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         Scientology:     more books (114)
  1. Scientology - Abuse At the Top by Amy Scobee, 2010-05-09
  2. Blown for Good: Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology by Marc Headley, 2010
  3. Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought (English) by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-11-01
  4. What Is Scientology? by L. Ron Hubbard, 1993-10-01
  5. Blown for Good Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology by Marc Headley, 2009-11-05
  6. Scientology 8-80: The Discovery and Increase of Life Energy in the Genus Homo Sapiens by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-01
  7. The Scientology Handbook by Church of Scientology, 1994-12
  8. Hollywood, Satanism, Scientology, And Suicide by Jerry Staton, 2009-02-03
  9. Scientology 0-8: The Book of Basics by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-01
  10. Scientology: A New Slant on Life (English) by L. Ron Hubbard, 2007-11-01

1. Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology
Major anti scientology site, with extensive news articles, analyses, and criticism of the alleged scientology cult, Dianetics, and L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of scientology. Includes personal accounts of former Scientologists, books, press kits, discussion, and links.
- in respect and honour to all victims, and those who dare to stand up for them -
INTRODUCTION Message Board Latest OC News How To Support Moved Items ... WHAT IS GOING ON NOW? L RON HUBBARD In The News Scientologist drug claim on poster is censured Scientology case settled out of court Free will a crucial issue in case against Scientology, court is told

2. Scientology Lies
Reviews and refutes scientology's claims about its founder, its members, its critics, its cost, its Category Society Religion and Spirituality scientology......scientology lies, and scientology breaks the law, every day. Check out scientology'slies, scientology's long criminal history, scientology's policies
Scientology Lies
What's Wrong with Scientology? Scientology's Lies Scientology's Crimes ... The Scientology-Lies Database This site was compiled by Kristi Wachter . I welcome feedback, especially information contradicting anything I've stated here. Feel free to contact me at
Scientology Lies
"Scientology is both immoral and socially obnoxious...It is corrupt, sinister and dangerous. It is corrupt because it is based on lies and deceit"
Justice Latey , ruling in the High Court of London
Recent news:
I Oppose the war on Iraq.

3. Scientology Home Page
Una guida completa alla religione di scientology Libri, Video, test della personalit , comunicazione, relazioni, Apprendimento, carriera, droghe.

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Bridge Publications
New Era Publications

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Africa Asia Australia Est Europeo Ovest Europeo Nordamerica Nord-Sudamerica Sud-Sudamerica
La religione di Scientology: una panoramica
Statistiche e la Crescita

Teologia e practica di una religione contemporanea
Fondatore: L. Ron Hubbard ...
Antecedenti e le Origini

Religione, L'eredità, Fondatore, Integrità Personale... Principi e Applicazione Dianetics, Scientology, practica... Servizi Libri, Film, Audio, Apprendimento... Attività di Carattere Sociale Volontari, Droghe, Criminalità, Soccorso in caso di calamità... Attività per migliorare le riforme sociali Freedom, Riforma della Psichiatria, La libertà d'informazione, La Libertà di religione... Riferimenti Credo e i Condici, Assiomi, Promessa, Auditing... L'Efficacia Successi, Carriera, Apprendimento, Relazioni... Attività Struttura, Chiesa, Missioni, Gruppi... Un Catechismo su Scientology Riposte a domande comuni... WISE World Institute of Scientology Enterprises... Attività per Migliorare le Condizioni Sociali Narconon, Criminon, Applied Scholastics, La via della felicità, ABLE...

of scientology, its history, its founder, controversy about the Church, religious recognition in various countries.......
Founded by L. Ron Hubbard
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The main symbol of Scientology is composed of: The letter "S" which represents Scientology. An upper triangle whose sides represent three closely interrelated factors: knowledge, responsibility and control. A lower triangle which represents affinity, reality and communication.
The Founder of the Church of Scientology was Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (1911-1986), born in Tilden, Nebraska on 1911-MAR-13. Hubbard traveled extensively during his youth, covering some quarter of a million miles by the time he was twenty years of age, including directing two expeditions to the Caribbean. On one expedition, he made the first mineralogical survey of Puerto Rico. During the 1930's, he became a famous author. Although he was known mostly for his science fiction, he also worked in other genres including mystery, western and adventure. He was also successful as a screen writer. His lifetime output of published fiction was over 200 novels, novelettes and short stories. In 1938, in an unpublished manuscript

