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  1. New Age Bible Versions: An Exhaustive Documentation of the Message, Men & Manuscripts Moving Mankind to the Antichrist's One World Religion by G. A. Riplinger, 1993-06
  2. The New Age of Innovation: Driving Cocreated Value Through Global Networks by C.K. Prahalad, M.S. Krishnan, 2008-04-08
  3. Memoirs of the New Age: A Book of Stories, Prayers, and Fables: Plus "The Book of Yes" and "Coming Home" by Beth Green, 2010-09-14
  4. The Day of the Tempest (Dragonlance: Dragons of a New Age, Book 2) by Jean Rabe, 2002-08-19
  5. The Dawning of a New Age (Dragonlance: Dragons of a New Age, Book 1) by Jean Rabe, 2002-06-17
  6. Inside the New Age Nightmare: For the First Time Ever...a Former Top New Age Leader Takes You on a Dramatic Journey by Randall N. Baer, 1989-08
  7. Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age by Ed Stetzer, 2003-06-01
  8. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1 by Alice A. Bailey, 1986-06
  9. Paradigm Wars: Worldviews for a New Age by Mark Woodhouse, 1996-04-24
  10. The Eve of the Maelstrom (Dragonlance: Dragons of a New Age Trilogy) by Jean Rabe, 2002-11-18
  11. Mathematics: The New Golden Age by Keith Devlin, 2001-03-15
  12. Coming of Age in New Jersey: College and American Culture by Michael Moffatt, 1989-03-01
  13. The New Golden Age: The Coming Revolution against Political Corruption and Economic Chaos by Ravi Batra, 2007-01-09
  14. Western New York and the Gilded Age by Julianna Fiddler Woite, Mary Beth Paulin Scumaci, et all 2010-06-25

1. Welcome To Body & Soul Magazine
Bimonthly magazine covering a range of new age, spiritual and ecological topics, together with book Category Society Religion and Spirituality Magazines and E-zines...... soul. Positive change starts here! What’s new in our March/April issue.10 Essential Questions About Herbal Remedies . . . Answered
What’s new in our
March/April issue 10 Essential Questions About Herbal Remedies . . . Answered

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Parting Ways
Liberate yourself from "toxic friends" who take too much and give too little. >> read more
Bent Out of Shape
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2. New Age Web Works -
Age NenAge new age Newage new age Spiritual Psychic new age NewAge Pagan UFO UFO'S new age NewAge Spiritual Psychic
Welcome to the Internet's #1 Rated New Age Resource!
New Age Web Works supports and invites the NewAge Spiritual, Metaphysical, Pagan, and Alternative Healthcare communities to share ideas, products and services to our more than 65,000 Visitors and 1.25 million hits a month !
We believe in honoring all life as important, and all humanity as One.
To make it easier for you to navigate through our more than 1200 pages of content, we have divided this site into four main areas
Spiritual Pagan Metaphysical Alternative Health Course in Miracles, Conversation with God Spiritual Theology Pagan, Magick, Druid, Earth Mysteries... Astrology, Psychics, UFO's and much more... Traditional & Alternative Healthcare "Preferred Practitioners" What is New Age ? Take a minute to read a provocative essay about the New Age movement, and then add your own thoughts. Stay In Touch - Free Monthly Newsletter These are our most popular areas... Promote Your New Age Product or Service Free - Get a free listing in our directory.

3. New Age Of Ascension -
Includes a library of articles about the new age movement, angels and spirituality. Welcome to 'The new age of Ascension' by Linda Ted
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Our old web site has now been dismantled to allow us time to work on ascension - both for ourselves and with others who are awakening at this time. We hope you will enjoy what we have to offer on this site. The links below will take you to our own goods and services, and ascension articles from us and others:
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What's New?
The Wooly Mammoth Speaks

Wooly Mammoth speaks about the current human wars and the need to release our ancestral karma. New Article from the Dolphins and Whales through Mila: Taking Responsibility for One's Ancestry - Intending Global Peace Let's Move to the Country! Rurally challenged ascending city-slickers take the plunge. New from Linda. Your Life on the Cosmic Lawn: Taking Stock of Attachments New article from Linda The Walk of a Penguin Penguin discusses attachments and possessions, fractured soul and the need to complete karma.

