not represent all that I do. I create each carving to your order. I'm usually backordered for several months. If you'd like a carving by a fixed date it's a good idea to get in touch with me 2 to 3 months in advance. If you've got an idea for a carving that you don't see here let me know. Describe what you'd like and I'll tell you if I can do it. I've created some of my best carvings from input from you. (From left to right: Tyr, 4 inches ash; Odin, 10 inches walnut; Thor, 8 inches mahogany; and Frey, 6 inches walnut.) Statues of god/desses, 4 to 18 inches high. Carving time on these ranges from about 13 hours on the snall ones to 20 or more for the large ones. Each one is created to your order so tell me exactly how you want it done. Carving an 18-inch statue is contingent on my finding a large enough piece of wood. That can be difficult. Prices are:
    4 to 6 inch statues, $125

    17. David Bowie
    listings of upcoming shows, concerts, movies and television appearences by Mr. David Bowie. NEWS DAVID BOWIE REVEALS 'heathen'. 'heathen' cover art

    Dedicated to reclaiming old moral codes and ethics, protection of positive Germanic culture and reconstru Category Society Religion and Spirituality Asatru Organizations...... Within a few weeks, things will start to move back to normal once again, and theEmail addresses and webpages of the different heathen Front chapters will

    Temporary Links:
    AHF Sales

    Forum Contact:
    - ATTENTION! -
    As you might have noticed by now, we have been down for a couple of weeks. We are very sorry about that.
    Within a few weeks, things will start to move back to normal once again, and the E-mail addresses and webpages of the different Heathen Front chapters will once again be available. From now on, we hope to stay under a much more steady service than earlier.
    This *very* temporary webpage will replace the old domain and all its subpages for some time ahead. An all new domain, with a new look, new features and up-to-date information will follow during the spring of this year. We'll try to make the new domain something really special, and we hope you have the patience to stay with us! And, don't forget to visit the

    19. The Heathen Update
    The heathen Update. is an informal online networking The Editor decideswhat is included in The heathen Update. We do not cover any event
    The Heathen Update
    is an informal on-line networking service devoted to covering the progressive Northern European Pagan Tradition and Asatru communities. We currently offer listings for: Kindreds and other local groups Events, gatherings, and festivals The Editor decides what is included in The Heathen Update. We do not cover any event, group, or individual the Editor believes to advocate or practice discrimination on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other irrelevant criteria. Be different! To have your group or event listed in The Heathen Update, please send information to either of: Wilfred von Dauster, Editor
    Bratwurst, Web Manager
    Return to the Heathen Update Homepage This page is maintained by
    It was last modified on 27 July 1998

    20. Anglo-saxon Site
    Features information about Germanic goddesses, Skvala Press pagan articles, details of Arlea and Stormerne's 1998 heathen wedding, Germanic heritage information, and British folk customs.
    Search the Anglo-Saxon sites
    This is the main page for the domain. We maintain a number of diverse websites on topics related to heathenry (the pre-Christian religion of the Germanic peoples) or of interest to modern heathens. If you arrived here as the result of a search for information on the Anglo-Saxons, you will find the most useful links on the Germanic History and Culture section of the Germanic Heritage Page. We hate annoying ads on webpages, so we pay for this webspace. All of our sites on are non-commercial and advertisement free.
    Not on the Anglo-Saxon site, but created by the same folk...

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