5. Scientology, Dianetics, L. Ron Hubbard
La multinazionale fondata negli anni '50 da L. Ron Hubbard. Un ampio database di articoli pubblicati Category World Italiano Opinioni Contrarie scientology...... scientology? Martini/Allarmescientology FAQ. La Stampa; Governi; Tribunali. Analisi critiche; Ex membri.'', '', 'toolbar,menubar,scrollbars,resizable,directories,status,location,copyhistory,width=350,height=400,') Sito mirror
Il Volto Nudo del Messia: la vera storia di L. Ron Hubbard L'accurata biografia scritta da Russell Miller che nel 1988 sollevò il velo dal mito di LRH

6. Scientology Official Home Page
The official site of the Church of scientology. Offers video and audio presentations, as well as virtual Category Society Religion and Spirituality Church of scientology......scientology Offering spiritual help for anxiety, stress, depression, drug problems,learn about the Church of scientology, L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics.
L. Ron Hubbard Quote of the Day
L. Ron Hubbard
Scientology Sunday Service Read On-line:
The Aims of Scientology

by L. Ron Hubbard Select one Africa Asia Australia E. Europe W. Europe N. America S. America (N) S. America (S)
Bridge Publications

(The Americas)
New Era Publications
(Europe, Asia, Africa Oceania)

Related Links What is Scientology? Scientology Missions International Scientology News
Scientology Handbook
... Scientology Auditing
Scientology Improves Relationships
Family Members Share How Scientology Principles and Services Helped The root cause of problems in any relationship, as Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard discovered, is transgression against a previously agreed upon moral code. A marriage, a family, or any relationship between people is built upon a foundation of agreements, and when those agreements are broken, communication is inhibited or even cut. Scientology can heal such a breach and bring about a resurgence of affinity often greater than before. Scientology provides a way to make marriage and family life both satisfying and rewarding. Using Scientology principles, husbands, wives, sons and daughters alike have successfully salvaged failing relationships and created stronger and happier families, significantly bettering communication with those they care for.

7. Ingo Heinemann: Scientology-Kritik
Umfangreich, enth¤lt u.a. eine grosse Sammlung vollst¤ndiger Gerichtsurteile.
Ingo Heinemann: Scientology-Kritik
Adresse dieser Seite: Z uletzt bearbeitet am 28.10.2002
zur Homepage
zur Inhaltsseite AGPF-Spendenkonto
Warum Scientology-Kritik?
Inhalt dieser Seite: Zum Thema auch: In anderen Websites:
Ingo Heinemann
D-53579 Erpel
Grabenstrasse 1
Tel. 02644-98013
Fax 02644-98013
E-Mail: Ingo.Heinemann@t-online Betrug, Wucher und Ruinierung von Kunden; Ausbeutung der Mitarbeiter; Unterwanderung des Staates und der Wirtschaft. gebe die Scientology-Organisation sich als Religionsgemeinschaft aus, verfolge interne und externe Kritiker Warnung erfordert Prognose Warnung vor Gefahren beinhaltet immer auch die Prognose, Nur eine negative Prognose rechtfertigt eine Warnung. Ebenso, seit wann die Gefahr bekannt ist und wie auf Kritik reagiert wird. Ich befasse mich seit 1975 mit der Scientology-Organisation. Warnungen berechtigt sind.

8. FAQ: Books And Tapes On Scientology
A thorough listing of scientology and Dianetics materials. Includes a bibliography of books, tapes and films.
FAQ: Books and Tapes on Scientology
From: (Scientology Information Server) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology alt.answers news.answers scientology/users/ ... Help
Send corrections/additions to the FAQ Maintainer:
(Scientology Information Server) Last Update March 05 2003 @ 01:20 AM

9. Scientology Official Home Page
scientology Offering spiritual help for anxiety, stress, depression, drug problems, learn about the Church of scientology, L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics.