4. THE ROOTS OF THE NEW AGE MOVEMENT - New Age In Ancient History- Gnosticism - Alc
Esoteric and spiritual material including astrological, occult and metaphysical texts. With aromatherapy and book catalogs. Copyright 19952002, Accessnew age Corp. All Rights Reserved.
The roots of the
The New Age movement is hardly novel! Its philosophy is rooted in ancient traditions, often based on mystical experiences, each within a different context. Anthropologically, there have always been (wo)men within "primitive" societies who were looked upon as possessing special knowledge and power. Medicine men, or shamans, had undergone a spontaneous catharsis, or were initiated and felt called upon to maintain contact with the spirit world for the clan. When communities became more complex and organized there was little place for these loners. Society began to specialize, people realized and felt drawn to form groups, guilds, or societies, to ensure continuance and growing perfection. Contact with the spirit world was given into the hands of organized religion, which also provided an established answer to questions about the unknown and the Highest Power. People who felt endowed with special powers could hardly adapt themselves to the corset of established faith. They went underground. Yet they endeavoured to contact kindred spirits and pupils willing to follow in their footsteps to pass on the work. Esoteric tradition became handed down in spiritual groups, communes, or fraternities. Their mutual devotion resulted in a high degree of perfection comparable to the guilds of craftsmen. In their mystical experiences they beheld a spiritual reality that could hardly be reconciled with the dogmatic representation given by the churches. When passing on their experiences, they had to exercise extreme caution, lest being accused of heresy. Yet knowledgeable minds would understand their veiled writings, symbolic representations, or even gestures.

In-depth article defines the new age movement and some of the core beliefs, explains the traditions Category Society Religion and Spirituality new age SPIRITUALITY. aka Selfspirituality, New spirituality, Mind-body-spirit.Click below to visit our sponsors. The new age That Does Not Exist.
a.k.a. Self-spirituality, New spirituality, Mind-body-spirit
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The New Age Movement is in a class by itself. Unlike most formal religions, it has no holy text, central organization, membership, formal clergy, geographic center, dogma, creed, etc. They often use mutually exclusive definitions for some of their terms. The New Age is in fact a free-flowing spiritual movement; a network of believers and practitioners who share somewhat similar beliefs and practices, which they add on to whichever formal religion that they follow. Their book publishers take the place of a central organization; seminars, conventions, books and informal groups replace of sermons and religious services. Quoting John Naisbitt: "In turbulent times, in times of great change, people head for the two extremes: fundamentalism and personal, spiritual experience...With no membership lists or even a coherent philosophy or dogma, it is difficult to define or measure the unorganized New Age movement. But in every major U.S. and European city, thousands who seek insight and personal growth cluster around a metaphysical bookstore, a spiritual teacher, or an education center." The New Age is definitely a heterogeneous movement of individuals; most graft some new age beliefs onto their regular religious affiliation. Recent surveys of US adults indicate that many Americans hold at least some new age beliefs:

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7. NewAgeMusic.Com - The #1 Online Source For New Age Music
Paradise within/ John Balint 2 new age Radio Charts. Buy CD
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8. Newage Page
Articles and links regarding a variety of new age practices and resources including channeled material, Category Society Religion and Spirituality new age......

9. Onkruid's NewAgeNet - Natuurgeneeskunde Astrologie Reiki Dromen Feng-shui Gezond
Onkruid is het grootste tijdschrift in Nederland en Belgi« op het gebied van spiritualiteit, persoonlijke ontwikkeling en gezondheid.

10. New Age Music
An introduction to this style of music and related genres.
Have you ever heard incredibly beautiful music in stores, malls, or offices and thought, "Wow! What kind of music is that?" Its not classical, not jazz, and not instrumental remixes of old stuff. Its new and fresh! Its called New Age. No one is really sure where that classification title came from, and many NA artists have gone on record as saying they dislike that title. Whatever you want to call it, NA music is very soothing and relaxing. Some forms are very romantic and sensual. Other forms are mood-elevating and caress the mind. I created this site to assist others in their search for NA music. New Age artists and their music are so very different it is easy to get a "not-so-good" CD when one buys NA music on chance. Many radio stations are beginning to give NA music more air play, and NA music is rapidly gaining popularity as more artists and recording companies emerge. This web site takes the guess work out of finding excellent New Age music. Listed here are what I consider the creme-de-la-creme of artists and their music. After purchasing and sampling over 300 NA recordings, I think I might be able to give you a pointer or two. Many people love New Age music and don't even know it, like Vangelis' classic Chariots of Fire , Enya's Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) , and the soundtracks of movies like Last of the Mohicans and Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves

11. En Länk In I Framtiden
Portal med bl.a. begreppslexikon, forum, artiklar, galleri samt k¶p och s¤ljtorg.
index index

12. Inspirational Library Of New Age Christianity By Bruce Brewster
Based on selected works of Bruce Brewster. Includes instruction, exercises and inspirational aids.
This web page includes deep philosophical analysis of GOD, Jesus Christ, life, religion, mysticism, Christianity, psychology, new age thought, spirituality, healing and many related subjects. It is the work of Bruce Brewster, a retired high school teacher now in his nineties. It reflects a lifetime of study, original thought and extensive practice and experimentation. It includes a library of manuscripts prepared by Bruce Brewster and awaiting a publisher. Titles include "Godquest", "There's a New Understanding of Jesus Dawning on our World Today", "Deep into Yourself High into GOD 81 Days and Ways to Help it Happen" and others.

13. New Age And Euthanasia
Explains how to establish the perfect race of the homo noeticus a cleansing action will be required to remove the unbelieving from society.
New Age and Euthanasia
If you want to know more about occult and New Age agendas in the popular media, check out Reel to Real Ministries' exciting video: Hollywood: Lights, Camera, Blasphemy "If you are in a coma and on a ventilator and your relatives are not readily available, the odds are that you will be an organ donor." - Paul A. Byrne and Paul M. Quay
"On Understanding Brain Death" "With great advances in life-support technology and organ transplantation, the dead today do indeed have much 'protein' to offer us - in the form of their organs and body parts. We are the neo-cannibals." - Nobel Prize winner Carleton Gajdusek It's happening. Quietly. Slowly. Tragically. Human sacrifice is now becoming acceptable in America. The hapless, the hopeless, and the helpless are falling prey to the strong and powerful. It has taken decades for pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia forces to win victories based on such ridiculous logic. But, as C.S. Lewis said, New Age philosophy is "the attitude which the human mind naturally falls into when left to itself." Recently the news media documented the passing of Adolf Hitler's 100th birthday. Much commotion was made about school children not knowing much about the Nazi tyrant, and about the awkwardness with which the German news media dealt with the centennial. One poll found that 46 percent of West Germans believe the Third Reich had some positive influences.1 Another documented that some of the youth in Germany feel Hitler couldn't be all bad because "he arranged for merciful deaths for handicapped people."2

14. New Age Web Works Link Index

15. Rock Island Communications, San Juan Islands Local ISP, Computer Sales And Servi
Reviews, interviews, articles, and links about the recording industry.
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16. Astrology Aromatherapy Tarot Occult Metaphysics
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18. Business Web Hosting With Free Domain Name And 30 Day Free Trial
Trade magazine for the new age music industry, featuring stories, archives and streaming online audio.Category Arts Music Sound Files MP3 Streaming Stations new age......Ecommerce, SQL, reseller, and more. What real customers say about our service.
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19. How To Talk New Age
A humorous guide to more than 60 new age keywords and concepts.Category Society Religion and Spirituality new age Humor......How To Talk new age. Point Top 5% of the Web, Iway500. How to Talk new age is nowavailable as an ebook in PDF format (Windows/Macintosh, etc.). 34 pages, 296KB.
How To Talk New Age
by Mick Winter Illustrations by Bob Johnson
How to Talk New Age
is now available as an e-book in PDF format (Windows/Macintosh, etc.).
34 pages, 296KB. Cost: $6.95
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Akashic Records

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20. Centro New Age Nirvana - Benvenuto!
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