10. The Official Scientology And Dianetics Glossary
Contains easy to understand definitions of words used in the scientologyand related sites. You difficulty. FOR scientology AND DIANETICS
This glossary has been provided to assist you in defining words and phrases you encounter in reading the Scientology and Dianetics websites. This is not meant to take the place of standard language or Scientology dictionaries, which should be referred to for any words that do not appear in the glossary.
attempted abortion. A=A=A=A: aberration: a departure from rational thought or behavior. From the Latin, aberrare, to wander from; Latin, ab, away, errare, to wander. It means basically to err, to make mistakes, or more specifically to have fixed ideas which are not true. The word is also used in its scientific sense. It means departure from a straight line. If a line should go from A to B, then if it is aberrated it would go from A to some other point, to some other point, to some other point, to some other point, to some other point, and finally arrive at B. Taken in its scientific sense, it would also mean the lack of straightness or to see crookedly as, in example, a man sees a horse but thinks he sees an elephant. Aberrated conduct would be wrong conduct, or conduct not supported by reason. Aberration is opposed to sanity, which would be its opposite. acceptance level: acknowledgment: action phrase: a word or phrase in an engram or lock which causes the individual to perform involuntary actions on the time track.

11. Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology
The Church of scientology is a cult that destroys people, so it needs to be exposed. To back up this strong claim I need to collect some of their secret literature. Read it and make up your mind.

12. Fakten über Scientology
scientology im Vergleich zu anderen Religionen; ihre Anerkennung als Religion durch verschiedene Regierungsbeh¶rden; Gelehrtenmeinungen ¼ber scientology.

Vergleicht man die konkreten Lehren und Praktiken
Scientology alle Aspekte des Lebens umfassen, lassen ihre Antworten sich umfassend auf das gesamte Dasein anwenden. Weiter Glossar von Scientology Ausdrücken Umfrage über diese Scientology Site
Mehr über Scientology
... Scientology International. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

13. Notice For Materials Copyrighted To Church Of Scientology International
© 19962003 Church of scientology International. All Rights Reserved
Church of Scientology Home Page

To request copies or permission to reproduce materials that are displayed on this site, contact: Church of Scientology International
6331 Hollywood Boulevard, Suite 1200
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Photo credits: Jim Sorenson L. RON HUBBARD, A PROFILE

Photo credits: Morgan/Westlight RON THE HUMANITARIAN - EDUCATION
Photo credits: David J. Andrews, Ottawa, Canada Montana Historical Society RON THE ADVENTURER/EXPLORER - DARING DEEDS AND UNKNOWN REALMS Photo credits: Argosy Communications, Inc. RON THE PHILOSOPHER - THE REDISCOVERY OF THE HUMAN SOUL Photo credits: American Stock Photography, Pacific School of Religion RON THE HUMANITARIAN - THE ROAD TO SELF RESPECT Photo credits: American Stock Photography RON THE YACHTSMAN Photo credits: Palm Beach Post. Reprinted by permission. RON THE POET/LYRICIST Photo credits: American Stock Photography; FPG International; Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh; Boeing Company Archives. RON THE MUSIC MAKER RON THE PHILOSOPHER - THE QUEST FOR TRUTH MY PHILOSOPHY 1986 L. Ron Hubbard Library

14. Scientology Audited
Best viewed in 800x600 mode, scientology Audited An archive of independentresearch and documentation on scientology by Chris Owen (
Best viewed in 800x600 mode Scientology Audited An archive of independent research and documentation on Scientology
by Chris Owen (
Official Papers
on Scientology
Critical Essays ...
on Scientology
New Zealand, 1969

Ontario, Canada, 1970

United Kingdom, 1971
... Africa, Clear Continent (Feb 97)
Bodies in Pawn
(May 97)
Hysterical Radiation and Bogus Science
(Apr 97)
Narconon and Scientology
(Mar 97)
Piercing the corporate veil
(Nov 97) Scientology's fight for apartheid (Feb 97) Scientology versus the IRS (Jul 97) PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES Council of Europe United Kingdom Victoria (Australia) Western Australia UNITED KINGDOM COURT CASES MISCELLANEOUS R v Register General Hubbard v Vosper Church of Scientology v DHSS Appendix to the Latey judgement ... Dianetics (Martin Gardner, 1950) El-Ron of the City of Brass (L. Sprague de Camp, 1975) LRH the man (A.E. van Vogt, 1984) Scientology's Relationship With Eastern Religious Traditions (Stephen A. Kent, 1996) Wonder's Child (Jack Williamson, 1984) Yes, There

15. Scientology
A large collection of press articles related to the group's activities and impact.Category Society Religion and Spirituality scientology......Critical Information About scientology, Critical Information About L. Ron Hubbard,Critical Information About Dianetics, Critical Information About Narconon.
This page contains information The Ross Institute has gathered about Scientology. Visit Scientology's Official Web Site
Visit the Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) founded by Scientology

Visit Narconon (associated with Scientology)

(Above links are outside Ross Institute web site) Visitor Comments
Criminal Involvement

History and Background

Hubbard, L. Ron
Thought Reform
Scientology vs.:

Cult Awareness Network

... Russia
The History and Background of Scientology
The Story of Xenu: Scientology's Religious Mythology
Victims of Scam Target Church Scientology: a Satanic link? ... The Guru Scene
ScienoSuits/Civil Suits filed by Scientology
Expansion Of Parking Ramp Nearer After Vote Declaration of Hon. John M. Ideman Scientologists sue Belgium for calling it a sect Court Passes on Scientology Libel Case ... The Church of Scientology doesn't take kindly to negative
Scientology and Thought Reform
Brought into the fold Orange County Scientologists denounce psychology with a little mind control of their own Another View of Scientology's "ScienoSitter" Brainwashing in Scientology'S Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) ... Scientologist "Deprogrammed"
Scientology Sued
Psychologist says church appeared to use hypnosis Scientology case settled out of court Sociology professor's evidence admitted in scientology case Hypnosis sessions 'upset' plaintiff ... Church pressed woman to sell shop, court told

16. Church Of Scientology - What Is Scientology? Reference
A concise reference on scientology, visit this updated and expanded edition, compiled by the Church of scientology International.

17. Church Of Scientology - What Is Scientology? Reference
Online version of compendium first published in 1992.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Church of scientology......A concise reference on scientology, visit this updated and expanded edition,compiled by the Church of scientology International. What is scientology?
The Evolution of a Science
Unlock your mind and discover yourself!

Scientology churches and their members are committed to handling the drug problem. The technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard to handle the life ruining effects of drugs is used in churches of Scientology and many secular programs around the world.
SCIENTOLOGY HELPING STUDENTS TO STUDY The Technology of Study , by L. Ron Hubbard.
SCIENTOLOGY VOLUNTEER MINISTERS Need help? We are ready to help you resolve problems in all areas. You can count on a Scientology Volunteer Minister to help you do something about it. Want to learn to help others? Call us at 1-800 HELP 4-YU.
What is Scientology?
Presented by
The Church of Scientology International
Based on the works of
L. Ron Hubbard
That public interest in Scientology is mounting rapidly is undeniable. This volume was first compiled in 1992 to fill the demand for a concise reference on Scientology. In the seven years since then, the explosive growth of Scientology churches, missions and groups around the world has necessitated the publication of this updated and expanded edition.
While continued expansion will inevitably change the numbers once again, much will remain constant, including, of course, the technology of Scientology and its effect upon all it touches. To provide an understanding of this phenomenon, contained herein is a complete description of Scientology: its religious philosophy, its practices, its organization, its activities and its growing influence on society.

18. Startseite Scientology
Artikel und Essays ¼ber scientology, u.a. viele œbersetzungen von amerikanischen Artikeln, aber auch vieles aus der Schweiz
Als Vorwort eine Einleitung mit Texten von L. Ron Hubbard Ron der "Kriegsheld"
L. Ron Hubbard und die United States Navy

Von Chris Owen 'Glaubensinhalte' der Scientology interessieren:
OT III - Zusammenfassung mit Kommentaren
Xemu leaflet in deutscher Version: Wer ist Xemu?
auf Charlies kritische Scientology-Seite
von Stephen A. Kent
Prof. Stephen Kent, University of Alberta, Kanada, wird nach seiner Rede beim Kirchentag in Deutschland
Vor der Universität in Edmonton kam es Anfang September zu Demonstrationen. Über Stephen Kent wurden an die Universitätsleitung Flugblätter verleumderischen Inhalts ("dead agenting") verteilt. Die Diffamierungskampagne durch Scientology geht weiter
Die "Church" of Scientology International diffamiert und verleumdet weiterhin Stephen Kent und seine Forschungsarbeit über neue und alternative Religionen.
'The Globe and Mail' vom 16. Oktober 1998:
Verleumderischer Angriff
Die Wurzeln von Scientology: Teil 1 Teil 2 Teil 3 Scientology Training Routines (Bewusstseinskontrolle)

19. The President Of The Church Of Scientology Answers Frequently Asked
Search through this site to learn about scientology beliefs and practices, scientology churches and missions, Dianetics and scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard

20. Official Scientology Website In The United Kingdom
Explains what scientology and Dianetics services scientology churches in the UK offer, including help for depression, stress and anxiety. Solutions for drug abuse and illiteracy.

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